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  • I’m a recovered alcoholic, and Rx drug (non-opiate) addict. In my near 30-year now RECOVERY, my thoughts and feelings have changed with both more wisdom & experience, and more education. I WISH I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW….
    And I continue to do my best to share my wisdom, hope and strength whenever and where ever I can. Doctors have played the BLAME THE VICTIMS GAME for decades now.

    (My own benzo experience supports the MiA-presented evidence 100%…..)….

  • Thank-you, Ekaterina!
    Good to see you again. As for Scientology, it grew out of the book “Dianetics”, and other writings from L. Ron Hubbard, who had his own BAD experiences with psychiatry in the U.S.Navy during WW2, or the “Great Patriotic War”, as I believe it is still known in the old USSR, now Russia. That is whyScientology, &
    The “Citizens Commission on Human Rights”, under it, are so anti-psychiatry. And also why they are targetted by the Medical Establishment. Now, my words:
    “Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neurotoxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but NOT MORE REAL! The DSM-5 is a fictional catalog of billing codes. EVERYTHING in it was either INVENTED, or CREATED, NOTHING in it was discovered. Consider the distinction in meanings here.”….
    I consider you NORMAL, and that you are a whole, healthy, happy human being, and a desperately needed GIFT TO THE WORLD. If indeed you’re “crazy”, then YES!, we need as many crazy people like you as we can get! Your son and his Father are blessed! May God Bless you & your family and friends!
    I trust that MiA will allow me to post my mailing address here:
    Bill Bradford
    P.O. Box 23
    Keene, NH, 03431

  • Miranda, that’s a well-written & comprehensive article. And I understand the unavoidable bias you write from. So it’s not your fault that you dance all around, but never right up to THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good…. If we had never invented psychiatry, we’d all be much better off….

  • It’s NOT the “integrative” part of Natalie’s story & title that is problematic. I’d go as far as to say that I do not believe that Natalie has a complete and comprehensive understanding of the past 300 – 500 years history of medicine, money, power, and control. Especially the last 100 -150 years. So I’ll repeat my mantra. “Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. The DSM is in fact nothing more than a catalog of billing coded delusions, fantasies, and victim blaming. Calling one’s self an “integrative psychiatrist” is all well and good, and a step forward for sure. But the deadweight baggage of psychiatry is an onerous burden better left behind on the scrap heap of history. The OTHER crucial, vital question Natalie seems as yet unaware of, and not asking, is more telling: “Why are so many people so sick, that they need so much “healing” in the first place!?…. Allopathic medicine in general, and psychiatry in particular, are designed to make populations sick, keep them sick, and make as much profit as possible, as long as possible, then you die. NEXT in line, please!…. All to maintain the money, power and control of the Global Ruling Elites & Global Banksters over the masses of good people on Planet Earth. I’m hoping that Natalie will be at first offended when she sees me state here that there is an absolute equivalency between “Jew-loving Nazi”, and “Integrative Psychiatrist”…. 45 years ago, now, my TORTURE with psych drugs began. I’ve been FREE from both for 25 years now. I hope Natalie learns enough of the TRUTH much faster than I did, and much less painfully. I express my sincere BEST WISHES to Natalie, in all her future endeavors…. rsvp?….

  • “Integrative psychiatrist”, huh? Well, I’m a pro-Jewish Nazi. I’m a pro-African-American KKK member…. I’m a pro-Democrat Republican, and a pro-Republican Democrat, to boot!….
    I’m a freedom loving pro-Fascist!…. I’m a Christ-worshipping Satanist, and a Satan Worshipping Christian…. I’m a master of psychobabble, gobbledygook, Critical Race Theory, and I’m woke as all hell, man!….
    Now, I’m actually going to carefully READ the article above, and when I’m done, I will return here to the comments, and see if I still agree with myself….

  • Caroline, judging only from your words here, and that 1 photo of your happy smiling face, I think you’re probably one of the LEAST “DANGEROUS” people I know!…. Your valiant and courageous effort to educate and FREE yourself is very clear, very compelling, and very much appreciated by me. I read Dr. Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry” in 1992! He literally saved my life. And I second “oldhead’s” suggestion to read what he’s said about covid the last few months.
    Hope to see more of you here….

  • In 1986, Congress granted full indemnity against any legal liability to PhRMA for vaxxxes, and set up the taxpayer-funded “Vaccine Injury Compensation Court & Program”, which has since paid out over $4Billion for vaxx injury claims including death and autism. See: Hannah Polling case. A Federal court ruled vaxxes are “unavoidably unsafe”. Vaxxes contain mercury, aluminum, and tissue from aborted fetuses. True, mercury has been removed from most vaxxes, and replaced with aluminum and other “adjuvants”.
    On numerous ocassions on video, Bill Gates has stated his desire to force vaxxx and microchip all 7+Billion of us. Many other less-famous, and less rich persons have stated their desire to force-vaxxx EVERYBODY. Thank God Trump opposes mandatory vaxxxes….

