Monday, October 19, 2020

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  • It’s not a psychiatrist, it’s my regular doctor who’s in the same system as the mental hospital I went to. I have a physical problem that I have to go there for once a year, so, it shows up what meds I’m taking and anything else from any doctors in that system. She is a fantastic doctor and isn’t a pill pusher. The psych doctor I saw was just one of the hospitals.

    I am not under any legal things whatsoever. I was just wondering. I am paranoid about that sort of thing.

  • Thanks to the both of you.

    Yes, I don’t believe they’re medicinal either. I don’t trust most of Western medicine, so, I am supposed to trust something as sketchy or as potentially harmful as this? No thank you. I don’t even take ibuprofen.

    If they help someone else, great. I am not that someone else. I have always been the one to find another way and this is what I’m doing.

    I just sent an email to my doctor regarding what I’m doing. It was short but I explained I’m taking this approach instead of the drug approach. She can’t do anything can she?

    Because that hospital was not helpful.

  • I was just recently hospitalized and diagnosed with Bipolar 2. They put me on Depakote and Wellbutrin while I was there. I stopped taking them the second I got out because of the research I’m doing. I don’t doubt that there is something a little “off” in my head but I REFUSE to take the meds. I am approaching it with DBT, CBT and lots of exercise, supplements, meditation and diet change. Idk if you’ve ever been hospitalized but it was awful. My friend even said that they shouldn’t have let me out yet because I wasn’t stabilized on the meds, which really made me mad.

    Just being on the meds for almost 2 weeks, I could feel my brain get foggy, I couldn’t stop eating to the point that it made me sick and I slept all the time. Everyone is just telling me I need the right combo of meds and then all will be fine, which I don’t believe. Taking them for the short time made me feel like I was eating poison. Every part of me screamed NO.

    I’m so happy I found this out now and not later. Your blog posts are very helpful for someone just starting out. Thank you so much!