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  • I know from direct experience twice and thrice now. 3 times I have been hospitalised and without them ruling out other causes I become transferred to a psyche ward with no option of receiving the medical care I would desire.
    Is there anyone in Washington state who can help direct find a lawyer or provide me any support while I try to recover from the damage I feel is being done to my functional brain?

  • I think there is certainly something to be said for how the Mental Health Care Act seems to prevent proper Triage and diagnosis of other factors that may be the culprit behind Altered States of Minds.
    In my example for instance: having gotten caught in the crosshairs of an 80 plus gallon application of Round- Up at a neighboring State Trout Hatchery.

    I was not triaged for poisoning to the best of my knowldege.
    When I was attacked by the guards and nurses for looking around the hospital ward fearfully.
    I was then spitmasked- injected with I don’t know what, and tranferred to a psychiatric hospital I don’t remember waking into until some 48 hours later- still feeling the full effects of my fight or flight reaction.
    It took me two weeks of asking to discover that I had been supposably tested for the Coronavirus before admittal there.
    I was not examined for the rapidly growing ulcerations in my mouth. Not until being inside the psyche ward where I pointed them out to a Doctor in the hopes that they might validate my concern my altered behavior was due to a seizure.

    I requested repeatedly to be examined with an EEG and with a toxicological examination.
    I learned these tests are simply not performed prior to or during hospitalization.

  • As a person who only 2 weeks ago managed to get out of an accute care facility, I will state that the writings in this article are true. It is a shame that this article is not being published as a headline in a national newsletter.
    My recent experience of incarceration in a mental health facility led me to write the governor of my state to request he oversee and implement rules to ensure that patients were provided with and encouraged to use face masks -which we were not.

    At the worst point in my time there, my lawyer revealed to me that I was issued a 90 day pettition for inpatient treatment and might be transferred to Western State.

    I have only just learned through the reading of this article that Covid -19 is there in that hospital I may have been interred in if I had not capitulated to the threat and agreed to gratefully accept dismissal from the hospital on a least restrictive outpatient order. Rather than being entitled to a speedy trial by jury I was warned that trial by jury could take months. Particularly due to the pandemic.

    My compulsion to write a letter and have it sent to the states Governor- a letter that took over one week to attempt to have mailed because; the workers at the hospital became fearful when they chose to read the headliner- so much so they forgot where the envelopes were stored, and could not remember how to use a copy machine, and it fell out of their capacity to discover the mailing adress for the governors office,- my writing of letters was considered bad behavior in that institution.
    I was even told so by the prescribing psychiatrist during our last meeting at which point I requested a second opinion to which I was prescribed an anti- convulsant drug under the guise of being a mood stabilizer.
    This retaliation left me even more fearful for my life and preservation of mind that I had felt before- which was compounded by the issuance of pettition for 90 day inpatient treatment further compounded by my provided attorney suggesting I was on a course for interment at western state- has left me with a shadow of shock and disbelief at these supposed mental health treatment facilities.

    I am currently looking for support. Is anyone at MIA willing to connect with me and provide me with information or support with which I may be able to raise a lawsuit against the prescribers and captors and torturors who may have very nearly caused my death?

    I have a lot of insight with which to delve into conversation about this subject with. I filed multitudes of grievance forms and had copies made. I kept a journal of my time there and have made a journal of my thoughts since releasal.

    Please get in touch with me if you are capable of providing me with support – legal or otherwise.
    [email protected]

  • Hello Jane
    My previous response to you did not get posted. Not sure why. Maybe it was too wordy.
    My overarching concern is that you described having a bad tooth.
    My own experience leads me to believe that making a resolution to have it taken care of will improve your well being.
    I reccomend making the tooth care a priority.
    My own experience with being ill from a bad tooth ( or two) was that relief is immediate upon extraction. Healing rapid. The missing teeth rarely missed.

    I strongly believe untreated dental infections are a strong missed culprit in peoples poor health and well being.

    I look forward to a realization in mental health care that prioritizes providing dental care as a preliminary course of treatment to persons sufferring physical and mental distress.

    I wish you well.

  • My own experience with institutionalization did seem like one big bad game of BDSM which I did not participate in willingly and there was no ‘safe ‘word for.
    Not NO. Not laywer. Not doctor.

    The roots of Psychiatry in and of themselves are deserving of indictment by grand jury no less the modern day institution of institutions. And each victim ought to have their complete testimony heard. Restitution may weel be an order if that were possible after having any shred of peace of mind so desecrated.

    An archaic usage of rape does in fact mean ‘to be seized and carried away by force.’ (meriam- webster)

    My own experience with psychiatry saw 3 internments – the first one voluntary where I saw no doctor. Within minutes I was told to strip. Refused. Was stripped. Put in a paper gown. Told to take a coctail of drugs. Refused. Picked up carried to a hard metal bench paper gown lifted. Injected with a ” b -52- described as such by the nurse as a ‘ cocktail of several drugs’ then left paralyed unable to sleep for several hours much less to get up and use a bathroom which I desperately needed to do. Not that there was one in the room.
    I woke up at 11 pm to an option of releasal or staying the night. I had arrived at 11 am. My blood had been drawn during my b 52 coma.
    I chose to be released and asked for the conract of the woman I had gone in with who had been refused to join me during my voluntary admission. They could not get me in contact. I had arrived in a skirt.
    I asked for some pants. They gave me a pair of paper pants. I spent a long cold night wandering the streets of an unfamilar city wearing a skirt a pair of paper pants and a tanktop
    I was picked up by them again by the next morning. (This is an adjunct to this I will not further describe here)

    I could go on to describe how only more horrific each enduring moment of the next 6 weeks and more proved to be- but I will halt here to say these testimonies.
    I was nothing but trafficked inhumanely
    And I never saw a psychiatrist in person for evaluation for more than 30 seconds other than when one was lying disparigingly about me in a court of law hosted by an appointed county commisioner serving as a judge.
    All my requests to be evaluated by a real medical doctor- to get a second opinion were ignored.
    All my insight into my own illness was written off as having a lack of insight.
    At one point a nurse made to inject me, told me after I asked why I was given 2 injections- one in each buttcheek – said it was because the chemicals if mixed together would kill a person.
    That injection left me comotose for nearly 12 hours of which I lay one a yoga mat that hadn’t been washed in weeks in a courtyard in a cage. I burned so deeply red there I couldn’t recognize myself.
    A week later they finally took a picture of me after a week of request.
    I was injected forcibly I think 9 times in 4 weeks- not to mention the coctails of drugs I capitulated into taking voluntarily rather than getting pinned by the crowd again.

    While inside I aqquired the number for and called the Governor. I saw him in the newspaper a few days later. He had visited the grounds. I don’t suppose I saw him on the inside. I saw no personal result from this attempt at action. But maybe more folks could try that.

    To people who are or have a loved one or have been in a similar predicament- what can we do to air our grievances? So that these grievances constitute change. Does some declaration of indepedence from the BDSM of Psychiatry seem like an order?

    It is not a healing art. Psychiatry does much harm. Psychiatrists. They have broken their oathes. Shame on their institutions. Shame on them.