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  • Thomas Insel
    “….I spent 13 years at [NIMH] pushing on the neuroscience and genetics of mental disorders, and when I look back . . I think $20 billion …”

    1. Neuroleptics aka “Antiosychotics” have been around for 60 years BUT have only recently been defined as – (a) having withdrawal syndromes that can actually cause psychosis (b) being most effective at lower doses.

    2. Neuroleptic/”Antipsychotic” Withdrawal Syndrome is a type of Chemically Induced PTSD Condition
    (a) that can completely disable
    (b) …BUT can be successfully accommodated with suitable non drug help.

  • Thank You May-May,
    This is a fantastic informative article.

    “…Antipsychotic…she said that I could stop taking it ‘cold turkey’…”
    Imagine a person has an ‘ingredient’ put inside their head for a period of time, that becomes part and parcel of the workings of their brain – and IT is suddenly removed ‘cold turkey’. ‘Something’ is likely to happen – isn’t it?

    (I’ve experienced the same ‘medical’ approach myself).

  • Thank You Jonathan,

    As soon as I saw NICE I was waiting for the “catch’.

    I don’t go in for Mental Health, but I didn’t find a ‘way out’
    all by myself. My ‘way out’ came from recognising ‘medication induced PTSD’ and getting beyond it. After that I was happy.

    (If a person can survive ‘medication induced PTSD’ – then, there is not much ‘Catastrophy’ that they can’t Survive).

    Recent very worthwhile UK Research, suggests ‘abrupt breakdown’ on psychiatric drug discontinuation to indicate Withdrawal Syndrome – not Relapse. How many so called “Schizophrenics” don’t breakdown abruptly on psychiatric drug discontinuation – I did so myself, several times.

    I also, sometimes think the ambition of “The Mental Health Service” is to compromise as much of the population as possible.

    I appreciate your article!

  • davecurtis314

    If we already know that People can make full Recovery and return to productive life without Psychiatric Drug Dependency – then this surely is the way forward.

    Irish Psychologist Dr Mike Watts, towards the end of his career, has produced a PHD on how people have successfully recovered (from so called
    “Schizophrenia/BiPolar/Depression”) through Peer Support.

    He discusses his own MH experience below.

  • “…Not everyone buys this conspiracy theory. Others see the problem as ineffective treatment. ..”

    “….and many of the people receiving medications do not take them . . . so the crisis of care is not just lack of access (to treatment), but lack of engagement [with treatment.]..”

    Once a Professional begins to talk like this it is obvious that they have “sold out”. But maybe Thomas Insel feels that he has no choice. If he rocks the boat he can become a “reject” himself.

  • Thank You Bob,

    You are right in everything you say about the disadvantages of drug dependent psychiatric treatment.

    A person might nearly think that the idea behind Psychiatry was to control and thrash people. We are more or less heading in the Western World for about 30% of the population being somewhat Psychiatric. It can also be clearly seen in society, that all the wealth is going in one direction.

    Recovering people through effective Peer Groups needn’t cost anything. I’ve seen lots of people completely recover very quickly in Peer Groups (and remain well).

    Do you think this man here is making his story up?


    I attended a Stress Management Course at Covent Garden Central London, provided by the “Brahma Kumari Spiritual Organization” – some years ago.

    The Brahma Kumari Lady said that when we believe we are upset about an incident or something happening to us – it is NOT the incident itself that upsets us but a previous incident from the PAST that has been triggered by the present day incident. And the way to deal with the upset is to come to terms with it.

    Then the Lady said “ see in a sense we are all Schizophrenics…” – this is TRUE because once the feelings are resolved – the incident is NO longer too important!

    Applying this ‘Principle’ provided me with one of the means by which I came off the (below) medication – and regained my independance:-

    (Copy and google the Heading for the Study)

    It’s clear from this (above) study that it is nearly impossible even with access to other medications – to withdraw from this drug.

    But this Approach is a very simple and straightforward Approach.

  • The authors are getting completely lost in their own writings. I was a “chronic schizophrenic” until I stopped strong psychiatric drug treatment.

    I was climbing the walls when I stopped strong psychiatric drugs but NO longer disabled.

    Luckily I was able to find strategies to deal with my drug withdrawal distress, and remain in the real world.

    Lots of Professionals going around in circles were NOT required.

  • Thank You Someone Else,

    “Anticholinergic Toxidrome” is well recognised.

    I notice also a number of Celebrities in the UK that have acknowledged taking antidepressants have developed Parkinsons Disease in Older Age.

