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  • Both your article, Dr. Cornwall, and your comments, JanCarol, are EXCELLENT. JanCarol, I used to be your brother! I would make very incisive, very sarcastic, very funny, and very hurtful comments to the vulnerable in my circle of friends. That was during high school / teenage years. I was doing it to protect myself, given the abuse I experienced growing up. But luckily I saw it for what it was, and stopped, eventually. I think many, most, or even all of the persons you described, Dr. Cornwall, were themselves abused in various ways as children, even if it was “only” verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse. I think we need to broaden our view, and see these dynamics as the multi-generational and social-scale functions that they truly are. After all, what is it that too often makes us such good victims for the victimizers? Repeating patterns! Thank-you, BOTH!

  • Given all the brain-cramp inducing mental masturbation here, all the gobbledygook and psychobabble, there’s one big elephant in the room that’s getting ignored. So-called “social justice” is nothing more than individual-scale justice scaled up to the Society level. And ALL adult persons were once children. And, in a wide variety of ways, MOST children experience some form(s) of abuse, from mile to extreme. Verbal, emotional, psychological, and mild physical abuse are typically seen as the milder forms, with sexual and violent physical abuse as the more severe. And in most abusive families, there’s some effort to cover-up, and “normalize” the abuse, which the children wittingly or unwittingly participate in. Sexual abuse, and violent physical abuse, are especially to be covered up, and not spoken about. Thus it’s easy to dismiss children’s complaints and concerns, often by discrediting or invalidating the child. Given the pervasiveness of these dynamics, it’s easy to see how generation after generation, a SICK SOCIETY is created and maintained. And thus are the structures of a sick society created and maintained. Psychology and psychoanalysis too often put window dressing and heavy curtains on windows that should be open to let the light in. And psychiatry STIGMATIZES and DRUGS the victims, with bogus “mental illness” labels, and potent neuro-toxins. Thus the sick society is perpetuated. There can NEVER truly be any so-called “social justice”, until and unless individual justice is advanced. There can NEVER truly be any so-called “social justice”, until and unless SOCIAL justice is advanced. It’s not an “either/or”. That’s the trap of DUALITY, as best expressed in Buddhist philosophy, which the West ignores at best, and rejects at worst. What psychology, (and what little actual psychoanalysis still exists,), MOST NEED to do, is stop trying to be psychiatry’s little brother with dreams and delusions of grandeur, stop pushing for “prescribing rights”, drop the gobbledygook and psychobabble, and GET REAL. Real people have real problems, but imaginary “mental illnesses” should NOT be part of that. Psychiatry and its’ poison pills have done, and continue to do, far more harm than good. And sadly, psychology trails right along behind.
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • Danvers began in the 1870’s. (I couldn’t find the exact date here.) Thorazine was invented in the 1950’s. So I don’t think Thorazine helped Danvers do anything. I’d guess Katherine’s “target audience” is as much of the general public as she can reach. She wants to sell books. Duh. But educating the public is more important, and I bet Katherine agrees with me on that. We’ve both been in some psychiatric snakepits, it sounds like. But if Katherine’s story about Danvers gets us so upset, maybe we’re still back there. I only get stressed thinking about the places I was actually tortured and incarcerated at. And yes, I, too, heard that line, “If you weren’t crazy when you got here, then you will be when you leave.” And, our “recovery” will be a life-long process. We can NEVER be who we would have been, if we had never been subjected to what we were subjected to. You can turn a cucumber into a pickle, but you can’t turn a pickle back into a cucumber.
    We here at MiA are ALL “psychiatric pickles”! (Dills are ok, but too sour. I like sweet gherkins the best!)

  • Katherine,
    I went too thin, when I was buttering on the flattery. You weren’t the target of my criticisms; – you just happened to be walking in front of the target when I fired my latest salvo! Large, State-run institutions have been snake pits and hell-holes, yes, but I think there are larger political, social and economic forces responsible for that. The earlier photos, and your description of early days at Danvers show that Danvers started out with good intentions, and was probably a pretty nice place to be, back when. One big problem with psych drugs, is that they are used as “chemical restraints”, and “chemical straitjackets”, which negates any therapeutic effects they might otherwise have, and makes any kind of actual “therapy” much less effective, and likely. I’m a HUGE history fan, and articles like yours are some of my favorites!

  • I really don’t think you get it, >oldheadoldhead<. But it seems to me that you continue to ignore OTHER people's reality. Even if I could, I would not force other people to not believe in so-called "mental illnesses" being real.
    The BEST part about your nit-picky critique of MiA, is Robert Whitaker's response. THANK-YOU, Robert!
    *try this: "….persons given DSM-5 labels…."
    I'd say, "persons given BOGUS DS M-5 labels", but that's just me….

  • Thank-you, Katherine, so very much for this article, and the years of work and dedication which it represents.
    Now, of course you know I have to pick a few nits. I’m an MiA regular, so maybe my sensitive and hyper-critical nature is genetic. Heck, maybe it’ll be in the DSM-6. Early in the article, you use the term “mentally ill”, and “insane”, but without the quotation marks. Later, you use “mentally ill” WITH quotation marks. Personally, I think you should only use “so-called “mentally ill””, with quotation marks around “mentally ill”.
    My point is, that for all the change in knowledge, understanding, and culture, we still don’t really know what we’re talking about here. We can’t agree on what words to use to describe “it”. Whatever “it” is. But as the early years of Danvers show, we actually did a MUCH better job helping hurting and scared and confused persons 100 years ago, than we do now! Psychiatry and psych drugs have been steps backwards, not the “progress” the psychs would claim.
    And it’s interesting to note your description of handcraft occupations as “demeaning”. That’s bunk, and it’s not flattering that you think that way. Would it be better that persons sit in drug-induced stupors all day?
    We’ve seen that so-called “sheltered workshops” for so-called “retarded” persons have been phased out, as “reformers”, and “progressives” THINK they know better than common sense. So-called “community treatment” of the so-called “mentally ill” has been an abysmal failure, but it isn’t because residential facilities were too big.
    I hope you spend many hours here at MiA, and learn from those of us who have spent some time at places such as Danvers. You’ve done a valuable service by keeping a historical window open into our collective past. So-called “mental illnesses” are better seen as “STD’s”. They are “socially-transmitted disorders”.
    Thanks again.

  • This sad story is WRONG on so many, many levels. But there’s one thing that’s common to most, if not all States, including here in New Hampshire. Any person who has been, or is, “involuntarily committed” to a “mental health receiving facility” WILL BE transported in handcuffs and shackles by Sheriff’s Deputies, in a Sheriff’s cruiser, or van in this case. HANDCUFFS and SHACKLES. Even if the victim-“patient” hasn’t been charged with a crime, – and most aren’t. Some quack says you’re “a danger to self or others due to mental illness”, and you’re treated like a criminal. I challenge and defy AMY doctor or clinician reading this to comment below, and defend this barbaric practice. There is NO excuse for these women to have died. Yes, the Sheriff’s deputies should be charged with “criminally negligent homicide”. they KNEW, or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, that their “actions were likely to result in injury or death” to these 2 women. If ALL the people in the van had drowned, hey, too bad. But the Sheriff’s Deputies saved themselves, WHY NOT the 2 women?….

  • In other words,:
    “We psychiatrists have been pumping psych drugs into folks for decades, but we have done NO legitimate, long-term research to see if our mass-population, poly-drugging for life protocol actually has any real benefits or not. Of course this also allows us to ignore the ever-growing choir of voices claiming harm from our misguided drugs racket. But hey, look at all the MONEY and POWER we have! Ain’t life great!”

  • Yeah, Steve, too bad that “undermining” is only theoretical and metaphorical….
    BTW, “pre-emptive moderation” I understand. It sucks, but what can I do about it?
    But what’s with this DELAYED pre-emptive moderation.
    No, I do not think it’s at all unreasonable to expect my comments to be approved within a few short hours.
    I see several comments that are days old, and STILL “awaiting moderation”….
    And you have so far FAILED to answer several questions I asked you, relevant to “comment moderation”.
    What’s your problem, Steve?

  • It’s really SAD that there’s only 1 comment here, in well over a month. So-called “family separation” isn’t really a new problem, it happened under Obama, too. And, what nobody wants to talk about is DETERRENCE.
    How do we DIS-courage folks from coming here? Other countries need to be fixing their own problems, not squeezing their people out to come here. Why CREATE more refugees? Shouldn’t “refugee-ism” be discouraged? Hey, I’m all for making legal immigrants feel as welcome as possible. But, YES, I want to see everything possible done to DIS-courage ILLEGAL immigration. And why is NOBODY mentioning the abomination of private, for-profit detention facilities?

