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  • You’re correct, Cognomen….Politicians use certain groups, – such as so-called “mental patients”, – as scapegoats to distract us from the real issues. Why? Money and power. That’s all it is. Money and power as means of social control, and continued domination by the so-called “elites”. Welcome to reality….

  • ….yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah, gobbledyggok-gobbledygook…. profoundly meaningless verbosity….
    First I read the comments to this article review, then I read the review itself. Hey, no offense intended to erstwhile medical reporter Shannon Peters, but the original “Royal Society” article is still part of the PROBLEM, not the solution. Condescending arrogance is never empathetic.
    I suggest the REAL, TRUE problem, – and SOLUTION, – is much, much simpler.
    Currently, we have a process-centered process, and a system-centered system. All profit-driven, of course.
    (Calling *ANY* hospital “non-profit” is a cruel joke….)….
    What we *NEED*, is a person-centered process, and a services-centered system….

  • I saw this comment back in January, and thought about responding then, but I didn’t. So I’ll do it now. “Chakras” comes from an old Sanskrit word, and it basically means “energy center”. Something like that. Chakras are an early, scientific-for-the-time-and-culture way of both describing and understanding human anatomy. In short, Chakras are real. For example, the heart Chakra corresponds to the vagus nerve. The “3rd eye” Chakra denotes the pineal gland. Sure, there’s some nonsense and pseudoscience in Ayurvedic medicine, but hey, look at *psychiatry*! And if you don’t think Prana is real, how long can you hold your breath, before you either breathe, or die? You don’t have to “believe” in Chakras, but that doesn’t make them not real. And c’mon, you KNOW I was being facetious in my comment above, don’t you? The pseudoscience of psychiatry infected India long ago….

  • ….”Psychiatry that is based on lifestyle changes”, as you put it, >wallenfan”, is a non-existent delusional fantasy….
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control.
    It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Even the State of Michigan still lists “Phrenology” as a taxable occupation, so, ok, yeah, I concede your point that psychiatry will not just disappear. Hell, we still have neo-Nazis and Satan worshippers, too!

  • Peer review does not filter out flawed studies effectively. If you apply enough funding to biased research, then you can impose widely accepted but false theories on science because you can get hundreds of bad studies published with enough money. “Bad studies” of which you’ve given us 8 examples. Even pubmed prints PhRMA PROPAGANDA.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. The DSM is a catalog of billing codes. All of the bogus “mental illnesses” in it were invented, not discovered. So-called “ADHD” is exactly as real as a present from Santa Claus. It’s primary cause is unrealistic expectations for school children, and America’s drug culture.
    (BTW, I hope you recognize the original source author of the first 2 sentences in this comment….)….~B./

  • Seth: The medical community continues to push “medication assisted treatment” as goal #1 for the medical industry to “treat” heroin/opiate “addiction”. What’s that “medication”, exactly? Methadone. (Or some almost exact equivalent….) Methadone, an OPIATE. They’re even running ads on TV for a new DRUG to treat so-called “OIC”, – “opioid induced constipation”. (Why name the DRUG, and give it more free publicity than it deserves?)

  • The best way to get to the Fountain of Youth is to ride your new bicycle.
    I’m serious, Philip. Go to a good bicycle shop, and buy a new bicycle. You know you can afford it. Then ride it every day. (Weather permitting, – no need to go hardcore too quickly….)…. Bicycling is the closest thing to a mechanical Fountain of Youth humans have yet invented. Don’t waste your time and money at Wal-Mart, or a “sporting goods store”. There’s gotta be a good bicycle shop near where you live. They would LOVE to get you started, and I’d love to see you get started. You can always get off and walk it, if traffic or steep hills are too much, but there’s nothing like coasting down a hill on a bicycle, to feel like a kid again! Good excuse to get out in Nature/the Country/Trails, also….

  • Thank-you, Philip. I’ve seen “develop (biomarkers)” used in many other pro-psychiatry contexts. I think the use of “develop” here WAS intentional. $$ Think about it, to “develop” biomarkers requires genetics labs, and medical labs, and LOTS OF $$$$$…. I don’t think they care, as long as they push the narrative, and keep the $$$$ money flowing in. BTW, it occurred to me to ask, regarding DSM “diagnoses”, if they were “DISCOVERED”, or *INVENTED*? If you think about it, how could they have been “discovered”? So-called “mental illnesses” could ONLY have been INVENTED. Same with the elusive “biomarkers”. The very word was INVENTED, not “discovered”…. So-called “biomarkers” either exist, or else they don’t. *IF* they exist, then they were either discovered, or invented. (Now, I’m not denying that there are many people in distress, of either emotional, psychological, “mental”, etc., but that does NOT mean that so-called “mental illnesses”, as in the DSM, were NOT INVENTED.)
    I don’t like FRAUD, um, I mean “Freud”, either, so I don’t like “Freudian slip”. **THINK** about what you’re saying when you use the term “Freudian slip”. What’s a “non-Freudian slip”? I hope you take my critique here to heart, Dr. Hickey. You continue to inspire and teach me, so let me return the favor! Let me here and now invoke the divine inspiration of the MOST pre-eminent Critical Psychiatrist, Mr. Robert Whitaker! *grin*….

  • As a surviving former victim of the lies of the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry”, I have to back Mr. Robert Whitaker’s “critical psychiatry” stance 100%. Bob, didn’t you start out as a journalist? So, being “CP”-“critical Psychiatry”, seems to me a much better position, for all the reasons you’ve outlined so clearly above. Plus, it avoids the “scientology”/CCHR slur that the apologists of psychiatry love so much to use against any critics. Besides, for years now, the psychs themselves have been re-positioning themselves as “genetic neuropsychiatrists”, &etc.,… This style of neologistic “label creep” is what they do with their bogus DSM labels. (The DSM is a catalog of billing codes). Soon, the psychs will have us flying cars, driving airplanes, sailing submarines, and diving down to the sea in ships. Linguistically, we live in a world where skating on thin ice can land you in hot water. *THINK* about what I’ve said here VERY carefully…. Psychiatry is nothing more than 21st Century Phrenology with potent neurotoxins. I’d much rather see Mr. Whitaker STAY as CRITICAL of psychiatry as possible. Besides, I think the label “antipsychiatry” gives psychiatry far more legitimacy than it deserves. You wouldn’t be “anti-Santa Claus”, would you? (So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but that’s another comment.) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, Mr. Robert
    “Critical Psychiatry” Whitaker! ~B./

  • This Q? jumped out at me from the abstract, and I hope either Dr. Hickey, or Robert W., or *somebody*, will have a good response…. The abstract talks about, in the last 3 lines, “require….the development of biomarkers that will enable a precision medicine approach to individualized treatment”….
    Similar language also appears in the “Conclusion”…. First, exactly *WHAT*, – in strict medical terms, *ARE* these elusive “biomarkers”? If “biomarkers” need to be “developed”, does that mean “invented”?….
    Seems to me, either “biomarkers” DO exist, or else they DO NOT….Which is it? Can’t be both! And, given that they do or do not exist, how can they be “developed”? Will we see something like this, in future: “Current biomarker development lacks the precision to make a more definitive diagnosis”, or some such nonsense? Has anybody ever explained exactly how these alleged “biomarkers” are “developed”?….
    Can they be grown in a test tube or petri dish? Can “biomarkers” be genetically engineered”? Are “biomarkers” GMO’s? I sure hope somebody can help me with these questions!….

  • Steve: I just finished a book about the history of Scientology, the first one I’ve actually read! I read NOTHING about HW Bush calling off the IRS. The IRS finally settled the “non-profit/501(c)3” status of Church of Scientology after a NASTY campaign against the IRS, by Scientology’s well-paid lawyers, and plenty of Church-sponsored “dirty tricks.” And, while Hubbard DID “attack back”, he also attacked first. The whole story is so convoluted. And there is MUCH misinformation, disinformation, lies, rumors, etc., from ALL sides of the story. Apparently, much of L.Rons’ “official” biography was invented by himself. For example, the Scientology Church claims the Navy covered up Hubbard’s “secret” WW2 actions by a more prosaic record. Highly doubtful, to say the least. But now, as well-written as the book was, I need to read at least 2 or 3 more, just to get the WHOLE story, from ALL sides! At least the CCHR is reliably anti-psychiatry!….

