Monday, February 17, 2020

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  • I think one of the problems we have here is when people suffer severe withdrawal from SSRIs they look for answers from doctors and psychiatrists.
    this then gives the mostly over inflated ego of the medical practitioner a feeling that they know best.
    when in truth they are least knowledgeable on the subject.
    I think Dr Shipko is a sensationalist.
    i have witnessed his actions to play up to an audience in a film about an SSRI withdrawal sufferer.
    i think he has quite a high opinion of his own most doctors-psychiatrists.
    i’ve suffered for six years with prolonged antidepressant withdrawal.
    thats what it is in my opinion as well as severe CNS damage after going cold turkey on my doctors very stupid advice that it was ok to do that with prozac because you dont get withdrawal.
    i’ve learned alot about whats wrong with me from people like Alto Strata.
    people who have actually suffered.after a terrible disabling withdrawal that has lasted so long without recognition or help.i would like to say this.
    that there is hope.
    i am recovering.i do feel much better than i did.
    as much as i respect Dr Shipkos opinions.thats all they are.
    he has no experience of SSRIs himself and to call people with the most experience on this problem”citizen scientists” is just like saying they know nothing.
    it seems its used in a sarcastic if he knows more.
    because hes a doctor-psychiatrist.
    but thats how i and all others got into this mess in the first believing doctors and psychiatrists.
    i would like to know what experience he has of taking these drugs?
    a psychiatrist once told me there was no such thing as prozac withdrawal.when i asked he how she knew,because she had never taken them.
    she replied,i’ve read alot about them.i then replied.i have read alot about the moon.but i would’nt tell Neil Armstrong what it was like to go there.