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  • Your connections to Scotland, New Bedford? are of interest in how the world is being designed and managed, in and beyond the Walls. For as a child, the steam engine without a governor, would be a concept that would have me reading about James Watt of Edinburgh, the huge Corliss Steam Engine that drove the Chicago World’s Fair and Ferris Wheel excited my imagination. Later, the reference in college chemistry to “Thermodynamics” while wondering about the idea of a “Liberal Arts Education” curled my brain cells if not the upper lip in non-traditional ways, inevitably rooted an interest in how the whole of LIFE operates.

    So your friendship to Chris Muirhead and the many in working to improve our understanding for the mind is extraordinary. In graduate school, when the social worker took us patients to see the move, “The Chariots of Fire” the response would be to check out early to continue trying to run my race. As a child I would be photographed on the college track poised to run life’s race. What becomes even more fascinating, regarding the music and story of Eric Liddell, and the film itself, is to understand the producer was Dodi Fayed. And later, at a New York Academy of Science Conference on the Flight from Reason, Langdon Gilkey would be on the panel. He would be in the POW camp with Liddell and wrote a book about the experience: Shantung Compound: The Story of Men and Women Under Pressure. So, how do we reconcile the forces of pressures imposed and created from such institutionalized perceptions that contribute to our hospitalizations?

  • I concur re: living document. Though to wonder if this socio-technical system is not living, then what is it? As I/We pass through to post something out in response to a creative endeavor? Once dead, I am not sure if I could still post or document much, though the records do show something or another! There are documents, volumes of documents held in silence that one can access if willing to ask for them. Interesting to see what is in the record and what is in one’s mind as a record.

  • Can we realize a similar level of scholarship as it relates to mental health treatment, let us go beyond how prevailing knowledge. See Christie’s research as documented: For there are still family connections, that can be traced out, along with what happened in the efforts to address care.

    Where is or how to realize our on-site research? For the ability to realize the field work, perhaps is a role afforded by treatment? When, in learning how to and why our stories are important, as it conveys individual but also a collective story of locale and culture of an area.

  • In contrast, I think we need to know our history. After my first experience with mania, the Dean, Francis Christie of Hendrix College where I had recently graduated from suggested a reading of Anton Boisen and Ruell Howell. See: Boisen and Howell’s works to me are still relevant. Perhaps through the medicalization, the level at which Pastor’s are schooled in this domain may not be able to explain how Gideon would have been grinding the wheat in the winepress then and the manner by which beverage and health is distilled now.

    At about this time also, the Dean was exploring a better way into the pedagogy by which one can learn. And they were using Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance!
    To understand our history and how to reconcile a certain way of knowing and learning remains and will be important if we expect change to happen through our efforts.

    We learn how to write history as we become history can yield some turning points for hopefully anyone.

  • Ben: If the intersections between the interests you have are variable, then how can one expect the consistency of purpose to become stable? One may even presume that an area is weak, when in fact the space may be learning, powering up, so to speak, to go and attempt to engage the mindset held? Then if a government, empowered by the rule of law, how to foster a space for healing?

    To think of the issue at an international level from a neuro perspective surely will flesh out some questions that help develop new nerve cells, perhaps yet identified? Or at least recharging the old?

  • Jim, I think your insights were stronger than Szasz that the state of the academy does have to deal the practicalities. Another term for the space to draw out is known as “student” who is struggling to understand the importance of how the conceptual can be applied, “My view is we need both what I will call the purists and realists because I can’t think of better terms”. In striving for the purities of the whole thought, whole person, the discoveries by which a brain can run free, even without street drugs or medications, as a way into the reality(s) that are much richer than a thought process that inevitably is challenged to self-governance while reinventing understanding across the spectrums of knowing realities. One can start off in a case with the purist of intention, but having been through the mash up of the laws of justice, “to win” requires constant sifting in search one one’s truth being created about the Gift, that is life. An incredible story…. and thanks for reminding me again.

  • When I first discovered this article referencing a preprint, I wondered. For to apply a legal context that purports an erasure of oppression, when the conceptual is hatching forward in a robust manner of informed scales surely will tip the evolving body of knowledge held by us. And I am not so sure if complexity thinking will bring a resolution to the challenge all of us are facing. If anything, the superficial manner by which decisions have been realized can be fleshed out with a quantitative analytics (see Bar-Yam) or a qualitative orientation (See the short lived E:CO Journal). Depending on the mood of the day, across the live forms where one is, the reading of the situation is quite arbitrary. The certainty of attempted efforts to monetize the situation at hand poses incredible risks (quantitative and qualitative) to the extent one can find healing increasingly on one’s terms. Finally, if the DSM is a product of the professionals, then does the product not cut the organization that is creating an expansion/revision somewhat of a monster in and of itself? And to what extent does the sovereign nature of LIFE, particularly that of a potential client stir up the political economy of reconciliation of any abuse across the players involved with a particular situation?

  • You might wish to realize a reading of Humphrey Osmond’s Understanding Understanding. For in advancing the agenda/bias’s of one’s research, how does one or can one approach the challenge with an opening of the mind, as if LIFE matters? (Singular as well as collective, collaborative learning?)

  • Part of the issue is tied to the nature of contracts (which to realize and understand, the importance of creating some form of written commitment to terms, though my efforts were framed to the idea of “whatever it costs, the price of your word is reasonable”). A little more difficult to keep when one’s mind begins to track differently, though to be able to shift into the unconscious through the ARTs…. will be beyond.

    The oddity and basis for estrangement that is occurring is tied to the nature of the boundaries by which bookkeeping has and is operating. Much can be hidden and the real costs of pollution, destroyed lives now requires an accounting, all the way into the highest levels of governance, both within the Governments, Businesses, Non-profits and Religions.

    How does one monetize the infinite errors made from “the treatments” or the discriminatory behavior that conveys “you are not as worthy to our operation”…. therefore…..silence? I do not think so! The capacity to generate dollars is not the totality of the human being. There is something else in the mix, which my hunch is that our experiences have provided us.

    Thanks for the insights, Someone else and to Ashley….

  • The title of this article leads off with “Researchers Debate Benefits of Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics” in this business of knowledge production for the benefit of whom? One in reading this title could imagine that the field of medicine has miniaturized the debate of law to be injected into the human. And left to the movement of scales and the war within, that somehow through sheer perseverance the human finds a way forward to pursue happiness.

    But in the language of business of this one life, what were, are and will the language of costs be understood from the customer’s perspective. Opportunity costs lost due to confinement, experiences created in response to the outside world meeting the interior of thinking that is akin more to a circus?

    To try to realize the space of healing/calming where the customer gains insights into the uniqueness of his/her self, that if honest, is open to life long learning, that in itself, might be a better path forward. To understand the war for monetization of “health care” now in the crisis field of public health, seemingly will require the emergence of thinkers who understand the importance of calling out, to bare witness to the conditions that are destroying lives rather than fostering the space to learn who I/We are.

    There seems to be in the short term an absence of how to even frame experiments whose answers being sought after may well emerge through the Arts from the long term perspective. And the engineering of the technologies, to capture/generate the data is a step behind and below the joy of creating one’s way forward into the aura and comprehension for a universal truths.

  • On the other hand, if one explores that the mind is much more political than we realize, our formal political systems seemingly are fighting much harder to maintain their belief in controlling the other. Just listen to one telling you about who is not listening? Does the forum give away their liscense for a forum? Hear what is being said and not said:

  • A requiem was written for large scale modeling some time ago. See . This continued rant about medical models died failed years ago and still creeps back into the discourse of the novice. Models just don’t cut the mustard nor give license for what is happening in the practice of living a LIFE. There are definitely “alternatives” by which a richer dialogue can emerge from the heads, not just youth but from old heads, too!

  • In spending time leaving comments, tapping the keys of this technology to send small pulses of coded language, can anyone explain how the FDA as a regulatory body, through their attorney’s agains the Association’s attorney’s can declare a “win”, if the rules become blanket rules to use electric shock for the whole of those deemed by law to a “shocked” existence. Our language of justice, merciful at best can be worse, though even when people hear the word “disabled” that can be heard differently. From having collorated to form the Metro DisAbilities Coalition, the time would be spent on capitalizing the D or the A.

    To advocate, as the expresson of civil rights by race has meant, was knowing social space of the dominate attitudes risked explosive behavior, just by occupying the space. In contrast, to advocate by disability, the history shows the struggle to realzie the ADA, along with the lack of financial backing to advance the issue of design, design, design as to how we travel through space. And find ourselves being repulsed by any efforts to raise the questions for, by and with the people.

  • In trying to understand your unique insights and position which discovery and discourse are realized, is there an awareness for the ethics running through the different facets of the decision-making? Lawrence Kohlberg would be discovered in grad school and the anayltics that fram a hyper-real seemingly can be argued to be a function of the technology(s). I

    s the discourse along the lines of “political economies” in contrast to the structure of a banking system, as argued by Robert Reich and his thoughts regarding Jamie Dimon of Chase. For to flood the banking systems with indebtedness misplaced expenditures of energy released with wasted lives, can the exporting of the vast minerals of Australia portend intensive marketing nets that catch a “walk about difference” to be medicated?

