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  • I clearly remember my father spanking me, and then my crying. Then my father would say to me, “If you don’t stop crying, I’ll give you something to cry about.”
    Then I would think to myself, “Gee, Dad, I already DO have something to cry about!”
    I can laugh now. But no wonder I got a bogus diagnosis and a prescription for psych drugs when my parents took me to a psychiatrist in High School!
    Psychiatry and it’s poison pills have done, and continue to do, far more harm than good.
    So-called “schizophrenia” is in fact an STD. It’s really a “socially-transmitted disease”.

  • OMG, more psychobabble and gobbledygook!
    Once again proving the TRUTH Mark Twain is credited with:
    “There are 3 kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.”
    We may as well call the DSM-5 the “DLM-5”, or “Diagnostic LIES Manual”
    That would make more sense, except there are NO statistics in the DSM-5.
    Which of course makes no sense, but that psychiatry for ya’!
    “Psychiatry, the nonsense science”
    Really, I think “nonsense science” has a friendlier ring to it than “pseudoscience”…..

  • ….*sigh*…. Yet more psychobabble and gobbledygook. It’s equally valid to say that the ONLY cause of crime is the laws against crimes themselves. For example, if there were no laws against it, murder would not be a crime. Murder would simply be murder. It is only by passing criminal laws against murder, that murder becomes a crime. If we repealed all criminal laws against murder, then murder would cease to be a crime, and the crime of murder would no longer occur, or even exist.
    I’m so brilliant. Where can I get a high paying job as a “neurocriminologist”?….
    By the same logic, we could eliminate 100% of so-called “mental illness”, simply by eliminating both the DSM-5 and psychiatry. But sadly, psychiatry creates so-called “mental illness” in a way that “neurocriminologists simply do NOT create crime…. But then, unlike psychiatry, neurocriminologists do not force their victims to consume brain damaging drugs, so there’s that, too….

  • It’s worse than that, Frank. I clearly remember reading several articles about this sad incident when it happened. Both women were truly “voluntary” patients, and NOT in “crisis”, simply needing some hospital-setting “time out”. They found themselves suddenly MADE into “involuntary patients”, and just as suddenly transported. There was NO urgent need to transport them at the time. And, the *type* of secure Sheriff’s prisoner transport van used virtually guaranteed their deaths. These deaths didn’t have to happen, and shouldn’t have. At least one of the women’s deaths left 3 young children motherless…. The ONLY consolation will be a hopefully 6- or 7-figure lawsuit payout in a year or 2….

  • I’m 100% on your side, and in support of you ALL. This comment is directly to “BetterLife”, above. I know what you mean about “side effects”. But it occurred to me, that there’s NO SUCH THING as so-called “side effects”. Either the drug(s) have effects, or else they don’t. Obviously, a placebo has placebo-like effects. A nocebo has negative, or harmful effects. I suppose we can speak of “intended effects”, and “non-intended effects”. But I say “side effects” are really DIRECT effects that PhRMA and the psychs don’t want to ever mention. The doctors KNEW, or at least certainly SHOULD HAVE known what drug EFFECTS could and would do to your parents. I’m sorry about that.
    Thank-you, and I hope things go well for you and your family. And I hope I have expanded your thinking on bogus, so-called “side effects”. The psych drugs darn near killed me, too. Ugh! 😉

  • In overly simple terms, “you tell yourself that you’re thirsty”. I don’t see how some “spiritual force” is required to explain literal, physical thirst. And, considering what we’ve learned about our gut micro-biome in the last decade or 2, maybe our thirsty gut microbes tell us we’re thirsty? While I personally believe in some sort of GOD, or God, I’m curious why you write “G-d”?…. Just askin’….

  • Ekaterina, it’s difficult to put in such a few words here, but YES, Buddhism DOES teach that you “were Buddha in a previous reincarnation”. Something like that, anyway. And there is NO drug, or “medication” which can make that specific thought go away, or lessen. That’s not how either thoughts or drugs work. Buddhism, and Buddhist thought and ideas, and especially the words of the Dalai Lama, have been VERY helpful to me.
    But too many of us have learned the hard way, that we must be very careful about what we say, how we say it, and who we say it to, when we are dealing with psychiatry. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. I know you know all this.
    I’m glad to have read some of your story, and glad you wrote it. I’m sorry for what they did to you. I have seen other writings from you here on MiA, haven’t I? We ALL have what might be called “crazy ideas”, and yours don’t seem very “crazy”, to me. Me? I believe that I am 1 7/1,000,000,000th of humanity on Earth! And remember, without “ART”, “EARTH” is just “EH”! SEE!? You smiled at that! You feel better, don’t you?

  • “Empire-building” for the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry, and “market expansion” for PhRMA.
    Yes, that’s exactly how the scam works.
    Psychiatry invents more “diagnoses”, and PhRMA $ELL$ DRUG$….
    It’s all about money, power, and control.
    Neither psychiatry nor PrRMA cares one bit about people.
    (BTW, the DSM-5 is really just a catalog of billing codes….)….

  • I ALMOST posted a nice comment about Mr. Allen Frances, after I watched the video of him speaking to Amanpour on CNN. (I’ve heard “CNN” means “Clinton News Network”, or “Communist News Network”, but I’m not sure which is more correct.) Then i read ALL the comments before I posted my own. When I got to Auntie Psychiatry’s comment, I knew Frances’s goose was cooked. Here, Auntie Psychiatry responds to Rosalee, (above), and it’s SO IMPORTANT, that I’m gonna cut-n-paste it here:
    Auntie Psychiatry wrote:
    “Rosalee, Don’t be fooled – Allen Frances is a devious wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is the public face of guild Psychiatry, and has a powerful platform in the mainstream media which he is using to save his “profession” from sinking into the mire. This interview is a classic example. He captures the public mood of outrage at being misled about “antidepressants” whilst neatly deflecting all responsibility for the current situation away from Psychiatry. His tricks are easy to spot once you know them…

    1. Allege scarcity of data: “There’s almost no research on the withdrawal syndrome.”

    2. Bring in a bigger villain: “The pharmaceutical industry is only marginally less ruthless than the drug cartels, and it’s not in their interest to advertise this, so there’s been very, very little research.”

    3. Pass the blame on: “80% of the antidepressants are prescribed by primary care doctors.”

    4. Re-assert Psychiatry’s ultimate authority in these matters: “There’s a cruel paradox that we’re over-treating the worried well and we’re terribly neglecting the really ill…”

    5. Big-up the drugs as ‘life-saving medication’: “the medications are absolutely essential for people with severe depression.”

    In the UK, our top psychiatrists are already following his lead and spinning these very same lines to the press…

    “Professor Wendy Burn, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said antidepressants are ‘a life-saver’ for many people but ‘not enough research has been done into what happens when you stop taking them’.” (Independent 2 Oct 2018)

    Journalists will buy it, and the message will filter down through blogs and social media to the public at large. Psychiatry, as always, will come up smelling of roses.”

    I myself am living proof that psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control.
    I myself can NOT identify as “anti-Auntie Psychiatry”! “Anti-psychiatry”, yes.
    But Mr. Allen Frances and his ilk damn near killed me, and stole what should have been the best 20 years of my life, and caused IATROGENIC damage to the rest of it….

    Bicycle or walk 7 days a week. Swim 3-5 times a week. No depression.
    Any person with health insurance and a “depression diagnosis” should have a bicycle paid for, and a good pair of walking (or running) shoes, also…. But that just makes WAY too much sense!….
    When I read the piece above, I can’t help see a bunch of grossly over-educated idiots, who are too enamored of the trees of their “higher education”, to EVER see the FOREST of LIFE, where healthy people exercise DAILY!
    But the native vegetable of modern America seems to be the couch potato. No wonder so-called “depression” is epidemic! The human body was genetically designed to *exercise* *daily*!