  • An “adulteress” is simply the word to CORRECTLY and ACCURATELY describe a married woman who has sex with a man who is not her husband. The male form of the word is “adulterer”. Maybe in the Bible long ago, or in Islamic countries, a woman might have been stoned to death for adultery. The book “The Scarlet Letter” deals with a much milder form of social shaming punishment for the “crime” of adultery.
    In contemporary America, there is no formal, legal sanction against adultery, except as grounds for divorce. Although, sadly, spouses are sometimes killed by their spouses for adultery. Why? Obviously, adultery must be caused by mental illness. OK, I’m kidding about that last sentence. But serious about the rest of it…. So-called “open marriage”, and polyamory, were invented to prevent adultery. And they do….

  • Consider the questions here very carefully before you even try to answer them. Then question your answers to make sure you’re correct:
    1. What IS a “personality”, exactly? How much does it weigh? What color is it?
    2. How is a “personality” created?
    3. At what age did you begin to create your “personality”?
    4. Could Santa Claus bring you a new “personality” for Christmas? Why, or why not?
    5. Can’t you just throw away an old, damaged “personality”, and get a new one? Why, or why not?
    6. In so-called “borderline personality disorder”, HOW FAR from the border of WHAT? Are there border guards? How wide and long is the borderline? Are there border crossing gates? In “BPD”, is it the borderline that’s disordered? Can you cross the borderline illegally? Legally? Can the borderline be crossed in both directions, or only in one direction? If only one direction, which one?
    It’s my hope that you’ll print out these questions, after you’ve answered them all yourself, and give them to your psychiatrist to answer. Being a highly trained and very well educated Medical Professional, your psychiatrist should have no trouble quickly and answering ALL these questions for you….
    You’re welcome….

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. “Will it ever change”, asks Susanne….
    It “changes” all the time, but that “change”
    is really only going around in circles, and becoming the newest facade of an old LIE.
    So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as unicorns, or presents from Santa Claus, but NOT MORE REAL. The DSM-5 is in fact a catalog of billing codes. Everything in the DSM was either invented or created, nothing in it was discoveted. The distinction is crucial. In light of all this, psychiatry needs to GO AWAY FOR GOOD. Psychiatrists can be easily and quickly re-trained and re-educated to become “prescribing psychopharmacologists”. Psychiatry is EVIL. The fact that there are a FEW “good” psychiatrists only PROVES that MOST are EVIL. Psychiatrists are the genocidal nazis of healthcare. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good…..

  • PLEASE stop hijacking the discussion into pseudo-intellectual semantic gobbledygook. Yes, “trauma”, and “trauma informed”, DO look and seem like buzzwords, to some people. And some people will use them that way. And the closely-related concepts of “ACEs” are likewise. But it does nobody any good to allow one’s own ignorance and lack of understanding, knowledge, and experience to roadblock the rest of us….I’m very comfortable with my own traumas and ACEs. But I wouldn’t be, if I was still attached to my own bullshit. It was the Dalai Lama’s teachings on non-attacment in Buddhism that liberated me there. And the radical acceptance that I learned in Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps. Everything I got from psychiatry was either TRAUMA, or something like ACEs….

  • Also, Pol Pot’s socialist/communist Khmer Rouge Utopia….no capitalism. No psychiatry. Tell me how much you’d love to live there, oldhead. And how sad to see it go. Somalia has also been capitalism & psychiatry-free at least for decades. And North Korea….Yes, I REALLY want a reply, oldhead.
    ….”sick and tired of your ism schisms”….
    as Bob Marley sings in Get Up, Stand Up”….

  • I want to say something about “New Age” as a formal descriptor, category, or genre. NEW AGE covers so much territory, that sometimes some of it conflicts with other parts of it. Some things seem like they’re NewAge, but they’re not. And some world views are NewAge, some are not. NewAge deals with feelings in more nuanced and healthy ways, but does have a lot of emotional freedom. New Age sadly never got more acceptance in the wider society. Who remembers the “harmonic convergence”? See what i mean?….

  • Thank-you sam plover. You DO GET IT!
    When we blame any person, place, thing, situation, etc., we aren’t taking personal responsibility for ourselves. (Yes, persons, situations, etc., can and do hurt us, and that must be acknowledged and dealt with.) While we aren’t responsible for the person who has hurt us, we ARE responsible for owning that we’ve been hurt. It’s up to us to accept our hurt, and heal it. When we accept ourselves, we cease to BLAME, we become more happy and healthy. Blaming disempowers us, and empowers our oppressors.

