Sunday, February 23, 2020

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  • Antipsychotics have not been created for the benefit of the patients but for the benefit of the hospital personnel and families of the patients. This is why little to no people take these drugs by their initiative, but forcedly. As such, they aren’t medicines. Their classification as medicines is a fraud.

    People are confused by this classification, inclusively the law makers and the psychiatrists deliberately maintain this confusion and take advantage of it.

    There must be a campaign informing the public about 1). the real purpose of antipsychotics and about 2). the physically and psychologically harmful effects of this category of toxic substances.

    – Reducing dopamine activity by 70% means every function in organism is disturbed. Forcing someone to ingest such substances should be criminalized. In fact, even their voluntary use should be made illegal.

    – The very idea of reducing the brain activity is criminal, an infringement of human rights, a crime against humanity. Psychiatrists are no less monsters than mengele or other nazies

    – Short term use of antipsychotics produces unimaginable suffering. Long term use of antipsychotics destroys the health and cognitive abilities

  • Superb and very helpful article revealing the complex aspects of the fraud of psychiatry, as result of contribution of countless psychiatrists, people from drug industry and maybe others as well.

    Like some religions, psychiatry in fact is not fully a fraud but PARTLY A FRAUD, PARTLY A DELUSION. Like religions, psychiatry has not a single author but a collective authorship and its authors have not had the same intentions or beliefs. Some were sincerely believing in these lies, some were half believing half doubting and some were fully knowing is a fraud.

    In psychiatry’s aspects as a fraud, this article makes a great service by revealing that psychiatry’s deception is not so spontaneous but a deliberate act of robbing the people at the expense of ‘patients’ quality of life, health and even survival.

    So we have with psychiatry a real case of CONSPIRACY concocted by thousands of psychiatrists and other kind of doctors (because I hardly can believe there are no doctors capable of seeing the unscientific foundation of psychiatry and the financial greed behind the psychiatric medication). i’m pretty sure that many, if not most of these psychiatrists and doctors lie themselves as they lie others, about the possibilities of their so-called profession.

    The question that concerns me is how can the public be made to understand all this fraud? Like psychiatrists, they tend to believe there is a single cause of each thing while psychiatry is result of many factors, some deliberate, some not. For that reason,it has a great power of convincing the uninformed, unthinking masses.

  • That’s quite a double standard and dehumanizing view. For the physical illnesses, drugs or other kinds of treatment seek the improvement of patient’s life quality.

    In Psychiatry are treated the symptoms, like the patient is an object, not subject. They just seem to think that once declared “mentally ill”, you’re no more a person, what you wish or feel doesn’t matter, maybe because is thought you lack judgement.

  • What exactly do they call “ëffectiveness” in psychiatric treatment? Is this regarded from patient’s pov or from hospital and family’s pov?

    Psychiatric drugs, like lobotomy too, have been invented in order to reduce the government expenses or to make the private psychiatric establishments profitable. They are sedatives, or tranquilizers, aiming at keeping lower personnel numbers in these hospitals. They cure nothing, is not healing why they’re created.

    Most of those who take dopamine – inhibiting drugs perceive this as horrendous, sometimes even as the most horrible experience of their lives.

    Check out the comments here (scroll down a little):

  • I wasn’t referring to their ‘professional’ practice but to the practices of protecting the image and credibility of their profession and of the adequacy of the drugs they use (in articles, interviews, speeches and so on).

    They try to paint the anti-psychiatry movement as something peripheral to science and scholar consensus, lacking credibility and so on. Unfortunately, association of Scientology with anti-psychiatry helps them.

  • I had some experiences common with yours. I would like to say that you shouldn’t ever hope they (hospital staff, authorities, parents) will consider you sane again. Forget it. The problem is not with you but with them. You can exploit this fixation of them in your advantage. Time will show you how.

    As for losing weight, I can bring my own example. I have the opposite problem, I’m too thin, I have a BMI between 16 and 17. This because of exclusively vegetal diet and not eating much vegetal fats either.

    Also, physical activity is very helpful if done for several hours daily. Not sport or other kind of effort and not with the idea of “burning calories”. Easy things, like house maintenance or so. Effortless movements makes organs, tissues, parts of locomotor system change their position and by that circulation and other processes are improved.

  • Dear Robert, you fight against a huge, well perfected MANIPULATING MACHINE. I hope you won’t see as patronizing what I’m going to say.

    They’re still almighty because the masses always believe them, not you. The masses perceive those like you or Ms. Burstow as impostors (or better said sort of usurpers), even if is the other way around. They think is you who manipulate.

    Until now, you fought with the weapons of Truth and you convinced those people still able to recognize the Truth through the use of the Reason, but they’re a minority, the masses don’t act like that.

    Most people have a strong blind trust in doctors and drugs because they don’t read, don’t think, they let others think for them if it appears those who they trust have an authority.

    For the masses, is not important what someone says but the appearance, the body language, dressing and so. This is why psychiatrists use so much theatrical means in their interactions with their believers. Is exactly the same principles used by priests in order to impress.

    The masses suffer of sort of faith that there is a “divine order” in the ways the society is organized and is not possible that such a big institution like the Psychiatry to be a hoax, or that most of the people to be delusional. Is the bandwagon effect.

