Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • Excellent post!

    I was not aware that it was a formalized tactic to encourage psychosis survivors to suppress their stories! I have wrestled with a push and pull approach to telling my story or hiding it from everyone.

    Starting as a personal catharsis, I tried to blog about what it was like to live with psychosis. But the effort became a severe stressor for me as I relived the fear and confusion, post by post. Finally, I deleted the blog and gave up on the effort.

    Several months later, I became involved with a therapist that often issued writing assignments as part of my recovery. She loved my writing and enthusiastically encouraged that I begin a blog, writing under a pseudonym, as part of my therapy.

    Now, when I write about my experiences, it enters into the dialogue of my therapy as she subscribes and reads each post.
    I have since expanded my content to include news and information about mental illness.

    Coming out with my story publically has been extremely helpful for me. I have yet to reveal my real name, but I intend to do that soon.

    If you’re curious, you can read my stories of psychosis at

    Thanks for a great post!