  • “What is a personality, and where does it come from?” That seems to be one of your questions here. Let me try to answer it. I’ve been working on this for a few years now. First, there’s some genetic basis for the brain and sensory organs, plus the social and cultural and physical milieau a person is born into. This is what the blank canvas consists of, upon which the petsonality is created.
    The personality itself is the reflection, or result, of how all the other people in our lives treat us. As we become adults, and have a fuller, more independent self-relationship, we can begin to also have some effects on our personality. But basically, a personality is created in a person BY OTHER PEOPLE. Your personality is NOT your own, it was created by other people. At least mostly so….

  • Overall, Megan, that’s excellent. But there’s 2 both very huge, and minor points that jumped right off the screen and gobsmacked me upside the head. About the pseudoscience of psychiatry I’m in substantial agreement with you, but that “blame game” is lame and ultimately counter-productive and eventually becomes outright self-destructive. It’s the blame game, not psychiatry that ends up doing harm, unless you’re a psychiatric prisoner. Some time after escaping psychiatry, one must stop playing the blame game, or else….
    But it’s your ideological distortion in blaming “capitalism” that I find to be ridiculous non-sense. Name me one other country, or economic system that’s really any better or different? Russia? China? North Korea? Europe? South America? Canada? Name me one place that’s better. See what I mean? Capitalism neither requires nor demands the excesses you ascribe to it.

    Strong healthy persons create strong healthy societies. Strong healthy societies create strong healthy persons. It’s BOTH. NOT an “either/or”, as you mis-conceptualize it…..
    Other than those 2 points, everything else you’ve written is excellent, and I hope it’s widely read….

  • Funny you should mention our “leaders” speaking out against POC’s(Persons of Chinese) being targets of bad acts from folks blaming them for the Communist Chinese Party coronavirus Covid-19. I’ve heard exactly ZERO verified news reports of that actually happening. But multiple warnings about that were issued by our erstwhile “leaders”…. Also, boans, I wrote about you in another comment on another story here at MiA, so please let me know any feedback you might have about that, ok?….
    And Paula Caplan, BLESS YOUR HEART. You use such polite and professional words to describe what I’m seeing too! TPTB, the “system”, the “government”, create a life-threatening existential crisis, exaggerate, distort, confuse, obfuscate, bloviate, and terrify “We The People”, then proclaim that they alone can deal with, cope with, “treat”, etc., the results of their creation! So-called “gain-of-function” experiments in Wuhan Biolab in collaboration with Fauci’s NIAID may or may not be responsible for the deliberate or unintentional creation and release of a “novel” (“fiction”) coronavirus. But gee, maybe it’s a naturally occurring zoonotic coronavirus virus after all! You’d think CRISPR and the manufacturing process known as “PCR” would have resulted in more actionable microbiological knowledge by now. Maybe Nobel-prize winning Dr. Kerry Mullis was wrong that his PCR invention was NOT sufficiently reliable to serve in a diagnostic role, and that they have nailed down how many dozen PCR iterations are sufficient for a plausible definitive diagnosis, positive OR negative!
    So good to hear your breath of fresh air and common sense, Paula. Yes, I really, really mean that….

  • Will. DUDE! Do what I’ve done. I am VERY WELL KNOWN to the local, County, and State police and law enforcement community. I OFTEN speak face-to-face with cops. Yes, I’ve had a few very minor “incidents” over the years with them. It’s called “pushback”, and each time STRENGTHENS ME.

    Talk is cheap. The WALK is the WORK. Talk is just high-falutin gossip….

  • They sure as heck don’t care about black mental patients…. Ask yourself why BLM will NEVER call for more black psychiatrists, and mental health workers. Mental illness is far more stigmatized in the black community than in the white. NAMI is probaly 90 -95% white. WHY?….

  • IMHO, current times are both far more perilous, and safe and hopeful, than most folks believe. We are ALL being controlled and manipulated by dark and powerful forces that only a few of us see at all clearly. The media is NOT our friend. Trump is correct, in that FAKE NEWS is far more pervasive than YOU realize. That’s the nature of our Globalist oppressors.

    Marx himself was a co-opted puppet of the Globalist Capitalists, – their very well-CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Radical freedom struggles to speak and be heard.

  • Think about exactly WHAT a “personality” actually IS…. It was created inside you, by other people, and then it becomes only what other people outside you perceive of you. In a very real sense, a “personality” is a figment of the imagination. A “personality” is at best a changeable mental construct. A set of concepts, and interpretations of perceived behavior. Me? I had my personality surgically removed decades ago, and i’m a much happier man because of that. And just exactly HOW CLOSE to WHAT BORDER is that? Are there border guards? What’s on the other side of that borderline? Seems to me, so-called “BPD” is like Santa Claus and unicorns. Only as “real” as it’s believed to be, and only in the minds of those who choose, or are forced to believe in it. I don’t believe in the superstition of BPD. Thoughts on this, Jill?….