  • ….”the origin”???? As if so-called “mental disorders” have *no*other* origin? As if so-called “mental disorders” are in fact valid diagnostic categories? As is if “sexual abuse (trauma)” *always*, and necessarily creates so-called “mental disorders”?
    Isn’t it also true that among the first groups of women Freud worked with, one group ALL reported childhood sexual abuse / molestation / rape, and Freud DIS-believed them, and used them to form his bogus “”oedipal” & “electra” “complex”” nonsense? To the extent that “Freud spoke to the medical community”, may we also blame him for the gross over-medicalizing and over-drugging of human problems of living? That Freud was “correct” on one, or even two minor points, does not change my disgust with him. Why do *YOU* rise to defend him? I still maintain, that except as a historical footnote, we’d all be better off leaving Freud on the scrap heap of history….. And, in conclusion, *IF* “trauma is the origin of mental disorders”, then *WHAT* is the origin of trauma?…. We have so much trauma, largely because we refuse to acknowledge it, and prevent it before it happens…. So tell us about Freud’s “primal horde” theory….????….etc.,….-
    (c)2017, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

  • Freud = FRAUD. I’m surprised and disappointed that he was given even the few lines in the article, above.
    Freud has been 100% deconstructed by numerous writers, and PhD theses.
    If you think about it, you’ll realize that there are NO such things as “id”, “ego”, and “super-ego”. These are all imaginary CONCEPTS. They have no objective reality. They (MIGHT!) have **SOME** utility as ideas in a “History of Psychology” course, but that’s about all the value they have. Can we **PLEASE** leave Freud and the other **TRASH** on the scrap heap of history….????….
    Freud was a misogynistic, hashish smoking, cocaine-snorting FREAK. Have you read his book about cocaine?
    Can we **PLEASE** leave Freud on the scrap heap of history, where he belongs….????….

  • “oldhead”, on June 03, 7:33pm, wrote:….
    “So Bradford, you allow your opposition to define you rather than just asking why they are changing the subject to Scientology?”….
    (There’s no “Reply” box left to click, but I want to respond to “oldhead”, anyway….”….
    No, “oldhead”, I do NOT “allow my opposition”, simply because I have no “opposition”. I neither endorse nor oppose any persons or causes. If somebody chooses to see ME as their “opposition”, then that is on THEM – that’s THEIR responsibility, not mine. Even if I did say I was “anti-psychiatry”, (which I don’t….), does that mean that psychiatry is “anti-Bradford”? True, psychiatry did me far more harm than good, but it’s absurd to call it “anti-Bradford”. And, really, “oldhead”, let’s not be pedantic, OK? We BOTH KNOW exactly *why* Scientology has been set up as the largest single, organized “anti-psychiatry” force in modern America. Critics of the pseudoscience of psychiatry are labeled “Scientologists”, to discredit them. Scientology is portrayed in the media, and seen as, a fringe cult. CCHR does do some good work, but it’s also superficial, glossy, hyped, and over-dramatized. It’s TOO emotional. If you wanna see some sort of bogus “spectrum”, with Scientology on one end, and psychiatry on the other, then go ahead. Personally, I think that’s stupid, wrong, and shows a very limited worldview. The whole idea of “spectrums”, whether political, clinical, as in autism, etc., is just another means of oppression by the oppressors. Another way to keep the masses controlled and confused. So no, “oldhead”, I really don’t “allow your(my) opposition to define you(me)”, nor do I “ask why they are changing the subject to Scientology”. You got any more inane prattlings you want me to unpack, deconstruct, and demolish?…. I enjoy the intellectual exercise. The revolution will not be televised, but we ARE live-streaming it on the interwebs…. *grin*
    **ROTFLMFAO**, just LOL…. ~B./

  • I’m glad you pointed that out, Steve! Sometimes families can be very toxic, and very supportive, – BOTH at the same time. Usually, the so-called “mental patient” is also the family scapegoat, or “black sheep”. That’s what happened to me. By labelling me, the rest of my family only had to point the finger at me, and blame me for everything wrong in the family, rather than look at themselves. This kind of behavior is what we see in NAMI everyday. And, the whole mental-illness system itself is a sort of meta- family, and just as dysfunctional. And as much as behaviors need to change, as you say, isn’t it moreso ideas and attitudes that need to change? I think you’re saying we all need more acceptance! And acceptance doesn’t require bogus disease labels, and potent neuro-toxins!

  • Am I correct in guessing you mean Dr. Thomas Szasz?….
    In Szasz’s Time Magazine obituary, E. Fuller Torrey was quoted. That’s like a neo-nazi being quoted in a Jewish person’s obituary….

  • OK, I’ll bite. I’m “no one”, I’m interested…. Tell us more. The *TRUTH* that *I* *KNOW*, is that psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. All of the bogus, so-called “diagnoses” in the DSM were INVENTED, not discovered. They are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. So, please, “TheInformer”, mention the rest….

  • Yes, in the same way that I’m “against” pedophilia, murder, lying, cheating, stealing, rape, etc. But I don’t identify as “anti-murder”.
    I truly believe that Roman Catholicism is satanic. (Small “s” satanic….) But I’m not “anti-catholic”. Or “anti-Catholic”. I’m not “anti-Phrenology”, or even “anti-phrenology”, either. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, (or phrenology, if you prefer), with potent neuro-toxins. I’m also a surviving victim of psychiatry, learning to live with terminal iatrogenic neurolepsis. Sure beats the alternative! Thanks, Bonnie! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ~B./ (Psychiatry and it’s apologists usually try to label “anti-psychiatrists” as being Scientologists. That’s by design…. So while I support your efforts to endow a Chair of Anti-Psychiatry, I myself choose to NOT self-identify as “anti-psychiatry”. I DO find this conversation valuable, tho! ~B./

  • Not sure why you posted that link, “markps2”? OK, it’s from the Amer. PSYCHOLOGICAL ass’n, and not the quack psychiatrists. And you have to really pay attention to find out that almost all of those who RECOVERED from the imaginary, invented, so-called “mental illness” of ‘schizophrenia” were OFF THEIR so-called “meds”. The DRUGS. the article serves to promote the guild interests of psychiatry and the PROFIT$ of the drug companies. The pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry” has been WRONG from Day 1.
    So-called “schizophrenia” is a catch-all and bogus “diagnosis”. Most folks diagnosed with so-called “schizophrenia” don’t have it, because there IS NO “IT” to have! Dr. Jim Van Os is correct. He’s leading an effort in Europe to do away with the bogus label of “schizophrenia” altogether. He wrote here at MiA a while back. Psychiatry exists as we know it today, for 2 main reasons: To $ELL DRUG$ for PhRMA, and to act as a means of social control. Abused and marginalized persons, persons whose family finds them inconvenient, or who scapegoats or black-sheeps them, are who get labelled “schizophrenic”. They get put on powerful neuro-toxins, which debilitates their brain, making them more dependent, and less likely to return to full and normal function. Psychiatry’s “diagnoses” indeed ARE self-fullfilling prophecies. And, in the article you’ve linked, psychology is trying to ride the coat-tails of psychiatry. Psychology is *ALMOST* as bad as psychiatry. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. Psychology usually helps more than it hurts. The so-called “medical model” is all psychiatry’s evil spawn baby….

