Sunday, September 19, 2021

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  • Well, in answer to your question, Dr. Carney : I don’t know where the others are, BUT I have, at age 58, completed one term of my MSW thru Virtual Learning… however…after being harmed by psychiatry, following my having been a competent caregiver for my husband (2001) who suffered esophageal cancer and more ~~~ I have been on disability since 2003 (hauled out of my own home on a New Year’s Day 2003)~~~ that fixed income is a diminished standard of living and so, in spite of having VA financial aid authorized, as a spouse of a deceased Veteran, $$$ go unused at the present time. I write scholarship essay after scholarship essay and to no avail ! Scholarship money/support needs to be available to older women students and especially to those who wish to excel and help to change what has been done inappropriately — insights are valuable ! I found a scholarship offered by LILLY the other day that made me sick ! They will award money to someone who agrees to the continual, ongoing compliance taking drugs called medication. Three letters of recommendation are required, one of which is to be from the psychiatrist that the student sees on a regular basis ! So, any of us doing beautifully without any drugs, cannot acquire assistance for college, with time running out. AND we are the ones the system really needs — and our desire, our passion is greater, to help humanity with beneficial systemic changes, making PEOPLE FIRST !! MCW

  • Why can’t we just get back to the simple explanation in life ~~~ the simple explanation in life for several things ~~~ “LIFE HAS ITS UPS AND DOWNS.” I still cannot believe (even tho I have lived thru it) that other people feel the need to take over someone else’s life AND that an entire system actually allows that take-over to occur AND tops it off with more causes for pain. It will never make sense to me except that we all have learned what $$$ hungry $$$ fiends are involved with drug companies. The Celts matched emotions of people back in history with variation in music and the different modes, etc. THAT was honoring ! We, in this day and age, need to get back to honoring people, their personal goals and their own processes. THAT would be right in line spiritually as well and the spiritual approach/insight is far superior to psychiatry any day.// MCW