  • I’ve seen the carnage PhRMA inflicted with opiates, on top of illegal heroin, and Chinese-supplied fentanyl, on top of the profit-driven carnage of legal, and FORCED psych drugs, right here in my nice clean, quiet, safe little New England college town. I’m glad you’re writing here, Jill. Good to see that some, at least, are saved before it’s too late
    Welcome, friend….

  • What did i just read?….funny, those ARE MY WORDS, but i don’t remember writing them…
    And i never used heroin. Why did i say i used heroin? My name is Bill, not Jill. I’m so confused! What did i just read? Those are MY WORDS! MY WORDS! And i’m so glad to see they fit you, too! They look good on you!
    Is it to soon to say, “Death to the psychiatric oppressors!”, or do we have to wait until 2021….????….

  • I get what you’re saying, Steve, and I basically agree with you here, – you KNOW that! But you are simply not seeing it from THEIR point of view. They have no interest in “saving money”, that’s ludicrous to them! They are only concerned with money, power, and control. And they will gladly spend, ( or waste, from our perspective), any amount of money needed to maintain their power and control. Doesn’t the old line about “if you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, then baffle ’em with bullshit” ring a bell? Well, they are just as happy to baffle with brilliance, as dazzle with bullshit. Read that carefully. And no, they do NOT care how much money they spend, or waste. Why should they? They are RICH, and getting RICHER! Your “poverty consciousness” does you wrong here, Steve.
    Only poor people care about “saving money”….

  • Psychiatric PSEUDOSCIENCE. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience!
    Modern astrologers actually use real digital electronic COMPUTERS to craft their astrological charts. Psychiatrists at most, use computers to write their ANECDOTAL reports! A modern astrological chart is the result of computational calculation. A psychiatric report is AT BEST educated guesswork.
    Ergo, psychiatry is LESS SCIENTIFIC than astrology…. Because, as the above article PROVES, there is NO logical or rational connection, nor can there ever be, between an fMRI scan, and ANY so-called “mental illness”, not even so-called “ADHD”….

  • Of COURSE you’re “missing something”, Sera, and you prove my point while you actually deny the reality of the point you’re proving. Another word for WHAT and WHY you’re doing is HUBRIS. My understanding of whatever “critical” theory you subscribe to is that it presupposes and posits that those with “privilege” either can not, or will not, acknowledge that privilege to any significant extent. They may be perceptive enough to “admit” their privilege exists to some degree, but they then proceed to deny or downplay their privilege, all the while truly NOT understanding the nature or extent of that privilege. In other words, Sera, you can’t acknowledge, much less see and understand your own privilege, because to do so would violate the arbitrary rules you have adopted as your own view of reality. And, if I were younger and less wise, I would probably be offended at the polite dismissal and denial you extend to me here. In plain English, Sera, you were very rude and offensive to first, Harvard guy”, and then to myself. I am an oppressed person here at MiA, Sera. But what do I know?

    I was first forced on psych drugs in the mid-1970’s. You have the privilege of calling “Harvard guy” “Harvard guy”, and the hubris to not even see the expression of contempt to which your gender and profession entitles you…. Sometimes, pots and kettles are WHITE…. (….but as a full-blooded Native American, my color is Blood red, not commie Red….)….

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neurotoxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. If the best we can do is articles like the above, we will be afflicted with psychiatry for too long into the future….may as well gather round the May pole, and chant a few rounds of “Some drugs are good meds, and more are better”….
    What a joke. The equivalent would be if was the Black Lives Don’t Really Matter movement….

  • The one time I was really ( sort of, but not really REALLY) “suicidal”, I was probably more “homicidal”. After about 3 days in the local psych ward, i decided to mess with their heads. During “morning meeting”, I said
    to the staff I was actually not “mental”, but rather I was a college student writing a research paper, and that’s why I lied my way into the place. They sent me home that day, which was stupid on their part, but lucky for me! Otherwise, I have been victimized several times by persons LYING and falsely claiming I was “suicidal”, when I was NOT. Being abused by those in power for being supposedly “suicidal” has hurt me worse than if I had just killed myself. The pain of being abused by the system is worse than any of my own personal pain.
    BTW, i find Sera’ s repeated use of the phrase “Harvard guy” to be disrespectful, demeaning, juvenile, dismissive, and inappropriate coming from Mia staff writers. She is using her OWN PRIVILEGE here, in the same exact way that “Harvard guy” uses his. No, 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but sometimes they do make it even. Which means we have gone in a complete circle, and have made NO PROGRESS.