  • If I say that I’m “anti-psychiatry”, then I’m granting psychiatry the legitimacy of being the thing that I’m against. It’s a semantic nit-pick, really. My thoughts and words have evolved in the 20+ years since I’ve seen a psychiatrist. For better or worse, I remember. the WORST of my so-called “symptoms” didn’t appear until AFTER being on neuroleptics. And, since I’ve been off the drugs, the “symptoms” have (mostly) disappeared. Psychiatry did me FAR MORE HARM than good…. So to my ear, saying that I’m “anti-psychiatry” sounds like I’m legitimizing psychiatry as something to be “anti”. That’s the best I can explain it. Thanks for asking. ~B./

  • It’s kinda “funny”, but I’m here in NEW England, – New Hampshire, U.S.A., to be precise. I’ve been trying to follow the whole “Brexit” mess in the American press, and I don’t begin to have a serious opinion one way or the other. I just can’t find enough solid FACTS to decide whether I think Brexit is good or bad. But, I DO KNOW that Brexit was engineered by the “GREG B.’s”, as I call them. That’s “Global Ruling Elites and Global Banksters”. The Greg B.’s are NOT the friends of you and I. They ONLY CARE about money, power, and control. They want to make OUR money THEIR money, and OUR power THEIR power. They want MORE control over us. One of THEIR tools for extracting OUR money, and dis-empowering us, is the lies of the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as psychiatry. They sell us dangerous, over-priced drugs, and that makes us easier to control, because the drugs debilitate us. So I think Brexit will be “6 of one, and 1/2 a dozen of the other.” In other words, a lot of little things will change, and that will create the *appearance* of great change, but in the bigger picture, nothing of substance will change. Also, the whole Brexit “controversy” serves to get us upset, and helps distract us from what’s really important. After Brexit, the same RICH and POWERFUL folks will still be in charge. Nothing of substance will change. That’s what I think, anyway. But what do I know? I’m just an escaped mental patient….

  • Please endorse my neologic construction, “iatrogenic neurolepsis”. I actually got a nurse to put that in my medical record. I think IATROGENIC NEUROLEPSIS works better than “Iatrogenic Neuroleptic Pharmaceutical Cerebral Cognitive Impairment Malfunction”. Regardless whather we use IN, or INPCCIM, we need to hold the prescribers accountable…. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control.

  • There’s one sticking point that I don’t see mentioned here. There ARE persons whose disabilities are so severe, that they truly ARE unable to think, act, care, or decide for themselves. Often, they are also victims of poly-pharmacy, usually benzos for “behavior control”, and neuroleptics, or “major tranquilizers” for God-knows-what. Depakote is a common drug used, also. So these persons, who often require 24-hour care, and a payee, and “supported living”, are also subject to the same human rights abuses as we so-called “mental patients”. Subject to the same horrific “medication” abuses and so-called “side-effects”. Just as with us, too often serious and potentially life-threatening “side effects” are summarily dismissed as the “disease”/”mental illness”/etc….
    I have friends who work as DSP’s,- Direct Support Professionals, and I even know some of the “clients”. One guy suffered severe brain injury/trauma in a car crash. After the initial recovery, he has only limited use of his right hand, is virtually unable to speak, and requires a wheelchair and 24-hour care. We’re talking a MINIMUM of $100,000. – $1Million/year for the CARE of these folks. Another guy I know was debilitated by meningitis as a young boy. He can “feed” himself, if the food is placed in front of him. There’s very little he can do independently, and again, requires 24-hour care and monitoring. Neither the local City, County, or State Gov’ts are really doing the BEST for these unfortunate folks. Public “agencies”, and private, for-profit “agencies” also only do the bare minimum.
    I think we ALL need to remember that it’s not just we VICTIMS of the pseudoscience LIES of the drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry”. Oddly, society expects psychiatry to ALSO “treat” these severely physically disabled folks…. So psychiatry OVER-DRUGS them, and when they act out due to akathisia, or drug toxicity, etc., well,…. Sometimes, it’s no comfort to know that we are not alone in our suffering….

  • My problem with “antipsychiatry” is that it grants more legitimacy to psychiatry than it deserves. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s nothing more than 21st Century Phrenology with neuro-toxins. The DSM is a catalog of billing codes, nothing more. All of the bogus, so-called “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED. So what do we “replace” psychiatry with? Easy. Psychology and psychopharmacology. Yes, sometimes, some people do seem to do better, for some short length of time, on some small dose/s of some drug/s. But long-term polypharmacy, the so-called “standard of treatment” of psychiatry, ALWAYS results in worse outcomes. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. The so-called “mental illnesses” in the DSM were ALL INVENTED. rsvp, Bonnie?

  • It was a few years ago now, 3 – 5 maybe. There were 2 articles in the same edition of the local newspaper about the so-called Mentally ill”, and the local CMHC/Community Mental Health Center. A reader would have to read BOTH articles, and do some math, to arrive at this TRUTH: Every so-called ‘mental patient” represents a MINIMUM of $100,000./year in billing for salaries, alone, to the local CMHC. This doesn’t include housing, drugs(“meds”), “program fees”, etc. Just billing for salaries. $100.000./year. And that so-called “mental patient” will themselves be living on LESS THAN $10,000./year!…. Yeah, do the math. The drugs they are forced to take, often cost *somebody* well in excess of $1,000./month, – $100.s/month more than the Social Security Disability they live on. Thanks to the pseudoscience lies of the drug racket known as psychiatry, we have exploited persons for $ PROFIT $…. No wonder TPTB don’t like the term “antipsychiatry”…. It threatens their income stream….

  • My understanding is that the APA formally dropped the use of Roman numerals in the DSM-5. So there’s no such thing as the “DSM-V”. Hey, correct me if I’m wrong. It’s a small but important detail. Also, in the linked video, we still see “MHE” using the deceptive and fraudulent euphemism “meds”/”medications”, when it’s far more correct, and less confusing to just say DRUGS. Drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs drugs, and “meds” are a fantasy. I’d like to see “MHE” address those 2 points. Also, I have to wonder what, if any, connection there might be, between MHE, and “Mental Health America”? The names are similar enough, and it would be confusing if there is no official connection between the 2. “Mental Health America” is a largely drug company funded propaganda group, which is as problematic, and anti-human rights as NAMI….

  • You’ll love THIS! – youtube put a “must-watch” Trintellix ad on the video.
    (Trintellix is pushed for those for whom their regular “anti-depressant” just ain’t workin’!. Trintellix is “Indicated” for so-called “MDD” – Major Depressive Disorder,- only…..
    Doesn’t GENERAL Depressive Disorder outrank MDD?
    And MDD in turn outranks both Lieutenant and Sergeant depressive Disorder….????….
    Ask you health-care provider if drug advice from a TV ad is right for you….

  • For many, many years, the most active local NAMI member was a father who sexually assaulted/molested/raped his young daughter. When she got old enough to report what he did to her, he took her to a psychiatrist, had her labelled, “diagnosed”, and put on heavy psych drugs. All so nobody would believe her. “Oh, she’s just “mentally ill…”…. Some of NAMI’s most tireless workers are covering up their own CRIMES, and further victimizing the VICTIMS. With the complicity of psychiatry…. NAMI is EVIL….

  • This is the best way I know to communicate to Sera Davidow. Sera, I’m requesting that the MiA site admins give you my email, so you can contact me directly. Last week, the local CMHC hosted a showing of “God knows where I am.” It’s the story of Linda Bishop, and it was hideous propaganda. The film makers were pigs. Yuck.
    But anyway, I saw the piece on you in “The Sun”, which I purchased at the local Co-op. It was excellent. After I read it, I was able to give it to Mr. Phil Wyzik, who is the Director of “MFS”, – Monadnock Family (…and mental health…) Services. He actually READ the “Sun” piece, and was impressed. He mentioned your use of “extreme states” as being particularly eye-opening for him. I think he would be VERY receptive, if you contacted him.
    Also, I spoke at a recent Keene City Council meeting, against the abuses of some of the local “agencies”, MFS chief among them. We’re at a unique point in time. We can knock the system back here, if we work together. RSVP? PLEASE!?… ~Bill./

  • As a “consumer”, “Michael_C”, your JOB is to CONSUME as much PRODUCT as the PRODUCER can PRODUCE. And what exactly is that “product”? Well. neuro-toxic DRUGS, and so-called “services”. Drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs….. At least you don’t use the deceptive euphemism “meds”. And, as for the DSM, which I’m sure you’re aware of, – ALL of the so-called “diagnoses” in it are bogus and INVENTED. They were NOT discovered. They serve as excuses to write prescriptions, and bill for “services”. The DSM is a catalog of billing codes. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology. Of course NAMI has been a “great resource” to you and your family. You are the TARGET audience. If you don’t mind being targetted, propagandized, and CONSUMED, then I suppose you have that right. But please don’t expect the rest of us here at MiA to follow you. I have 4 decades of lived experience, the last 2, drug and shrink-free. Long-term use of psych drugs ALWAYS results in worse outcomes. You’ve only got 7 years. Wait until 10, 15, 20, 30, 40+ years…. The drugs will increasingly disable you, and lead to a decades shortened life span. To quote Kurt Vonnegut, “So it goes….”….