  • Sorry, “Slaying Dragon”, but I must disagree with your statement that “Autism is a myth, just like every other so-called “mental illness””. Given that I regularly describe psychiatry as the pseudoscience which it is, and that the DSM is a catalog of billing codes, I’m sure you’ll see what I am NOT disagreeing with! Much of my limited knowledge of “autism” comes from the website “Age of Autism”, which is kind of a lower-budget Mad in America”. Their content is produced mostly by parents of severely autistic children, and they include lots of links to other sources of information. There’s a “something there” as regards autism, in a way that there just isn’t with so-called “mental illness” in general. And, the numbers of parents of children with so-called “regressive autism”, who were completely “normal” until right after they got vaxxed, is much, much higher than the lame-strem mass media will ever acknowledge. It seems that in SOME vulnerable persons, vaccines trigger a type of auto-immune respons which leads to an encephalopathy which gets diagnosed as “autism”. And the degree of impairment in autistic children is extreme enough that I’d say, yes, AUTISM IS REAL.
    What I find most telling, is that the “Medical-Industrial-PhRMA-Research-Complex” is not at all interested in even discussing possible “environmental” causes of autism, or discussing possible causes at all, except a so-far fruitless search for “autism genes”.
    That so-called “Asperger’s” no longer exists, having been folded into ASD in the DSM-5, supports what I’m saying here. There *IS* a “something” in far too many children, and the label in use is “autism”.
    Personally, I think so-called “Aspergers” is bogus, but not autism. So I look forward to reading more at the link you provided. I’m sorry it’s taken so long for my comment to appear…. I think this is the first time I’ve ever disagreed with ANYTHING you usually write!
    (Dragons are powerful mythical creatures, and comparing them to quack psychiatrists is insulting to dragons, but that’s just my personal opinion. SLAY AWAY, & how can I help you do that?!…. 😉

  • @”the_cat”:
    Yes, what we have now is a process-centered process, and a system-centered system.
    What we NEED is a person-centered process, and a services-centered system.
    Only then can we ask, “What can we do for you?”….
    But I still say that the trauma-informed “What happened to you?”, is a good first step.
    Psychiatry and psych drugs can NEVER get beyond “what’s wrong with you?”, because they will NEVER ask or answer any other questions….
    And as for psychiatry’s “answer” of potent, neuro-toxic psych drugs? Well, *WE* know….

  • “the black sheep”,
    “designated patient”
    etc., etc.,
    Just 3 of the many words used to describe the family roles of almost all so-called “mental patients”.
    These are all types of so-called “stigma”. The “government” will never go away, and neither will “stigma”.
    Government and stigma are both tools used by the rich ruling elites to attain and maintain their
    MONEY, POWER and CONTROL. There is NO “mental health crisis”.
    So-called “mental patients” are more correctly seen as victims of social and governmental oppression.
    People don’t “sleep rough” because of lack of money, – they do it because of a lack of housing.
    So-called “mental illness” is not caused by “mental illnesses”, – it’s caused by a lack of knowledge, understanding, and compassion.
    The “Guardian” would rather spend the next few decades publishing stories like this, than to tell the TRUTH:
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good.
    Remember, so-called “stigma” was NOT DISCOVERED. It was *INVENTED*…..
    Think about that truth….

  • It’s too bad that “Mad in America” isn’t trauma informed. Sure, they post *British* articles like this one. But America is NOT England, nor is it the United Kingdom. NOBODY in America has EVER been “sectioned”. But “sectioning” happens every day in the British Isles. “Sectioning” is most severe in England. English “sectioning” always results in either re-traumatizing trauma victims, or initiating first trauma in the trauma naive. Here in America, where “Mad in America” sometimes traumatizes those who comment, we say “court ordered”, or “involuntary”, or “forced”, and use euphemisms such as “ACT”. “ACT” is a buzzword dog-whistle whose letters stand for “Assertive Community Treatment”….
    But the larger take-away from this article is that so-called “mental health treatment” in general, and psychiatry and psych drugs in general, too often do more harm than good to already traumatized, so-called “mental patients”
    I know that *I* sure feel re-traumatized just from reading this article.
    But that’s also partly because my incest-trauma inflicted friend has been thrown in the State loony bin again by the local “Community Mental Health Center”, and forced to take brain damaging drugs because that’s what “they” think she needs. “They” are NOT trauma-informed!
    Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good.
    The above article simply proves that point.

  • 20 years ago, 2 employees of the local “Community Mental health Center” called the local police, and lied, saying I was suicidal, when I was not. The cops broke in, dragged me to the local hospital, and forced me to meet with some quack from the agency. They tried to force me to say I was suicidal, but I wasn’t, so I didn’t.
    So they arrested me, and held me on $500. cash bail. The charge was so bogus, it was dropped, but the damage was done. So this article is nothing new. Psychiatry, psych drugs, and NAMI, the UN-holy trinity, have done, and continue to do, far more harm than good.
    Notice how you NEVER see anybody from the local “Community Mental Health Center” commenting on these cases in these types of articles…. WHY is that?….

  • It was decades ago, now, that a psychiatrist from India and myself butted heads in a State Mental Hospital. She was a very traditional Indian woman, who wore a sari everyday. That’s fine with me. Her English was pretty good, but I wouldn’t say she was as “fluent” as I’d think a psychiatrist should be in whatever Native language they’re using. It makes no sense to me, to allow a doctor to practice, who isn’t fluent in a given language. But psychiatry is a drug racket, and means of social control, so, whatever, huh?
    Anyway, this Indian psychiatrist and myself were chatting about general stuff, outside of any formal “talk therapy”. She made some comment about something, and I joked, “Oh, you’re just paranoid”. Any native English/American speaker would have understood that I was only kidding around and making a joke. But that’s not how she heard it.
    Later, I got in BIG TROUBLE for “accusing” this quack psychiatrist of being “paranoid”. She heard that word “paranoid” ONLY in it’s strict, clinical sense. She made such a huge stink over it, and it was literally nothing to me. While she tried to “get me in trouble”, she failed because the other Americans on staff realized the true nature of the problem.
    While “diversity” and “multiculturalism” are some of the key magic words for bleeding-heart liberals, they are too often used as tools of genocide. Nothing *GOOD* can come to India, for allowing the pseudoscience lies of the drug racket known as “psychiatry” to invade India, and wreak havoc on Indian society, as it has in the U.S. and Western world..

  • This appeared in 2012, long before I found MadinAmerica. Looks like “GenerationRX” is a good film, – too bad it doesn’t seem to have had as much effect as some of us wish it would. Maybe NOW even more folks will see it….

  • Frank: (and everybody else!),
    Currently, the chips Otsuka is putting in Abilify are very low power, and only have a very short range. They couldn’t possibly communicate with GPS satellites. They are designed ONLY to communicate with a wearable device which is on the victim’s body, or perhaps in a pocket. But that’s only true for current technology. Please note that I am NOT defending this Frankenstein “medicine”! But I don’t want our paranoia to exceed reality, either. Otsuka and Abilify as they ARE NOW, are worthy of paranoia!

  • Dr. Steingard includes a link to a video on “Medscape”, by a Dr. Strakowski, who wants to do a better job at “Branding” psychiatry today. The longer comment above, from myself, is what I posted on “Medscape” in their comments section. But it *looks like* “Dr. sandra steingard” left herself logged in to that site. So I *think* that my comment there looks like it was posted by Dr. Steingard and not myself. I couldn’t see how to log in to “Medscape”. I’m sorry for any confusion, and I’m sure that regular readers of the MiA comment section will recognize my usual comment style and content.

