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  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. The DSM is in fact a catalog of billing codes. Everything in it was either invented or created, nothing was invented. So-called “mental illnesses” are as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but NOT more real.
    Seen as a whole, psychiatry is a form of genocide…..
    Genocide for profit….

  • Jenifer, you’re in a semantic merry-go-round with the phrase “mental illness”. try this: “So-called “mental illnesses” are imaginary diseases, invented to $ell drug$….and, “The DSM is in fact a catalog of billing codes. EVERYTHING in it was either invented or created, – NOTHING in it was discovered.”….That’s a start.
    You do NOT understand Szasz….

  • Oh, Brenda, Brenda…. I’m so glad you decided to continue your post-High School education, de-indoctrination, and de-programming here at MiA.
    You have come to the right place, my friend.
    First, “the brain”, as you call it, is NOT a discrete human bodily organ, as the pancreas, or spleen, liver, lungs, etc…. What we call “the brain”, is merely the neuronal mass contained within the skull. The human body has 4 nervous systems, & 4 fluid systems. There are more neurons in the gut, than in the brain. MOST so-called “neurochemicals” are made in the gut, not the brain.
    A TRUE “chemical imbalance of the brain” is scientifically impossible.
    Actually, MANY psychiatrists HAVE BEEN CONVICTED of all sorts of crimes. Psychiatry has insinuated itself into our legal system, via HUGE payments from PhRMA to Congress & other politicians.
    I have already here given you weeks of supporting research for your continued edification. Any of Mr. Robert Whitaker’s, or Dr. Peter Breggin’s books are also excellent primers to begin to free your enslaved mind.
    WELCOME to MiA!
    (click on any commenter’s name, to review their comment history….
    Bill Bradford
    The King of Keene

  • 100% pure psychobabble. Gobbledygook. Ridiculous nonsense…..
    Yes, I read and understood this quite well. That’s how I know for sure.
    Psychiatry is a fraudulent drug racket & social control mechanism.
    Looks like it’s in it’s dearth throes.
    Spenser, Carel, & Lilly should hook up & do a TikTok remake of the old nursery rhyme, “Three Blind Mice”….
    “Oh, NO!, Don’t you dare de-pathologize me! I love my mental illness! How else can I get free Gubmint money for not working and sitting around smoking pot all day?”….
    OK, that last line was a little snarky….
    Honestly, I’d love to see Spenser, Carel, & Lilly, all 3, be forced to say unequivocally,
    whether so-called “mental illness” is something that ALL of us have, or else NONE of us have. There’s only ONE human mind, so how can it be otherwise?….

  • I’m really sad to see this crap. How many Democrats consider themselves “liberal”, or “leftist/left-wing”? Most, right? How many know that “neoliberalism”, as used above, is NOT THAT?….
    I’m hearing a lot of complaining, and self-pity. And otherwise educated clinicians & “activists” feeling sorry for these oppressed addicts.
    Got to throw in the “anti-capitalist/anti-capitalism”, too, except capitalism is WHY we have illegal drugs & drug addicts in the first place.
    No doubt there are major social and systemic problems. And that’s true on BOTH social & individual levels. Healthy, well-adjusted adults rarely, if ever, fall into addiction….
    No, sorry, I don’t see how yet another nuanced critique of life really helps anybody, except the virtue-signallers….
    The opposite or addiction is connection, not recovery. “Recovery” is a large & slippery enough word to mean what ever anybody wants it to….
    There’s no doubt in my mind, the authors here have ZERO lived experience in A.A.-style 12-Srtep recovery….
    And finally, from a BOLD-HIGHLIGHTED part above, what the HELL is “types of substance use that are capable of (de)constructing structural inequities.”?….
    Are they DE-constructing, or CON-structing?….
    But anyway, I want to thank MiA for showing us more of what THE PROBLEM IS….
    IMHO, people who think like Sandra McNeil are part of the problem, NOT the solution….

  • Alishia, I hope you see this comment, and reply me what you think:____
    Currently, we have a system-centered system, and a process-centered process. It’s BROKEN….
    We NEED a services-centered system, and a person-centered process….
    I see IPS, – Intentional Peer Support, – as our best current hope to achieve that….

