Thursday, September 23, 2021

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  • Thanks for this story of yours! It’s quite difficult to find open (honest) accounts of this kind from this disease.
    Soon, I hope, my own story of recovery from ‘schizophrenia’ will be posted here too. I had the fortune to fall inside a human psychiatry in North-Italy and to recover with the help of several years of a psychodynamic psychotherapy.

  • Here i am not replying in any way to all what has been written above (my knowledge of the english Language is not so fluent, being a dutch woman who lives already in Italy since 40 years…), but I only would like to post a small testimony of my own story (of which Robert Whitaker is informed too… I gave him my book recently in Italy): Before 2000 I suffered for circa 4 years of a so-called delirious paranoid ‘schizophrenia’ in North-Italy. For my fortune I was immediately in contact with a human psychiatric approach after my forced hospitalization. I was in a half-wayhouse for 13 months and then went back home, following a good psychotherapy for almost 10 years. I took antipsychotics in totally for 4 years, I believe, and have stopped taking them already 11 years ago. How much more was I going better since I stopped the psychopharmaca! I started sleeping better, I started dreaming again, I restarted to be able to do my householding again, to reflect better, to remember better, to be able to do associations and so on: after all functioning better every where, at home, in my contacts with son, husband and other persons and most of all this was better for my psychotherapy too. I ended up my therapy at the end of April 2009. If someone should be interested in the story on Amazon can take a short look inside my autobiographic book ‘Healing from schizophrenia. A personal account’. by Lia Govers. As a matter of fact my story in the italian version is cited also in the italian version of Whitaker’s book about the Epidemy of psychopharmaca (sorry, don’t know the english title of it)…