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  • LOL, LOL, LOL, from coming to know Jack Hillerich linked to baseball and the movie, Field of Dreams, I was able to attend a Deming Conference in St. Louis in ’92. Along with the conference binder, “Out of the Crisis”, “The New Economics” and Nancy Mann’s, “The Keys to Excellence” were most helpful. Deming would even respond to my letters with further suggestions. See the website of the non-profit in that one can access some videos and/or seminars. When I asked a question regarding application of his method to a mental hospital. He paused, then responded, “Once a day, you either chart the patient as or -. I sat down and thought, he was right for to apply that method to the human inside the institution; any space or human can improve. What are the qualities by which care/healing be improved? Look for his 14 pts and the video, The Red Bead Experiment. I hope these references will help, will look forward to further discourse.

  • By any chance did you ever explore the writings of W. Edwards Deming? If an organization’s management is or can be part of the problem, then if through a certain practice, the bell curve becomes more tightly woven, just in time operates, and the work experience may be firing off the neurons that can place people at risks. But say if you are new to the counseling experience, or to find a place one can communicate with honesty, has the productivity of becoming more efficient created a hardened surface in the organization. If one brings to sessions “the knots”, then how to help relax such that one can learn to untie and resolve issues that can still be surfacing from years past?

  • Do you sense the brain is in essence a political entity, such that closely held “knots” would give rise to the poetics of Laing? As the candidates run for office and become elected, the role of dollars begins to influence hoped for outcomes. The field is made to be narrow, and yet the dimensions of choice, thoughtfully processed may not be that of equals. For the tragedies of our community has yet to realize a memorial day. But we have been there. The question now might be one of how to route out, to recover and that is possible, to create the knowledge that can impact the the whole of the practice? Where is the economic action?

  • In mulling over the essay when you referenced how the British think about a genetic flaw, to what degree does a monarchy influence a type of thinking that surrounds the Queen Bee, so to speak. To implement a different program in a public or private hospital can have degrees of subtle difference. The Rights booklet would be a given in a public hospital, the stent in the Baptist Hospital seemingly was on a ward, that was not even designed in a way that afforded one some space. The psychiatrist wanted would use thorazine, which I would refuse as I wanted my release. Which had to given as I became more settled after the initial 3 days. However, the next time I would ask to be placed in the State Hospital, since the family was intent on the commitment process. Experiencing that, one would meet the public defender 5 minutes before the hearing. With the extent of variation, chaos, management, rules of law, how does one or can one expect future generations to navigate their way through this nightmare? To complete or fill out one’s story, one can acquire one’s records. Though then the organization may insist you need a 3rd party to sign off for fear of liability. To even “replay” the game, with the recording of words and charts, legal documents, and police reports, how can any system begin to create optimal conditions for healing. My tablet conveys time for optimizing its operational system. In contrast mental health practices seem to want to realize a maximum treatment without understanding the complexities internal and external to the people and organization involved. Any thoughts about this? Or a better way to arrive? (Can’t say make mental health in America Great Again…. )

  • From a visit to the University of Chicago around 2000, Nicholas Christakis’s book Death Foretold: Prophecy and Prognosis would be acquired from Seminary Bookstore. The troubling aspect of trying to reconcile a past where gradations of abuse would be experienced, can be articulated in therapy but I think usually not. If even considered, do the treating physicians prescribe without unpacking with words the issues that for a child or an adult, can be a source of confusion for the unconscious circuits? It seems that to realize a greater degree of clarity in the written, spoken and flow of thinking, requires engaged conversation at some point. How do we, who have experienced the darkest along with the complimentary of the brightest ah-ah’s be held, for a moment longer in the “dis” of the order? There seems to be a certain way one hears or thinking challenged through healing interventions. The meds were painful too have endured, the attitudes of others who have no clue, may be even more painful to endure. Though they have a right to a different form of thought. The moment though does come to a close. And a way to unpack and pack the moment with insightful language, insights, clues to readings that might help remain essential. In that way, maybe We, as a people begin to discover the unique nature of the life given in context with the broader LIFE being created around us and through us..?

  • The outcomes for whom? The Human or the Institutes of Technology? Any knowledge of what drives the Broad Institute on the MIT campus? How does one create breathing space for anyone, students & professors to ask questions of each other without being told, to soon for lack of deep listening, or how to listen to what is attempting to be asked, without thinking of an Oedipus sort of destructive mentality that often emerges in therapy, if one challenges the ruler in the sessions? Or are the “Orders” in the challenge to become a knowledge producing economy undermining authentic health? And care?

