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  • Joshua said in his comment above, this: “Parents deal with issues that they create in their children because they have a need to find in their child the locus of original sin, and because they had children to give themselves an adult social status.”
    My reply and correction:

    First, Joshua, has ANY parent EVER “found the locus of original sin”? Much less in their children? What is the “original” “sin”? What is the copy, or duplicate sin? What is sin? How is it a “locus”, and not a “location”? How did it get there?

    But I’m not trying to insult you gratuitously. I am making a point here. Dysfunctional parents raise dysfunctional children. Dysfunctional children grow up to be dysfunctional parents. Who then in turn raise dysfunctional children. Who then grow up to be dysfunctional parents who raise dysfunctional children. It is a generation-after-generation CYCLE of dysfunction. Over-intellectualizing is at best a distraction from the vital work of dismantling the GENOCIDE MACHINE of PhRMA & the pseudoscience of psychiatry.

    You know we are on the same page regarding the pseudoscience FRAUD of psychiatry, Joshua, my friend, so thank-you for being so understanding! Parents have children because that is how Natural Biology and human reproduction works. It’s really that simple! That’s the way God, Our Creator, planned it! Or Mother Earth-Mother Nature, if you prefer, ladies.

    (BTW, I prefer ladies, but this isn’t THAT kind of website, so I’ll shut up now….) LOL!
    KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, Joshua!

  • Birdsong, I hope you know the TRUE STORY of Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays?….
    He’s considered to be the “Father of Public Relations”, or some crap like that. Really….
    Until you get to a certain level, a lot of stuff really does sound like “conspiracy theory”….
    But from DEEP DOWN this bottomless rabbit hole, let me assure you all, that it is instead, CONSPIRACY FACTS. The world is fucked up by design. BY DESIGN….
    The super-rich actually WANT the world to be fucked up….
    In their sick & twisted minds, that’s how they maintain their power & control.
    But, yes, the TRUTH CAN SET YOU FREE….
    Insel is nothing more than a puppet, and a mouthpiece, for the Global Ruling Elites, and Global Banksters…. That’s a simple fact. But we all need to understand, if we are to survive….

  • maedhbh: How can I possibly AGREE MORE WITH YOU?…. PhRMA, and the pseudoscience lies of psychiatry, are 2 Armies attacking America, and the Poeople of Planet Earth, waging a form of CHEMICAL WARFARE against a civilian population. PhRMA & psychiatry are ENEMIES of the PEOPLE. They are inhuman, inhumane, and EVIL. Yes, psychiatry is EVIL. It IS A WAR….
    PEOPLE ARE DYING, an average of 25 years sooner than they would otherwise, without PhRMA & psychiatry & psych drugs. I’m not exaggerating here, or being metaphorical. I’m speaking REALITY. WHAT IT IS. PhRMA, & psychiatry, are killing people for profit….
    Go ahead, somebody, anybody? Prove me wrong? You can’t…..
    But go ahead and try. I dare you! As for me? MOLON LABBE, Baby, Molon Labbe…..

  • I’m NOT “dismissing the reality” of anything, or anyone. I’m simply saying that both an itch, and so-called “schizophrenia”, are SUBJECTIVE experiences. As are hallucinations. Daiphanous Weeping says she has schizophrenia, & hallucinates. I accept her belief as valid for her. I believe that she believes it herself. I accept, and support, BOTH HER, and her belief. If she’s happy, then I’m happy. And if she’s not happy, and wants help to change, I will do what I can to help, if asked. I do not have to believe in so-called “schizophrenia” myself. But, I respect, value, and appreciate DW, AND her subjective experience. Are you so sure you disagree with me?

  • “DW”, yes, I support your right to believe that you hallucinate, and have schizophrenia. I’m sorry for your distress. While I disbelieve psychiatry, I believe that SOMETHING is going on inside your head. I want to help you be a whole, healthy, haappy person, whether you have schizophrenia, & hallucinate, or NOT. And, it is a process, not an event. Just because you hallucinate & have schizophrenia, so what?, – you still deserve the most whole, healthy, happy life possible. This is my belief. WE, ALL OF US, have some duty to help you, with you in charge of you. You tell US what you need, not the other way around!. I believe that your schizophrenia may be a form of, of part of, a spiritual awakening. Maybe. But I’m still glad you’re here! I find your comments challenging, AND rewarding!….

  • Sorry, “DW”, can’t agree here. Both your schizophrenia, and your halucinations, are subjective, and only provable by your word alone. That is NOT the case with a congenital dsability, which does have objective, physical manifestations. Trauma may be necessary to explain your schizophrenia, but it not sufficient. If the word “schizophrenia” had not been invented, what would you call it? And, have you heard of, or worked with, HVN, – the Hearing Voices Network?

  • I support your right to be a schizophrenic who has a chemical imbalance. But I DO HOPE you know about HVN – Hearing Voices Network? It’s 100% peer-driven, and does very good work. And I hope you keep commenting here. You do have a unique voice, which I find refreshing, challenging, & rewarding. Your perspective is valid & needed.

  • Astrology is actually MORE valid & scientific than psychiatry can EVER BE. You’ve never had your birth chart done by a professional astrologer. Planets & stars are charted with mathematical precision. There is SOME SCIENTIFIC BASIS for astrology. Psychiatry is PURE FRAUD, feeding like a parasite off human suffering & misery….