    If you want to succeed in these just cause efforts, you have to change a little the strategy. On one hand, continue to spread the Truth for those able to see it. On another hand, seek how you can strip the Dragon of its power given to them by the blind trust of the masses.

    In this SECOND FRONT, or direction, do not make any move until you didn’t virtually evaluate its outcome. Take in consideration any variables, factors that can intervene and change the premises. I think this is how they proceed too, because manipulators are forced to not act haphazardly.

    The battle is won or lost before it starts.

    If you believe you have a strategy that will win the battle, be careful, as may not work as you expect. Take failure into consideration.

  • This is heart breaking. As one that too I was hospitalized against my will, I can intuitively quantify thre amount of suffering you experienced. It was much much higher than mine.

    I disagree thought that the today situation is good. It’s still a monstrosity in US, from what I can learn online (as I I live and lived only in Romania). These dehumanized & dehumanizing monsters called psychiatrists must be stopped before they destroy or harm more people. Their insanity is a reflection of general insanity among masses. We live in a society of zombies, people whose’ minds do not function proper, most are desensitized, manifest mimetic thinking etc.

    These zombified masses are dangerous because of their lack of connection with reality. We must find a way of defending ourselves against them. Treating them as they would be normal will expose us to their power.

  • Beliefs have very strong psychological and even physiological effects. If you believe the psychiatrist telling you that you are mentally sick, you really damage your cognition.

    This why most people enter mental hospitals with mild affection and come out with severe, irreversible mental impairment.

    As for psychiatrists, I can’t say how sincere is their belief in their profession. It would be interesting to know how many of them take dopamine-inhibiting drugs themselves or prescribe them to their family’s members.

    In Romania I’ve read years back about a psychiatrist giving himself electroshock therapy but beside being tragic, is something rather peculiar.

  • There are not such suffixes of Greek origin (to match the psych-iatrikos part which is in Greek) to sound familiar enough (to be used in other scientifical terms). Other choices would be to change the meaning, like pseudopsychiatry or psychiatromania.

    Nevertheless, the essence is that psychiatry is imo an expression of a state of confusion among most people, including those who become psychiatrists. Such a deep and apparently unrecoverable (for most of them) confusion that may be considered insanity.

    For a specialist to be helpful for others in cognitive problems, he needs to have a more complex understanding of what the human mind, in fact the human being is. I think it would require extended philosophical and theological studies. I hope not be intrusive if I would refer to Eastern Christian ascetic literature, which may be an interesting lecture (if you don’t know it already), as it contains sort of humane psychology discovered by the life of contemplation of some hermits. It has nothing to do with organized religion, official churches just stole this spiritual – cultural heritage and made it theirs. Also, in its psychological approaches at least, it contains observations that are not religious but just “psychoanalytic”. I speak about works like The Ladder of John Climacus, Apoftegmata Patrum, Philokalia etc. And from contemporary authors, Sophrony Sakharov, who speaks about the “microcosmos” human nature and about the subtilities of mental “movements” and their effects in the overall structure of the personality.

  • What are the best ways to slaughter the dragon of psychiatry? Rational arguments may convince a minority who still have sane thinking (like people reading & writing on MIA). Most people seem to be driven by unchangeable false beliefs, including most psychiatrists. Most psychiatrists prove themselves to be shallow intellects (see Rosenhan experiment), not any superior level of understanding, as one would expect from people invested with the legal power of deciding what’s right and wrong in how others think.

    I have doubt the masses will ever start thinking. I rather believe their attitude toward psychiatry (or anything else) can better be changed by deprogramming and reprogramming them with a new set of beliefs, through what could be called brainwashing. Sorry for sounding immoral / unethical. I do not instigate to anything, I just am saying what I think can have a positive outcome.

  • The medical science (all of it, not just the psychiatry) is harmful by that it describes the diseases as resulting from chemical – mechanical dysfunctions. In reality, most of the diseases and even aging are results of autosuggestion.

    For example, when someone hears from a doctor that he/she is diagnosed with cancer, he/she enters a psychological chain reaction, literally self-destroying and dying sometime in less than an year. Imagine same person not hearing that diagnose. Wouldn’t he/she survive more, maybe not even having any serious issues?

    Psychiatry even more, creates confusion by presenting mental conditions as resulting from biological, chemical processes. This trivializes the perception of the intellectual and spiritual activities and even the perception of the purpose of life, making it to be seen as an exclusive material phenomenology.

    While chemistry seems to influence the state of awareness and psychological comfort, I think is not scientifically proved the theory that chemistry can change the way we think. The matter as support for mental processes has not real scientific evidence on its side.

  • Yes, but who gonna understand this? The psychiatrists have already chosen to be on one of the two side, the side of Truth or side of Falsehood. Unfortunately, the majority for the latter.

    The public has sort of religious trust in doctors, falling to their manipulation.

    I’m sorry to say, but such message as the one of this article has little good ending, as it addresses the reason, which most people avoid to use.

    Unfortunately, it seems to me that the way things can be changed is by constant demonizing of the psychiatry and psychiatric science. Only this way people will start realizing there is something wrong with this discipline