  • Serious question, Richard:
    What exactly do you mean by saying “fake news” is “fascist code words”?
    How is that different from “Fascist code words”?
    My understanding is that Hitler and Mussolini are really the only 2 “Fascists”,
    but that there are many “fascists”.
    Personally, I think that psychiatry is the personification of “medical fascism”, but I wouldn’t call a psychiatrist a “Fascist”. I might ask a psychiatrist how it feels to be a “fascist”, but I wouldn’t call them a “Fascist”, and I’d probably get in trouble if I did.
    Please note that I have been very careful here with upper- and lower-case “F’s” & “f’s”….
    I think you’re skating on paper-thin ice by over-using and abusing the OTHER “F-bomb”….

  • “For the one person reading this who needs to be told that the above is satire — I am sorry…”

    Apology not accepted, Mr. Coombs. It appears that *I* am that “one person”. Until I came to the line I quoted above, no, I had no idea that you were writing “satire”. Even now, going back and re-reading your piece, I still can’t quite see it as “satire”. Is your WHOLE piece here “satire”? Or only the section(s) above the disclaimer?
    I can appreciate your trying to make jokes, or satire, or whatever you want to call it, but I still don’t really understand what your point is. Are you in fact making a serious point about the so-called “social model” v. the “medical model? So why go on so much about Trump? Do you consider Trump to be a “Fascist”, or merely “fascistic”? There’s a world of difference.
    You see, Mr. Coombs, I really don’t think it’s “about Trump” at all. It’s about YOU, and ME, and US and WE, and what will be OUR response(s) and reaction(s) to Trump? Will we act as courageous rational adults, or scared and silly children? What most appalls me is the very real “Trump Derangement Syndrome”/”Trump Anxiety Disorder” that YOU PEOPLE are so vividly displaying here.
    I actually voted for Trump, for 2 main reasons.
    1. The media was so blatantly PRO-Hilary, and anti-Trump, that it was my way of saying “screw you” to the media.
    2. I STILL think Trump is better than “Huck Filary”
    There’s something you really don’t understand, Mr. Coombs. Changing puppets in the puppet show doesn’t change the puppet-masters. BOTH Trump and Clinton are puppets to the “GREG B.’s”, the Global Ruling Elites and Global Banksters, as I call them. See, Mr. Coombs, I do have respect for you, but at the same time, I get a perverse pleasure out of watching you libbies get your panties in a bunch over Trump.
    Because you see, I was once captured in combat, taken captive, held hostage in a secret prison, and tortured with drugs for 6 months. That really, actually, literally happened to me. It was decades ago, now.
    I got over it. I’m very comfortable and happy with my PTSD. And I think that MiA made a very serious editorial error by printing your anti-Trump diatribe disguised as “satire”. I can understand that humor is the tool you’re using to self-counsel you own case of TAD. Maybe the DSM-6 will include it. But that’s satire….
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
    ps: Please clarify, – you ARE writing from England, aren’t you? I heard Europe is going to nuke Britain for Brexit. But that’s satire, too….

  • Lawrence, while I generally agree with what you’re saying about the excesses of both Medicare & Medicaid, I have to quibble with a minor point. I’m both a Medicare and Medicaid “beneficiary”, as a disabled person. While yes, I’m grateful for what care I’ve gotten, NEITHER program pays “full freight”. Only *some* of my “healthcare costs” are covered, and then, usually only a percentage of the billed amount is reimbursed. But yes, “healthcare” in this country is a MESS, and Medicare/Medicaid are far from the “solutions” they are usually presented to be….

  • Only about 15% of the U.S. population is directly invested in the Stock Market/Wall St., and another 35% is indirectly invested through 401(k)’s, IRA’s, etc. So about 1/2 the U.S. population is NOT invested. And, companies such as Perdue Pharma, which gave us Oxycontin, and made $Billionaires$ out of the Sackler family, are private companies that you can’t invest in. Truly, PhRMA mostly profits the rich, ruling elites.
    I think MiA should convince the APA to agree to NO “DSM-6”. It’s a catalog of billing codes. Thanks, littleturtle!

  • I’ve only seen it described as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, and it is just as real as any entry in the DSM-5. But not more real….
    If I’m driving down the road, and thinking about killing myself, and I decide to swerve into that oncoming large truck to commit suicide, but then I change my mind, and don’t do that, and then years later I ask this question, have I, or have I NOT, “survived a suicide attempt”?
    Am I, or am I NOT, a “suicide attempt survivor”?
    So, is MiA now publishing satire without disclaimer, or only part doing so?
    Maybe the DSM-5 is social satire, too? I love this stuff! I’m all like

  • How is it any different, and more acceptable, for the author here, to state that Trump is “…..fascistic….”, and for a comment to ask how a psychiatrist “feels to be a fascist”? For the first to be acceptable, and the second to be censored, seems to me to be at best hypocrisy, or a clear double standard….
    I think MiA has “brought disrepute” to itself by publishing this piece.
    Oh, NO! I’ve been Gotzsche’d!

  • Well over 10 years ago, now, I worked very closely with both a PCP/Primary Care Physician, and a licensed clinical psychologist. I took both Wellbutrin, and later Zoloft, for well over a year each. They did NOTHING for me, that I could tell. The psychologist said he *might* have noticed “some slight improvement”, but he couldn’t be sure. The only “change” I noticed, was that I found myself thinking in vague terms about the subject of suicide more often. I was never “suicidal”, – just found myself thinking about the general subject.
    So, yes, I can see how for some people, a prescription for “antidepressants” could also be a prescription for suicide. But, of course, a rising suicide rate means we need more money spent on more psychs and psych drugs, right?….

  • I’m genuinely curious, oldhead. Why do you STILL use the racist, invented term “marijauna”? You DO know it’s racist history, don’t you?
    Cannabis is far more accurate.
    It’s funny watching a “Drug Warrior” try to explain the human endocannabinoid system!
    But seriously, why still “marijauna”, and not CANNABIS?….

  • Your reasoning is circular, Richard, as regards “capitalism”. I’m saying that “capitalism” *ALLOWS* the excesses that you and I rightly reject. But *I* am saying that “capitalism” DOES NOT REQUIRE these excesses. When you use “ENVIRONMENT” above, I don’t think you mean, “sky, and air, and water, and plants and trees and soil, etc.” Don’t you mean “human environment”? 99.99% are CAPABLE of murder, but 99.9% DO NOT murder. Human nature *allows* murder, but human nature does NOT *require* murder. Seriously, Richard, I think your mind and thought process are tripping over your own ideology, and “anti-capitalist” emotional bias. And rhetoric. I do appreciate your critique. But I can’t agree, because I think you’re misunderstanding what I’m saying. Just because I *CAN* take drugs, doesn’t mean that I *MUST* take drugs. I’m saying the same thing, in essence, about PhRMA AND “capitalism”. And psychiatry. Just because we have psychiatry, doesn’t mean that we need psychiatry. I bet you’d agree on THAT, Richard! Thnx!, ~B./

  • In the second paragraph above, (below the photo of the pills & toy soldier), there’s what can only be a typo, although it’s in quotation marks. Where it says, “flawed and unequivocal at best.”, that “un” must be an error.
    “Flawed and equivocal” makes sense in context. “Flawed and unequivocal” makes NO sense in context.
    In plain English, psychiatric drugs are much less necessary, less safe, and less effective than the psychs and PhRMA want you to believe.
    In my own case, an abrupt, “cold turkey” withdrawal from “AP”‘s resulted in a near-fatal toxic withdrawal reaction. As is typical, the psychs mis-diagnosed the drug withdrawal as so-called “mental illness”.
    This is yet another example of why I proclaim the TRUTH. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neurotoxins. Psychiatry and its’ poison pills have done, and continue to do, far more harm than good. Only with more than 2 decades of recovery can I be so sure of what I know to be true. Most of the more severe “symptoms” I experienced occurred AFTER I was put on psych drugs in High School. And in the 2+ decades that I’ve been psychiatry and drug free, my so-called “symptoms” have almost completely disappeared. Gee, Doc, what happened to my (supposed) “mental illness”? The longer I avoid psychiatry and its’ poison pills, the more whole, healthy, and happy I become.
    It’s so sad. Folks I met 30 years ago in the loony bin, are now shuffling, shaking, drooling, and totally dysfunctional. Long-term use of “AP”‘s, with very few exceptions, (there MUST be SOME….), ALWAYS results in worse outcomes….
    When will you people learn?