    Use of antidepressants and the risk of Parkinson’s disease: a prospective study:-

    “…Our study shows that the risk of PD increases during the first two years of use of antidepressants, whether they are tricyclic antidepressants or SSRIs. The increased PD risk that follows initiation of antidepressants was greater among individuals with recent history of depression than among the others…”

    I would imagine that there could be some anticholinergic influence involved here as well.

  • Thank You Andrew


    “…I don’t think we moved the needle in reducing suicide…”

    My Disability and Suicide Attempts were caused by the drug (below) :
    Suicide associated with akathisia and depot fluphenazine treatment
    M K Shear Allen Frances et al. J Clin Psychopharmacol. 1983 Aug.

    I asked for ADR Warning to be included in 1986, and strongly complained about this drug in 2012. The 1986 Requested Warnings though guaranteed were deliberately OMITTED by Doctors at Galway Ireland.


    NUI GALWAY 2021 (Copy and Google Heading to get Study)

    Theres also NO Warning Whatsoever in the above Study of the present day Dangers of this Drug – though this drug has killed vulnerable people in Ireland over the years – Left, Right and Centre.

    The Drug is out of Patent so if it was continued it would most likely be continued in the 3rd World.

    My Experience of this drug is that it causes it’s own type of “Schizophrenia” through its Withdrawal Syndrome.

    The Authors I believe take it for granted that it’s okay to kill a certain amount of people with this drug and that prescribing doctors are better off not knowing about the dangers.

  • I don’t exactly know what “Schizophrenia” is as I have never had a breakdown. (I was poisoned in Amsterdam in 1980 and made Recovery in Ireland in 1984 as a result of stopping psychiatric drug treatment – which was a very difficult thing to do).

    But, I believe people that hear voices can often develop tactics to quieten them, or they can alternatively learn to live with their voices.

    I believe people that suffer from extreme anxiety can often learn to stand off their anxiety – and approach their problems without fear.

    I also know that preoccupations and delusions, can often disappear of their own accord.

    Irelands main export is pharmaceuticals – so we have a terrible Mental Health problem in the country, with Homicides and Familicides that are completely unexplainable.

  • FROM
    April 19 2022

    Mental Health Act will allow us to treat patients whose illnesses undermine their capacity to consent.

    In an ideal world, we would not need hospitals for mental or physical illness and no one would become ill. But this is an imperfect world, and when people are ill it is critically important that they have access to treatment – even if they cannot make that decision for themselves.

    Take two fictional examples. Conor is a 24-year-old man with psychosis. He believes he is being pursued by criminals who want to harvest his organs and believes that his doctors are part of this conspiracy. His mother is desperately worried and is requesting his admission for treatment.

    What’s your view on this issue?

    You can tell us here

    Conor arrives at his local Garda station looking for help. He is adamant that he will not go home and will not agree to a voluntary admission, or to attend services as an outpatient. He believes that his antipsychotic medications will drug him and allow criminals to “get him”.

    Maeve is a 19-year-old woman with anorexia. Her body weight is critically low, and she is at risk of death if she does not receive treatment. She is not amenable to persuasion to be admitted for treatment, as she feels her ideal body weight is four kilograms lower than her current weight.

    Neither Conor nor Maeve have the capacity to decline treatment, yet with treatment, both are highly likely to recover and lead full lives. However, without treatment their trajectory will be markedly different: Conor will end up homeless or, more likely, in prison, while Maeve will physically deteriorate and likely die of starvation or cardiac causes.

    Psychiatrists see cases like these every week – and the vast majority of them are successfully treated with the right care…”


    If Connor stopped taking “Antipsychotics” without preparation. Then he could easily become overwhelmed. “WELL” people that take the same drugs for other reasons can go MAD – when they stop taking these drugs – abruptly.

    I ended up in hospital several times myself as a result of stopping this type of drug (abruptly, on professional advice).

    What I discovered through the process was: that I had to taper very carefully and to find a means of dealing with my Drug Withdrawal High Anxiety (or I wouldn’t make it):

    I was able to ‘figure out’ how my Withdrawal High Anxiety Operated. And I found a means of trusting my own judgement and made Recovery (many years ago) as a result.

    There is no reason why the same cannot be available for anyone else.

    In Ireland people are dying left right and centre from “Eating Problems” – Most Irish People Are either Overweight, Obese or Morbidly Obese. Most medical care in Ireland centres on the treatment of avoidable Metabolic Syndome I.e. Obesity and Fatness.