  • Yes, I have carefully read the article, but without going farther down the rabbit hole of clicking & reading the links for more excruciating detail. I read carefully all the comments, many from others whose comments I have long been familiar with. And most with direct lived experience of the damage done by the pseudoscience drug racket known as psychiatry. Yes, I say again.
    The best thing I’ve done in my life was reject psychiatry & psych drugs.
    And, judging by the people I know, who are still victimized by psychiatry & neuro-toxic drugs, this article is a pathetic attempt to absolve the GUILTY.
    The annual APA Conference is a veritable ORGY of PhRMA advertising.
    Follow the MONEY.
    Kriegman seems to be a typical leftist apologist. Nothing he says here is at all new, except for a few minor details.
    Kriegman, IMHO, is equally culpable as the money-loving psychiatrists he so adroitly defends.
    But hey, even serial killers deserve defense attorneys at trial….
    Psychiatrists deserve conviction, and INCARCERATION. IMHO.
    So here’s some MORE, of MY VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT…..
    They ALL belong in prison….

  • Looks like the comment section got hijacked by the boans-rasselas dialogue. TLDR.
    I’m ok with it…..
    But I was hoping there’d be more discussion of Meghan Caughey gracing us with her self-expressive creative writing assignment….
    I’d have a mental illness, too, if a media news story could reduce me to tears….
    I think that crying over the “george floyd”, & “uvalde” type of propaganda stories is a measure not of strength and health, but rather of how brainwashed, controlled and manipulated we all are….
    So-called “mental health challenges” is just another fraudulent & deceptive euphemism for “mental illness”, and BOTH terms are used as control mechanisms by TPTB….
    As regards “Sandy Hook”, when the CT. State AG announced that he would NOT be releasing the final CT. State Police report, he claimed that his refusal was because if he did, “it would cause people to stop taking their meds”…..
    Most mass-casulaty school shootings happen BECAUSE of psychiatry & psych drugs, not in spite of them….

  • No, you dont get it, dude! Both meds and “meds” are the SAME THING!
    BOTH meds & “meds” are deliberately misleading euphemisms created by PhRMA, to $ELL DRUG$!….
    And medicalize for profit off peoples suffering.
    Psychiatry DRUG$ people!
    How can they be meds, or “meds”, – same thing, – if there is NO BIOLOGICAL MEDICAL CONDITION? No medical, chemical, physical aspect to ANY so-called “mental illness”….

  • Yeah, people, let’s all argue about whether or not psychiatry is a “cult” or not, and ignore the FACT that the article is about the superstition of so-called “schizophrenia”, and whether or not “it” actually exists, what “it” is, etc.,….
    Way to be lead astray, off-topic, and OUR POWER neutralized by our puppet-master overlords….
    No wonder we have made so little progress in eradicating the scourge of psychiatry….
    We’re an angry anthill fighting the elephant in the room….
    Good luck with that, kids….

  • Peter, thats a GREAT comment, and I am in 99% agreement with everything you say. EXCEPT that 1%…..
    You use the false, fraudulent, deliberately deceptive piece of psychiatric word salad “meds”, or “medications”. You’re not a paid PhRMA shill, are you?
    No, I didn’t really think so.
    So, NOT “MEDS”, or “medications”, but rather, DRUGS ARE DRUGS ARE DRUGS ARE DRUGS ARE DRUGS ARE DRUGS…and psychiatric DRUGS are ALL NEUROTOXINS. Well, 99% of psych DRUGS are neurotoxins.
    Please adjust your brains language software accordingly.
    Thank-you Peter!
    Great comment, btw!

  • Sorry, Birdsong, my child, but all those “stupid systems” run by those “stupid people”, are IN FACTS OF REALITY, very intricate, complex control mechanisms designed by very clever, very evil people. Designed to take YOUR money, power & control away from YOU, and make it THEIRS. Klaus Schwab/WEF/Davos, & Bilderbergers are specific examples. The world is fucked up BY DESIGN, for PROFIT. Thats the truth!…duh!

  • Just so you know, Daiphanous Weeping, yes, I believe that you believe that you have schizophrenia, and that it’s caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain.
    Me, personally, I think that you’re too intelligent & creative for most people, and that you have too few peers. Like none, maybe, except here at MiA….
    That’s not all, of course, but….still! ttyl

  • Not entirely true, Daiphanous Weeping. I clearly recall reaching out to you when you threatened to stop commenting here. True, it was “leaving MiA” that you were threatening, and not self-euthanization explicitly, but you implied being ready to check out of the party. I’m pretty sure you even commented back to me. I still wanna meet you, or at least email-chat, whatever…. You’re even more pretentious and verbose than I am! And that’s saying something! So, PLEASE!
    >[email protected]<

  • Irit Shimrat speaks the TRUTH here….
    Both from my own personal experience, and that of my friends….
    Sure, there are minor differences in words used, specific details of laws, etc.,
    but it’s the SAME STORY EVERYWHERE….
    The pseudoscience lies of the drug racket known as psychiatry do not respect either borders, or personal boundaries….

