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  • I was in prison many years before anything to do with shrinks and was afforded waaay more rights than I have been as a ‘patient’.

    Also my entire diagnosis was based on an assessment in which I was drugged without my knowledge beforehand.

    Its an absolute disgrace.

    I was thinking just now as I made coffee how what was done to you and me William shows how, as men who consider ourselves worldly, how utterly naive we were to believe we lived in a relatively just and free society.

    I think that’s the issue with so much unnecessary suffering by ‘clients’ from ‘care teams’. Nobody much outside of those caught up in its net realises how easily one can become trapped in its web.

    In prison I could at least use my rights for defence and protection against abuses of power, offence too sometimes. As soon as I was involuntarily hospitalised ( in a civil capacity, no criminality ) those rights were stripped from me and I was left defenseless.

    By the way I was in prison over my sociopathic mother. Guess who my ‘care team’ brought in at ground zero at the exclusion of everyone else when I insisted I didn’t want her involved in the care of my child?

  • Hi J.

    I agree. If I laid down my vision for a hopeful future I would be sectioned for grandiosity yet psychiatrists can spout absolute nonsense willy nilly. Its hypocritical.

    Sure I happened to mention to a shrink one day that if this was medieval times I would know exactly how to deal with his like. I also mentioned about how some patients have been known to stalk and kill their shrinks after warning the ‘doctor’ to stop interfering in their life.

    He said “That could be construed as a threat.” I didn’t pick up immediately he thought I was threatening him as I was simply trying to illustrate another way of looking at things and replied “Where was the threat? If the patient warned the shrink to leave him alone or else and followed it through because of the shrinks ‘noncompliance’ that’s a warning not a threat. You don’t think you might be driving some people out of their reason and not into it?”

    Such things aren’t reported as being possibly in some cases in any way down to deficiencies in the mental health system and always laid squarely at the foot of the patient as the reports indicate whenever a patient/psychiatrist relationship makes headlines.

    I speculated to the shrink if it were at all possible that some of the threats to psychiatrists could be alleviated by simply leaving law abiding citizens alone if they don’t want your ‘help’.

    Just like the psychiatrist the blog refers to the shrink I spoke to was utterly incapable of thinking outside the box and seeing the bigger picture.

    IMO if ones liberty and rights are stripped from them and they are violated in intrusive ways such as labelling and forced medication is it outside of the realm of reason to think that some ‘rampaging mental patients’ are simply normal, average people driven to criminal acts by the utter helplessness they feel in the face of the mental health system?

    I’ve never read such a possibility mentioned here tbh.

    People may be taking up arms against mental health workers in tiny numbers already is my point J. Its simply being blamed on mental illness in some cases you know?

  • Hi Gina.

    Similar story to myself of how I was captured by delusional nutjobs ( psychiatrists ).

    I hope your own fight goes well as I myself have no legal recourse because I do have a child and they have weaponised them against me.

    I was on a depot but was put on pills after years on an injection I didn’t want or need, yet I haven’t taken the pills in a long time against the shrinks ‘advice’ yet my sex drive is still kaput. I’m worried its ruined forever. I’m only 43. I am losing the weight though. I’ll be locked up again if the ‘doctors’ find out I’m off meds even though the only thing wrong with me is the side effects from the drugs they forced me to take for years.

    My family rarely bother even answering the phone to me anymore too.

    Also, like you, I insisted that my sociopathic mother not be involved in any way in mine nor my child’s ‘care’ so the ‘professionals’ went out of their way to include my mother at ground zero and exclude everyone else in my life.

    A lifetime of being scapegoated by a malignant narcissist resumed with my child, who was already a second class citizen in my family by virtue of being my offspring, being exposed to attitudes and behaviours I would immediately have nipped in the bud if my rights weren’t taken away from me. Instead I have to put up with it.

    I keep telling them they are exposing my child to the potential of being discarded by a sociopath and so on. They ignore me and try to manipulate me into ‘compliance’. They just don’t get it do they?

    Anyway, I wish you well in your fight.

  • Hi Rebel.

    I respectfully disagree. I never bought psychiatrists nonsense that drugs solve mind and heart issues. Was around the block too much for that.