  • 2 points jump right out for me. The “hospital” is never IDENTIFIED. (You call it a “hospital”, but it’s design and function is that of a JAIL, or PRISON.) What’s the name, location, etc? Is it public or private? For-profit or non-profit?
    These facts are vital to full understanding, and their omission is a serious flaw in an otherwise excellent narrative.
    Also, logically and rationally, your son died either because of, or else in spite of, the “treatment” he received. It’s possible that it was BOTH, but it is NOT possible that it was neither. Therefore, AT MOST, the treatment failed to help, and might have actually caused his death. So we have a prison disguised as a hospital, and healthcare which kills. That’s why the TRUTH is that
    “Psychiatry is a genocidal pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM THAN GOOD.”….and here we have more proof of that….

  • Meh.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, or unicorns, but not more real. The DSM is in fact a catalog of billing codes. Everything in it was either created or invented. NOTHING in it was DISCOVERED.
    M. REID, until and unless you realize that there is ONLY ONE HUMAN MIND, and that we ALL SHARE IT, all I can say is: Meh…..

  • ….WTF?….”precision psychiatry”? That makes as much sense as “random specificity”. In other words, it’s NONSENSE….
    Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe, all mimsy were the barrowgroves, and the momewraths outgrabe…. Let’s be honest here, ok? Psychiatry is a bullshit drug racket and means of social control. It’s a PSEUDOSCIENCE!….

  • Something among the MANY things i learned in A.A. meetings, and from working the 12 Steps:
    “We’re only as sick as the secrets we keep.” I no longer “keep secrets”. There is NOTHING that i cannot, or will not talk about. And in talking about it, i gain power over it, and freedom from it. The secrets of the Durst Family are theirs alone. But Evan CAN gain freedom and power over them. I hope Evan is given the chance to tell (some of, at least!), his own story here at MiA. Thanks, Jim, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as unicorns & presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. The DSM is in fact a catalog of billing codes. Everything in it was either invented or created, not discovered. PSYCHIATRY LIES.

  • As an older man, Erin, let me assure you that there ARE good men out there, who would gladly father a child with you. If that’s what you really want. Finding that man could be a classic case of “easier said than done”, however. But the possibility DOES EXIST. And in case you haven’t heard of it, please read “The Velveteen Rabbit”…. &you know we’re gonna want to read more of your story….

  • Thank GOD for Dr. Jim van Os. He’s the only SANE one in the bunch! And I can sum up the entire DSM-5 “working group” in 1 scholarly word. *BULLSHIT*. YES, bullshit has been studied at University level, and scholarly papers and books written on it. So as a retired past master bullshit artist, i can say with 100% certainty, that the DSM-5 “working group” is BULLSHIT. Except Dr. van Os, of course….After all, psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neurotoxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. That’s because it’s bullshit! But i repeat myself….

  • Malcolm, i read the other 2 or 3 dozen comments here so far, and i generally agree with and endorse them. I see no need to echo them. What most strikes ME, is what i do NOT read in your story of your son. I see nothing about his MOTHER, his relationship with her, or about HIS relationship with YOU. Of course, your relationship with her, and the relationship between the 3 of you, and any OTHER family is also missing. Yes, i realize you’re still fairly recent in the grief process, so there’s plenty of time too root around in the whole mess that is ALL OF OUR LIVES! Your son will live on in our hearts and minds.
    I read Dr. Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry” in 1992, and it quite literally opened my mind, opened my eyes, and saved my life. I’m glad you also found Moncrief. There are many of us, more each day, and we’re glad you found us, too! I’m sorry we couldn’t help your son enough soon enough. That’s how life goes sometimes. Now, i need a good bicycle ride, a bite to eat, a shower, call my friend, run that errand, etc., etc., etc.,…i can get back on the computer later!….

  • Since you asked: COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. That’s the painful “mindfeeling” you get when some other person’s perceived reality or facts conflicts with your own perception or facts. That’s just a start to understanding cognitive dissonance. In your case, the fabricated “reality” of the pseudoscience of psychiatry conflicts with your actual, lived REALITY. The answer, or “cure” if you will, is ACCEPTANCE. I don’t mean accept their reality as if it’s your reality too, but rather accept the simple fact that their “reality” is what it is, FOR THEM. You don’t have to like it, or agree with it, only accept that it is what it is. It’s stupid, it’s wrong, but it is THEIRS, not yours. It’s UNDERSTANDING you seek, even if your understanding is that you just don’t understand! There is much that i don’t understand, but i understand that i don’t understand, so i’m ok with it! I think the more you FACE, CONFRONT, PROCESS, AND ACCEPT, the more peace of mind you will experience. Remember to breathe, and some type of physical activity, such as stretching, yoga, walking, etc., will also help your process. We often forget that we are mind/mental/thought/feeling BEINGS, AND ALSO PHYSICAL…. This is SOME of what’s helped me, since i escaped the lies of the pseudoscience drug racket called “psychiatry” over 20 years ago. I really hope you find this helpful. That’s my intention here. You’re in the right place, anyway!