    But is Maeve really TOO thin – the BMI allows for a lot of Leeway.

    With Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Anxiety and Otherwise – I would promise anyone that the Process (below) Actually Works:


    (Just Copy and google)

    Once the Mind Clears – a person usually Knows what to do.

  • Thank You Richard. This is a worthwhile subject.

    I think psychiatric drugs (aka tranquillisers) should only be taken at the lowest levels, so that a consumer can work their way through as much of the grief as possible themselves and eventually stop taking them.

    Between 1984 and 1990 I cut down from 25mg per month of Fluphenazine Decanoate injection (“prescriptive” for “schizophrenia”) to 25 mg Thioradazine per day (prescriptive for hiccoughs).

    I see that my Historical University Hospital (NUIG) has recently undertaken a Retrospective Study on Fluphenazine Decanoates Discontinuation – wherein they claim people have Relapsed into Psychosis as a result of discontinuing of this drug.

    Moran, S , Rainford, A , McMahon, E , Hallahan, B.

    The Historical Suicide Rate at Galway South Western Ireland on Fluphenazine Decanoate has been VERY HIGH.

    Katherine Shears, MD, Peter Weiden, MD, and Allen Frances, MD (August 1983)

    June 18, 2014
    Better Off Without Antipsychotic Drugs?
    “…a study published in 1982 reported that when a group of patients with schizophrenia were each given 20 mg of FLUPHENAZINE, the DIFFERENCE between the highest and lowest blood level of the drug was 40-FOLD…”

    When I complained about Fluphenazines disabling side effects – I was given permission to come off this drug (abruptly) – in the Autumn of 1983. And experienced 4 hospitalizations, 1 suicide attempt, and 1 near miss – in 5 months. But I managed to come off the Drug and make Recovery as a result.

    I HAD Rebounded – NOT Relapsed.

    … I also found a means of coping with Fluphenazine Decanoates dreadful Withdrawal Syndrome (through a similar process to below):


  • “….In recounting her story, she recalled a piece of wisdom a Buddhist meditation teacher gave her. Regarding the psych drugs, the teacher said: “Eventually you’ll get rid of those. And when you get rid of those, then you can help other people with those experiences.”…”

    I remember a buddhist monk being asked a question regarding the taking of antidepressants – He Didn’t Say “I’m not a doctor” – He said “Try to come of the drugs very slowly and very carefully” .

    Buddhist Meditation is a brilliant cure for “low mood”.

  • There is no death penalty in the Republic of Ireland. So if somebody were to be successfully injected to death (as I nearly was) – then this could be seen as an advantage.

    When I moved to the UK many years ago I wrote to Galway, Ireland, asking them to ‘warn’ doctors in the UK about my Near Fatal Experience.

    Some time after ‘the doctor’ contacted me with a warm and friendly letter promising me that I had been looked after.

    I was to discover at a much later date that I had been ‘badmouthed’ on records sent to the UK, and that ‘warning’ – was conspicuously absent.

  • Thank You Tessa,

    It’s good to know about distress if you’re a therapist – but at first hand it might be very painful.

    The thing about 12 step Fellowship is that its independent of the system and it also doesn’t criticise the system. But it gets people better very quickly and – it is possible for people to get better very quickly.

    Anxiety nearly drove me mad when I tried to come off Neuroleptic Drugs (in the 1980s), but through very good luck I was able to figure it out, that if I didn’t engage my anxiety it would eventually calm down, and then my mind would work differently – in a non distressing manner. It was just about getting to that point of calm that was the problem – it took some doing.

    That’s what the Twelve Step Fellowship is good at – helping with PTSD: Drug Induced PTSD (aka High Anxiety) and Life induced PTSD (it’s not necessarily everyones ‘cup of tea’ though).

  • With automation and changes in work practice everybody’s job is becoming less skilled, so even normal people can be pushed under. If professionals like doctors are prepared to cover up abusive behaviour for the sake of their jobs, what’s to stop the legal system being rigged?

    Suicide Homicide and Familicide have become extremely common in Ireland in the past 20 years – but I have not heard of any Irish defense lawyer presenting ‘paradoxical drug reaction’ as a possible cause – even though this danger is warned about on ‘patient information leaflets’.

    Expressing the possibility in Ireland, that Psychiatric Drugs can cause Suicide and Homicide is completely ‘Verboden’ – even though it is Factually accepted – that they Do!

  • Very Worthwhile Blog,

    With the the internet, information technology advances and media cooperation, society looks like its fallen under control.