  • I’m a surviving victim of the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as psychiatry. Psychiatry is 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. The DSM-5 is in fact a catalog of billing codes. All of the supposed “diagnoses” in it are bogus, and they were all invented, not discovered. Think about the key difference there. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but they are not more real.

    Consider the “mind”, which psychs believe can be/have an “illness”. Did YOU create your mind all by yourself? Or is it the fact that your mind is a social construction. How did you teach yourself English, before you learned English? Or were you taught English by others? Therefore, so-called “mental illness” must be something that either ALL of us have, or else NONE of us have. Each person is a unique human being, but psychiatry believes there are arbitrary and clearly defined categories of “mind” which can be defined and identified. That’s a form of group delusion.

    As for this so-called “stigma”, which must be “defeated”, how can you propose to “defeat” something which you continue to perpetuate, having created it in the first place? I say you can’t. There ARE some identifiable, biological, physical brain conditions which can mimic many so-called “mental illnesses”, and those are the province of neurology, not psychiatry, as clearly stated in the video. So-called “stigma” is in fact an artifact of psychiatry. Psychiatry created stigma, and psychiatry perpetuates it.

    And I haven’t even gotten to the unholy marriage of psychiatry and PhRMA. Psych drugs are far less safe, much less effective, and much less necessary than your PhRMA paymasters would have you believe. The so-called “medical model” is both an aberration, and an abomination. It’s the tool of oppression which psychiatry wields to inflict the carnage it does. Among my friends are far too many who suffered under psychiatric care. Many, if not most, were also victims of physical, mental, emotional, verbal, psychological, and sexual abuse as children. I know 3 women, – ironically all Catholic, – who were raped by their fathers when they were girls, and who were then taken to psychiatrists for labelling and drugging in their teenage years, all so they would not be believed when the spoke out about the truth. So, yes, psychiatry is complicit in covering up rape. The unmitigated and unacknowledged arrogance and intellectual conceit of psychs such as in the video continues to appall me. The worst mistake I ever made was going to a psychiatrist, and taking psych drugs. The best decision I ever made was to stop both. And so I will live out my years, in increasing good health and happiness psychiatry-free. And I shall speak out every chance I get at the pseudoscience lies of the drug racket and means of social control known as psychiatry. There’s a damn good reason for that “shortage” of psychs, – people are waking up to the delusions, to the lies. You really need to spend a few hours at .madinamerica.com., reading some truth, and hearing other surviving victims tell their true stories. My only conflict of interest is the truth of my own reality, which psychiatry cannot explain. Gee, Doc, what happened to my “mental illness”?

  • @noel:
    I think you should always also note that the DSM-5 is a CATALOG of BILLING CODES….
    And Mental-Illness-Industrial-Complex should be capitalized.
    I sometimes self-identify as an “escaped former mental patient”! LOL
    The BEST thing I EVER did, was turn my back on psychiatry & psych drugs over 20 years ago.
    The WORST thing I ever did was go to a shrink & take psych drugs in the first place!
    Psychiatrists are actually seriously discussing “diagnosing”, and “medicating” so-called “mental illnesses” IN THE WOMB. No, there is no depth of depravity which psychiatry will NOT drop down to….
    If there was true financial and economic justice in the world, Bruce Levine would receive full cover price for the copy of his new book, that I would receive free. No, I’m not some self-entitled idiot who thinks I should just get stuff free. I live in the abject poverty of Social Security Disability as the result of Iatrogenic Neurolepsis. Too many quack psychiatrists gave me too many drugs, which I should never have been given in the first place. I’ll talk to the head Librarian here in town, and see if I can get her to order a copy of

  • I was on a benzo, clonazepam(“Klonopin”), for over 20 years. The Family Physician who originally wrote the prescription was fairly clear with me on the pros & cons of it. It was a low dose, written as a PRN. I could take it if I thought I needed it, but I should also take it as little as possible, and look to eventually coming off of it. And, it was only an “addition” to the intensive recovery and self-healing program I was doing for myself. I also worked most of that time with a group of very excellent clinical psychologists. The longer I was on it, the less I took. Eventually, a 30-day supply lasted many months, and most days I took none. The Dr. & I had an understanding that I was beginning to taper off it, the day I went on it! But I never saw it as “psychotropic”. The whole point was to make my PHYSICAL symptoms more manageable. It had little if any direct effect on my mental, emotional, or psychological state. Once or twice early on, I deliberately took a much larger dose, just to know what the effects would be. I don’t want to live my life zonked out, so abuse of the drug was not an option for me. I can certainly see how so many people have gotten in trouble with benzos, but I’d MORE like to see PhRMA and the Medical community take more of their share of the responsibility. My biggest need for the clonazepam was to limit the effects of Iatrogenic Neurolepsis. When I was much younger, too many quack psychiatrists gave me too many brain-damaging drugs, that I should never have been given in the first place. As good as the article above is, it’s still too much about BLAME the VICTIM. One set of quacks gives too many pills, and another group studies the effects! *I* SHOULD get PAID for taking the crap! Why not? Everybody ELSE involved in benzo manufacture and distribution is getting paid! My God, mental illness runs rampant in the medical profession!

  • The biggest take-away I get from this article, is that this guy Fanon, who I’ve never heard of, thinks that so-called “mental illness” has both cultural/social/society, and environmental factors. Something like that. It’s kind of confusing, really, to make a better judgement with so little information. I really don’t want to waste my time doing a scholarly examination of some long-dead psychiatrist. The BOTTOM LINE for me, is that so-called “mental illness” is something that either ALL of us have, or else NONE of us have. You can choose to believe that nobody has so-called “mental illness” because it doesn’t exist. But I do believe that *SOMETHING* exists, which gets mislabeled as so-called “mental illness”. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. So “mental illness” is something that we ALL HAVE. And we seem to be quite skilled at giving it to others, too. And the greatest single cause of preventable “mental illness” is the pseudoscience of psychiatry. Without psychiatry, “mental illness” wouldn’t exist at all. So at best, this guy Fanon merely perpetuates the modern superstition of “mental illness”.

  • I’m in New Hampshire, one of the 5 States in this study. In 2012, I watched the State CPS, (called “DCYF” here) literally destroy a mildly disabled girl’s family. She was taken away from her very loving but also mildly disabled Mother in a blatantly fraudulent “Neglect Hearing”, and put in foster care. A week later, her Mother was evicted into homelessness. The girl was later put in the Nashua (state-run) Childrens’ Home, and drugged with Seroquel as behavior control. Even considering the girl’s mild physical disability, and her difficult, impoverished childhood, she was a bright, happy, wonderful kid. Until the State took over. And the PSYCH DRUGS. I’ve lost touch with the family now. But yes, powerful PSYCH DRUGS are routinely used as CHEMICAL RESTRAINTS in CHILDREN. This is the EVIL of both psychiatry, and the so-called “medical model”. This article gives just a glimpse of the carnage.