  • Joshua said in his comment above, this: “Parents deal with issues that they create in their children because they have a need to find in their child the locus of original sin, and because they had children to give themselves an adult social status.”
    My reply and correction:

    First, Joshua, has ANY parent EVER “found the locus of original sin”? Much less in their children? What is the “original” “sin”? What is the copy, or duplicate sin? What is sin? How is it a “locus”, and not a “location”? How did it get there?

    But I’m not trying to insult you gratuitously. I am making a point here. Dysfunctional parents raise dysfunctional children. Dysfunctional children grow up to be dysfunctional parents. Who then in turn raise dysfunctional children. Who then grow up to be dysfunctional parents who raise dysfunctional children. It is a generation-after-generation CYCLE of dysfunction. Over-intellectualizing is at best a distraction from the vital work of dismantling the GENOCIDE MACHINE of PhRMA & the pseudoscience of psychiatry.

    You know we are on the same page regarding the pseudoscience FRAUD of psychiatry, Joshua, my friend, so thank-you for being so understanding! Parents have children because that is how Natural Biology and human reproduction works. It’s really that simple! That’s the way God, Our Creator, planned it! Or Mother Earth-Mother Nature, if you prefer, ladies.

    (BTW, I prefer ladies, but this isn’t THAT kind of website, so I’ll shut up now….) LOL!
    KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, Joshua!

  • Birdsong, I hope you know the TRUE STORY of Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays?….
    He’s considered to be the “Father of Public Relations”, or some crap like that. Really….
    Until you get to a certain level, a lot of stuff really does sound like “conspiracy theory”….
    But from DEEP DOWN this bottomless rabbit hole, let me assure you all, that it is instead, CONSPIRACY FACTS. The world is fucked up by design. BY DESIGN….
    The super-rich actually WANT the world to be fucked up….
    In their sick & twisted minds, that’s how they maintain their power & control.
    But, yes, the TRUTH CAN SET YOU FREE….
    Insel is nothing more than a puppet, and a mouthpiece, for the Global Ruling Elites, and Global Banksters…. That’s a simple fact. But we all need to understand, if we are to survive….

  • maedhbh: How can I possibly AGREE MORE WITH YOU?…. PhRMA, and the pseudoscience lies of psychiatry, are 2 Armies attacking America, and the Poeople of Planet Earth, waging a form of CHEMICAL WARFARE against a civilian population. PhRMA & psychiatry are ENEMIES of the PEOPLE. They are inhuman, inhumane, and EVIL. Yes, psychiatry is EVIL. It IS A WAR….
    PEOPLE ARE DYING, an average of 25 years sooner than they would otherwise, without PhRMA & psychiatry & psych drugs. I’m not exaggerating here, or being metaphorical. I’m speaking REALITY. WHAT IT IS. PhRMA, & psychiatry, are killing people for profit….
    Go ahead, somebody, anybody? Prove me wrong? You can’t…..
    But go ahead and try. I dare you! As for me? MOLON LABBE, Baby, Molon Labbe…..

  • I’m NOT “dismissing the reality” of anything, or anyone. I’m simply saying that both an itch, and so-called “schizophrenia”, are SUBJECTIVE experiences. As are hallucinations. Daiphanous Weeping says she has schizophrenia, & hallucinates. I accept her belief as valid for her. I believe that she believes it herself. I accept, and support, BOTH HER, and her belief. If she’s happy, then I’m happy. And if she’s not happy, and wants help to change, I will do what I can to help, if asked. I do not have to believe in so-called “schizophrenia” myself. But, I respect, value, and appreciate DW, AND her subjective experience. Are you so sure you disagree with me?

