Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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  • I spent 10 years heavily medicated on various cocktails of antidepressant, anti anxiety, anti psychotic, mood stabilizer, and sleeping meds. I even resorted to ECT. I was unable to maintain any emotional stability, and am lucky to be alive today, given my repeated and serious suicide attempts. My psychiatrist supported me in trying an alternative micronutrient treatment, because he had run out of med options. At the time, there was no real research on the product. Since then, millions in research has taken place on this specific formulation, and it has shown to be safe and effective for the majority. Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, a Mad In America contributor, is one if the researchers who has seen the results of this formulation. There is a database of participants, and a protocol for med reduction based on over a decade of experience with helping people transition off meds and onto nutrients. I am one such success story! There are many more to be found at