    I don’t know if “neoliberalism” is the right way to describe the situation, but most of the wealth seems to be going in one direction, and a lot of what we’re being told is very hard to believe.

  • Hi Bob,

    I’m very sorry to hear about Thomas Jobes passing. He certainly contributed to the prospect of genuine recovery and a full return to normal life.

    I have have never heard ‘voices’ myself, even though these symptoms were represented as evidence against me. Nor I believe, could I be judged to be delusional by doctors who didn’t even get the countries I had been in right.

    But after taking “Strong Psychiatric Medications” for a number of years I found it near enough impossible to stop taking the “medìcations” when I was given permission to stop.

    So regardless of “Original Schizophrenia” – Psychiatric Drugs in my estimation, do cause “Schizophrenia”. In the same way maybe, that valium causes long term valium dependency. The other thing is that Strong Psychiatric Drugs (of a type used in “Schizophrenia”) are profoundly disabling.

    To cope with my Withdrawal High Anxiety I used a technique similar to below:
    DISSOLVING THE PAIN-BODY: An excerpt from THE POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle

    (This technique works, costs nothing, can be easily understood, and does not require a therapist – just the ability to persist again and again).

  • Why Do We Lock People Up

    We live in large industrial societies where people are managed and supposed to conform, and if people step out of line they can get locked up as a warning to other people, or as a punishment , or for reasons of official convenience.
    This doesn’t just happen in some countries, it happens in most countries.

    London Evening Standard 26 October 2021
    “…‘Concerning’ rise in number of people being sectioned:
    New data show that 53,239 people were detained under the Mental Health Act in England in 2020/21….”

    UK Prison Population Statistics
    Research Briefing
    Published Friday, 29 October, 2021
    “…78,756 prisoners in England and Wales,…”

    The Sectioning of a person depends on Doctors Opinions, it doesn’t really go through a legal process, and it can be easily Abused. The sectioned person can be seriously damaged or even killed in Hospital – with no recourse.


    “..He occupies himself delving into the philosophical basis of psychiatry, only to find there isn’t one…”

    It’s nice to see you again, Dr Niall.

    When I stopped taking my medication (very gradually) I suffered from “Almost Disabling Very High Anxiety”.

    I’ve heard it said, that “Anxiety” comes from somewhere else and can play itself out in Present Day Problems; and if investing IT, in these problems can be Avoided, and IT can be allowed to Wind down – then the Anxiety eventually dissipates and Problems can be seen in a “Neutral Manner” :- This over time, is how I Recovered.

    The Psychiatrists problem with me was that I was Incapable of Applying myself to Routine. My problem was that the Psychiatric Drug (Fluphenazine) was causing uncontrollable Restlessness and Suicide Attempts.

    I’m 61 now, and over the years I haven’t gotten everything I wanted – But I’m quite HAPPY.

  • I agree with I_e_Cox and Marie,

    There is such a thing as having problems. And there is such a thing as improvement – I have benefited from the wisdom of others. But I certainly have not benefited from Heavy Duty Psychiatric Drugs.

    I regularly attend 12 step fellowship (though – I don’t like all the members). The 12 Step deals very successfully with Extreme Anxiety and Strange Ideas among lots of other things.

    Fluphenazine has had it’s own Holocaust and MH Doctors in Ireland and England will KILL to Cover this Up.

    Suicide Associated with Akathisia and Depot Fluphenazine Treatment August 1983
    Katherine Shear MD, Allen Frances MD, Peter Weiden MD

    Possible Explanation:-
    “…For example, a study published in 1982 reported that when a group of patients with schizophrenia were each given 20 mg of fluphenazine, the difference between the highest and lowest blood level of the drug was 40-fold….”
    (From: Better Off Without Antipsychotic Drugs?
    Psychiatric Times June 18 2014).

    Mad in America: Haloperidol is Neurotoxic
    “…The main market competition these days between branded and generic neuroleptics is among the long-acting injectables (LAI). The only generic LAI on the market is haloperidol (mysteriously, fluphenazine decanoate recently went out of production)….” Sandra Steingard July 21 2013

    40 % of people described as “Schizophrenic” Attempt Suicide – usually in the first few years of treatment (i.e.- before they become ‘clued up’ on the drugs).

  • Depression: Why Pills And Electricity Are Not The Answer

    Belfast Telegraph
    Donal McMahon
    September 16 2021 06:37 AM

    Tragic Schoolboy was Prescribed Huge Increase in Anti-Depressants

    “…A Newry schoolboy who tragically took his own life had been prescribed up to a 700% increase of controversial anti-depressant drugs in the months leading up to his death.

