Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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  • Looking at the comments on the “Mad in America” page I feel the outrage and shock voiced over “forced treatment” is way out of proportion to the actual number of people experiencing court – ordered drug treatment – a number which is miniscule… The orders typically run for only 6 months… and it is not only difficult , but nigh impossible to get on the “Kendra’s Law” type program in the U.S.A. , even where the program actually exists and is funded –

    All the people raging against it? Were any of them actually on the program?..

    . A person can even refuse medical treatment in the hospital and get released without being medicated…And do.

    Most hospitals will not go through the trouble of getting a court order and prefer to just let people back out onto the street… How many homeless people are actually medicated against their will?… I’d say none. The shots are thousands of dallars a month.. And if you are not getting a shot – who is there to force you to take it?

    In New York if someone is on the court ordered treatment and they run into the street… No one goes and picks them up… My girlfriend;s son , who was on the mandated treatment… just left town…

    It’s actually hard to get forced treatment… So i wondler why people are so upset about it.

    Emily above supports my statement that very few people, proportionately, experience forced treatment.

    And the folks against it never admit that it helps some people.