Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • I’d like to encourage as many letters as possible to the above judicial addresses and local media, such as the Daily Herald to do the right thing and let her get on with her life, and get the story straight. Your support of Marci supports everyone who’s been labeled, stigmatized, and a abused as “mental illness.”

  • I visited Marci at Read this weekend, she is doing her best to stay positive.

    It is very upsetting that the state used a motion intended to preserve the status quo over an abuse of Judge’s discretion to get her back in custody. If anything the judge has been lenient on IDHS in this matter.

    Marci was feeling much better as part of the community and finally starting to heal during her almost two full week of freedom before being forced back into custody. Please remember it has been over 8 years since Marci has shown any signs of psychosis or being a danger to others. Hopefully there will be an investigation into the unethical actions of the state.

    Words of encouragement can be sent to Judge George Bakalis, 505 N Country Farm Road, Wheaton IL 60187. The 2nd District of Appeals can be reached at 55 Symphony Way Elgin IL 60123.

    Please let them know this is constitutionally a dangerous precedent to set in a country founded on freedom. It is unethical and illegal to take a person out of the community and into custody without a valid reason, notice or a hearing.

    Who is being helped or protected by keeping Marci in custody? No one. What justice is being served? If you can call Marci to show support, she can be reached at 773 794-4036 / 4049.

    Here is an excerpt from a poem Marci wrote:
    and its all been a masquerade
    belief in recovery has faded away
    she will never ever be the same
    stuck in a political prisoner’s game

    We should all show our outrage.