Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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  • REPLY IS FOR “PAMGON” December 10, but I don’t see a reply button under that comment.

    Search for a Holistic Mental Health Naturopath. Just put mental health and naturopath in a search engine for your city and start calling them up asking what are the typical things they have seen they need to check for in terms of causes for psychosis. If they are not clear and knowledgeable-move on. There are KNOWN causes of altered states and deterioration -even crashed B vitamins can cause this. If you body doesnt process nutrients correctly then you can be living with deficiency or stockpiling that disables you over time. SO YES-there is something you can do.
    Let us know what you learn.

  • In Portland, in response to Robert Whitaker’s book, we invited him to speak, then grew a peer presentation symposium around this topic. It is Rethinking Psychiatry and the life saving result is that now doctors, therapists, survivors and families strive to find real paths to healing from mood and altered state conditions-that aren’t psych meds.
    As a therapist, I hear of depression and anxiety compounding marriage difficulties. My protocol is now to refer every one with any mood state that is interfering in their lives to a holistic mental health naturopath. To me it seems criminal for anyone who “treats” clients to whip out an rx pad for psych meds without automatically doing a nutritional assessment-especially when we have identified that there are precise deficiencies that can cause mood and perception problems. Or it can get more complicated with a glitch in the way a body uses or stockpiles things as in issues with the methylation cycle. I much rather use a vitamin targeted to remove extreme anxiety and thus freakout of my child (which we did) than give her toxic psych meds with known side effects some of which are lethal.
    Look up the book that came out from the Brain Bio Institute in New Jersey or other more recent orthomolecular guides. Read about the 23andme test and how the results are being used to craft a healing plan. Look up Paul Stamets (HuffPost articles) on medicinal mushroom supplements and research. There are so many ways of getting at healing than your doctor is even aware of or will discuss-unless you are lucky.
    Wouldn’t it be better if doctors, hospitals , shrinks-everyone actually considered steps to wellness and real assessments of causes-not just assessments of suffering? Let’s do that.