  • “DW”, yes, I support your right to believe that you hallucinate, and have schizophrenia. I’m sorry for your distress. While I disbelieve psychiatry, I believe that SOMETHING is going on inside your head. I want to help you be a whole, healthy, haappy person, whether you have schizophrenia, & hallucinate, or NOT. And, it is a process, not an event. Just because you hallucinate & have schizophrenia, so what?, – you still deserve the most whole, healthy, happy life possible. This is my belief. WE, ALL OF US, have some duty to help you, with you in charge of you. You tell US what you need, not the other way around!. I believe that your schizophrenia may be a form of, of part of, a spiritual awakening. Maybe. But I’m still glad you’re here! I find your comments challenging, AND rewarding!….

  • Sorry, “DW”, can’t agree here. Both your schizophrenia, and your halucinations, are subjective, and only provable by your word alone. That is NOT the case with a congenital dsability, which does have objective, physical manifestations. Trauma may be necessary to explain your schizophrenia, but it not sufficient. If the word “schizophrenia” had not been invented, what would you call it? And, have you heard of, or worked with, HVN, – the Hearing Voices Network?

  • I support your right to be a schizophrenic who has a chemical imbalance. But I DO HOPE you know about HVN – Hearing Voices Network? It’s 100% peer-driven, and does very good work. And I hope you keep commenting here. You do have a unique voice, which I find refreshing, challenging, & rewarding. Your perspective is valid & needed.

  • Astrology is actually MORE valid & scientific than psychiatry can EVER BE. You’ve never had your birth chart done by a professional astrologer. Planets & stars are charted with mathematical precision. There is SOME SCIENTIFIC BASIS for astrology. Psychiatry is PURE FRAUD, feeding like a parasite off human suffering & misery….

  • I’m pretty sure you’re not quite understanding exactly what the “depopulation agenda” is,
    and just how far along it is….
    The Global Ruling Elites DO NOT CARE about you & me, except to take a perverse pleasure in our suffering, which they impose on us every chance they get, by every means available….
    And it is STILL a beautiful world, and a beautiful life….
    I’m sorry for all those unhappy Marxists….

  • Yes, starting in the very early 1930’s, the FIRST people sent to the early “concentration camps” were the “intellectually disabled”, “mentally ill”, & criminals, before Jews as a group were specifically targeted….and Jews were far from the only ethnic groups.
    And, McCrea, you asked for this: Liberals, leftists, and Democrats, ALSO don’t give a damn about homeless mental patients. The World Capital of homeless dysfunction is liberal Democrap-controlled Californicate, which is quickly becoming an unlivable hell, thanks to the anti-God liberal leftist Democrats….
    I’m 1/2 surprised you didn’t break out in a chorus of “Orange Man Bad”, or “Cheetos-Cheetos”….
    I thank God I’m not stupid enough to be a “marxist”, or “freudian”…. I love people too much for that….
    When will you kids ever grow up, and LEARN? So-called “Marxism” is just another controlled-opposition control mechanism of the Global Ruling Elites & Global Banksters, – the “GREG B.’s”….

  • OK, good and funny comments regarding the psychobabble & gobbledygook of the article….
    “Over-educated IDIOTS” is MY pet phrase for all these quack shrinks….
    I mean really, people, can’t you guys in the article HEAR YOURSELVES?….
    “at risk mental state”? WTF? How do they know it’s not an “at risk mental nation”, or “at risk mental territory? “At risk mental province”? Why “state”?….
    OMG!, OMG!, OMG!….LOOK OUT!, it’s CHR-P, & UHR, & ARMS!….
    Why not call it, “CH2-R3-PAMS”?….isn’t that the same thing as CHR-P +UHR + ARMS?….
    The MATH PROVES it’s the same….
    Really, no personal insult intended to Bernalyn Ruiz, MiA writer of the article above, reporting on the dying gasps of a failed “mental health system”.
    Let’s give psychiatry the respect it deserves. It’s ACADEMIC BULLSHIT….
    ….and psychobabble & gobbledygook….

  • I feel honored to have FIRST COMMENT. I only needed to read the article, once, slowly, carefully, and yes prayerfully. No, I haven’t had time to go back and follow the excellent links provided. But I look forward to that time well spent.
    Now what of the story of Mitzy Sky?….
    VERY WELL written. Honest. Open. Maybe some terms and concepts unfamiliar to some readers. But I AGREE 100% with Mitzy Sky. She speaks TRUTH. If it was in my power, I would cause ALL so-called “mental health workers”, especially psychologists & pseudoscience psychiatrists, to READ THIS. Be TESTED on their UNDERSTANDING of the PROFOUND, yet SIMPLE TRUTHS expressed here. The LIES of the pseudoscience drug racket & social control mechanism known as “psychiatry” have prevailed for far too long….
    THANK-YOU, Mitzy Sky, for sharing your TRUTHS here at MiA….