  • Pretty fancy writing, Megan, THANKS! But you know I have to say something. I think you give way too much credibility to the “scientific community” for that deficient definition of *3* responses: “fight, flight, and freeze”. That’s biologically incorrect. (I won’t get into the genetic details here….) We humans have *4* fluid systems in our bodies. Blood, lymph, bile, and digestive. We have *4* nervous systems. (I forget what they’re called….,whatever….) So too do we have *4* responses: FIGHT, FLIGHT, FREEZE, and RUN-and-HIDE. Both “fight” and “freeze” can look similar, because in both we’re still “there”, or “here”, or where ever. And “flight” and “run-and-hide” can look the same, because they both involve “running away”. But “flight” is running away as fast and far as possible, for the sake of getting as far away as fast as possible. “Run-and-hide” is only about running as far as fast as possible to get to a safe place to duck into and hide. “Freeze” is an attempt to hide in plain sight. “Fight” is, well, FIGHT.
    Thinking we have only 3 responses needlessly handicaps us.
    As for the current “administration” in the D.C. White House, remember, you’re young. Most of your distress has been deliberately inflicted by the controlled media. It’s BOTH really not as bad as you think, and worse than you can possibly imagine. That’s the paradox of reality. The paradox of DUALITY. We see this duality in the self/other dichotomy. In the female/male dichotomy. In the sane/insane dichotomy. In the healthy/unhealthy dichotomy. It’s all just US. Or all just THEM. Or EVERYBODY. Or NOBODY. Darn. There’s that “4” thing again!
    Ultimately, the kind of mental masturbation we’re engaging in here is only somewhat satisfying, but not very productive. Thank-you for writing what you’ve written here, which inspired me to write what I’ve written here. You could have done it without me, but I couldn’t have done it without you.

  • “….DACA “did not offer pathways to legalization, address exclusions from deferral and financial aid, provide relief to beneficiaries’ family members, and was revocable.”….”….<- from the article, above, next-to last paragraph….
    This quote points to all that is wrong with DACA, and U.S. immigration policy in general. Obama enacted DACA illegally, in clear violation of his Constitutionally enumerated powers. It SHOULD have been passed as a Federal Law, by Congress. But the FACT is that NEITHER the Repubs or Dems wants to pass a DACA-style law. BOTH parties want to USE DACA recipients as political pawns and bargaining chips. And the so-called "left"/"progressives"/"liberals" are also dupes and pawns in this political process. That Trump himself can void DACA is proof of what I'm saying here. Remember, Trump was a "Democrat" longer than he's been a "Republican".
    None of what I'm saying here negates anything said in the article, above. But the REALITY is, that "illegal immigrant" IS a valid characterization, even for DACA people. DACA is NOT a Federal Law. So, yes, even DACA recipients are in clear violation of Federal Law. That makes them illegal immigrants. Their immigration is illegal. There's no such thing as "illegal people".
    The Democrats could have easily introduced a bill in Congress that would have made DACA a legitimate Federal Law. That they have so far failed to do so, shows just how corrupt America's political process truly is. If Mexican & Central & South American countries and cultures were so HEALTHY and FUNCTIONAL, then we here in America would have far fewer illegal immigrants from those countries. The oft-repeated refrain that such people are "escaping poverty, violence and war" only reinforces what I'm saying here. Yes, some help must be provided by the FedGov. But at the same time, a sense of responsibility and accountability needs to be made clear to the entire illegal immigrant community. To continue to see them as only, or even mainly "passive victims", as this QUALITATIVE study does, is to continue to dehumanize and exploit them. To patronize and belittle them. Democrats want children to take care of at FedGov expense. Republicans want them to grow up, be adults, and take care of themselves. That's how I see it.

  • Princess Aurora: So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. They are ONLY “real” because YOU BELIEVE them to be real. They are “real’ in YOUR mind, but they are NOT real in MY mind. So-called “mental illnesses” ONLY exist in YOUR mind, but they do NOT exist in MY mind.
    Yes, there ARE “crazy people”, but that’s another subject….

  • Dogs are PACK ANIMALS. They are SOCIAL animals. When ANY dog “destroys the furniture”, etc., it’s ONLY because they have been LEFT home ALONE! Have you ever heard of a dog who “destroys the furniture” when their pack/family/people are present? No, of course not. So “destroying the furniture” is a stress response to abandonment. It’s a SOCIAL reaction to an abandoning pack/family. The problem is the pack/family. It’s NOT the dog that’s the problem. The dog is the victim. The pack/family is the problem. Same as with people. That’s the reason the so-called “medical model” of so-called “mental illness” has such a low recovery rate….
    (Also, you’re neglecting consideration of the “No-cebo” effect….)….

  • The single biggest obstacle to “progress” in “behavioral healthcare” is the delusional belief that such a FRANKENSTEIN as “behavioral healthcare” actually exists outside of fiction….
    In the 1800’s, we had Frankenstein, Dracula, Vampires and werewolves.
    In 2018, we have the X-Men, Transformers, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.
    Makes sense.
    After all, we’re still practicing 19th Century medicine with the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry….

  • Oh, my, isn’t that a very pretty and interesting re-arrangement of deck chairs on the Titanic!
    All you do-gooders and reformers are just going around in circles.
    You can “Mental Health America”, and “Change Direction”, and NAMI all you want….
    You’re either rotating clockwise, or else engaged in counter-clockwise rotation.
    Either way, you’re going in circles, at best.
    As long as you believe in so-called “mental illness” or “mental health condition”, or “dual diagnosis”, or
    whatever nonsense du jour, you’re going nowhere.
    It’s a process-centered process, and a system-centered system, and money RULE$!
    The “gold standard” is “HE who has the gold makes the rules”….
    It’s the Capitalist Patriarchy on psych drugs and steroids….
    Until you make it a PERSON-Centered Process, and a SERVICE-Centered System, you’ll get nowhere.
    I know you’re all good people, and mean well, but I will NOT help you re-arrange Titanic deck chairs….
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry, and it’s Frankenstein “medical model”, has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. The DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the bogus “diagnoses” in it were invented, not discovered. There IS a difference. Real people have real problems, but imaginary “diseases” should NOT be part of that. So-called “dual diagnosis” is just the latest SCAM, to $TEAL MONEY, and further enslave folks. And $ELL DRUG$ for PhRMA….
    Why do you REALLY THINK so-called “peer support” always gets the $hort end of the $tick????….

  • It must be pointed out that Baldwin quit because he was “harassed online”, and got some professional push-back and rebuttal to his provably false views. Baldwin’s claims of the safety, efficacy, and ease of withdrawal from so-called “anti-depressants” are NOT supported by either a careful scrutiny of the research, or the TRUTH of many 1,000’s of psych drug victims. But NOWHERE does Baldwin even attempt to defend the PhRMA-backed opinions in his ridiculous letter….

  • What you described just above, *shaun f*, in your longer post, (that I couldn’t reply directly under), is a PROCESS CENTERED process, and a SYSTEM CENTERED system. That’s the whole problem, and the key to the solution. It SHOULD BE a PERSON Centered Process, and a SERVICE Centered System. Think about that, please.

  • Thank-you for that very singular, anecdotal, and extreme report.
    Wouldn’t you estimate that “can be life saving in some instances” works out to AT MOST 5% of persons currently victimized by Electro-Cution Torture? 1%? Also, “history of bipolar disorder” is equivalent to “got lots of presents from Santa Claus last Christmas”. Exactly *WHAT* “medications” had she stopped taking? How long had she been on them? What *in utero* alcohol/drug exposure did she have? Fetal & childhood nutrition? What’s her ACE profile look like?
    If you’re going to come on MiA and defend Electro-Cution Torture, you need much better evidence. And just WHAT does a “positive” “response” to Ativan look like?
    The death penalty does have side effects, but when used properly, it is 100% effective in preventing convicted murderers from re-offending.
    ECT is nothing more than a non-lethal living death penalty.
    ECT = Electro-Cution Torture
    What kind of SICK SOCIETY produces people who need ECT in the first place?