    I told them out straight after I was refused my RIGHT to leave the hospital under my countries CONSTITUTION ( the right to freedom of religious expression, I was seeking a Priest not a shrink ) that I was misdiagnosed. This was 4 days after putting up with this utterly barbaric rubbish from ‘professionals..

    I was lied to. They said;

    “We’re taking bloods” the young nurse spoke to me addressing me like a toddler…but nope, she gave me an intravenous injection of an unknown to me sedative. The ‘doctor’ showed up for the interrogation as soon as the drug took affect. I spilled my guts as it acted like truth serum as she turned her sociopathic nose up at my ‘madness’.

    They’ve been stalking me for years. If one continually inserts themselves into someone’s life when they aren’t wanted that’s called stalking no?

    I’m not going to takes responsibility for something I was too dog wide to bother with.

    Its a scam. If you don’t want the ‘help’ then we’ll give it to you anyway and sit on our rears giving unwanted opinions and drugs.

    The ultimate in job security, like undertakers except shrinks force burials on people, undertakers don’t.

    They are an absolute disgrace IMO and there’s no way on God’s green Earth I’m going to hold myself responsible for forced interventions into a non criminal grown mans life.

  • Hi Sean. Great to see an Irish name. My names Jack – John your namesake.

    ‘When your smiling the whole world smiles with you.’

    Glad you sussed that out man. Its too true.

    Unfortunately psychiatrists take themselves too seriously which, granted, can result in the best comedy. Think Oliver Hardy…

    I was never potentially violent myself. I was never potentially anything. Its like that film Minority Report except instead of the psychiatrists seeing into the future they can drug and curtail you based on whatever their deluded, paranoid minds can come up with.

    All that happened to me was I did things far beyond what the lower brains of the psychiatrists I have dealt with are capable of.

    They call this grandiose. Riiight…so I’m grandiose because I’m not as stupid as you. Your not grandiose at all for thinking your on a higher intellectual plane than the common man right? For thinking that memorising books and such for years makes you the grand poohbah in all things existing in the whole range of human experience? Delusional much?

    I’m the grandiose one because I’m being forced to deal with an idiot such as yourself ‘doctor’?

    I actually find it insulting that they would think it grandiose to be more clued into life than they are considering their blazing mediocrity tbh. Forrest Gump is an Einstein compared to those fools IMO.

    Remember, if your playing chess with a pidgeon and he gets sick of the game, knocks all the chess pieces over and struts around deluding himself into believing he’s won this is the same as psychiatrists IMO.

    They think “Oh no, a patients put together a coherent, logical counter argument. Quick! Drug and detain him, I’ve some more payments to make on my Lexus! I can’t intersect with reality. It’ll destroy my bottom line here!!”

    Such is the nature of idiocy Sean….

  • Hi DW.

    Good the hear from you.

    Personally I don’t care what you call your subjective lived experience. My sister calls herself Bipolar and wears it as a badge of pride. More power to her. I’m not anti mental health issues myself.

    But I am anti people telling me what’s going on in and what’s wrong with my MIND without PROOF. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and psychiatry doesn’t have it. Therefore they are in no position to force their subjective opinion on me when its neither wanted nor needed.

    That’s what I take issue with.

    If whatever you feel is wrong with you works for you that’s great. It gives you a foundation to deal with or live with it…but personally I won’t let a ridiculously named ‘doctor’ ( verrry small caps ) act like a Third World dictator with my life. They’ve no right in a free Republic.

  • Hi madmom.

    I agree I also don’t see the triumphs of anyone opposed to psychiatry, its practises or their diagnoses. I’d like them pointed out too.

    In actuality what I see is that the more vocal those opposed to psychiatric practises are the more they are dismissed as being Scientologists, ignorant, in denial of their madness which the psychiatrists always point out is a sign of madness itself and so on.

    Sure I even posted about psychiatry on a local to my country forum in the health section. It was moved to another obscure section of that forum. When I asked why, as I felt it was a very important discussion that needed highlighting I was told it contained misinformation and such and was the typical Anti Psychiatry nonsense. I put in an appeal which the admins are obliged to respond to by their own guidelines. They didn’t. I was simply dismissed as being some kind of Scientologist conspiracy theorist nutter.