  • To echo and expand upon what Mr. McCrae says above:
    I was involved in a case where a mildly disabled single mother, and her mildly disabled daughter were victims of the local “mental health system”. Mom’s payee for her Social Security Disability checks, – an employee of a local 501(c)3 “agency”, – was stealing money and doing other nefarious activities(crimes). In a very blatantly illegal Court hearing, with an incompetent, crooked and corrupt judge, the kid was taken away from her home on a bogus “neglect petition”. The following week, her mother was illegally evicted from her HUD-subsidized housing, into homelessness. The little girl was bounced around in foster care, put in State-run “children’s homes”, sent to the State Mental Hospital, and put on Seroquil for “behavior control”.
    The “system” is incompetent, crooked, and corrupt. I watched it happen, and was rendered powerless to help.
    Thinking about this case alone, is very painful. And it’s one of many.
    The SAD REALITY, which was only hinted at, in the article above, is that there are too many SICK and TWISTED persons working in a BROKEN “child advocacy system”. TOO MANY ignorant, evil “do-gooders”.
    Yes, EVIL. What I saw done to that woman and her daughter has no better description than EVIL. And it was all legal….technically, anyway….

  • The first time I was forced-incarcerated to the State Loony Bin was because of WAY too many drugs, including LSD, alcohol, and “antipsychotics”, -(Thorazine, Stellazine, Haldol, Mellaril, Navane, Cogentin, etc.). I actually improved greatly when I learned the trick of not taking the drugs the staff was giving me, but still making them *think* that I was taking the drugs. So, when I was released, they thought I had “improved” *because* of the drugs, and not in spite of them, as was the case. So, without being aware of the implications of what I had done, I gave a false view of the drugs’ efficacy to the system.
    The second time I was forced-incarcerated, it was in the forensic unit of the State prison. That was because I had abruptly stopped taking “Triavil”, ( a combination of Trilafon & Elavil), and experienced a very near-fatal toxic withdrawal reaction.
    The 3rd time, I was only in the local hospital’s “mental health unit” for a couple of weeks. I had been given Trazodone by the local “community mental health center”, and they failed to do a blood level check. So I went toxic on the drug, when it built up in my system. I only found out later that a “history of alcoholism” is one of the risk factors requiring more careful drug monitoring.
    So the greed, ignorance, and incompetence of the “Mental-Illness-Industrial-Complex” has almost killed me, and I’m only one of the majority of persons who has experienced the “more harm than good” nature of both so-called “anti-psychotics”, and “Mental Health, America, Inc.”
    Anybody who finds themselves in the unfortunate situation of being given “anti-psychotics” should not stop taking them abruptly, but should taper down.
    Best not to “treat” with the pseudoscience lies of the drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry” in the first place! If I knew then what I know now, I would never have taken those poison pills in the first place. So-called “anti-psychotics” usually end up causing the very “psychosis”: they’re supposed to treat. Psychiatry itself, is organized “mental illness”!

  • So-called “capitalism” is an economic system. So-called “socialism” is a political system. Neither can exist without the other. They both require each other.
    But I prefer the words of Bob Marley, from the song, “Get Up, Stand Up(for your rights”:
    And I’m sick and tired of the pseudoscience drug racket known as “psychiatry”.

  • Richard, I agree 100% that so-called “capitalism” *ALLOWS* the gross excesses you describe, but I DISagree 100% that capitalism *REQUIRES* these excesses. I say, the excesses of capitalism arise from human nature and greed, and are NOT a requisite feature of capitalism. Making money is not inherently bad or good, and neither is capitalism.

  • Jeannie:
    I’m replying to your reply to Eric Coates, above. I had to re-read his comment, and yours, to make sure I understand the mis-communication. I think it’s you, Jeannie, who is mis-understanding Eric, and not the other way around. First, Eric is saying that your hearing voices is not your choice. You did not freely choose to hear voices, it just sorta’ started happening one day. Second, Eric is saying that hearing voices is not a “right” in the sense of rights granted by the Bill of Rights under the U.S. Constitution, or any other “foundational legal document”. I don’t think he’s saying that you DO NOT have a right to hear voices. I think he’s merely saying that there is no legally acknowledged and codified LEGAL right to hear voices. I’m guessing that Eric probably personally would support your right to hear voices. He’s just saying that the right is not codified into law.
    (Once, when I was in jail, a nurse asked me if I “hear voices”. I calmly looked at her, and simply said, “No, I see voices and hear colors. I have synesthesia.” I wish you coulda’ seen the look on her face! LOL)
    For the record, as far as I’m concerned, yes, you have every right to hear voices. Why not? They’re your voices. If YOU don’t have a right to hear them, then who does?

  • Vanessa,
    In your writing above, you use the phrase, “mental health care system”. That’s a dangerous and deceptive misnomer. It’s far more accurate to call it the “Mental Illness Industrial Complex”. The “MIIC” actually creates so-called “mental illness” by the DSM-5, wherein ALL the bogus “diagnoses” were INVENTED, not “discovered”.
    If so-called “mental illnesses” were in fact any more “real” than presents from Santa Claus, then they would have been “discovered”. Something exists *before* it is discovered, but nothing exists before it is *invented*. And looking at the DSM-5, it’s clear that ALL the bogus “diagnoses” in it were invented, not discovered. That’s because psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry, and the Mental Illness Industrial Complex, have done, and continue to do, far more harm than good. The more psych drugs we have, and the more so-called “mental health care” we have, the more the suicide rate increases.
    As regards David Foster Wallace, there are ONLY 2 possibilities, ONLY ONE of which can be true. (OK, technically, they *could* *both* be true, but it is impossible that they are BOTH false….)
    1. D.F.W. died *in spite* of drugs, Electro-Cution Torture(“ECT”), & etc.,……
    2. D.F.W. died BECAUSE of drugs, electrocution torture, and the Mental Illness Industrial Complex….
    I think #2. What do YOU think, Vanessa?________________________________?

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. The DSM is a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the bogus “diagnoses” in it were invented, not discovered. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real.
    And I think it’s sad, that only a few of these first comments say anything about Dr. Ben Furman. Judging from what he’s written here, I’d say Dr. Furman is one of the “exceptions which prove the rule.”…. Thank-you, Dr. Furman.

  • It’s “littleturtle”, with no caps, & no spaces. Not “LittleTurtle”, or “Little Turtle”.
    Can’t you people pay attention?
    I originally clicked “reply”, about 20 – 25 comments above,
    but somehow my comment ended up down here!….
    Hey, littleturtle has over 370 comments. I always look forward to them, even tho littleturtle and I don’t agree
    on some things. littleturtle still has a valuable voice, and point of view.
    And I agree with what Steve McCrae says:
    littleturtle and their psychiatrist seem to be exceptions which prove the rule…..

  • No such thing as “DSM-V”. It’s DSM-5. The APA did away with the Roman numerals. Details matter.
    BTW, the DSM is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. ALL the bogus “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED, not “discovered”. *IF* so-called “mental illnesses” were “real”, then they would have been discovered. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real….

  • God BLESS you, Michael Hengartner! Your excellent research analysis only confirms what I’ve been saying for years! With only statistically insignificant exceptions, long-term use of psychiatric drugs results in worse outcomes. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good.
    Although Mr. Hengartner will probably not come out publicly and agree with what I’m saying here, I bet he’s beginning to see the light!…. Psych drugs kill, at worst, and do little if anything good long-term, at best…. That’s a very poor risk-to-reward ratio!

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. The average American either doesn’t know what the difference between psychiatry and psychology is, or else doesn’t even know there is a difference. The DSM is in fact nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the so-called “diagnoses” in it are bogus, and they were all invented, but not discovered. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. When psychs label people with their bogus and sham “diagnoses”, they are perpetuating stigma, and playing the “blame the victim” game. All so-called “mental illnesses” are in fact STD’s, – they are “socially transmitted disorders.” Psychs set themselves up as “MD’s”, and think that means “Medical Deity”. Psychiatry and its’ poison pills has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. That’s because psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control…..