  • I’m pretty sure you’re not quite understanding exactly what the “depopulation agenda” is,
    and just how far along it is….
    The Global Ruling Elites DO NOT CARE about you & me, except to take a perverse pleasure in our suffering, which they impose on us every chance they get, by every means available….
    And it is STILL a beautiful world, and a beautiful life….
    I’m sorry for all those unhappy Marxists….

  • Yes, starting in the very early 1930’s, the FIRST people sent to the early “concentration camps” were the “intellectually disabled”, “mentally ill”, & criminals, before Jews as a group were specifically targeted….and Jews were far from the only ethnic groups.
    And, McCrea, you asked for this: Liberals, leftists, and Democrats, ALSO don’t give a damn about homeless mental patients. The World Capital of homeless dysfunction is liberal Democrap-controlled Californicate, which is quickly becoming an unlivable hell, thanks to the anti-God liberal leftist Democrats….
    I’m 1/2 surprised you didn’t break out in a chorus of “Orange Man Bad”, or “Cheetos-Cheetos”….
    I thank God I’m not stupid enough to be a “marxist”, or “freudian”…. I love people too much for that….
    When will you kids ever grow up, and LEARN? So-called “Marxism” is just another controlled-opposition control mechanism of the Global Ruling Elites & Global Banksters, – the “GREG B.’s”….

  • OK, good and funny comments regarding the psychobabble & gobbledygook of the article….
    “Over-educated IDIOTS” is MY pet phrase for all these quack shrinks….
    I mean really, people, can’t you guys in the article HEAR YOURSELVES?….
    “at risk mental state”? WTF? How do they know it’s not an “at risk mental nation”, or “at risk mental territory? “At risk mental province”? Why “state”?….
    OMG!, OMG!, OMG!….LOOK OUT!, it’s CHR-P, & UHR, & ARMS!….
    Why not call it, “CH2-R3-PAMS”?….isn’t that the same thing as CHR-P +UHR + ARMS?….
    The MATH PROVES it’s the same….
    Really, no personal insult intended to Bernalyn Ruiz, MiA writer of the article above, reporting on the dying gasps of a failed “mental health system”.
    Let’s give psychiatry the respect it deserves. It’s ACADEMIC BULLSHIT….
    ….and psychobabble & gobbledygook….

  • I feel honored to have FIRST COMMENT. I only needed to read the article, once, slowly, carefully, and yes prayerfully. No, I haven’t had time to go back and follow the excellent links provided. But I look forward to that time well spent.
    Now what of the story of Mitzy Sky?….
    VERY WELL written. Honest. Open. Maybe some terms and concepts unfamiliar to some readers. But I AGREE 100% with Mitzy Sky. She speaks TRUTH. If it was in my power, I would cause ALL so-called “mental health workers”, especially psychologists & pseudoscience psychiatrists, to READ THIS. Be TESTED on their UNDERSTANDING of the PROFOUND, yet SIMPLE TRUTHS expressed here. The LIES of the pseudoscience drug racket & social control mechanism known as “psychiatry” have prevailed for far too long….
    THANK-YOU, Mitzy Sky, for sharing your TRUTHS here at MiA….

  • My God, these people are stupid. There’s no better word. Stupid. STOOPID MORANS!….
    This “network” approach is an interesting idea. A label has been given to what psychiatry should have been doing all along. But it doesn’t go far enough. It still posits the existence of nebulous “diagnoses” that are as bogus as ever. It doesn’t really look at a person’s psychology, and how that affects & interacts with their typical states of mind….
    “Mapping”, “zooming”, and “targeting” almost sound like a military operation!….
    The excuse that it would “delay treatment” is ludicrous. Imagine going to a new doctor, who begins to take a health history during your first visit. What are you going to say? Tell the Doc. to skip the health history, and just begin treatment? BUT, getting the health history is PART OF TREATMENT!…. Truly, these are over-educated stupid idiots we’re dealing with here….

  • The title caught my eye. Then I forgot about it, as I read the narrative facts.
    Jenifer, I will go as far as to say that you are a victim of a deliberate genocide.
    Psychiatry & the so-called “mental health system” in fact too ofetn do far more harm than good. They promote & cover-up abuse of all kinds, and then pretend that they are caring & virtuous people. It makes me SICK! LOL!….
    There’s no drug that can be $old at profit, to “treat” child abuse….Ah, but there IS a drug that can be sold for “bi-polar”, or “borderline”, or “schizo”. Those labels exist to serve as excuses to $ELL DRUG$….and the DSM is a catalog of billing codes. Once you see the DSM for what it actually is, how can you ever see it as the psychs want you to?….
    We live in a society that makes people sick for money….
    Psychiatry, & the whole “mental health system”, are committing genocide for profit….
    On the backs of traumatized and abused children…. it’s disgusting….

