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  • Yes, one of the ways PhRMA fools people, is by using different names for the same drug, in different countries. This is beyond having a common generic chemical name for a drug, and a copyrighted trade name for the same drug. Now, (March 2017), there are ongoing lawsuits, which, as “Copy_cat” above suggests, will probably just be paid off by PhRMA, as a type of “business tax”. In the eyes of the Global Drugs Industry, *YOU* are an expendable human guinea pig, and of *NO* *VALUE* as an individual….. Sad *TRUTH*….

  • Tourette’s, huh? I don’t know much about it, but you say it’s a neurological thing. OK. I wonder if that explains the typical, if severe effects you had from the psych drugs? And please don’t condemn yourself with this “rest of my(your)life” stuff. Daily walks, and some Yoga and Tai Chi will help. If there aren’t good classes/teachers near you, you can start with books and online videos. Once you start working with your body, AND your mind/brain, you will be surprised how much control you can develop. Welcome to the world of Iatrogenic Neurolepsis! Once, I actually got a nurse to write that into my medical record, before she realized what she was doing! Otsuka Pharma, makers of Abilify, is in the process of marketing pills with short-range RFID chips in them, to “ensure compliance”. (God, I *wish* I was making that up!) And, yes, they pay shrinks BIG$$$ for all kinds of spurious reasons. “ProPublica” has several excellent articles, and a database of PhRMA payments to doctors. Otsuka paid a local shrink $10,000. in 2 years, as a “consultant”. Yes, they BRIBE doctors, and it’s legal….. Best wishes, Darius! ~B./

  • The whole “Community Mental Health Center” scheme is a fraudulent scam. It’s true, unstated purpose was to dramatically increase the number of persons to whom psych drugs could be sold – paid for by Uncle Sam, via Medicare & Medicaid. That meant employing lots of psychiatrists, to KEEP SELLING all the drugs PhRMA had in the pipeline. Today in 2017, psychs are seriously trying to figure out how to “diagnoses”, and “medicate” FETUSES. I bet when Sandra was at Harvard 40 years ago, she never would have imagined *that*…..
    Without even trying, and not as part of my job – I know 3 women who were sexually abused/molested when they were little girls, by their Fathers. When they got old enough to “spill the beans”, Dad took them to shrinks, and had them labelled and drugged, so nobody would believe them. One guy ended up on the Sex Offender Registry anyway….. And the County Attorney who put him there, is now, as a judge, FORCING the girl to take drugs she doesn’t want, and doesn’t need. Can’t you see the CARNAGE the pseudoscience drug racket known as psychiatry has done, Sandra?…. CMHC’s are a form of distributed concentration camps….. It’s not barbed wire and guard dogs which keeps the prisoners in – it’s psych drugs….. and ACT teams….

  • I’m sorry this story hasn’t got more exposure. The link leads to a very short, too short, almost non-story. It omits that there’s an effort to write the DSM into New Hampshire law. The key reason is so-called “Substance Use Disorder” appears in the DSM. “SUD” has become the latest buzzword among the taxpayer funded “public health” crowd. It’s all about MONEY, not “care”, or “treatment”. Money. Lots of Federal and Foundation money. Money to hire more “healthcare workers”. There is a very serious opiate / heroin “crisis” in NH. The authorities are finding it almost impossible to keep drugs out of both the State Prison, and County jails. And of course, so-called “psychiatric drugs” are given out freely in the many State lock-ups. Last year, during election season, some politicos were even pushing the idea of prison terms of “life without parole”, for drug dealers selling drugs that were later used in fatal overdoses. They ignored the fact that both fentanyl, and carfentani are routinely used to cut heroin. Both are made in clandestine labs and sold in the illegal, or “black market”. And, short of a lab test which destroys the sample, there’s no good way for any given dealer to know exactly *what*, or *how much* of any given drug is in any given sample. The pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry and the gross over-prescribing of psych drugs was only the preview of the coming attraction of this on-going horror show. Thanks, MiA, for at least making the attempt to let folks know.

  • Nixon was NOT the first. The “Marijauna Tax Stamp Act” was passed shortly after Prohibition ended, and was blatantly racist against (mostly) Mexicans, and Blacks, who were seen by the white power structure as being heavy users of cannabis. (Many of them were, but so were many white folks, too!) The timber industry also worked against hemp production, seeing it as a competing crop. Back then – 1930’s, – “hemp” for fiber, oil, seeds, etc., was almost the same as so-called “medical cannabis”. And yes, cannabis WAS in the U.S. Pharacopeia. So really, it’s MORE accurate to speak of RE-legalizing cannabis. I can recommend the book, “Chasing the Scream”, for a good, brief overview. I bet we’d agree that the so-called “War On(some)Drugs(sometimes)”, has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. The local jail is at capacity with real criminals, and opioid users/addicts. It’s VERY difficult to get thrown in jail just for *weed*…. But your point is well-taken

  • “And while this may not have been a conspiratorial plan hatched in some back room,….”….
    Glad to see that you’re allowing for the possibility that it *MAY* *HAVE* *BEEN* a “plan hatched in some back room”….
    I call them the “GREG B.s” – The “Global Ruling Elites, and Global Banksters”….
    Once you start doing your research, it’s hard NOT to see how controlled the world is.
    Do you really think money-greed was the ONLY driving force behind our current state of gross over-prescribing?
    It’s not only money that the GREG B.’s are greedy for. It’s also Power, Control, and Domination. Money is a means to get and keep the power and control, and keep score. Look at the current debate over “forced treatment”. That’s more about POWER, than profit. Why are rich people NEVER the victims of “forced treatment”?

  • It’s a poorly written & edited article. It states, literally, that 20% of English women are restrained in residential mental health facilities. In reality, it’s 20% of INPATIENTS, not 20% of the population as a whole. Regardless, the rate of restraint is maybe 99% TOO HIGH…. And inpatient admits, and “sectioning” are grossly overused….
    Maybe we should invade England, depose the monarchy, and free the English people from their servitude….

  • Something about your comment bothered me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it, at first.
    You’re BOTH *correct*, *AND* *incorrect*, when you say,: “”would not disagree”. ? = would agree. “…. If you want to make mathematics and language have an exact, one-to-one, (or “1-2-1”!~lol) relationship, then yeah, maybe you’re correct. But math deals with quantifiable and discreet numbers. Language deals with human thoughts, feeling, and relationships. I’d argue that language needs human relationships in a way that math doesn’t.
    1 + 1 = 2 in almost any human language, but the phrase, “one plus one equals two”, only makes sense to a person who speaks at least *some* Modern English. There are subtleties of language that are not easy to express in simple math.
    Why I think this matters here, is that the pseudoscience of psychiatry uses the trappings of math/statistics to give it an aura of scientific validity which it does not deserve. Then, they get VERY creative and INVENTIVE with language, in an attempt to further obfuscate the scam of selling expensive neuro-toxic DRUGS as “medicines”. Think of the DSM, which, despite it’s title, contains NO STATISTICS! Could any of the so-called “diagnoses” in the DSM be reduced to mathematical exactitude and certainty? Certainly NOT! But hey, at least the “Treatment Advocacy Center” “infuriates” Dr. Steingard! Mathematics might be as simple as single- and double- negatives, but language is far more subtle, and potentially deceptive.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, a means of social control, and psychiatrists are the personification of MEDICAL FASCISM.
    And THANK-YOU!, >markps2<, for stimulating this comment. And helping to expose the deliberate and intentional cognitive dissonance which characterizes psychiatry….. ~B./

  • Darrell Huff, (1991) How to Lie with Statistics Penguin; New Ed edition, ISBN 0-14-013629-0
    Sorry for the confusion! It’s a book, not a course. The original came out in 1954.
    You can even find a wiki entry on the book!
    As for the quote, I’ve usually seen it attributed to Mark Twain, but wiki says “maybe not”!…..
    And, if you wanna see “lie w/statistics”, just look at any psychiatry study!…lol 😉

  • Sorry I can’t give a more complete reference – but it’s fairly easy to find online. It’s called “How to Lie with Statistics”, and it first came out in the 1950’s. It’s very readable, and informative, with lots of illustrations, and shows most of the ways data can be skewed and mis-represented, whether intentionally, or not. I’m surprised at how often data is still presented today in such a blatantly misleading fashion!