  • Thanks, Richard! In Feb. 2016, the local hospital, “Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth Hitchcock-Keene” (CMC/DHK), fired Dr. Marcia Pabo, a psychiatrist, which resulted in them closing their 6-bed adolescent psych unit. A few months later, they fired 30+ staff, and closed the 12-bed adult psych unit. This was around the time they spent $1.5Million re-doing their ER to install several new “psych holding cells”. In 2016/2017, Dartmouth-Hitchcock got the contract to provide psychiatrists to the State mental hospital. They have so far failed to provide full psych staff levels as mandated by that contract, but the State is amazingly lenient. Psychiatry is on the ropes here in New Hampshire. The local private drug treatment detox has to rely on a single psychiatrist, who’s over 80, to sign off on their billing. The local CMHC does not seem to use the very word “psychiatry”….
    We ALL here at MiA need to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with neuro-toxins. The DSM is a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the bogus “diseases” in it were INVENTED, not “discovered”. Repetition is reinforcement. Repeat the TRUTH after me, “Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, a means of social control….”….
    So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus….

  • I’m sorry I missed the excellent article, above, and your even more excellent comment, “WoundedSoul74″….
    I’ve been an AA member almost as long as I’ve been labeled/drugged in the so-called “mental health system”. Today, my 2 decades+ of sobriety, and being “shrink-proof”, and off psych drugs, are a blessing. But as for AA, the HEART of the AA program is the 12 Steps of recovery. Working the 12 Steps without going to meetings is better than going to meetings without working the 12 Steps! I’ve gotten FAR MORE help and healing in AA, than through the so-called “mental health system”. Overall, the system did me FAR MORE HARM than good! Thanks!

  • I suppose there’s nothing I can do. I’m forced to continue to live in a world filled with this kind of tripe and nonsense. I’m sure the author really believes what she writes here. But I say that thoughts of suicide are a perfectly normal part of life for ALL persons, at least at *some* points in life. And, that we ALL have far more control over our thoughts and feelings than we have been lead to believe. The “mental illness industry”, and PhRMA, both, are heavily invested in keeping as many of us as possible helpless, dependent, on drugs, and believing that the dreaded *STIGMA* is anything but a figment of the imagination. It’s as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real…. Sadly, no, not all suicides are preventable, any more than death itself….

  • I’m replying to the comment from Steve McCrae, above: (1:17pm)
    Steve, I think “mepat” was confused by Monica’s comments, above, and that’s why he wrote what he wrote. I’m glad “mepat” posts here, even if I can’t agree with a lot of what he says. His voice still has value. “mepat” may well be among the minority of persons who actually do benefit from psych drugs, as he’s written in other comments. That’s what I’m seeing here. I *LIKE* a little “spice” in the discussion. It helps keep us all on our toes, and helps keep us honest.
    (Someday, like you, I hope to get an actual photo for my avatar, too!. But what do *I* know? I’m just an escaped former mental patient. Funny how after 20+ years of NO psychs or psych drugs, I’m more whole, healthy, and happy than EVER! But my iatrogenic neurolepsis is permanent….)….~B./

  • a couple years ago, I was meeting with my Doctor. He and I were fairly new to working together. I brought a 3-page printout of a good article discussing “Study 329”. The Doc had never heard of it before. Shortly after, the hospital where the Doc worked terminated my medical care via an anonymous (unsigned) email! Also, the same hospital closed their child, and then adult psych units, after they fired the psychiatrist. The parent company/hospital also has a contract to provide psychiatrists & psych nurses to the State mental hospital. So far, they have FAILED to provide the staff levels they contracted to provide! I hope Dr. Breggin lives to see the end of psychiatry. It’s 21st century Phrenology, with neurotoxins. Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry”, which I read in the early 1990’s, probably saved my life, as it helped me get out of the clutches of the local CMHC. Sadly, I still see its’ “drug zombies” shuffling down the street, on disability, helpless, dysfunctional, and grossly over-medicated. When I was on both Zoloft and Wellbutrin years ago, now, all the drugs really did was make me *think* *about* suicide a lot. But I was NOT “suicidal”. these psych drugs are FAR MORE DANGEROUS, far less effective, and far less necessary that the psychs are willing to admit. Dr. Breggin is an exception which proves the rule: Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins.

  • *correction: “Ingrezza”….
    imagine, $60K+/year, to ‘treat” the EFFECTS of a DRUG that usually wasn’t necessary, – at least long-term, – in the first place. NOBODY on disability can pay for that! So *WHO* gets stuck with the bill for this “Ingrezza”?…. The Taxpayers?….
    PhRMA is even marketing a drug for “OIC” – Opioid-Induced Constipation!….
    I’m literally AFRAID, both where all this is going, and where it will end!….
    The system is literally MORE INSANE than the people in it!

  • We’re all arguing over something called “DUALITY”. I’d suggest you ALL do some basic reading in general Buddhist discussions of duality. It is NOT EITHER “the group/society”, *OR*”the individual”. It is BOTH society *AND* the individual. You can’t really understand the individual without at least *some* understanding of the society from which that individual comes. And you can’t have a full and complete understanding of any society or group, without at least *some* understanding of the individuals that society or group produces. Yes, sometimes we can discuss one or the other while ignoring the other or the one. But ultimately, it is ALWAYS BOTH. After all, you did NOT teach yourself to read these words all by yourself, did you? So, who ELSE is helping you read them now? It’s all well and good for the “EGO” of Descartes to claim that he is because he thinks, but he still thinks in the language his parents taught him to speak, which *they* learned from *their* parents, – Descartes grandparents, who in turn learned it from *their* parents, etc.,….

  • Dr. Kelly Brogan:
    Relax, I’m far more on your side, than not. And yeah, I kinda’ sorta’ get what you mean when you describe akathisia as a “disconnection from one’s soul”. *BUT*, given what we know about the mechanism of action of psych drugs – their physical effects on the CNS, and all 4 nervous systems, – I think you’re doing a grave dis-service to akathisia sufferers, and minimizing their suffering. I myself had akathisia from heavy neuroleptics, including thorazine, mellaril, haldol, stellazine, etc. Yeah, I was “disconnected from my soul”, but that was far from the worst of it. This is only a minor point, really, because the REST of your message, and the many ways to use diet, exercise, and mindfulness, etc., are call generally EXCELLENT. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, Kelly! But please re-think your views on akathisia. Akathisia is living hell, and NOBODY’s soul would lead them into that hell, nor abandon them to that living hell….

  • In the article linked to above, so-called “social media: is described as “addicting”. But THINK about that a minute. Typically, it’s alcohol and drugs that are said to be “addicting”. It’s the CHEMICAL substance that one becomes “addicted” to. It’s the chemical that’s “addictive”. But with social media, there’s no chemical that is ingested. So that means that the definition of “addiction” has now been enlarged. But what exactly *IS* “social media”? In simplest terms, it’s looking at digital words and pictures on digital devices. What *exactly* does one become “addicted” to? I don’t think either media, or “health officials” ever really **THINK** about what exactly they’re saying. After all, aren’t we ALL “addicted” to FOOD and WATER? If you deny being addicted to food and water, just try living WITHOUT food and water, then say you’re NOT addicted….