  • Jenifer, If I may…. There is NO SUCH THING as so-called “mental illnesses”, as listed in the DSM. The DSM is pure hoax, fraud, even. Everything in it was either invented or created. Nothing in it was discovered. Yes, so-called “mental illnesses” literally did not exist, before they were created/invented. Think about how “created”, and “invented” are alike, as words. Think about how different “discovered” as a word is. See the difference? get the point? Yes, people can experience “suffering”, and “struggle”, and be in an unhealthy state of mind. That’s you as a kid. You were abused, and raised in an abusive home environment, meaning those closest to you abused you. Your mental state was thus affected. To the extent that you had a so-called “mental illness”, it was IMPOSED ON YOU, not something genetic, or inherent to you as a person. You literally had an “STD”. A SOCIALLY-TRANSMITTED “Disease”…. I really think that you will agree with what I’m saying here. Do you?
    Thanks for what must have been an excruciatingly painful article to write.
    And, may I suggest that you engage in a variety of daily physical exercises as part of your recovery-therapy-treatment? Yoga, Tai Chi, walking, running, bicycling, any sports, all are helpful. And, yes, variety is good. You don’t have to go into competition, just move your body & have fun. And while it’s all still new and not widely understood, there are MANY ways to address, and HEAL traumatic events with various exercises….
    I’m glad you’re here at MiA, and hope you keep writing & commenting….You’re in the right place! WELCOME!

  • Good article. Let’s remember to not allow ourselves to be brainwashed. Please STOP using the false & deceptive euphemisms, “meds”/”medications”, when referring to psych DRUGS. Drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs…..The deliberate fraud of calling them “meds” is specifically designed to fool folks into thinking that the drugs are “necessary” to “treat” some so-called “mental illness”. All just an excuse to $ELL DRUG$….Pill-rape for profit. That’s psychiatry as practiced. And, yes, the practice of psychiatry often features behavior by psychs that meets the legal definition of GENOCIDE….yes, *genocide*….
    Psychiatry is a form of genocide. Prove me wrong? You can’t….

  • I get your point, Steve, and it’s a valid one. But it seems to me an extreme example, and thus almost irelevant to a more central & basic point. Our pro-genes-cause-so-called-schizophrenia friend here wants to PROVE GENETICALLY that an actual medical disease entity exists, called “schizophrenia”, and “caused” by “genes”. Whew! That’s a lot of quotation marks! Looks like pseudoscience, to me! I say that schizophrenia is EXACTLY as “REAL” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. Surely you’ll agree with me so far, Steve? I hope that guy comes back & comments, so we can finish awakening him to real REALITY….

  • “LOL!”….”Substantially increases the risk”….lol. I’m with Steve McCrea 100% on this. I’m seeing a textbook case of the mental illness “confirmation bias”. Like looking at Creation in awe, & exclaiming that there must be a Creator God, just because WOW! SCHIZOPHRENIA! Sounds like a medical FETISH to me….. I no longer believe in such contemporary superstitions as “mental illness”, “schizophrenia”, or “psychiatry”…..
    So go ahead, dude, show me the genes which SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASED MY RISK of losing faith in pseudoscience to 100%….

  • Sorry, Phil, but the story is perhaps more sordid than you know, regarding the evil Dr. Freud.
    “Malicious” may not be the exact best word to describe what he did. “Dismissed” is too casual a word for what he did. He thought they were LYING. Yes, he DISMISSED their reports of the physical & sexual abuse they endured. He was most anxious to find the “cause” of their distress WITHIN THEIR OWN BODIES & BRAINS. To find a “something” that he could control them with, and profit from them. To find a “diagnosis” which would ONLY point the finger at the victims themselves. Freud was trying to blame them for their own victimization. Thus, Freud was the immediate successor of the current genocidal regime which is psychiatry. I think you are being way, way, way TOO forgiving of Freud. He did great damage, and his nephew Edward was just as diabolical…. Freud is best left on the scrap heap of history. And understood as an early sign of the pseudoscience malignancy of current psychiatry….

  • “In the words of the former head of neuroscience at Eli Lilly and Amgen, “Psychopharmacology is in crisis. The data are in, and it is clear that a massive experiment has failed: despite decades of research and billions of dollars invested, not a single mechanistically novel drug has reached the psychiatric market in more than 30 years.”……Tough times for the Drugs Racket!
    At what point does marketing hype become FRAUD? When do we realize that psychiatry is basically chemical genocide?….

  • I’m sorry that you didn’t tell us what that “little slip of a girl” said in reply to you, when you called her out on her patronizing, insulting, and unprofessional statements to you! Yes, indeed she DOES NEED “putting her back in her place”. And “For Your Own Good”, I think that’s correct, is the title of a very good book on understanding childhood trauma & abuse. I read it many years ago, and recommend it.

  • Freud actually DID write a book on cocaine. And, just because you experienced a certain type of pattern of feelings and thoughts involving your mother & father, does NOT mean that you were experiencing the effects of an “Oedipus complex”, or whatever-ya-callit. Freud dismissed the experiences of rape, sexual molestation, & incest in a group of female patients, then gaslighted them into a “diagnosis”” of “hysteria”. Furthermore, it’s a little-known medical historical fact, but the hysteria vaccine eliminated the scourge of hysteria by the 1950’s, when Thorazine took over as PhRMA’s profit-fleet flagship in the Chemical Genocide Armada….

  • Yes, the so-called “Oedipal complex”, like so-called “mental illnesses”, are both exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. Both are subjective concepts which have NO OBJECTIVE REALITY. At best, as with all religions, they are only as “real” as their believers believe them to be. Freud truly was misogynist, a cocaine user, and his half-baked “theories” have been debunked & totally deconstructed for the wrongful nonsense they are. And for the WIN, of who was a more horrible, despicable person, Freud, or Jung, it’s Freud the Fraud….

