Thursday, December 9, 2021

Comments by Melissa Costin

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  • I was lucky enough to arrive at the productivity commission to hear Dr Mc Claren speak.

    He was so honest for a psychiatrist about all the abuse of patients and public purse so obvious to us facing this system.

    I got to speak after him, and gave my experience as a victim of system, exposing how despite my UQ Medical Degree I didn’t know I was taking a cousin of valium with temazepam or how my real issues or use of depressant was ignored before I was sent manic on SSRI.

    I also mentioned how my education as GP by industry cosy psychiatrist led to my zoloft panic induced hospitalization and later Effexor induced suicidal psychosis.

    Later I spoke to commissioner re difference between prescribing information and patient information esp re psychiatric side effects.

    Glad this is getting international attention.

    Hope Dr Niall gets a bigger platform, he’s a thinker with a big heart and real clinical skills. I wish I could consult him vs garbage I get from RBH docs.