  • My God, these people are stupid. There’s no better word. Stupid. STOOPID MORANS!….
    This “network” approach is an interesting idea. A label has been given to what psychiatry should have been doing all along. But it doesn’t go far enough. It still posits the existence of nebulous “diagnoses” that are as bogus as ever. It doesn’t really look at a person’s psychology, and how that affects & interacts with their typical states of mind….
    “Mapping”, “zooming”, and “targeting” almost sound like a military operation!….
    The excuse that it would “delay treatment” is ludicrous. Imagine going to a new doctor, who begins to take a health history during your first visit. What are you going to say? Tell the Doc. to skip the health history, and just begin treatment? BUT, getting the health history is PART OF TREATMENT!…. Truly, these are over-educated stupid idiots we’re dealing with here….

  • The title caught my eye. Then I forgot about it, as I read the narrative facts.
    Jenifer, I will go as far as to say that you are a victim of a deliberate genocide.
    Psychiatry & the so-called “mental health system” in fact too ofetn do far more harm than good. They promote & cover-up abuse of all kinds, and then pretend that they are caring & virtuous people. It makes me SICK! LOL!….
    There’s no drug that can be $old at profit, to “treat” child abuse….Ah, but there IS a drug that can be sold for “bi-polar”, or “borderline”, or “schizo”. Those labels exist to serve as excuses to $ELL DRUG$….and the DSM is a catalog of billing codes. Once you see the DSM for what it actually is, how can you ever see it as the psychs want you to?….
    We live in a society that makes people sick for money….
    Psychiatry, & the whole “mental health system”, are committing genocide for profit….
    On the backs of traumatized and abused children…. it’s disgusting….

  • Jenifer, If I may…. There is NO SUCH THING as so-called “mental illnesses”, as listed in the DSM. The DSM is pure hoax, fraud, even. Everything in it was either invented or created. Nothing in it was discovered. Yes, so-called “mental illnesses” literally did not exist, before they were created/invented. Think about how “created”, and “invented” are alike, as words. Think about how different “discovered” as a word is. See the difference? get the point? Yes, people can experience “suffering”, and “struggle”, and be in an unhealthy state of mind. That’s you as a kid. You were abused, and raised in an abusive home environment, meaning those closest to you abused you. Your mental state was thus affected. To the extent that you had a so-called “mental illness”, it was IMPOSED ON YOU, not something genetic, or inherent to you as a person. You literally had an “STD”. A SOCIALLY-TRANSMITTED “Disease”…. I really think that you will agree with what I’m saying here. Do you?
    Thanks for what must have been an excruciatingly painful article to write.
    And, may I suggest that you engage in a variety of daily physical exercises as part of your recovery-therapy-treatment? Yoga, Tai Chi, walking, running, bicycling, any sports, all are helpful. And, yes, variety is good. You don’t have to go into competition, just move your body & have fun. And while it’s all still new and not widely understood, there are MANY ways to address, and HEAL traumatic events with various exercises….
    I’m glad you’re here at MiA, and hope you keep writing & commenting….You’re in the right place! WELCOME!

  • Good article. Let’s remember to not allow ourselves to be brainwashed. Please STOP using the false & deceptive euphemisms, “meds”/”medications”, when referring to psych DRUGS. Drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs…..The deliberate fraud of calling them “meds” is specifically designed to fool folks into thinking that the drugs are “necessary” to “treat” some so-called “mental illness”. All just an excuse to $ELL DRUG$….Pill-rape for profit. That’s psychiatry as practiced. And, yes, the practice of psychiatry often features behavior by psychs that meets the legal definition of GENOCIDE….yes, *genocide*….
    Psychiatry is a form of genocide. Prove me wrong? You can’t….

  • I get your point, Steve, and it’s a valid one. But it seems to me an extreme example, and thus almost irelevant to a more central & basic point. Our pro-genes-cause-so-called-schizophrenia friend here wants to PROVE GENETICALLY that an actual medical disease entity exists, called “schizophrenia”, and “caused” by “genes”. Whew! That’s a lot of quotation marks! Looks like pseudoscience, to me! I say that schizophrenia is EXACTLY as “REAL” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. Surely you’ll agree with me so far, Steve? I hope that guy comes back & comments, so we can finish awakening him to real REALITY….