  • Oh, Daiphanous Weeping, your prose is so poetic! I love it! But, BUT!, I just cant agree with something you wrote. Temptation does NOT create choirs, any more than melancholy created psychiatry. Study history. The American Psychiatric Association grew almost directly out of the trade group for Superintendents of State Mental Hospitals. First called “alienists”, early shrinks rubbed shoulders with licensed, practicing phrenologists. Psychiatry was a key factor in the horrors of Stalin’s murderous rule in Russia, & in the Nazis’ 3rd Reich. Germany was the
    early seedbed for the poison-pill dead flowers of psychiatry. They even invented “draepetomania”, the supposed “mental illness” that caused slaves to run away from their masters! Really! I have found psychiatry & genocide together in scientific papers as early as the 1970’s. Psychiatry is genocide via pharmaceuticals, for profit. In other words, psychiatry makes money by waging a campaign of terrorism against persons, by dosing them with drugs. No, D-Weepy, psychiatry is NOT NEEDED! Except to make $$$ for rich white supremicists….

  • Sorry I missed your reply last week! You are correct. Court-appointed attorneys are another JOKE. Despite their SUPPOSED role, their ACTUAL role is to create the appearance of representing the oppressed “mental patient”, while actually facilitating their involuntary servitude. The practice of psychiatry is in fact unconstitutional….

  • I had a close friend who was being abused by “the mental health system”, and she reported the abuses her landlord inflicted on her. She was not believed. She was accused of being delusional, or fabricating stories. The Court illegally evicted her into homelessness, after “child protective services” wrongly took her daughter away. Within months, her 8yr. old daughter was in the State mental hospital on neuro-toxic psych drugs. Mom left the State, and I lost touch with her. Yes, the practice of psychiatry DOES CONSTITUTE GENOCIDE….the actions of “the mental health system” do meet the legal definition of genocide against vulnerable persons. So, I validate your experiences.

  • Based on my personal experience, asking anybody, whenever I get the chance, I’d say MOST Americans either have no idea there is a difference between psychology & psychiatry, or don’t know, AND don’t care. I have only met like maybe 2 or 3 people who know there is a difference, and NOBODY who could state with certainty what the main differences are. Psychiatry has flourished largely by this ignorance. If more people were better educated, we’d have less psychology, and NO psychiatry, which is pure FRAUD, and a pseudoscience….
    So the “Replication Crisis” in psychological study is an entirely SELF-INFLICTED wound. Psychiatry is blatant unscientific fraud, & psychology is almost as bad….

  • Sam Ruck reports that he has commented here for about 6 years. Over 600 comments. I’ve read MOST of them. I am deeply, deeply impressed, to read about the love & dedication that Sam has given his wife. Sam has, over these 6 years, written almost a text-book on how to FOLLOW, and WALK WITH, and TRULY HELP an abused loved one. His wife is very lucky to have Sam, and I’m sure Sam feels very lucky to have her. Had she been in the traditional “mental health system”, she would NEVER have received the level of caring & love that Sam gave her. Nor the help & healing. Sam’s case is unique, and as an “anecdotal report”, psychiatry will give it little notice or credibility. But we here at MiA recognize the GREAT LOVE which Sam’s story of life with his wife represents. DEEP RESPECT to you two, Sam Ruck!…. May God’s blessings shower upon you….KEEP UP the GOOD WORK!….

  • I appreciate you letting me articulate my pain. My pain is NOT for myself alone, nor is my pain even mostly about ME. My pain is for my bestie-friend of 15 years, “name redacted”. She was raised in a very dysfunctional, emotionally, verbally, and psychologically abusive Roman Catholic home. As with several other women I know from similar backgrounds & family upbringings, she was sexually molested-used-abused-raped-etc., by her Father for several years. By the time the TRUTH came out, she had been taken to a psychiatrist, given a bogus & fraudulent “diagnosis”, given Electro-Cution Torture(so-called “ECT”), and put on a variety of neuro-toxic psych drugs. She lives in HUD-subsidized housing, on Federal SSI payments, and State-provided Food Stamps. She is FORCED under Court order to go to the local CMHC – “Community Mental Health Center”, where her quack shrink, Dr. Marsh, refuses to listen to her, disrespects her, wastes her time, and expects HER to meet THEIR schedule, as if she is some sort of sub-human robot. EVERY DAY, she is angered and disrespected by the CMHC staff, which have a VERY HIGH employee turnover rate. Good employees quit all the time, leaving the “bad apples” as the bulk of the employees. Or, often, GOOD employees are FIRED, because they are TOO honest, and could upset the apple-cart gravy-train. The jobs at the CMHC are very easy, pay very well, and the employees have absolute immunity to complaint by their victims, as with my good friend, “name redacted”. As the daughter of a Catholic, sexually abusive father, who as an adult is labelled and drugged by psychiatry, she is one of SEVERAL women friends I have known over the years with a very similar story. The girls are taken to shrinks, diagnosed & drugged to keep them from having any credibility if-when they tell the TRUTH about their childhood sexual abuse. Both the Priesthood & Psychiatry have been, and still are, used to cover up such sex crimes against children. My friends case goes deeper. The County Attorney who prosecuted her Father, later became the judge who Court-orders her abuse at the hands of the local CMHC! What a sick, sick, SICK little system!….
    Since January, I have been going to the local “Peer Support Agency”, on an almost-every-day basis. To be sure, there ARE problems & “issues” there, but it is a VERY GOOD, very SUPPORTIVE place. They employ “Intentional Peer Support”, as a formal modality. They also use Mary Ellen Copeland’s “W.R.A.P.”, – for “Wellness Recovery Action Plan”, which, like the 12 Steps of A.A., “works if you work it, and you’re worth it, so work it”! There can be NO RECOVERY in traditional, Psychiatry-lead “community mental health centers”. So, when “psychiatry” deigns to “study” & “research” “peer support”, well….
    KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, Ellen Dayan! May you be spared the needless suffering psychiatry daily inflicts on others….it really IS a form of GENOCIDE against a very vulnerable population….and I left out the forced abortion she endured….yeah. That happened.