    Banbridge coroner’s court heard from witnesses in the inquest case of former Abbey Grammar CBS student Johnny Shields (14) who died on November 6, 2017…”

    “…The teenager had made a number of attempts on is life from June 2017 and had been self-harming with razor blades as a way of coping with mental health issues….”

  • Actually, UK Clinical Psychologist Professor Richard Bentall mentioned above – did sample some of the drugs I consumed in Ireland in 1980 – Haloperidol at a far lower dose – and these drugs did drive him MAD. April 3 2009

    “… In 1993 Richard Bentall went a bit mad.

    He voluntarily took an antipsychotic drug and at first thought he’d get through unscathed.

    “For the first hour I didn’t feel too bad. I thought maybe this is okay. I can get away with this. I felt a bit light-headed.”

    Then somebody asked him to fill in a form. “I looked at this test and I couldn’t have filled it in to save my life. It would have been easier to climb Mt Everest.”…”


    I received ECT at Galway, Southern Ireland in 1980 at the end of two months of massive doses of Largactil, 100mg per day Haloperidol, 50 mg per month depot injection of Fluphenazine Decanoate, and Lithium.

    Galway Psychiatrist PA Carney claimed I was ‘back to my self’ as a result of this treatment – I was actually a physical mess.

    I had come from the London Maudsley Hospital in 1980 accompanied by a UK Dr Stone, who was drunk on arrival at Galway, and committed suicide in 1999.

    I made Recovery in 1984 as a result of tapering from the strong psychiatric drugs, and learning to compensate for the effects of the drug withdrawal.

    When I moved to the UK in 1986 I wrote to doctors at Galway asking them to send a warning to the UK regarding my reactions to Fluphenazine Decanoate Depot injection (suicidal). In reply Doctors at Galway misrepresented me to the UK, while withholding the Requested Drug Safety Warning.

    In 1998 Dr Carney (et al) presented a promotional Research Paper “Depot Antipsychotic Revisited”.

    Irish Times August 5, 2005
    “..Bristol-Myers Squibb* and IDA Ireland are to invest €9.6 million in biotherapeutic research at NUI Galway, in partnership with Dublin City University…”

    *Bristol Myers Squibb = Fluphenazine Decanoate Depot Injection Manufacturer

  • Hi Philip

    I thought Psychiatry was ridiculous, at the beginning. The original doctor couldn’t get a Diagnosis – so he game played my symptoms.

    But I believed in it after some years, because of how I felt when I tried to stop taking psychiatric drugs. I eventually found a way out though – and I don’t believe in it now.

    About 20% of Normal Americans take Tranquilizers and Antidepressants. Psychiatric drugs can be used to control “Normal People” as well as the so called “Mentally Ill”. But the Originally “Normal People” can easily become Genuinely “Mentally ILL” as a result of cooperating with Psychiatry.

    My own experience was that there was enough within the “Community” to resolve the problems I had as a result of consuming psychiatric drugs – and get on with my life.

    (12 Step, Counselling, Buddhism. Spirituality, Sharing, Human Connection, Independence).

  • Thank You Again Dr Philip,

    Why is Psychiatry so Defensive about Criticism?
    Because it disables and kills its patients.

    Psychiatry is a disaster area in healthcare that we need to focus on – Dr Peter Gøtzsche

    Hand in Hand with the Irish (Kerry children) over drugging scandal are the cases of a wife, and husband, suing the “Irish Medical System”, following the tragic deaths of their 3 children.

    It might be difficult for an average person to understand how these things happen, but I know from my own experience that prescribed MH medications can leave a person with little choice. This is the reason I came off them.

  • CBT though it might have a ‘bad name’ in terms of commodification, has similarities with Buddist Philosophy. My Recovery wasn’t a short process but I could see light at the end of the tunnel, even at the start.

    Drug Withdrawal “High Anxiety”, as described by Robert Whitaker, nearly disabled me; but I was able to get a picture of how my Anxiety worked and to do something about it. During this process I suffered from “Catastrophisation” and “Emotional Reasoning” which are perfect human descriptions.

    The medical explanation I believe, for Withdrawal “High Anxiety” is that during medicating “the brain” becomes more sensitive, and when medication is withdrawn the person can as a result, become overwhelmed and breakdown.

    Naturally, it can take time for a persons Head to balance off.

  • THERE ARE:- Other Options that work successfully even with “Schizophrenia” and “Bipolar”and “everything else”. It’s just a question of finding one that suits.

