Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • It is a mistake not to provide all the information found during research, but in any research relating to medicine, it should not be allow publication bias because any adverse or negative result has a direct impact on people.

    In many cases, the publishers are reluctant to publish negative results, in many others companies themselves are behind this bias due to marketing strategies, but at the end I think that researchers have the key to finish with publication bias and make complete information to get everyone. We are, from below, who must show everybody the importance of publishing all results, the good ones and secondary results (akas. negative results).

    Changes of mentalities are not achieved suddenly, they need a progressive adaptation and on this aspect, things are moving forward. Proof of this is the emergence of magazines like The All Results Journals (, the first Total Open Access Journals dedicated to negative results.

    Hopefully soon, everybody will all understand the importance of the publication of any results duly justified, and avoid wasting so much time and money on research.