  • This is a DIRECT reply to the comment from Mickey Weinberg, on 08/19, 5:21pm.
    Although I clicked on the “log in to leave a comment” button *directly* under his comment, the screwed up MiA webpage is putting my comment out-of-context, *down* *here*….
    My reply to Mr. Weinberg is the same as what I’ve said in the past, by email, to Mr. Ruby. I have no interest in “ISEPP”. I see it as a bogus waste of time. First, it conflates psychology and psychiatry. Most people don’t know the difference, and don’t really know what *either* “profession” is. The fact that BOTH professional organizations are the “A.P.A.” also just causes confusion and misunderstanding. I think psychology should have long ago differentiated itself from psychiatry. Psychology has *some* validity, but psychiatry has NONE. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. So while Mr. Ruby & Co. might be the exceptions which prove the rule, that’s little comfort. And the ISEPP name itself is misleading and fraudulent. It’s as if there could be some sort of “ethical psychiatry”. There isn’t, because there can’t be. Psychiatry is an inherently UNETHICAL DRUG RACKET. Br. Breggin is yet another “exception who proves the rule.” So, while I can support the efforts of ISEPP, UP TO A POINT, I really don’t want to waste my time on something that is so fatally flawed, conceptually, from the get-go.
    Yes, while I was on Zoloft, I found myself having vague thoughts around the general subject of suicide. I was not at all suicidal, but it was just a waste of time to think about suicide. I believe that the drug caused the “suicidal thoughts” I was having. They stopped when I went off the DRUG.
    Psychiatry is inherently unethical. Why can’t you people see that?

  • Look carefully at Tania Singer’s photo. She uses the same hand gestures that Trump does!
    And, she has no children of her own, does she?
    Whether it’s fair or not, I don’t care. But it is my opinion that she is most probably very verbally and emotionally abusive behind closed doors.
    In public, she and her lawyer will only ever deny the most credible charges.
    But she’s probably not homicidal, so that’s some good thing, at least….
    Yes, I’d say Tania Singer is a bully, which is what the article is saying, too….

  • The title of this article is pure click-bait, for me! That such a thing as “child psychiatry” even exists, is proof to me just how sick, twisted, and depraved our society truly is. There’s serious discussion among quack psychiatrists, – there’s really no other kind of psychiatrist, – as to the possibility of “diagnosing” and “treating”, with neurotoxic drugs, so-called “mental illnesses” *IN* *THE* *WOMB*! Think about that….
    But Sadie Cathcart, I have to call you out on something. You seem to be using “psychologist”, and “psychiatrist” as if they are the exact same thing, and/or are interchangeable. I think that’s sloppy writing, and intellectually dishonest. When the subject comes up, as often as I can, I ask people if they know the difference between “psychologist” and “psychiatrist”. Most are puzzled, and don’t even know there *IS* a difference! Much less what that crucial difference is! You need to understand, Sadie, that this level of ignorance and confusion in the public mind has been deliberately created by the “Mental-Illness-Industrial-Complex”. BOTH “branches”, or “practices”, draw credibility from being associated with the other. And psychiatrists especially can hardly be honest with the public about their neuro-toxins. The gross over-drugging of school children is facilitated by psychologists, but implemented by coercion and action of psychiatrists. Mass-casualty school shootings are only one more effect of mass psychiatric drugging of school children. Please, Sadie, carefully re-read your article above. I think you confuse psychiatry and psychology. Please DON’T.

  • The DSM is in fact a CATALOG of BILLING CODES. ALL of the so-called “diagnoses” in it are bogus, and they are all INVENTED, or created, not “discovered”.
    (If so-called “mental illnesses” were in fact real, they would have been discovered, not invented or created, as is actually the case.)
    The DSM contains so many diagnostic codes primarily to sell the wide variety of DRUGS PhRMA manufactures. Many different drugs are given for the same diagnosis, and any given drug is used for a wide variety of different diagnoses. This is the PROOF that psychiatry is in fact a DRUG RACKET, and pseudoscience. If psych drugs were in fact true “medicines”, there would be something much closer to a 1- to – 1 correspondence. That is, “this drug for this diagnosis, that drug for that….” But it’s all a SCAM, to $ELL DRUG$, act as agents of social control, and maintain the guild power of psychiatry. Psychiatry and psych drugs actually *CAUSE* much of the distress they claim to be treating!
    That’s why psychs usually tell “patients” they will “need the drugs for life.”
    That’s not medicine. That’s a drug racket.

  • No, Chaya, “littleturtle’s” comment is NOT spam. Look at the full comment history.
    Yes, it often takes some work, but “littleturtle’s” comments ALWAYS make sense, and express LT’s unique point of view. I value the comments of “littleturtle”.
    I find YOUR suggestion that LT wrote “spam” to be judgemental, and offensive.
    I think you owe LT an apology….

  • Here’s some TRUTH about “recovering/recovered” as A.A. puts it:
    On the title page of the “Big Book”, as it’s called, titled “Alcoholics Anonymous”, it says: “The story of how many thousands HAVE RECOVERED from alcoholism”(emphasis added). The founder of AA spoke of becoming “recovered”, simply meaning that he’d found a way to live sober, one day at a time. And, A.A. does NOT say that “alcoholism is a disease”, but rather that it is LIKE a disease, and it works better to treat alcoholism LIKE a disease. The other co-founder of A.A., “Dr. Bob”, on his deathbed, said, “Let’s not louse this thing up”. He meant that there was a danger of “medical professionals” twisting the A.A. recovery program into something it’s not. Sadly, that’s exactly what’s happened. PhRMA, drugs, and MONEY and POWER and CONTROL have all warped the recovery message.
    How long does one have to live in recovery, before one becomes recovered?

  • Remember, the DSM-5 is nothing more than a CATALOG of BILLING CODES. ALL of the so-called “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED, not “discovered”. Think about it, there IS a difference between “invented” and “discovered”.
    That sacred “diagnosis” is necessary to bill insurance, and to prescribe DRUGS. (oops, sorry, “meds”….) Both insurance billing, and drug prescribing are all about MONEY, and POWER. We talk about “diagnoses” as if they have real, actual, objective existence. But they do NOT. Any “diagnosis” is only a subjective set of ideas and concepts in our minds. ERGO, the whole “problem” of “over-diagnosis” is a chimera. As regards so-called “mental illnesses”, the problem is not “over-diagnosis”. It’s that such bogus concepts exist in the first place, and that we still use them as if they are “real”.

  • “Prescribed exercise” is almost as ludicrous and oxymoronic as “forced voluntary”. And that “30 mins. 3x week” is LAME…. EVERYBODY should walk, swim, bicycle, yoga, etc., whatever, EVERYDAY, for a MINIMUM of 30 – 60 minutes. To start. That Psychs EVER advised against “exercise” only further proves that psychs are quacks. And no, you don’t need to pump iron, or run marathons, or do “vigorous” exercise. Walk 1/2 an hour, then turn around and walk back. Hey, if your life isn’t worth ONE hour out of 24, maybe we’d all be better off without you?….. OOOOH! Strong language alert! Relax, kids, that’s called a “rhetorical question”. Google it.

  • Thanks, Laren. I never traveled as much as you, but our stories are the same in the essential points. The fact that so-called “mental patients” die as much as 30+ years sooner than they should, is in fact an intended feature, seen from the perspective of the Mental-Illness-Industrial-Complex. Given the rate at which drug-naive young persons are recruited, the quack shrinks who are the whores of PhRMA, are glad to make extra room by folks dying young. I can’t stress strongly enough, – These people are EVIL. They are NOT like you and I. They have chosen the DARK SIDE. That’s a tough pill to swallow, -irony & sarcasm intended! If what I’m saying were NOT true, then the system wouldn’t be so much worse, as it has become.
    Yoga is excellent as treatment/therapy, because it gently stimulates the body’s natural healing capabilities. Psych drugs do more harm than good. They only *SEEM* to work, sometimes, in the short term. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. God help us all. Welcome to MiA, Laren!

  • Erin, we’re largely in agreement about a lot of what’s wrong in the “Mental-Illness-Industrial-Complex” these days. MY problem with, and argument with, the term “anti-psychiatry”, is very simple. It gives psychiatry more credit than it deserves. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more HARM than good. Yes, of course, there *are* *some* good, kind, compassionate, competent psychs. But they’re the minority, and their existence sadly doesn’t negate the damage they do.
    Also, psych drugs are far less effective, far less safe, and far less necessary that PhRMA wants you to believe. So, while I am in major agreement with you, at the same time, I think you’re doing little, if anything to correct the gross errors and harms which are psychiatry’s stock-in-trade. Given your CV, you of all people should know what I mean when I say, “I will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.” Psychiatrists are liars, cheats, and thieves. You do the math…. RSVP?
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
    ps: My words come from painful, lived experience. Psychiatry and psych drugs ruined what could and should have been the best years of my life. I’m now well over 20 years psych and drug free. If I knew *then*, what I know NOW, I never would have engaged in the DANCE with DEATH which psychiatry is….

