Saturday, December 3, 2022

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  • You are an excellent writer! I am sorry for what you have endured. I know that it is a very painful, maddening, and lonely experience. If you stick to your rituals of wellness and modify them in the direction that you notice the voices relax and eventually leave, you have developed yourself into wellness. It’s about brain frequencies and breathing. The way you hold yourself because you forget, then, compare that to the way you would like to hold yourself – The things you would like to think, the thing that agitate you and how you respond, under different emotional states. Is it about entertainment? Have you been very lonely, you must make an effort to socialize as much as you can – and make meaningful relationships. Create, express, and, of course achieve… yes, with noise. An artificially intelligent link moderating, influencing, stopping, testing. They must stop so that you can be free. Is life not as entertaining with them? Perhaps you should go on an adventure – seek more stimulation in a foreign land. Are you afraid? At this point? Of what? Losing your freedom? That’s a joke… Perhaps you’re afraid of being killed – while you’re experiencing such a dark thing, why? Is this life? Take more chances but be responsible – as responsible as you can. Be sympathetic to others in their own predicaments, though none are comparable to yours, have sympathy, empathy and help as you are able. Love freely, keep your secret. It will go away someday and you might even be lonely!