Friday, February 3, 2023

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  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You seem like a lovely human being that has, unfortunately, been hurt by the very system that we hoped was going to help us. My experience is that we also have rules of suffering based on what social location we have been assigned. Since I have been assigned to the white, Christian, cis-gendered male social class (Can we please stop putting people into these narrowly defined boxes already?), I am not allowed to suffer. I cannot complain. I cannot disagree. I cannot say I am having a hard time. When I do try to tell people that I’m suffering, they look at me and say “You? How could you possibly be suffering? Your life is so easy. Look what I or so-and-so over there has to deal with…” When are we going to start treating people like human beings instead of treating them by their assigned social class?

  • Hi Peter. You did a good job explaining why relying just on p-values is a problem, but you did not apply this problem specifically to psychiatry as your title suggests. Would you mind sharing some specific examples (i.e., published manuscripts who misinterpreted or over-emphasized p-values) of how p-values are a problem in psychiatry? I believe what you say is true – I just think your article would have a been a lot more powerful if you had included specific examples, not just hypothetical situations. Thank you. -David