Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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  • Jean, I appreciate your point of you and your recognition of the importance of speaking
    To this topic in a balanced way that honors different peoples personal and lived truths.
    And that’s really the greatest truth there is when it comes to human beings- the truth of what we actually personally experience as individuals, and what a range there is!
    I agree there is a devastating amount of overmedicating that occurs and I believe that medication
    Are often be prescribed before people have a chance to explore alternative forms of healing care and support.
    At the same time I find myself feeling concerned by activists who appear to primarily express black and white thinking and not enough honoring of the gray when it comes to medication. I think it is wonderful that there are emerging resources and conversations for people wanting to come off of medication and activists and leaders speaking about the freedom regarding coming off medication. At the same time, I want to say “Wait! Yikes! Slow down please! The way it worked for you is not necessarily how it goes for us all! Please speak for yourself! ”
    Coming off medication is a very individual process and deserves a lot of education before anyone attempts it. I came off of medication a year ago at a rapid pace (I didn’t do my research before hand) and frankly it’s amazing that I am still here alive at this moment. The withdrawal syndrome and traumatic shock that I experienced throughout my body was incredibly severe and terrifying and disabling and to some extent still is.
    It’s a topic that deserves a wide girth of conversation with a range of personal experiences shared.
    I am not anti-psychiatry; I am pro-wellness and healing, and interested in what that means and looks like for each individual. I believe a great psychiatrist and counselor can be part of a team that supports someone, especially if it feels supportive to that particular someone. Let’s move towards the mindful use of medication. Perhaps this mindfulness step and middle ground will help page the way for a more balanced exchange around the use and letting go of medication in a safe and empowering way.