Sunday, October 24, 2021

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  • Two thoughts regarding cannabis and psychosis study.
    First, how much consideration is given Kantzian’s Self-Medication Hypothesis? Is it relevant?
    Second, in my area we are more successful controlling under-age access and use of legal psychoactive recreational products (tobacco and alcohol) than we are illegal substances. We need to improve both. The weak point in the former is when the substance is obtained by the young person from someone who got it legally. With legal substances we can police the original seller. And we have effective legal sanctions. Considering the number of people using cannabis and the costs incurred attempting to control it, we might consider legalizing it for those 21 years and older. Tax it, of course. Spend a significant percentage of the tax revenue of educating the public about the dangers of under-age use and abuse of all psychoactive substances. And among adolescents make cannabis use ‘uncool.’ It is an approach that has had reasonable success with tobacco. Our current approach does not seem to work well/ Can we honestly engage in a dialogue about alternatives?