  • First, Eric, it’s not at all clear where, and for what publication, you were an editor. That makes it harder for me to understand what you’re saying about whatever vague “submissions” you worked with, and who might have written them, and why…. But the TRUTH, – rarely acknowledged by either psychiatrists or the Mental Illness Industrial Complex, is that BEING HEARD is perhaps the largest unmet need for us all. All of those submissions were from people who wanted to be heard, probably because the system wasn’t listening to them.
    And, much of what gets mis-diagnosed as so-called “mental illness”, is usually illogical and irrational. Being illogical and irrational shouldn’t be the problem we too often see it as. But. logically, the irrational and illogical can’t be understood logically and rationally. The illogical and irrational can ONLY be understood illogically and irrationally. But we are not taught to think illogically and irrationally. Therefore, we are taught to FEAR that which is illogical and irrational. Children have a natural ability to think illogically and irrationally, but we beat it out of them as they grow older. We lose that ability to be comfortable with the illogical and irrational.
    You describe that cigar box lid with the “refrigerator magnet” POETRY, and Ann, as having become joined in your mind. You’re trying to understand. But the cigar box lid seems to have disappeared, and so too did Ann
    “disappear”. Maybe, there really isn’t ANY “meaning”, – in the logical. rational sense. Maybe the meaning is only in understanding illogically and irrationally. That’s the realm of FEELINGS, which are, again, largely illogical and irrational.
    And, we are FREE to imagine whatever MEANING makes us most comfortable.

  • I don’t think I even need to read the article to know what my criticism is. “Alcoholics Anonymous”, starting in the 1930’s, was key to publicizing the DISEASE CONCEPT of alcoholism. A.A. NEVER said, explicitly, “alcoholism is a disease”. One of the co-founders of A.A., on his deathbed, said to the other, “Let’s not louse this thing up.” He meant, “avoid professionalism”. Calling it “Alcohol Use Disorder” is merely professional name-calling, and still constitutes STIGMA. It’s bogus. I’d suggest that anybody seriously interested in alcoholism needs to read the original AA-approved literature, for a better understanding. Going to a few, or even many, A.A. meetings, is NOT sufficient. Working the 12 Steps is the heart & soul of A.A. recovery. Sadly, even many alcoholics either will not, or can not, completely give themselves to A.A.’s simple program. And I’ve met damn few “professionals” who even begin to have a clue, either. I don’t care if you DO have a Ph.D. You either know, or you don’t. And most don’t, although they *think* that they do….
    Ah, the arrogance of over-educated ignorance….
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • I think that I understand what you’re saying, and I’m in general agreement with you. But I do want to expand on something you said. You said, “It’s just so painful to look at ourselves…”… Well, yeah, I see the truth in that, but can you see how that’s also the problem? We keep perpetuating the idea that honest and thorough self-examination is somehow “painful”, and “difficult”. It may in fact be, and often is. But it doesn’t *HAVE* *TO* be that way. I’ve lived by a quote I learned in A.A. meetings: “You’re only as sick as the secrets you keep.” The idea is that a *willingness* to talk about whatever needs to be talked about, goes a long, long way towards health and healing. No, that doesn’t mean we need to always be blabbing everything to everybody. It means having both ACCEPTANCE of our own painful experiences, and others. And it means a WILLINGNESS to confront and work through them. We can do it ourselves, with friends, or with professionals of various kinds. This process is also like the Mahayana Buddhist concepts of “attachments’, and freeing ourselves from the bonds of these attachments. If I had stayed with psychiatry and psych drugs and the so-called “mental health system”, I’d probably be dead by now. It was lots of A.A. meetings, working the 12 Steps, The Dalai Lama’s Buddhism, and a couple of excellent clinical psychologists which really saved me. But none of it would have worked without my own acceptance of myself as I was, and willingness to work for something and someone better. A better future me. My life still pretty much sucks, but I’m a happy man anyway!

  • It might seem counter-intuitive, and it is, but some of the most “loving” (seemingly) homes and families do the most damage to children. These families create the APPEARANCE of being kind, normal, loving, nurturing, etc.
    Everything LOOKS good on the outside, and to the public. Plenty of food, clean clothes, toys, etc., But it’s all a charade, an act, a play. Behind closed doors, the relationships within the family are TOXIC. And who are the VICTIMS? The children. These are the kids most likely to get a bogus psych “diagnosis”, and DRUGS….
    Their parents usually have plenty of $$$, and INSURANCE!….
    What a scam psychiatry in particular, and medicine and PhRMA in general, have become.
    Money, power, control, and greed…. Oh yeah, the ignorance of propaganda, too….

  • Eric, Eric, Eric. It’s so simple, really. But we humans, especially the better-educated, and the more intelligent of us, always seem to want to complicate things. What we call “psychosis”/”psychotic” is a state of mind that is not rational or logical. So, being “not rational or logical”, we can say it’s “illogical”, and “irrational”. With me so far? Good. Now, how do we UNDERSTAND these illogical and irrational states? Well, we can *TRY* to understand them logically and rationally, but we will inevitably fail to understand them logically and rationally, because these states of mind *themselves* are illogical and irrational, remember? So our only hope of understanding them is to understand them illogically and irrationally. But we can’t do that, because we’re not “mad”, or “mental” or “demented”, or whatever. It is only when we begin to understand that so-called “psychosis” can only be understood illogically and irrationally, that we begin to make progress. Trouble is, all those quack shrinks, and cops, and court staff, and agency workers, are mental simpletons. They are ONLY capable of thinking and understaning in ways that THEY consider “logical” and “rational”, and “psychosis” doesn’t fit in those categories. Ultimately, some experiences just don’t make sense. At least not completely. And we ALL need to learn that, and accept that. That’s only logical, and rational. Screw “AOT”!

  • So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but NOT more REAL. So-called “mental illnesses” have no objective reality, – they ONLY have subjective reality. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. The DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the bogus “diagnostic” allegations in the DSM-5 were INVENTED, – not “discovered”, – to serve as EXCUSES to $ELL DRUG$. Real people can have real problems, but imaginary, totally subjective “mental illnesses” shouldn’t be part of that. Speaking of suicide and psych drugs, we can NEVER know exactly what role psych drugs did, or did not play in MOST suicides. Not even Harvard Medical School (just for an example), has access to the data needed to study the role of psych drugs in suicide. If psychiatry were truly a REAL SCIENCE, and not a fraudulent scam of a pseudoscience, data on psych drugs would be painstakingly compiled and studied. But look at the “medical system”, – they do NOT want accurate data on psych drugs and suicide. Sure, you can say “correlation is not causation” until you’re blue in the face, but the evidence is vast and compelling. PSYCH DRUGS KILL, either acutely, through suicide or homicide, or else chronically by life-spans shortened by as much as 20 or 30 years or more…. There’s another factor which doesn’t get near as much exposure and consideration as it should, and would, *IF* psychiatry was anything other than a fraud drug racket: Why has there been NO organized clinical research on who should, or should not, be given psych drugs. I have never heard any psychiatrist or researcher say what would happen to a “non-mentally ill” person who took psych drugs for an extended period of time. Wouldn’t they become more mentally healthy than normal? Why not?…. etc.,…._____________________________________
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. And Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD, is one of the rare exceptions which prove the rule. Even she admits that she no longer believes what she was taught in medical school, – that psych drugs “fix” something, and need to be taken for “LIFE”. “Taken for life” is a LIE that was invented solely to $ELL DRUG$. My own personal journey from life-long psych sickness to whole healthy happiness includes read Dr. Peter Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry” in the early 1990’s. What Dr. Brogan says here has been confirmed in my life, and many others, too. “Third Path Psychiatry” is a darn sight more hopeful, human, and HEALING alternative than anything the American Psychiatric Association has to offer! KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, Kelly!

  • Oh, I don’t know. Seems 2 B *PLENTY* of room for *LOTS* of yada,yada,yada,blah,blah,blah, about delusional “left/right” politics, so called “capitalism”, “socialism”, etc…. To quote Bob Marley, “I’m sick and tired of your ISM SCHISM…..”….
    1.No new A.P.A. memberships. As older members die, the A.P.A. does too.
    2.No DSM-6. Ever.

