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  • Beyond question, psychiatrists are the most well-educated stupid people, and the stupidest well-educated people, EVER! Cutting through all the college-level jargon and acronyms, the whole article boils down to, “healthier people have more friends than sicker people, so let’s look at that!”….
    The current so-called “mental health system” is a PROCESS-centered process, and a SYSTEM-centered system.
    They use whatever process most benefits the system, and whatever system works best for *THEIR* process.
    If we could move to a PERSON-centered process, and a SERVICES-centered system, we *might* see some progress. But don’t hold your breath. The pseudoscience drug racket, and means of social control known as psychiatry, simply makes TOO MUCH $$$$ for it’s bosses, – PhRMA, – to make any major changes too quickly. They *LOVE* that “SMI” label, and the STIGMA it imposes on vulnerable persons!….
    Psychiatry belongs on the scrap-heap of history, along with Freud, and Phrenology….
    That great CATALOG of BILLING CODES, the DSM-5, makes better COMPOST than anything else….
    Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. When the psychs admit *THAT* truth,
    that will finally be some good news…. We can dream, can’t we?…..

  • Oh, PUH-LEEZ, “oldhead”! “Neoliberal” refers to a distinct, mostly European-based academic ideology, which is NOT the same as the “liberal” applied to the current “liberal/conservative” effort to “divide and conquer” the American people. “Neocons” are again, distinct from just “new conservatives”. Are you perhaps being obtuse, or ironic?

  • Both psychiatry in particular, and the “mental health” system in general, ask and answer the question, “What’s wrong with you?”, by slapping some stigma, and a DSM-5 label on you. And then usually drugging you with potent prescription neuro-toxins. That’s how the scam works.
    What they need to ask, but don’t, is: “What happened to you?”…..
    I’ll be MORE surprised, Sarah, if you continue to return to your slave-masters and oppressors, who are really only GAS LIGHTING you. Can’t you see that?
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. The DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. So-called “”mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but NOT more “real”.
    Your experiences, and your pain, &etc., ARE REAL, however…. But that doesn’t mean the DSM-5 can, or should, “label” them as so-called “mental illnesses”. Unless YOU consent….
    Best Wishes!

  • Unfortunately, I was not able to log in to the “Body is Not Apology” website, to leave a comment.
    But there’s a much more serious comment that I need to ask the MiA Staff & site admins:
    Did YOU, – MiA Staff & site admins, actually **read** the linked-to article?
    It’s one of the most poorly-written, poorly-edited, disjointed wrecks of a story!
    It sounds like it was written by an imbecilic, but precocious 10-year old!
    And, it’s basically a “psychiatry 101” propaganda screed. It pushes the whole “mental illnesses are exactly like diabetes or heart disease” mantra/lie….. Talk about the Myth of so-called “Mental Illness”!…..
    I find it to be way beneath, and outside the usual quality level we’ve come to expect here on MiA!
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • PS: God knows the last thing I need is a taller “to be read” pile, but I’d still love to add your book to it!
    And with the poverty of Social Security Disability and Food Stamps, I can’t really afford to buy a copy, but I *might* be able to add it to my “can’t afford to NOT buy it” list!….
    Hope you’re planning more exposure here at MiA!

  • New Hampshire, where I’m writing from, is well over 90% “white”. And it’s also has a very “old” State population. For these and various other factors, including people having smaller families, most elementary schools are seeing declining enrollments. Fewer students. Yet, the school budgets keep rising, usually MUCH faster than the “Cost of Living Index”, even. And the tax rate ALSO rises faster than the COL Index. In other words, the schools need MORE $$$$ for FEWER kids! How does *THAT* work? Well, by dramatically increasing the #’s of “diagnosed”, and “coded” kids, there’s a LOT MORE Federal $$$$ available. Of course, that requires more $$$ to pay for more “aides”, “tutors”, “special ed workers”, etc., etc., As bad as the medicalization/criminalization of children is, it’s only PART of a LARGER SCAM being perpoetrated on the American people. The article above, as good as it is, only tells PART of the story. And, of course, psychiatry and it’s poison pills are an integral part of the CORRUPTION….
    (c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • I’m not a lwayer, but I’ve read my share of legal documents over the years, including copies of case filings.
    Any lawsuit, especially a Federal Class Action such as this one, is a VERY difficult read!
    But what’s here on this page, is VERY WELL written, and as clear and concise as possible.
    And I haven’t even gotten to the linked documents, yet!

    I work with a close friend, who had Electro-Cution Torture(“ECT”) many years ago.
    She claims that it “did nothing”, and “had no effect”. I disagree. I see subtle, but pervasive “damage”/effects.
    Anyway, seems to me that her claims of “no effect/benefit” are the equivalent of “NO efficacy”
    So, while she probably wouldn’t claim “harm”, herself, she might claim “lack of benefit”.
    Are persons such as her, included in the active class participants?
    It’s one thing to get all persons harmed included as plaintiffs, but adding persons such as my friend,
    would only enlarge the plaintiffs class. One thing I DO KNOW, she would say she wished she had
    NEVER HAD Electro-Cution Torture…..
    I am literally so moved, and grateful to see this, and impressed by it’s quality all around, that I’m almost crying. Literally almost crying.
    I hope you noted my linguistic construction: “ECT” = Electro-Cution Torture = “ECT”….
    Perhaps you could “sneak” that into the court documents, somehow?….

  • Once, I had a Master’s-level “clinician”, working with the local CMHC, (Community Mental Health Center) “diagnose” me with so-called “NPD”, – Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
    I also worked long-term with 3 PhD-level Licensed Clinical Psychologists, not connected with that CMHC, who all agreed that I do NOT have “NPD”. Guess who the local “mental health court” listened to? The lone Master’s level clinician, because of the exclusive contract the CMHC and Court had….
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21swt Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. And the DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes.

  • Yes, I have a proposed solution:
    Simply make the system work by having any “mental health professional” able to certify any person as
    “worthy of my services”, *IF* that person freely requests that.
    That way, the onus would be on the “clinician” to justify their paycheck, and not depend on a bogus label slapped on a person. Seems this would eliminate most so-called “stigma”, too….

  • wtf? Why are there no comments here, in over a month?….
    Actually, I’d say it’s time to do away with the bogus “diagnoses” altogether….
    The “diagnosis” *itself* is a form of second-class citizenship.
    To think that some bogus psychiatric “diagnosis”, and full citizenship are compatible is delusional at best.
    That’s like saying, “We need to treat those slaves as if they’re full citizens”….

