Thursday, July 29, 2021

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  • Oldhead you say “have no fear” and then say something very frightening. To be schizophrenic is a great relief, for it gives me an explanation for a lot of things and tells me that my worst nightmares are not real. If I am not schizophrenic and my experiences are real, then this universe is horrifying.

  • ““So making causal attributions that involve your life experiences or circumstances is a clear sign of ‘lack of insight’, which, in turn, is a clear symptom of an ‘illness’ with a bio-genetic etiology … Believing that your psychosis is a meaningful reaction to life events has always been proof that you are ‘schizophrenic’, ever since the invention of the construct over 100 years ago.””

    Lack of insight? I could almost laugh at the notion. How many human beings, mentally ill or otherwise, have that kind of insight? Very very few. To label a person schizophrenic because of that would seem beyond foolish to me.

  • Your experience causes me a significant amount of distress. My greatest horror is of losing my individuality or identity. Would you feel you have lost such things? That my own schizophrenia might eventually lead me there would be a terror.

    In more positive news, your article inspired me to write some thoughts, which I merely shared on facebook(should you somehow find my post, I hope you’ll forgive me for the line hypothesizing that you aren’t 100% rational. Please understand that that is a preliminary impression, and that, well, I’m not 100% rational either, so it isn’t meant as an insult.).

    I’d love to be a writer, but for the moment, my illness still generates too much pain and fear when I push myself in anything, and trying to push through that pain and fear just leads to worsening into tormented psychosis.

    Maybe one day, though. But in the passion for writing and spirituality, and a few other areas, I find we are very similar. If we differ it is in that I still feel very much that I am me and only me(and I’m very content with that). I have my apparent delusions/obsessions and quite a lot of paranoia, but I do not hear voices.

    I appreciate your ability to illustrate the possibility that schizophrenia might be more than just a mental illness. I do think it clearly comes with some dysfunction. The FBI were very very probably not chasing schizophrenic mathematician John Nash, for instance. Yet at the same time, perhaps we do simply have a bit of a larger window to the divine than most, and it is merely our tiny mortal brain’s inability to cope with that which drives us mad.

    Now if only most of my visions weren’t horrifying, that might be great comfort. I pray I am no prophet, for if I am we are all in a dire situation indeed.