  • Faulty logic. Yes, “labeling and drugging is at levels never seen before”, but that does STILL NOT mean that so-called “capitalism” REQUIRES it.
    No, it’s not I who have “turned reality upside down”. Maybe it’s YOU who is standing on your head? At least your eyes are open. Major corporations are dropping advertisers, in reaction to public outcry, over things like the recent Laura Ingraham/David Media-Hogg bruhaha. Several companies have pulled funding related to the NRA, etc., Of course, the basic bedrock of Wall St. remains largely unaffected. But social, political, economic, and other types of change are *PROCESSES* over time, not instant events. It’s easy for the radicals to imagine abrupt, extreme change, but reality rarely works that way. Nature is EVOLUTION, not “revolution”. And, the “GREG B.’s”, the Global Ruling Elites and Global Banksters are well underway to eliminating literally BILLIONS of people. Don’t you know about Bill Gates, the Global Depopulation Agenda, U.N. Agenda 21 & 30, the Georgia Guidestones, etc., etc.,…????….
    As for “evidence”, it’s right here on MiA. There IS a “shortage” of psychiatrists, especially child psychiatrists. (The ideal number of psychiatrists is ZERO, so saying “shortage” is either sarcastic or facetious.) Nevertheless, as more people learn about the stupidity of psychiatry, and the excesses of PhRMA, fewer people are going in to Medical School to become psychiatrists. Look on >youtube< for psychiatry career videos. The comments are as much as 90 – 95 to 1 ANTI-psychiatry. Psychiatry is MUCH LESS respected in the minds of the general population, that the lame-stream media will ever admit. But you're free to imagine that psychiatry is in fact more powerful and pervasive than it is. I just think that's a defeatist mindset. And hardly worthy of a true warrior. Only nobody can defeat an invincible foe.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It's 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Why conceive of, and conceptualize it as immortal and omnipotent? I say psychiatry is weakening and dying.
    I'm calling for NO NEW A.P.A. memberships, and NO DSM-6…. Wanna CALL with me?
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah. Psychobabble and gobbledygook waving a hammer-and-sickle flag. *YAWN*. Can you guess I have a DISSENTING opinion, Richard?
    First, “capitalism” certainly *allows*, even “facilitates” the authoritarian excesses you decry. But it does NOT *require* them. I believe that capitalism is slowly becoming more humanized, even as it becomes more un-equal. Remember, capitalism is an ECONOMIC system, not a political one. As to the “exponential” growth of psychiatry’s “power”, I’d say that’s your own confirmation bias talking, Richard. Or have you not noticed that there has been effectively NO COMMENT from psychiatry these past few weeks, after the latest Florida mass-casualty school shooting? And NO mention of psych drugs. The shooters medical records have been sealed. If psychiatry had the power you delusionally believe it to have, why are the psychs biting their tongues so hard? There are “shortages” of psychiatrists. How can that be, if psychiatry is as powerful as you claim. You’re free to believe that psychiatry and capitalism are “inextricably linked”, but that only YOUR OPINION. It’s not a *FACT*. I can easily see capitalism jettisoning the dead weight of psychiatry. And soon. Your attitude and beliefs are too negative, and defeatist. You give psychiatry more power than I believe it deserves. You seem to justify your beliefs based on your decades of radicalism. Well, Richard, I say minds, diapers, politicians, and beliefs should be changed often, and for the SAME REASON!…. Relax. I’m NOT following you. I’d rather see victory. To you, the end of psychiatry is the vision of a distant future. To me, psychiatry is eroding day by day. I really like you, Richard, but I still think you’re just a tired old crank stuck in the 1960’s. Never hurts to have a few of those around. Remember, Richard, I’m one of psychiatry’s surviving victims. It’s been over 20 years, but I still remember the special hell of psych drugs. I’m glad you don’t. I’m disappointed, though, that you don’t even call for the closing of the APA to new members, or for them to issue a firm “NO DSM-6” statement. Oh yeah, those are MY ideas…. See what I mean? You spout alarmist clap-trap, and I posit actual possibilities…. Maybe you should toke a doobie or something, before you reply….
    Sincerely fondly,
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • Generally, I think this is a pretty good idea. I can support it. My comment would be to plan a re-write of the questions next year. Give the current set of questions a year, and as many people as you can get to use them, and see what’s what next year. I suspect there will be BIG changes in the next year.
    And GOOD LUCK with the whole endeavor!

  • Wrong. Astrology has several thousand years history behind it.
    Psychiatry is 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins.
    Astrology has far more credibility that psychiatry can EVER have!
    Psychiatry DOES call its' DRUGS "medicines", and "meds", but that's about all
    it has in common with actual Medicine.

  • Remember, Phil, the DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the so-called “diagnoses” in it were invented, and NONE were “discovered”.
    Do you see what I did there, with the distinction between “discovered” and “invented”?
    And BTW, that HDRS is a 100% subjective reporting form for subjective responses as related by anecdote. In other words, the HDRS *itself* is arbitrary and subjective. So, they’re using an arbitrary and subjective scale to measure *something*, – what people SAY, about how they FEEL. There’s no room in the HDRS for ANY medical, lab, blood tests, etc., See what I mean? You can word it better than I can….

  • Thanks, Sera! At “”, I went to the link list on the left side, and read a number of the links, such as “schizophrenia & suicide”, “LGBTQ & suicide”, etc.,
    There’s a memorial page, and that’s maybe where I saw the “suicides become angels” line. Hey, for all *I* know, suicides *DO* become angels. I’m not Roman Catholic, but my understanding is that suicide precludes going to Heaven. For all the material on “”, it’s funny how it ALL seems written by that Caruso guy. There’s little, if anything, written by anybody else. Given the many names he *claims* to have on his team, I’d expect more writings by others. It looks like a one-man show, and is very creepy. I wonder how many suicidal people have been “pushed over the edge” by the website? I’d hate to stumble across it if I were truly suicidal! And the actual suicide rate *after* forced/involuntary treatment should say more to the system than it does. I can easily see a person committing suicide to avoid ANOTHER forced incarceration/”hospitalization”.

  • Every time I read an article like this, it only confirms what I already KNOW! Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. Years ago, now, I was working very closely with an excellent licensed clinical psychologist, and a general practitioner/family doctor. For over a year each, I tried “Wellbutrin”, and “Zoloft”. As far as I’m concerned, they were both a waste of time & money. My psychologist said he, “thought they might have helped somewhat”, but he couldn’t be sure! The other psych drugs I’d been given earlier definitely did me far more harm than good! The longer I stay away from psychiatry and psych drugs, the more whole, healthy, and happy I become! Gee, Doc, what happened to my “mental illness”….????….
    For extra credit points, try to find even *ONE* mass-casualty school shooter who was documented to NOT be on psych drugs, especially antidepressants…. Go ahead, I dare you!….

  • Well, I went to that “” BLACK HOLE. You’re correct, Sera, it’s a *BLACK* *HOLE*…. What a load of schmaltzy, smarmy clap-trap! Pseudoscientific gobbledygook and psychobabble. Gee, I didn’t know that anybody who commits suicide becomes an *ANGEL*! They don’t actually say “angel in Heaven”, as far as I can see, but I guess that’s what they’re implying. Repeatedly I see the mantra of “get help”, and “get treatment”. But, funny thing, I see NO detailed discussion of exactly what that “help” and “treatment” actually *IS*! (Well all know it’s neuro-toxic drugs, and sitting and talking with “clinicians”, and being dragged off in handcuffs by cops if you’re unlucky enough to get that “help” and “treatment” BY FORCE, um, I mean “involuntarily”.)
    I had a good friend die by suicide last year, and it was very unexpected, to me, anyway. It was a shock to the community. The person was VERY well known locally, and there was a very large group of people at the funeral service. But the local paper refused to use the “S” word. The State, and local “authorities” refused to use the “S” word. Even months later, “died by their own hand”, or some such nonsense, was all they would say. But I cried, and grieved, just as much as if it had been a car crash.
    What I saw, after my friend’s suicide, was a VERY SICK COMMUNITY, that does NOT want to talk seriously about *ANYTHING*. Denial, avoidance, silence, shame, **STIGMA**. That’s what creates suicide, and perpetuates it. And that shame and stigma is keeping the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry going, too. If it wasn’t for psychiatry and it’s DRUGS, we’d have a much healthier society. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. I’ve had both a psychiatrist, and a psychologist, both of whom I worked with personally, later commit suicide. Ironic. Toxic irony. That’s psychiatry and the mental health system for you!….

