Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Comments by Jenka

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  • Oh, I think physicians are doing one heck of a job evidencing their fears and insecurities by posing as qualified psychiatrists. How many physicians are prescribing psychotropic medications faster than they blink at complex medical problems. Far too many, and they’re not doing pre-lab testing to ensure that medications will not exacerbate or cause additional physiological problems.

    After reading the comments, and considering experiences with physicians who must spend more time reading the DSM than patient history< and given my own experience and that of many others, i'd say that physicians, under the scam and sham of "integrative health care," lead the pack in doing harm as pseudo-psychiatrists, because what they're using pharmaceuticals and psychiatric diagnoses to avoid the word of medical diagnosis.

    It is a shame that psychiatrists do not take the risk to raise the needed uproar to retrieve what should be the logical practice of evaluating body and mind and proceeding accordingly and humanistically.