  • I am not sure this will help, though to read, study and learn all that one can so that when your moment comes, then be able to assist with what will be appropriate. I posted a short response with the hope that maybe the diversity can be realized. I would not have to be hospitalized the first time though came close. Due to a traffic accident and a leg cast I would pretty much be immobilized. We would read Fieve’s book Moodswing at the suggestion of the psychiatrist. While others, the Dean at Hendrix College would suggest Ruell Howell and Anton Boisen, a pioneer in pastoral counseling at the Chicago Theological Seminary. Friends at the bookstore would suggest Castanada’s writing and Pirsig’s book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Riding. Our issues seems to be about understanding understanding as Humphrey Osmond (a psychiatrist) would write about. And I would discover a book, while at Waterloo, The Quest for Mind by Howard Gardner, the Harvard Educator. He used a Balzac’s quote in the epigraph for writing about Piaget, Levi Strauss and the Structuralist Movement.

    One experience to type and share to your post, another to hear and engage in the manner of giving a voice to receive the music inherent to what speech inside and outside the head is doing. Life seems to have an abundance of energy being created while fuel to be understood in a garden.

    Parting, a glance at England’s early city planner, Ebenezer Howard, The Garden City …

  • With some reservation first, was the entry into this post your or the editor’s creation. Ironically, suicide is a sign to the Left and Support is to the Right, which might rule out going straight ahead in creating one’s path. A question might be at what scale of relationship to the world within as ecology of mind (Bateson) or outwardly as an ecologist relating to the universe, a cosmologist? Having enjoyed a microscope and not so much a telescope, the idea of learning how to see and talk about death, even suicide brings back images of those trying to destroy themselves in the hospital and then members of my family outside of the hospital setting (prescribed medications and/or alcohol at some times in our family history). A better question might be with regards to learning how to discern and read a situation with caution to one’s own bias in the search of learning how to be a better physician/human. Some of the keys may also be aligned with the ineffable, which typing on a site is not the same as to have an audio, in person exchange about this suicide. To process ethics in a post structural belief system (time is lapsing here) when time is a dimension in Art, may need some work by myself with materials. Writing, thinking on and in this topic from my perspective needs careful thinking. And that reflexivity sometimes has eluded me, and yet the reasons discovered much later in life have enhanced the way I can understand a little bit of what you write about. Thank you for moving this topic into the discussion.

  • Is there some confusion in organizational management for the long and short term where applied research versus pure theoretical research is attempted? To identify who is the customer and then to honor a voice trying to communicate what might be problem when too often the nuanced side effects are not understood for the short and long term, I would think needs some calling out. Just pull up the Broad Institute and see how they work at generating large scale research in meta analysis while discouraging the customer’s voice at the table. Ironically, those who experience cancer and aids might have a better chance to have their voice be realized. So what is the difference between being human and being human? Amazing who chairs the organizations? The structure of monetizing knowledge production? Even if the brain is not technology!

  • Interesting article. As a child when my Mother would say to me on those breakfast days where it seemed I was slow in awakening, “Can’t get your motor started”. Years later I would experience my first manic episode while becoming depressed and then manic working in a small state chartered bank in Conway, Arkansas. After being fired, and now at the breakfast table, in an argument between my parents, my Mother would say in anger, “Well, it certainly was not on my side of the family”. Since I had majored in Biology at Hendrix College and taken a genetics course, I would wonder which side of the DNA was the “it” hiding. For if I could find out, then share with others, the story inherent to the experience, could We become better?

    Later, when our group of Kentucky mental health customers would attend Alternatives in LA, I was scrambling to try and find a way to the Salk Institute to meet with Francis Crick. That did not happen, but I would write a letter to him and his assistant wrote back suggesting I read his his book, The Astonishing Hypothesis:The Search for the Soul. And she would add how touched Crick was that I would want to visit. Later in Scientific American, there would be the painting by Magritte opposite the Crick Article. The artist did not show in the mirror what one would have seen his face, which in a wry manner really says a lot about facing and knowing the self. In his book, the sign would hang in Crick’s Lab, Conscious NOW, with the NOW being flipped in white as opposed to the black. I think it would have been better to move Conscious into the middle in order to convey more of the Butterfly effect.