  • You forget another reality, Deena. Most “public defenders” are actually *complicit*. I was charged with a bogus, fabricated criminal charge, partly because the female public defender was trying to create business for herself, and for the local “community mental health center”, and associated “mental health court”…. She actually tried to convince me that I have a “mental illness”, and that she was “helping” me. The prosecutor tried to get me sent to the State mental hospital. But, I rejected the shyster lawyer, and fought the prosecutor. I insisted to the Judge my right to represent myself “Pro Se”. I had to suck up the fraudulent conviction, but the Judge had no other choice but to side with me on the loony bin part. Point is, so-called “mental illnesses” are used as weapons against persons the local community finds inconvenient, annoying, or challenging. This reality is invisible in the cloistered, hyper-clinical ivory tower Dr. Moncrieff inhabits.

  • Children are the inevitable and only creation of a healthy, or unhealthy society or civilization. So *IF* the children are “depressed”, the root cause is NOT in the children themselves, – it’s in the SOCIETY! The roots of “childhood depression” are NOT in the children, but in the PARENTS, the GRANDParents, the GREAT-Grand parents, etc…. It’s not the children who are “depressed”, no, it’s the SOCIETY which is SICK….
    This simple truth should be so obvious, but it doesn’t help $ELL DRUG$, does it….????….
    England is dying under the poison of neo-liberalism and progressivism, and sadly, America is not far behind.

  • We here at MiA are thinking “logically”, and “rationally”. (I won’t attempt to DEFINE those terms, so let’s just assume for sake of argument that we agree what we mean by them….) But psychiatric drugs, such as the SSRI’s that James Holmes was taking, cause the brain to malfunction in ways that are irrational and illogical. While under the influence of these DRUGS, our behaviour becomes illogical and irrational. Because it’s inherently illogical and irrational, it can only be understood illogically and irrationally! So it doesn’t make sense to us! What I’ve just descibed is exactly how the pseudoscience of psychiatry creates the very “mental illness” which it then purports to treat!
    (I wonder how long it’s gonna take what’s-her-name to approve this comment before it appears?….)….

  • Thank-you, Carol! That was a very well-written, easy to read piece of writing. Not trying to minimize your experience, though. You did write it well. The one thing though, that I’m NOT seeing in your story of healing, is some form of exercise. I don’t mean hours pumping iron, or becoming a gym rat. But daily walks, or swimming, or some type of Yoga, for example, were/are key for me. Just today, I went for a 1/2 hour, ~45min. relaxing walk in a local wooded park with a friend. It’s Sunday, I’m taking it easy. I will also bicycle a few miles, as I do every day. That’s my suggestion. And, is it a “spiritual “emergency””, or a SPIRITUAL EMERGENCE? I guess you see why I always say:
    “Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins.”
    The only “need” the drugs addressed, was to make money for PhRMA, and re-inforce the whole charade of psychiatry. That you would need drugs “for the rest of your life”, needs to be called out for what it is: A LIE.
    Best wishes on the future!

  • *IF* this article is correct, then we’d need to know the exact mechanism by which soking tobacco can cause these epigenetic changes. The OTHER big confounding factor here is the fact that ALL corporate/commercial cigarettes are laced with numerous toxic chemicals that are NOT found in tobacco. And there are NO studies which compare organic tobacco smoking with consuming the chemical-laden corporate cigarette products. How do we know it’s the *tobacco*, and not all the OTHER toxic chemicals the industry adulterates cigarettes with?

  • OK, *NOW* I can comment directly to Sera. No “rsvp” requested or expected, Sera. I liked the article above very much. I think it articulates well the dysfunctional inter-personal dynamics which permeates the whole “mental health / illness” system. I saw/heard/read some humor in the piece, even if it’s gallows humor. And, I think many of the more critical comments here are off-base, and even wrong. I’m a little surprised at the push-back Sera seems to provoke here. Too many of the comments are also off-topic. Not that that’s always a bad thing….
    One of my best friends is a victim of forced psychiatry, but she does have a copy of the video from “Western Mass”-whatever it’s called(sorry, I can’t recall it right the name right now, but it’s the group you work with, Sera.)
    Let me make a suggestion: Edit this down some, maybe combine and eliminate some #’s; maybe edit some wording into more formal/clinical language, then distribute this piece as far and wide as possible. It’s a strong piece, Sera, as written. My suggestions are in hopes of it seeing a MUCH wider audience, especially in the whole “Community Mental Health Center” crowd.
    I can certainly identify with most of what you’ve written here.

  • “oldhead”, *MY* personal problem with the “anti-psychiatry” label is that it simply legitimizes psychiatry as being worthy of having an “anti” movement….
    I agree with Szasz, both psychiatry, *AND* anti-psychiatry are PSEUDOSCIENCES…. That’s directly from the preface to the 2010 edition of “Myth of Mental illness”…..

  • Are you ok? That doesn’t sound like your usual tone of comments? Maybe you’re like me, – getting a headache from all the arguing here! 🙂 I like Sera’s work, and I think some of the older *boys* here are giving her a hard time she doesn’t need, or deserve…. I saw a LOT of humor in Sera’s piece, above, and a lot of pain, too. It’s obvious to me that Sera feels very deeply, and cares very much about people. We need more of that.
    (This is just a thought – maybe you should post as “FeelinLESS Discouraged”, or something. Aren’t you risking affirming your discouragement, by repeatedly writing that you are “FeelinDiscouraged”? See what I mean? I can see some irony and humor in your choice of online/screen name, but maybe it’s time for a change? You know I like your comments, and I’m tryin’ to B helpful here!….)….

  • Just this week I happened upon a 2010 edition of Szasz’s “Myth of Mental Illness”. In the 2010 preface, Szasz explicitly states that he is NOT “anti-psychiatry”, because he considers BOTH psychiatry and anti-psychiatry to be “pseudoscience”. Just sayin’…..

  • Gee, I dunno, “Sally”! I think “Tweedle’s” universe is not only NOT parallel, but it’s going off on it’s own radical tangent!
    But ya gotta admit, that saying psychs try to tie up bird wings from flying, for their own safety, IS a pretty accurate metaphor for the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry”!
    (BTW, the most “violent” I ever was, was directly because of the psych drugs. After 20+ years off psych drugs & psychiatry, I’m happier and peacefuler than ever!)

  • In general, across the U.S., there’s a “shortage” of psychiatrists, because fewer & fewer persons want to go into the field. Psychs tend towards larger urban areas, with much larger colleges & universities. And, psychiatry itself is increasingly seen as the corrupt drug racket which it is. Older psychs are retiring & dying faster than new, younger ones are entering the field. Why this “shortage” is so acute in N.H., I don’t know the details on that. “Dartmouth-Hitchcock” has a near-monopoly on “healthcare providers” here in N.H. plus, there’s a LOT of CORRUPTION in N.H. Yeah, I know, you don’t usually think of N.H. as corrupt. We’re just about the richest, whitest State, and also have the highest alcohol & opioid overdose death rate. The local hospital was looking for even “emergency fill-in” psychs, at ~$80./hour, and found no takers. But N.H. *IS* also a very well-educated State, so I assume the FRAUD of psychiatry is becoming too obvious. That’s what I *hope*, anyway.
    Thanks, “Feelin’! Have *courage*, my friend! *grin*

  • It’s sad and pathetic that “Science News” turned off comments to this story, after only 3 comments. Sorta’ like a “comment abortion”. Yes, positive touch is a crucial factor in healthy newborns. Lack of touch can only have negative long-term consequences. It’s also sad and pathetic that such knowledge needs “scientific studies”. *THINK*, people!
    All so-called “mental illnesses” are in fact STD’s ~ *Socially-Transmitted Distress*….