    This is my point. With the average person I’ve found that once they realise your opposed to or have had experience of psychiatric ‘treatment’ your dismissed as being a tin foil hat at best and an absolute lunatic at worst.

    That’s why I said earlier that new approaches are needed. Comedy aimed at psychiatrists is a far better approach to me. Get the world to laugh at them and with you instead of laughing up their sleeves at you for being a tin foil hat…

    Its the only approach that’s ever worked for me anyway.

  • Hi Lisa Archibald. Good to read you.

    You see…I think that the term activism denotes seriousness, passion, opposition etc…

    I do not prescribe to psychiatric labelling myself because, unlike many in that field, I have what’s called a working brain. My experiences, my seasoning as a man and a human living his life on this planet, tell me that I am a unique special individual. As the Vulcan IDIC out of Star Trek states ‘Infinite diversity in infinite combinations and how our differences combine to create meaning and beauty’.

    We are all unique in our own special way and, IMO, those who subscribe to labelling souls are straight jacketing themselves. The issues arise when they are given the power to straight jacket others…

    I am neither a consumer. I do not want to consume psychiatric nonsense. I don’t need it. I’m a man. All I need is agency. I’m only a consumer of what I desire or need. When it come to psychiatry they are trying to enslave me to kowtow to their mediocre pedantic drivel. I’ll have no truck with that.

    I am nor a service user either. That would imply they offer a service to me. They do not. They are state sponsored stalkers continually shoehorning themselves into my life when they are not wanted. The very definition of stalking ( which is illegal in other contexts as you know ).

    I am not disabled either, besides the side effects of the drugs they force me to take. If I have a hangover I wouldn’t even take an Asperin. I’d live with it. Yet these circus clowns force meds into me.

    I am not a psychiatric survivor either. That would indicate that these ( mostly ) sheltered, naive, arrogant nerds who masquerade as ‘doctors’ in some way have the power to traumatise me. They don’t. I refuse to be traumatised by those who I would kick sand in their face on a beach or take their lunch money off of them in school ( I’ve never been a bully but you get my point. I genuinely perceive psychiatrists as being gimps ).

    I’m also not mad. I’ve simply had experiences beyond most of the ‘doctors’ experiences that they’ve had of a spoilt childhood and school, sheltered college life and protected ‘clinical’ ( lol ) settings so they can’t comprehend me so seek to label me for their own satisfaction.

    I’m not neurodiverse/divergent either. I’m simply not engaged in mediocre pedantry like the ‘doctors’ are. If they can’t comprehend that its not my job to educate them. Let them go out into this lonely world and find out for themselves. Let them act like adults IMO.

    The simple truth is, and I think its the best weapon in any ‘patients’ ( lol ) arsenal is to laugh at them. They haven’t a clue. Don’t take them seriously. I can see their delusions for what they are.

    The best line of attack as far as I’m concerned is to highlight their stupidity for others, particularly the layman.

    The problem is, in every revolution many people respect opposition, yet when your deemed ‘mad’ nobody takes you seriously. You lose agency as a person in my experience.

    Therefore the best way to combat psychiatry is to highlight the delusion and stupidity of their ‘science’ ( lol ) in a way Richard Pryor would be proud of.

    Insousience to mind control is the best defense IMO. Its also the best offense.

    Its not hard to make half wits out of them. They’ve laid the groundwork to do it to themselves after all.

    Remember…when your smiling the whole world smiles with you.

    This ‘activism’ is a different fight. ‘Mad’ people don’t need to be taken seriously. That’s the gift psychiatry has given the world.

    What would happen if those who deemed others ‘mad’ were exposed as being circus clowns by their ‘patients’?

    Weapon in hand so. I’ve changed a few minds with this approach. The madman shows the madness of the so called sane ‘experts’.

    Its not hard and its the greatest weapon in all of our arsenal IMO.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Ms.Sunshine.

    Its amazing how easily psychiatrists can accuse one of having psychotic delusions isn’t it?