    If the speed of commerce that is creating knowledge exchange Becomes more deeply understood as to the consequences, is there a better context for realizing an aethetics that commands value with values in the discourse from the land down under?

    I also wonder if the challenge to be clearer is occurring or is the reader more muddled because there is a degree of conceptuality in this reply? I am missing the actual verbal articulation by which thought can be realized with others. Zoom and You-tubing, etc may be creating an extended and pseudo connectivity.

  • Could you please elaborate more on the concept of disabililty? For committing to the advocate across the categories of race, sex, creed, gender and disability, the last concept seems to be hitting the brick walls for lack of informed physical and programmatical design. In Louisville, with the arrival of the ADA’s creation, the Metro dis-Abilties Coalition would be created. Even the head of the Presybtery USA would help with creating the founding By-laws. A great deal of discussion would be around the creation of the name, which to advocate becomes the challenge to embrace the whole of the existence. At times, people can be made to feel ashamed of the civil categories by which our governance is tasked to embrace and affirm in our Democracy. So, even though in listening to the architect of the 9/11 project come in and speak about the new building, when approached after his speech I would ask, about his thoughts about universal and green design. His response was “It’s all B.S.” So, if film can be shown or made of what a vision is seeing, then how does one create and advance that which is not understood now, though in the nature of our Constitution, there seems to be some words that affirm eualities of acess to the pursuit of happiness, even beyond the prevailing practice of mental health care and treatment.

  • As a former attorney, can you please flesh out the concept of neo laws that drive excessive credit extended to corporations and individualas, who begin to think they are making dollars, whether they hop around within Austrailia or across the oceans? How does law become a living balance of truths, from which the culture of Australia can stand more assertively while respecting those on a walk about? Part of even the issues you advance could be tied into piggy backing onto the film of the Cuckoo’s Nest, which if you pull up and watch but also watch the trailers, then one becomes aware of the image manipulating industry of Hollywood while those of us who have survived, languish for the lack of a reasonable and just way to shape a healthier ecnomomy that is accessible for and by all? How does one read the balance sheet of those elected to office, if there are PAC’s in Austrailia or do those pursuing election, refrain from taking dollars? As increasingly there are those known by the content of their character rather than the size of the campaign coffers tilted by lobbyists? Who ultimately feed into higher levels of surface skimmers who then feed into ? Could you please elaborate more on this process?

  • How does one learn, with the Hippa Regs that “protect” the individual also shelter truths from being told? For to understand the enchanced ability to list/categorize information, may obscure the Art and the Practice of learning how to read the integration of Body? To have been a patient in a State Mental Hospital, to attempt to become well without the medications, to taper off, while being aware of feeling better or feeling worse, beyond the norms of my internal biology when one has difficulty to hold at bay, “the misinformed minion and liars of the ignorant, psychological and religious industries” seemingly requires a language that speaks from the inner eye to the public eye? But how does one get to “the truth” in a knowledge producing economy? That becomes being authentic?

  • Humana would get started with a singular nursing home! Sitting on the Mental Health Advisory Committee to Ky Protection and Advocacy, we wouid have a pesentaton by the Nursing Home Ombudsman. To understand the health needs by that stage didn’t quite sink in, though later at a LEED conference (energy conservation in design and building) in Hot Springs, the designer from Hot Springs would explain how the long hall desgin wears down staff. There was no labor shortage essentially, but the design of the facilities is a killer. Hence, how does one hold the powers of government accountable, taht generates policies, that generates generations of ……………….?

  • In the various links and reports, where is the section that shows the nature of how to realize the business of a non-profit as well as for profit? For in talking about “cost-savings” attributed to the industry of mental health care, there seems to be a gross lack of disucssions that convey the monitization by which one can either track and contribute time, monies and knowledge to a non-profit or create a business. The issue may be one of trauma that we are carrying that crosses generations of people along with the tragedy of power that is controlling rather than liberationg? Seemingly, the queston may become one of having the conversation, not just a typed in respnse to the box, the awareness for listening (at times I may not be able to do this very well) for I sense an urgency tied to each letter I speak and type whle trying to comprehend the reasons I am still here. Be well and create some fun while discovering our value and values.

  • There seems to be a void, or an absence of thinking about the in-between slighty beyond “the minimal” and then freer and clearer as experienced by the client. The evolution of laws etched in policy directive, the management of the healthcare industry and then the singular encounters with humans whose thinking is attempted to be coralled. But if the idea is minimal, is this not a question of infinite playing with an assumption that precipitates a standard, that will be different for each person? To ahve the conversation within the self, that can be pharmacized without engaging the informed decision making of the ciitzen seems to be an issue rooted in a conversation that is just beneath the surface of a language couched with respect to the courtroom heaering.

  • Thank you Miranda for introducing expanding my vocabulary and perhaps typing skills. I wish my ability to proof and type could be better. One is challenged to ask if the mind is flat and void of time? And the more important question might be how could a citizen be mistreated so poorly, where the rights as understood by the practioner/researcher’s limited interaction with a patient? Even the assumptions that frame the research are in need of an examination, to help focus the “language” of today. But I wonder if we are communicating in a spoken sense or a typing sense in and of conscious/unconscious awareness?

  • Where is the flame of social injustice within the mass of the data? For the Will to Live even if your head has been has suffered at the nands of someone else, the pins and needled of the “fire” imparted from a brain in outrage? How does one entangle the question in linear regressions ad infinitum, when the variables through time, may not even account for how the brain is processing through time?

    As I read your insightful reporting, the questioin became variation and degree of depression being understood through the dimensionality of time and other variables of context stored in memory or being experiences in and of the moment? Where would be the disovery for the role of continuous iimprovement within the individual as well as the surroundign organization?

    Reading your post, the energy was directed to pull a book off the shelf, a good and insightufl read by Donald J. Wheeler, “Understanding Variation: The Key to Managing Chaos.

    What might be creting the grades of depression or exhaltation within the social justice movement of our individual and collective concerns regarding the context of this website and beyond? (To untangle the threads at the threshold perhaps is no less than Dagon losing his head and hands though at what point will the LIGHTS come on within the indvidual with a response that is not to be committed nor drugged?)

  • I think exploring this comment, is often thought about in our struggles, for to research out rest suggests the radiance can not be explained. Perhaps this state of presence is in part what we are doing? The discounting of our communication and roles within Society to be more open to the idea, Yes, We Can is a concept difficult to unpack as well as suggesting to others to get on Board. Movements in Civil Rights have never been easy; when the context of communication is now being stirred.

  • The post made is not exactly that which is on the historical marker. The marker may be the only one in the U.S.
    noting a mystical experience. I will try to find the actual words, for it seems people were editing what he would record. Time would be spent trying to access the Retreat weekend but after a long period the Trappists would reply saying I would not be able to accept the silence. The rejection letter is part of the history that may help convey our truths more wisely.

  • Across from the Seelbach Hotel:

    Quote by Thomas Merton: “In Louisville, at the corner of Fourth … “In Louisville, at the corner of Fourth and Walnut, in the center of the shopping district, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the realization that I loved all these people, that they were mine and I theirs, that we could not be alien to one another even though we were total strangers.”

    Seems as if Michelle and Sears may need to come to Louisville and wonder how does a spot in NYC or Louisville render an Awakening, however brief to propel one on the Journey?


  • Samantha et al:

    How and why does the thinking become parsed as “good conscious” to the exclusion of unconscious? For the thinking of Edinburgh, the cultural norms by which one is learning along with the whole world, vis-i-vis even this website, seemingly would require us to pause, to reflect and try to understand where our tracking within keeps our outlook skewed?

    (If you are enjoying running the race, then how to improve, when layers of trauma have been occupying space within our memories?)

    Will look forward to the discussion.

  • Re: Huckabee re: the Law and connections. Huckabee (R) ordered the Child Welfare Agency,reluctance to accept government oversight in the past.

    Huckabee would be traveling in Suhl’s jet over Tennessee when they had engine problems.


    and who would communte the sentence!

    From a more local reporting to the problem along with the degree of corruption,

    Perhaps the issue is within the nature of the law’s inability to be the guardian of law, itself? The idea posing a significant problem for the chemical imbalance of the fulcrum, itself. To maintain a sense of decorum in and of the court, there is the challenge to project the image?

    Tks Miranda for the insights, though I wonder how and why one seemingly gains attention once a “celebrity” manifests the label.

  • Being that I once would drive over to Arkansas to participate in an event at the Little Rock Convention Center where then Mayor (?) Booker would speak, time today would be spent writing a letter to his Office regarding the lack of witnesses at his hearing who understand from experience our language, the potential for an alternative way for better healing. When campaigns run on PAC’s and an economic struture for local governments to have the larger portion of their budget dedicated to police and fire, then what real chances are there for change in value with values? Thanks for calling attention to this Hearing!.