  • Did you just recently figure out that Congress, especially the House, is basically a well-funded PhRMA puppet? I’d like to have the time to refute the many false anti-Trump statements made here by many people, but i’m vastly outnumbered, and under-supported and under-resourced. Trump is a DISTRACTION, and a SYMPTOM. Trump is not the problem. Don’t you people get it? TRUMP IS A DISTRACTION. TRUMP IS A PUPPET. When you finally realize those TRUTHS, then you might begin to think more freely and naturally, and logically, and rationally…. Your pathological Trump-hatred warps your mind. Trump is a jerk and idiot, that’s all.

  • I wish i’d read the CV/bio of the authors BEFORE i wrote my first comment. The pseudoscience of psychiatry is the personification of MEDICAL FASCISM. To the extent that anybody supports the FRAUD and SCAM of psychiatry, they also support the ongoing CRIMES of psychiatry. There can be no compromise with human evil. And psychiatry is the personification of human evil. The banality of evil. That’s my opinion, hard-earned by being tortured by psychiatry. If it was within my power, psychiatry would cease to exist. Keep trying, kids….

  • Maybe it was just edited out here, but i’m concerned that we see nothing here about “Alma’s” feelings of guilt at not being able to save every patient. So-called ” toxic guilt” is a valid issue, and has well-developed means for addressing it. It’s too long and involved to go in to, here…. But i’m encouraged by what i read here. Problem i see, is that you folks are simply NOT “radical” and “reformist” enough!…

  • MARIA! Dr. Quarato! This is probably the *BEST* piece of “plandemic” writing i have EVER READ!, – yet!…. i’m assuming English is not your native language, and that your University/College education puts your language skills above average. But you haven’t “dumbed-down”, or simplified your thoughts and words here. That’s going to be a challenge for many readers. But the effort to read, and UNDERSTAND your words here will be richly rewarded. You, Maria, are among the people America, Austria, Italy, and the WORLD MOST NEED NOW. i mean that most sincerely. I actually cried ( a little! ), at the BEAUTY of the TRUTH of your words and thoughts here…. i think the implications of your words are more profound than you may realize….and yes, you have much to learn from us EXPERTS here at MiA, and i hope we see more of your writing here soon. The world needs you now, Maria. That’s whst i think, anyway. But what do i know? I’m an escaped psychiatric patient!…. ( my comment history contains much of my story….)….

  • Yes, in 2016, i voted Trump for exactly 3 reasons. 1. The FakeNews/MSM media was so blatatly pro-Hilary and pro-Democrat party, and anti-Trump and anti-Republican party, that i voted Trump as a way to say, “screw you!”, and even out the balance. 2.The way Hilary & the Dems treated Bernie Sanders was appalling. I think a Clinton/Sanders ticket could have, and would have won. 3. Hilary is WORSE THAN TRUMP.
    That’s what i think. And i will be disappointed, but not surprised, if i actually get kicked off MiA for expressing my personal truth here, and daring to “defend Trump”. But so what? I’m an escaped mental patient, and survivor of psychiatry, too….can YOU handle the TRUTH? I can…. (this could get interesting….

  • Very glad to hear you’re doing as well as you are, David, and keep up the good work! I’m on the MindFreedom email list, but aside from an occasional email, MF may as well not even exist for me. I have to agree with (some of) what “oldhead” says above in his comment. I reject the whole “mad pride” and “revolution” rhetoric. And i strongly support the idea that NORMAL is simply what most people are most of the time, more or less. So i am both normal, and abnormal, BOTH. Also, i strongly reject Alinsky as the un-American and anti-American “domestic enemy” which i believe him to be. Let Alinsky rot on the scrap-heap of history along with other mistakes such as the dual FRAUDS of Freud & the pseudoscience of psychiatry. I do NOT self-identify as a so-called “psychiatric survivor”, because i do not want to give any undeserved legitimacy to the lies of the pseudoscience drug racket known as psychiatry. And, unlike “oldhead”, i have no real issue with the basic ideas or existence of so-called “capitalism”, which was created by the same folks who created socialism, communism, fascism, democracy, libertarianism, and capitalism. The only “ism” i support and endorse is AMERICANISM. i was in 10th grade when my parents first took me to a psychiatrist, who gave me a bogus “diagnosis” (stigma-label), and an Rx prescription for neuro-toxic drugs. The next 20+ years of my life were WASTED by the lies of the pseudoscience drug racket and social control mechanism called “psychiatry”. I’ve been 100% psychiatry-free for well over 20 years now. Thank GOD! I’m a non-sectarian Protestant Buddhist Christian, and i’m very comfortable in that belief system. So, while i’m truly very glad to see you doing so well, and glad to see you back here at MiA, i also see NO PLACE for me in your “movement”, or whatever you call “it”. BTW, no, there are NO typos in this comment. Maybe your world of “no normal” is my “dystopian nightmare”? RSVP????….(i grant MiA permission to give you my email….)….