  • So find ME an attorney, “Nomadic”! You know I’ve read your comments here for a year or 2 now. I’ve gone to the website you ALWAYS link in your comments. There is much truth and validity in what you say.
    **BUT**, I cannot, and will not, let it go un-responded to. When you use that simple word “recovery”, you’re using it to mean something VERY different from how I mean it. I’m a RECOVERED alcoholic, with 25+ years of one-day-at-a-time RECOVERY, using the A.A./12 Steps model of RECOVERY. I continue to work on my RECOVERY on a daily basis. Writing this comment, in fact, is an act of RECOVERY for me. I have had several years of excellent PSYCHOTHERAPY, from some very excellent licensed clinical psychologists. The pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as psychiatry damn near killed me! “Life Coaching” is about as specific as “financial advising”. I do see where you’re coming from, and up to a point I agree. But I do think your thinking needs an UPDATE. And please my friend, keep up the good work. We’re simply using some of the same words, to mean very different things….

  • Thank-YOU!, Fred Abbe, for saying so eloquently what *I* also, think…. Sandra works in Vermont, which is very much like the small State to the East, New Hampshire, where I am now. Here in Keene, the local “CMHC” is “Monadnock Family (& Mental Health) Services. (They deliberately dropped the “& Mental Health” part of their name a few years ago, in order to more better FOOL the Public as to their true, evil mission.) One of my friends is one of MFS’s “drug zombies”. An MFS staff person *LIED* about my friend, which caused her to be incarcerated for 4 days in the holding cells of the local hospital ER, “Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth Hitchcock-Keene”. Sandra knows of it. After 4 days involuntary confinement, she was transported to the State mental hospital in handcuffs and shackles, in the back of a Sheriff’s cruiser. After 3 days in State, she was sent home in a TAXI CAB. While in the State, she was seen by a new, stranger-to-her, quack shrink psychiatrist for a few minutes. She continues to be grossly over-medicated by Court order, under the direction of MFS. She is a traumatized sexual and physical abuse victim. Overall, the local “CMHC” is doing FAR MORE HARM than good. THIS is the REALITY which Sandra suffers such extreme professional anosognosia about. I won’t hold my breath, but I’d LOVE to see Sandra’s response….
    And on Monday, Feb. 27, the local newspaper, the Keene Sentinel, had a front page story about the “crisis” in NH Hospitals, of holding cells and waiting rooms in ER’s being filled beyond capacity with persons waiting for beds in the State Loony Bin. The fabricated, manufactured “controversy” is over whether more funds should go towards “community treatment”, or building more “hospital beds”, to meet the (BOGUS) “need”….. This, while the State itself was found 2 years ago to be in substantial NON-compliance with a previous Federal Court order as regards treatment of the so-called “mentally ill”, which resulted from a Federal Lawsuit brought against the State. The situation is largely the same in Sandra’s State of Vermont. Isn’t it, Sandra? Comment?
    (c)2017, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
    AFFIDAVIT: I do hereby swear and affirm, under pains and penalties of perjury, that everything I’ve written here is true, complete, and accurate, to the best of my knowledge and disability.

  • Dang, “FeelinDiscouraged”, that’s a difficultly-worded question! I’m not 100% sure exactly what you’re asking, but I’d say the answer is *YES*. OK, yes what, right? Well, it’s complicated. There’s more diagnoses, because that’s what diagnosers do – they diagnose. And, new people get diagnosed faster than the older diagnosed folks die off, so over time, there’s more diagnosed folks. Yes, this is driven by GREED, and the profit motive. And a desire to control people. Label people. Hurt people. The pharmaceutical industry itself is a form of chemical warfare against a civilian population. Because the drugs are so widely, and negligently prescribed, we’ve got a lot more folks having various toxic reactions to their over-medication, which makes them look crazy, which re-enforces the whole scam…. Here at the local college, for example, recently they hosted a black, “bi-polar” lesbian, who shot out her girlfriends’ car windows with a gun, and she was also a fairly well-known professional women’s basketball player. Think about that. Never mentioned specifically what drugs she was given, or when, but alcohol and “drugs” were a central part of her story. And, from what I’ve seen, it’s fairly rare for a person to only get *ONE* prescription at a time. Regardless of the bogus DSM “diagnosis”. Does that answer your question?
    (Yes, sometimes some people do better on some small dose of some drug for some relatively short period of time. Normal human variability, and the vast array of drugs means, yeah, sometimes some is ok, for some. Sometimes….) The psych drugs are far more dangerous – and profitable, – than folks want to admit…. And far more dangerous than the quack shrinks & PhRMA *WILL* admit! ~B./

  • @Susan Rosenthal: Thanks for the reply. I was correct, in that you DO NOT “get my frustration and rage”. Or my “anger”. I felt no “frustration, rage and anger”, while writing the comment, so you’re misinterpreting me. OK, yeah, there’s mild “frustration”, but that’s the frustration of trying to put very difficult ideas down into clear, concise, readable words. It’s the “frustration” of the student or scholar, or writer. I’ve known other folks who were “cutters”, usually women. They shared with me as much as they could, and I did my best to understand. The smaller number of “self-harming” men I’ve known have engaged in other types of “self-injury”. This is all very difficult to talk about in few words, online, with strangers. By that, I simply mean it’s difficult to put thoughts & feelings down here in typed words. It would be easier in face-to-face conversation. I’d say you & I are maybe not “on the same page”, but at least we’re reading the SAME BOOK! 😉 How’s that work fer ya’? 😉 Also, there *ARE* “hidden agendas” behind *some* Ted talks, and I’m still looking into Ted’s censorship of a Dr. Rupert Sheldrake talk! I do appreciate your reply, thanks again! ~B./

  • So-called “developmentally disabled”/”retarded” folks are given anti-psychotics / major tranquilizers, as a form of behavior control, and to drive profit$…. There’s no “mental illness” “diagnosis” involved, because the system doesn’t require there to be. As far back as the 1950’s, with Thorazine, it was called “chemical restraints”, “chemical straitjacket”, “chemical lobotomy”, etc., BY THE STAFF!….

  • Peter, I do hope you see the problem here. There is no doubt that at least *SOME*, and perhaps *MANY* people use SSRI’s, and other psych drugs, with little or no NEGATIVE effects. But, what I’ve learned the hard way, – through horrific, brutal personal experience, – is that *TOO* *MANY* folks who use these drugs experience a living hell that sometimes includes suicide, murder, and other violent acts. What I couldn’t know back then, – but which I know beyond any doubt now, – is that the worst of my so-called “symptoms” were in fact CAUSED BY the DRUGS! There’s the rub. The pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry” makes money for PhRMA, and money & professional prestige for itself, by $ELLING DRUG$…. Publishing this paper would be the same as admitting that drugs, especially “anti-depressants”, are in fact grossly and negligently OVER-prescribed. What’s worse, is that there is NO systematic effort on the part of psychiatry to LEARN *WHY* some folks have such bad experiences with the “meds”, um, I’m sorry, “DRUG$”…. And yes, Dr. Gotzsche, I’m adult enough to NOT include you personally in my condemnation of the quack shrinks! You’re one of the sadly too few exceptions which proves the general rule. That’s how *I* see it, anyway!…. Still, the CENSORSHIP distresses me…. But thanks for letting us know. ~B./

  • As a disabled former “mental patient” currently struggling with Iatrogenic Neurolepsis, I do hereby name:
    What do I do *FIRST*, Boss? You tell me, you’re the boss!
    I think you’ll do a GREAT job, BORUT RUDL!
    And I’m serious. please tell me what to do, to destroy the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry”, and “mental health”.

  • You’re almost begging for a reply, @askforcor. OK, your son “…is 27 now. All began at 21” *NOT*. It did not all begin at 21. First, we’d need to look at all 4 of his grandparents, and then his 2 parents, (and any step-parents), THEN look at your sons’ life from conception. Did his mother drink alcohol, or smoke tobacco, or consume caffeine during pregnancy? For starters…. Then it gets tricky. The point is NOT to point fingers, or blame, or shame. The point is to look at *relationships*. Your relationship with your son, and his relationship with you. You say he drank and did “recreational drugs” during his “earlier years”. Does that mean middle school? High school? He did NO alcohol/drugs until 21? That’s not likely. Too many parents are clueless, ignorant, or in denial.
    You say he was “on parole” from another State. That usually means a felony conviction, and prison time. Misdemeanors, and local/county jails don’t usually result in “parole”, but rather probation.
    So let’s look at NOW: You’ve got a 27 yr. old man, who doesn’t work or collect Social Security Disability, so you’re his bank, and as you say, his “caregivers”. One thing I like about my own work-a-holic, alcoholic, abusive, and yet GOOD Father, was that he kicked me out of the house! There’s a word for parents like you: ENABLERS. You not “caregiving”, you’re enabling dependent behavior. You’re subsidizing it.
    NAMI is good at scapegoating, and victim-blaming, and making Black Sheep out of troubled kids. It eases the guilt of mom & dad.
    Know this. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. My parents took me to a shrink when I was in 10th grade. The bogus “diagnosis”, and the DRUGS, did far more harm than good. There’s a word for what you son REALLY has. I have it, too. It’s IATROGENIC NEUROLEPSIS. He’s not like he is *in* *spite* of the so-called “mental health system”! No, he’s like that BECAUSE OF IT. That’s the inconvenient truth you’ve been avoiding. I bet your son rarely exercises, correct? We don’t need more doctors of anything. We need more REALITY, and more COMMUNITY. The pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as psychiatry provides NEITHER….. Staying stuck with NAMI won’t really help you, or your son, in the long run….

