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  • It is good to read of this, as from my therapits viewpoint, I have always known it. I use a trance technique called Rewind to clear trauma and it “works” 90% of the time. and I use it somewhere or another in the majority of my clients. nd rather than waste time with diagnoses you realise that how people cope or not cope with past trauma explains so much. And that if you can clear the trauma then you are well on the way to recovery.

    Incidentally trauma needs to be defined broadly to include not just one off experiences but extended periods and so on. I can’t imagine how therapists heal mentally distressed clients without have an effective means to detraumatize. Maybe it is like a doctor not able to use antibiotics.

  • I am replying to your comment on my first comment, having read your part two. You are definitely inching towards a much better way of seeing basic human psychology – which is that we use ones resources as best one can to get our essential needs met. And if we fail for whatever reason, be it because the environment is bad or as a misuse of our resources, then mental distress (not illness) will arise. And so on this paradigm, individuals and societies can be judged as healthy or not. I imagine you would agree with this restatement of what you have said.

    I am speaking as a humble Human Givens practitioner and not in any sense one of the founders or leading lights of Human Givens. So I can say this I hope without causing offence. You are in danger of attempting to reinvent the wheel. Much of where you are has been done and much more besides. I urge you to investigate much more about HG. And a good place to start would be by reading the second edition of the Human givens book – here http://www.humangivens.com/publications/human-givens-book.html
    There is a great synthesis out there – but work from what already exists.

  • What you say makes complete sense – not only as you criticize the prevailing conventional wisdom and also as you attempt something very different. It becomes so complicated though doesn’t it? To engage with the everyday world in which most of us live and to confront mental problems and societies which encourage them, something simpler and deeper is needed.

    Well I am raising the question to answer it. Based in UK, a full psycho social model and paradigm has been developed. Its called Human Givens. Have you come across it?

    If not you should investigate it urgently. And if you are open (and the readers of this website), it will blow your mind. Feel free to ask for more on this from me for this forum, including the basic ideas and references.

  • This has been such an interesting thread that I am moved to contribute again and set out as clearly as I can a fairly comprehensive explanation of depression – to see how it may resonate with those who are following the thread. It is based on the Human Givens approach. Please excuse the length of this – and I hope that it is of interest and I am doing these ideas justice.

    One needs to begin with an organising idea about what it is to be human. And how about this – that humans have innate emotional needs that they must get met for emotional health (around control, safety, work and meaning and relationships and community) and resources or a guidance system (in practice much of it around how we use emotions) that we use to get these needs met. And so, what we do every minute of the day (you could say) is to use our resources as best we can to get our essential emotional needs met. Further, if needs are not well met, then emotional and mental difficulties will inevitably arise? A corollary is that mental and emotional problems will be impossible for anyone who is living a life of balance where resources are working well enough such that needs are reasonably or very well met.

    And so it is clear – if resources are not working properly or the environment is hard such that needs are not well met, then this will cause emotional distress. And depression is one consequence of such stress and on my blog I have summarised it thus:

    Depression is the mental and physical exhaustion caused by the body’s need to dream more than it is capable of. And why is there the need to engage in high energy dreaming? It is the failing attempt to clear excessive levels of arousal, worrying and mental exhaustion. Depression is a self feeding vicious circle where symptoms and signs of depression multiply. To understand dreaming is the key to this way to understand depression. Thus we all dream every night as a form of essential mind maintenance to keep our emotional template healthy and able to work for us. But dreaming takes up energy and if you are worrying a lot, then you cannot dream as much as you need. And this is why the best symptom of depression is to wake up exhausted. And clearly if that is the case, then a vicious circle develops where ones capacity get ones needs met is more and more difficult, which in turn leads to more worrying and dreaming and so on.

    In my professional experience, the way many describe this is that they feel trapped in their minds, trapped in useless rumination, which is fed by terror and fear. It is as if being trapped in a burning room with no means of escape. Truly terrifying indeed and where suicide can appear the only means of escape.

    I will stop there and thanks to all those who read to the end and hope that I have expressed these ideas sufficiently clearly that you can evaluate them properly.

  • I suppose what I have discovered is that sleep and over dreaming is common to pretty well all depressions. Now to relieve depressions can sometimes not be straightforward, but I have found most cures will have an understanding of what is going on which is rooted in practicalities and understanding human psychology (ie appreciating the HG insights), fire fighting to get worry levels down and so improving sleep and a focus on what needs to change so that the depression sufferer can be more in control of their emotions and the life that they need to live.

  • I want to put a thought to you that is very familiar to me but frustratingly is still not well understood. I am a Human Givens therapist which is UK based and I see depressed patients (as well as addicted, anxious and angry) all the time. And I know from my studies and by helping so many depression people that depression does not have to be seen in such existential terms. That it can be understood simply as REM sleep disorder. And the reasons why depressions arise is because of exhausting over dreaming in an attempt to clear rumination and worrying. Perhaps the readers of your very interesting article can investigate this idea. A good place to start is my depression help blog and from there to visit official human givens sites. This is the url http://depression-help-blog.feelbetter-counselling-eastlondon.com/