  • @kindredspirit: Obviously, I can’t really speak for the whole MiA staff, but I think they’re TRYING to be “neutral”.
    The overwhelming evidence says psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st century Phrenology, with neuro-toxins. As a survivor of forced drugging, Mia lets me tell my story here, write my TRUTH, give my TESTIMONY. And, after all, it’s not you and me who needs to be convinced. OUR TRUTH needs to be told to other doctors, to psychiatry itself, and to the larger society which has been so brainwashed by PhRMA, and greed. So yeah, I get what you mean about “whose side” we’re on, but really, we need to stop “taking sides”, and making “sides”. That only leads to conflict, which is unhealthy. I’d like to see psychiatry replaced with healthy psychology, and psychopharamacology. If we have to have drugs, I’d like to see them used HONESTLY, with FULLY INFORMED CONSENT. Right now, psychiatry and the system use FORCE, COERCION, and UN-informed consent. Getting us emotionally upset, and “appalled”, is one of the ways they control us. I’m trying to educate and LIBERATE us. I and we need all the kindred spirits we can get. I’m glad you’re one of them, and I hope this helps you feel a little less “palled”!….~B./

  • Every time it’s appropriate, as often and as fast as one-finger typing allows, I write:
    ….please visit ><….
    Hope this helps!
    Years ago, getting myself extracted from the mental illness system, I came up with a quote that I also use as often as I can:
    "Bad help is worse than no help at all"
    Psychiatry and psych drugs are almost always BAD HELP.
    Dr. Kelly Brogan, and Dr. Peter Breggin, are 2 of the few exceptions which prove that rule!
    And of course YOU, TOO, Monica!
    ~Bill Bradford

  • @John Hoggett:
    Please see my reply to Fiachra, above. Get yourself a copy of the “Big Book”, titled “Alcoholics Anonymous”, and start with Chapter 5, titled “How It Works”. I suggest you also look for “Al-Anon” literature and meetings.
    AA is for alcoholics themselves, and Al-Anon is for everybody else. Both programs use exactly the same 12 Steps, with only minor word changes to account for the drinking/drinker, and the “sober” folks…. Whether or not your step mum is, or is not alcoholic, or does or doesn’t get into AA, the 12 Steps and program can still be of great help to you. Like they say in AA meetings, “It only works if you work it, so work it, – you’re worth it!”….

  • Hey, Fiachra! Long time no see!….
    My first AA meeting was 1980, at 21yrs. old, after 10 years of increasingly heavy drinking. (I was put on psych drugs at 15, in 10th grade, but I’ll leave that part out here, to focus on AA & alcoholism.) I’ve been 100% sober since 1991. Gone to 1000’s of AA meetings, and worked the 12 Steps (and 12 Traditions) HARD, and several cycles working through the steps. Had a sponsor years ago who actually met with “Bill W”(Wilson), one of AA’s 2 founders. I’m not bragging here, just giving my brief “credentials”….
    AA is NOT for people who *need* it, but for people who WANT it. (Or at least *want* to *want* it!) The whole point of AA meetings is to help work the steps in a social setting. You’d get better results at sobriety and recovery working the 12 Steps with no meetings, than going to meetings without working the 12 Steps. Both “Big Book”, and “Step” meetings are sorta “group workshops” for doing the Steps in groups.
    When AA first started publicizing the “disease concept” for alcoholism, in the 1930’s, it was because before, alcoholism was seen as a “character flaw”, or that alcoholics were just “bad people”. Too much toxic guilt and shame in that view!
    If a person is really not sure whether or not they are alcoholic, they probably aren’t. ANYBODY can get in trouble drinking too much for too long, whether they’re alcoholic or not!
    I’ve known people that had “a drinking problem”, went to AA for a while, then could drink again safely. Maybe they really weren’t alcoholics, after all. Who knows? Who cares? If you get a copy of the “Big Book” – titled “Alcoholics Anonymous”, and start with Chapter 5, “How It Works”, which tells how the 12 Steps work, and how to work them, you’ll be glad you did. The 12 Steps *can* help anybody who works them, but that still doesn’t mean alcoholism is actually a literal “disease”. AA says alcoholism is *LIKE* a disease, – the “disease concept”, – but AA does NOT say “alcoholism *is* a disease”. Do you see the subtle but important distinction?
    Hope this helps! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
    (Personally, I think once you get the first 3 Steps down, the most important Step is the 12th Step. AA is a SPIRITUAL program, but it is NOT “religious”….)….

  • I’m thinking that we agree much more than not, and that maybe my attempt at ‘helpfulness” was also a little “tonedeaf”, or at least perceived that way. When I said “exercise”, maybe I meant more “physical movement as a means to encourage neuroplasticty”, or something like that! I’ve found that using 5 – 10pound freeweights for several minutes at a time, while doing Yoga-like, and Tai Chi-like “exercises” to be very helpful. That was *MY* personal experience. So I wasn’t just doing “exercise” as “exercise”, but using physical movement as a means of being conscious/present in my body, and trying to promote neuroplasticity. I think your “permanent brain damage” usage may be too pessimistic. And, it pre-negates any “placebo effect”, or the value of HOPE. (Having “no hope” is the same as HOPELESS, isn’t it?) I read Dr. Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry” in the early 1990’s, and became “shrink-proof” during 1994-96.
    I also got a decent road bicycle, and would go for long, moderate-paced bicycle rides as a means to “tire myself out”. I found that getting too high a heart/breathing rate was NOT a good idea! That’s why I favor slower, lower-paced physical exercise. Walking, yes, running, NO!….
    Keep up the GOOD WORK!….

  • Sera: I don’t think you should so breezily dismiss CCHR as a “Scientology front group”. First, I think you need to seriously read all of Hubbard’s book “Dianetics”. Then, (ok, or first….), do your research on Hubbard’s nasty experiences with the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as psychiatry and psych drugs. I’m not commenting on Scientology per se, only pointing out that there *IS* a much larger back-story that usually goes unreported. And, please think long and hard about *WHY* the largest single organized effort against psychiatry is Scientology/CCHR?….
    (This *should* directly follow your 11:41am reply to >the_cat<, where you include a CCHRint'l link….) THANK-YOU, Sera, and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ~Bill./

  • Jeanene: I hope you find this helpful. In your comment above, you write about “emphasizing environment”, and how that does NOT mean “blaming the parents”. I agree. But, I think we risk falling into a “blame the environment” trap. I’m a 40+year survivor of the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry, and have 25+years sober thanks to A.A. In the 12 Step program of A.A. recovery, they talk about looking at *RELATIONSHIPS*, as the source of our ills. Relationships with ourselves, and relationships with others. I’ve seen much wisdom, understanding, and healing come from the perspective of looking at unhealthy relationships, and by not “blaming”. That also means taking personal responsibility, as much as we are able to. That’s where SUPPORT is so crucial. Thanks for all you do! Now I gotta go check out your website!
    (The local CMHC is sponsoring propaganda sessions touting both MHA/mental health america, and “mental health first aid”, in “support” of “mental health awareness month” I’ve found it interesting to note that there is virtually NO use of the words “psychiatry”, or mention of DRUGS/”medications”….

  • In the 20 years from 1975 – 1995, I saw several psychiatrists and was prescribed literally dozens of different psych drugs. I had 2 State hospitalizations, and several minor, shorter stays in local hospital psych wards. I was told repeatedly that I would need the drugs “for the rest of my life”. I read Dr. Peter Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry” in the early 1990’s, and found it to agree with what I’d already figured out on my own. Psychiatrists *LIE*!.
    Now, I’ve been 20+years FREE of both psychiatry b& psych drugs, and I’m more whole, healthy, and happy than ever. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s nothing more than 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Sometimes, some people do seem to do better, for some short length of time, on some psych drugs. But, long-term use of polypharmacy almost always results in worse outcomes. Thank-you, Dr. Joanna Moncrieff.

  • Dr. Wood:
    I’m sorry I missed this piece a few months ago. Thanks to the pseudoscience LIES of the drug racket known as “psychiatry”, I now have IATROGENIC NEUROLEPSIS. I’ve been 100% “shrink-proof” for over 20 years now. Psychiatry is nothing more than 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. The DSM is in fact a CATALOG of BILLING CODES. ALL of the bogus diagnostic allegations in it were INVENTED, not discovered. They were invented as excuses to sell drugs for PhRMA. Oh, and act as agents of social control. I see no need, personally, to condemn you for your 35 year career as a drug-pushing quack. You didn’t know better. You were born and raised into a society that was seriously screwed up a long time ago. Literally generations ago…. I think that by “confessing” your “sins” here on MiA, you will have at last begun to help heal a very, VERY SICK and BROKEN system…. Being that we are now moving into “Mental Health Awareness Month”, I’m hoping you spend some time and energy dispelling the many myths, LIES, and PROPAGANDA that is being spewed out onto the people….
    (The only reason I don’t like to identify as “anti-psychiatry”, is that I believe it gives psychiatry a validity it does NOT deserve….. Psychiatry is a drug racket, a pseudoscience, and a means of social control. Repetition of the TRUTH is re-inforcement of the TRUTH….

