Monday, October 25, 2021

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  • I have a niece, age 43, who is paranoid schizophrenic. Sadly, she lives on the west coast and I live in the mid-west. All I can really do is email suggestions to her mom and/or her of how to cope, particularly with the delusions. I have learned over the years that her brain does not recognize the “cause/effect” process……give a suggestion and she’s all for it, but soon it is gone. She has an obsession about having a significant other, to the point that she constantly hooks up with guys she’s met on the Internet, gives herself away, and naturally, they tire of her and she goes through a cycle of rejection, talks of suicide, and pretty soon it happens again. Shen says she hears voices. Your paragraphs about visualization: would this help her, do you think? Is there anything I can read about her particular obsession that might help her mom deal with it [her mom works all day, and at night, the worst time for my niece……must be a kind of sundowner symptom……my niece verbally abuses my sister.] I worry about how my niece will cope if my sister passes away. Any suggestions of reading material or any other ideas are welcome. Thank you.