  • “LOL!”….”Substantially increases the risk”….lol. I’m with Steve McCrea 100% on this. I’m seeing a textbook case of the mental illness “confirmation bias”. Like looking at Creation in awe, & exclaiming that there must be a Creator God, just because WOW! SCHIZOPHRENIA! Sounds like a medical FETISH to me….. I no longer believe in such contemporary superstitions as “mental illness”, “schizophrenia”, or “psychiatry”…..
    So go ahead, dude, show me the genes which SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASED MY RISK of losing faith in pseudoscience to 100%….

  • Sorry, Phil, but the story is perhaps more sordid than you know, regarding the evil Dr. Freud.
    “Malicious” may not be the exact best word to describe what he did. “Dismissed” is too casual a word for what he did. He thought they were LYING. Yes, he DISMISSED their reports of the physical & sexual abuse they endured. He was most anxious to find the “cause” of their distress WITHIN THEIR OWN BODIES & BRAINS. To find a “something” that he could control them with, and profit from them. To find a “diagnosis” which would ONLY point the finger at the victims themselves. Freud was trying to blame them for their own victimization. Thus, Freud was the immediate successor of the current genocidal regime which is psychiatry. I think you are being way, way, way TOO forgiving of Freud. He did great damage, and his nephew Edward was just as diabolical…. Freud is best left on the scrap heap of history. And understood as an early sign of the pseudoscience malignancy of current psychiatry….

  • “In the words of the former head of neuroscience at Eli Lilly and Amgen, “Psychopharmacology is in crisis. The data are in, and it is clear that a massive experiment has failed: despite decades of research and billions of dollars invested, not a single mechanistically novel drug has reached the psychiatric market in more than 30 years.”……Tough times for the Drugs Racket!
    At what point does marketing hype become FRAUD? When do we realize that psychiatry is basically chemical genocide?….

  • I’m sorry that you didn’t tell us what that “little slip of a girl” said in reply to you, when you called her out on her patronizing, insulting, and unprofessional statements to you! Yes, indeed she DOES NEED “putting her back in her place”. And “For Your Own Good”, I think that’s correct, is the title of a very good book on understanding childhood trauma & abuse. I read it many years ago, and recommend it.

  • Freud actually DID write a book on cocaine. And, just because you experienced a certain type of pattern of feelings and thoughts involving your mother & father, does NOT mean that you were experiencing the effects of an “Oedipus complex”, or whatever-ya-callit. Freud dismissed the experiences of rape, sexual molestation, & incest in a group of female patients, then gaslighted them into a “diagnosis”” of “hysteria”. Furthermore, it’s a little-known medical historical fact, but the hysteria vaccine eliminated the scourge of hysteria by the 1950’s, when Thorazine took over as PhRMA’s profit-fleet flagship in the Chemical Genocide Armada….

  • Yes, the so-called “Oedipal complex”, like so-called “mental illnesses”, are both exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. Both are subjective concepts which have NO OBJECTIVE REALITY. At best, as with all religions, they are only as “real” as their believers believe them to be. Freud truly was misogynist, a cocaine user, and his half-baked “theories” have been debunked & totally deconstructed for the wrongful nonsense they are. And for the WIN, of who was a more horrible, despicable person, Freud, or Jung, it’s Freud the Fraud….

  • Oh, Daiphanous Weeping, your prose is so poetic! I love it! But, BUT!, I just cant agree with something you wrote. Temptation does NOT create choirs, any more than melancholy created psychiatry. Study history. The American Psychiatric Association grew almost directly out of the trade group for Superintendents of State Mental Hospitals. First called “alienists”, early shrinks rubbed shoulders with licensed, practicing phrenologists. Psychiatry was a key factor in the horrors of Stalin’s murderous rule in Russia, & in the Nazis’ 3rd Reich. Germany was the
    early seedbed for the poison-pill dead flowers of psychiatry. They even invented “draepetomania”, the supposed “mental illness” that caused slaves to run away from their masters! Really! I have found psychiatry & genocide together in scientific papers as early as the 1970’s. Psychiatry is genocide via pharmaceuticals, for profit. In other words, psychiatry makes money by waging a campaign of terrorism against persons, by dosing them with drugs. No, D-Weepy, psychiatry is NOT NEEDED! Except to make $$$ for rich white supremicists….

