Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • I received the link to this article from a member of my site. Wow…a lot of speculation going on here. As one who has helped thousands of ssri users successfully get of these drugs, I have to point out that there are quite a few misleading elements. The first one is using Phil “Numb” as an example. Phil followed his doctors weaning recommendation, which was a very rapid wean for his years of Prozac use. His situation didn’t have to be so dire, and he knew this when he started the filming. He was warned by many,myself included, to not use that weaning schedule, it was destined for failure.

    Another aspect is not recognizing the emotional trauma that withdrawal creates. This is a HUGE part of the process that no supplement is going to help. Non drug therapy is critical for dealing with this trauma. The health anxiety created by having a brain that is sending such mixed, bizarre signals is commonplace in those weaning. It takes considerable time to trust ones brain again after experiencing the life altering symptoms that withdrawal creates. Now add the return of emotions, previously stunted by ssri’s, and this is a whole new learning process for users, especially those put on these drugs in their teens. But it is possible, I see it every day.

    I disagree, vehemently, that long time users should just stay on the drug. We’ve seen many success stories from long term users and the recommendation that long term users should just stay on the drug will not be a realistic situation for most users, since drug tolerance will be reached before most “lives” end, leaving the user in horrendous condition while still swallowing the ssri.

    I’ve dealt with the ramifications of the “doom and gloom” scenarios by Dr. Shipko(who I have the utmost respect for) before. It results in panic and despair in many, as this article is already doing.

    The reality is that extremely slow weaning, for the majority, will result in success. This is not a quick “fix”, for some it takes years and that patience must be supported. Don’t “switch” drugs, don’t add drugs and don’t fall into the trap of swallowing every supplement out there that claims to fix this quickly. We must also never forget that hope should never be taken away from someone who has made the decision to take back their mental health from a drug.

    One thing I can agree with is that the research is dismally inadequate…but until that change, if it ever happens, we must tread lightly on a speculation of permanency, because that takes away every ounce of power and hope that a person has.

    Now I will return to my site to calm the fears of those who now feel helpless in this journey.