    Fast forward, in starting art classes on the Spalding Campus in Louisville, James Watson would speak before an audience at the Brown Auditorium. And as I would read more, I would learn that Watson’s son would experience being labelled with the bipolar trait and that Watson was somewhat considered a eugenicist.

    To understand the scale the our issues, one only has to look at the beginning of horse racing in Lexington, where the patrons of the track would also fund Cold Harbor Research Institute. The nightmare of the Narcotics Farm, while understanding the nature of breeding human and animal livestock seems to still be an issue within our humanity. Prisons and mental hospitals seem to concentrate and avoid solving the issues. And the tragic nature of medical practice (not the art), the prison would be used to try and realize a perfect pill for a perfect soldier as the government would be feeding the prisoners with LSD, Heroin and so forth while really not understanding outside observation just doesn’t play the jazz. Thus fathom the design of life and operation of the racing industry amidst the Covid19 virus, the opening day of the Kentucky Derby has now been moved to September 5.

    In Lexington and nearby Georgetown, I would attend my first statewide customer of mental health services conference. And I would be disgusted by the caseworkers keeping us on the bus once arrived at the campus for fear that we might wonder off at the Georgetown College Campus. The most amazing experience was to witness an auditorium full of mental health customers sit still and focused on Esso Lette, the guest speaker from Denver.

    In the following years in Lexington, we would increasingly realize stronger conferences, our first art shows (not art therapy shows) being supported by the Ky Arts Council with small grants. Somehow in the world of having printing work performed by a union print shop, our flyer would read, “Advocates Taking Action in Kentucky Against Mental Health”. Time had to be spent going back to the printer to correct the verbiage to read “Advocates Taking Action in Kentucky Against Mental Illness”. Eventually, the legitimate non-profit, with a 501.c3 classification was undermined later in the struggle to have state dollars when the consumer and regional mental health agency in Lexington obtained the funds that had been supporting ATAK/MI. This was in the era about when the Opioids were just taking off in the state.

    But what can one expect in a culture where the beasts and humans would be drugged? And gamed on? The Federal Prison, with Narcotics Farm over the entrance would be shut down during Nixon’s administration, but I don’t believe we have yet had an ADAPT Meeting, a Come to Jesus Moment, an atonement for what the hell is going on in the gaming nature of finance in our country.

    Mother’s Day would become a Law, Nixon would make Father’s Day a Law while Parent’s Day is still a resolution signed by Clinton.

    Yo understand how or why one would decide not to have children when the labeling and forced medication experience is problematic to understanding the nature of life, requires some sort of reparations? But more importantly, how can We, an extraordinary people find recognition for who and what was sacrificed in the name of medical science.

    There is no excuse for the way we have been mistreated!

  • Artists can be more than lone wolves, depending on the extent one wishes to collaborate or go solo. The idea of creating art is constantly up for discussion as to what Art might be. And to go beyond prevailing belief systems, can be a challenge if one’s efforts are dismissed. I am curious in a similar way, though to wrestle with the thinking, a certain way of discovering my and even our reality, to the extent my intuitive skills can be realized in a visual or performance language as Art. I would ask the readers at what point, or if you have ever considered yourself(s) as Art in motion? I am not sure if i/We really chooses our path, when one has been forced into the experience of a mental hospital or the process to realize how an organizational structure can embrace diversity as unity. Some happened to land here on a raft, later a boat, the imagery being quite relevant when one ponders the meaning of freight on board, the process by which transport needs to be energized along with democracy as a measure of distilling better truths.

  • RE: your comment about leading, following, getting the hell out of the way in a world now where the information flow can short out the neural synapses. So, with a technology that is being pushed to be more flexible in a world that may not understand huge groups can network seems to be part of the problem if not the solution. In realizing the march on Washington, there was one former football player who would provide the time and motion studies to know approximately the expense of time aligned with deployment.

  • I would experience relaxation therapy where the group would lay out on mats right after breakfast in the Arkansas State Hospital. Being there under a forced commitment, never quite got to the reason for the explosive nature of the physical punishment popped into my head from a parent out of control as a child. And a Dr. Uncle would be the first treating physician, his son a few years ago dying from the overdose of psychiatric meds, his daughter being put away in a nursing home shortly after his death. So, how do doctor’s learn the power of their ordering ways and then the powers inherent to the laws that are supposed to guarantee rights?

    The mindfulness state to work and be in can be a wonderful way to ease into the spaces that still offers some chance for change, hope while understanding the depths at which thinking becomes mindful to the mind full?