  • About 15 years ago, when she was 22, my friend’s Mother forced her to undergo ECT. My friend has not been the same since. She has poor memory and learning skills, and is only able to barely maintain some limited independence in subsidized housing, a small disability pension, and Food Stamps. She’s a wonderful person, and a good friend, but she is also STILL a VICTIM of psychiatry and the local “Community Mental health Center”. She is forced to take neuro-toxic drugs which she doesn’t want, doesn’t need, and which are harming her. If ECT did her ANY good, I certainly can’t see it. All I can see is an increasingly VICTIMIZED VICTIM. ECT is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg of psychiatry’s GENOCIDE. ECT belongs on the scrap heap of history.
    ECT = Electro-Cution Torture

  • This past Tuesday, I attended a meeting at the local hospital. The Commissioner of the N.H. Dept. of Health and Human Services was there, with a couple staff folks. In Feb., 2016, the hospital fired their child psychiatrist, which resulted in shutting down their 6-bed “Adolescent Psych Unit”. A couple months later, 30 more staff were terminated, and they shut down their 12-bed “Adult Psych Unit”. Now, there is NO inpatient “psychiatric care”/”mental health unit” in a small city hospital which had that for decades. So at this meeting, the Director of the local “Peer Support Agency” stated that “hospitals refuse to accept our workers”. I spoke up, in a loud voice, and said, “The State should NOT ALLOW the hospitals to deny peer support workers.” I even repeated that exact statement into the polite & stunned silence which followed my first comment. As has been documented elsewhere here on MiA, the “mental health system” either refuses, or co-opts “peer support staff”. That’s further proof that psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a means of social control. IF it was a legitimate medical specialty, it would WELCOME assistance from any person. The exclusion and co-opting of peer workers is further proof of the toxicity of the so-called “behavioral health/mental health” system…..

  • FWIW, on the title page of “Alcoholics Anonymous”, the quote is: “The story of how many thousands of men and women HAVE RECOVERED from alcoholism”. (Emphasis added.) The founders of A.A. spoke of becoming “recovered” from alcoholism, but staying in a “recovery process” for life. You can turn a cucumber into a pickle, but you can’t turn a pickle back into a cucumber!

  • Look for “Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism”, by Chogyam Trungpa, and I can strongly recommend anything by the Dalai Lama, as entry texts to non-Zen, Mahayana Buddhism. Also, “Going Home, Jesus and Buddha as Brothers”, by Thich Nhat Hanh, is an excellent little book that shows how much basic Buddhist and Christian beliefs have in common. To me, though, Zen is just a bunch of headgames!

  • “….if an intestinal microbiome disarray is the cause of mania and bipolar disorder”….as the article states, then so-called “bi-polar” really is NOT a “mental illness” at all, is it?….
    So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real….

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. BTW, Bayer first gave the world “Heroin”, as a brand-named, patented, trademarked consumer product, back in the late 1800’s.
    Thank-you, Sharna. What MORE can we do, to assist your efforts?….

  • Thank-you, Carlene, for sharing your truth here. I’d go further and state that experiencing some “suicidal thoughts” is a completely normal and natural part of being human. I think ALL people go through one or more times of some level or degree of “suicidal thinking”. ALL adults have “considered suicide”. I know I have “thought about” suicide, when I was on psych drugs. But whatever being “suicidal” is, I got over it years ago.
    (Sorry about all the “quotation marks”, – that’s the best way I know to write the words which best express my thoughts. This is one subject that calls for more nuance than our language commonly allows.)
    Once, 20 years ago, 2 employees of the local “Community Mental Health Center” called the police, and LIED, and claimed I was “suicidal” when I wasn’t. The police surrounded my apartment, broke in, and dragged me out naked in handcuffs. Literally. They took me to the local hospital emergency room, where a different CMHC employee attempted to coerce me into “admitting” my “suicidality”. But I wasn’t at all suicidal, so the police arrested me on bogus charges, and $500. cash bail. A few weeks ago in August, based on a lie of being “suicidal”, my friend was put against her will in the isolation cells in the local hospital for 5 days, then driven to the State Mental Hospital in handcuffs and shackles by the Sheriff’s. She was NOT at all “suicidal”.
    Being (supposedly) “suicidal” is actually used as a WEAPON against people. This just confirms what Carlene is saying, – that teams of people will spring into action, to “prevent” a “suicide”, but they aren’t willing to just sit with, and listen to, a “suicidal” person. The whole “Community Mental Health center” paradigm, and the pseudoscience lies of the drugs racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry” has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. And “suicides” CAUSED by psych drugs? NOBODY wants to look at THAT!….

  • Gee, what happened to the “social model of disability”??? I appreciate your willingness to engage with the rabble here in the comment section, Mr. Coombs. And I regret what’s happened in the comment section. I’m seeing a whole lot of mutual mental masturbation here. It sure feels good, but produces nothing but a sticky mess, regardless of gender. Look at ALL the comments here. EVERY one is all about TRUMP, and OUR REACTIONS expressed in words. Political bickering. ARGUING over the PRECISE definition of provocative CODE WORDS. How many comments even MENTION the “social model of disability”? NONE! (Except *mine*, of course!) And all *I* do is mention it. My point, Mr. Coombs, is that you have fallen for the “con”. You don’t understand that there is no real difference between the Republican and Democrat political parties, in terms of what they actually *DO*. Sure, they have 2 very different sets of rhetoric, designed to appeal to a wide range of people, but that’s deliberately deceptive. The Dems appeal to the feminine, liberal left. The Repubs appeal to the masculine conservative right. (Yes, that’s both an over-simplification and over-generalization.) So by defining and limiting “both ends” of the “political spectrum”, the whole of the population is better controlled. And, by encouraging debate ONLY within these 2 artificially limited and controlled parameters, the *perception* of a full and open debate on the issues is both created, and controlled. This dynamic largely shapes and defines the larger culture, the SOCIETY from which that “social” emerges. So we have all ignored any serious discussion of your precious “social model of disability”. See what I mean? What’s more important to you, Mr. Coombs? Pointless political arguing about Trump? Or actually helping disabled people? I think you have done NOTHING in this article to either present and educate the ideas behind the “social model of disability”, *OR* to help disabled persons. As we learn in Alcoholics Anonymous and addiction recovery services, a key feature of the addict and alcoholic is DENIAL. Denial is an inability to clearly see the damage and harm our drug and alcohol use is causing us. Addicts and alcoholics BOTH resist and deny the idea that they are truly “sick”, or have a problem with their substance use and consumption. To my diagnostic eye, you yourself have a very serious, perhaps terminal case of “Trump Anxiety Disorder”. You’re far from alone. Thanks to a Global-scale FAKE NEWS media, we’ve ALL been infected. I’m sorry you chose to write about Trump at all, and I’m sorry MiA chose to publish your article. Maybe next time you can write an article about the Social Model of Disability. (Personally, I think the U.S. should invade Britain, topple the Monarchy, and convert the subjects of the Crown into citizens of a true democracy. But that’s satire, Mr Coombs.)

  • One key point needs to be made, and EMPHASIZED. In the article above, Sasha Altman DuBrul makes a statement about the system “saving money”, as if that’s a good thing. This is a common delusion among “peer support” folks, and most other people. The system is NOT interested in “saving money”. Why should they be? It’s TAXES. It’s OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. The system wants to tax as much as it can, and spend as much as it can, even going as far as DEFICIT spending. Deficit spending into debt, even! The current U.S. *deficit* is $100’s of Billions per year, maybe over $1Trillion. The U.S. DEBT is well over $22Trillion. Most U.S. States are in similar, if smaller $$ positions. So, no, “saving money” is never more than empty words. You *ALL* need to read this, and correct your delusional thinking. THEY really don’t care whether or not WE “save” them any money at all. Because even if we do manage to “save” them some money, they will just spend it somewhere else…. We may as well tell them the TRUTH. We will get better results, even if it costs them more money.

