Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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  • First, thanks for introducing me to Laing. His book (and 2 others) are available on Kindle and can conveniently travel with me. This article and your anecdote fit the purpose exquisitely.

    And you ended with this:
    > Unlike with the people who come to see me for therapy, I don’t feel compassion when strangers, talking heads and politicians make me feel afraid on purpose — even when they’re doing it to make themselves feel better.
    > But for me, I know that those politicians and many others who are using projective identification are outside of my inner circle of trusted loved ones, and that I can identify and resist their negative projective identifications, even when they escalate into blatant gaslighting and outright demagoguery. Understanding that negative projective identifications are happening helps me to keep my balance and perspective. That search for balance and perspective looks to be very necessary while going forward each day into the tumultuous future ahead.

    I feel the same. It’s a way to build resistance and understand behavior in the real world as well. And I’m newer to this than you Doctor. 🙂

    New subscriber by the way! Have a good holiday!