Saturday, August 13, 2022

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  • The use of the internet is curious, but obviously biased, particularly in comparing cross-national findings. It’s not even useful for a single country. What can you possibly conclude from a single number? Whatever the findings, they have virtually no credibility without comparable results from a valid population sample. Need to come up with an appropriate sampling strategy. Relying in the internet is a cheap way out generating finds of questionable value.

  • Thanks for writing this Sera, but I’m sure it has fallen on deaf ears. I believe that the Spot Lite team went into this with a story to tell, probably based upon a terrible experience that a close relative or friend had had. Whatever the story was, they believed that it was generally characteristic of the public mental health system. They became true believers. None of them has the capacity to step back and look at the complexity of the system that the Globies were purporting to study. Everything they did–including their fake investigation into the wonderful San Antonio system–was focused on proving their original assumptions. Nothing could stay them from this righteous duty. As Alexander Pope said over three-hundred years ago, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

  • Hi, Sera–
    I am so sorry to hear about the struggle you and your son are going through. Years ago I remember reading a book that explained the difference between “teaching children” and “delivering the curriculum”, a distinction that few people seem to understand. For whatever reasons, your child–like so many–is not so good at receiving the curriculum or parts of it. The system responds, not by examining the need to adjust the curriculum, but by adjusting the child. While there are certainly teachers and administrators who are capable of focusing on teaching the child, there are not enough. Not what they are educated to do. While my children certainly experienced this while in school, it was not very damaging. And on the positive side, there was the benefit of acquiring a healthy skepticism of authority.
    You appropriately draw parallels between the way the schools respond and the public mental health system. The latter system in my view suffers from the same malady. Its practitioners too often lose sight of the fact that they are supposed to be “helping people”, rather than delivering “treatment”, whether based upon received wisdom or evidence. That’s what we tend to do when confronted with problems that we don’t know how to address.
    Sadly this problem exists in all of our human services systems. If you have the misfortune to become a recipient of almost any of these services, you misfortune may be doubled by this contact. Sorry to “support” what you are offering with such a pessimistic response.
    I hope that your efforts on behalf of your son are rewarded. I wish you a happy new year.