Friday, August 12, 2022

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  • This is the problem with peer support. Ultimately, the people running it all are the people licking the industry’s boots. and those people should be avoided at all costs.

    When I briefly dabbled in peer support, each and every one of the following things happened: one of the peer supervisors was a bully who relentlessly pushed around a depressed client to make her feel unwelcome. The reason being that this client was not on disability and therefore determined to not need help that much. The director was actively using drugs, and causing many NA sponsored to relapse and/or OD. One of my colleagues was a drug dealer who flunked many members who were in drug court out of drug court.

  • Indeed. I really wouldn’t characterize anyone who makes false statements to incarcerate another person ‘good.’

    I’m sure they believe that they are good people, and they enact these dramas on the lives of hapless others to convince themselves that they are great people. That is my reading of the asshole who did it to me.

  • “ I did not know until much later that my therapist had lied, telling doctors that I had showed up the day of the overdose and told her I was suicidal with a specific plan to go where I couldn’t be found so that I could kill myself. I had not even talked to her that day before I did it.”

    Chillingly like what happened to me. I spoke to some asshole for thirty seconds before she announced that I told her I planned to kill myself that morning.

  • This is why I am an advocate of changing the litigation. People should be as free to sue over abuses of their civil rights as they are if your employee told my actively suicidal sister to go hang herself.

    There are laws on the books. The only successful cases of litigation that I have seen regarding suicide are where the practitioner was an obvious retard about it. Like, someone comes to the Er begging for admission because of command hallucinations ordering him to kill himself and not being admitted level stupid.

  • No surprise here. BPD is little more than the ‘hysteria’ basket mental health professionals scribble (often punitively) in the files of patients who do not conform to what the ‘ideal patient’ looks like.

    Sexual minorities, like women with trauma histories, likely do not trust institutions and authority figures, and are NOT kind to those who tell them that they are responsible for their pain and need to fundamentally change themselves. After all—both groups have been harmed by others because of who they fundamentally are! So, they piss of a member of the institution who cannot believe their authority and silly opinion (formed over five entire minutes) has been disrespected. Therefore, the name of a disorder that should only be diagnosed by a provider who has observed longstanding patterns of behavior that cannot be explained by other disorders or circumstances (beginning in adolescence) appears in their file. That’s more or less all BPD means these days. ‘This patient upset me—beware!’

    I have seen SOME people exhibiting traits that match BPD with BPD. But mostly, it is a person who does not trust institutions, understands the world of mental health all too well, and behaves accordingly.