Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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  • Obviously Bob shouldn’t go into hiding or stop speaking publicly, because look who has come out with an army of backers– the pharma-based, pro-AOT group who don’t like Bob’s message–which is simply that the so-called mainstream drug-based ‘treatment’ isn’t working! The best compliment Bob and anyone else writing or speaking about patient rights, civil liberties and injustices is that of a negative response from that very group! Of course they want his message twisted and or silenced!

    Until there are other ways promoted in mainstream psychiatry for the treatment of “mental illness” other than chemicals there is no hope for anyone afflicted.

    If the pills worked this conversation wouldn’t be happening. If harm wasn’t done to innocent bodies by the chemicals we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If people were treated with dignity in the mental health system we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Anyone here reading who has been strapped 5 points down to a gurney to go against your will for “treatment” knows it is TIME FOR CHANGE. Don’t ever stop telling the horror stories that are associated with mental health “care” in America! What a hidden atrocity!

  • The mother attacked Whitaker’s character–or someone did (Earley?) by using the ‘blood on the hands’ narrative as well as the mother stating she wished she could sue Whitaker or NAMI or both–perhaps next time she should say “No” to public events if she thinks that will keep her adult son on his medications.

  • Perhaps if taking the son to hear public speaking influenced a decision to go off of medications, then the choice to expose the son to any public speaking events was a poor choice. There is no concrete way to determine how a patient will remain on medications, and using this event as blame is ridiculous. If the medications truly worked, there would be no need for hospitals or inpatient care–how many patients are locked up involuntarily “without hope” while on meds? If one cannot be open-minded to others who have successfully removed medications (Successful atty Jim Gottstein for one) as well as statistics showing negative impacts that are REAL from being on long-term psychotropics, then one has no hope for a long-term future. The writing is on the wall with efficacy and side effects, permanent movement disorders (lip-smacking, tongue movements, hand tremors). NAMI has taken pharmaceutial industry funding which is a fuel to the pro-med NAMI platform patient) as well as mandatory drugs that are proven less than efficacious with severe side effects to boot. — At least NAMI finally had another viewpoint represented other than the Fuller Torrey Fan Club!

    There is a pro-med/pro-NAMI discussion at Huff Po regarding this mother’s defamation of Whitaker’s character:

    There is no blame– find a cure for mental “illness” because it sure isn’t pills and lock ups which is all that is offered in America!