  • To me, “themighty” looks just like more “progressive”, “liberal”, “bleeding-heart-liberal”, pseudo-compassionate, CORPORATE MARKETING. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. Look at “the mighty” – it’s just more PhRMA shills, pimping the DRUGS, and the LIES….
    The DSM is a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the bogus “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED, not discovered.
    So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real….
    I’m really not trying to be too personal here, but you shoulda’ known better, Twilah.
    “Abilify” is made by Otsuka Pharm., which sells over $1BILLION a year of that DRUG, alone.
    And, they are already marketing drugs with embedded RFID chips, “to improve compliance”.
    Think about that. The quack shrinks give you a drug, and the internet can track whether you’ve taken it or not. Please, take a few days rest. Read Orwell’s “1984”, *AND* Huxley’s “Brave New World”….
    Yes, that **IS** **WHAT’s** **HAPPENING**….

  • I still say, “sometimes, some folks do seem to do better, for some short length of time, on some drugs”….
    But that’s not how the pseudoscience drug racket known as psychiatry rolls!
    There’s another salient point you ALL seem to be missing. Traditionally, the system has tried to either blame parents/family, or else blame some imaginary “chemical imbalance”. Both are dead-end approaches. It’s far more helpful to think of *relationships*, and understanding both the individual(s) involved, and how they influence and are influenced by, not only each other, but the larger society as a whole…. So-called “mental illness” is either something *none* of us have, or else *ALL* of us have it…. Everything in the catalog of billing codes known as the DSM-5 was literally *invented*. The other parts of your story that I could argue with, aren’t really worth doing so.

  • In 1986, after well over 10 years on various psych drugs, I stopped the “Triavil 4/25’s” that I was taking 3x/day. (Triavil is Trilafon & Elavil, 4mg.’s, & 25mg.’s, respectively.) I never said anything to the psychiatrist I was working with, and she never said anything, either, about tapering, vs. stopping “cold turkey”. What happened next was the start to the past 30 years of psych drug HELL. After a couple of weeks, I was more psychotic that I’ve been, before or since. I knew then that I was very, VERY sick, but didn’t understand what was really happening to me. I’d rather not discuss it, because words fail me. I can say it was “hell”, that I felt like, -and thought,- that I was literally dying. Yes, I was *BLAMED* by bogus DSM diagnosis, and the belief that I was “mental”. Funny enough, but it took me several more years to get off the DRUGS. What I couldn’t see then, but do know now, is that the worst of my so-called “symptoms” were in fact CAUSED BY the psych drugs! In the ~20 years I’ve been “shrink-proof”, most of my so-called “symptoms” have gone away. I wouldn’t go back to the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry” for anything. The drugs create a sometimes-fatal toxic withdrawal event. Thanks~B./

  • Thanks, Frank. I speak near daily with a close friend who is also an “ACT” VICTIM. The *TRUE* purpose of creating the whole “ACT” scheme is to reinforce the social control aspects of psychiatry, and “Community Mental Health Centers”, and guarantee a growing market for psych drugs. In addition to the sequelae of Electro-Cution Torture (“ECT”), my friend is also forced to take several DRUGS, which cost several times per month what my friend lives on in Social Security Disability. The point of “ACT”, therefore, is also to increase tax-subsidized employment of “ACT” workers…. Rather than concentrated, centralized CONCENTRATION CAMPS, the Medical Fascism is decentralized, and “distributed”…. Most of the “ACT” employees are young, brainwashed, and clueless. At best, “ACT” is a sick joke! But I’m sure that the “ACT” “team” produces copious amounts of paperwork, which *seems* to justify their existence!

  • Why is almost NO research being done on later-life experiences of those who had fetal nicotine exposure?
    It’s not only thalidomide, you know….
    And, according to what’s said here, “quitting smoking” is sometimes more effective than so-called “anti-depressants”, which themselves are often LESS effective than placebo! Doesn’t say much for PhRMA, does it?

  • Thanks, Fiachra! I cut-n-pasted a paragraph from the article you linked to. It’s an excellent example of the gobbledygook, fuzzy logic, and double-speak which psychs are expert at:
    “A Department of Health spokesman said: “This increase in the number of deaths is to be expected because the NHS is very deliberately improving the way such events are recorded and investigated following past failings.” <–from the linked article
    Think about what's REALLY being said here: Better AFTER-the-FACT "reporting" and "investigating" is *CAUSING* more deaths. Try using car crashes as an example.
    Imagine a Police traffic spokesperson saying: "Were doing a better job reporting and investigating traffic crashes, so there's more of them" Does that make sense?
    This kind of taxpayer funded nonsense is hurting and killing us all, "MEA CULPA" or not!….~B./

  • With ALL due RESPECT – and that’s a LOT, Stephen, – I think you’re being both too hard on yourself and your efforts, and not giving yourself enough credit. I’d say you’re a “frontline” “shock troop”. You’re actually “in the trenches”, engaged in “hand-to-hand combat” and defeating the enemy. Sorry about all the war metaphors, but isn’t that what fighting for justice and human rights is all about? That you *can* do what you do, and that you *DO* what you do, can only be of great benefit in the long run. I don’t see you surrendering to your discouragement any time soon! *THANK-YOU*, Stephen! ~B./
    (I’m trying to make myself feel good about my own puny efforts, which consist mostly of writing comments on MiA!…. 😉

  • Not so “harmless” as you’d think. The Dept. of Defense – DoD – routinely releases “statistics” of dubious accuracy, which claim as many as 1/3 or more of Veterans have “PTSD”. Part of that comes from Veterans themselves claiming disability, and part of it comes from their lawyers. “PTSD” is often used by defense attorneys in criminal cases involving Veterans. Many different folks believe that anybody with “PTSD” should not be allowed to own firearms. (With almost NO exceptions, in rare cases where Veterans use firearms in a criminal act, they were ALSO given usually multiple psychiatric drugs, which are the real trigger. Pun intended). Many combat Veterans have also survived various blast injuries – bombs, IED’s, mortar rounds, grenades, etc., – which can cause PTSD-like symptoms from concussion, as can various TBI’s & mTBI’s. (“Traumatic Brain Injury, mildTraumatic Brain Injury, etc.,).
    Here’s 2 ways of thinking about “PTSD” that I’ve found helpful:
    1.PTSD = People That Suffer Distress, (as the result of:
    2.Personal Touch Sensory Deprivation
    See what I did there with those 2 acronyms?
    Folks “correctly diagnosed” with “PTSD” have experienced life-threatening, and life-changing events. What they most NEED, are family, and friends. While the so-called “mental health system” sometimes pretends to play those roles, they too often throw drugs at the “problem”. Which as everybody here knows, always make more problems in the long run….
    So-called “PTSD” is a VERY problematic “diagnosis”! ~B./

  • @Susan Rosenthal: Thank-you for posting the link and broaching this topic. As it was, I could only stand to watch 1/2 of the video. It was excruciating, and not for why you most likely first think. I’m seeing a lot of self-pity, and “poor-me-ism” in that guys’ talk. A very much “blame the victim” mentality. So-called “self-harm” as he’s describing it, is in fact an attempt at SELF-HEAL, is it not? The scars forming the reminders of a right-of-passage of sorts – physical PROOF of mental, emotional, and psychic pain arising from ABUSE by OTHERS. So why is he self-describing as having “mental health struggles”? Aren’t the REAL ONES w/”mental health struggles” the BULLIES, and VICTIMIZERS? Or will you take the next step and call out the bullies, too?
    This Canadian psychologist seems to miss some important points. That the abuse he endured went on so long, and was so poorly addressed by his schools, family, friends, various “authorities”, etc., speaks volumes to me about a VERY SICK SOCIETY. And, to carry the parallels to psychiatry, the shrinks, and the whole system, (psychologists included in “guilt-by-association”/passive encouragement), are really the sick ones. Why didn’t the guy have big brothers, big friends, Father, etc., to help him? Why BLAME himself, and internalize his pain? I’m seeing a lot of folks who dropped the ball. The *tone* of the speaker in the video has caused my response here. Like him, why should *I* take any personal responsibility?…. I earned my IATROGENIC NEUROLEPSIS the HARD WAY. Evil Psychiatrists almost KILLED me with their POISON PILLS, and the psychologists did NOTHING to stop it, or even report it, except remain COMPLICIT….~B./