  • Craig, I’ll pick up that metaphor right where you dropped it! (First, it’s a given that psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. the DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. All of the bogus diagnostic allegations in it were invented to serve as excuses to sell drugs, and bill insurance & the Gov’t, i.e., Medicaid & Medicare)
    So given that “clean slate”, we wouldn’t build ANYTHING on it! We’d leave psychiatry, *AND* the so-called “mental health system”, right there on the scrap-heap of history, where they BELONG! Most so-called “mental illness” is largely built on dysfuctional parenting, and ACE’s, combined with a generally sick society. (That’s NOT to “blame parents”, they themselves were raised by parents who were raised by abusive, dysfunctional parents, etc., We can break the cycle at any point in time. Why NOT NOW?) The system as it exists today, exists largely to cover up physical and sexual abuse, and “blame the victims”, and to serve as a means of both social control, and employment. The so-called “mental health system” serves post-industrial fascist capitalism in a couple of ways. It puts excess workers on “disability”, which makes them more dependent on Gov’t, which thus makes a large, powerful Gov’t at least *seem* more necessary. It provides employment to those who would otherwise have supervisory, or administrative jobs in factories which either no longer exist, because they’ve been outsourced overseas, or become obsolete through automation. This dynamic also explains the complex, convoluted, wasteful billing process, which is deliberately Byzantine, and the fact that there are 2 paper-pushers doing “billing” for each hands-on medical person, i.e., Dr., or Nurse, etc. And of course, there’s the DRUG RACKET aspect of the so-called “mental health system”.
    All of these factors COULD BE addressed, in the absence of psychiatry, simply by building entirely new social structures, where the Gov’t, and Insurance pay people to simply DO things TOGETHER!
    Sorry, Craig, but NO!, we do NOT need to “replace” psychiatry. We need to KILL IT OUTRIGHT. DEAD.
    After all, it’s *human*, it’s gonna die someday, anyway.
    (And, above, that “good diet, sound sleep, mindfulness, nutrient, etc.,…is MUCH harder in the current paradigm than it needs to be. That’s why the current system gets such poor results. Duh.)
    It’s NOT a “healthcare maintenance system” we have now, it’s a SICKNESS CREATION system….(Duh x2)…
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • In defense of Tom Strong:
    I think you’re basically a “good guy”, who means well, and wants to help people. But that’s not enough, Tom. Especially not if you’re gonna write here at MiA. As good a person as you are, I think you’re also self-deluded as to the “Nature of the Beast” within which you work. There *WERE*, after all, Nazi concentration camp guards who had wives, children, and pets. I’m sure there were at least a few guards who enjoyed petting the family cat, playing with the family dog, and watching the children laugh and play. Of course, all that good stuff happened when they were off-duty from guarding Jews in the death camps. So when you come here to MiA, you’re not talking about *US*. You’re talking about YOU. Sure, you love your patient “pets”, and client “children”, but you’re part of an EVIL, FASCIST system that has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. Yes, I’ll say it as explicitly as I can.
    “Psychiatry and the mental health system are as evil as Nazis and Fascists.”
    If it were possible to *FORCE* psychiatry to answer the question below, what do you suppose they’d say?
    “If what the psychs say is true, that psychs & psych drugs “help” people, then how does psychiatry explain the fact that the more psychiatry we have, the more so-called “mental illness” we have?”
    I know I’m really not so clever by asking these questions.
    Psychiatry will answer the way they ALWAYS do. they will simply **LIE**.
    But still, I wonder what *YOU* have to say, Mr. Tom Strong? RSVP?__________________?………….?…

  • I’m glad to see your comment here, “littleturtle”! I missed this article last month, and so I didn’t see your comment. I believe you when you say you were helped by a psychiatrist. Not all psychs are bad people, and they don’t always hurt people. I think that “Slaying_the_Dragon”, above, was speaking about psychiatry as a whole. That shouldn’t take away from your personal experience. You really are one of the lucky ones, especially in the long-term. Too many of us here at MiA, myself included, were very badly hurt by psychiatry. So we condemn the WHOLE of psychiatry. But even a very bad person can do a good thing, at least once in a while. I like reading your short comments. They always make me think. Thank-you, “little turtle”!

  • “The boundaries of bipolarity have been expanding over the past decade.” <-from the linked-to article….
    I love that line! It's such NON-SENSE! Such PSEUDOSCIENCE! There are NO such thing as "boundaries of bipolarity". So-called "bi-polar" itself is an imaginary concept, or set of concepts, if you prefer. As such, it has NO objective reality. And "diagnosis" of "bi-polar" is at best an OPINION. There is no *objective* way to prove, or disprove, so-called "bi-polar". "Bi-polar" is exactly as "REAL" as a present from Santa Claus, but not more real. To look at a collection of reported "behaviors", or 2nd-, or 3rd-hand anecdotes, and claim to be able to "diagnoses" somebody as "having" "bipolar" is the height of medical hubris. And medical fascism.
    But let's get back to those alleged "boundaries", shall we? These erstwhile, PhD-level "researchers" *claim* that the "boundaries" of (so-called) "bipolarity""have been expanding". Astronomers claim that the Universe is expanding, so maybe that's why? And, just how does one *measure* those boundaries, to determine whether or not they are in fact "expanding". How do they know that that "expansion" isn't just an optical illusion? And, if it's "expanding", doesn't that mean that it's either getting hotter, or else under less pressure? What's that? Ideas and concepts don't follow the scientific laws of physics? Yeah, I know, that's what makes psychiatry a *PSEUDOSCIENCE*! DUH!….

    On another note, poor Zenobia Morrill! I have to wonder if a comment or 2, – above,- is directed at/about her? I think she did a solid "A" job on her written review of the article. She wrote as objectively as she could, and she refrained from the type of editorializing that we MiA regulars like to engage in.
    What I'd most like, is for an actual psychiatrist, or one of the Guild's apologists, to comment and critique on what we've written here in rebuttal. I say "bi-polar" is INTELLECTUAL FRAUD, and there's no such thing.
    How can any psychiatrist, or Zennobia herself, defend this non-sense.
    C'mon, Zenobia! I say, "There's no such thing as "bipolar disorder". How do YOU reply to that?….
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • Once, many many years ago, an actual, real live psychiatrist tried to give me the diagnostic allegation of me (supposedly) having a “uni-polar disorder.” Imagine that! I couldn’t even qualify for a BI-polar disorder! I must be retarded, or something. But I sure fixed that quack shrink quick! I quickly developed a full-blown TRI-polar disorder, which quickly merged with my latent quadrophrenia to become a quad-polar disorder. Then he said I was being “grandiose”, so just to keep him happy, I escalated into an over-full-blown POLY-polar disorder.
    (The quack shrinks don’t like to admit this, but because of the multiple “Axes” that the pseudoscience of psychiatry uses, you CAN develop even an omni-polar disorder, although a simple multi-polar disorder is usually a safe bet.)
    *THINK* about it! The word “polar” *itself* implies *2*! So saying “bi-polar” is redundant! And, there’s no such thing as a “uni-polar” disorder. The 2 poles are a function of the DUALITY, and as anybody who’s read even a little Buddhism knows, our whole entire world is based on DUALITY, – night/day, hot/cold, wet/dry, male/female, etc….
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • How can we get Derek Summerfield to actually READ these comments, and respond to them? I want to make explicit, what Summerfield comes close to, but just doesn’t see. He’s basically saying that so-called “depression” is an invented, “Western” intellectual concept, that is claimed to be a real, live, actual “disease”.
    Psychiatry has no more global validity that we *imagine* it to! And, to whatever extent we *believe*, or claim that it has some kind of global validity, it only has that validity IN OUR MINDS, simply because we CHOOSE to BELIEVE it! So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. I’m pretty sure there’s no Santa Claus in Mongolia.

  • Tim Murphy was a *psychologist*, not a psychiatrist. I was actually *helped* by a small group of licensed clinical psychologists, who were NOT connected to psychiatry & the local “Community Mental Health Center”. They actually helped me get off (most) psych drugs, too. So i will always give psychology *some* credit. But psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins.
    But as for the psychologist Tim Murphy, he did so much damage, that he may as well be a psychiatrist….

