Thursday, June 30, 2022

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  • I remember all the aggressive feelings I suddenly got as a teen when they put me on psych drugs. It was explosive. I’ve become an incredibly self controlled adult, overly so. Now that I am off the drugs, I am healing myself and teaching myself to embrace my odd or angry feelings. I express them productively, always have. It was a horrible struggle as a teen when I first got it. I can look back now and see it was the rage I should have had directly at my biological father who had begun abusing me. Multiplied by many fold though.

    Now, drug free, I am clear about who is making me angry and it is a healthy reaction to the violence I experienced. If other people are reacting like I did, we are going into a proper defense rage against dangers in our lives. With the drugs disabling my senses, I couldn’t figure out who it was or where it needed to go. Now it is a beautiful and wonderful power. The anger protects me from manipulators getting into my head and it is my power to fuel my fight to freedom. I’ve used it to fuel my effort to get away from my job in medical, get away from the abusers, and keep myself going in a downpour of problems.

    I feel like a wonderful warrior. The power is healing and it is a real fruit of life. It is a great love for myself. And this was violently drugged into suffering for me for all the years I was drugged.

  • Hi, I am a survivor of psychiatry and child abuse. It’s been 16 years since I first got trapped in the psychiatric system. The offender was my biological father. My mother was murdered by psychiatry. We escaped my biological father for the first ten years of my life. When psychiatry really began to debilitate my mother, I encountered my biological father. I fought the effects of the drugs for many years and am finally back. I’ve been rehabbing my body and mind for two years since and can finally remember it all. My mother was taken from me completely finally seven years ago.

    The horror I have here in my full comprehension. It is deafening. How is this still happening? My mother and I were completely fine on our own. She was a very talented scientist. One of the greatest minds of her time, I feel. And more importantly she was the most wonderful mom.

    I am back. Now I find my mother murdered.

    I am in total agreement with you.