  • Speak for yourself, Vlado, when you say, “Our failure to give pharma any credit”…. I will always maintain, that sometimes, some people do seem to do better, for some short length of time, on some synthetic chemical drug/s. But, even MORE strongly will I state that wide-scale, long-term use of polypharmacy, – the sadly current “standard of care”, – ALWAYS does more harm than good in the long-term. You have a right to drug yourself out of mania, and into sleep. But I’d say your approach is best described as “band-aids on bullet wounds”. Until and unless you look at *WHY* you seem to seek regular episodes of sleep-deprivation and resulting mania, the episodes will continue to recur. Maybe you just like an occasional “drug holiday”. Nothing wrong with that, IMHO. But I’m all about HONESTY, rigorous honesty. And the pseudoscience LIES of the drug racket known as psychiatry are hardly honest….

  • My direct personal experience attending the Unitarian-Universalist Church here in my small New England hometown, is that whatever they *CLAIM* to believe is just that. They “talk the talk”, but they do *NOT* “walk the walk”. They’re pretty much just a bunch of delusional, self-righteous hypocrits, like most every other X-tian Church…. Heck, pretty much like most people! LOL ~B./

  • “What is the appropriate level of antipsychotics necessary to come down from a bipolar mania?”<—FIRST line in article, above….
    I'm a proponent of the "K.I.S.S." philosophy. KISS = Keep It Simple, Silly! (Yes, sometimes "keep it simple, stupid!" really does work better!)
    So I'm gonna answer Vlado's question. *NO* "antipsychotics" are *necessary* to come down from *ANY* mania. Some drug-induced manias can be counteracted with other drugs. All manias resolve with sleep, time, and appropriate self-care, and appropriate medical care. Saying "bipolar mania" is basically bullshit, because so-called "bipolar" is an imaginary disease that was invented as an excuse to sell drugs. Many, if not most, persons who have been fraudulently "diagnosed" as having, or being "bipolar", are better served without such a flagrantly fraudulent diagnostic label, and the inevitable stigma which such a label carries. So far, I'd say the commenters here at Mad In America have fairly well deconstructed Vlado's *PROPAGANDA*. We're still waiting for a coherent and comprehensive response from Vlado….

  • Thanks, ><, too, as another great site I think you will get a lot of great benefit from.
    (It's really NOT your "fault", you know. There's too much guilt, blame, and shame, and it's too often TOXIC.)
    I'm looking forward to seeing MORE from you here at MiA! ~Bill./

  • “Vlado C.” is younger than 35, I’ll bet…..
    I’ve just read through all the comments above, and I found it quite painful.
    Before I insult anybody, I’ll let it go, for now….
    “mainia” = “mental illness”?
    The *result* of lack of sleep is NOT “mental ilness”….
    Wanting OTC Ativan is called “drug seeking” behavior….
    It’s a form of so-called “substance use disorder”….
    I call Bullshit, Vlado….

  • I found very little on Sen. Ron Wyden’s brother Jeff. A single article popped up on, and it briefly used “struggle” with “schizophrenia” twice, and gave a financial plug to N.A.M.I. It told of Jeff’s use of olanzapine (“Zyprexa”), late in life, and that the DRUG did not “have the desired effects”. Being grandchildren to the Holocaust says far more about the supposed “schizophrenia”, so-called “mental-illness”, and Wyden’s pimping of the anti-person group NAMI.
    “Carbon pollution” and a lack of “non-violent revolution”, are hardly our most pressing needs. We need to debunk the LIES of the pseudoscience drug racket known as psychiatry, and it’s social control mechanisms.
    Any government is not the venue for that.
    To the extent that Dr. McCance-Katz supports forced treatment or drugging, she has proven unworthy of any governmental position. At least in America. She’d be right at home in any Socialist, or Fascist country….
    Sadly, that’s what’s happening to the America I wqas born into….

  • I was recently in the local hospital emergency room because of my hernia. While speaking with the surgeon – an MD – I said I’m a *recovered**alcoholic*. He challenged me on my use of “recovered”, in stead of “in recovery”, as he thought it should be. I pointed out to him that the book “Alcoholics Anonymous”, on the title page, uses the construction, “…many thousands HAVE RECOVERED from alcoholism”.(emphasis added). So, I’m a recovered alcoholic, because I went to A.A. meetings, and worked the 12 Steps “by the book”. I’m happy and alcohol-free for decades, now. My RECOVERY from psych drugs is almost as long. (Thanks, good to see you again, Sera! Keep up the good work!)….~B./

  • So-called “community treatment orders” can only come from force, coercion, and a blatant dis-repect and disregard of personal rights. Despite being a (seemingly) legitimate`action, it’s actually showing how *SICK* the society and community truly *ARE*. Such force-imposed torture would not occur in healthy and sane communities. Why do we *BLAME* the *VICTIMS*, but not also blame the victimizers?….

  • LOL, LOL, LOL, just *ROTFLMFAO*….
    This guy was sent to the loony bin for posting comments regarding a police shooting of a man who posted comments on Twitter…. We humans seem ever-creative and inventive in coming up with new ways to create fake outrage, and actual homicide….
    This story is worthy of a longer, more in-depth examination of the relevant facts….

  • “….”It’s generally widely accepted that addiction is a mental illness that should be treated through the public health system and through clinical protocols,” says Werb. “That begs the question: What is the best deliverer of healthcare in addiction treatment? I think it would be very difficult to make the case that somehow the justice system is a better deliverer than the healthcare system.”…”<–from the linked article….
    WTF? "generally" "widely" accepted? So it must be *specifically* *narrowly* accepted that it's NOT a so-called "mental illness"…. Mental illnesses are imaginary diseases that were INVENTED as excuses to sell drugs, and act as means of social control. A person is tagged with the mental illness label to justify selling drugs, and to disempower and stigmatize them.

  • “Once psychiatry comes along we get horrible “treatments” for homosexuality like ice-pick lobotomies, aversion therapy, and other awful conversion therapy methods. Up until 1973, homosexuality was included in the diagnostic and statistical manual of Psychology.” <–cut-n-pasted from HuffPo….
    The DSM-5 of *"Psychology"*? WTF?…..

  • Peter, – you’d do better to study the FINANCIAL implications of psychiatric taxonomy in diagnosis and treatment.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control. ALL of the alleged “diagnoses” in the DSM were invented, not discovered, and they ALL exist solely to advance the power and prestige of the medical-industrial complex….
    (I do find it highly ironic – the base design of the “study” you’re reporting on involves “smuggling” “drugs”. If they’re illegal & in a suitcase, it’s “drug smuggling”, but if they’re legal, then it’s “pharmaceutical import/export”….

  • Yes, one of the ways PhRMA fools people, is by using different names for the same drug, in different countries. This is beyond having a common generic chemical name for a drug, and a copyrighted trade name for the same drug. Now, (March 2017), there are ongoing lawsuits, which, as “Copy_cat” above suggests, will probably just be paid off by PhRMA, as a type of “business tax”. In the eyes of the Global Drugs Industry, *YOU* are an expendable human guinea pig, and of *NO* *VALUE* as an individual….. Sad *TRUTH*….

  • Yeah, they can’t be very complicated. Probably easy to shield. And, my understanding is they are VERY low power, and are only designed to transmit as far as a wearable device. Still, if that’s what they’re doing NOW, what will they be doing in 10, 20, 30,etc., years….????…. THAT is when things *MIGHT* get *SCARY*!….
    Funny, isn’t it? With $BILLIONS$ in profits, we still don’t have a good health care system for poor and disabled folks. But we can put RFID chips in pills, by golly!….
    Good 2 C U, 2, “FeelinDiscouraged”! Happy Friday! ~B./

  • A: Yes, genocide does work. It is far more efficient at killing large numbers of people quickly, than simply dosing them with psych drugs, and turning them into walking drug zombies…. You can’t make much more profit off dead people, but if you get them hooked for life on psych drugs, then you can profit off them for years, until they die untimely deaths.
    There, I hope that answers your question, >oldhead<.
    (The earliest reference to "psychiatric genocide"/"genocide by psychiatry", that I could find, is the 1980's. Wonder what took folks so long to realize the TRUTH….????….)….