  • “I’m a behavioral health professional with lived experience of mental illness. My professional activities have included developing peer support workforces, grant writing for innovative educational mental health programs, textbook authorship on the topics of communication skills and recovery coaching, research, teaching, and senior administration of recovery oriented peer support initiatives. My M.S. is in Psychology Research and Evaluation.”….so says Ellen Dayan, about themselves….
    But *I* say:____
    “I’m a survivor (so far, yet!….), of the genocidal pseudoscientific drug dealing and social control law enforcement scheme of quackery known as “psychiatry”. I was on the original founding board of directors of “Granite State Monarchs”, in 1996, here in my small hometown. I was soon kicked off the board by enemy spies sent by “Monadnock Family Services”, which is the local Gov’t-protected monopoly CMHC. I was age 15, in 10th grade, when I was first mis-diagnosed & pill-raped with neuro-toxins. At age 18, I was first transported in handcuffs & shackles by law enforcement to a State Mental Incarceration Facility for short-term emergency storage, during a non-fatal adverse drug reaction, which was deliberately mis-described as a “mental illness”. I have now been 100% SHRINK-PROOF for over 25 years. And I know psychiatry is a LIE….
    ….a gently mocking smile, and a slow shake of my head, every time I read that “lived experience” nonsense…. No, sorry, but I don’t consider so-called “social anxiety disorder” to be a “mental illness”, any more than I do “schizophrenia”, or “bi-polar”, or “major depression”…. They are all simply social control categories, and marketing copy for PhRMA drugs…. So go ahead, please PROVE me wrong, if you can….

  • Peter, Sandra’s comment has been bugging me for 2 days now, Since I first read it Monday afternoon, I have been puzzling over what she wrote, and what she means. I have been thinking about WHAT? to write in reply….You reply is MUCH BETTER than anything I could write. Seems even actual M.D.’s are still suffering and struggling under the delusion that the pseudoscience of psychiatry is actual “healthcare”. Psychiatry is “healthcare” like a nazi deathcamp is birth control….

  • Joshua, I like your comments & ideas, and I’m glad you post here at MiA, and I hope you continue to do so. So my argument is NOT with you personally, but rather with the ideas and words you present.
    When my parents took me to a psychiatrist in 10th grade, at age 15, I was given a prescription for neuro-toxic drugs, which ruined the next 20 -25 years of my life. And a bogus & fraudulent “diagnosis”. ANY psychiatric “diagnosis” is the civil equivalent of a criminal sentence of LIFE IN PRISON, WITH NO POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. Have you EVER heard of ANYBODY who has been told they have NO diagnosible psychiatric condition. No psychiatrist would EVER say that! The staff at the local “community mental health center” regularly LIES about one of my best friends. These LIES are used as justification to ship her to the State mental hospital, in handcuffs and shackles, in the back of a Sheriff’s cruiser. She is Court-ordered to be needle-raped and pill-raped on a daily basis. She SUFFERS, and STRUGGLES, not with some bogus psychiatric “diagnosis”, or imaginary “mental illness”, but rather she suffers from the abuse, and acts of GENOCIDE comitted against her by the so-called “mental health system”. So you’re wrong, you seem young, over-idealistic, naive, and uninformed of the actual BRUTALITY inflicted by an UNCIVILIZED, BARBARIC “society”. Life in prison with forced drugging would in fact BE JUSTICE SERVED for many, if not most psychiatrists. Not all, certainly, but MANY, if not MOST psychiatrists are GUILTY AS CHARGED. Have I changed your mind with the TRUTH, Joshua?….

  • Better yet, involve the PATIENTS & INMATES, & RESIDENTS in the running of such facilities…. Treating people like the responsible adults they are, or can become, is the BEST, most THERAPEUTIC way to treat them. On small scales, in various “alternative” settings, such an approach has worked wonders. But “the mental health system” in general, and psychiatry in particular, uses a system that disrespects and dis-empowers people. And you’re correct, – the general public shares psychiatry’s view of it’s victims. They DO NOT REALLY CARE AT ALL, despite their lame protests to the contrary….

  • Nah, I oppose the death penalty on principle…..Life in prison with forced neuroleptic injection would be JUSTICE SERVED to the worst of the psychiatrists….
    And, until & unless they are held accountable, and FINANCIALLY LIABLE, no government should “license” psychiatry….to license is to accrue culpability & liability….
    Some more good FIRST STEPS towards the absolute eradication of toxic psychiatry:
    1. The A.P.A. (“psychiatric ass’n”, NOT “psychological ass’n”….) MUST cease all NEW memberships, and allow the A.P.A. to DIE OFF by terminal attrition….
    2.Announce *NO DSM-6*….Let the DSM-5 END THE FRAUD….
    Those 2 steps alone would bring medicine forward in time a century or more….
    Yes, the state of “current” “medical science” in 2022, is in fact late 1800’s vintage….
    Much newer chemistry today, and drugs, and Electro-Cution Torture, but an 1800’s mentality…..