  • When ATAK/MI was faced with writing our plan, the the work had been accomplished in the era of “outcomes proposal writing, then the professional than came in and bashed the effort. Speaking the language inter and intra organization is not as rich as the way we begin to discern and attempt to make sense of the medicalizing of our lives. The structure is not in place to afford gradual healing, nor fianancing interest rates on funds borrowed or in time currency (See Edgar Kahn’s work on timeshare), where we begin to volunteer our time. Your last questoin Steve reminds me of Shakespeare’s quote ? , “Neither a Borrower nor Lender be”. Would the quote in our reality be more accurate if there were some disctinction between being and becoming?

  • The research may be missing the point, inherent to the flow of words or numbers. All of which can become entangled, while trying to create meaning. More importantly, the nature of making markets, and the importance of the interest rates for different levels of borrowing can be difficult for any client or counselor to understand. Being that every professional seems to feed on the darkest moment of one’s live, as if the Temple will be collapsed forever. To sort through the ruble of our lives when they were stinking within and outside of ourselves, can require some intervention. When one is in poverty or being forced into thea position for lack of being able to trade knowledge being created about a strange engagement with self, then at what point can one realize the reality of being a viable business? In the time period the studies were checking on the situation 3 years later? Let’s be real for a change can happen in the Twinkling of the ……

  • Further reflections, experiencing the politics of brains in motion. For me, and to come into the awareness and appreciationi for this page only a little over a year ago, has afforded me a way to type maybe a little clearer? The past is on replay for to have been committed to the State Institution rather than the private Baptist, afforded me a different reality and experience to the designed space versus just a floor that only had rooms and secured room with little or no community space.

    But upon being committed to the State Hosptial then time would be spent trying to enlist Legal Aid’s Grif Stockley who would not assist and so I got the public defender for a few minutes before the commitment. But I would write letters which I still have from the state hospital to my mentor from Canada and he would write back. From the exerience and time, a commitment would be made to try and eplain and understand “my madness”, even the labels we have been given.

    And then procedurely now, be wondering what would have looked like if I had taken to court or requested for another hearing, rather than allowing the doctor to write the letter to the judge assurring the process was working? What if I would have gone to court with a stack of letters from around the world that would encourage me to learn, to recover with empathy and to not harm others, even though the space one is in can be horribly toxic.

    Part of the issues we face in this site is the degree we know our history. And the split nature of how laws have been crafted to address patterns of behavior that fall outside of the normal bell curve. To understand how to improve self understanding, the operation of the floor and the administration of the institution requires intervention. So, who is on the Board of Fairview? Who is shaping policy of that Hospital?

    If anyone works for Fairview, what bank does their employer make the payroll through? Who bonds and finances this operation? These economies? One debit can have many credits and vice versa. One letter copied to many might have an impact? A posted letter that is tactile, and received by Charles might be another gift, of the beginning of real recovery for himself and others (including the psychiatrist who asked him about normal…..

    To understand if the human had an important role in this process, then as a scuptor where do we need to chisel our letters, into what format or network?

    Maybe someday we can have anotherAltneratives Conference in Minneapolis with a visit to the Governor’s Office, Mayor’s Office, Fairview, the State Medical Board;s Office…… just be making a list to all the people and entities we need to thank for giving us his chance!!! I just hope we will not have to climb the outside dome of the State Capitol? And that perhaps someday, maybe The movement can move around while transforming the praxis! A few thoughts at the end of the day!

  • Should we also be able to copy/send a letter to Charles Helmer?

    What is his mailing address? (

    One of the lasting experiences of having been committed was the challenge to converse with the realities of being processed. Ministers would not visit, some letters would be written and mailed, but there seems to be the creation of action in behalf of this young man without also bringing him into the loop.

    To fathom the degree and extent of the legal, the business, the medical, and then even our fascinating stories could be a teach/learn.engage with the whole of the experience?

  • Yes, we will know! If the gradations of abuse move to the more/most intense under the category of sexual abuse, the horrofic challenge to unpack that moment, to replay and attempt to stay with what happened to be told in a current time by the violated, is a space! This hot zone of thinking is difficult and peculiar to covey and place in the language of law, the legal that is driven by the existing rules on the books.
    But if one explores the context at that moment when the violation was occurring and then knowing how silence also was being reinforced, to not tell of occurance, there might emerge further trials or even party collapse. Sadly, the issue is not reserved to a corporate party or individual, but rather seems to be an issue being lost in the aggregation of numbers, that make data sets.

    Has the time clock, the impact of logging in now or then, or the home security camera add to an understanding of what constitutes the nature of realizing a healthier security? Or are the gated doors and entrance ways just a front? And at times, when the individual’s mind or even a community mind turns on itself for the lack of realizing justice, even to the extent of committing suicide, then who or what level of government/governance is responsible?

    For the liability issues are not necessarily buried, but rather like ploughing a field for diamonds, at what point to the rocks, the solid information surfaces to convey the story? Perhaps the proper attorney as yet to emerge, for fear of not being able to earn a living if the truth were to understood, the degrees to which people knew but remained silent?

    (I attempted to edit, but then the clock expired so I copied what I meant to review and perhaps convey greater clarity),

  • Yes, we will know! If the gradations of abuse move to the more/most intense under the category of sexual abuse, the horrofic challenge to unpack that moment, to replay and attempt to stay with what happened to be told in a current time by the violated is a space, peculiar to covey the and place in the language of law, the legal that is driven by the rules on the books. But if one explores the context at that moment when the violation was occurring and then knowing how silence occurred, there might emerge further trials or party collapse. Has the time clock, the impact of logging in now, or the home security camera add to an understanding of what constitutes the nature of realizing a healthier security? Or are the gated doors and entrance ways just a front? And at times, when the individual’s mind turns on itself for the lack of realizing justice, even to the extent of committing suicide, then who or what level of government/governance is responsible. For the liability issues are not necessarily buried, but rather like ploughing a field for diamonds, at what point to the rocks, the solid information surfaces to convey the story?

  • A commitment hearing to be understood as a part of the a-part dysfunctional scales of a process also moves at the speed of Light requiring only if the community of citizens to engage? Both the objectivity withe the subjectivity? The realities of being block-chained are inevitable, though freedom can and will happen. When the Whole Story is understood outside of the moving scales of opinions perceived as The Law! The Rights?

  • I dis-agree completely!

    For I wonder to the extent this site, is in reflection a universe of shared learning.

    The intuition, the imagination is an incredible reality(s) to which we can realize just how discovery beyond self is a liberation of sorts. Your astute observation in the last line could be the launch pad for further justice actions. Be well, enjoy the day while orbiting along your path!

  • Steve: To approach the story from the Arts, the Dutch as linguistics and the cultural experience of having a coffee, the experienced as related in the story is more than the coffee, though the beverage is strong. If not an incredible culture that has realized a network of transportation that moves the public around rather well. To view the reference about sleep and understand one of the key researchers in the film was from the Netherlands, to even absorb the complexities of the research in trying to understand the waves being generated in and through a night of restful sleep is important. To have attempted to realize sleep in a mental hospital, where my being was working just as now in typing, though the monetization for said creation of knowledge has yet to occur. Not that the effort was not made directly, but realize a non-0rofit or for-profit, there are certain skills of ordering the effort with the hope the service or role meets the expectations of the funding sources. I would think the disrespect may begin even earlier than the cradle, perhaps more in relation to a greater force (a cosmology of knowing), that may or may not be inevitable. Is it inevitable that we have become more apart of the machine? To be objectified into a discourse that keeps our presence within tghe bounded discussions aligned with roles, or does one have access to the resources that lifts the cover to show the larger community, how difficult the coffee tasting in the hospital can be when compared to one experienced say in the coffee houses of Utrecht?

  • In clicking on your reference to this post, the discourse on coffee in the Netherlands was equally of importance. For at one point, time was spent trying to realize a Ph.D. through the University of Humanistics in Utrecht, but then 9/11 occurred and the stressors if not the nature of security began to shift the nature of travel if not my well being. With your orientation towards philosophy and quality, a reading of Pirsig’s book, Zen the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance might convey a way to true the wheel if not the the joy associated with the coffee. However, recently a vieweing of a documentary about sleep, might be worth a viewing. The former director of the community mental health clinic would share the nature of the research showed part of the problems we face are related back to the coffee. To really sleep and rest well, when the circadian rhythm gets out of whack…. what more can be said, in the efforts to understand how and why the qualities of light in motion are reflected most in the senstive lives of people. How the communities think there is a need to work 24/7 is beyond my ability.

  • From this morning’s Courier-Journal – “The Courier Journal is tracking each fatal incident to better understand violence in the city and memorialize the victims….This list is preliminary, and the number of homicides can change as authorities investigate the circumstances of each case, determining whether the slaying was criminal, justified, accidental or suicide. The Courier Journal has excluded cases deemed accidents, suicides, fatal overdoses or hit-and-run deaths.”