  • Sorry I missed your reply last week! You are correct. Court-appointed attorneys are another JOKE. Despite their SUPPOSED role, their ACTUAL role is to create the appearance of representing the oppressed “mental patient”, while actually facilitating their involuntary servitude. The practice of psychiatry is in fact unconstitutional….

  • I had a close friend who was being abused by “the mental health system”, and she reported the abuses her landlord inflicted on her. She was not believed. She was accused of being delusional, or fabricating stories. The Court illegally evicted her into homelessness, after “child protective services” wrongly took her daughter away. Within months, her 8yr. old daughter was in the State mental hospital on neuro-toxic psych drugs. Mom left the State, and I lost touch with her. Yes, the practice of psychiatry DOES CONSTITUTE GENOCIDE….the actions of “the mental health system” do meet the legal definition of genocide against vulnerable persons. So, I validate your experiences.

  • Based on my personal experience, asking anybody, whenever I get the chance, I’d say MOST Americans either have no idea there is a difference between psychology & psychiatry, or don’t know, AND don’t care. I have only met like maybe 2 or 3 people who know there is a difference, and NOBODY who could state with certainty what the main differences are. Psychiatry has flourished largely by this ignorance. If more people were better educated, we’d have less psychology, and NO psychiatry, which is pure FRAUD, and a pseudoscience….
    So the “Replication Crisis” in psychological study is an entirely SELF-INFLICTED wound. Psychiatry is blatant unscientific fraud, & psychology is almost as bad….

  • Sam Ruck reports that he has commented here for about 6 years. Over 600 comments. I’ve read MOST of them. I am deeply, deeply impressed, to read about the love & dedication that Sam has given his wife. Sam has, over these 6 years, written almost a text-book on how to FOLLOW, and WALK WITH, and TRULY HELP an abused loved one. His wife is very lucky to have Sam, and I’m sure Sam feels very lucky to have her. Had she been in the traditional “mental health system”, she would NEVER have received the level of caring & love that Sam gave her. Nor the help & healing. Sam’s case is unique, and as an “anecdotal report”, psychiatry will give it little notice or credibility. But we here at MiA recognize the GREAT LOVE which Sam’s story of life with his wife represents. DEEP RESPECT to you two, Sam Ruck!…. May God’s blessings shower upon you….KEEP UP the GOOD WORK!….

  • I appreciate you letting me articulate my pain. My pain is NOT for myself alone, nor is my pain even mostly about ME. My pain is for my bestie-friend of 15 years, “name redacted”. She was raised in a very dysfunctional, emotionally, verbally, and psychologically abusive Roman Catholic home. As with several other women I know from similar backgrounds & family upbringings, she was sexually molested-used-abused-raped-etc., by her Father for several years. By the time the TRUTH came out, she had been taken to a psychiatrist, given a bogus & fraudulent “diagnosis”, given Electro-Cution Torture(so-called “ECT”), and put on a variety of neuro-toxic psych drugs. She lives in HUD-subsidized housing, on Federal SSI payments, and State-provided Food Stamps. She is FORCED under Court order to go to the local CMHC – “Community Mental Health Center”, where her quack shrink, Dr. Marsh, refuses to listen to her, disrespects her, wastes her time, and expects HER to meet THEIR schedule, as if she is some sort of sub-human robot. EVERY DAY, she is angered and disrespected by the CMHC staff, which have a VERY HIGH employee turnover rate. Good employees quit all the time, leaving the “bad apples” as the bulk of the employees. Or, often, GOOD employees are FIRED, because they are TOO honest, and could upset the apple-cart gravy-train. The jobs at the CMHC are very easy, pay very well, and the employees have absolute immunity to complaint by their victims, as with my good friend, “name redacted”. As the daughter of a Catholic, sexually abusive father, who as an adult is labelled and drugged by psychiatry, she is one of SEVERAL women friends I have known over the years with a very similar story. The girls are taken to shrinks, diagnosed & drugged to keep them from having any credibility if-when they tell the TRUTH about their childhood sexual abuse. Both the Priesthood & Psychiatry have been, and still are, used to cover up such sex crimes against children. My friends case goes deeper. The County Attorney who prosecuted her Father, later became the judge who Court-orders her abuse at the hands of the local CMHC! What a sick, sick, SICK little system!….
    Since January, I have been going to the local “Peer Support Agency”, on an almost-every-day basis. To be sure, there ARE problems & “issues” there, but it is a VERY GOOD, very SUPPORTIVE place. They employ “Intentional Peer Support”, as a formal modality. They also use Mary Ellen Copeland’s “W.R.A.P.”, – for “Wellness Recovery Action Plan”, which, like the 12 Steps of A.A., “works if you work it, and you’re worth it, so work it”! There can be NO RECOVERY in traditional, Psychiatry-lead “community mental health centers”. So, when “psychiatry” deigns to “study” & “research” “peer support”, well….
    KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, Ellen Dayan! May you be spared the needless suffering psychiatry daily inflicts on others….it really IS a form of GENOCIDE against a very vulnerable population….and I left out the forced abortion she endured….yeah. That happened.

