Friday, January 15, 2021

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  • As well, I look so much healthier now and my eyes brighter. My friends have remarked that I seem so much clearer and more spirited – the person they always knew I was really. I really was not all with it before and everyone else seemed like they had some edge or magic secret to normal energy levels that I somehow lacked. I know I am going to have a long adjustment period as I reduce and withdraw further and more fully, but so far I am glad to have my energy back and my awareness. I too drove in a fog lots of times and did not realize it. It was truly scary.

  • Monica, I am just now feeling renewed energy after almost coming off all of my meds slowly but surely. I am not there yet but my energy and clarity of mind are so much better. I cringe at the way I used to live. I finally threw all my stuff into storage and went house-sitting and then to stay with my mother for a while to get some of my medical problems figured out – which the bulk of were due to psych meds making me feel extremely exhausted, foggy, and unwell. If you had seen how I was living for the last few years, you would know that something was wrong with me. I could not keep my place clean or organized. I was simply too exhausted and part of me no longer cared. I could only survive and barely function at my part-time online sales business, which ended up generating a whole huge mess of stuff I still need to deal with (as it is now all in storage). Today I went to that storage unti and about fell over and how much stuff there was in such dis- array. Thankfully, having gotten of Adderall (which for me, was stupifying and nearly killed me with the worst depression headaches ever) and down to just 3 mg of cymbalta, I have a lot of anxiety but at least my energy is back. I went round and round thinking I had chronic fatigue. Then they found a hole in my heart and I thought that must be my low-energy and low-pressure problem. But all along it was the combo of meds I’ve been on. I still have to deal with the pain med, Tramadol at a low dose, but one thing at a time. But had I stayed on psych meds or never started practicing yoga, which has been leading me into fuller healing month after month, I don’t know where I would be. Yes, I do. I came this close to getting ECT treatments and the doctor I saw told me to first get off of my meds slowly and see where I am. Anxiety issues and original family of origin issues are coming up righ tnow and feeling very far behind the eight ball and so alone at age 47 on some level and directionless after all this, but I have my energy returning and my clarity and my thought of goals and ways I can improve things, Before, I could hardly care I was so sick. All I could think of was how to get more energy and how to stop the depression from getting that much worse. It is amazing how many things I care about now and how much cleaner I am as well.