  • No, he meant “e-radiate”, maybe?….irradiate? Yes, “irradiate”. NUKE psychiatry! LOL!….
    The so-called “mental health system” is a BROKEN JOKE….
    Sure, yes, there ARE many good people in the system, but far too many EVIL ONES…. And, it’s a system-centered system, and a process-centered process…..
    Can we convert or adjust it to be a SERVICES-CENTERED system, and a PERSON-CENTERED process?…. That’s a start…..
    Psychiatry can’t exist without DRUGS, and the “mental health system”….
    But, some kind of “mental health system” would work just fine withOUT the pseudoscience of psychiatry….

  • Oh, Gina! Not so fast! So-called “emotion”/”emotional”,etc, and “mental”/”mental illness”, are VERY different, and alike, in the same and different ways. First, “emotion”, e-motion, E-motion, E-MOTION, Energy in Motion… energy in motion in the form of a vast networked array of neuronal firings, throughout all 4 nervous systems, in a physically perceivable way. Your perception, or feeling, or emotion, is connected to the vast, complex chemical machine your body is. “Mental”, or “mentality”, or “mental health&illness”, etc., is THOUGHT. Thoughts. Thinking thoughts…..Thinking….. In the head, more than felt in the body…. An emotionally upset person is not mental. A “mental” person could be emotionally calm. So what are we saying? What we think & feel, our emotions & mentals, should be and IS, OURS ALONE, and NOT for some quack shrink fraud psychiatrist to say. Bodily autonomy, and bodily integrity, and bodily safety, are are all part of mental & emotional, too. Emotional preservation? EMOTIONAL PRESERVATION? YES…..indeed, you’re correct….

  • Guys like Horwitz here make me sick. On the subject of pathologizing normal childhood, what does he do? The old “BLAME the PARENTS” dance. He claims that it’s parents wanting drugs/”meds” for their kids that is driving skyrocketing rates of childhood “diagnosis” & drugging. As if PhRMA has NOTHING to do with it. PhRMA is simply meeting those parents demands, right, Horwitz? I’m really not slamming Horwitz personally, he’s just the example to hand. I don’t hate the guy. But he needs to get his little white-privilege head out his backside, wake up, and smell the coffee of REALITY, Horwitz….psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control, – 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good.
    Prove me wrong, Horwitz, prove me wrong…. I don’t think you can prove me wrong….

  • The DSM is a CATALOG of BILLING CODES. That’s all it really is. Everything in it was either INVENTED, or else CREATED. Nothing in the DSM was discovered. Literally, so-called “mental illnesses” were invented or created, depending how you look at them…. They were NOT discovered…. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. The DSM is a fabricated money-maker of billing codes. Mental illnesses were invented to sell drugs. Psychiatry is a fraud, and pseudoscience…..
    Sorry, Allan Horwitz,
    ….the ongoing genocide that IS the pseudoscience drug racket known as “psychiatry”….
    May God have mercy on your soul….and your psyche….

  • REM – for “Rapid Eye Movement”, is the sleep-stage when dreaming typically occurs, and recordings of brainwave patterns during REM cycles mimic & match those of psychotic persons. We’re psycho while we dream. Every night. ALL OF US. Psychosis is a NORMAL state of mind, when we sleep. And, normal, but not so good if we’re awake! Psychosis is only fun once you master control of that mind state, and can be terrifying to the untrained….
    Psychiatry can never admit this truth, or risk losing maybe 25 – 50% or more, of their current clients-victims-guinea pigs….

  • You know that if you had continued to “treat” with those quack psychiatrists, then they would have slapped you with a BPD*(“Borderline Personality Disorder”), or “Major Depression”, or even “treatment resistant depression”, and subjected you to ECT-Electro-Cution Torture….You would be thoroughly discredited & invalidated a priori, if you had complained further about the midwife….that’s how the fraud of psychiatry rolls. They are the MUSCLE, and ENFORCERS of medicine…. “Misogynistic Medical Fascism”, – that’s psychiatry…..

  • For just over 30 years, I have been both a MediCaid, & MediCare beneficiary. State & Federal “healthcare” SCAMS, really. The local hospital, “CheshireMedicalCntr/DartmouthHitchcock-Keene, (“CMC/DHK”), who has a government-sponsored pure, protected MONOPOLY of any healthcare here in Keene, is REFUSING ME ANY MEDICAL CARE. Really. But anyway, I don’t care. I’m independently healthy. 25+years psychiatry & psych-drug FREE!…. If there were any way that I could CEASE & DESIST any $$taxpayer fund$ going to the FRAUD of psychiatry, I would. Why doesn’t Medicaid & MediCare reimburse Phrenology treatments? Or Astrologers? Or palm-readers & fortune-tellers? All the SAME as psychiatry. Subsidizing the Kissing Booth at the County Fair would be a better use of tax money spent on healthcare than psychiatry ever can be….