  • ALL of the so-called “mental illnesses” in the DSM were INVENTED, not discovered. The DSM is a catalog of billing codes. That’s ALL it is…. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real.
    Years ago, the local “Community Mental Health center” began using that “consumer” gobbledygook. Going back to basic Economics 101, the job of the “consumer” is to consume as much “product” as the producer can produce. Any “production” on the part of the producer, in excess of that which the consumer can consume, is wasted by the producer. So the producer will do anything and everything to force the consumer to consume more product. Thus, the number of so-called “mentally ill consumers” grows and grows, as the producer continues to increase production. We have the number of “consumers” we do, to match the bloated size of the “producers”.
    The DSM is a catalog of billing codes, used as excuses to force consumers to consume DRUGS. You nailed it, Katie! My Iatrogenic Neurolepsis precludes me from any further participation in the mental illness system. I DO mean what I’m saying here. Thank-you. 🙂

  • @Liz Sydney: I think Dr. Healy was less than fully honest in failing to disclose that the author of this book, Peter Kramer, also wrote “Listening to Prozac”, which as you know was a huge popular hit 20 years ago…. And, Dr. Healy DOES say, in the first paragraph, that he “does value” “SSRI’s”….
    While I agree with you more than it might look like, we have to admit, that sometimes, SOME folks DO seem to get relief and benefit from SSRI’s, and other neurotoxins. I think we’d be extremist fanatics, and stupid, if we claimed that “Nobody is ever helped by any psych drugs.”…. But, saying that anybody is helped, is NOT the same as saying that they *need* the drugs. Maybe they *do* *need* them. It makes little sense to me. And what most disturbs me, is there is NO legitimate research, or even talk of doing such, that would show who would, or would not benefit. It’s like “pharmaceutical roulette”…. I consider Dr. Healy an ally, and if anybody is gonna take neurotoxins, I’d rather they were prescribed by folks like Dr. Healy, say, than Dr. Frances! At least Healy *tries* to be logical, rational, and objective about drugs! That’s MY take, anyway! ~B./

  • So-called “ECT” = ELECTRO-CUTION TORTURE…. ECT is electro-cution torture….. I spent some time today with my friend, who suffered ECT years ago. I can easily see the subtle, long-term damage done….. And the psych drugs she is FORCED to take, are hurting her, too…. Thank-you, “truth”….

  • Then please explain WHY so-called “science” is dragging it’s feet on genetic testing and analysis for so-called “mental patients”? If psychiatry were in fact the legitimate science which it can only pretend to be, then such testing would have long ago become routine…. It’s all about maintaining the BIG $$$ profits of gross over-drugging, and the POWER and social control of mass over-diagnosing. After all, ALL the so-called “diagnoses” in the DSM were INVENTED, not *discovered*!
    ~B./ rsvp?….

  • In the “Time” magazine obituary for Dr. Thomas Szasz, the ONLY quote was from E. Fulley Torrey. Until and unless Torrey ceases & desists from promoting Medical Fascism – forced treatment – he will remain a minor demon. Nothing more. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st century Phrenology, with neurotoxins. All of the so-called “diagnoses” in the DSM were invented, not “discovered”. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. For your linking to Torrey & Jaffe’s “mentalillness-policy-drugs-promotion-propaganda”, I’m only tempted to report your comment….~B./

  • @AntiP: Because you’re in Europe, I want to say just a bit about Clinton/Trump. I’ve been a very careful, and keen observer of politics for decades, especially how they lie, deceive, etc., Generally, the mainstream media covered up for both Hilary, and Bill Clinton, and they still are. And, they twisted, skewed, distorted, and even LIED about Trump. Trump lost the popular vote overall, but won the Electoral College vote in key Mid-western States enough to win the election, even though he got far fewer popular votes! (The “Electoral College” is in the 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, enacted in 1804.)
    Trust me, the average American really doesn’t know what’s going on, because of mass dis-, and mis-information. America does NOT have a “free press”, rather we have a very expensive press which caters to the rich and powerful, and Hollywood elites. Every day, I am less worried about Trump, and am actually very hopeful. Yes, he’s a jerk, and a blowhard, and a rich white guy. But I think he represents more better hope for us poor ex-“mental patients” than Hillary would have. Please tell your friends in Europe that I say not to worry! For what that’s worth! Trump’s Mother WAS born in Scotland, as he proudly said during a recent public meeting with PM Teresa May, of England! Sorry for the politics! Trump also called in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to head a commission looking into vaccines and the massive $$ and corruption around that, but the media is suppressing that story.~B./

  • I just now googled “Schizos Anonymous”. Wikipedia says they were founded in 1985.
    And they no longer exist. They don’t appear to have been very successful! They’ve been replaced by some equally depressing-sounding group! But THANK-YOU, “bcharris”, for the info! Sadly, common nutritional supplements seem to be one of PhRMA’s biggest bogeymen! To me, that’s just more evidence which proves psychiatry is a bogus drug racket – 21st Century Phrenology, with neurotoxins….~B./

  • @shaun f: I think your question about vaccines is irrelevant and misleading. Trump invited Robert F. Kennedy Jr., to meet with him, because 5 of Trump’s friends, – whom he named & discussed w/Kennedy at their meeting, – had normal children, until their 2-yr “wellness check-up”, when they were given multiple vaccinations. Shortly after, all 5 children began to regress, and now have full ASD (“Autism Spectrum Disorder”) diagnoses. The main-stream media is essentially CENSORING this story. It’s no secret that the media is largely a PhRMA mouthpiece. The massive corruption at the CDC is another suppressed story. Yes, it all ties in with 21st Century Phrenology with neurotoxins – aka “psychiatry”. We so-called “mental patients” here at MiA are FAR from the only group to suffer iatrogenic damage and death by pharmaceutical. RSVP? ~B./

  • @AntiP: Your use of Modern American English is VERY GOOD!
    “Naif/naif” = “naive/Naive”. I’ve seen you use that in other comments.
    Overthrowing the MEDICAL FASCISM of psychiatry and PhRMA is an ongoing process. I’m glad you’re on OUR side! ~B./

  • I AGREE with, and ENDORSE 100%, everything that “registeredforthissite” says here….
    My own case was not so extreme in the Father-family dynamics, but that’s a minor thing….
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s the personification of MEDICAL FASCISM, and it’s 21st Century Phrenology, with neurotoxins.
    Maybe soon, MiA will develop a platform so persons such as “registered” and myself, can more closely connect and join our efforts to work against one of humane & civil society’s most corrosive elements.
    The DSM-5 is a catalog of billing codes. ALL of it’s so-called “diagnoses” are BOGUS, and they were ALL INVENTED by old, rich white men…..(even if SOME of them WERE Gay and Jewish! LOL )….~B./

  • @shaun f: DRUGS are DRUGS are DRUGS are DRUGS…. Calling them “meds”, or “medications” is using deceptive euphemisms with fraudulent intent. The pseudoscience drug racket known as “psychiatry” is a means of social control, and represents the personification of MEDICAL FASCISM. Maybe some time I’ll tell MY story, of helping to found a local “peer support agency”, intended to be a COMPLEMENT to the local “CMHC”, that was soon infiltrated, co-opted, and “Borg-ed” by the local “CMHC”. Psychiatry is nothing more than 21st Century Phrenology, with neurotoxins. I’m in my home State of New Hampshire. What State are you in? ~B./

  • @randall: I’m glad to see the DRUGS only destroyed your life, and not ended it. I’ve never seen anybody come back from the DEAD. BUT, I HAVE seen destroyed lives rebuilt. That’s basically MY STORY….
    Psych drugs and the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry, did me far more harm than good. Psych drugs only ALMOST killed me…. randall’s “10 little words” SAY SO MUCH!…. I’m glad you’re here, randall….

  • The idea that “vaccines save lives” is just that: an IDEA.
    There is NOT, nor can there EVER BE, valid scientific evidence of that assertion.
    Repeat, it is a BELIEF that vaxxing saves lives, and therefore is neither provable, nor falsifiable.
    With some exceptions, the same is true for ALL PSYCH DRUGS…..
    I’m not a rabid anti-vaxxer, nor am I pro-drug….
    But, using the euphemism of “meds” for DRUGS, is a form of subtle, pro-drug propaganda. Yes, sometimes some folks seem to do better, for some length of time, on some drugs…. But life-long polypharmacy, the current standard of care for the psychs, usually results in worse long-term outcomes….
    We here on MiA are LIVING PROOF of that. But at least we’re still alive….~B./

  • MOST of these “adverse drug reactions” could and should be more easily avoided, by simply NOT grossly over-prescribing the DRUGS the first place! But, PhRMA, and the FedGov., and States, and Cities, and the “CMHC’s”,
    and the Medical Mafia, all would rather look the other way, ignore the problem, and use that as an excuse for “business as usual”…..Sad.

