Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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  • Dr. Breggin, THANK YOU!!!! You have touched my heart, spoken the “unspeakable” and told all who will care to listen the unvarnished truth!
    My life was nearly destroyed by psychiatrist prescribed neurotoxins and ECT. I refused to believe the doctors’ bullsh*t rationales and with each “med” I got out of my body the more clearly I could evaluate the overall harm I’d experienced. It is now over 5 years free of all of it (a huge cocktail of varying poisons prescribed for over 30 years).
    May God bless you!!
    You are a hero to me!

  • Hi Jane. I thought anyone on just SSDI didn’t get penalized for having more than $2000 in savings. I thought only people getting SSI or SSDI + SSI (because their SSDI payment alone is low enough to get SSI) got a penalty. I read where you said you would be penalized on SSDI if you had more than $2000. Did the rules change?

  • Sarah, Thank you! I appreciate your insights. I relate to and agree with all you have written here.
    I, too, am struggling with the isolation and sense of abandonment so many people write about in comments here on MIA. I feel pooped on by all those who claimed to have my “best interests in mind” when I sought help from “professionals” who did nothing but harm me. When I dare to speak about it I am shunned, silenced, rejected as invalid.
    I have read articles and comments here on MIA for quite a while. I started with one mindset and overtime came to realize how I had been groomed into accepting so much that is wrong as correct. Thanks to commenters and article writers here I have come to understand the truth about “mental illnesses” and the horrific damage I and so many others have incurred as a result of “treatment”.
    To Rosalee, Sam and so many others I say “THANK YOU!”. Your comments and sharing have opened my eyes, my mind and my heart.