    Only last year I was judged psychotic even though I was behaving exactly the same as I have done for my whole adult life. Was I always psychotic so?

    The only thing I’ve ever had wrong with my mind is, like yourself, PTSD. Yet in 2014 I was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic.

    I don’t understand what I was paranoid about. I had a handle on pretty much everything in my life and was proactive about dealing with any nonsense that came my way.

    I didn’t think anyone was out to get me because as soon as I get threatened I deal with it instantly.

    That’s because I’m what’s called an adult living in the world. The PTSD I deal with and I am healing from and that is in spite of psychiatrists interference.

    They’ve held me back for years dictating the ‘care’ I need. What would they know?

    I told a psychiatrist once that I had PTSD and she looked at me all bright and delighted patronisingly saying “Really?!”

    Growing up I suffered every kind of childhood abuse known to man yet because I’m ‘delusional’ and ‘lack insight’ apparently this is a result of my paranoia.

    Of course the psychiatrists would know because they were there right? Even though the majority of them were probably only in the womb at the time.

    I mean how stupid does one have to be to not take into consideration someone’s life experiences, environments etc when judging their mind.

    I mean really…all the psychiatrists I’ve dealt with aren’t the brightest of bulbs.

    Yet they sit on their thrones throwing pills down to the peasantry after generally living sheltered, spoilt non traumatic lives.

    Who exactly do they think they are?

    We are not biological machines divorced from life who need fixing. We’re people.

    Whereas the shrinks I’ve met are like delighted children deluding themselves into believing that the world is all pink unicorns and rainbows and drugging everyone else into seeing it their way.

    Me…I’m a realist. I’ve been around the block too many times not to know better.

  • Hi Rose.

    If you want to be shown a label I don’t mind I was ‘judged’ to have a 171 IQ. Your average psychiatrist is reckoned to be 30 or 40 points lower than that.

    I saw through their nonsense like looking through a pane of glass. The ones I’ve encountered are like inbred bumpkins to me tbh. I’m sure I exude that attitude when dealing with them.

    Of course they’ve probably judged that grandiose too even though the battery of tests I was put through to determine my intelligence are on file.

    After all, unlike real doctors whose oath is “Do no harm”, psychiatrists motto is ” Why investigate when you can ignore, dismiss and judge”.

    No offense to any bumpkins out there. I’ve enjoyed many a horror film with youse in it. Also love the homemade alcohol…

  • Hi Rose.

    Yup its astonishing the hubris and arrogance of those people yet what’s even more astonishing is that they have been given powers to police the minds of those deemed needing it by them.

    Personally I’ve had a very colourful life before my ‘diagnosis, homelessness, prison hunger strikes and so on.

    I’m the kind of chap who instantly rails against anyone that tries to enforce their will on me…yet the DSM even has a ‘mental illness’ to describe that.

    As Steve says shrinks have ‘pathetic abilities’ but I find it shocking they can cower behind hospital security, cops, judges etc while sauntering through their erroneous interpretation of my mind jangling their proverbial keys, meds, restrictions and such as they shorten my lifespan and ruin my sex drive while they all drive back to their luxury homes in their Lexus’ to eat lobster and drink expensive wine with those the deign to be ‘normal’ people. Surely pathology would require complexity of some kind no? I see none myself. I see no indication of that. Have you ever read psychiatric philosophy? I was gobsmacked at how shallow it is

  • Hi Sam Plover. I’ve never understood people who feel the need to label others. It only serves to help the psychiatrists delude themselves into believing that they are making sense of the world and ,unfortunately, fool people such as my family into believing they have an explanation that allows them to have comfort.

    What it doesn’t do is help me. As you say its descrimination, stigmatization and all that positive stuff. Nobody has to take a word I say seriously anymore because I’ve been deemed ‘mad’ by ‘experts’.

    The psychiatrists should remember that when one points a finger at someone there’s always three pointing back at yourself.

    They can’t comprehend basic logic, horse sense yet they claim to be authorities on the mind. Its ridiculous IMO.

  • Hi Karin.

    A wonderfully written blog IMO.

    Who are these strangers who shoehorn themselves into ones spiritual journeys? What business do they have doing such things?