  • “ECT” = Electro-Cution Torture
    Electrocution Torture = “ECT”
    I don’t want to censor/”moderate” the comments from “rational_moderation”, but I must note that ALL of them are irrelevant.
    Electrocution Torture was invented in the 1930’s, in the era of ice-pick lobotomies, insulin coma, cold water immersion, etc. There is NO legitimate reason that it is still used. That it *is* still used, is simply more PROOF that psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. I repeat:
    “ECT” = Electro-Cution Torture
    Electrocution Torture = “ECT”
    This barbaric form of human torture pretending to be “therapy” should be banned completely.

  • Thank-you, Sandra. I’m very glad you survived. And of course there’s some differences between our stories, but what most strikes me, is how the same they are. We’re about the same age, and I’ve been “shrink-proof” longer, but the basic themes are the same. We’ve had very similar experiences. So I bet you’d agree with what I always say:
    “Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins.”
    Welcome to MadinAmerica! BTW, I first read Dr. Peter Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry” in the early 1990’s.
    That’s what got the ball rolling for me, and saved my life. And yeah, klonopin(clonazepam) withdrawal is *HELL*!…. *smile*….

  • Sadly, the BMJ doesn’t have a comment section. So, as a victim of psychiatry, I can personally, and anecdotally CONFIRM Dr. Peter Gotzsche’s article. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry & psych drugs did me far more harm than good. In fact, the only “good” they did for me, was when I tapered off them completely. Too many of my friends are DEAD because of the lies of psychiatry and the psych drugs which PhRMA pushes.
    Thank-you, Dr. Gotzsche, what more can I do?

  • WOW! 2 whole days this article has been here, and nobody has commented yet? wtf? LOL….
    This sounds like at least a step in the right direction….
    But “PTM” is a uniquely British invention, and I think it might face more hurdles here in America….
    But it’s good to see the psychologists stand up to the pseudoscience lies of the drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry”. “Psychiatry” is nothing more than 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins….

  • Hey, ‘oldhead”, I usually read the comments first, as I’ve done here. So maybe I’ll have something more intelligent to say after I actually read the article, and the statement. I already heard about this action in a newspaper story. But, for all the words in the story, there was amazingly little *facts* in it…. I don’t think I know enough about this specific issue to really have a good opinion one way or another. So, “oldhead” *WHY* is this such good news? And, knowing Trump, isn’t it possible that what looks to *you*, *now*, as “good news”, might in fact lead to some really **BAD** *NEWS*, down the road….????…. RSVP?…. ~B./

  • Psychobabble, gobbledygook, ridiculous nonsense. Sure, I read the article. It’s written in Modern American/Canadian English. And it’s still psychobabble and gobbledygook. Let’s place blame where it’s due: The pseudoscience LIES of the drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry”. The DSM-5, and all previous DSMs, are nothing more than catalogs of billing codes, pretending to be “scientific”. Why call it a “Statistical Manual”, when there’s NO statistics in it? And Tom Strong lays out in brief how ALL of medicine has been polluted and corrupted by these psychiatric terms. These invented words, – these neologisms. Use of neologisms was once declared to be a “symptom” of “mental illness”. Who knows if there will be a “DSM-6”? If there is, it will only need ONE entry: Psychiatry. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. What is MOST needed, in counseling/therapy in particular, and medicine in general, is TRUTH, and HONESTY. Truth and honesty are rare commodities in psychiatry, and THAT is the root of the troubles Tom Strong describes here. Why do we need anything more than “justified need for services” to bill for payment? Rather than bemoan the latest labels, let’s all work to SIMPLIFY medical language, especially in the so-called “helping professions”.

  • I actually watched Johann Hari speak in person, around the time he was promoting “Chasing the Scream”. That was the first I’d heard of him. Then I read “Chasing the Scream’. He’s not beyond criticism, – this IS MiA, after all!, – but I endorse him, and his book, as being very valuable. So it’s funny to see him attacked like this. It means somebody, – $OMEBODY!, – is afraid of Hari’s message.

  • I’m mostly agreeing with you, Steve. But surely you’ve seen how the CMHC’s are all now pushing the language of “behavioral health”? We don’t see neurologists pushing “behavioral health”.
    I’d suggest that the UN-healthiest behavior is going to some quack shrink, and taking their poison pills.
    And I’d bet you’d agree with me, Steve, that psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins.

  • Sadly, and unfortunately, I think episodes like this are a necessary step in eradicating the fascist human cancer which is “psychiatry”, from the human body politic. Note that the article speaks of persons “given” so-called “diagnoses”. After something like my 15th or 20th different, “diagnosis”, I FINALLY figured out that the whole thing’s a scam, and that the DSM is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. Note that there’s no effort to, nor even hint of trying to, *confirm* any diagnostic allegation. I once had a master’s-level “clinician”, working for the local “community mental health center”, falsely claim that I have so-called “NPD”, “narcissistic personality disorder”. I worked with 3 licensed clinical psychologists who all agreed that I do NOT have “NPD”. But guess who the local court listened to? I was fraudulently charged with a fabricated “crime”, because a police prosecutor believed the master’s-level CMHC “clinician” over 3 PhD Psychologists! Yes, these bogus “diagnoses” result in real harm. As if any of us don’t already know that….

  • Dr. Gotzsche:
    I don’t have the formal education in either statistics, or analyzing clinical studies, to accurately and thoroughly assess all the relevant details of what you’re saying here. But my language comprehension skills are more than sufficient to ask you a pertinent question. In the first sentence of your letter, above, you clearly state that “Almost all placebo-controlled trials”…etc., So, you ARE saying that at LEAST SOME trials are NOT flawed. Is that really the case? Are there in fact non-flawed drug trials?….
    My personal experience with both Zoloft and Wellbutrin is that they basically did NOTHING for me.
    But c’mon, Peter, are there ANY un-flawed studies?

  • I just gotta say something! Your comment made me laugh, but in a good way. I’ve always been attracted to “crazy”, and “troubled” women, but I’m pushing 60 now. 44 is NOT old, but the 25+ years on drugs, well, yeah, I see what you mean. And I live in a “single woman desert”. Years ago, I used to go to “Yahoo Personals”, and “”, etc., and there’d be like NO single women my age in my town! Sorry I don’t have any solutions, or words of wisdom for you, but at least you know you’re not alone in your alone-ness. Something like that. You know what I mean! Being single sux sometimes, but after 20+ years clean and sober, and away from the psychs madness, life’s pretty good, all things considered. There’s worse than “boring”, and “lonely”. At least I’m fairly happy. Hope your 2018 gets better!

