Monday, October 25, 2021

Comments by Loudden

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  • Almost. funny, if it wasn’t so sad.
    I believe the. solution is social workers, not shrinks. It’s no surprise loosing purpose in life makes life purposeless… why do something that has no purpose?

    But what’s to be achieved with a chemical straight jacket?

    The treatment needs to shift from the hands of shrinks and into the hands of social workers. They need someone who will listen and see them as humans. The notion that this loss of purpose in life and narrative being deluded obstacles for treatment is ridiculous! What’s ridiculous is disregarding them. Whatever road blocks that. are. central to this loss. of one’s purpose should be considered and they only will benefit by being validated, lended a hand and coaching them on things they can do to improve, and what they can’t fix helped to realize acceptance and alternatives. So they have a purpose to live, ya know. Medication. and “treatment” isn’t the reason to live when you’ve lost purpose to.. (live?) You should be damned about your life loosing purpose, especially after becoming helpless and loosing and sight of that purpose- the best advice you receive is “sorry” which just confirms that helplessness.

    Reading my reply is probably painful from the common sense