  • I think you need to do more research on 80yr old Fauci. He did NOT study virology in medical school because it didn’t exist yet at that time, and Fauci is an acolyte of Bill Gates demonic wetdream of forced vaccinationing everybody along with Global surveillance and tracking of people by the Gov’t….

  • Sorry, Sedarati, but i think you’re over-intellectualizing, and misunderstanding Peterson’s words and philosophical perspective. Peterson is the father of 2 adult children. You, Sederati, have NO children, correct? So you can ONLY IMAGINE the real, lived experience which forms the basis of Petersons views. Not all gestural redirection and physical correction of misbehavior is the same as “corporal punishment” .

  • Thank-you, Steve, for so generously and graciously granting me permission to disagree with you. A so-called “microaggression” exists ONLY in the mind’s eye of the beholder. If it’s concious and deliberate, it is NOT a “microaggression”, it’s ACTUAL agression. And until and unless it’s perceived as such by the victim, it’s NOT a “microaggression”, it’s simply rude and boorish behavior.

  • Personally, when I see “newspeak” linguistic fabrications such as “individuals facing mental health challenges”, i no longer barf and puke in disgust, i only roll my eyes and softly groan in dismay at the babbling sheeple. So-called “mental illness” is something that either ALL of us have, or else NONE of have. Could be both, can’t be neither. ALL “mental illnesses” are in fact STD’s. The mental health system gives them to you….

  • Thank-you for this, Sasha. You’re young, idealistic, and still naive. The so-called Covid-19 is best seen as a PLAN-demic. It’s really only about money, power, and control. The “GREG B.’s”, – the Global Ruling Elites and Global Banksters, ONLY CARE about profits, not persons. That’s a harsh reality, but it IS REALITY. Why else would we still have a pseudoscience like psychiatry given so much power? BTW, of the $4Trillion, Johnson&Johnson are getting $500Million+ to develop a “vaccine”. After every adult American gets $1200., there’s $1.5Trillion left over. WHO gets that? No, W.H.O. only gets some of that, kid. Research Fauci & AIDS from the 1980’s & 90’s, and his PhRMA ties…. It’s about money, power, and control, NOT “public health”. I can only tell you tiny pieces of the truth here – it’s up to you to choose whether you remain asleep, or truly wake up. You ain’t nowhere near as woke as you’d like to think you are. Rsvp?….

  • We ALL need new ideas and new thinking and thoughts. We can never create the changes we need without these new realities. First, each one of us has our own unique, idiosyncratic brain which was created by our unique genetic code. We DO have some abilities to affect the structure and function of our brains by our chosen behaviors, such as exercise and meditation. But our MIND is NOT ours alone. Our mind was created for us, by other people speaking to us, and interacting with us. Our “mental” is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION! So when any of us is victimized by a psychiatric label of “mental illness”, that says far more about our SICK SOCIETY AS A WHOLE, than it does about us as individuals. We’re “sick” BECAUSE of the pseudoscience of psychiatry, not in spite of it….

  • ANTHONY! WELCOME! I was going to get “first comment” honors here, but Rachel’s comment posted WHILE I WAS LOGGING IN! LOL….
    Anyway, your writing here is probably in the Top Ten for MiA….
    Rachel is correct. America is the 3rd most screwed up country in the world for so-called “mental health”, and the pseudoscience drugs racket and mechanism of social control known as “psychiatry”.
    England and Australia are fighting, and swap places regularly for 2nd & 1st….
    But that’s enough of this Buddhist bullshit….
    Scientology is the only thing worse than anti-psychiatry to the quack shrink pill-pushers!….

  • WRONG! Not only “can we judge Fry’s motives”, we MUST. Fry has put both his motives and intentions, and his entire world view and perspective both ONLINE, and OUT THERE to be judged. He’s literally delusional.
    He’s superstitious, paranoid, and dangerous. People such as Fry do far more harm than good. His entire “argument” is at best pseudoscience. And sadly, most persons in positions of power think like Fry does. They think *what* Fry does. They *believe* both what and how Fry does. THAT is THE PROBLEM. THE WHOLE THING, Fry included, is *WRONG*. Yoiu really don’t get it, I don’t think you get it, “FeelinDiscouraged”. FRY IS WRONG. TOTALLY WRONG….He’s full of very erudite bullshit…. Fry’s “intentions” are in fact an expression of EVIL. FRY IS EVIL. How much more clear can I make it?….