  • “shaun”, I’ve just read the whole comment thread here. I don’t know you, so I’m not talking about *you* *directly*, but I am using your comments to make some more general points. With that disclaimer, please understand and excuse some limits in my language. I know you’re sure you sound so “affirming”. You express in hollow, empty words “support” for the thoughts and feelings expressed by other commenters here. But what I see is a subtle form of gaslighting. You don’t seem willing to seriously examine the reality that the DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. All of the alleged “diagnoses” in it are100% SUBJECTIVE, and have no objective reality. They are all exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. And all your “therapy” is subordinated under the fraudulent regime of psychiatry. Would you suggest “substantial reform” if the topic of conversation was Nazi death camps? No, you wouldn’t. I submit that you’ve had as much professional “sucess” as you *seem* to have had, largely because you’re basically a compassionate guy, and NOT because of any inherent efficacy in your “mental health system”. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. There are precious few venues such as MiA, here, where you can hear the voices of the victims and survivors of psychiatry. You have been deliberately and systematically shielded from the TRUTH. The voices of the victims are actively suppressed. I know you mean well. But when I read what you’ve written here, I have to roll my eyes and shake my head. It isn’t just that Julie, above, *”believes”* the system has failed her, it’s that THE SYSTEM FAILED HER. There’s some doubt in your mind that the system has failed her, because you are so deeply and heavily invested in it. You’re bumping up against actual cognitive dissonance in yourself, because the TRUTH of psychiatry’s victims, – including Julie & myself, – is so at odds with what you’ve been brainwashed and indoctrinated and propagandized to believe. While yes I believe you’re basically a “good guy”, I also know that you’re (relatively) young and naive. Please remember my words in 5, 10, 20 years. The “system” as you know it, and have been lead to believe, was NOT set up to “help” people. Unless those people are rich, powerful, and PhRMA honchos. Sure, you can find a few people who will sing the praises of their pills and bogus “diagnosis”. But there are far MORE people who are either dead too young, or against/out of that crooked system. No, the problem is not that I;’m too cynical, – you’re not cynical enough. You HAVE read Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry”, and Whitaker’s “Mad in America”, and “Anatomy of an Epidemic”, right….????….
    RSVP? ~B./ (Think of me as your elderly clinical supervisor….)…..

  • I strongly, highly, completely, without reservation, endorse, support, – ok, you get the idea. PLEASE go out and get something, anything by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He’s also got lots of videos. His words are simple, clear, and easy to understand. Regardless of whatever religion you do or don’t have, or what your beliefs are, the Dalai Lamas’ words are healing. Thank-you, MiA, for this…. The greatest benefit, I’d say, is that you will have more better understanding of life. And remember, Buddhism is 500 years older than Christianity. The Dalai Lama practices Mahayana Buddhism.

  • The DSM is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. All of the alleged “diagnoses” in it are bogus, and they were all invented, – not discovered, – to serve as excuses to sell drugs. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. So-called “mental illnesses” and “DSM-5 diagnoses” are as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. Missy and Skylar were both fortunate to have had as little do do with psychiatry as you have. Psychiatry is a deathtrap. I’m glad you survived. Personally, I do find some of what you 2 are describing here to be a little weird, but I’m not the one who has to live with things as they are for you. Being an older person myself, with some experience of years, I think you’re in a pretty good place overall, and that the future holds good things for you both. I am curious why there are only *2* of you? Wouldn’t it be more fun to have more company? Of course, that could overly complicate things. Thank-you for sharing your story! I’m curious to see what some of the other regulars here have to say!

  • Robert is correct, “misfitxxx”. Clinicians of all types often mis-identify active street drug use for a whole slew of imaginary “mental disorders’. The DSM-5 contains literally 100’s of such invented labels. It’s one thing to say that Robert is wrong, or question his motivations, but really, what is your criticism? How is what he’s saying here “bs spin world”? Maybe you’re being overly sensitive in regards “street drugs”?

  • Sometimes, “madness” is simply that, – madness. Framing the question as a duality, “breakdown”, or “spiritual initiation”, is to *a priori* decide without adequate investigation. The romance of the shamanic journey seems attractive to modern, decadent Westerners, and that “breakdown” delusion certainly $ELL$ DRUG$! Maybe it’s all really just the Godhead experiencing self in myriad forms? It certainly IS NOT a “chemical imbalance” in the brain! LOL! (Well, at least not that science has found solid evidence of!)

  • Well, Dr. Atwood, it looks like I’m visitor #8497, 8498, 8499, and 8500, according to the counter on your website. And I see there’s no way to contact you from it. Oh well. I’ve just spent 2 hours reading *most* of what’s on your website. Pretty good stuff. You say that you didn’t want to spend time on “medical training”, in order to become a psychiatrist, and so “settled” for a Ph.D. in psychology. As it is for ALL psychiatrists, said medical training would have been wasted. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. The DSM is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. All of the diagnostic allegations in it were invented, not discovered, to serve as excuses to sell drugs. Now that California has legalized all uses of cannabis, I would hope that Dr. E supplants his single-malt Scotch supply with an occasional carefully-chosen cannabis edible. I am NOT alive and well today *because* of the depredations of psychiatry, but in spite of them. If I had not read Dr. Breggins’ “Toxic Psychiatry” over 25 years ago, and had stayed with the demonic quack shrinks, I doubt I’d still be alive. Along with the Phrenology from which it arose, psychiatry belongs on the scrap heap of history. How can such otherwise well-educated persons perpetuate and perpetrate such suffering and EVIL upon the world? Finally, I want to agree with “Sa”, above. Too bad you encountered Zen, instead of the Dalai Lama’s Mahayana! Zen is nothing but head games and word games. And psychiatry is the sound of one brain farting! LOL

  • They are “inseparable” only in YOUR MIND, “Slaying/Dragon”. I usually agree 99% with your comments, but your radical ideology has carried you too far this time. So-called “mental illness” is exactly the myth that you say it is. Yeah, I read Szasz, too. But psychotherapy really DOES WORK. People often feel better after good psychotherapy, but not because that psychotherapy actually “treated” their (imaginary) “mental illness”. Pretty much everybody enjoys spending an hour or 2 talking about themselves. So-called “psychotherapy” is nothing more than formalizing normal human interaction, and then sometimes pretending that it’s treating some imaginary “mental illness”. I’m suggesting that your disdain for the pseudoscience of psychiatry has affected your thinking where “talk therapy” is concerned. Even people who aren’t labelled have regular “therapy sessions”. It’s called “going out bowling with friends”, or joining your buddies at the bar”, etc. Think of the gab sessions at any urban barber shop or beauty parlor or hair salon. The personal relationships that grow in these places are in fact more important than any other “work” which goes on there. No, I’m not trying to defend “psychotherapy” *per* *se*, but I am challenging your dogmatic, reflexive, and extremist ideology. You so hate the trees of psychiatry and psychotherapy, that you can’t see the forest of humanity…. None of us are beyond self-reflection, so let me adjust this mirror for you…. RSVP? ~B./

  • I know 3 women, – my friends, – who were sexually molested/raped by their fathers. By the time they got old enough to tell what happened, “Dad” & “Mom” had taken them to psychiatrists, and had them labeled/”diagnosed” and drugged. Thus, “Oh, she’s just crazy, – she has “mental illness”. You can’t believe anything she says….” See how that works? I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. All 3 families were Roman Catholic, although, yes, this type of abuse also occurs in families of other religions, too….But it’s psychiatry that’s the keystone of this scam.