    Psychologist Dr Rufus May (labelled with “Schizophrenia” as a youngster) has some very good ideas:-

    Twelve Step Fellowship
    Has as a very good track record of success.
    It’s for free and it works.

    The Hearing Voices Network
    Has proven success with the (so called) strongest “Schizophrenic” Association.
    It’s for free and it works.

    GROW Peer Group welcomes people from all backgrounds and has success with ALL the Big Diagnoses. One of the members conducted a PHD on this:-
    It’s for free and it works.

    The “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle ,
    contains brilliant advice that I believe can free people from terrible mental suffering.
    It’s for Free and it Works

    The Buddhist Approach worked for me in successfully withdrawing from “Schizophrenic Medication”. I also engaged in the other methods mentioned.

  • Thanks Sebastienne and Micah,

    When I attended the Buddhist Vihara in West London – the instructor told us that Buddhism was a ‘wait and see religion’ – in the sense that a person could decide for themselves if it worked.

    In terms of ‘Recovery’, I can see (from my own experience) how Buddhist ‘Psychology’ can help a person over come the Anxiety of Schizophrenic Drug Withdrawal and remain Well and Happy in the Longterm.

    (I attempted suicide a number of times while taking strong Psychiatric Medications but never since stopping taking them – many years ago).

  • Thank You Micah,

    I think it depends on how Psychotic Disorder is interpreted.

    Cannabis can definitely cause “funny thinking”. But if a person stops smoking Cannabis the thinking is likely to return to normal.

    The “Long term Psychotic Disorders” are as a result of the treatments. This is the main reason that young Caribeann heritage people are 10 times more likely to get diagnosed with “Schizophrenia” than young indigenous UK People.

    Myself, I almost ended up permanently “Schizophrenic”, as a result of co operating with Psychiatric Treatment (following a poisoning in Amsterdam in 1980).

  • Hi Sam,


    “…The term Aperger’s syndrome was first brought about by Austrian paediatrician Hans Asperger in 1944. The condition describes a form of autism which sometimes means that people have a difficult time relating to others socially….”

    “…The condition describes a form of autism which sometimes means that people have a difficult time relating to others socially….”

  • “…However, the family had earlier given evidence that the consultant had advised them not to share the details of their son’s attempted suicides with the Abbey, an allegation which the psychiatrist told the coroner came “like a bolt out of the blue”.

    “I can categorically say there is no doubt in my mind, I did not say that,” said Dr Cassidy.

    “Only a maverick would give that advice and I am not a maverick.

    “I’m 100% clear in my mind, I did not say that,” she added…”

    The psychiatrist was not a “maverick” i.e. they were part of a “brand”.

    If the patient responded badly to the ‘medication’ i.e. through attempting Suicide – then the Psychiatrist would raise the dose – and KILL the Patient.

  • The Person can figure out a fast or slow taper themselves on the basis of their own experience – but to be careful while their doing it.

    My target (when I was withdrawing from Neuroleptics) was to stay out of hospital. I came off the intrusive doses straight away and then went very carefully with the lower doses. I could function with the lower doses (but had been disabled by the ‘maintenance’ doses).

  • “How should Psychedelic Medicine Handle Flashbacks?”
    By not consuming the Psychedelics to begin with.

    When I came off Long Acting Injections I suffered from a type of chemically induced Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome; and this Syndrome nearly drove me back onto the Injections.

    But then I gained some insight: I could see – that while I was very concerned with whatever I had on my mind ‘at the time’ – I was Okay with what had ‘really bothered’ me ‘the day before’. I was then able to see that if I could allow whatever problem I had ‘at the time’, to go to the back of my mind – that this problem could become ‘Okay’ as well.

    (Then I could eventually see that there were NO real problems)

    I would imagine that Approaches that “Work” for “Schizophrenic Drug Withdrawal” – could also “Work” for “Schizophrenia”.

  • “….New research has questioned the efficacy of antidepressants and investigated the potential harms of long-term use. ..”

    I was prescribed Prothiaden antidepressant in 1984 which I consumed for a number of years. Neither going on Prothiaden, being on Prothiaden, nor coming off Prothiaden made any difference to my mood.

    The reason I had been prescribed Prothiaden was (I believe) not because I had been Depressed but because I had attempted suicide twice, and had a series of suicidal hospitalizations.

    I suffered Chronic and Acute AKATHISIA on the drug Fluphenazine Decanoanate Depot. And I made full Recovery as a result of Weaning myself from it.