    Why do they claim expertise in others subjective experiences and why do they act like they’ve incontrovertibly proven the non existence of the human soul?

    To them we are but defective meat. Why should I pay any heed to such Godless creatures? People who are incapable of awe at the magnificence of the human experience.

    Why should I watch them 2 dimensionally map out, in crayon no less, the most complex, mysterious wondrous thing in all of creation?

    The mind.

    They really have no notion. They never forgot IMO. They just never thought to know…

  • Hi Rose.

    Personally I knew the psychiatrists were talking utter rubbish as soon as they opened their mouth.

    People keep saying to me “respect the experts” etc…

    Of course I will…if experts ever show up. Personally I question anyone’s intelligence that spends years studying in college and doesn’t realise they are engaging in a ‘speciality’ that is complete nonsense.

    The hubris of those people to assume what is going on in my mind and then restrict my life based on that.

    If you don’t fit into their preconceived notions they’ll make bloody sure to hammer you into them. Such a science huh?

  • Hi Steve.

    I’ve personally, right off the bat, viewed psychiatrists as being the ones with malformed brains. The stuff they spout seems like utter madness to me.

    “We’re treating the mind which is part of the brain. We know this because nobody has ever proven the location of the seat of human consciousness. ”

    If the mind is purely organic then how does one explain my grandmother, near her death with advanced Alzheimer’s, becoming totally coherent and herself simply to say a final goodbye to me back in 2006?

    If the brain is damaged then how come the mind can still operate at times?

    Psychiatrists, practising a ‘science’ ( lol ) don’t have the answer to such things therefore those things are to be dismissed and ignored.

    Columbo they are not…

  • Hi Larry.

    To psychiatrists my thinking is delusional. Do you know I was judged psychotic again last year simply for showing the shrinks proof that what I was saying wasn’t contradicted by reality? Its a rigged game.

    I’ve done much to serve my country yet that was also judged delusional simply because it was beyond the abilities of the ‘doctors’ judging me. It never once entered their thick skulls that maybe the reason I was able to do it is because I’m more capable than them. Yet they say I’m suffering from grandiosity because my abilities go beyond theirs.

    Like you I’m into Ian Stevenson but apparently a belief in such things is also a sign of mental illness as is stating that you don’t have a mental illness. Caught at every turn.

    I don’t think shrinks have more responsibility. If they did they would need to be wise. As it is I see myself, a ‘mental patient’, as a trapeze artist. Elegant, poised, brave etc while the shrinks that shoehorn their way into my life are like clowns in a clown car. Driving in and fouling everything up in a slapstick, amateurish way.

    As a ‘lower life form’ I must go on disability and kowtow to my ‘betters’ who are on a much higher pay grade. I’m a peasent and the shrinks are there to ‘help’ me because I have neither the intelligence nor education to help myself.

    At least this is how these bright eyed, baby faced, naive creatures see me.

    I’ve actually never dealt with a shrink older than their thirties. What exactly do they know coming from college to outpatients or whatever?

    I never trusted anyone but myself. I see the fresh faced naivete of the shrinks yet they can’t see the seasoned, intelligent 43 year old man in front of them. All they see is a set of imaginary ‘symptoms’. They might as well be at home playing with Action Man or My Little Ponies as far as I’m concerned.


  • Hi I-e-cox.

    I’m not saying all privileged people are naive. My uncle, whose younger than me, for instance, was spoilt and sheltered growing up, yet he is a completely down to Earth bloke.

    Yet I am saying that the privileged with lower brains aren’t intelligent enough to think outside the box. They simply stick to the rote mediocrity of whatever they have memorised in college IMO.

    Privilege may have nothing to do with a persons character yet I find that a person of low character coming from a privileged background has very little in common with the average person.

    As for class…I find it interesting that I, an Irishman, from a middle class background whose living in a working class area, is treated as a lower life form by the state. I see how the working classes are treated by the shrinks all the time, they forget I understand where they are coming from because I grew up in an area where college education was a given.