  • Thank-YOU!, Julie. You’re telling my story, too. You speak the truth.
    We need to realize, that psychiatry, and their poison pills, and PhRMA, represents a form of CHEMICAL WARFARE, against a CIVILIAN population. Repeat: A form of chemical warfare against a civilian population. A psych diagnosis is the same thing as a criminal sentence of “life without possibility of parole”. I’m very active in my hometown, and have well over 20 years both alcohol sober, and Rx drug-free. I’ve done my best to help other hurting and disabled folks, but too often, the “system”, and the local “community mental health center”, treat me as if I’m a “dangerous crazy person”. I have made a point of going out and meeting, and maintaining good relationships, with several key persons. That includes cops, City Council, and other local “movers and shakers”. Oh, they “respect” me, alright, but would rather not have to deal with me. I tell the truth, the *TRUTH*, that they don’t want to hear. It’s hard, very hard. But, I do have a good life, and I’m happy with who I am. But I still have IATROGENIC NEUROLEPSIS. That will NEVER go away. Psychiatry is a drug racket, a pseudoscience, and a means of social control. And it’s a form of chemical warfare against a civilian population. *WOOF* to Puzzle, aria, and my other friends here. HAPPY TUESDAY! ~B./ 😉

  • I hear what you’re saying here. And, I’ve been 20+ years “shrink-proof”! Yeah, I still live on Social security Disability, but my life – *ME*, is soo much improved from where I was 20 years ago. I’m NOT contradicting what you’re saying, but I am ADDING that things WILL improve for you, especially if you work for that. Yeah, I’m making a long, hard process sound maybe too easy. It’s a whole lot of little things, that add up to bigger things.

  • Even without my actually reading the book, thanks to Dr. Hickey’s excellent synopsis, I can safely say that “Psychiatry Interrogated” PROVES what I’ve been saying. Psychiatry is nothing more than 21st Century Phrenology with neurotoxins. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and most importantly to both D.C., and Main St./Wall St., it’s a means of social control. The DSM is a catalog of billing codes. ALL the so-called “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED, not discovered. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good.
    Now, where can I get a copy of this book?
    To close with an example of what’s in this book, right now, the N.H. Legislature is considering legislation that would literally write the DSM into N.H. Law, because it contains the spurious “substance use disorder”. The idea behind the law is to make it easier to involuntarily commit heroin & opiate addicts. And, that phrase “substance use disorder” is seen as the key to turning on a Federal money faucet for the State. Please think carefully about what I’m saying here. Psychiatry is the blueprint for MEDICAL FASCISM. ~B./

  • So glad you mentioned that. One of the biggest factors which PROVES that psychiatry is nothing more than a pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control, – but NOT a legitimate medical specialty – is the FACT that there is almost NO follow-up care for drug effects, or so-called “side effects”, and almost no research. There’s NO hard data about what drugs do or don’t do, long-term. Population health studies DO show that so-called “mental patients” on psych drugs live an average of 25 years LESS than the regular population not on psych drugs. For the 1st time recently, average American life spans showed a slight decrease. Not very optimistic!
    On the OTHER hand, check out ><. Monica Cassini does a good job with that website.
    Off-line? It's very easy to meet people off-line. Coffee shops, church, stores, on the street, various public activities – anywhere there are people, you can strike up a conversation. People always respond well to a smile or kind word.
    Just today, I saw an older Navy Veteran wearing a hat showing the name of his ship. A brief comment led to a 10-minute VERY nice conversation! It might seem a daunting task, what I'm suggesting, scary even, but I think you can do it.
    You can always call an 800-number suicide hotline, just to talk. You don't have to even say you're suicidal. And NEVER tell a shrink you're suicidal, even if you are! 😉
    That's as much as I got right now, FeelinDiscouraged, online. But see what I mean? If you reach out, *some*body* will usually respond…. ~B./

  • Um, isn’t the idea that certain genetic configurations mean the person might be a “slow metabolizer”, and thus the “therapeutic dose” could build up to toxic levels?
    Or that a “fast metabolizer” could excrete the drug too fast to be effective? That’s what *I* think this is saying. I mean no personal insult, Stuart, but aren’t psychiatrists first MD’s? (yeah, I know, “sorta”….) Based on my empirical experience, some drugs are toxic at “therapeutic levels”, and the “tranquilizing effect” masks the damage being done. The psych drugs I was given, did me far more harm than good. The drugs actually *caused* the very “symptoms” that I was supposedly being “treated” for…. Have you been paying attention here?
    “Precision medicine” is nothing more than the “PhD/MD Elite” monetizing their retirements, at the taxpayers expense. And on top of the bodies of the PhRMA-drugged victims. As has been noted elsewhere, there is NO serious discussion, in any detail, about exactly what the “therapeutic effects” of psych drugs actually *ARE*….(They most benefit the banksters, and the medical mafia….

  • Vaxxed was aired at the local public library last week. 2 people showed up, organized to disrupt and counter-protest. The guy was going on about “UFO’s”, & “conspiracies”, etc., He was clear that he thinks EVERYBODY should be FORCED to get vaccinated. They were either “paid shills”, or “fanatic true believers”, or BOTH…. They had NO reply, when I accused them of being MEDICAL FASCISTS….
    Psychiatry is the original medical fascism….
    Speaking of which, the N.H. Legislature is considering a bill to actually write the DSM into N.H. Law, because it contains “substance use disorder”. The idea is this is going to help the “heroin epidemic”. By FORCED INCARCERATION of addicts…. “For your own good”, doncha’ know….(They also recently made addicts who call 911 for their OD’ing friends immune to arrest & prosecution….)
    Apparently, drugs can cause *delusional* *psychosis* in folks who don’t even ingest them!….

  • The local “community mental health center” has been running commercials stating that “1 out of 5 Americans will have a mental health condition in their lifetimes.” That means 20% either *had*, *has*, or *will have*…. That’s about 70 million…. I think that’s the wishful thinking wet dream of the drugs industry…. It’s ok to *feel* discouraged, but please don’t *BE* discouraged! Here, I’ve got PLENTY of ENCOURAGEMENT – have some of mine! 😉

  • Speaking of “NIMH” – anybody else remember the 1982 animated feature film, “The Secret of NIMH”?….(yes, it’s on youtube!). It’s (sorta) based on John B. Calhoun’s “Rat Utopia” experiments. That’s the kind of scientific-induced mass group psychosis we are all suffering the effects from…. SAMHSA is just a clogged money filter. Like the CDC, and NIMH, etc., They exist to justify themselves, NOT to in any way “promote the general welfare”. Hopefully, President Trump will fix that. (I don’t want to start a rumor – so that’s all I’m saying this is – but I’ve heard that Barron has an “autism spectrum” diagnosis, and THAT is why Trump named Bobby Kennedy, Jr., to lead the vaccine safety study panel.)
    All the Federally-funded “Institutes” are meant for, is to preserve the status and prestige of the moneyed elite. The more $$ we throw at them, the worse social problems we have. I’m sure there are many PhD’s, and MD’s, at these places, that actually believe they are helping humanity. No drug can fix that level of hubristic delusion….)….~B./

  • Thank-you, Robert Nikkel! I can just study the links you’ve provided above, and probably get more better education than what SAMHSA & the FedGov will give me!
    It’s not news that New England has been especially hard hit by the so-called “opioid/heroin epidemic”. And, in numerous newspaper articles, it has been shown how this fabricated “crisis” was largely the result of PhRMA pushing opiate pain pills in the 1990’s, and early 2000’s…. PhRMA helped create and fund bogus “astroturf” groups to push “responsible pain management”, or whatever they were calling it. All to drastically increase availability and supply of narcotic pain pills. “Narcan”, the opiate antagonist which can save lives in an overdose situation, has seen both sales and price rise dramatically in recent years….
    And, the N.H. Legislature is in the process of literally writing the DSM into N.H. Law. Why? Because the DSM-5 contains “substance use disorder”. The intent is FORCED MEDICAL INCARCERATION of heroin addicts.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. PhRMA, and it’s FedGov puppet keep PROVING that…. SAMHSA is BLIND. Those “rose-colored glasses” are FAKE! ~B./

  • I’m not gonna defend Robin Murray. But I did follow the link posted in a comment above, and read the ENTIRE original article this piece was taken from. I read just a bit more of his Bio. I don’t think it does us any good to blast him here, and risk losing a potential ally. He’s clear about being primarily a research shrink, and globe-trotting in Academia. I doubt he has any real, first-hand knowledge of the human carnage that the pseudoscience drug racket of “psychiatry” has done. So why don’t we ease up a bit on him, and see if we can further recruit him into the human side of things. Maybe MiA will be Murray’s first real, first-hand exposure to the VICTIMS.
    Let’s give him a chance. Maybe we can turn him to an ally. That’s all I’m saying. ~B./

  • You do see the big problem here, don’t you? If a person is truly “treatment naive”, then how can you be sure that he actually does have so-called “schizophrenia”? And, how do you set up a control / experimental group, when you’re giving them ALL neuroleptics? Or do you deny neuroleptics to some, but not others? How carefully can you control for confounding factors? Lapsing both theoretical & hypothetical for a minute, if it were possible to give persons so-called “schizophrenia”, for the sake of testing them – ethical Q?’s aside, – just how would you go about giving them “schizophrenia”?….????….