  • Have you read the Jimmy Piersall Story? To watch the film? To understand the difference between being in or out of the game? Learning how and why that typing is not the same as speaking? Thinking about thinking with reflexivity? The degree and extent this page is held in place by some form of thermodynamics as theory applied through sophisticated levels of engineering and government agencies? How and why can one ask questions here but be denied enrollment in educational programs “for asking too many questions?”

  • Jon: If one has not published, but experienced a parent’s form of punishment of anger out of control, bruises to other siblings, forced decisions that undermine one’s own ability to make decisions, then how can you embrace an academy that has its own gatekeepers? Even the autonomous nature of this technology begins to shape one’s thinking when to really be more intuitive about the Art of LIFE requires an awareness that just may not surface from empiricism.

  • Oops – the idea is to mark + or – in the observation from the outside of the patient, or what level of the system is being analyzed. Then by totaling up the daily reports, one realizes a particular pattern or range of highs and lows . There is a norm, within the stats of being inside the upper control limit and lower in terms of reading the data with the deviance from the norm (understand all being language of Statistical Analysis). One does not tamper with the system, which having experienced the altered state and labelled that required my own research and learning, there seems to be a certain way the mind establishes a better integration of its clock. The circadian rhythm is important. And then there seems to be some sort of clock or tempo of the operation on the floor or different areas of a treating facility, a doctor’s office. But how can we share and teach/learn about life so that we can create the revenues and enjoy seeing improvements from our efforts? Is there a way to realize some collaborative efforts and teams?

  • Studies, depending on the qualities and focus of the study are also laced with truths. Is the knowledge created changing so fast, that to find and realize a particular platform to rest our weary fingers (as extensions of thinking) creating answers? Seems to me that one would need to understand the nature of research, which to generate theory or to create tests against the null hypothesis is difficult. When I would ask Dr. Deming at a conference on continuous improvement, “Had he worked with a mental hospital?” he took a moment and then replied to the audience of over 400 attendees in his wonderful insightful way to teaching. He replied “You either mark them or – once a day as to how they are they are feeling”, that is improvement. And then as I sat down I realized he was right and yet the amount of variation which I didn’t quite understand at that time as it relates to systems and layers of an organization, such as a public and private hospitals I had experienced, is an incredible entity to manage with improvements. Understanding the potential for improvement for the customer, he would later refer me to a woman in Nashville who at that time worked with HCA and Vanderbilt, later to transfer to the MD Anderson Clinic.

  • I do not understand how Dr. Vaughan within the Columbia University’s Culture would not have perceived the impacts better for this meeting. In my stint of being involved in our organizing efforts in Kentucky to realize a viable 501.c3 required a lot of meetings. I would hear W. Edwards Deming in St. Louis speak about continuous improvement and he would respond to my letters offering to be of assistance. This man would write Out of the Crisis and applied stats to continuous improvement. He would teach within Columbia University’s Business School. He also realized some research with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. The strangeness in interaction though with the prevailing belief systems held by the state and community level was one of politics/power. For it was strange to come to know the individual who was the first woman adjunct General who also received the Deming training. I would want to know who is setting the tone for healing, recovery, innovation where the customer is really heard? To be attacking and not focusing on the ideas and how to improve the systems can waste people’s talents. Where does finance that meets the customer, where our ability to create value, manage debt and money and ability to be better humans are honored?

  • Mr. Kendall:
    You didn’t go into how the social contract failed, when Lieberman violated the sovereign nature of the individual space? This idea would shift power from a king, to that of a people. And if one is talking about public figures, what citizen is not a public figure? In learning of of Lee and Dershowitz appearing before the Hearings, I would write a letter to Dr. Lee with copy to the student newspaper. The letter to Lee was returned not opened, for the address was not routed to the School of Psychiatry but the medical school. I would locate her address and sent my note along with some other information. I had written to Dershowitz after reading Chutzpah trying to realize an attorney who would assist with my unusual encounter with the elected and business community in Louisville, Ky. Perhaps we do not have enough Chutzpah? But someone sure is lying about health care, particularly mental health when we experience social distancing at the hands people like Lieberman.

