Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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  • Dr. Datta:

    You’ve said, in reference to third wave psychotherapies (and I assume you mean things like mindful CBT and DBT and other mindfulness therapies) you wouldn’t criticize them because you don’t know anything about them, but expressed considerable wariness in your post.

    The first question that leapt to my mind is, why don’t you know anything about third wave psychotherapies? All are combined with CBT which – in case you didn’t know, and you certainly should – has most recently been shown to be MORE effective than meds for depression (used to be the same, but since many studies show meds don’t prevent relapse and CBT does, it’s now seen as superior).

    In case it’s helpful to you to hear from mainstream psychiatry, consider the case of David Burns. One of the leading psychiatric researchers in the 1970s and firm believer in the “chemical imbalance” theory at the time, by the early 80s he and his colleagues realized there was no evidence for it.

    As of 2006, he had logged 30,000 patient hours. In his fairly large clinic, over several decades, 60% of his patients were cured of anxiety and depression WITHOUT EVER USING MEDICATION. Of the other 40% who did use meds, as far as I recall, in most cases, only used them short term and were helped to withdraw and rely on Burn’s version (far superior to Beck’s, I think) of CBT.

    Most recently, Burns has endorsed mindfulness and (at least implicitly) the whole third wave therapy movement.

    if you haven’t done it, buy “When Panic Attacks”, read (and STUDY) the chapter on the Daily Mood Log (it’s only 20 pages) and DO IT. You won’t learn about it unless you do it.

    In fact, if you feel annoyed reading this letter (or any other negative emotion) that would be a great place to start. Fill in the chart for the DML, and if you know anything about the practice of mindfulness (and shame on you for neglecting your cultural heritage if you don’t know anything about it) you can easily combine it for an even richer therapeutic experience.

    feel free to write if you have any questions – [email protected] (i’m a psychologist, by the way, who has successfully treated people (without meds, of course) for asthma, severe chronic physical pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, PTSD and other conditions).