  • I hate to argue with you, Phil, but you’re behind the times. We *ARE* *SEEING* old folks dosed in “nursing homes” with powerful drugs like Seroquel & Zyprexa used as “behavior control”, and 6yr olds given amphetamine. The psychs are seriously discussing the “diagnosing” and *drugging* of FETUSES for “mental illnesses”. God, I wish I was making this sh*t up./
    But the damage is occluded. Politics is the camouflage behind which hides the money-making machines of PhRMA…. “Terminator” is NOT a futuristic cyborg – it’s a pill….

  • “….we’re your local community mental health center, and we know that 1 out of 5 people will have a mental health condition in their lifetime….”
    That’s literally the opening lines of a PSA (“public service announcement” – an ad, really),- that’s been playing ad nauseum on the local FM station…. Knowing as many of their VICTIMS (“drug zombies”), as well as I do, it makes me heart-sick to think of the human carnage the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry wreaks on gullible, brainwashed persons daily….. the Director of that CMHC had only good things to say about MHFA when he was pimping it a couple of years ago…. //*shakes*head* in disgust, ~walks away…. What else can ya’ DO with these people? Psychiatry must be the direct end result of an extra-terrestrial brain parasite….

  • Frank, as we speak, so to speak, N.H. Leg. Jeb Bradley(R) is sponsoring a bill that would literally write the DSM into N.H. law. The idea is that since the DSM-5 contains “substance use disorder”, it will be easier to FORCE the incarceration of opioid users into the State hospital. God, I wish I was making this stuff up. Based on what I’ve seen here, this fabricated “opioid crisis” is being used by N.A.M.I., and PhRMA, and assorted other anti-Americans, to increase the power and control of the Gubmint, and enrich PhRMA. (I say it’s a “fabricated” crisis, because it’s INTENTIONAL.) What’s funny, is that now, with “Narcan”, you and a buddy can be shooting heroin, and if your buddy OD’s, and you call 911, and the ambulance shows up, with Narcan to save your buddy, and the cops show up, too, you CAN NOT get arrested, under the “Good Samaritan” laws. *BUT*, if this bill passes, you could be taken INVOLUNTARILY – in handcuffs and shackles – to the State Loony Bin. And they think *I’M* crazy….????…. I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop from the “21st Century Cures Act”…. ~B./

  • Selma,
    This is a very serious question which I just don’t know the answer to, and can’t even think about how I might answer it for myself. Maybe I *AM* “over-thinking” it, and maybe not!
    In talking about these CYP450, etc, the current (Western Industrialized) system of nomenclature you’re describing uses “Roman”, and “Arabic” numbers and letters, in both upper and lower case, etc.,
    Just how widespread is this scheme, globally? Does China, say, or Indonesia use the EXACT same system, or are there differences? I can see how easily confusion might arise, with different nations, countries, languages, etc, getting involved. India has literally many “Official” languages, for example. How well does this translate into ALL of them? You see where I’m going with this? It’s making my head hurt, trying to learn just what’s presented above! I’d have to spend at LEAST a couple hours serious study, just to understand what’s presented here in your article, above.
    Yes, I get the basic gist of it, but the technical details are above my formal education.
    Also, a related question – it seems to me, that if America, let alone the “Western World”, adopted wide-spread genetic testing for possible “genetic contraindications”, which is what this article is basically leading to, – wouldn’t we see that *YES*, psychiatry *HAS* been grossly over-drugging some people?
    Psych drugs did me FAR MORE HARM than good. That’s true for far too many OTHER VICTIMS.
    I’d like to see at least some answer, here, Selma, THANK-YOU! ~B./

  • Dang, Phil. I agree with you, I’m in the choir you’re preaching to. I read Dr. Breggins “Toxic psychiatry” well over 20 years ago. But when I think about “M.H.F.A.”, I get kinda scared. It’s like Nazism, with pills instead of death camps, and targeting EVERYBODY, and not only Jews. Speaking of which – you DO know that the so-called “mentally ill” were among the first to be sent to the death camps in the early 1930’s? And, that so-called “mentally ill” were even euthanized AFTER Germany surrendered in 1945? Medical Fascism is alive and well, and the American Psychiatric Ass’n is the leading proponent recruiting victims and victimizers alike into it’s greed-driven, perverted worldview. Sadly, so-called “liberals” and “progressives” have proven to be fertile ground for the poison pills and seeds of the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry…..
    “M.H.F.A.” swept through my State a couple years ago. It really IS a covert indoctrination into the secular religion of psychiatry. Or, am I just a crazy guy? I guess Iatrogenic Neurolepsis can be like that, sometimes….
    Thanks for your excellent deconstruction of it. (Funny how there will be NO legitimate reply, or response, from the psych community….*WHY* can’t “M.H.F.A.” respond to it’s many critics, at all….????….*THAT* is telling!

  • I AGREE 100%! It’s Jan., 2017, now, over 3 years after this post first appeared. Lots has happened, and not much of it good. The LIES of the pseudoscience drug racket, and means of social control, known as “psychiatry”, continue. My problem with the term “antipsychiatry”, is that it gives psychiatry a credibility it should never have been given. It’s nothing more than 21st Century Phrenology, updated with neurotoxins. Who’d have thought, over 3 years ago, that “Crooked Hillary” would lose a Presidential race to Donald Trump! WTF? LOL!…. Things WILL BE changing, so let’s all work together. ~B./

  • Margaret, (and also all my other friends here at MiA!….),
    I want to make explicit how you’re helping us all here. You have taken the brave and healing step of telling your story. That makes it safer for others here who haven’t yet found your courage. You inspire and encourage us by your clear, concise honesty. You give us something to think about, and that helps *US* think about *OUR* situations and life, too. You also give US a chance to put our thoughts into words here, which again, HELPS US ALL. That’s how it is for me. So let me share an idea, and hope it comes out clearly.
    You had “therapists”, and whoever, who wanted to somehow “blame” your troubles on your childhood. You didn’t find that very helpful, and I agree. There’s too much “blame the victim” in that, and blame & victimhood are NOT healthy, in my view. But what works for me, is to look at *RELATIONSHIPS*, both among your family when you were a child, and also others in your life as you grew into adulthood. By looking at these relationships, as relationships, we can begin to see patterns of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, expectations, etc. I have gotten great value by re-framing my own recovery work in this way. Unlike you, I became an alcoholic, like my Father. It was in A.A. that I encountered the “12 Steps” of A.A., and used them as a guide, as a framework to do some very solid self-analysis. So, even though you’re not much a drinker, and probably NOT alcoholic, still, I think you might find some benefit by looking at the 12 Steps as discussed in Chapter 5, “How It Works”, in the book “Alcoholics Anonymous”. A.A. talks about looking at relationships, and avoiding “blaming”.They served as a good guide for me to get my head straightened out after the mess the quack shrinks made of it, with their neurotoxins!Thanks for making my Monday morning a little more productive! ~B./ 🙂

  • There are 2 inter-related reasons shrinks say we will “need to be on drugs (“meds”) the rest of your(our) lives”.
    The first is the drug racket angle. They want you on drugs your whole life, to keep the money flowing to PhRMA.
    If you get off the drugs, you stop buying the drugs, so the $$$$ flow dries up.
    The 2nd reason is more insidious. Over time, the chemicals in the drugs interfere with normal brain function, which reduces chances for recovery, and makes the person less functional, therefore more helpless, and they begin to “look crazy”. The more “crazy” they look, the more OTHER people *think* they need the drugs, (because they’re “crazy” – you see how this SCAM works?). The drugs are a form of self-fulfilling prophecy.
    And very profitable, too. That’s what makes the pseudoscience of psychiatry a drug racket.
    Honestly, Margaret, I have to question your story as you tell it here. To me, it just does NOT sound, – or read – like it was written by a schizophrenic. I was always told that so-called “schizophrenics” are CRAZY people!
    And I’m sorry, Margaret, but you just don’t sound “crazy” to me. Or “schizophrenic”, either! Your story just makes too much sense to me. You sound like somebody I’d enjoy going out for coffee with, or working on a community garden project! I think maybe you were mis-diagnosed. 🙂

  • Because he “cold turkeyed”, he almost certainly experienced a TOXIC WITHDRAWAL REACTION, the sequelae of which includes CRIMINAL INCARCERATION. Only in America, can you get thrown in *JAIL*, because some quack shrink gave you too much of the wrong kind of DRUGS….
    Of course, whatever trauma the kid had experienced before, will only be made worse in jail….
    Too bad we can’t find out what DRUGS at what DOSES the “Dr.” gave him….