  • Some of us with lived experience of benzos, such as myself, can only shake our heads in mild disgust.
    This is like doctors asking, “Gee, should I REALLY prescribe THAT MUCH oxycontin for that long?”….
    It should also be noted that Japan is home to Otsuka Pharma, which is now marketing DRUGS with MICROCHIPS, to “ensure compliance”….
    Seriously, some of you “academics” need to WAKE the *F**K* *UP*, and realize that yes, it’s worse than you want to admit….
    Denial is NOT a river in Egypt….
    Thanks for the report, Hannah. As badas it is, I’d still rather know.

  • In other words, the psychs are saying, “This is what we need to start doing….”…..
    Sorry, kids, but this is what the psychs SHOULD HAVE BEEN doing for the past few decades.
    Thank-you, Rebecca, for proving yet again what most of us here at MiA already know:
    (…even if some of us refuse to publically admit it….)….
    “Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. The DSM is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. Every diagnostic allegation in it is BOGUS, and was INVENTED to serve as excuses to $ELL DRUG$….

  • Wow. Just wow. I feel honored to have “first comment”. I actually know Eric. It’s been 30 years since I’ve been in the New Hampshire State “mental hospital”, and it does seem to have gotten more violent there. In the 6 months I was there, I don’t recall ANY violence at all. But I’ll take Eric’s word for it. The situation HAS gotten somewhat worse. The staff of the local “community mental health center” will actually *LIE* about you, just to excuse shipping you to “Concord”, as the State hospital is commonly known. (It’s in Concord, N.H., and is a major employer.
    I can really relate to Eric’s “trophy hunting”! When the local hospital fired their “child psychiatrist”, and shut down the 6-bed adolescent psych ward, boy, wasn’t Dr. Marcia Pabo surprised! They fired ~30 employees a couple months later, and shut down the 12 adult beds in the adult unit. The result is that there’s NO “inpatient treatment” in one of the largest cities in N.H.! That’s “Dartmouth-Hitchcock” for you! They also finagled the N.H. State contract for psych services, then promptly failed to fulfill their contract! Seems there’s a “shortage” of psychiatrists. Even at $80+ an hour! (That works out to well over $150K/year, btw…)
    Eric and I do have some common friends, and I can attest that the whole “mental health system” is just as incompetent, crooked, corrupt, and hurtful as Eric suggests that it is. It’s *BROKEN*, but you’ll never hear the right people admit that.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. And hey, blankets and wall-art signs are probably about the only GOOD things to come out of a stay in “Concord” “hospital”! Thanks, Eric!

  • Happy New Year, “little turtle”! (I always put the name people use online here in quote marks just to distinguish it.) You are asking some real serious questions here. I think you deserve some real serious answers. A lot of what you read here, especially in the comments, comes from years of reading, study, and work at a college or University level. Much of it comes from painful experiences. Yes, there is a lot of arrogance here. But behind a lot of that “arrogance” is also a lot of pain and suffering. So I suggest trying to not get hung up on any “arrogance” you run into here. “Take what you need, and leave the rest”, is a good way to describe it. In the end, only YOU can really know what’s best for “littleturtle”. And I’m guessing you’ve had a lot of other people try to tell you what’s best for you. That makes it harder to trust your own wisdom and knowing. I’m glad you’re still posting here. That means you’re still looking for answers, still looking for healing. Whatever it was that “happened” to you, wasn’t just one thing that happened in one moment. It was a lot of things, that took place over a long period of time. So your “healing”, – whatever form that takes, – won’t happen all at once, either. It’s a PROCESS, not an “event”. The key is “positive forward progress”. How that works is really very simple. You decide you want to be healthier. You decide that you are ready, willing, and able to begin to make one step at a time towards being the healthiest, happiest “little turtle” that you can be. When you do this, it can seem scary. And that “fear” can be seen as “F.E.A.R.” That means “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Or, it can mean, “Face Everything And Recover”. What I’ve learned, – what I believe, – is that we ALL have a WHOLE, HEALTHY, HAPPY person living inside us. Even **YOU**, “little turtle”! That’s what I believe, anyway! In the end, it really doesn’t matter whether or not so-called “mental illnesses” are “real” or not. And it really doesn’t matter whether or not you do, or don’t, have one. You still have to do certain things to be that whole, healthy, happy person you were meant to be. I think you can do it. Your questions are a good sign. (This might not be the best site to get the answers, though! *grin*….) If you haven’t been to Monica Cassinis’ website, ><, then I suggest you do. She has a LOT of good information there. And yes, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and nuts and whole grains, is always a good idea. You're not a junk person, so why should you eat junk food? Thanks for your questions, and thanks for reading my few words here. I do hope they help!

  • The link leads to a very short article, and a proprietary BBC media player which doesn’t like the computer I’m using. So I take it, that in England, “sanctioned mental patients” are further “sanctioned” with loss of some benefits if they’re “non-compliant”. Or some such ridiculous non-sense. The whole English “mental health system” seems to be imploding under the weight of the LIES of the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as psychiatry, – 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. I’m sorry that folks are being so abused by the system, but it seems to be an inevitable stage of collapse to a system built on greed and ignorance.

  • In some ways psychiatric slavery is more horrific than bondage/chattel slavery. Chattel slavery openly defended itself as slavery. There was no pretense, beyond the slave-owners claim that slaves were sub-human to masters. But in psychiatric slavery, the psychs will proclaim that it’s victims are “fully human”, then turn around and dehumanize them. Bondage/chattel slavery doesn’t pretend to be otherwise. But psych slavery deludes itself, and
    it’s victims, that it’s “for their own good”….