  • Almost 15 years ago, now, the postman, a Federal USPS employee, “reported” me to the police, who “investigated” me. The cop wrote in his statement, in my criminal record, that I needed to be “psychiatrically stabilized”. (The cop had once worked as a “psychiatric worker”) Today, it’s been well over 20 years since I’ve seen a psychiatrist, and I’ve never been healthier! What you’re saying is correct, >streetphotobeing<!

  • Darby Penney: I’m agreeing more with >oldhead< here, and affirming that "naive" is correct. In 1996, here in New Hampshire, I was one of the original founding board members of a new "Peer Support Agency". We got financial and administrative support from a State-wide 501(c)3 "Disability" agency, all flush with the latest "empowerment" jargon and lingo. Quickly, the local "Community mental Health Center" began shoehorning their way in. They literally stole some of our grant seed money, and stacked the board with "system loyalists". I was kicked off the board because I was too "consumer oriented", or some such lame, pathetic excuse. Now, that center functions as the "day treatment" program for the same CMHC, which has NO day treatment program of it's own. Folks are still abused and drugged as much as ever in the "State system". "Peer support", as an organized entity, is a sham. The paradox is that ONLY TRUE PEER SUPPORT, not the sham "mental health system" stuff, has any hope of truly helping people…. The so-called "survivor movement" isn't any better. You "survivors" are still defining yourselves in terms of THEIR (systemic) ABUSE of you! Why not imagine a world BEYOND BOTH "mental health" *AND* "mental illness"?….

  • Thank-you, Michele, for adding your voice to a growing chorus! And WELCOME to >Mad in America<..Yes, I get what you mean when you say that, "we have an epidemic of people taking psych meds for years at a time (sometimes decades) for a host of mental disorders and some of these people are not getting better." But sadly, I think you'll find it's much worse than you imagine. It's NOT ONLY "some of these people" who aren't "getting better". I'd say it's MOST of "these people" who "aren't getting better". They can't. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a means of social control. It's 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. The DSM-5 is really best seen as a catalog of billing codes. All of the so-called "diagnoses" in it are bogus, and they were all INVENTED as excuses to $ELL DRUG$. Real people have real problems, but imaginary diseases shouldn't be part of that. And so-called "mental illnesses" are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. I'm familiar with Dr. Kelly Brogan, and I'd say you're in good hands with her. She's one of the shining light exceptions to the rule of psychiatry being a pseudoscience and drug racket. What saved my life was reading Dr. Peter Breggin's "Toxic Psychiatry" in the early 1990's. From what I read here, you've gotten on the best path to recovery and healing. In 2023, today will be 5 years history, and will look VERY different! If I knew then, what I know now, I would NEVER have started with psychiatry and psych drugs in the first place! I'm glad you survived.

  • Both your article, Dr. Cornwall, and your comments, JanCarol, are EXCELLENT. JanCarol, I used to be your brother! I would make very incisive, very sarcastic, very funny, and very hurtful comments to the vulnerable in my circle of friends. That was during high school / teenage years. I was doing it to protect myself, given the abuse I experienced growing up. But luckily I saw it for what it was, and stopped, eventually. I think many, most, or even all of the persons you described, Dr. Cornwall, were themselves abused in various ways as children, even if it was “only” verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse. I think we need to broaden our view, and see these dynamics as the multi-generational and social-scale functions that they truly are. After all, what is it that too often makes us such good victims for the victimizers? Repeating patterns! Thank-you, BOTH!

  • Given all the brain-cramp inducing mental masturbation here, all the gobbledygook and psychobabble, there’s one big elephant in the room that’s getting ignored. So-called “social justice” is nothing more than individual-scale justice scaled up to the Society level. And ALL adult persons were once children. And, in a wide variety of ways, MOST children experience some form(s) of abuse, from mile to extreme. Verbal, emotional, psychological, and mild physical abuse are typically seen as the milder forms, with sexual and violent physical abuse as the more severe. And in most abusive families, there’s some effort to cover-up, and “normalize” the abuse, which the children wittingly or unwittingly participate in. Sexual abuse, and violent physical abuse, are especially to be covered up, and not spoken about. Thus it’s easy to dismiss children’s complaints and concerns, often by discrediting or invalidating the child. Given the pervasiveness of these dynamics, it’s easy to see how generation after generation, a SICK SOCIETY is created and maintained. And thus are the structures of a sick society created and maintained. Psychology and psychoanalysis too often put window dressing and heavy curtains on windows that should be open to let the light in. And psychiatry STIGMATIZES and DRUGS the victims, with bogus “mental illness” labels, and potent neuro-toxins. Thus the sick society is perpetuated. There can NEVER truly be any so-called “social justice”, until and unless individual justice is advanced. There can NEVER truly be any so-called “social justice”, until and unless SOCIAL justice is advanced. It’s not an “either/or”. That’s the trap of DUALITY, as best expressed in Buddhist philosophy, which the West ignores at best, and rejects at worst. What psychology, (and what little actual psychoanalysis still exists,), MOST NEED to do, is stop trying to be psychiatry’s little brother with dreams and delusions of grandeur, stop pushing for “prescribing rights”, drop the gobbledygook and psychobabble, and GET REAL. Real people have real problems, but imaginary “mental illnesses” should NOT be part of that. Psychiatry and its’ poison pills have done, and continue to do, far more harm than good. And sadly, psychology trails right along behind.
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • Danvers began in the 1870’s. (I couldn’t find the exact date here.) Thorazine was invented in the 1950’s. So I don’t think Thorazine helped Danvers do anything. I’d guess Katherine’s “target audience” is as much of the general public as she can reach. She wants to sell books. Duh. But educating the public is more important, and I bet Katherine agrees with me on that. We’ve both been in some psychiatric snakepits, it sounds like. But if Katherine’s story about Danvers gets us so upset, maybe we’re still back there. I only get stressed thinking about the places I was actually tortured and incarcerated at. And yes, I, too, heard that line, “If you weren’t crazy when you got here, then you will be when you leave.” And, our “recovery” will be a life-long process. We can NEVER be who we would have been, if we had never been subjected to what we were subjected to. You can turn a cucumber into a pickle, but you can’t turn a pickle back into a cucumber.
    We here at MiA are ALL “psychiatric pickles”! (Dills are ok, but too sour. I like sweet gherkins the best!)

  • Katherine,
    I went too thin, when I was buttering on the flattery. You weren’t the target of my criticisms; – you just happened to be walking in front of the target when I fired my latest salvo! Large, State-run institutions have been snake pits and hell-holes, yes, but I think there are larger political, social and economic forces responsible for that. The earlier photos, and your description of early days at Danvers show that Danvers started out with good intentions, and was probably a pretty nice place to be, back when. One big problem with psych drugs, is that they are used as “chemical restraints”, and “chemical straitjackets”, which negates any therapeutic effects they might otherwise have, and makes any kind of actual “therapy” much less effective, and likely. I’m a HUGE history fan, and articles like yours are some of my favorites!

  • I really don’t think you get it, >oldheadoldhead<. But it seems to me that you continue to ignore OTHER people's reality. Even if I could, I would not force other people to not believe in so-called "mental illnesses" being real.
    The BEST part about your nit-picky critique of MiA, is Robert Whitaker's response. THANK-YOU, Robert!
    *try this: "….persons given DSM-5 labels…."
    I'd say, "persons given BOGUS DS M-5 labels", but that's just me….

