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  • When we are born and as we grow, we believe we are new.

    But that is stupid.

    Do we actively tell our pancreas’ to secrete insulin to break down the sugar in what we just ate? Do we need to know how any of the innumerable mechanisms like this work? Do we even need to know they exist for our bodies to stay alive?

    What makes dreams? They are inexplicable most of the time but there is order to them. We perceive situations and objects and people and an environment. Perceiving any minor semblance of one of those things is order. What is creating this order?

    The cognitive behavioral movement in psychology assumed that we were a blank slate. This is obviously idiotic. But it says something about what we need to think we are. New. Open to any possibilities. Totally in control of our own making.

    What makes more sense, given how much we know about this place in which we exist, is that control was an illusion necessary for survival, and that it was a trait which was selected.

    Control being necessary for survival makes perfect sense. If you have control (or power) over your environment, you can deal with any threat. It is a perfectly efficient line of code that works for any organism with any agency in any environment.

    But when awareness becomes advanced enough to realize that death is inevitable, that conflicts with the line of code that made it possible for the awareness to become advanced. If death is inevitable, you cannot control it. If you cannot control it, can you control anything? If you can’t control anything, how is survival possible at all?

    If it was a cartoon, you would see the robots head spin with steam coming out of its ears and then eventually explode with springs and gears strewn everywhere.

    A mutation which suppressed this conflict in programming rules would be selected for.

    Many who hear this do not like the idea that they are motivated by a simple set of rules and that is all they are. This would be the predicted response to the notion that control is an illusion. Strengthened by who knows how many millions or billions of years of evolution.

    It would be reacted to emotionally. With fear that poses as anger which then is allowed to deny itself that it is fear.

    Or this idea is totally forgotten by the reader. Or twisted so that it makes no sense and there is no reaction at all.

    I went of on a bit of a tangent….kind of….

    Anyway its stupid to think that we are the only thing conscious within our own bodies because we don’t need to know anything at all about our bodies for them to keep working and something with a high level of intelligence is constructing the dreams which we all (animals) experience.

    And the process that leads to realizing this very obvious and undeniable reality is currently called schizophrenia by Western academic psychology.

    There is a bit more to it than that but thats a decent amount of it…..I’m pretty sure….It’s hard remembering every detail in the moment. I’m always saying this one thing is the core of the idea remembering soon after another equally important part of the core.

    Oh. You don’t die. The set of associations that become habitual for the sake of an identity to present to others which is necessary for survival dies. You just think its you. Its really just a construction of limitations learned by the subconscious that is necessary to fit in with the group because the group is necessary for survival.

    Happy St. Patricks day.

  • Simply put

    Belonging = Survival

    And brains mix up actual physical survival with ‘identity survival’.

    Identity can be thought of as the narrative one creates to gauge level of perceived ( real, imagined, combo of both ) belonging relative to perceived social convention.

    Part of ‘schizophrenia’ is this system sans solid set of rules one perceives to be social convention. The brain can no longer accurately gauge level of belonging because there is no set of rules that it can judge against. With modern technology, there is easy access to many different types of living, which makes notions of right and wrong untenable.

    All the ‘mental illness’s’ have a lack of trust of others and alienation at root which is why connection to others is so huge. It relieves the constant anxiety caused by feeling like you don’t belong.

    Its all much much much much more simple than everyone is making it out to be. But Control = Survival and if you’re not really in control then how are you supposed to survive so the notion that we are being controlled by forces outside our perception ( even though those forces are what build the ability to have perception ( subconscious )) causes so much anxiety it is not even considered as a possible assumption.

    Thats part of it at least.

  • Sorry I didn’t mean you specifically. I unfortunately talked about my theory to psychology students and degree holders online and they were very very very mean. I gotta get over that somehow.

    But the point still stands overall, a PhD does not guarantee self-awareness. It’s something the system needs to recognize. But then they need to recognize alot of stuff.

  • Seriously. How does a phd = self awareness?

    The stability it takes to get a degree is detrimental to understanding what is called mental illness

    Are you an academic?

    I know people hate reductionist explanations of human behavior and my certainty is taken as naivety but take a gander. Its both incredibly basic and based on well accepted assumptions, and completely unique and controversial af. its a very quick read. Its also over a year old and I’ve figured out alot more since then.

  • Is there a madinamerica discord or iirc? If not, I can make one.

    Would you believe that there is a physiological system in the brain that hides aspects of the way it works because it thinks we will die if we find out?

    I realize that is an insane sounding statement, but I derived it from very very basic assumptions.

    What happens when you become afraid of something necessary for survival?

  • You should tell Dr. Johnstone that mentioning power and control to ‘patients’ that are subconsciously trying to protect their deep insecurity with grandiosity are not going to react well.

    I read the first part of the PtM framework doc and im pretty sure a faulty assumption is that people have control over their actions.

    Brains can’t handle this idea because……..well the implications are too much. If control = survival and there really isn’t control…… survive? who can I blame now? how do I buffer self-esteem with an us vs them narrative? it can’t. and then all the implications for justice and punishment……its alot

  • all this is actually super simple.

    dsm diagnosis requires a person to be dysfunctional. This means they don’t fit in to society. A personality disorder just means ‘doesnt play well with others’

    a psychs job is to force a square peg into a round hole. They don’t inquire into the ‘mental health’ of the society/culture. why would they? their livelihoods are based on the legitimacy of the system. if it was all bs, which it is, a phd would mean nothing.

  • We just need irrefutable obvious arguments. Well, I think this is one. I have tons though.

    If you told a parent that you knew exactly what it was like to have a child because you read alot of books, took a lot of tests, and questioned 100s of parents about raising a child, what would they say?

    obviously, no you don’t.

    soooooooo why is ‘mental illness’ any different?


    I’m sure you’ve heard that many CEO’s and politicians are ‘psychopaths’ right? This is because they have suffered some sort of trauma ( everyone on the planet has suffered from trauma when you define it as ‘anything that makes you hate yourself’ ) but they need attention and validation just like every single other human that exists so they get it by being in control of it.

    On a stage, there is physical distance between you and your audience. They listen to you intently. There is no risk that comes with emotional intimacy. Total power over your form of social sustenance.

    Psychs (psychiatrists/psychologists) get this same thing in much more direct way. They can get off on the power difference between the ‘weak patient’ and the ‘social accepted highly credentialed doctor’. They have lots of power over the patient especially if the have a script pad. They can make recommendations that change their lives. And if a patient thinks there is something fishy going on, who are others gonna believe? the doctor or the crazy person?

    Not all psychs are like this. I’m guessing 75%ish are. Because they are insecure and thats what drives the need to dominate.

    The entire field of psychology is trying to be something its not. A hard science. But they can’t actually run any actual experiments because they cannot treat their subject like an object. Furthermore, they are the subject, yet they are supposed to be objective.

    What other science was necessary for survival over the past 70 million years? Didn’t need to know anything, except for how others behaved. 1/3 of our brain is dedicated to understanding others, and its somehow a restricted field of inquiry?

    The arrogance boils my blood.

    why is no one pissed off about histrionic personality disorder? its the most misogynistic diagnosis you could come up with. they may as well call it ‘on the rag disorder’