  • The 2 words that BEST describe the whole shebang, above, are PSYCHOBABBLE, and GOBBLEDYGOOK. (No, I’m not referring to the descriptions written by Rebecca Troeger) Sure, the stuff sounds good, but *THINK*!, what *exactly* does “evidence based” *mean*? “Evidence based” might sound good to the untrained ear, to the person who doesn’t look deeply into the facts. But the more deeply I think about what’s being said here, the less actual substance I see. And with the neo-fascist “sectioning” laws, we see guaranteed cu$tomer$. Let’s be honest. England is turning it’s people into drug toilets. Force drugs down their throats, flush. Force drugs down their throats, flush. Etc., etc., etc. What I see is simple proof for what I always say: Psychiatry is pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. And the so-called “mental health system” is a cruel joke. I’m not impressed, England. We should rename it “Less Britain”. There’s nothing “Great” about this iatrogenic SCAM.

  • @”amnesia”: Thanks for the link, – which works!, – but I couldn’t load the “comments”, or even read/see them. But your words from 2012 are still there. Thank-you. I bet you’d agree – Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins.
    The DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the alleged “diagnoses” in it were literally INVENTED, not “discovered”. I’m grateful that I survived psychiatry…. too many of my friends did not….
    BTW, “ECT” = ELECTRO-CUTION TORTURE. We may as well be HONEST, and call it what it is…. Electro-cution Torture(“ECT)/

  • Well, I couldn’t find a comment section on the SanFranChronicle website, so I hope they see this comment….
    What I find most appalling is the blatant and glaring ignorance on the part of these erstwhile “helpers”, these bleeding-heart liberal elites who are both grossly over-educated and dumb as a box of rocks. They are in fact fascists hiding behind a veneer of do-gooderism. Many, perhaps most hard-core “street people”, such as this “Alice” woman cited in the article, have in fact had one too many bad experiences with the so-called “mental health system”, and THAT is why they are now refusing the so-called “help”. What we learn, too often painfully, is that “bad help is worse than no help at all”. Even in my small hometown, we do have a few chronic “homeless”, and “mental patients”. With rare exceptions, they are as they are not *in spite* of the system, but rather, BECAUSE of it. Whether through electro-cution torture(“ECT”), or gross over-drugging, or a myriad of other abuses, these folks have been so hurt and traumatized that they want nothing to do with “the system”. Most “street people” HAVE been through the psychiatric ringer. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. So-called “street people” are living examples of that testimony. Idiot but well-meaning do-gooders fail to see the TRUTH. If the mental health system *could* have helped these folks, they wouldn’t be so bad off in the first place! The homeless are the canaries in societies’ coal mine. So the SanFran libbies are running around frantic to help the homeless? They need to FIRST take a LONG HARD LOOK at the REAL problem. They need to spend a few hours looking in the mirror. God, they need to spend a few hours looking in the mirror….
    (c)2017, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • Stan Truskie:
    I’m very sorry to hear about the death of your son. And I don’t want to cause you any unnecessary pain. So do I withhold the TRUTH I KNOW, to spare your feelings? Or should I be honest? You’ve heard the expression, “the truth hurts”; and that phrase is often used as an excuse or justification to cover up unpleasant or inconvenient information. But I think that just points out another, deeper truth: “We’re only as sick as the secrets we keep”. And psychiatry is one of the sickest secrets there is! The TRUTH, Mr. Truskie, is that psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Your son did NOT “have schizoaffective disorder”, simply because there’s no such thing. It’s an imaginary “disease” that was INVENTED, (note: NOT “discovered”), to serve as an excuse to $ELL DRUG$, and maintain the power and influence of PhRMA, the shrinks, and the larger “mental illness industry”. Your son was KILLED. Active voice. He did not just “die”,- passive voice. What I think you need to realize, is that “the system” really does NOT care about your son in particular, or about “mental patients” in general. PhRMA does NOT care about you, or me, either. The system which killed your son only cares about money, power, and control. That’s a harsh TRUTH. I think you need to understand, Mr. Truskie, that the DSM-5 is a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the so-called “diagnoses” in it were invented, – or created, – to serve as excuses to sell drugs. Now, I’m not saying that your son didn’t have some difficulties, or painful experiences, or whatever you want to call it. But that doesn’t mean that he had a “mental illness”. And that diagnostic label is itself the very “stigma” which the system itself so often decries!
    Like your son, I’ve seen several friends and acquaintances die too soon, after being multi-drugged. I myself was a victim of that, too. I was taken to a psychiatrist, and “diagnosed”/labeled/stigmatized in 10th grade. Wasted the next 20 years of my life. I read Dr. Peter Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry” in the early 1990’s, and he helped expose much of what I’d already figured out for myself. That’s what I’m trying to explain to you here. You’ve been lied to by psychiatry & the “mental health/illness industrial complex”. I think the best way to honor your son’s sacrifice is to work to end the whole sad charade of psychiatry once and for all. How many more needless deaths will be required to stop the carnage? Looking at the parallel “heroin/opioid crisis”, all I’m hearing is “talk, talk, talk,” but nobody wants to actually walk the walk. I’m truly very sorry. This is about all I can do….

  • No, it’s *YOU* who are only partially rational, and you don’t go far enough. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. We could easily abolish psychiatry, with very little notice to the general public. I’m here in small-town N.H., which is also the biggest city in this part of the State. In early 2016, the local private, “non-profit” hospital chain fired their child psychiatrist, and closed their adolescent “Mental Health Unit”, – 6 beds. A couple months later, they fired 30 staff, and closed their 12-bed adult “mental health unit”. Around that time, they spent $1.5Million to re-do their ER, and install several psych holding cells. The State-wide hospital/”healthcare” group, which runs the local hospital, “Dartmouth-Hitchcock”, also snagged the State contract to provide staff at the State Mental Hospital. There’s a State-wide “shortage” of psychiatrists. The State of N.H., through incompetence, crookedness and corruption, continues to FAIL to treat a small percentage of the population in a safe, effective, humane, and legal manner. Persons are still confined for days or weeks at a time in hospital emergency rooms’ holding cells. But psychiatry is on the ropes. There are still 1,000’s of people employed, at tax-payer expense, in the “mental health system”. People are still being neglected, abused, a DRUGGED. Some of them are my friends. I literally see it every day. So abolishing psychiatry is a *process*, not an “event”. Personally, I’d like to see MiA get stronger on the “anti-psychiatry” bandwagon, but I understand why they don’t. Psychiatry serves the “GREG B.’s”, the Global Ruling Elites and Global Banksters. For all other persons, psychiatry is nothing more than 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. We can’t get rid of it fast enough. As for that unfortunate “crazy” woman you mentioned, psychiatry did NOTHING to help her, or she wouldn’t be in that predicament in the first place! We do NOT need the LIES of psychiatry….
    (c)2017, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • “prescripticide”!…. I like that word. Iatrogenic prescripticide. Thanks to Grammarly, the word is now in my dictionary. Thank-you, “amnesia”…..And I do mean this with respect: your friend’s tragic death has given us the word “Prescripticide”. I’m sorry for your loss, and yes, I think you should have filed the report. But I also respect and understand your decision not to.

