Thursday, January 20, 2022

Comments by John Staight

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  • I was misdiagnosed with “suspected autoimmune encephalitis” at the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo prescribed empirical treatment was weeks of IV steroid and IVIG infusions. I went into severe shock due to an adverse reaction during one of the IVIG infusions. The infusions only made my symptoms worse. The real cause of my illness? Benzo tolerance and withdrawal. I had to Google it. I had clearly told the Mayo neurologists that my psychiatrist was in the process of “slowly” tapering me off my benzo. When I later told my Mayo neurologist that I thought I was in benzo withdrawal and that I desperately needed help, I was told Mayo could not determine a definitive cause of my illness.

  • Dr. Drew’s ignorance and arrogance is profound. Watch this conversation I had with him on his live call-in show about benzos (starts at 1:01): I wonder how many millions of patients have been ripped off of benzos by their doctors both historically in psychiatric hospitals and recently as outpatients. Their withdrawal reactions are of course not properly diagnosed nor believed, and they are further drugged for their “underlining mental illness”. Dr. Drew clearly thinks that doctors know best, when in reality they are blind to the harm they cause.