Monday, January 18, 2021

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  • I agree with your analysis of how the establishment treats people with serious mental illness. I have been dealing with mental illness for about 45 years and consider myself a survivor of the system. I am now 69 and want to tell my story.

    Ever since I came across the Morbidity and Mortality study I have been trying to come to grips with the statistic that we die 25 (latest studies 28) ahead of my contemporaries. While this is a very significant fact it doesn’t tell us the scope of the problem. In other words how many people with SMI are dying each. After all if these are truly diseases shouldn’t we know how many are dying with these diseases.

    Also if we want to discuss the seriousness of these conditions we need to know The Number. The Number is the number of people in the United States that die each year. When the AID/HIV movement started to gain political momentum they used annual death statistics to track the spread and decline of the illness. When the Autism movement tracks it spread it uses statistics. If are to start to marshal the populace’s attention we must know how many people are dying every year. Is it 500,000, 750,000,1,000,000? That’s the number we need with the 25 years of lost life span that will generate The Outrage that is epidemic is due.