  • As bad as forced isolation torture is, 251 persons were victims of electro-cution torture *AGAINST* *THEIR* *STATED* *WILL*…. OK, I suppose somebody can choose to get ECT, if they are fully informed just how dangerous it is, but how can any Christian gov’t force electrocution torture against somebody’s will?….
    Even beautiful, tiny New Zealand has some SICKO psychiatrists…. I bet there are *NO* videos on youtube, showing how “well” ECT has “worked”…. Why is there NO video documentation of ECT’s “efficacy”….????….
    ….and some people still want to defend, and “reform” the abomination that is psychiatry!

  • Merry Christmas to you, too, “little turtle”! I’m so glad some of the more opinionated commenters here haven’t scared you away! LOL! I value your comments. And, yeah, there’s a LOT to learn here! You might like ><, too! Monica Cassini does a great job with her website there…. Best wishes to you!….

  • Hello, “littleturtle”! Merry Christmas! Let me give you the BEST answer I can: Yes, as you ask it, “the serotonin system in the brain”… DOES “have something to do with mental health”. **BUT**, as others have commented here, what you’ve been told is basically a LIE, invented to sell drugs. There’s group of drugs called “SSRI’s”, which means “Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors”. This group of drugs includes Prozac, Zoloft, etc., and are called “antidepressants”. Problem is, there is NO way to actually measure the exact “serotonin levels” in a person’s brain. To the extent that serotonin levels CAN be measured, there’s no clear answer to what they mean. There are folks with “low” serotonin levels who are NOT depressed, and folks with HIGH “serotonin levels” who ARE depressed. And, as science is STILL LEARNING, most of the serotonin in the human body is actually made in our guts, which also have large numbers of neurons.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins.
    Most of what we think we know about psychiatry and mental health are LIES invented to sell drugs, maintain the salaries and money of the “mental health system”, and maintain the social control aspects of psychs.
    And if anything I’ve said here is factually wrong, I’m sure somebody will correct me. Your pain is real, and your experiences have value, but that does NOT mean that you have a “biological” “mental illness”!

  • Sorry I took so long to see this and reply. I note that only the word “therapist” is used, so we don’t know what (“medical”) degree the “therapist” had. Knowing what type of degree a therapist has, helps understand where that therapist is coming from, to use American idiom…. Your “born perfect” concept is similar to the idea that I came up with, – that each of us has a whole, healthy, happy person inside. As for the DSM-5, – the current edition, – it’s the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association. Every so-called “diagnosis” in it is bogus, and they were ALL invented/created. None of them were “discovered”. There is literally NO SUCH THING as “Dependent Personality Disorder”. Any given “personality” is itself nothing more than a collection of concepts. Same with the bogus “disorder” of “DPD”. Please note that I am NOT discounting your subjective experience, Janet. Remember, psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. So-called “mental illnesses”, and even “personality disorders” are only exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real.
    Thanks for writing your story here.
    ps: I couldn’t help noticing that your mother seemed to use psychology as a weapon against you!

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. So, it goes without saying that I’m just as “anti-psychiatry” as I am “anti-Nazi”. And, there are few people who even know who Freud is, who do NOT think he’s a psychiatrist. Personally, I find your defense of Freud appalling. He should be tossed on the scrap heap of history, along with “alienists”, and phrenologists.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins…..
    You remind me of some poor cabin boy bringing fresh sheet music to the band playing on the poop deck of the Titanic…..

  • I agree with you, “Nancy99”, and want to add that one of the best ways to “develop mindfulness”, indirectly, is to read any of the books by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama of Tibet. His books can be found in any library or bookstore, and they are always simple, – but not simplistic, – and easy to read. And they seem to just get better every time I read them! (I would hope that “littleturtle” doesn’t take any of the comments here too personally. Some of the comments might seem harsh, or too critical, but I think it’s her *statements* that are being criticized, and not *her*, or her experience. That’s my hope, anyway….)….

  • Dr. Maisel: I read all 3 parts of your article, linked to here. But I didn’t read all 3 parts *carefully*. I only skimmed them. Sorry, but I don’t need the stress and re-triggering of my own personal trauma. I’m doing OK today, and that’s good enough. But I DO have a serious comment to add. In your list of traits for authoritarians, you seem to present the persons described as if they somehow just “happened” to be that way. As if they just became that way as adults. What I’m not seeing, is a more detailed and nuanced description of how the authoritarian’s own childhood set them up to be that way. I can see bits and pieces of *some* of the traits in *most* people, and I shudder to think there’s somebody who embodies ALL the traits.
    I’m seeing a kind of “either/or” happening. Either so-and-so *IS*, or is *NOT* an “authoritarian”. I just don’t think people are usually so cut-and-dried. I’m hoping you don’t see this critique as a negative comment, or criticism. I’m hoping to ADD to your work, not detract from it. (And thank-you for not using the “T” word. He can toot his own “trumpet”, right?) Reader’s Digest had it right: “Laughter is the Best Medicine”!
    Thnks, ~Bill

  • Sorry, schizioRuss, but I don’t believe that for one minute. Oh, yes, I believe that YOU believe it, but that does NOT make it the TRUTH. It’s only *your* *truth*, and that’s only true for you.
    I was on “Triavil 4/25’s”, and I experienced a near-fatal toxic reaction. Damn near killed me. The quack shrink who was dosing me lost her MD license the next year. Personally, I think you need more education than EVERYbody here can give you…. You may *think* you’re doing ok today, but you wait 5, 10, 15, 20+ years from now. You’ll probably think otherwise than you do now. I’ve been playing the psych game for 40+ years. How long did you say you’ve been on the drugs? But please understand, I’m glad you’re here, glad you’re posting, hope you stay, and hope you learn. Too many of my friends are DEAD because of the pseudoscience lies of the drug racket known as “psychiatry”…..
    (c)2017, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • Based on your comment, you’re saying that “suicidal thoughts are depression”. I’m calling you out, and saying that’s nonsense. And, wouldn’t what you’re calling “substance induced depression” be more fairly called a “drug side effect”? Because, based on what you’re saying, “Chantix can cause depression”. I’m personally glad you’re posting here, but I also think much of what you’re saying is at best only your opinion, and the rest is proveably wrong. You’re free to believe that you have some form of so-called “schizophrenia”, if that’s what floats your boat. So I assume you also believe that Santa Claus will be bringing you some presents in 2 weeks. So-called “mental illnesses”, including so-called “schizophrenia”, are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. Thanks for your comments, and please keep coming back.

  • OK, Frank, but how do we *KNOW* that animals don’t have so-called “schizophrenia”? I think you and I will agree, but how do “they” *KNOW* that animals don’t have schizophrenia? See what I mean? What evidence is there, that animals don’t get so-called “schizophrenia”? If the shrinks claim to have “proof” that animals don’t get/have so-called “schizophrenia”, then exactly what is that evidence? I’ll grant that animals can become “anxious”, or “depressed”, but aren’t those simply natural reactions to harmful environments/stimuli?