  • Worst case scenario for a G.P.-general practitioner/”PCP”-primary-care-physician/NP-Nurse Practitioner, is the VERY DIFFICULT PATIENT!…Nightmare! Problem! Solution? Turn them over to the psychs. Drug ’em into submission, compliance, & agree-ance, if usually morose & diffident presentation….the money is essentially the same either way, and equal paperwork administration load….The general dysfunction level of society acts as a lid beneath which live all the undesirables. The drunks, druggies, crazies, elderly, the alone, the gimps & cripples, the different & strange. The ones who give legitimacy to the pampered, sheltered lives of the well-to-do, & well off, well-heeled rich scumbags. The Elite. The 1%. That’s who psychiatry serves, and PROFITS. Genocide for profit, – that’s the pseudoscience of psychiatry. So it goes…..

  • Persons with a faster metabolism might reach the 6-month grief pathology threshold in only 4 or 5 months, probably…. I are a psych-i-atrister….I are smart. I sell pills. Business is very, very good for me!…. I help people with their mental health condition illnesses…. Obviously, if you typically get more than 7 hours per night of sleep, you can expect to reach the grief threshold in as much as 6.3 – 6.6 months, instead of the usual 6. So there’s hope, sleepyhead!

  • Thanks, Katarina! Whether a government hospital, or a private, for-profit or non-profit, is different in some ways, obviously, but also more alike in treatment of persons. A psychiatric “total institution”, or “insane asylum”, is a place where the deepest, darkest traumas are practiced, as both victim, and victimizer. The folks running such places are as sick in their own ways as the so-called “patients”, or inmates. A mausoleum museum of depravity and soul-sickness. Such is psychiatry. And, check any legal definition of “genocide”. So-called “psychiatric treatment & care” DOES MEET the definition of GENOCIDE. A psychiatric hospital can easily be seen as a center of emotional & psychological isolation from family & friends, and a torture center, where the abused and traumatized are re-abused and re-traumatized….that’s a form of genocide.
    “Bad help is WORSE than no help at all.”
    And psychiatry is bad help.
    And I’m hearing you asking how to edit your narrative, above, or else tell some NEW stories! I’m coming from an A.A., – Alcoholics Anonymous background, also. The 12 Steps are a roadmap, or framework for recovery from alcoholism. There’s no such formalized process in psychiatric “treatment”, because the shrinks want a paying pill head customer for life. Healing & curing would be a bad business model. Causing & “treating” so-called “mental illness” is where the big money is.
    And with A.A. meetings, you are often swapping stories about your experiences, which is a form of healing, group processing. As you heal & recover, & change, so will your story, and how you feel about it. You will still feel like “you”, yourself, but you will also feel a change, like you are becoming a new person. Which you are doing. The better, stronger, healthier group of people you’re around, the more you will heal from these personal interactions. This is why peer-run centers work so well. I think your writing is fine! Excellent! Let me read it again, and pretend I’m an English professor, or something! LOL! We can be whole, healthy, happy people, in spite of what we’ve gone through.

  • ….it’s almost like, oh, *YAWN*, yeah, um, ok, well, I was in a Nazi death camp, but it was no big deal, really, kinda like psychiatric treatment, really….you know what I mean?….
    I’m not making fun of pain inflicted for profit under color of supposed “medical” “treatment”….
    What it REALLY IS, is GENOCIDE….the genocide of psychiatry.
    We can never condemn them enough for the EVIL they do….

  • There’s NO medical, chemical, physical, mental, objective *TEST* of ANY kind, for ANY so-called “mental illness”. It’s all IMAGINARY, arbitrary, invented and created and curated, but NEVER cured because it is conceptualized as making a lifetime money faucet to PhRMA out of traumatized abused persons. How can anybody measure the pain and suffering psychiatry inflicts on people? What measure of psychiatry-induced pain and suffering was I forced to endure, starting as an innocent, trusting, drunken, out-of-control 15yr old? How can such medical demonism be “measured”?….Psychiatry is FRAUD. Damn them all to Hell, by God….

  • It’s been 3, maybe 4 years, since I last read up on Otsuka PhRMA’s digital “Abilify”. They use a low power, RFID-type “chip”, such as in store loyalty cards. They are very low-power , and can transmit only as far as a wearable device. But that was as of a few years ago, so….maybe they are higher powered & longer range now…. Otsuka also pays/ bribes doctors directly. They paid one local psychiatrist a total of over $10,000., in one, 2-year period, for “consultant” work….etc.,

  • Yes, true, I’m really not being fair to the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry. The goal of psychiatric genocide is not death of it’s victims, per se. Pychiatry wants chattel puppets who pay as long as possible, not corpses. That Essex saw so many deaths, is surely due to an as-yet-uninvented mental illness anomaly….. But Britains NHS IS a part of the Davos Depopulation Agenda, (DDA), which is an outgrowth of the U.N.’s Agenda 2020, & Agenda 2030. It’s simply good economic practice to turn excess breeders into profit generating centers. And best of all, it’s good, evidence-based medicine.

  • Obviously, the GREG B.’s are at play here. The Billionaire Boys Club. The Globalist Banksters. The Financiers. The 12, (or 13) ruling Royal Families of Europe. The Tongs & Triads of China. The Yakuza of Japan. The East European & Russian Mafias. The Italian, Sicilian, Greek, & Roman Vatican Mafia, including the Swiss Guards & the secret Swiss bank accounts. Off-shore tax havens. Davos, Switzerland. The Bilderbergers. PhRMA. Wall St…. City, County, State, & Federal Government Mafias. Usury & compound interest. Fractional reserve Banking. The Insurance & Re-Insurance Industries. Resource extraction, drilling, mining, etc., Manufacturing, Retail, Service, all in service to LOVE OF MONEY. GREED. …No, Gordon Gecko, greed is EVIL….and yet YOU WONDER why folks in the industrialized, English-speaking world, are so “distressed”. Oh, yeah, I forgot the Ministry of Truth, & THE MEDIA, 95% of which is owned by only 6 companies….etc.,etc.,etc.,……so it goes….
    ….fuck psychiatry & psych drugs,-NEURO-TOXINS ALL….