  • This is a serious question, “oldhead”. Why are you so attached to labels? Why are you so enamored with the whole “left/right’ delusion? Why are you so attached to vague, nebulous concepts that you were taught in school? Don’t you see that “left/right”, “liberal/conservative”, and even “capitalism/socialism” are ALL exactly as “REAL” as so-called “mental illnesses”? That so-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus? WHY are YOU so ATTACHED….????….
    Probably, as usual, you’ll ignore me. But I had to try. Jesus and Buddha both sent me to liberate you from your attachments…. JC says you still won’t be saved, but it’ll earn you some brownie points, and gold stars!
    Seriously, *WHY* are you so attached to increasingly obsolete delusions?
    RSVP? BTW, I am neither “leftist”, nor “liberal”…..

  • There doesn’t need to be ANY “blame” placed on ANYbody. Blame itself is a problem we don’t need.
    “Self-judgement”, along with loneliness, self-criticism, and rumination absolutely ARE the responsibility of the person, not the clinician. Yes, you’re correct, in that the psychs and their neuro-toxin drugs usually do more harm than good. That’s especially true with the pseudoscience of psychiatry.
    One of my best friends is very “depressed”, and admits as much. She’s an incest survivor, was given Electro-Cution Torture, (“ECT”), years of psych drugs, lots of “diagnostic labels”, etc.,
    And she’s her own worst enemy. She has internalized all her victimization, and now she victimizes herself.
    The local quacks at the “Community Mental Health Center” are complicit in her abuse of herself.
    So you tell us, “Someone Else”, *WHAT* should she do? What can anybody ELSE do to help her, as long as she refuses to help herself? Sure, you can say we need to “blame” the catalog of billing codes, the DSM, and “blame” the psychs, but how does that help my friend help herself? I say it doesn’t….

  • I have been puzzled for *3 weeks*, now! The first sentence of your comment, above, just doesn’t make sense to me. I think you maybe mis-wrote what you intended to mean. I’m unclear as to what you really mean by “discourage(s) consumerism”, and “profit margins”. You’d think that “Capitalism” would WANT productive folks working and earning profits for the bosses, but there’s also the problem of de-industrialization.
    As good manufacturing and supervisor-level / management level jobs are outsourced, and shipped overseas, so-called “healthcare”, and Gov’t jobs are expanded to take their place. More sick folks means fewer working at REAL jobs, but also more job creation in “healthcare” billing, and healthcare products. I’d say the system WANTS more sick folks and disabled workers, and Gov’t employees in various “agencies”, and Gov’t funded “helping professions”. It’s in the Gov’ts best interest to have MORE people dependent on it, not fewer. So whatever weakens and sickens the people, is good for, and strengthen the Gov’t. Is that about what you’re saying?

  • Psychiatry is a sexist pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. When you translate Amy Barnhorst’s psychobabble and gobbledygook into plain English, her ignorance of men and boys, and her failure-to-treat, becomes apparent. This is not surprising. Psychs are NOT at all concerned with helping children become healthy, happy, independent, fully functioning adults in a healthy society. As the social parasites and Trojan Horses which they truly are, psychs such as Amy Barnhorst are really only interested in $elling drug$, and advancing their own narrow, selfish Guild interests. Of course they would object to this most honest characterization. They delude themselves, and strive to delude others, into thinking that they “care” about “society”, and “persons”. Rather, like the pre-programmed automatons they truly are, they only care about the facade, the image. The CON. About making money for PhRMA, and lording power over vulnerable persons. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. If psychiatry were truly able to help boys and men, then all the guns in the world wouldn’t result in mass-casualty school shooters.
    In other words, what Amy Barnhorst and her ilk are saying here is, : “We psychs have NO idea what makes young men violent, what to do about it, or even how to identify them. We’re basically useless social parasites.”
    But that’s what *I* started off this comment saying about psychs. Thank-you for proving my point in your own words, Amy Barnhorst. Why don’t you try to get your fellow quack shrinks to see the LIGHT, also….????….
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • Atlas Obscura has become my latest internet “goldmine” find. I can strongly recommend EVERYbody to check it out, and sign up for their daily emails. …. Touring abandoned State mental hospitals is only a minor one of AO’s many greater delights!

  • The scariest thing about this study is how much sense it makes.
    Am I correct, Sadie Cathcart, that *you* yourself wrote the above report on Simoni’s research?
    After linking to the Simoni study, I believe that’s correct.
    No offense meant, but BOTH Simoni’s study, and your report on it, are almost complete and utter psychobabble and gobbledygook.
    So-called “ADHD”, being essentially a present from Santa Claus, is equally “real”, simply because college-
    educated persons *SAY*, and *BELIEVE* that it’s real. Hence, it has no objective reality, and has ONLY subjective reality. It’s telling, that older educators, and non-white educators, are less likely to have swallowed the ADHD drug bait. As society continues to swirl down the toilet, at least we’re not wasting water flushing nothing….
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • Well, “FeelinDiscouraged”, you hit the nail on the head in one case! “Dad” became a vocal local leader in NAMI, and the family was so glad to blame their “designated patient”/scapegoat, rather than deal with a harsh truth.
    But also, I’d like to see the whole issue of incest treated as less of a life-ruining trauma. Not trying to make it acceptable, just make it easier to deal with, and less likely to occur. There are also many non-evil psychs, deep in denial and ignorant, who also don’t see child abuse for what it is. “Clueless idiots and patsies”, YES!, that’s what they are! LOL….

  • You remind me of a line I came up with years ago:
    “The way my brain works does NOT constitute a “mental illness””.
    If I say, “They used to call it “manic-depressive psychosis”, or “manic-depression”….
    You know exactly what I’m talking about, but *WHAT* is that *IT*?….
    I say that the normal variations of human existence and expressions, in human society, using any given language, are such that some folks will *seem* *mental*. This is usually the result of some type of abusive, or dysfunctional upbringing. (That is NOT the same as saying “it’s the parents fault”, or whatever….)….
    Also, in our culture, we have invented the concept of “mental illness” to serve as an excuse to sell drugs.
    And control people who are perceived as difficult, challenging, or threatening….
    So “BD” is exactly as “real” as a present from Santa Claus, but not more real.
    And the DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes….
    And there’s lots of people running around thinking they’re unicorns…..
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • I think you’re making a very big cognitive and logical error in your thinking, because of the emotional bias triggered by your media-enforced hatred and contempt for that “evil NRA”. You seem to be saying that the NRA & guns *cause* shooting crimes. I say that’s non-sense. That’s like saying “cars cause drunk driving crashes.” Think about it. Guns do NOT *cause* gun crimes. We could have 10x the number of guns we do now, but almost no gun crimes, if we could just figure out what is the trigger that triggers the trigger finger.
    People can “worship”, and “adore”, and “fetishize” guns, and even become obsessed with shooting guns(legally). But using guns in gun crimes, and especially mass killings, must be caused by some combination of whatever innate human quality results in homicide, – and has since prehistory. That, plus drugs or alcohol, which are consumed into the body, and become *part*of* the body, in ways that guns simply can not. Guns might *allow*, or even *facilitate* mass shootings, but guns do not *cause* mass shootings, and I don’t think you get that.
    And, there are lots of other gun-rights organizations, besides the NRA. The NRA has over 5 million members, and they are hardly a homogenous group. The defense of the 2nd Amendment is more important to most of them, than making a few bucks for some gun manufacturers. Besides, lately, there’s been a spike in both NRA membership, and gun sales. The lame-stream media WANTS you focused on guns & the NRA, and AWAY from psychiatry & psych drugs. I have literally seen NO mention of psychiatry and psych drugs in the last 2 weeks, in lame-stream media. Did you notice that CNN’s “Town Hall” meeting had NO PhRMA advertising? You didn’t, did you?

  • Dr. Pies must be suffering a very severe case of cognitive dissonance. He’s contorted his brain and thought process far beyond pretzels. But seriously, how long can any sane, rational person twist, spin, and distort his thoughts and words, and still keep a straight face? We must accept that Pies is a Grand Master of psychobabble and gobbledygook. This isn’t even funny anymore. It’s just sad and pathetic. Giant slices of SAD and PATHETIC PIES….
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • I first read Dr. Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry” in the early 1990’s. I was already beginning to “wake up”, and Dr. Breggin helped open my eyes, and splash cold water on my face. I agree 99% with everything Dr. Breggin says here, typos and all. I have noticed in the past couple weeks, that lame-stream media will NOT touch the topics of psychiatry and it’s poison pills. PhRMA pay$ too much $ for media advertising, we can’t tell the truth about the neuro-toxins, now can we? Even 17 dead high school kids on Valentines Day, are a small price for PhRMA to pay, for $BILLION$ in profit. Thank-you, Dr. Breggin. You indeed helped save *MY* life, anyway….