Sunday, January 24, 2021

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  • I actually like the idea you are suggesting when you say “The client did not wish to talk about it because she was not going to give the rapist one more moment of her attention.” I’m going to keep with the verbal insult example though.

    Much of the ‘cure’ (or recovery) for a person that suffered a verbal insult depends on his capacity to remove from the person that insulted him all the importance or the power that he actually has, that is, to be able to understand how this person is an “impotent” man, a weak person that should not be able to hurt her/him.

    What I don’t agree with you is that you seem to take for granted that such a thing is easy or that just depends on one’s conscious decision. I don’t think that happens like that. I think it should be considered a challenge, something to be conquered (therefore not easy).

    Specially when it’s about a sexual abuse. How could you be sure that what this woman is not talking from simple (and expectable resentment).

    I believe that thinking that we handle other people judgements as easy as if were someone’s decision is illusory and may be dangerous.

    All the best