    If one is trying to show the linkages to the public, the readers of various news services, then why do we shy away from the source of the violence, to shy away from the causalities by which suicides can happen? To ignore and not discuss how and why a regard for the health across the community is important shows cracks in the analytics in the daily reporting?

    How to address the issues? If one carves out the numbers and or the nature of aggregating data? Does the data become meaningless? Or monetized to ignorance?

  • Tim: With regards to the Dartmouth research (Indeed, research in the United States behind Dartmouth’s IPS (Individualized Placement Services) model of vocational rehab suggests that a self-directed effort to conform to work with support is a real way to achieve behavioral benchmarks), how and then why do you emrace filling a job slot, rather than questioning Voc Rehab’s general lack of understanding for what is required to create the space, that is even to realize the client to grow a business at the speed at which value and values are being created from the client perspective? What I am suggesting is a conscious effort to realize the creation of an economy shaped by many!

    The sheltered work programs or to fill a job, until that role plays out, does not really afford the stronger joy of being accepted in an active role within a sustained role in creating a community. A reading of Robert Reich’s new book, The System …(the former Labor Secretary under Clinton) identitifies part of the problems that have rigged the system.

    To appeal or struggle with a Rehab counseling experience too often diminishes the hopes and dreams of the applicants to being controlled under and by a pharma method, unless the client is able to find a doctor and team of people who will afford expert testimony, The Client Assistant Program can provide some legal assistance, though the attorney may be funded by the agency, thereby creating a conflict of interest.

    The necessity to know and manage numbers and relationships can occur, and be realized only in an economy that values citizens, regardless of the difference in thought or body form. Hence, to even go beyond the terms of “break with reality”, when in fact the realities that are disovered in altered states of knowing, discovering requires something better than a context of “social” control when the patient is really not being considered part of the social.

    To try and work in the realm of social policy, that affords a way not back into the norms of the state, but rather an inightful way to experience a more robust community for all requires insights learned … Many times the social worker is being caught in ethical burnout of not realizing the requisite resources to address liberation from driving the client into the wall. There is a political reality at work in what is you are conveying.

    Perhaps see the writings of former Berkeley Professor, Lynn Duhl and students work I think might have touched on Oakland. Fiinally, how to also apply the theory into what is being learned from within the marketplace of lower-tech (no or withdrawal from drugs) as legit way forward. Thanks for offering your ideas up! Keep on!

  • In reflecting about the experience of attending the Conference in Cleveland, I also recall taking the time to go out to Cleveland State University to visit with the legendary teacher, Norman Krumholz. See: . The definitive hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court that gave rise to zoning in Euclid, a small city within the Cleveland area, became a tool to advance racial segregation. See: Zoning is a type of zoning named,governmental power under the police powers of government. Zoning is a type of zoning named,governmental power under the police powers of government. or search Euclidean Zoning. Later, in trying to speak before the Jefferson County Planning Commission regarding the development of the Jewish Hospital, I would be told by the Planning Chair, “I don’t have to listen to you”. Today there is no longer a Jewish Hospital.

    If you take it a step further, and think of how space is shaped in communities, the density and the legal language that prohbits group homes, not in my back yard, the discussions become one filled with hate as the police powers of the state are exercised.

    In relocating to Louisville, to have been hired and fired as the Planning Manager for the Office of Economic Development, the city was destroying several small cities for the expansion of the airport for UPS. The largest relocation of over of 1500 families in the US and yet, the boundary lines of midnight air travel over areas couple with the hiring of the college students to work night shifts. What does this mean for mental and physical health, for within the last several months, research from Switzerland shows increased heart attacks of people who are awakened in the night by air traffic over their homes. In the probation period, my Boss had wanted me to prepare a city plan within two weeks, which I could not do. And in the ninth month of living in Louisville, a former pressman on Prozac whould realize a mass killing. Then the tainted trials and Peter Breggin would enter the story.

    Now, 30 years later, I live in public housing, across the street form the site of public housing that was torn down and being rebuilt where the Black Sub-contractors are claiming foul in that they are not being paid for their work as the change orders and quality of craftsmanship are being reported. And the density is increased. Hence, where is the money being created in a community that the banker, the Mayor, and the religous think they are Pegasus, worthy of being doped up? Or Brenona Taylor being killed? In trying to find an attorney through the local Bar or even the ACLU, no one would ever emerge to address the injustice. And time would be spent, after receiving the advocacy awards with AG Reno on the platform, traveling to D.C. to her office where one would once again be directed to other departments within the hiercharcy of laws and attorneys, that seem not to understand our language or the causalities.

    If these pages are addressing the Science, Psychiatry and Social Justice, then where is the language and understanding that accompanies the practice of the Liberal Arts, for I believe We can much if the threads are examined for continuity and integrity.

  • Thank you for the interview. Though in the past week in participating with the Maudsley organization from England, then watching the documentary on Washington through Kanaopy, the idea of what was happening in mental health care during the time of Rush’s treatment of George Washington. To accept the issue as a disease in terms of maladjustment, the hatred that we learn that can be carried within us, against our very being/becomeing a better human requires from within our movement a certain openess to the uncertainty being created vis-i-vis the dital platform, while reserving time to dis-connect from this way of sharing information. I do recall the time of traveling to Cleveland where P&A would help us get there, to have presented with a man from Gallaudet, and then the chance to have lunch with Mrs. King. I had not budgeted for the meal, and the organizers accomodated us with box lunches stacked up on the tables back in at the hotel. How do we advance our conferencing, our learning, if the systems are in place are being allowed to discriminate by withholding credit, the chance to not just fill a job, but to go and create some maladaptive economies that are soul driven? Interview stimulates more questions, hopefully some better qualities of life for all!

  • Very good reporting! Though my understanding of what governs the broadcast and the mainstream when the work MAD is realizing is more akin to the fresh, spring waters where the pro out weighs the anti-. From a marketing perspective, to be anti- anything is difficult when what I am and have been asking for is justice. Too, while you cite the studies, where are the studies, that we as patients have exercised, been willing and unwillilng subjects to the requirements of the systems of care only to emerge from this nightmare that is referred to as treatment? Just because we have not published in scholarly journals or realized the careers along the mainstream, does not devalue our struggle; rather we are being called to rise up! To create our groove. To add to the music! The comments along with the insightful articles are strenghtning my heart and hopefully the beat, not to mention that the Heart as artificact was crafted at the Artkansas Arts Center between completing the graduate degree and the committment to the Arkansas State Hospital under the Governor, Bill Clinton.

  • More than the books, we need JUSTICE! Would you know the meds that Martha Mitchell was forced on? For then the role of raw political power, location and the performance of space occurs. And what Hollywood can do with a story or an actor/actress may not be as interested in the Justice, the atonement that is needed in areas of the country that have contributed to the Sorrow! The fine grain of film and now the conceptual beyond the pixel, should be raising many questions of how and why children, if not adults are growing wires out of their ears? Or minds? Or we crazy to be affirming this type of parenting? Or commerce?

  • Does it make a difference to correct a post? For in trying to convey my perception, the reality of what has happened, to realize a better precision is more than an edit button. For there seems to be a little more of recall, as in memory, while sorting through the verb of yesterday. LOL, New Albany is across the Ohio River from Louisville, while Albany, New York is the Capitol to which NAHM would move. Their programming was phenomenal. In the Joy of our assembly, we began to understand a healing, though to be able to return to our homes, the receptivity may not have been able to adjust to our new insights by which one Life becomes and is being in awareness of LIFE.

  • Hi Micah:

    Am not sure if the socioecological can realize a tacit knowledge without reference to include what seems to be a nonspoken presence of the techno in the systems. Though dated, the impact of Tavistock’s research from the Emery’s and Trist was specical about the quailty of work life. More to a structural shift, the sociologist from Binghampton University in New York would be Immanual Wallerstein. In the journey, time was spent trying to reach him on the campus, where upon driving up to the guard office, the security gave me a campus map, and pointed out to me how the ring road, outlines the campus with the shape of the brain. LOL. This side trip was realized while traveling to a National Artists for Mental Health (NAHM) see Frank Marquit and Ralph Avery who pioneered that operation in NY to understand the struggles of a viable non-profit swallowed eventually in the politics of New Albany. At that time, the organization was still located in Catskill. Finally, I would ask of your interests, how you choose to leave out the Planning Profession, part of which can include the niche of “Health Planning”?

  • Strangely, i would recover at home, with a cast on my leg while being introduced to Lithium in the late 70’s. Fieve’s book was referenced but the idea of a legitimate alternative was never offered, being that in the doctor’s notes I would later read, “Worst case experienced”. The reinforcemed beliefs from within our family was not always about empowering behavior through logic. Rather, the sheer force/fear of a parent releasing punishment would drive one into a space to endure the hurt, the pain and suffering.