  • Bases loaded, down by 3, bottom of the 9th, last batter, Dr. Hickey, and the count is 3-2….
    And, as usual, Dr. Hickey hits a Grand Slam Home Run right over the far center field wall, and out of the park….
    I really hope this “Morehead” dude reads my comment, and responds. But he won’t, because he’s a coward. And over-educated idiot. Arrogant. Delusional. Greedy. Cruel. Blind to his own hubris, and deaf to all legitimate criticism. His piece is fairly cleverly written, but so is any advertising copy. This Morehead dude must be a vegetarian, – everything he says is pure WORD SALAD….. GTFO, MOFO….LOL!….

  • ….”There is always the possibility that one can reconfigure the material-discursive practice that is Abilify MyCite. Meaningful relationships, renewed self-understandings, and/or various forms of resistance could emerge through these reconfigurations.”….”…. <-from the article. That 1st sentence is PURE WORD SALAD. Psycho-babble. Gobbledy-gook…. Those people who talk that way are over-educated idiots. It is their brutality inflicted towards myself, and others of my kin, that has EARNED ME the RIGHT to express myself thus…. Psychiatry is the personification of MEDICAL FASCISM. Only Otsuka PhRMA "needs" cyborg Abilify. And, I understand that the RFID chip in each pill is only strong enough to travel a few short feet to a wearable device. So, who thinks it's a good idea to fill the bellies of so-called "mental patients" up with digital debris? Certainly not good, loving, natural persons! Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of totalitarian social control. It's 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continue to do, FAR MORE HARM than good…. So-called "schizophrenia" is just as "real" as presents from Santa Claus, but NOT more real…. The World WILL BE a better, healthier, happier place when psychiatry is finally flushed down the toilet bowl of history, along with Otsuka PhRMA, and digital medical fascism in pill form…. Go ahead, prove me wrong! I DARE YOU!….

  • First, yes, with lots of MINOR, DETAIL differences, “boans”, above, accurately describes the state of affairs as I have PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED, WITNESSED, and heard about, as to how so-called “mental patients” are treated, regardless of which specific bogus “diagnosis” a person has been labelled with. Any “psychiatric diagnosis” is BOGUS, and represents the CIVIL equivalent of a CRIMINAL SENTENCE of “life, in a socially-constructed PRISON, without possibility of parole”…. Have you EVER heard of a “CURED” “mental patient”?…. Who PROFITS MOST, when society as a whole believes that “once mentally ill, always mentally ill”?….
    As for so-called “excited delerium”, yes, SOMETIMES, “it” IS exactly that. TOXIC SITUATIONAL PTSD….any encounter with a TRAINED KILLER, i.e., ANY COP, can result in “excited delerium”…. SOME cases of it, are in fact “it”…. And, in the so-called “mentally ill”, psych drugs are almost always a factor…. “Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome”, anybody….????….
    “Physicians for Human Rights”, is basically VIRTUE SIGNALING, and “SJW-wannabes….
    How can I respect such quacks, frauds, & posers….poofters & tossers the lot of them!….
    Maybe someday the “excited delerium gene” will be discovered in Afro-American Folks of Brown & Black Color…. No doubt the Mongoloid & Caucasoid Races have it, too….or they did in the mid-1800’s, when the “3-races” theory reigned supreme in settled science circles….
    Of course we ALL KNOW, that in 2022, there are EXACTLY 5 RACES:, black, brown, yellow, red, and white….some of them are almost human…. so it goes….

  • You are CORRECT, Mr. McCrea! I see your bet, and raise you 1. The title of this article contains a glaring error. It SHOULD READ:
    “Anti-psychotics Are NEVER Prescribed With Full Informed Consent.”….
    If I knew then, what I KNOW NOW, then I would NEVER have been taken to that quack shrink in 10th grade by my parents. NEVER got the bogus, imaginary “diagnosis”. NEVER got the Rx for potent neuro-toxins. NOIT WASTED the next 20 – 25 years of my life…. Psych drugs actually CAUSED MOST of my so-called “symptoms”…. The longer I saw psychiatrists, the more psych drugs I took, – AS PRESCRIBED, – the crazier & more dysfunctional I became…. The booze I drank on my own was bad enough. The few illegal “street drugs” I experimented with were not so bad, and easy to recover from. But it was the legal, prescribed neuroleptics that damn near killed me at least 3 times, once on a toxic withdrawal, and once when I went toxic due to accumulation, because the local CMHC never checked my blood levels, as they should have done…. Psychiatry & psych drugs, have done, and continue to do, FAR MORE HARM than good….

  • Regarding your last paragraph, above, about what we will see “in the longer term”, those “therapies” that will “”defuse” or reduce or eliminate the power of earlier traumatic events” are called RECOVERY via the 12 Step method, although there are other techniques, of course…. These “therapies” are innately encoded, and available freely to all…. Ask me how I know…. We all have far more power and control over our thoughts and feelings than we have been lead to believe….