Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Comments by Ry

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  • Thanks for sharing your story! I was particularly excited to see you mentioned a form of neurofeedback as part of your healing process, since that is the field I work in. Although our office does not use LENS, specifically, we spend a lot of time walking people through medication reduction and the accompanying withdrawal symptoms. Because that’s why most people come to us: they either want to get off medication or avoid going on it. We also keep professional relations with functional medicine doctors, acupuncturists, counselors, and even open minded psychiatrists, and refer our clients consistently depending on their needs. Because as far as we can tell, getting off of medication requires a holistic integrative approach and a LOT of support. I wish you all the best on your continuing journey, and may you encounter all the support you need as you need it.

  • Thank you for writing about this. I say that every single time I see a post on any blog, or other public platform, that talks about this. It isn’t often, but regularly enough that I think this may be a much more common response to stress during the post-partum period than anyone-especially health professionals- realizes or acknowledges. I experienced similar intrusive thoughts not long after my daughter was born, and since then, during periods of high stress, I will have intrusive thoughts of some outside agent beyond my control harming her. Like you, I’ve never had any desire to hurt her, and have never acted on any such thought. If anything, I feel an increased sense of protection. I think this is one of those arenas where a deep misunderstanding of “mental health” overlaps with some pretty extreme hang ups we have around how we relate to motherhood in this culture, leaving women who experience these reactions to stress much largely unable to seek support or re-assurance. It steams me up. Thank you for adding your voice to those who are willing to speak about this.