  • Yup! ~from ANOTHER VICTIM of the pseudoscience LIES of the DRUG RACKET and means of social control known as “psychiatry”…. Psychiatry is nothing more than 21stCentury Phrenology, with neuro-toxins…. Psychiatrists are the personification of MEDICAL FASCISM…. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. The DSM is in fact a CATALOG of BILLING CODES….
    I’d like to see the U.S. Military invade England, depose the monarchy, and convert the subjects of the crown into FREE CITIZENS…. But that’s just a fantasy!

  • Tourette’s, huh? I don’t know much about it, but you say it’s a neurological thing. OK. I wonder if that explains the typical, if severe effects you had from the psych drugs? And please don’t condemn yourself with this “rest of my(your)life” stuff. Daily walks, and some Yoga and Tai Chi will help. If there aren’t good classes/teachers near you, you can start with books and online videos. Once you start working with your body, AND your mind/brain, you will be surprised how much control you can develop. Welcome to the world of Iatrogenic Neurolepsis! Once, I actually got a nurse to write that into my medical record, before she realized what she was doing! Otsuka Pharma, makers of Abilify, is in the process of marketing pills with short-range RFID chips in them, to “ensure compliance”. (God, I *wish* I was making that up!) And, yes, they pay shrinks BIG$$$ for all kinds of spurious reasons. “ProPublica” has several excellent articles, and a database of PhRMA payments to doctors. Otsuka paid a local shrink $10,000. in 2 years, as a “consultant”. Yes, they BRIBE doctors, and it’s legal….. Best wishes, Darius! ~B./

  • The whole “Community Mental Health Center” scheme is a fraudulent scam. It’s true, unstated purpose was to dramatically increase the number of persons to whom psych drugs could be sold – paid for by Uncle Sam, via Medicare & Medicaid. That meant employing lots of psychiatrists, to KEEP SELLING all the drugs PhRMA had in the pipeline. Today in 2017, psychs are seriously trying to figure out how to “diagnoses”, and “medicate” FETUSES. I bet when Sandra was at Harvard 40 years ago, she never would have imagined *that*…..
    Without even trying, and not as part of my job – I know 3 women who were sexually abused/molested when they were little girls, by their Fathers. When they got old enough to “spill the beans”, Dad took them to shrinks, and had them labelled and drugged, so nobody would believe them. One guy ended up on the Sex Offender Registry anyway….. And the County Attorney who put him there, is now, as a judge, FORCING the girl to take drugs she doesn’t want, and doesn’t need. Can’t you see the CARNAGE the pseudoscience drug racket known as psychiatry has done, Sandra?…. CMHC’s are a form of distributed concentration camps….. It’s not barbed wire and guard dogs which keeps the prisoners in – it’s psych drugs….. and ACT teams….

  • I’m sorry this story hasn’t got more exposure. The link leads to a very short, too short, almost non-story. It omits that there’s an effort to write the DSM into New Hampshire law. The key reason is so-called “Substance Use Disorder” appears in the DSM. “SUD” has become the latest buzzword among the taxpayer funded “public health” crowd. It’s all about MONEY, not “care”, or “treatment”. Money. Lots of Federal and Foundation money. Money to hire more “healthcare workers”. There is a very serious opiate / heroin “crisis” in NH. The authorities are finding it almost impossible to keep drugs out of both the State Prison, and County jails. And of course, so-called “psychiatric drugs” are given out freely in the many State lock-ups. Last year, during election season, some politicos were even pushing the idea of prison terms of “life without parole”, for drug dealers selling drugs that were later used in fatal overdoses. They ignored the fact that both fentanyl, and carfentani are routinely used to cut heroin. Both are made in clandestine labs and sold in the illegal, or “black market”. And, short of a lab test which destroys the sample, there’s no good way for any given dealer to know exactly *what*, or *how much* of any given drug is in any given sample. The pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry and the gross over-prescribing of psych drugs was only the preview of the coming attraction of this on-going horror show. Thanks, MiA, for at least making the attempt to let folks know.

  • Nixon was NOT the first. The “Marijauna Tax Stamp Act” was passed shortly after Prohibition ended, and was blatantly racist against (mostly) Mexicans, and Blacks, who were seen by the white power structure as being heavy users of cannabis. (Many of them were, but so were many white folks, too!) The timber industry also worked against hemp production, seeing it as a competing crop. Back then – 1930’s, – “hemp” for fiber, oil, seeds, etc., was almost the same as so-called “medical cannabis”. And yes, cannabis WAS in the U.S. Pharacopeia. So really, it’s MORE accurate to speak of RE-legalizing cannabis. I can recommend the book, “Chasing the Scream”, for a good, brief overview. I bet we’d agree that the so-called “War On(some)Drugs(sometimes)”, has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. The local jail is at capacity with real criminals, and opioid users/addicts. It’s VERY difficult to get thrown in jail just for *weed*…. But your point is well-taken

  • “And while this may not have been a conspiratorial plan hatched in some back room,….”….
    Glad to see that you’re allowing for the possibility that it *MAY* *HAVE* *BEEN* a “plan hatched in some back room”….
    I call them the “GREG B.s” – The “Global Ruling Elites, and Global Banksters”….
    Once you start doing your research, it’s hard NOT to see how controlled the world is.
    Do you really think money-greed was the ONLY driving force behind our current state of gross over-prescribing?
    It’s not only money that the GREG B.’s are greedy for. It’s also Power, Control, and Domination. Money is a means to get and keep the power and control, and keep score. Look at the current debate over “forced treatment”. That’s more about POWER, than profit. Why are rich people NEVER the victims of “forced treatment”?

  • It’s a poorly written & edited article. It states, literally, that 20% of English women are restrained in residential mental health facilities. In reality, it’s 20% of INPATIENTS, not 20% of the population as a whole. Regardless, the rate of restraint is maybe 99% TOO HIGH…. And inpatient admits, and “sectioning” are grossly overused….
    Maybe we should invade England, depose the monarchy, and free the English people from their servitude….

  • Something about your comment bothered me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it, at first.
    You’re BOTH *correct*, *AND* *incorrect*, when you say,: “”would not disagree”. ? = would agree. “…. If you want to make mathematics and language have an exact, one-to-one, (or “1-2-1”!~lol) relationship, then yeah, maybe you’re correct. But math deals with quantifiable and discreet numbers. Language deals with human thoughts, feeling, and relationships. I’d argue that language needs human relationships in a way that math doesn’t.
    1 + 1 = 2 in almost any human language, but the phrase, “one plus one equals two”, only makes sense to a person who speaks at least *some* Modern English. There are subtleties of language that are not easy to express in simple math.
    Why I think this matters here, is that the pseudoscience of psychiatry uses the trappings of math/statistics to give it an aura of scientific validity which it does not deserve. Then, they get VERY creative and INVENTIVE with language, in an attempt to further obfuscate the scam of selling expensive neuro-toxic DRUGS as “medicines”. Think of the DSM, which, despite it’s title, contains NO STATISTICS! Could any of the so-called “diagnoses” in the DSM be reduced to mathematical exactitude and certainty? Certainly NOT! But hey, at least the “Treatment Advocacy Center” “infuriates” Dr. Steingard! Mathematics might be as simple as single- and double- negatives, but language is far more subtle, and potentially deceptive.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, a means of social control, and psychiatrists are the personification of MEDICAL FASCISM.
    And THANK-YOU!, >markps2<, for stimulating this comment. And helping to expose the deliberate and intentional cognitive dissonance which characterizes psychiatry….. ~B./

  • Darrell Huff, (1991) How to Lie with Statistics Penguin; New Ed edition, ISBN 0-14-013629-0
    Sorry for the confusion! It’s a book, not a course. The original came out in 1954.
    You can even find a wiki entry on the book!
    As for the quote, I’ve usually seen it attributed to Mark Twain, but wiki says “maybe not”!…..
    And, if you wanna see “lie w/statistics”, just look at any psychiatry study!…lol 😉

  • Sorry I can’t give a more complete reference – but it’s fairly easy to find online. It’s called “How to Lie with Statistics”, and it first came out in the 1950’s. It’s very readable, and informative, with lots of illustrations, and shows most of the ways data can be skewed and mis-represented, whether intentionally, or not. I’m surprised at how often data is still presented today in such a blatantly misleading fashion!