    Ironically, I would be transfer to Waterloo to study Regional and Resource Planning and having worked off the meds by the early part of ’82, became a customer in the mental ward of the KW hospital on King Street. You might have even monitored or known some of the people aligned with the University, as more progress was made from working with the Gestalt Therapist along with having a wonderful mentor, who was extraordinarly helpful in encouraging that I return to Waterloo to complete the degree. My physician uncle would over rule any decision making on my part, the campus doctor would also push the idea of getting back on meds, so as I surrendered to their thinking (I can’t say acquiesced) then the idea became, “What if one comes apart in awares, while trying to understand the nature of a mind, struggling with disordering and ordering thoughts?” more along the lines of reporting back to others afterwards the logic that was being framed then as “The Self-Organizing Universe”.

    Compared to what I would eventuially experience returning to home, was a system of care that was not as sensitive aas to what I had experienced in Canada. The Human Rights Charter seemingly was written better or so it seemed than the civil rights laws that were being developed a the time.

    Now, the home has become more susceptibile it seems to a digital currency that is churning on keeping energized the digital while not realizing the impacts of economies shaped by a pharma, that was licensed and dispensed without understanding the ecological impacts. How can this be addressed, now? Through any of the studies at the Perimeter Institute, of comprehending where minds in wonder are trying to make sense of the Whole Life?

    Thanks for your sharing and explorations of even attempting a better way to realize health care.

  • See the documentary “Slavery by Another Name”. Blackmon attended Hendrix College where I would attend and watching this film, then if you view our legacy and the need to go beyond reparations, but also justice needs a major lever. I applaud your work and continue to create the links by which we can realilze a challenge but also the deepest healing for what has happened and is happening.

  • Since this featrued news item emerged, considerable effort was spent searching the original document and then contacting Science to understand how to create an appropriate response. Science letters allow for a letter of 300 words along with the attempt to draft an individual/collaborative response can occur. Contrary to Luiggi-Hernandez’s conclusion, I do not think the article provided clear and ample evidence between poverty and the creaton of diagnoses for depression…” Over 80 years ago, Kroll would write an autobiography, I Was a Sharecropper, where Maw would cry out, “Poverty warps all standards”. In the 80’s a visit with Donald Schon of MIT’s Planning Program, suggested a reading of Jorg Baumberger’s article in the Journal of Evolutionary Economics about Thomas Kuhn’s thesis on the Paradigm Shift. All the disciplines had cleared the hurdle except for Economics. Too, Lepowski’s article, “The Social Thermodynamics of Ilya Prigogine” in ’79 issue of Chemical and Engineering News also featured the Vanderbilt Economist, Gerogescu-Roegen advancing a an analytical context for qualitative economics. This approach is far different from the thought process driven by quantities of services.

    Further, from my direct involvement in the attempt to realize economic development by, for and within the X-Disability movement, time would be spent at conferences of the Association for Economic Opportunity, Alternatives, and even traveling to hear the Grameen Bank Founder, Mohammed Yuunus. Some of the readers might remember Mimi Kravitz’s effort of In-Cube in NYC in trying to develop businesses owned and operated by those who survived the mental health “treatments”.

    In addition, one would learn of Edgar Cahn’s concept of time banking, where one could realize a trade of skill for skill as a unit of time through a community organization. My costs could never be monetized for I could not understand how to factor in the expense of discrmination being experienced from outside of our immediate culture. When financial leaders tell you in response to a fundraising effort, “The Government takes care of the handciapped” in three minutes, there is no way to realize the creation of a more stable economy by which a legitimate economy can emerge that is shaped by our voices.

    The situation is even made more absurd in the egoic expression of the elected Mayors and councilpersons, who off camera humiliate and dismiss self and others for fear of a threat to their political advancement due in part to homogenization towards a norm of spoken diversity that can not reflect value with values.

    Hence, this article I believe only scratches the surface of the discourse around supply and demand in the markets from a quantitative perspective. When I believe our experiences are of a language of supra-rich qualities that are filtered out and ignored by the metrics invoked by the anlytics of the profession.

    Thus, to realize at times the mutal approvals of this page without going back to the source documents, leaves at risk the perpeutal convresation that is occurring in the rooms without us being present. For me, part of my challenge is trying to learn how to write a response to articles like this one, that essentially is saying, “Our House in On Fire” in the language of the Academy.

    And finally, one last resource studied from within planning was Ian McHarg’s Design with Nature. Systematically, the facets of a city would be mapped by data even to include a final chapter on Health and Pathology. The term “Mental Disease” was established only from information on psychiatric inpatient unduplicated admissions and similar inforemation for children. Could the concentration of responses in the core of the city been shaped more by data gleaned from public institutions versus a different, more confidential operations of medical care reserved for middle and upper classes of wealth? The Scales of Justice” need to reflect our role as Citizens of the We.

  • I would attend the infamous Central High in Little Rock, 67-70. My sophomore year, my older brother would venture to Madison, in a week long student exchange with reciprocity. In the junior year, as a journalism student, I would write a letter to the Tiger wondering how come we couldn’t realize a student exchange. The response now from the student council representative, was one regarding race. The riots that began to occur creating an unspoken language that goes along with the struggle. Oddly, upon recovery at home a visit to a family friend who also had sought out help from the psychiatric profession would share with me his experience with the medical doctor. He walked away and never took the medications. And yet, I would experience being and becoming a part of those who thought differently, but whom seemed to require a coraling of the mind. The idea of “counter-culture” might need to be examined, when in fact if one is able to access people who can and will talk about their experiences may not have surfaced, not so much a product of being counter, but rather one of trying to realize a more truthful journey. We perhaps even have difficulties with understanding the culture of e-connectivity and how this act is forging a challenge to those who think they are empowered to lead, follow or getting the hell out of the way. When murder occurs directly or indirectly as experienced in the recent D.C. Fiasco, how come an attorney will not emerge to advance the arguments to rule in favor of LIFE? Niice work Sears!,

  • The American Psychological Association (APA) revised Robert’s Rule’s of Order. To understand the importance for deliberative thinking in the creation of laws, and the speed at which the rule making body attempts to process, while being manipulated by vested interests, then how do our citizens and non-citizens create a better sense for governance? The operations as we witnessed is not as secure as one would like to think, though the structure is symbolic and important space to experience. To forge healing words or words that inflame, seems to be the challenge our adolescent country faces.

  • Pretty Abstract?

    For me, the greater, perhaps even the heighented state of “awakening” from the depression slow dive that occurred over months, where upon after consultation with the literal family doctor, one Saturday morning in the summer of ’76, explanations were given by the Dr. along with the admonition “to go out and live like there was no tomorrow”.

    About four months laters, the mania experience was being realized. These concepts of how our thinking can awaken, at different speeds, is indeed a window into the abstraction of the construct by which we begin to define ourselves. So many times, when the phrase is made, “this is not rocket science”, when in the presence of the computing and analog world that makes the engagement vis-i-vis a machine, then we begin to become aware of multiple abstractions, shifts in thinking and even an emergent language for the age that is being framed as socio-technical systems.

    Regarding the Alternatives Conference, to have witnessed was an experience that literally afforded me 1) a ballroom to meet a whole bunch of people just like me and 2) a visit to Indepence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Indepence Hall was shut down due to the brief feud between a former neighbor, (about a block and 1/2) Bill Clinton and Newt Gingerich. Perhaps because I saw democracy, time would be spent the past week sending a letter to the Congressman whose office is not far from Independence Hall in an effort to realize a more profound future, regardless of whatever labels and traumatic experiences I have encounterd at the local, state and national level.

    So with regards to today, and that of the events that contributed to the recent organizational chaos of our House of Democracy, then understand the importance of how we heal while sttriving to rise again, again and again through our representative forms of democracy.
    The workings of Alternatives as well as the visits to Brown’s Office have all been a way of trying to communicate and channel our individual and collected concerns into our goverance of self-determination.

    The systems that are working to afford the citizenry a way to awaken surely were inspired this day, perhaps as much by the voice of the young poet from Los Angeles.

    Finally in a bit of irony, out of the 70’s/80’s an article would appear in the American Planning Association Journal that conveyed a Requiem for Large Scale Planning Models. Douglas Lee might have been the author. The point, and perhaps an affirmation for the issue to “medical model” language I’ve beeen hearing for 50 years, is that policy makers began to advance the term of scenario planning. Along with a more resilent management style. Though as we know, the whole experience of being processed into “recovery” is what I would have to call as pretty abstract to an outsider. Learning how to write, speak and create a bridge language seems to be for me a challenge from the heart to your heart as well as others who might choose to ponder and meditate. One thing for certain, our work is cut out for us.

    Finally, can you please elaborate on your vision for how to cleanse the thinking aligned with medical models? For to be frank about it, the past, the trauma still creeps in, and people will say to me, “You are living in the past”. When in fact, part of what Jenny has given us (along with many others) is a piece of our history; a history that is liberation in more ways than I can count.

    Thank you for your request, please advise if this did not clarify while also raising some more points.

  • Political leaders? Or Politicized operational systems? And how to recover and access the rocketry when it blows up due to a culture that suppressed the early warning signals in our culture? In essence, can one use the words, “indirect murder”? Or what insubordination means in the personnel file?

