Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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  • I’m very glad I came across this. I have trying to get in with NAMI for a while now. My local organization, have left emails asking to start a peer to peer group but have not received any response. But this article you wrote Mike has changed my views. I desperately want to get into the mental health field as an advocate to help because I am someone who battles bipolar myself. And I want to be able to help those who are battling their own illnesses because I’ve come a long way with mine and have learned a lot. I have signed up with NAMI but now will not be renewing. This breaks my heart because so much of this happens. The stigma attached is hurting so many of us who need the help. As of right now I am also seeking my own help through my county and haven’t been in long enough to make a good judgment on how the treatment is going. Thank you for writing this. If I hadn’t read it then I would have witnessed this outrage myself and it could’ve gone bad.