  • So find ME an attorney, “Nomadic”! You know I’ve read your comments here for a year or 2 now. I’ve gone to the website you ALWAYS link in your comments. There is much truth and validity in what you say.
    **BUT**, I cannot, and will not, let it go un-responded to. When you use that simple word “recovery”, you’re using it to mean something VERY different from how I mean it. I’m a RECOVERED alcoholic, with 25+ years of one-day-at-a-time RECOVERY, using the A.A./12 Steps model of RECOVERY. I continue to work on my RECOVERY on a daily basis. Writing this comment, in fact, is an act of RECOVERY for me. I have had several years of excellent PSYCHOTHERAPY, from some very excellent licensed clinical psychologists. The pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as psychiatry damn near killed me! “Life Coaching” is about as specific as “financial advising”. I do see where you’re coming from, and up to a point I agree. But I do think your thinking needs an UPDATE. And please my friend, keep up the good work. We’re simply using some of the same words, to mean very different things….

  • Thank-YOU!, Fred Abbe, for saying so eloquently what *I* also, think…. Sandra works in Vermont, which is very much like the small State to the East, New Hampshire, where I am now. Here in Keene, the local “CMHC” is “Monadnock Family (& Mental Health) Services. (They deliberately dropped the “& Mental Health” part of their name a few years ago, in order to more better FOOL the Public as to their true, evil mission.) One of my friends is one of MFS’s “drug zombies”. An MFS staff person *LIED* about my friend, which caused her to be incarcerated for 4 days in the holding cells of the local hospital ER, “Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth Hitchcock-Keene”. Sandra knows of it. After 4 days involuntary confinement, she was transported to the State mental hospital in handcuffs and shackles, in the back of a Sheriff’s cruiser. After 3 days in State, she was sent home in a TAXI CAB. While in the State, she was seen by a new, stranger-to-her, quack shrink psychiatrist for a few minutes. She continues to be grossly over-medicated by Court order, under the direction of MFS. She is a traumatized sexual and physical abuse victim. Overall, the local “CMHC” is doing FAR MORE HARM than good. THIS is the REALITY which Sandra suffers such extreme professional anosognosia about. I won’t hold my breath, but I’d LOVE to see Sandra’s response….
    And on Monday, Feb. 27, the local newspaper, the Keene Sentinel, had a front page story about the “crisis” in NH Hospitals, of holding cells and waiting rooms in ER’s being filled beyond capacity with persons waiting for beds in the State Loony Bin. The fabricated, manufactured “controversy” is over whether more funds should go towards “community treatment”, or building more “hospital beds”, to meet the (BOGUS) “need”….. This, while the State itself was found 2 years ago to be in substantial NON-compliance with a previous Federal Court order as regards treatment of the so-called “mentally ill”, which resulted from a Federal Lawsuit brought against the State. The situation is largely the same in Sandra’s State of Vermont. Isn’t it, Sandra? Comment?
    (c)2017, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
    AFFIDAVIT: I do hereby swear and affirm, under pains and penalties of perjury, that everything I’ve written here is true, complete, and accurate, to the best of my knowledge and disability.

  • Dang, “FeelinDiscouraged”, that’s a difficultly-worded question! I’m not 100% sure exactly what you’re asking, but I’d say the answer is *YES*. OK, yes what, right? Well, it’s complicated. There’s more diagnoses, because that’s what diagnosers do – they diagnose. And, new people get diagnosed faster than the older diagnosed folks die off, so over time, there’s more diagnosed folks. Yes, this is driven by GREED, and the profit motive. And a desire to control people. Label people. Hurt people. The pharmaceutical industry itself is a form of chemical warfare against a civilian population. Because the drugs are so widely, and negligently prescribed, we’ve got a lot more folks having various toxic reactions to their over-medication, which makes them look crazy, which re-enforces the whole scam…. Here at the local college, for example, recently they hosted a black, “bi-polar” lesbian, who shot out her girlfriends’ car windows with a gun, and she was also a fairly well-known professional women’s basketball player. Think about that. Never mentioned specifically what drugs she was given, or when, but alcohol and “drugs” were a central part of her story. And, from what I’ve seen, it’s fairly rare for a person to only get *ONE* prescription at a time. Regardless of the bogus DSM “diagnosis”. Does that answer your question?
    (Yes, sometimes some people do better on some small dose of some drug for some relatively short period of time. Normal human variability, and the vast array of drugs means, yeah, sometimes some is ok, for some. Sometimes….) The psych drugs are far more dangerous – and profitable, – than folks want to admit…. And far more dangerous than the quack shrinks & PhRMA *WILL* admit! ~B./

  • @Susan Rosenthal: Thanks for the reply. I was correct, in that you DO NOT “get my frustration and rage”. Or my “anger”. I felt no “frustration, rage and anger”, while writing the comment, so you’re misinterpreting me. OK, yeah, there’s mild “frustration”, but that’s the frustration of trying to put very difficult ideas down into clear, concise, readable words. It’s the “frustration” of the student or scholar, or writer. I’ve known other folks who were “cutters”, usually women. They shared with me as much as they could, and I did my best to understand. The smaller number of “self-harming” men I’ve known have engaged in other types of “self-injury”. This is all very difficult to talk about in few words, online, with strangers. By that, I simply mean it’s difficult to put thoughts & feelings down here in typed words. It would be easier in face-to-face conversation. I’d say you & I are maybe not “on the same page”, but at least we’re reading the SAME BOOK! 😉 How’s that work fer ya’? 😉 Also, there *ARE* “hidden agendas” behind *some* Ted talks, and I’m still looking into Ted’s censorship of a Dr. Rupert Sheldrake talk! I do appreciate your reply, thanks again! ~B./

  • So-called “developmentally disabled”/”retarded” folks are given anti-psychotics / major tranquilizers, as a form of behavior control, and to drive profit$…. There’s no “mental illness” “diagnosis” involved, because the system doesn’t require there to be. As far back as the 1950’s, with Thorazine, it was called “chemical restraints”, “chemical straitjacket”, “chemical lobotomy”, etc., BY THE STAFF!….

  • Peter, I do hope you see the problem here. There is no doubt that at least *SOME*, and perhaps *MANY* people use SSRI’s, and other psych drugs, with little or no NEGATIVE effects. But, what I’ve learned the hard way, – through horrific, brutal personal experience, – is that *TOO* *MANY* folks who use these drugs experience a living hell that sometimes includes suicide, murder, and other violent acts. What I couldn’t know back then, – but which I know beyond any doubt now, – is that the worst of my so-called “symptoms” were in fact CAUSED BY the DRUGS! There’s the rub. The pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry” makes money for PhRMA, and money & professional prestige for itself, by $ELLING DRUG$…. Publishing this paper would be the same as admitting that drugs, especially “anti-depressants”, are in fact grossly and negligently OVER-prescribed. What’s worse, is that there is NO systematic effort on the part of psychiatry to LEARN *WHY* some folks have such bad experiences with the “meds”, um, I’m sorry, “DRUG$”…. And yes, Dr. Gotzsche, I’m adult enough to NOT include you personally in my condemnation of the quack shrinks! You’re one of the sadly too few exceptions which proves the general rule. That’s how *I* see it, anyway!…. Still, the CENSORSHIP distresses me…. But thanks for letting us know. ~B./

  • As a disabled former “mental patient” currently struggling with Iatrogenic Neurolepsis, I do hereby name:
    What do I do *FIRST*, Boss? You tell me, you’re the boss!
    I think you’ll do a GREAT job, BORUT RUDL!
    And I’m serious. please tell me what to do, to destroy the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry”, and “mental health”.