Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Comments by Megan

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  • I wonder if this helps to explain the prevalence of ADHD in preemies. My oldest was 27 weeks and is in this category. By nature of the NICU (even the “good” one he was lucky enough to stay in), bonding becomes extremely difficult although the preemies need it even more than “normal” babies.

    I have thought that it would be ideal to have several small saunas that the mothers and babies could spend skin-to-skin time in. The temp could be set to be the same as the incubators. Mothers would be able to spend much more time in that environment than preemies can spend out of the incubator.

  • My phone cut me off from finishing….

    At first I had to address my indicators out of survival, but the more I did the more I discovered how important personal power and nurturing are to the weaving of the tapestry you describe.

    Thank you so much. It would be very interesting to read a book by you describing your theory of how mental and emotional “illness” should most accurately be viewed in a way that grants each their personal power of their own story.

  • This is one of the most enlightening and paradigm-shifting things I have read regarding mental and emotional “illness” (aka turmoil). It very elegantly describes similar things I have learned through my life while trying for years and years to “cure” or “fix” myself and “let go”of of my “issues”. I have managed to steer clear of psychatry throughout my path, though I have come close to admitting myself a few times, so I am not sure what my official label would have been. Probably some kind of severe depressive and bi-polar disorder with lots of suicidal tendencies.

    I now see the “issues” as dashboard indicators for my bodily vehicle that are natural for a human being to experience after trauma that has not been appropriately processed, in my case largely due to a highly damaging personal belief system and intense, often self inflicted isolation.

    The real “cure” is a system that provides support, safety, and resources geared toward helping the bodily, mental, and emotional vehicles of a person experiencing the turmoil address those dashboard indicators at their source and reach homeostasis