  • Thank-you, Katherine, so very much for this article, and the years of work and dedication which it represents.
    Now, of course you know I have to pick a few nits. I’m an MiA regular, so maybe my sensitive and hyper-critical nature is genetic. Heck, maybe it’ll be in the DSM-6. Early in the article, you use the term “mentally ill”, and “insane”, but without the quotation marks. Later, you use “mentally ill” WITH quotation marks. Personally, I think you should only use “so-called “mentally ill””, with quotation marks around “mentally ill”.
    My point is, that for all the change in knowledge, understanding, and culture, we still don’t really know what we’re talking about here. We can’t agree on what words to use to describe “it”. Whatever “it” is. But as the early years of Danvers show, we actually did a MUCH better job helping hurting and scared and confused persons 100 years ago, than we do now! Psychiatry and psych drugs have been steps backwards, not the “progress” the psychs would claim.
    And it’s interesting to note your description of handcraft occupations as “demeaning”. That’s bunk, and it’s not flattering that you think that way. Would it be better that persons sit in drug-induced stupors all day?
    We’ve seen that so-called “sheltered workshops” for so-called “retarded” persons have been phased out, as “reformers”, and “progressives” THINK they know better than common sense. So-called “community treatment” of the so-called “mentally ill” has been an abysmal failure, but it isn’t because residential facilities were too big.
    I hope you spend many hours here at MiA, and learn from those of us who have spent some time at places such as Danvers. You’ve done a valuable service by keeping a historical window open into our collective past. So-called “mental illnesses” are better seen as “STD’s”. They are “socially-transmitted disorders”.
    Thanks again.

  • This sad story is WRONG on so many, many levels. But there’s one thing that’s common to most, if not all States, including here in New Hampshire. Any person who has been, or is, “involuntarily committed” to a “mental health receiving facility” WILL BE transported in handcuffs and shackles by Sheriff’s Deputies, in a Sheriff’s cruiser, or van in this case. HANDCUFFS and SHACKLES. Even if the victim-“patient” hasn’t been charged with a crime, – and most aren’t. Some quack says you’re “a danger to self or others due to mental illness”, and you’re treated like a criminal. I challenge and defy AMY doctor or clinician reading this to comment below, and defend this barbaric practice. There is NO excuse for these women to have died. Yes, the Sheriff’s deputies should be charged with “criminally negligent homicide”. they KNEW, or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, that their “actions were likely to result in injury or death” to these 2 women. If ALL the people in the van had drowned, hey, too bad. But the Sheriff’s Deputies saved themselves, WHY NOT the 2 women?….

  • In other words,:
    “We psychiatrists have been pumping psych drugs into folks for decades, but we have done NO legitimate, long-term research to see if our mass-population, poly-drugging for life protocol actually has any real benefits or not. Of course this also allows us to ignore the ever-growing choir of voices claiming harm from our misguided drugs racket. But hey, look at all the MONEY and POWER we have! Ain’t life great!”

  • Yeah, Steve, too bad that “undermining” is only theoretical and metaphorical….
    BTW, “pre-emptive moderation” I understand. It sucks, but what can I do about it?
    But what’s with this DELAYED pre-emptive moderation.
    No, I do not think it’s at all unreasonable to expect my comments to be approved within a few short hours.
    I see several comments that are days old, and STILL “awaiting moderation”….
    And you have so far FAILED to answer several questions I asked you, relevant to “comment moderation”.
    What’s your problem, Steve?

  • It’s really SAD that there’s only 1 comment here, in well over a month. So-called “family separation” isn’t really a new problem, it happened under Obama, too. And, what nobody wants to talk about is DETERRENCE.
    How do we DIS-courage folks from coming here? Other countries need to be fixing their own problems, not squeezing their people out to come here. Why CREATE more refugees? Shouldn’t “refugee-ism” be discouraged? Hey, I’m all for making legal immigrants feel as welcome as possible. But, YES, I want to see everything possible done to DIS-courage ILLEGAL immigration. And why is NOBODY mentioning the abomination of private, for-profit detention facilities?

  • Serious question, Richard:
    What exactly do you mean by saying “fake news” is “fascist code words”?
    How is that different from “Fascist code words”?
    My understanding is that Hitler and Mussolini are really the only 2 “Fascists”,
    but that there are many “fascists”.
    Personally, I think that psychiatry is the personification of “medical fascism”, but I wouldn’t call a psychiatrist a “Fascist”. I might ask a psychiatrist how it feels to be a “fascist”, but I wouldn’t call them a “Fascist”, and I’d probably get in trouble if I did.
    Please note that I have been very careful here with upper- and lower-case “F’s” & “f’s”….
    I think you’re skating on paper-thin ice by over-using and abusing the OTHER “F-bomb”….

  • “For the one person reading this who needs to be told that the above is satire — I am sorry…”

    Apology not accepted, Mr. Coombs. It appears that *I* am that “one person”. Until I came to the line I quoted above, no, I had no idea that you were writing “satire”. Even now, going back and re-reading your piece, I still can’t quite see it as “satire”. Is your WHOLE piece here “satire”? Or only the section(s) above the disclaimer?
    I can appreciate your trying to make jokes, or satire, or whatever you want to call it, but I still don’t really understand what your point is. Are you in fact making a serious point about the so-called “social model” v. the “medical model? So why go on so much about Trump? Do you consider Trump to be a “Fascist”, or merely “fascistic”? There’s a world of difference.
    You see, Mr. Coombs, I really don’t think it’s “about Trump” at all. It’s about YOU, and ME, and US and WE, and what will be OUR response(s) and reaction(s) to Trump? Will we act as courageous rational adults, or scared and silly children? What most appalls me is the very real “Trump Derangement Syndrome”/”Trump Anxiety Disorder” that YOU PEOPLE are so vividly displaying here.
    I actually voted for Trump, for 2 main reasons.
    1. The media was so blatantly PRO-Hilary, and anti-Trump, that it was my way of saying “screw you” to the media.
    2. I STILL think Trump is better than “Huck Filary”
    There’s something you really don’t understand, Mr. Coombs. Changing puppets in the puppet show doesn’t change the puppet-masters. BOTH Trump and Clinton are puppets to the “GREG B.’s”, the Global Ruling Elites and Global Banksters, as I call them. See, Mr. Coombs, I do have respect for you, but at the same time, I get a perverse pleasure out of watching you libbies get your panties in a bunch over Trump.
    Because you see, I was once captured in combat, taken captive, held hostage in a secret prison, and tortured with drugs for 6 months. That really, actually, literally happened to me. It was decades ago, now.
    I got over it. I’m very comfortable and happy with my PTSD. And I think that MiA made a very serious editorial error by printing your anti-Trump diatribe disguised as “satire”. I can understand that humor is the tool you’re using to self-counsel you own case of TAD. Maybe the DSM-6 will include it. But that’s satire….
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
    ps: Please clarify, – you ARE writing from England, aren’t you? I heard Europe is going to nuke Britain for Brexit. But that’s satire, too….

  • Lawrence, while I generally agree with what you’re saying about the excesses of both Medicare & Medicaid, I have to quibble with a minor point. I’m both a Medicare and Medicaid “beneficiary”, as a disabled person. While yes, I’m grateful for what care I’ve gotten, NEITHER program pays “full freight”. Only *some* of my “healthcare costs” are covered, and then, usually only a percentage of the billed amount is reimbursed. But yes, “healthcare” in this country is a MESS, and Medicare/Medicaid are far from the “solutions” they are usually presented to be….

  • Only about 15% of the U.S. population is directly invested in the Stock Market/Wall St., and another 35% is indirectly invested through 401(k)’s, IRA’s, etc. So about 1/2 the U.S. population is NOT invested. And, companies such as Perdue Pharma, which gave us Oxycontin, and made $Billionaires$ out of the Sackler family, are private companies that you can’t invest in. Truly, PhRMA mostly profits the rich, ruling elites.
    I think MiA should convince the APA to agree to NO “DSM-6”. It’s a catalog of billing codes. Thanks, littleturtle!

