Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Comments by GoldenHead

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  • No surprise here. BPD is little more than the ‘hysteria’ basket mental health professionals scribble (often punitively) in the files of patients who do not conform to what the ‘ideal patient’ looks like.

    Sexual minorities, like women with trauma histories, likely do not trust institutions and authority figures, and are NOT kind to those who tell them that they are responsible for their pain and need to fundamentally change themselves. After all—both groups have been harmed by others because of who they fundamentally are! So, they piss of a member of the institution who cannot believe their authority and silly opinion (formed over five entire minutes) has been disrespected. Therefore, the name of a disorder that should only be diagnosed by a provider who has observed longstanding patterns of behavior that cannot be explained by other disorders or circumstances (beginning in adolescence) appears in their file. That’s more or less all BPD means these days. ‘This patient upset me—beware!’

    I have seen SOME people exhibiting traits that match BPD with BPD. But mostly, it is a person who does not trust institutions, understands the world of mental health all too well, and behaves accordingly.