  • Dr. K, Dr. K., you just make TOO much sense. Nobody’s gonna believe you, except maybe here at MiA….
    As you might expect, I’ve got Whan China-originated coronavirus Covid-19 on my mind. And it seems like ALL the “authorities”, from Fauci at CDC, to the local health Dept., are simply repeating the same short, not very informative paragraph over and over and over and over…. Gee, seems I recall once reading about hypnosis and brainwashing techniques, and how BOTH these forms of social manipulation worked by repeating the same simple phrases over and over and over and over…. And the same FedGov and Global Corporate Masters that control the media also control the banks and Wall St., and pretty much all us masses of little people, too. I agree completely with what Dr. Kelmenson is saying here, and I’ve seen it proven in my own life. Psychiatry and PhRMA seek only to increase their WEALTH, POWER, and CONTROL over the masses, and do it all under the guise of benevolence and good healthcare. Whatever psychiatry is, it’s neither good, nor is it good healthcare. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. And now you don’t only have to take my word for it. Each in our own words, Dr. K. and I are basically saying the SAME THING….

  • Dr. Dhar’s review of “The Lancet” article on homeless people and so-called “COVID-19” raises the bar here at MiA. The extensive use here of embedded links back to past MiA articles on homelessness, health, mental health, drugs&pharmaceuticals, Society, etc., also raises the bar for MiA as a whole. I’m FAR MORE IMPRESSED with Dr. Dhar’s review than I am sure that I will be when I actually read the whole “The Lancet” article. I know what kind of idiot doctors write for “The Lancet”, and there’s no guarantee that “The Lancet” hasn’t used, in whole or in part, GHOST WRITERS for their article here. I meet with, work with, eat with, visit, at “home”, shelter, or community, homeless people EVERY DAY. I’ve spent years homeless myself. I’m a survivor of the pharmaceutical psychiatric genocide myself. Yeah, I know what I’m talking about here. And “person experiencing homelessness” is the MOST RIDICULOUS NONSENSE, linguistically, and conceptually, that’s going around these days. It’s almost to the same level of ridiculous nonsense as the Chinese coronavirus they named COVID-19, which as everybody knows was either released from, or escaped from, the Chinese Communist Government Army BIO-WEAPON Lab in Wuhan China. I prefer to remain an infectious carrier of hope, optimism, smiles and laughter, and spread immunity to negativity, pessimism, frowns, fear, and anger. Thank-you, Dr. Dhar, for joining me! KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!

  • OMG!, Laurie!….Your whole story above, is TL;DR for me now, but I read 1/3 way through carefully, then skimmed the rest.
    I used to describe my case as “Iatrogenic Neuroleptic Pharmaceutical Cerebral Cognitive Impairment Malfunction”, but today I simply use, “Iatrogenic Neurolepsis”…. I actually got a *NURSE* to enter my Iatrogenic Neurolepsis diagnosis into my formal medical record, because she didn’t know what “iatrogenic” meant! That list of Rx drugs is almost not credible. You need a team of good lawyers to assist you in several tort claim lawsuits. That’s the best way to overcome the blatant systemic anosognosia as regards all the Rx drugs. They are not the “fake news” euphemism “meds”, or “medications”, rather, drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs, etc., NOT MEDS!….

  • Dr. Paula Kaplan, once again! EXCELLENT! Excerpts from your review should be put on the cover of future editions, and used now by the Publisher’s marketing team!
    I think it was the 3rd Edition of “Alcoholics Anonymous”, the so-called “Big Book” of A.A., and it was on page 449.
    “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems….”…. It deals with self-acceptance of oneself as you are, and also acceptance of others, and all of life as it is…. It was a new idea at the time, and it’s validated by both your review, and more so by Sommer’s excellent book, which I can hardly wait to read. as happy as I am, I’m not perfect yet, and Sommer’s book will have much valuable wisdom for me, that I hope to continue to share…. THANK-YOU, and KEEP UP the GOOD WORK!….

  • I clicked your name above your comment, Andrei, and read ALL your other comments. You’re an amazing man, with VERY deep and ACCURATE insights. Your English is VERY GOOD. Please continue to comment here often. Even some of the regular commenters here need to hear what you have to say. You’re Romania’s gift to our efforts to create a world free of psychiatry and it’s poison pills and tortures!

  • Noel, that’s so good, I can only skim parts of it at a time. I can’t read it all at once carefully. I’m doing real well, all things considered, and I’m a happy man today. But I still have a lifetime worth of healing ahead of me!
    Thank-you for such a detailed road map! How can we get your writing in front of a much wider audience, like EVERY teacher and school administrator?….

  • We love you here at MiA. You CAN choose to be a happy person, if you so choose. You DO have that power. We ALL have that power. If you don’t think you have enough of that power on your own, – here, wait a sec, ok, THERE IT IS, – I’m sending you a whole bunch of my power through the Akashic Records….You should start receiving it in your dreams tonight, and feeling it start to work in the morning….It’s just a little seed of power, so please water it with tears, and make sure it gets plenty of Sunny smiles. It’s Spring, so it’ll grow good for you….YOU CAN HEAL, because I KNOW YOU CAN!….