  • In trying to realize my homework, I would ask the relevance of an analysis that can integrate the subjective with the objective organiztional and individual thinking, as in being typed or spoken, or in front of an academic crowd. For the concerns being voiced, where is the prognosis of how information beind revealed on this site, could be or is being picked up and shared around the world?
    Do elaborate more on what constitutes “objective criteria” in the bought space of the thinking ethical levels in and outside the WH? To have perceived for a need to wear a “White Coat” into a meeting, that had not been approved by those involved, was not representative of the flag of surrender, but rather an early warning signal to the complexities of our failure to communicate?

  • Did you consider Trump dangerous from a distance through any media or casino/real estate perspective? Or just the context by which he was making decisions over his life? And if you are saying the “known data” or just saying potentially, “know thy data”, do you “get it”? And then how to realize a difference between a digitizing world and the analog as experienced within cultures?

  • Thanks Jim, Jenny for opening us up to our history. Ironcially, as I shared the the post from George Ebert in the from the newspaper in the librrary, with friends who work for SAIC, then the post surfaced how George’s life had ended. And yet, by shariing these stories, regardless with one occuppied Brown’s Office, the brutality of how one can be disregarded for thinking differently remains important. And George’s story and George perhaps is kept alive in the spirit of profound advocacy.

    From the grant ATAK/Mi (Advocates Taking Action in Kentucky Againt Mental Illness) the printer would switch the term to Mental Health in our handbills to read “Advocates Taking Action in Kentucky Against Mental Health”.

    So what are we fighting?

    When so many say, “Well, I am not political?” (That statement, as in my writing is by nature a reflection of a politic from within.) Then there is also, the time our organziaiton would assist with evaluations of the mental hospitals around the state. In one of the site visits to Western State Hospital in Bowling Green I thought I could learn something about the operation or visit with other patients by going to the cafeteria for breakfast prior to our day’s work.

    When I went up to the serving line to ask for something else, the security guard would be watching and came up and said to me, “That you know you are not supposed to have more” or something to that effect. In terms of security then and now with camera eyes everywhere or the potential by govenrment to monitor those deemed to be on their lists, how do we create healthier curiosity and economies by which we are part of the answers?

    In our exist interview, with hosptial staff, the shame of what happend imparted testimony to the brutality of the care in a hospital operating from a different era.

  • Oldhead et al: First, from having been shaped quite early in part by history, I wonder about your phrase “Get’s It”. For often I have been stopped and others ask me, “What is the It”. In attending Little Rock Central High, time was spent taking a journlism class, and working the camera as a hobby in photography was developing. Charles Lance, the teacher would ask us when we were working on “Letters to the Editor” about signing one’s name to the letter.

    The other time I would hear clearly the context of “He gets it” was in a brief visit with the head of Ducks Unlimited. Those who love and appreciate the design of Nature, know the value of a cricket, whether in terms o validating, echoing, or even pondering how much power is there in being in the moment requires from each of us. There is something I believe quite fascinating in how ecologies are interwoven to the extent we can learn to not repeat in the present what we have and are learning from the past.

    There is no question is my mind, the value for documenting history; seemingly a good historian sifts out for what really happened in the past, to bring the story to the surface. If there is a concern or comittment to write the history of this unique movement, what or how were the actors communicating in code or in a way the power differential was and can be challenged, such that the awakening can occur to what happened and is happening?

    Writing, posting, blogging, youtubing…. are impacting the message that seemingly needs to be conserved? Or preserved? For one becomes aware of the extent of the injustices that are occurring when one begins to understand the case by case in the context of the broader issues.

    I think, I understand the cocnerns voiced about Alternatives and the political struggles which I would witness at that level. The question in part I believe, now and even then as in the past, is how did and can any movement create a viable currency? The monetization by which MIA operates or the Madness Network News effected the change? Then and Now?

    If our thinking is becoming better in knowing the self, then how is the context held that recognizes the value and values for being different in a civil manner?

    Will look forward to your reply…. And thanks, even if you do not reply. Silence is important, also in the movement of thinking.

  • We need to know our history! From the Alternatives and NARPA Conferences, insight would be gained into the unique way of working towards developing our politics. By comparison, would you have a way to realize the history that was emerging in the 49 other states? For just because we live in other locations, does not mean an injustice is not happening. I recall meeting Howie-the-Harp, Sally Zinman, and Jay Mahler while also learning of Leonard Frank if not countless others who impacted our lives in Kentucky. In viewing the marquee, and in part because of the way I would experience “the treatment”, the medicating is not limited to the psychiatrists.

    Several years ago I would acquire a publication from the American Enterprise Institute where data had been graphed. I could not understand how they could map the population in hospitals as being “inmates”. And yet now, perhaps even more so, the amount of misinformation creates more barriers. For within the last four years time would be spent driving over to Arkansas to participate in a discussion by people who were trying to intervene in the execution of several who been labeled as “the mentally ill”. And so, in going by the Governor’s Office, the response would be the realization of being escorted out the State Capitol by Security.

    Do we have a collective library, a repsository for the papers, booklets, papers that will show the struggle and then how can the protests help transform our self-determination into a healthier understanding for what life means to being human? And then my last question, “Would you know the name of the Art Museum in San Francisco?

  • Should the title of the paper been “Surviving While Being Made Negligible”? To understand the structure of the biologies also needs integration with the ecologies by which imaginations sift out the truth or the various a truths. Then variation and purest chance imaginable that challenges the prevailing logic can be articulated to the hears and eyes and senses that are ready. Experiments and studies without bias becomes a basis for an awakening to what the medical establishment has been doing for years. Perhaps a question posed to those surveyed might have been, “Have you ever left a psyciatrist office without being offered or given a prescription?” Is the sound and presence of the madness tied into the “Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching” of the cash register to advance supply and demand while ignoring health”? Oh, excuse me, the slide the card, insert the chip, as the genderless of technologies valueless or valuemore our lives? Do those around you begin to come forward in love or are they stirred up to hate? And if so, where does that emotion emerge in these studies?

    Is the madness is in the murders where family and agents liscened to keep laws and order have a fealty to the orders rather than the principles articulated in the employment papers. Yet, with only a right side and left side of the brain (as “normally thought”, the actions still seem to be giving the orders that fail to detox. The purpose of LIFE seems to be made into sausage through an anticiapted revenue streams for the malignments of power.

    Can you map the energy expended in solving this equation of inequality?

  • Re: Negative Comments click to article about medications, “Why do psychiatric patients stop antipsychotic medication? A systematic review of reasons for non-adherence to medication in patients with serious mental illness” would the insights gained be different if first the question were from a position of “How….”. The “Why” often triggers a defensive response to the inquistion that begins to occur, in terms of power, if not positional authority. II wonder how MIT for example along with Harvard, drives the research at the Broad Institute while discouraging the customers a more direct role in the annual or biannual conference that discusses the nature of their research looking for the cause?

  • Ayurdhi:
    or Dr. Dhar, which is your preference from the emergent culture of Mad in America and “Mad in America” but perhaps beyond the political borders?

    Could you explore the idea of beliefs held? (And while I would like to say belief systems, the very idea of a system has advanced in a way that faciliates learning along with being too easy to codify in terms of open or closed to the detriment of a richer reality that we struggle to understand.

    When you write about challenging “psychiatry’s fundamental ideal about normality” the door into the expression being realized visually in the article can be overwhelming in part because of the range of rich beliefs held with the gods so to speak. If one enters into the vast refereed papers, the stats and correlations, etc. then what, if the emerging situation is being framed in part by the technologies that broadcast the story, but then an understanding for the hi and low of an engineered world driven often by “more” rather than better.

    What does the term “mass psychogenic illness” impart to a mind(s) trying to understand a speed of learning by which people are coming to know an evolving culture being challenged? To hold a thought, to release others and still to let go as we work through these experiences suggest to ask the question, if indeed the individuals who travel into these altered states will not eventually emerge as the teachers? Seemingly in a like manner, have been given “a collar” so to speak, that is a labe”, I thought perhaps there might be a way to enter my madness or the experience, with a purpose to come back and attempt to explain what was experienced.

    However, the results whether medicated or not along with a way of coping, seemingly has been dismissed, until I began to focus and shift more towards the Arts. I can’t help but think that in framing the study of adolescents, if there if violence in the framing that excluded a question of the adults impacted within and beyond the families. How could one(s) transform the space to sift the meaning, not that something is being learned now? Or in the NOW?

  • If you look at Simon’s article calling out Stanford and Davidow’s article about Jill Biden to reference the article about the Academy’s impact by viewing the disciplines contributing to an economy, the chances of shiftiing the thinking to realize a healthier community become plain when one views the emergent stories in context to the heart and airport noise

    For we moved to Louisville, Ky in ’89 when UPS was expanding with their hub that triggered the largest relocation of homes along with the destruction of small cities in the US at this time. I would travel to D.C. to meet with the staff of the FAA being that we would hear the noise at night. Klonopin would be prescribed to address the sleep issues. (And later I would quit cold turkey that resulted in the most painful headache one could imagine.)