    You may have come from a life of privilege but your not an idiot. Psychiatrists, public sector anyway, invariably are IMO and experience. I’m waiting for the ‘doctor’ ( lol) to prove me wrong.

  • Hi Rosalee.

    Yup it is blackmail. A pretty young lady psychiatrist I talked to once said “Its in your file you can’t see your child if you don’t take your medication.” “I was never told that” I replied. “If that’s the case its called blackmail.”

    “Yes” she said “It is blackmail” arrogantly sure of the power imbalance.

    It dismayed me that a pretty young girl of the younger generation would actively engage in perpetuating the abuses within the system.

    They use the fact that our Constitution puts the child’s welfare first to try to control me within a free Republic yet when I pointed out where the Mental Health Act blatantly ignores the rights of citizens under the Constitution with such things ignored as the right to bodily integrity ( forced medication ruined my sex drive ), freedom of religious expression and such apparently that’s completely irrelevant because I’m ‘just a mental patient.’

    So the state has a right to use my child as a pawn and if I do anything that any man who has his child used in such a way would be compelled to do such as punch the clowns I would be declared criminally insane and locked up indefinitely without trial.

    As far as I’m concerned they are criminals, the lowest of the low, traitors to their nation with no respect for the Constitution or what the people who fought for it died for and should be treated as traitors…but what can I do? I’m ‘just a mental patient’ yeah?

  • Oh and to clarify…I’ve worked on many many a factory floor in my youth and, indeed, am not in the rarified air of psychiatrists presently so I wasn’t being disparaging towards factory workers.

    Many are highly skilled such as at an engineering company I worked at. Yet many a year ago I was frustrated bagging potatoes for supermarkets all day when I knew my capabilities and ambitions went far beyond it just as many other factory workers are.

    I’m simply saying let psychiatrists bag the potatoes while us underprivileged potato farm workers move on to bigger and brighter things…its only fair no?

  • Hi Amy.

    I myself have used the exact same arguments against psychiatrists since I was first diagnosed in 2014 among many others.

    They don’t listen. They say I am suffering from grandiosity because I’m deluded into believing that I know more than them.

    Also I’m grandiose for other reasons I’ve been told.

    Such as the fact myself and a lady of higher social status than me fell in love 11 years ago. It went nowhere because I cut all contact with her to protect her. Not exactly mentally ill obsessive is it?

    Like I said to the psychiatrist:

    “You only think its grandiose because for some mad reason you place importance on a persons status. I don’t see it that way neither did the lady. She loved that about me. She spent far too long dealing with men with their head up their own rear. I was a breath of fresh air to her and for her part she was glad to finally let her hair down, smoke and swear like a docker. You shouldn’t judge people based on your subjective viewpoint man.” ( The lady was from a similar background to myself initially, she simply was successful beyond her peer group. )

    He said to me “You keep bringing her up.” I replied “You asked me what part of my ‘delusion’ I didnt believe was a delusion knowing one of the main ones you claim to have never happened was her even though you weren’t there and didn’t meet me for another decade. God complex much? You knew I’d bring her up.” Im over her years but the ‘doctors’ wont leave her in the past not me. Manipulative biased fool that he was. Then I told him “Look man, I know you have a limited understanding of the human mind. ( I was giving him a compliment. He actually knows nothing. ) Can’t you use that to think outside the box?” He looked away offended in a ‘Who does he think he is?’ kind of way. Yet…who does he think HE is?! I’m grandiose because I claim to know more about my own mind than he does! Lol He displayed a complete lack of insight. Madness.

    He’s completely incapable of lateral thinking. Gets paid way too much to be anything other than pedantically mediocre or perhaps isn’t bright enough too?

    I can’t see anyone changing average psychiatrists minds myself Amy. That’s why they all need to be ejected and sent to work in a factory where their linear thinking will benefit society IMO.

  • Hi Karen. Thanks for your reply. I’m not a part of the system I’m simply being stalked by members of it as far as I’m concerned.

    I was really pointing out that the child themself does not only have to be diagnosed as you’ve conveyed in your writings. I’m saying also that a parent being labelled can also seriously affect a child.