  • Thanks, >humanbeing<, good 2 C yur comments again! Yeah, I know what you mean about being "depressed". Too bad we BOTH KNOW that an "antidepressant" would only make it worse, huh?! 😉
    So, I do my best to get over the worst of the emotional response, then use that energy to continue my own study and work to educate, inform, and make things better. And, remembering the littlest victims gives me courage to WORK for THEM, and continue to speak out against the ongoing pharmaceutical GENOCIDE.
    I will NOT run. I will NOT hide. I will STAND, and SPEAK OUT!
    That's what I'm doing here, now! &I'm glad to see YOU, TOO! 🙂

  • Hmmm…..
    Maybe try: “The various observed behaviors deliberately mis-identified as so-called “ADHD”…..
    (Honestly, I am humbled at your reply, even if I did goad you in to it!…. 😉
    OK, maybe not your “professional” / “medical opinion”, but as a general comment:
    Isn’t it very possible, if not likely, that say, an 8yr old boy with a difficult home life, who is put on Ritalin, and later “acts out” angrily & destructively, could in fact be exhibiting signs of amphetamine intoxication? See why I’m not asking you in terms of a medical opinion? I’d think the answer to my Q? would be *YES*. And, wouldn’t the presence of the Ritalin in his system make it just that much more difficult for the young boy to exercise whatever self-control an 8-yr old has? Yes? ~B./

  • “My life seems to be divided into ‘before’ and ‘after’ the most defining point in my life — a late spring day in 1994 when a psychiatrist explained to me that as a schizophrenic, I would probably be on medication and under the care of a psychiatrist for the rest of my life.” <– From Margaret Fong, above….
    You don't have "schizophrenia", Margaret, you have IATROGENIC NEUROLEPSIS. I know, because I have it, too.
    My "I.N." came when I was in 10th grade, in High School. My parents took me to see a type of pseudoscientist known as a "psychiatrist", who gave me an arbitrary and bogus "diagnostic label" used as an excuse to sell drugs. I was told the same load of psychobabble that you were. But today, (2017), I haven't seen a shrink ("psychiatrist"), or taken any psych drugs in well over 20 years! Gee, Doc, what happened to my supposed "mental illness"? Today, I'm more whole, healthy, & happy than ever!
    As you cab see, Margaret, as different as you and I are, and as different as our stories are, there are almost identical parallels in our bogus "diagnoses", and subsequent drugging-for-profit.
    I'm really happy to see your story here! THANK-YOU! ~B./

  • THANK-YOU, MIA5, for posting the link to that article! Until I followed the link, I’d forgotten I’d read that article a couple years ago! So, I want to strongly encourage ALL our MiA friends here, to read that article. It’s kinda’ longish, but well worth the time! And, MIA5, my answer to your Q? would be that we can always use “so-called”, or “supposed/ly”, or some other such modifier, in either speaking, or writing. The 2 points I’d be clear on:
    1.> As long as we know our audience, we can be a little relaxed about exact words. Some of these concepts / ideas / words can be tricky to use, and are used to fool & deceive, so we need to be as clear as we can be, but not worry too much, and instead end up being confusing, when we’re trying to be clear!
    2.>*SOME* of these words/phrases are best described as “psychobabble”, and “gobbledygook”. They are serious-sounding words, which are really just word games, and head games. They’re NOT clear communication.
    I’d like to see MiA re-print this article, here!
    Thanks again, MIA5!
    (As if I could forget the fraudulent, bogus, and deceptive language of the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry”!….)….

  • I was born & raised Protestant and also have become Buddhist as an adult. I didn’t even know that “Catholic” was anything different until I was all grown up. Yes, there’s something wonderful in Catholicism, but also something very sick and twisted. And sometimes, those 2 things can exist at the same time, in the same person. I’ve known some male shrinks that were ok, but ALL the female shrinks I’ve known have been either clueless idiots, or sickos, or both at the same time. That’s just been my experience in the system. But really, neither kindness nor cruelty knows any specific gender.
    ( And I’m hoping since you’ve been here at MiA, that you do feel just a little bit LESS “discouraged”!)
    I’ve found that when I can, and do, talk about everything – even if I’m just talking to myself – it helps clear things up, head-wise. That’s the real shame of shrinks like you described here. All they really would have to do, is *PRETEND* to listen & care! How hard is *that*, huh?… 😉

  • Hey, “FeelinDissed”, if that’s true – and I do believe you, – that you had a female shrink who laughed at you when you cried because she ordered you locked up – DANG!….
    She is one *SICK* *COOKIE*….To laugh at somebody’s pain and misfortune is sadistic, cruel, and constitutes verbal, emotional, and psychological ABUSE!…. You’re correct, *EVIL* also describes it. She’s probably a rabid, militant atheist, too….
    I’m ok w/atheists. *I* don’t believe in the God *THEY* don’t believe in, either….
    I’m glad to see you share some of your story here! Welcome! ~B./

  • Steve Spiegel,
    I haven’t watched the video yet, BUT I did read your description, above, and ALL the comments here. I think “oldhead” got way too political, as I noted in a comment just above. I agree more with the other comments. After I actually watch your video, I’ll come back with more better comments. I’m VERY impressed, so far! The DSM is a catalog of billing codes, but that’s ALL it is. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control, but that’s ALL it is. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real.

  • “Bottom line — do you agree that capitalism is the problem, and must be replaced forthwith before any of these problems can be eliminated, or are you proposing some sort of “reforms” within the current state of rot? If the latter, what concrete form would these take, and what would be the strategy to get them implemented?”
    To quote Bob Marley, (cue Reggae beat): “I’m sick and tired of your ism schisms!”
    oldhead, if you think so-called “capitalism” will EVER be “replaced”, much less “forthwith”, then you’re medically delusional. And, isn’t there a word for folks who *pretend* to be true believers, but who actually work from within to undermine whatever it is?…. If we have to wait for capitalism to be eliminated, before we can address the very real harms psychiatry & it’s poison pills inflicts on folks, then we’ll be waiting forever. I think your comments on the video are largely irrelevant, and detract from Spiegal’s efforts here…..

  • Frank, so-called , (or “Serious Mental Illness” ) already IS a thing.
    I’ve seen it used repeatedly in various contexts, and usually by non-psychiatrists. Usually, it’s in the form of some 501(c)3 claiming, for example, “We spend your donations wisely, helping those with SMI to live better lives”, or some such tripe and claptrap….. But I do agree that laughter is the best medicine, and we need to all remind ourselves to laugh, and joke more.
    Q.Do you know why angels can fly?
    A: Because they take themselves so lightly….

  • Alex, I just now *DID* “google 12-stranded dna…” Yes, I got a little excited thinking about “12-stranded dna” for a few minutes. *BUT*, Alex, c’mon! It’s PSEUDOSCIENCE! has 3 answers to a Q? about this, and that pretty much debunks it.
    *BUT*, *BUT*, I will partially agree with you. We DO have far more control over our thoughts and feelings than psychiatry will ever admit! The psychs want us to remain ignorant, and dependent on THIER drugs, and THEIR brand of social control…. But, until & unless this “12-strand” nonsense is shown to be anything other than a pseudoscientific delusion….well, what EVIDENCE do YOU have….????….
    (If I show you all the so-called “mental illnesses” in the DSM, does that make them real?/….?