  • I’ve only seen it described as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, and it is just as real as any entry in the DSM-5. But not more real….
    If I’m driving down the road, and thinking about killing myself, and I decide to swerve into that oncoming large truck to commit suicide, but then I change my mind, and don’t do that, and then years later I ask this question, have I, or have I NOT, “survived a suicide attempt”?
    Am I, or am I NOT, a “suicide attempt survivor”?
    So, is MiA now publishing satire without disclaimer, or only part doing so?
    Maybe the DSM-5 is social satire, too? I love this stuff! I’m all like

  • Well over 10 years ago, now, I worked very closely with both a PCP/Primary Care Physician, and a licensed clinical psychologist. I took both Wellbutrin, and later Zoloft, for well over a year each. They did NOTHING for me, that I could tell. The psychologist said he *might* have noticed “some slight improvement”, but he couldn’t be sure. The only “change” I noticed, was that I found myself thinking in vague terms about the subject of suicide more often. I was never “suicidal”, – just found myself thinking about the general subject.
    So, yes, I can see how for some people, a prescription for “antidepressants” could also be a prescription for suicide. But, of course, a rising suicide rate means we need more money spent on more psychs and psych drugs, right?….

  • I’m genuinely curious, oldhead. Why do you STILL use the racist, invented term “marijauna”? You DO know it’s racist history, don’t you?
    Cannabis is far more accurate.
    It’s funny watching a “Drug Warrior” try to explain the human endocannabinoid system!
    But seriously, why still “marijauna”, and not CANNABIS?….

  • Your reasoning is circular, Richard, as regards “capitalism”. I’m saying that “capitalism” *ALLOWS* the excesses that you and I rightly reject. But *I* am saying that “capitalism” DOES NOT REQUIRE these excesses. When you use “ENVIRONMENT” above, I don’t think you mean, “sky, and air, and water, and plants and trees and soil, etc.” Don’t you mean “human environment”? 99.99% are CAPABLE of murder, but 99.9% DO NOT murder. Human nature *allows* murder, but human nature does NOT *require* murder. Seriously, Richard, I think your mind and thought process are tripping over your own ideology, and “anti-capitalist” emotional bias. And rhetoric. I do appreciate your critique. But I can’t agree, because I think you’re misunderstanding what I’m saying. Just because I *CAN* take drugs, doesn’t mean that I *MUST* take drugs. I’m saying the same thing, in essence, about PhRMA AND “capitalism”. And psychiatry. Just because we have psychiatry, doesn’t mean that we need psychiatry. I bet you’d agree on THAT, Richard! Thnx!, ~B./

  • Bradford’s comment consisted of asking a question regarding the conscious, or possibly non/un-conscious motivation behind the line of reasoning employed by “shaun f”, in his comments regarding “Big Tobacco”, and “Big Alcohol”.
    As we’ve seen this weekend, Bradford has been effectively GOTZSCHE’D!….
    Such actions have brought DISREPUTE to both the Cochrane, and MiA…..
    “Gotcha’, Gotzsche! How do you like being CENSORED?”….
    (*MY* words only bring “disrepute” to myself. I’m a rational adult, and I accept responsibility for my words.)

  • In the second paragraph above, (below the photo of the pills & toy soldier), there’s what can only be a typo, although it’s in quotation marks. Where it says, “flawed and unequivocal at best.”, that “un” must be an error.
    “Flawed and equivocal” makes sense in context. “Flawed and unequivocal” makes NO sense in context.
    In plain English, psychiatric drugs are much less necessary, less safe, and less effective than the psychs and PhRMA want you to believe.
    In my own case, an abrupt, “cold turkey” withdrawal from “AP”‘s resulted in a near-fatal toxic withdrawal reaction. As is typical, the psychs mis-diagnosed the drug withdrawal as so-called “mental illness”.
    This is yet another example of why I proclaim the TRUTH. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neurotoxins. Psychiatry and its’ poison pills have done, and continue to do, far more harm than good. Only with more than 2 decades of recovery can I be so sure of what I know to be true. Most of the more severe “symptoms” I experienced occurred AFTER I was put on psych drugs in High School. And in the 2+ decades that I’ve been psychiatry and drug free, my so-called “symptoms” have almost completely disappeared. Gee, Doc, what happened to my (supposed) “mental illness”? The longer I avoid psychiatry and its’ poison pills, the more whole, healthy, and happy I become.
    It’s so sad. Folks I met 30 years ago in the loony bin, are now shuffling, shaking, drooling, and totally dysfunctional. Long-term use of “AP”‘s, with very few exceptions, (there MUST be SOME….), ALWAYS results in worse outcomes….
    When will you people learn?

  • To echo and expand upon what Mr. McCrae says above:
    I was involved in a case where a mildly disabled single mother, and her mildly disabled daughter were victims of the local “mental health system”. Mom’s payee for her Social Security Disability checks, – an employee of a local 501(c)3 “agency”, – was stealing money and doing other nefarious activities(crimes). In a very blatantly illegal Court hearing, with an incompetent, crooked and corrupt judge, the kid was taken away from her home on a bogus “neglect petition”. The following week, her mother was illegally evicted from her HUD-subsidized housing, into homelessness. The little girl was bounced around in foster care, put in State-run “children’s homes”, sent to the State Mental Hospital, and put on Seroquil for “behavior control”.
    The “system” is incompetent, crooked, and corrupt. I watched it happen, and was rendered powerless to help.
    Thinking about this case alone, is very painful. And it’s one of many.
    The SAD REALITY, which was only hinted at, in the article above, is that there are too many SICK and TWISTED persons working in a BROKEN “child advocacy system”. TOO MANY ignorant, evil “do-gooders”.
    Yes, EVIL. What I saw done to that woman and her daughter has no better description than EVIL. And it was all legal….technically, anyway….

  • The first time I was forced-incarcerated to the State Loony Bin was because of WAY too many drugs, including LSD, alcohol, and “antipsychotics”, -(Thorazine, Stellazine, Haldol, Mellaril, Navane, Cogentin, etc.). I actually improved greatly when I learned the trick of not taking the drugs the staff was giving me, but still making them *think* that I was taking the drugs. So, when I was released, they thought I had “improved” *because* of the drugs, and not in spite of them, as was the case. So, without being aware of the implications of what I had done, I gave a false view of the drugs’ efficacy to the system.
    The second time I was forced-incarcerated, it was in the forensic unit of the State prison. That was because I had abruptly stopped taking “Triavil”, ( a combination of Trilafon & Elavil), and experienced a very near-fatal toxic withdrawal reaction.
    The 3rd time, I was only in the local hospital’s “mental health unit” for a couple of weeks. I had been given Trazodone by the local “community mental health center”, and they failed to do a blood level check. So I went toxic on the drug, when it built up in my system. I only found out later that a “history of alcoholism” is one of the risk factors requiring more careful drug monitoring.
    So the greed, ignorance, and incompetence of the “Mental-Illness-Industrial-Complex” has almost killed me, and I’m only one of the majority of persons who has experienced the “more harm than good” nature of both so-called “anti-psychotics”, and “Mental Health, America, Inc.”
    Anybody who finds themselves in the unfortunate situation of being given “anti-psychotics” should not stop taking them abruptly, but should taper down.
    Best not to “treat” with the pseudoscience lies of the drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry” in the first place! If I knew then what I know now, I would never have taken those poison pills in the first place. So-called “anti-psychotics” usually end up causing the very “psychosis”: they’re supposed to treat. Psychiatry itself, is organized “mental illness”!