    As an example the last time I saw my child I was in the family kitchen talking to them. My brother staggered in drunk after drinking all day and started talking nonsense to them. They got very uncomfortable because they hate being around drunk people after what happened with their mother. Then my brother started criticising me because the rest of my money wouldn’t be in my account til the next day. I calmly said “Never discuss finances and criticise a father in front of his child. If you have anything to say to me take me into the next room.” Unlike a normal adult who would accept this my brother started hurling abuse and putdowns at me for a solid half hour. My child hated it and left to play in the garden.

    Naturally being the scapegoat I was blamed for it by my family and wasn’t allowed to go with my child to the carnival the next day. My child cried when they realised I wasn’t going and was disgusted that my brother had taken my seat in the family car.

    I didn’t get to do anything with them for the rest of the week and wasn’t even informed of sleepover arrangements or anything. I was told nothing.

    Personally I think this is proxy psychological abuse of my child. The child saw the utter unfairness of us not doing anything together over something a drunk uncle caused and it hurt them.

    Also what of when they are a little older? Seeing their father being put down, mistreated, shamed and punished like a child will they still respect my words if they hit a rebellious phase?

    These things can be set ups for immense possible damage to a child IMO. They have already been traumatised by the ‘care’ team handing all the power to an alcoholic mother.

    My ‘team’ ( lol ) don’t seem to see the issues. My family just blame me for everything and my child is a second class family member to them already because I’m the father.

    As far as I’m concerned my child is at the mercy of lesser, more unintelligent people who can’t see the length of their own noses and act on fantasies of possible outcomes about me based on nothing but a set of ‘symptoms’ that I actually don’t have and instead of actual potential outcomes based on the information at hand.

    With regard to the MH field, as I always say ego is an affront to the intellect. One must leave that aside when dealing with people particularly children.

    You know yourself from your own writing in your story they are know it alls that know sweet eff all.

    Idiots really…

  • Hi Rosalee.

    I agree psychiatrists live in a consequence free environment. Don’t forget also that many of them are from privallaged backgrounds. All the ones I’ve dealt with seem to know is a sheltered home life, school, college and then hospitals. Really what would such individuals, who have only ever known structured, sheltered environments, know about the rough and tumble and hardships of the average persons life? I believe this is part of the reason they are generally so blinkered and ignorant to the effects of environments, traumas and experience on ‘patients’.

    They really are in no position to judge anyone IMO and Karen’s story is a testament to the naivete and ignorance of people who have never known hardships such as the child in her story suffered.

    I’d also like to point out that my own comment above illustrates that other children pay the price too such as the children of some ‘patients’ with diagnoses. The problem is much more far reaching than even that I’d say.

    Imagine my panic when I realised that, because of my diagnosis, I couldn’t go for full custody of my child and had it not been for my exes sister they would have been placed in state care and fostered out. It was shocking to realise also that after two years in a foster home my child could be adopted by them against my will.

    There was zero examination or vetting of the people my child’s care was given to in any event. Thank God for their aunt…

  • Hi Karen. Great story. Sums up the ‘care’ of children succinctly IMO.

    In my case I was diagnosed with a mental illness in 2014. As a result of ‘mother and fathers lack of insight into fathers mental illness’ I was placed on supervised access. Apparently right up until the moment I was diagnosed I was doing incompetent parenting such as feeding and clothing my child, taking them to galleries, museums, cinemas, playgrounds, offering love, fatherly support and advice and so on.

    My child LOVED their weekends with me. They really looked forward to them.

    After my diagnosis I was put under the supervision, against my expressed desire, of my narcissistic sociopathic parent and my dysfunctional family who I was always the scapegoat child to. They were told they could undermine my every decision about my child. Obviously, in the child’s best interests of course, they instantly weaponised the power they had been handed and openly undermined me in front of the child on top of it. Such things give them a feeling of moral superiority over me, obviously in the child’s best interests.

    Meanwhile I noticed a change in my child’s behaviour. Aggressiveness, bedwetting, standoffishness and so on. I expressed my concerns to the ‘professionals’ ‘caring’ for us. Beyond a cursory look at my child’s home they pretty much ignored me because I was ‘sick’ and trying to make others look ‘sick’ to take attention off of my ‘lack of insight’. Even though I was just a father concerned for his child.

