Friday, September 17, 2021

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  • Well, Merry Christmas – just FYI, The State must have unlimited tax dollars since I now have until Dec 27th to respond to Joe and Jennifer Lindt’s EMERGENCY motion to the Appellate Court to stay Judge Bakalis’ decision to release me. Sure, put me back in HELL now that I am getting better and doing well….at tax payers expense.

    I am SOOOO tired of dodging this MALICIOUS PROSECUTION (it really IS when I was acquitted and committed to be “healed” and you see the false info – why is it worth them committing crimes like the perjury and fraud I have seen – they keep including to character assassinate me. Like losing everything in my life including my identity with a label that disables, discriminates and limits isn’t enough…take all my time and holiday “cheer” too?). This is sooo anti-therapeutic and pathetic on the State’s part. Go prosecute the ones who have perpetrated fraud on the court – why isn’t there an investigation into that? Govt. employees are above the law?

    Doesn ‘t Joe have real criminals to prosecute? I WAS ACQUITTED then sent to be brutalized for years – can I finally grieve and be left alone?

    I was not myself because of the meds (700+reports of homicide exist in the FDA records – and Dr. James Corcoran admitted it himself “I saw you in jail, that’s what I thought” Do we need to hear all about that?) and thought I was SAVING her not hurting her – Maggie WOULD NOT APPROVE OF THIS nor would any true Christian, or god-fearing person who would not want to be judged as unfairly as I have. Where is any mercy in this world? THIS WITCH HUNT WON’T BRING HER BACK – if it would I would happily volunteer for it.

    I loved her more than anything, living without her is more than enough punishment – plus losing her sisters because of this and my dad too. Can’t this END?

    Why doesn’t Joe and Jennifer go after the seminarian that molested poor Maggie before the tragedy – he preys on little ones and babies? The State is SUPPOSED to have a parens patriae duty to me now, not all this police power in my face or dishonesty in a court of law.

    GOD HELP ME! God help them that they are not judged like they have me. Please pray for me MIA.

  • HEY, I AM FREE! Sort of…with restrictions. Ain’t America great? FDA and all-UGH…Well, now I have to figure out what to do for work and how to live life again (over and above figuring out technology)…with PTSD from “mental health treatment” … but I DID walk right out of that courtroom free, PRO SE, in defiance of IDHS’ wishes for me to fill out “discharge paperwork” at CRMHC – thank God, my lawyer friend told them “No, she has an order releasing her” and we went to the Drake for a petite filet, creme brûlée and some awesome ambience then to the apple store – my email is [email protected] – PLEASE say HEY (Steve, etc).

    I am proof the need for transitional housing (more segregation for the labelled) is way overrated and not necessary if you have support (THANK YOU – Terry, Bob, Cindy, Gail – and of course those at MAI – may Julie Rest In Peace – because EVERY little bit did help me survive).

    I have not taken a single Tylenol or ibuprophen (I took nearly daily for stress headaches) since living in facility HELL!

    If you all have any suggestions for reinventing myself please offer them at my email ([email protected]) I need income, etc.

    I am working on a book about what really happened because the media did not get it right – and most of the poignant evidence did not see the light of day (you have to read between the political lines of the decision and consider the context of the lack of evidence Justin Schwartz presented – one of many reasons I ended this PRO SE.

    I had never imagined I could be surrounded by such mendacious individuals especially those who went to med or law school. Albany Law School never taught or prepared me for what legal horrors I had to experience. The State had 2 attorneys, Jennifer and Joseph Lindt and wasted around 2 million dollars that could have gone to striking teachers…and now I have to defend an appeal – more tax money wasted! BUT I AM OUT!

    AND…I would like to reiterate (those who have known me all my life know this) – I WAS NEVER
    TAKING PAXIL (causing adverse reactions mistaken as M.I. – anxiety and insomnia) FOR A CUSTODY BATTLE, SITUATION/STRESS, not a “mental illness” and being progressively medicated out of my mind…causing me to lose the most precious things in life – quality time as myself and giving of myself as myself to my girls and of course, the one daughter I did not have to battle over in family court – Maggie (Magdalene Marie Webber – my life is now dedicated to her and preventing more tragedies – at least through the publication of a book which will show what people can look for in order to see that someone might be dangerous and what they should do – I should have been hospitalized! I did my paper on Kendra’s Law in Psychiatry and the Law and this was one situation it should have been used!).

    Unfortunately, I was a naive, young lady who trusted the world because that is what my parents taught me. I was a goodhearted (still am) honest (always will be) young lady devastated at having to battle over the love of my life (Mallory) and listened to my husband who was trying to adopt her and let his doctor prescribe me Paxil “to take the edge off” as “they prescribe it for PMS, so why not” – the doctor’s reasoning. I spent my life trying to please others and do as THEY wanted – so I got into that rollercoaster car with blinders on.

    Anyway, you can read the story as Dr. Tasch and I are compiling the FACTS since there is such a lack of them and hopefully publishing it soon.

    THANK YOU – EVERYONE at MAI – Keep up the good work and know little things DO count, right Leigh – my hair is not a frizzy, broken mess from IDHS blue soap thanks to you – and Lori C. your cards with the names of MAI supports cheered me up at some of the lowest times while I battled the effects of soft torture. Make no mistake, I did experience that and I would rather give birth every single day (at least you have a beautiful baby amidst the pain) or do 100 basic training weeks in the army than be isolated and sleep deprived. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME – ALL OF YOU! I am forever grateful.