    To think the local university students are afforded tuition reduction and nighttime employment if they work at UPS might feed into the research study at the New York Academy of Science that was about Cancer, Circadian Rhythm and Light suggests some signifant issues for research that requires precision and orietation towards scholarship if one values LIFE of a community.

    Truly our challenge is difficult, perhaps more so in a city that headquarters Humana, Horse Racing and Distillieries for everyone generally enjoys the party at the moment. But if We are ignoring the early warning signals, the canaries in the Mine and Minds, then who are we kidding?

    How can one or one plus two or more change the course of humanity as the local politics would silence questioning while the local banker would tell me the government takes care of the handicapped while dismissing me with the question, “Have you saved the world yet?”. First, I was having to understand the plight of those impacted by forces that shaped our mental health and then to understand the strange world of politics that would take me into Janet Reno’s Office. Enough said?

  • Sera:
    Do you have a problem with power imbalances? To confront the injustice? The concerns being addressed seemingly are focused on the quantity rather the qualities by which power, empowerment can be realized as a challenge to be understood? Or released through empowering work relationships. Being this is work (which may need to be rexamined conceptually), when do the scales move or do they in a balanced imaginary world (if there is a way to recongize a shift in understanding/learning that will afford common ground)?

  • To type an argument or to hear an argument is more than semantics. Typing is not a conversation, as we have known but a different form of word search, to attempt to find a word that even fits the silence of a keyboard that may not be so beautiful as a typewritter. In someways, to assume “We all have an array ….” to me identifies a false assumption. Many may not or do not have an array, in a world that assumes everyone thrives on connecting into the machine. Texting, typing, zooming, etc. is not the same as having a front porch conversation where one really gets to converse. To talk about power, as in political or social, or to underand what matter is made of as a structural challenge is mind boggling and very difficult for any conversation.

    But I think to say “You should …..” can be just misleading. Each one of us is challenged to forge our way in a world that can be brutal, though questionable more so about the extent and recognition for “Rights”.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I would rather engage in person, as to learn how to speak in a forum, which I have realized at times, is physically becoming maybe more on the edge. What I have wondered and increasingly so, is how so many think they can get away with murder? For in the collective since, we die one at at time, though our situations can be occurring directly as well as indirectly form issues that evolve from abuse. The brains along with the beutiful thinking by which we attempt recovery need a better way to affirm we are human, no different from the “higher levels”…

    Further to understand the role of education as perceived and being articulated by which a motto might be aspired to, to begin to learn about the power of thinking, even thinking about thinking can be a real challenge.

    Too, if language itself is concretized, when accessibilty is yet to be chisled out of the reality(s) held that keep certain people from entering the temples of exchange (assumming we are entering a knowledge based economy), then at what point or how does one discover the markets by which applied thinking and conceptual are received and validated?

    Could the thinking be skewed to think that psychistrists are the only ones prescribing psychiatric medcines? Would you rather just pull a directory of names from a shelve or google that suggests presence without reference or clue to who might have stronger qualities for working in certain realms?

    As regards to the process of being incarcerated against our will, to experience that process, there can be many players. To go before the judge, who may not be an LLD, withou to much comprehension of medicine, the tragic nature of meeting a public defender for 5 minutes before a hearing when one is medicated to where the words do not come easily is a bit of a problem that needs to be addressed.

    With reference to the aunts and uncles and so on, though perhaps strange, imagine what is means for a child to experience their relatives first as Uncles and Aunts, as an address of respect or should you do away with that reference? For to grow from being a child who experiences cousins with parents who practiced in the medical community were more than a “Dr.”. With an education or not?

  • How come there is not more discussion on the role Voc Rehab role in our skewed recovery? For if one becomes labelled, the ability to mask one’s behavior that still can surface, can be a challenge to guide. And if one can not become familiar with how to monetize or be monetized, then to stand for what is ethical may costs a great deal (like a career, a marriage, a role by which social justice becomes a fringe item, when a greater agitator is needed for the content of the emergence of character.

  • You would not believe the trouble of trying to get a haircut in downtown Louisville. I didn’t grow bald but the language used when I would request a cease and desist, woud just keep coming. Perhaps one might experience a blood letting again? There are certain rules that go along with the Barbers and then there were the rules that were broken in the recent social protests. Too much broken glass and hardening of attitudes in search of the how and why for a more peaceful city.

  • Interesting Post, though if I had been in your training class in 2012, the observation would be made and the question raised regarding the use of the word, “Trainer”. In the past the term was used while studying labor in a Master’s Program and my mentor would correct me, to offer that one educates a human being, that one the other hand, one trains monkees. Trying to learn the nomenclature of a different profession requires a great deal of effort if one is wanting to really enter the conversation, either in writing, speaking or just being present to the discourse. Within the family experience, there were several aunts and uncles. From your logic, would you suggest all prefixes be tossed? For in understanding a healthy conversation, that embraces the other(s) while carrying on, may not be as tied to the institutions that sanction with diplomas, but rather the degree(s) of intimacy by which one gaines insight into LIFE. Please elaborate more on how and why one “should” rather than “shall” follow your philosophy as oppossed to another?

  • To honor Julie’s Spirit during Hanukka seems the right thing to light! First, there is, even when one is placed on a Disability Income, the citizen is a citzen is citizen. However, within the language of disability, the citizen begins to learn of the costs of political boundaries, more even the space that remains designed for able-bodied, able-minded, when I think as we study, LIFE written as a verb of ebbs and flows, is quite intelligent. Even currency is expanded or contracted in an effort to stay attached to the production or ordering/disordering. Pay, whether it be to a single employee, a organization or level of government, seemingly remains the more conflicted story, for there are many situations where people have taken advantage of a program to walk off with the money, while inflating, double billing even the healthcare. See the story of Vencor and note! How does one realize audits that reveal, before a company or non-profit collapses? If we are serious about soical justice, then how do We create the movement? Whether receiving disabiliity income, no income, or creating the currency by which justice for all can be realized? see: and

  • In 1977, I would discover Elie Wiesel in Conversation With Harry James Cargas. At one point, Wiesel discusses the concept of the opposite of love is not hate, but indiffernce. The passage goes on to relate how in teaching in a NYC grade school, the students were to debate on the idea that Eichmann should be executed. One defense tactice stated the charges as outlined were incorrect, “Six million Jews were not killed. Only four million were.” As he goes on to relate the story, “This was a Christian, denominational school. INDIFFERENCE!

    Hence, to have been challenged to speak up throughout my life, about the injustice that runs rampant in the systems of care? In politics? If one witnesses the injustice of even losing one life beyond their own in the course of mental health care, then how will our conversation begin to convey the serious nature of what is happening?

  • If a website, or a group, and individual who has experienced the injustice of this bizarre care, along with the broader history of cover-up, then does one advance satire, (I had to look at Satire’s website to understand the nature of the reporting), do you think when the issue is one life lost to injustice, is Satire an appropriate vehicle to convey to the broader public the nature of our problem? As a standard of comparison, do you think Simon Wisenthal would have tried to use satire? Do you think Ruby Bridges would use satire? How can I/We expect a robust challenge for social justice, if the image becomes entangled with an Onion? Tears of the past are enough!

  • Micah et al: Re: “From these traits, Gipps argues that we can understand schizophrenia enactively. For example, if ego boundaries are created through autopoiesis, then it can help us understand how harmful emotional experiences and confusing bodily experiences, as in emotionally and physically intrusive early life situations, can contribute to a disturbed ego boundary:

    “For example, in the complex weave of emotional interactions between parent and teenager, the question of who is to blame for what is a difficult conversation, of ‘who started it,’ of what is and is not reasonable, will constantly be under tacit (and sometimes explicit) negotiation.”
    In situations where clear communication and clear understandings of self and other are absent, a disorganized ego boundary may result.”

    As I just finished re-reading the article again, the insights are more profound that one would “normally” realize. For in working on the MFA in Chicago in the summer of 2018, I went into Target to shop and noticed a stand for Koval Bourbon sampling. Three ladies were there and we got to visiting. And so, as we figured out where each were from, she from Arkansas, then from Little Rock, then Oak Street, then the street number!!!!! LOL, she and her husband had bought the house from my Mother. And then she said, are You Billy, for my name seemingly was carved into the front door on the inside. And she explained how my Mother showed her through the house adding the stories that went with raising her children and keeping the house together. Having an older Brother and two younger ones, I explained to her, that I thought it might have been my older brother who inscirbed my name on the inside of the door. Which my Mom would share with us about the earliest stages of how we began to speak. Hence, when Mom was trying to figure out “Who did it?” and my older brother would say, point the finger at me, or perhaps verbalized Billy did it, then my mouth spoke the first words, “He did it”. And the story of suprise, sibling rivialry began towards creating the challenge for moderating of an edge, of concsious and unconscious in the development of a tiny human being.

    The context is even before teenager years!

