Monday, September 20, 2021

Comments by Diana B

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  • Where is the soul in this discussion? I appreciate all of the patient, hard work Dr. Hickey but I can’t help but wonder if we were all connected to our soul selves, to the transcendent power, we could be able to co create new solutions to the problem of the psyche-soul schism. The soul may be lost in psychiatry but the soul is eternal.

  • Thank you Ekaterina for your message. I do believe it is about stepping into your own inner radiance. I agree with Alex that it is about the soul. The soul is where there is transcendent power. And I also would add that for me it wasn’t enough to have soul awareness but I needed to learn how to have soul embodiment.

  • Dear Steve,
    Thank you for your administrative support to try and make things better in as you said,
    a “dysfunctional” system. What is missing for me in what you said is my understanding that a rise in consciousness is what will lead the reform.

    I completely understand how the energy of anger really muddies the profound truth of the messenger. And I am hoping that the revolutionaries, healers, visionaries and prophets of this age will come forward with more creative energy to lead people out of what I feel is unproductive suffering. And this is my hope for us in these times. Thanks Diana.

  • Dear Fr. John,
    Thank you so much for this thoughtful explanation of this subject. For me, the connection between the soul, the body and “mental illness” is a deeply held truth and experience, and I’m grateful for your valuable work. I am in the process of creating a workbook/guidebook for people who are looking to deepen their experience of themselves as souls, and would welcome any advice regarding other resources that could deepen my own understanding of the connection between the soul and mental health. Please feel free to send suggestions to [email protected]. Thank you! Diana