    Years passed and then I was informed my ex had become a chronic alcoholic and the child was put in the care of her sister ( a fine woman thank God ). I hadn’t been informed of the couple of years of supervision of my ex by the state beforehand because she had told them it would make me unstable.

    After I was informed I calmly told the ‘authorities’ they had failed in their duty to care by not informing me because I was providing my ex with money whilst everyone else was hiding her credit cards and such. They admitted their mistake yet suffered no consequences.

    It’s seven years later and I’m still on supervised access because I refuse to dance to my ‘care’ teams tune and admit I have a mental illness. Nope…never happening. Their wrong and I point blank refuse to be blackmailed with the love of my child to appease the ‘authorities’ delusion.

    Instead I simply completely honestly keep reiterating to them the damage that was done to my child because of their incompetence and lack of understanding of the people involved.

    Naturally I’m dismissed as being ‘just a mental patient’ and they try to manipulate me with power plays instead.

    Thankfully my child seems to be happy generally now. They are old enough that I told them the situation. There were tears from them at all the lost moments they missed out on with me yet by some miracle they have been influenced by my morals in spite of all they’ve been through.

    Still though, its maddening that the most competent and loving adult in their lives is the one deemed incompetent.

    I do wonder though, is it wrong to not completely roll over for my ‘care team’ for the sake of my child? It wouldn’t work because apparently my ex also ‘lacks insight into my mental illness’ so even if things went back to before my diagnosis ( which they wouldn’t ) I would still need supervision just to drop my child back home. Snookered. I do know in this situation a compromise leads to a never ending series of compromises and I don’t believe its healthy for my child to see their primary male influence being made a lapdog of judgemental incompetents. Indeed my child sees through the nonsense now. Thank God. That was a worry for me.

    Thanks again Karen.

  • Hi D.W.

    Thanks for your reply.

    You said this:

    “You have an illness that you prefer gets called what you wish it to get called.”

    I’m saying who are you to say others have an illness? You don’t know them or their lived experience.

    I claim to have had eight days of what shrinks call hallucinations. How do they know?

    I told them “I assume you’ve proved the non existence of the supernatural?”

    They said “We can’t do that!!”

    I replied “Then why are you drugging people against their will when you don’t actually know what’s going on?”

    Also please don’t use the term ‘your psychiatrist’ to me.

    I prefer the names ‘state sponsored stalkers’, ‘traitors to their nation’ and immoral ignoramuses’ to describe those blinkered, narrow minded highly paid individuals.

    Enjoy your day.

  • Hi D.W.

    As far as I’m concerned you can call yourself a fluffy little pink bunny rabbit and declare to the world to be identified as such. I don’t care. That the shrinks would is another story…

    What I’ve noticed about your comments I’ve read is that you assume everyone else here has an unproven by science illness like you have.

    Why are you taking away peoples autonomy by giving them pedantic labels when you don’t actually know if that’s the case? You only know what you feel to be true about yourself that’s all…

  • Hi Emily.

    Seven years ago I was involuntarily committed and diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia for having delusions and hallucinations for eight days.

    Then nothing for years. Nothing at all, on or off meds. A while back my ‘hallucination’ came back and gave me the deepest psychological work I’ve ever experienced in my life.

    Its helped me forgive myself for things I felt was unforgivable I did in my youth, its practically completely healed my PTSD, its retrieved suppressed memories from childhood and drunken youthful nights I had suppressed for years. I know these memories are real because I already had partial recall years ago and in helping me to remember it has drawn a through line from traumatic memories to psychological and emotional memories that formed the roots of my PTSD.

    It leaves me scratching my head tbh. How can a ‘symptom’ of a ‘mental illness’ give me the greatest psychological tools to heal my very real trauma from lived experience from decades before I had been diagnosed?

    I thought the definition of an illness was something that negatively affects a persons quality of life whether it be athletes foot or cancer.

    Does anyone have any idea how my ‘illness’, the worst ‘mental illness’ apparently, is continuously positively affecting my life?

    And since it is then how can it be called an ‘illness’?