  • There’s a **reason** that “akathisia is often undiagnosed”, as the article correctly states….
    Akathisia is IATROGENIC.
    It’s more correct to say that “akathisia is RARELY diagnosed”….
    Honesty and medical ethics are obsolete concepts which have no place in the Brave New World Order
    of PhRMA 2017….
    Otsuka Pharma is the drug dealer behind Abilify, and they are also one of the leading payer$ of kickbacks to “doctors”/drug dealers known as “psychiatrists”…. Even a local shrink here in small-town New Hampshire, Dr. Shawn Shea, received over $10,000. in 2 years from them, as a “consultant”. Those facts can be found in the “Dollars For Docs” database which ProPublica has produced online….
    God Bless you all, but we’re really chatting about a global-scale DRUG RACKET, which is harming, torturing, and even KILLING people for profit, and calling it “healthcare”.
    The ironic thing, is that given the literally 1,000,000s of folks drugged by these neuro-toxins globally, there actually *are* some folks, – a very tiny percentage, – who do seem to be “helped” by these drugs….

  • This idea just occurred to me, so it won’t be worded well, or a fully-developed idea.
    Why don’t you, Eve, explore the idea of *OFFICIALLY* creating(whatever that means….), a special category of persons, who have been hurt by psychiatry, and who should NOT be subjected to ANY so-called “treatment?
    A couple years ago, I was literally arrested and charged with a totally bogus criminal charge, just because of my *past* *psych* *record*. Think about that, please, Eve. The human carnage psychiatry has inflicts on humanity continues….

  • You can either “follow truth”….or follow psychiatry. Ultimately, you can’t do BOTH, unless you’ve figured out a way to be in 2 places at once.
    The TRUTH has no place in psychiatry…..
    I began to learn about TRUTH while working the 12 Steps of A.A.
    The more I leaned to live an honest life, the farther behind I left the LIES of the pseudoscience drug racket known as “psychiatry”. But I value your comments, “littleturtle”. Maybe for you, the truth is something different. And maybe in a few years, you will think very differently. I only wish good things for you.

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. All of the so-called “diagnoses” in the DSM-5 are bogus, all were invented/created, – not discovered, – to serve as excuses to $ELL DRUG$, and produ$e billing. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. There, that’s my spiel…. My parents took me to a shrink in 10th grade. I got an Rx and a “diagnosis”. I got literally dozens more of each in the next 20+ years. Psychiatry DESTROYED what should have been the BEST 20 years of my life. As much as I’m heartened to see another brick in the wall fall out, as Eve has done here, still, well, I don’t know….
    I have to assume there have been *some* concentration camp guards who wrote similar pieces in the late 1940’s/50’s…. Sorry, not trying to be nasty, but I still see my friends literally poisoned and tortured by young shrinks who weren’t even born when I was first drugged…. So please, Eve, I thank-you, but please understand MY contempt for your profession. It’s not personal to you….. I also mostly agree with most of the other commenters here.
    How would *YOU* like to live on ~$750./month SSDI….????…. Oh, yeah, I get food stamps, and help with housing, too…. But at least I’ve been SHRINK-PROOF for 20+ years now…..
    (Trust me, Eve, but the rose-colored glasses, LA LA Land description of psychiatry *YOU* describe, is NOT what *I* experienced…. I narrowly escaped literal murder, by guards in one lock-up I found myself in, while in the thrall of psychs…. GET IT….????…. It’s not anger, but PAIN and TRAUMA, and FEAR, that feed my words here….

  • ….wtf?….you “completely agree” that you “unintentionally misrepresented yourself”?…..
    Honestly, Emily, I think you’re only spouting the PC Party Line in reply to “LavenderSage”, and that you don’t REALLY understand what she’s saying. I’ll go further. I think so-called “BPD” is an imaginary disorder that is no more real, – or just as real, – as a present from Santa Claus.
    I think “mad pride” is stupid, and counter-productive. It reinforces the dominant paradigm, and reinforces “other-ness”. I’m also glad you wrote what you did, and I think your expressing yourself has value. The fact that I think it’s ridiculous nonsense shouldn’t take away from that. How far away from the “BORDER” do you have to be, to not have to worry about getting nabbed by the Border Patrol?
    And is it REALLY a “borderLINE”? Wouldn’t “borderspace”, or “border area”, be more accurate? Like **ALL** DSM “diagnoses”, it’s bogus, invented, and serves as an excuse to $ELL DRUG$…. “BPD” is ONLY as “real” as you choose it to be. That’s my opinion, after 45+ years direct, personal experience….. When I got like my 30th DIFFERENT “diagnosis”, I began to realize that psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins.

  • I’d like to know exactly WHO told you that…..
    Unless they were part of the website admins, any commenter here has no more or less authority, to say who or what this website is for. For me personally, I think some of your comments sound weird, but I’m learning some things, and I think you have a valid point of view, and valuable information to share with the readers. Again, speaking for myself, I say you’re WELCOME here, and I’m GLAD you comment. I do NOT identify as “mad”. I’m a survivor of doctor abuse/psychiatric abuse, and recovered psych drug addict. The Docs addicted me. Thanks, & keep posting here!

  • UM, you wrote about how WIC 5250 needs “all” conditions to be met, but then only list #’s 1), & 3)….
    What’s up with that? And, seeing as how the hosp[ital is now closed, why not *NAME* it, or at least more fully describe it? Was it public, or private, profit, or non-profit, (as if there’s a *real* difference!) Do you see now, that the whole so-called “mental health” field is really only concerned with money, power, and control? For example, how much did YOU pay, out-of-pocket, for what I assume was a 14-day,
    2-hospital stay? Well, ok, *WHO* *DID* pay? How much research have you done into valproic acid?(sic). What is the root cause of your “multiple disabilities”? Now, I don’t expect you to fully answer ALL my questions, Nikki, but yes, I do expect *SOME* answer(s).
    To give you some idea where I’m coming from, here’s my mantra:
    “Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. The DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the bogus “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED, not “discovered”, to serve as excuses to $ELL DRUG$. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real….”….
    Welcome to the real world of adulthood, in 21st Century America, huh?….

  • Based on my personal experience with Valium, fifty 10-mg. would be about 100 days’ worth….. And I’d be real chill, until and unless the script ran out…. then I *might* become a homicidal maniac…. I’d heard the Vegas shooter was on psych drugs, but it’s been (somewhat) suppressed in the liberal, lame-stream media….
    Given that the guy is dead, I think the Public has a right to, and deserves to KNOW the WHOLE TRUTH here….
    I tend to believe that Dr. Peter Breggin isn’t in the “fake news” business…. Thnx, “oldhead”…. ~B./