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  • Thanks for the article and describing how you experience “voices” in the head.
    I don’t agree with everything written, but I find it always interesting to read how different people experience these, I call them “phenomena”.
    I think there is a difference between possible “negative-self talk” and possible deceptive external voices talking to oneself.
    I also don’t believe in Darwins’ evolution theory nor that the pre-frontal cortex is necessarily the source of the voices and that it is therefore a parasite, if I understood you correctly.
    Not saying that this is what is happening to you, but then there also exists technology to put voices into ones head via “voice-to-skull” technology and other ways.

  • I am in a very similar situation as your son and I will probably face the same problem next year.
    I too have been drugged from an early age on (1980s onwards, also got at least one electroshock “therapy” as a child) and am tapering now. I’m in my thirties.

    Allow me to share this ( I think I will also post this part on the forums):
    First, a young German psychiatrist talked (brainwashed) my father, who used to be a medical doctor, into letting him use me for “experiments” (drug experiments as far as I can remember) in return for money.
    Later the same psychiatrist (he was part of a pedo ring) sexually abused (raped) me as a little boy. He would drug and shock me to cover up his and the pedo rings abuses.
    He told me that “You should forget” and “go to sleep”. And I did. He tried hypnosis on me to make me forget, and it had worked for many years.
    He would tell other members of the ring, who had been watching the abuse, in a casually, smalltalkish way, how nobody would believe me later, since he would or had labeled me as “mentally ill” or “crazy”.

    I remember when this guy first came into our family apartment when I was little boy, he was a staunch supporter of “Eugenics”, and since then it went downhill for a long time, not only for me but also for my mother.
    This guy has caused so much grief to our family and me it is disgusting.
    Not only the grief he has caused has been disgusting, but also the manipulative, deceptive way, in which he perpetrated and concealed it to the outside. He tried to break up the family. He manipulated us.
    He had covered up the drugging of little kids and later his sexual abuse of young children (me included).
    And this evil, paedosadistic sociopath could simply continue his “work” as a psychiatrist.
    These experiences of complete moral bankruptcy, have screwed me up in many ways, both emotionally and physically (brain damage, memory loss).
    I did bad things, not only as a child to others.
    The common thread was that I was usually completely doped up before something bad happened.
    It is “fate” was what one of my brainwashed brothers would often tell me when I was young, before they would forcibly drag me to the hospital.

    In 2008, I was for a brief period still being “treated” by this same deceiving psychiatrist, who had raped me as a boy. And he would always present this dirty grin smiley face when he encountered me.

    I am still sickened by the amount of moral corruption and deceit that I have experienced and witnessed here, especially related to the “mental health” system. And I know people have experienced worse.
    Many times I had to tell myself that it could always be worse, in an attempt not to lose all hope.

    And I completely agree with Fiachra on this.
    I think it is a disgusting system and from experience I would say, this system is in place the way it is absolutely on purpose.
    And its purpose it not to help people, but to screw them over.

  • I find it interesting that you accuse MIA of “spreading lies” and the people who write and comment following a certain “party line”, maybe because it dares to publish material that might go against what mainstream psychiatry usually blares out without substantiation?
    You go on without linking to any study or anything to back up what you are claiming.
    The reason why I find it interesting (or ironic?) is, because this is usually exactly what people do who follow the mainstream psychiatry “party line”, which seems to actually exist, since the “diagnoses” in the DSM are voted in by committee.

    I don’t know what “Autism” exactly is (if it is a real disease or not), if the cause is in the brain, in the genes or somewhere else, but what is wrong with questioning assumptions if they can’t be substantiated?

    I think there is no doubt that psychiatry has caused a lot of grief to a lot of people, I don’t believe to marginalize writers and commenters for speaking up and saying they are following a “party line” is neither true nor constructive.

  • Hello,
    thanks for sharing the presentation, I thought it was very insightful!
    The way the playwright Plautus seems to realize and see through all these difficult things so easily, to me it’s very refreshing. 🙂

    Regarding the question (I am no scholar and native English speaker, so please forgive me if this may sound “outlandish”): If “mental illness” has been partially medicalized 2000 years ago in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, I wonder if certain societies, or certain governments today utilize the same basic power structures that existed back then?
    I think the US government for example, identifies very much with ancient Rome in many ways. For example with their symbolism, like the “Fasces” symbols on the US senate floor (also the namesake of “fascism”) and in their iconography. In the way it manages and expands its “Empire”.

    I wouldn’t be surprised, if the medicalization of “mental illness” could have been also used as a form of social control back then, as in today’s world, maybe not as much though, since, like you said, it wasn’t invariably the case in the ancient world.

    I think in today’s world, we see an extreme accumulation of power in certain places, probably even more so than in ancient Greece or Rome.
    To me it seems, the medicalization of “mental illness” is one of the “best” or “most effective” ways, to impose a certain way of thinking onto a population.

    Then I would have a question: How did the Hippocratic school of medicine develop in the ancient world and later on, did it grow, or did it decline at some point, only to be rediscovered centuries later during, like you said, the “Enlightenment” (in late 17th-century Europe I think)?

    Again, thanks for sharing the presentation, makes me wonder how much has really changed since that time :).

  • Yes, i noticed that other Adderall case.
    And i think it can make people act on things, they usually would not act on.
    If this was the case here, with the shooting, i don’t know.

    I think different people have different reactions to its effects and i wonder, if it also makes a difference in what circumstances someone is in.
    I’m not trying to defend the shooter, but think the effects these pills can have should not be overlooked.

    Speaking of hyper function: i read sometime ago that some fighter pilots would take so called “go pills”, which where amphetamines of some sort, to stay alert during long missions. It seems some pilots were prone to making more mistakes while on it.

  • I don’t know exactly what has happened here, but i have known people who would start to rage on Adderall for seemingly no reason, or start to act weirdly.
    Taking responsibility for ones actions, i’m all for it, but i’m pretty sure this stuff can destabilize a person’s brain.
    I would say the reaction to its effects differs from person to person.
    Also, I don’t believe in the fable that it can ‘unmask’ an underlying ‘mental illness’, though this hasn’t been said in this post.

  • Thanks Mr. Lehmann for this post!

    I live in Germany and I understand new laws that allow for forced hospitalization and drugging have been made or are under way in the different “Bundesländer”.
    However, won’t these new laws be scrapped like the old ones, since the new requirements from the highest German court for new commitment laws in the different “Bundesländer”, are virtually unachievable?
    I thought this is why some people say that the highest court has basically implicitly forbidden forced treatment.