    Today, I realize these signature marks are no less than the type shaped by Ghiberti. For the entrance into our house was special, though at times venturing into a unique tempo. Just for the record, and fact of the case, the German Cuckoo Clock kept sending forth the bird to chirp when the older brother decided to try out his throwing art with a potato. The clock ceased to cuckoo after fallling from its perch, though time would later be investigated along with the exploration of the bellows.

    Hence, how do We begin to harmonize our voices to identify for others what is cuckoo and not within behavior? Too many brothers have wrestled with each other or create family feuds by which even Wars are started or hips dislocated. And while we could see “Big Rock”, the area on which the Veterans Hospital sits in North Little Rock from the front porch, I can say today that I am grateful that generally speaking, I have rested my head more often than not on a pillow than on a rock.

    Perhaps We, a people and this addition to your article can help with understanding what happens in the effort to understand what begins to happen in the gap of the dis-organizing boundaries of human development, spoken, observed and data commodified.

    I think the situation may begin much earlier as to how the awareness for beauty, play as work evolve.

    Along with the fireworks and Ah-ahhhhhhh!

  • OLdhead: Learning to write and punctuate by the rules can be something all of us strive for. To write “schizophrenia” quoting from your line which names and references the point you are making is important. If part of the struggle we face is to realize justice while healing, then having the “language” of that moment of where the horrors and injustice of a forced medication against our will is difficult to realize and write/speak the truths to empowerment. Where is the boundary of “schizoprenia” if there are those of us that know the meaning of “Never Forget”, “I will not forget you”. Many have perished and many more have been and are being placed on the medications without appropriate or alternative modalities of care offered. Thus, are we challenged to bring into existence, better protocals for care and intervention?

  • Miranda:

    How does one distinguish the difference in the semantics of spoken words and then written words of different languages? For in the struggle to articulate what a thought is trying to convey, while in a different realm of thinking, the capacity to be aware, self aware to engage with a psychiatrist or a panel of psychiatrists is problematic. To understand further, the beauty of thought, thinking, as in the Artistry, that we can convey and be with, there seems to exist a need to edit out an expression that rests from the individual who is trying to speak/communicate an idea? Would you say even that framing a problem is also problematic, if the underlying issue(s) might be masked?

  • To retract or not, is that the question? To create history or erase history, is that the question? For to understand the development of a human, at what point will the better information be in place for the individual to realize the implications for the pursuit of happiness? Or, from the breadth and depth of the acquired knowledge and understanding that is recorded in the postings, then at what point will the rivers of insight release an awakening for restorative justice? Will law be the necessary arbiter of justice or will the insights shared create a different expression unimaginable at the moment, though never the less one potential way forward (or backward)…. whatever….. Thanks for your insights ……and raising the expecatations…

  • Micah: As I read your post this morning, at the Louisville Free Public Library on the last day of being able to read “Jimmy Warde’s Experiences as a Lunatic” who would be a patient in what was then called “The Arkansas Lunatic Asylum”, the questions arise:

    Have you considered where the ego-boundary resides in a socio-technical system, where each letter beting typed into the keyboard, sends a message through an e-system that is oscillating in time, to hold data in place? Or is that really so?

    Being that you are in Georgia, have you ever wondered over to the University of Georgia’s Ecology Program that was started by Eugene Odum. How ecosystems are understood is articulated in a beautiful and informed manner from within, by Gregory Bateson. The Ecology of the Mind might have had a better title if it read “The Ecologies…. Bateson would experience alcoholism and that aspect might have contributed to some of the struggle, though in Maps of the Mind, his map would be diagrammed as if his thinking were that of a locomotive with governor; the idea is the fuel and the movement into the thought as motion were somehow linked. But know we know the brain is much, much more complex. Hence, to frame the more creative, the most creative state that is bewildering and frightening, as the reality(s) can change so quickly within, how and why must the customer be forced into a space, that is devoid of an aesthetics, is void of learning, but rather is one of survival? The injection and speed at which the meds are forced along with the initial shock of the hospital or even a visit to the doctor, is not a space where the concept of boundaries are understood by one being introduced into the fragmented language and world of a medical practice. What can be realized as a path of self-improvement?

    Another question that is occurring when you discuss “group-conducted interventions” might be problem creating? For if one thinks of our race, not too different from the interlock rings of the Olympics, then what happens with the concept of competition, that as Deming realized can be destructive within the organization. But what happens if our culture tends towards the competitive nature in the consciousness, unconsciousness as we learn how rich and varied thinking can be, if only held? “Potentially understood as an expression not in stone, nor even as “stable” as the professional therapist might like? But in teaching one how to discern peace, create a career, and not be lost or considered as an arrogant type, then the idea of what might be lost is found as similar to that pearl in the field. Is the lustre not beautiful, to learn how the inner eye sees more clearly, while finding a word or two for the moment? is this not what you are saying, so to speak, but from a different experience.

    Now to discover the a last moment with Warde:

    (pg. 98, “Well, this young man who said those words to me was the son of a Baptist Minister who first baptized me. I gave myself up to the men immediately. The words of the young man made an impression on me at that moment which meant a great deal to me.

    I have often thought about it since, for those words were the most fitting at the moment of any words that could have been uttered)”

    In closing, I also am thinking about this as I type, but to have also read James Cone’s book, “The Cross and the Lynching Tree”, what stays in the memory was his comment that the asylum was more feared than the lynching tree.

    To understand one’s individual psyche, to explore self, to understand fear, as one would move around in all the rooms of space, within and outside of the body, but as an active mind. while pausing, reflecting, “seeing” the inner eye as being different from the visual eye, such the whole of body attempts to recover, then what sort of therapeutic sessions can emerge that will command attention?

    Even when nation states have bullied their way, the human that fails to stand for justice seemingly at some point will need to atone, not just for self, but for the lives and families who may have not understood, that to speak up, to ease down or up, the speed of a thought is really a joy to realize, perhaps more through the Arts? But also, in how the pure science can be framed.

    In this sense, Warde’s experience and the many others may be a reason for change that is meaningful.

  • What sort of currencies can we expect in response to the Injustices, perhaps also to address the times we would expire prematurely? The requisite change seemingly can occur from with, as well as outside of the (me?) to include the change and experience of the “We”, as in the People. Incredible patience on our part throughout history?!!!

    So much to study, learn and share?!

  • As I finish reading “Jimmy Warde’s Experience as a Lunatic” written in 1905, from being a patient in then what was called, “The Arkansas Lunatic Asylum”, I will leave the post with a quote from his autobiography, “The Place was enough to run any man crazy”.

    He realized his mind was unique though would become entangled; to understand the knowledge that has been created about how to improve mental health care, the experiences to understand, we are citizens, then who, what, when and where can we realize a “slight adjustment in understanding, our creative way of seeing and being in the world?”

  • At what point, then Irit, can the individual or the community say that murder is occurring, directly or indirectly? For if our lives are being shortened, or even terminated, where are the ethics that show problems with the rule of the law being ignored or the scales are being tilted by the money? the promise of monies through PACS? Bullying poised as Leadership? What sort of Justice can we expect in terms of 1), 2) 3)…..



  • The article and reference to the whole article is incredible. Thinking itself is Dangerous, which to understand how much we are thinking about the experience of being hospitalized is difficult to unpack. Thank the staff for sharing the reference. Then go to Hill’s homepage for an insightful presentation about the challenge to think, to realize, yes, the delivery and experience for better space, Could our individual and collective experience be some where between fact and fiction? For to understand just how strong, minds can be, to hold a thought, and revisit the space milliseconds later, within a context of exploring the dynamics of self, seemingly will afford a better way forward. The colorful ways we have thought, think and will think seemingly is the stuff we are made of, to see and experience the world. The ideological thinking seems to be a challenge not just for a mental hospital, but perhaps (?), you think a way forward in governance. Without a Pac nor a Pack? Fealty not to the individual but rather to the principles afforded in the documents.

  • In reading about the change that will occur within the Federal Communications Commission with the language of “light touch”, and being that the telephone is conveyed to be the image of choice by which one troubled with the idea of suicide, then at what point, does the heavy touch, the wrong routing of the neural networks having agency to invade the space on is living in? There seems to be room by which a legal intervention might intercede in the behalf of those who share these stories where “suicide hotlines” operate.

  • The reason I would ask, is that I discovered a video on Kanopy, which our local library affords us 5/month. “California Typewriter” is more than being about typewriters, but rather a window into the creative process. Even Tom Hanks is in the story. Part of writing, whether with pencil, pen, a paint brush, is to realize a certain comfort with the medium. So, a typewriter has space between the letters, which one begins to hear. The creative river that runs through all life and at various scales of relationship, affords a way to ease out of “the noise”, though even then to learn how understand the elements that contributed to our situation only require a resetting of one’s clock, filled with and shaped more by our choices that reflect the integration of the consciousness with the unconsciousness. Greater realities emerge from where the thought becomes articulated, and “re-read” the words, claiming increasingly the joy of the creative, authentic self. Hope that makes sense.

    When you think about all of the technologies that impact our thinking, then one can exercise even greater choice in the search!