  • Agreed, PrettyPurplePill, those are my observations, too. And, there’s a related dynamic at work, also. I’ve seen exactly THIS, here in my hometown: For various demographic reasons, mostly folks having smaller families, with less kids, and more choices for schooling kids, the public school student population is either not growing, or actually shrinking. But, costs continue to rise, forcing local homeowners – whose property taxes pay a large part of the school bill – to pay ever larger sums for “free” public schools. Also, more “coded”, and “labeled” students requires more employment of “para-professionals”, and “classroom aides”, &etc., THAT costs money, but it also helps hide the true unemployment rate, and the true cost of sending good factory jobs overseas. BUT, when a kid is “coded” with some bogus “disability”, then a whole bunch of FEDERAL money kicks in, to the profit of the local schools. Yes, that’s what I’m saying. *SOME* “diagnosis” is being done for no other purpose than to bring more TAX money into the schools….
    Don’t believe me? I know a family that I actually worked with. The kid got a (*MAYBE* legit…) diagnostic label, lots of extra staff, and the local agency conspired w/the school, and local system, to throw the kids’ family out of their apartment, into homelessness, and then “CPS” got involved in a FRAUDULENT “neglect petition”, which resulted in an 8-yr old girl being judicially kidnapped, sent into a special institutional “home”, put on Seroquel, and further abused. This was all done to make money for the school district, and cover up the crimes of the local “agency”, which was STEALING SSDI & SSI funds from disabled clients. God, I wish I was making this shit up….

  • Yeah, funny how the shrinks STOLE that phrase “Bible” from the Judeo-Christian community! But, that’s their biggest market! *ALL* of the so-called “diagnoses” in the DSM were INVENTED, not “discovered”. And, they only exist as excuses to $ELL DRUG$…. FOLLOW THE MONEY…. Besides, if they included hypocrisy and greed, they’d also have to include IGNORANCE, ARROGANCE, and self-delusion. Or maybe “idiopathic anosognosia”….or whatever the hell they call that made-up crap!…. Keep speaking, “anothervoice”, we need a good chorus here!….

  • “ADHD is not something a child has. It is something a child does.”…. Does that line sound familiar to you? It should! It’s the last line of Dr. Hickey’s comments in the article, above. Now, to be fair to Dr. Hickey, I *THINK* that I know what he’s trying to say. I *THINK* that he’s trying to say that ADHD is something a child *DOES*, and not something a child *HAS*. Does that make sense to you, too?
    Well, I’m sorry, but it does *NOT* make sense to ME!….
    First, Hickey tells a good (sadly true!) story about the pseudoscience drug racket known as “psychiatry”, and how the psychs knowingly colluded with drug companies to fabricate bogus “illnesses” to serve as excuses to $ELL DRUG$…. Many of us here at MiA already know that sad story, and too many of us here, were personally victimized by the scam. While none of the unsubstantiated (bogus) alleged “diagnoses” made against me, were for so-called “ADHD”, which is the main focus of this particular article, still, I suffered just the same. The 2 most common drugs used in so-called “ADHD” are Ritalin, and Adderall, and they’re both basically prescription SPEED. (methyphenidate, and amphetamine, respectively).
    Which brings us back to the point. So-called “ADHD” is a deliberate hoax designed to sell drugs. There’s no “there” *THERE*. ADHD is exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus. What most often gets diagnosed as “ADHD”, is in fact NORMAL BEHAVIOR, especially for young boys…. I think Dr. Hickey understands that, and I’d be surprised if Dr. Hickey doesn’t correct himself here.

  • Julie! – I’m just now asking a Q? that occurred to me a few days ago, when I first read this post…. While not disagreeing w/what you’re saying, – is it possible that the rapid weight gain triggered the bones to rebuild/build up, in the same way that weightlifting might? It could be the same mechanism of action, just slightly more complicated than you’ve described. And, I had a friend whose osteoporosis was caused by Nexium, which she was given for “GERD” – “gastro-espohogeal reflux disease”. Which, *I* *think*, was caused by her traumatic, abusive, stressed-out childhood & upbringing.
    And, there’s a very good chance that there *IS* a pending class-action lawsuit against the makers of Risperdal.
    And, and, in the comment above, I think “waltinseattle” meant LEPTIN, not “lectin”…. Agreed?….
    But, mainly, in this comment, I’m wondering if the weight gain itself triggered the bones rebuilding? Maybe something like that? Seems it would be a fairly complex, multi-step process, to completely understand it….

  • Don’t be naïve, Subvet416! The potential Indian market is well over a BILLION people! That’s several times bigger than the American market! Follow the money! And, given literally dozens of languages and sub-cultures in India, they won’t know what hit them, until it’s too late. Just like here in the U.S. And, Hinduism, with it’s many Gods & beliefs, is fertile ground for the pseudoscience lies of the drug racket known as “psychiatry”. And, bogus “mental illnesses”, like in the DSM, can always be created!
    Too bad “Western Medicine” doesn’t understand the early scientific learning behind Ayurvedic medicine, and the chakras!….

  • Steve, I’ve spoken to several folks over the years, who’ve been given Risperdal. They ALL say they don’t like it. They don’t like the “side effects”, or the effects-effects.
    (If a given “effect” is NOT a “side effect”, does that mean it’s a front effect? Back effect?
    Top effect? Bottom effect? Why am I having so much trouble making sense out of psychiatry, when I try to analyze it logically?….. 😉
    But seriously, NOBODY likes Risperdal….
    (If Risperdal “works” so well, why is there no street, or illicit market for it?…..etc.,

  • Furthermore, most folks who criticize Scientology have never read L. Ron Hubbards’ “Dianetics”. No, I’m not trying to defend “Scientology”, per se. But, most folks really DO NOT KNOW the unpleasant history that L. Ron Hubbard had with the pseudoscience of psychiatry & psych drugs. The excesses of psychiatry are mirrored in Scientology. What little good either extreme might have once had, has long since been lost to excesses and extremes of all kinds. Scientology has gone for money, power, and social control, in the guise of a “religion”.
    Psychiatry has gone for money, power, DRUGS, and social control, in the guise of a bogus “medical specialty”, which is in fact much more like a religion. Psychiatry and Scientology are both just different sides of the same coin. They both rely on recruiting younger members, and keeping them hooked for life. They both are deluded as to the very real harm and damage they inflict on folks. A person might be safe deep within either psychiatry or Scientology, but both will, and have before, *KILL*. If it was within my power to do so, I would make BOTH Scientology and psychiatry cease to exist…..(but I’d keep *SOME* of the drugs…. You never know when you might need to tranquilize a psychiatric drug zombie*….)….
    *psychiatric drug zombie: n., a person who has been on too many psychiatric drugs for too long, and exhibits typical symptoms of psych drug toxicity, including akathisia, and tardive dyskinesia….

  • Of course the details are different, but Alex, above, tells MY story, too! I was put on far too many “psychiatric drugs” far too early, with too little support or oversight. Like Alex, it took a LOT of hard work on my part, and getting completely away from the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry, before I could truly “recover”.
    And THANK-YOU, Fiachra, for the link to the BBC video. What the Brits, (and us Yankees! 😉 ), just do not get, is that psychiatry exists to sell drugs for the drug companies. So-called “mental health” can only occur in a physically healthy person. And, in EVERY person “diagnoses” as having “mental illness”, there’s a much stronger PHYSICAL aspect to that supposed “mental illness”.
    Until and unless the pseudoscience of psychiatry joins its’ equally bogus brother “Phrenology” on the scrap heap of history, it will continue to do far more harm than good…..
    I’m sure my savior and mentor Dr. Peter Breggin will understand what I’m saying here, and not take personal offense! Peter, I’d say that you’re the “exception which proves the rule”!….
    And as for the BBC video Fiachra so kindly provided a link to, for us, the guy who claimed his (supposed) “voices” were telling him to do whatever, – well, he just needed a friend to sit and talk, or go for a walk, maybe take a little “chill pill”, or have a beer, or whatever, hang out & watch some TV, or do some Yoga, or fix a bite to eat, or, or, or, or………..
    So-called “mental illnesses” are imaginary “diseases”, which were INVENTED as excuses to $ELL DRUG$….
    (Sadly, given the damage done, society probably DOES need to spend more money, fixing what PhRMA and the GREED of Wall St., and the ignorance and arrogance of psychiatry *BROKE*…..

  • We are trying to make sense of what Sgt. Bales did, in a logical, rational sense. But, a homicidal killing spree, even in a war zone, is an inherently illogical and irrational act. I don’t think that it CAN be fully understood in a logical, rational manner. It can only be understood in an illogical, and irrational manner. And, Sgt. Bales also was given several other “psych drugs”, all of which can result in homicidal, or suicidal behaviors.
    Reading about Sgt. Bales case strikes me as very similar to my own experience, years ago, when I was on psych drugs, and shortly after getting off them. Our “symptoms” are almost exactly the same. It needs to be stressed, that so-called “PTSD” is NOT a “mental illness”. How can it possibly be a “mental illness”, if the only way to get it, is to PHYSICALLY undergo a PHYSICALLY life threatening experience? (Yes, the life-threatening experience could be only *perceived* as such, but that’s essentially the same thing, and differs only in semantics.)
    Fortunately the Military is rushing headlong into Yoga, breathing exercises, mindfulness training, and a host of other, better ways to attain and maintain health, besides TOXIC DRUGS.