  • Richard, Malcolm and Readers:

    First, in reading your story about being from New Zealand, I have to recall and share with you the time I would receive a postcard from New Zealand by my former mentor at Waterloo University. The card was typical of the way we would communicate, years after I had come totally undone after being forced to go back on the medications by my Uncle Dr. who was doing the best he could with a mind, just short of the 6 month period for better healing withdrawing. I have to literally be “persona non gratis” and upon return would challenge the operations to experience the full access to campus, that is housing.

    First, To honor your son’s request I think will require constant learning and how to engage on and off the posted ways we have to know.

    To try to enrich the healing space in which anyone can function better requires some adjustments to the nature of our economies. Pharma being big plays a funny dance. To be truthful as much as we could, when medicated is difficult for the complexities of conscious and unconsciousness thoughts in play is an incredible space to guide while being more aware. Hence, the very aggregating of being “the mentally ill”, like Rae Unzicker would voice, would be a word she would wish banished. Instead, what happens to frequently, is the experience of being meds or not, the social discrimination at the level of the mind operating is and will be a bizarre experience.

    Secondly, to honor your son’s request will require a different language than what is actually being spoken now as attached to thoughts and misplaced words spewing from leadership that has no clue. Period.

    This challenge is extraordinarily difficult to type and find words, that may or may not resonate with people who have been there, are doing “that” but yet still trying to figure out how to “pivot” as some might suggest. But I think when you mention prison, having even helped to audit our state prison section that housed citizens mental illness and also through prison ministry, I still question to what I am learning or can do. Or not, when many times I would ask for assistance with attempting to realize a business and/or run for political office. There are so many ways to vest time, energy and go beyond recovery, a lasting state of mind.

    Thus, to honor your son’s request, I will continue to advocate and from time to time, try to write a letter, give a call, share an idea while honoring those whose shoulders I stand on. This past Fall, I would finish my MFA program at the School of Art In Chicago. In attending I would challenge the Voc Rehab program for support which was a course in and of itself. And after the first two terms the surprise of having Prostate Cancer became another learning experience. Though right now, the way I coped with that issue you can see in an exhibit in the Bendix Building in LA Through sharing testimony and learning, as I have experienced through our networks in Kentucky and beyond, there seems to be a way forward.

    I thank you and Richard for the sharing of story.

    But the more fascinating aspect of the movement through and out of medicalized existence began to occur when I attempted to apply to Union College in Cincinnati where I would meet Dr. Kevin Sharpe who served as the Chaplain at the University of Auckland. He would write a small book “From Science to an Adequate Mythology” having taught mathematics. And for awhile, he would edit the newspaper for John Templeton’s publication that attempted to address an integration of Science and Religion.

  • Without becoming entangled in the struggle of data against data through the language of degrees of standard deviation, there was a time when I would be practicing social justice from within the mental health culture of the c/s/x movement in Kentucky. My interests are more about discovering a way to improve my self as well as the organization in which I would be apart of. This conceptual stance took on new meaning when I would travel to St. Louis to hear W. Edwards Deming speak about continuous improvement. Hence, if quality of an operation whether it be a classroom or the individual, even a hospital or another corporation, the idea is such that the probabilities and possibilities can be improved once an understanding for process happens. I would stand up at this meeting and ask if had ever worked with a mental hospital. He not only had performed that work but some of his writing was about treating schizophrenia. When he provided a simple answer I would sit down and think yes, he was correct but what about all of the variables that are occurring in the administration of a hospital. Everyone can improve the systems as well as be more tuned to the operation of the complexities of his or her body/mind/spirit. Though when having been abused, it takes an incredible effort to persist on the path where the operations are offering meds, counseling, etc, etc. The challenge is incredible and to discover what gives rise to better happiness takes awhile. Perhaps by sharing a few words, a change might be easier. I will end by saying that at that time, even though I would receive the same training as staff in the government who monitored the qualities of the programming, there would seem to be a slight level of power politics, in that one would begin to realize even the term, “the mentally ill” would become a heavy. There might be a fear of if the person is sounding Ok, and I think I am ok, then where is the “insanity”. Do you see the trap so to speak? And so, we go around and around having difficulty trying to get out of the vicious war. Hope this will help. I was amazed to discover Bob’s book about the Gods…. a story of an area in Arkansas where I would once teach for a year and would begin to hear the stories of what happened in 1914. The prejudice by race is one thing, to get down to the level of mind, and beware? This where one realizes those who are judging can not nor do they have the language within their experience of what being a c/s/x is like. So, then the questions must be asked of where to focus the energy one has stored from within? Be well! And thanks, for the article!