Saturday, July 2, 2022

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  • Big Pharma is absolutely sickening. I myself am currently in my 5th year of suffering from klonopin/ativan withdrawal. There is a website called “benzobuddies”……..go there for all the proof you need of the suffering caused by benzos and antidepressants. These pharmaceutical companies AND Drs. need to have a big ole class action law suit against them to hit their pocketbooks in the billions of dollars. I am afraid money is the only thing that will force them to admit the dangers of getting off and even staying on these drugs because you gain an immediate tolerance to benzos. I had evil looking hallucinations every night accompanied by abject terror for 3 full years and couldn’t even think about sleep unless the sun was shining. It was sheer unmitigated terror. I had daily blood pressure spikes over 200. Daily! I believe I am 80% healed and am so grateful but I will never forgive the big pharm companies nor Drs. who claim these drugs are “easy” to abstain and kick. Again…..go to “benzobuddies” and see just how “easy” it really is. (Not!) The only reason I haven’t committed suicide myself…..long ago… because of my belief
    system. I am so sorry for your loss Robert and hope your friends experience assists in forcing the medical community to stop lying about the dangers of these drugs.