  • “I’m a behavioral health professional with lived experience of mental illness. My professional activities have included developing peer support workforces, grant writing for innovative educational mental health programs, textbook authorship on the topics of communication skills and recovery coaching, research, teaching, and senior administration of recovery oriented peer support initiatives. My M.S. is in Psychology Research and Evaluation.”….so says Ellen Dayan, about themselves….
    But *I* say:____
    “I’m a survivor (so far, yet!….), of the genocidal pseudoscientific drug dealing and social control law enforcement scheme of quackery known as “psychiatry”. I was on the original founding board of directors of “Granite State Monarchs”, in 1996, here in my small hometown. I was soon kicked off the board by enemy spies sent by “Monadnock Family Services”, which is the local Gov’t-protected monopoly CMHC. I was age 15, in 10th grade, when I was first mis-diagnosed & pill-raped with neuro-toxins. At age 18, I was first transported in handcuffs & shackles by law enforcement to a State Mental Incarceration Facility for short-term emergency storage, during a non-fatal adverse drug reaction, which was deliberately mis-described as a “mental illness”. I have now been 100% SHRINK-PROOF for over 25 years. And I know psychiatry is a LIE….
    ….a gently mocking smile, and a slow shake of my head, every time I read that “lived experience” nonsense…. No, sorry, but I don’t consider so-called “social anxiety disorder” to be a “mental illness”, any more than I do “schizophrenia”, or “bi-polar”, or “major depression”…. They are all simply social control categories, and marketing copy for PhRMA drugs…. So go ahead, please PROVE me wrong, if you can….

  • Peter, Sandra’s comment has been bugging me for 2 days now, Since I first read it Monday afternoon, I have been puzzling over what she wrote, and what she means. I have been thinking about WHAT? to write in reply….You reply is MUCH BETTER than anything I could write. Seems even actual M.D.’s are still suffering and struggling under the delusion that the pseudoscience of psychiatry is actual “healthcare”. Psychiatry is “healthcare” like a nazi deathcamp is birth control….

  • Joshua, I like your comments & ideas, and I’m glad you post here at MiA, and I hope you continue to do so. So my argument is NOT with you personally, but rather with the ideas and words you present.
    When my parents took me to a psychiatrist in 10th grade, at age 15, I was given a prescription for neuro-toxic drugs, which ruined the next 20 -25 years of my life. And a bogus & fraudulent “diagnosis”. ANY psychiatric “diagnosis” is the civil equivalent of a criminal sentence of LIFE IN PRISON, WITH NO POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. Have you EVER heard of ANYBODY who has been told they have NO diagnosible psychiatric condition. No psychiatrist would EVER say that! The staff at the local “community mental health center” regularly LIES about one of my best friends. These LIES are used as justification to ship her to the State mental hospital, in handcuffs and shackles, in the back of a Sheriff’s cruiser. She is Court-ordered to be needle-raped and pill-raped on a daily basis. She SUFFERS, and STRUGGLES, not with some bogus psychiatric “diagnosis”, or imaginary “mental illness”, but rather she suffers from the abuse, and acts of GENOCIDE comitted against her by the so-called “mental health system”. So you’re wrong, you seem young, over-idealistic, naive, and uninformed of the actual BRUTALITY inflicted by an UNCIVILIZED, BARBARIC “society”. Life in prison with forced drugging would in fact BE JUSTICE SERVED for many, if not most psychiatrists. Not all, certainly, but MANY, if not MOST psychiatrists are GUILTY AS CHARGED. Have I changed your mind with the TRUTH, Joshua?….

  • Better yet, involve the PATIENTS & INMATES, & RESIDENTS in the running of such facilities…. Treating people like the responsible adults they are, or can become, is the BEST, most THERAPEUTIC way to treat them. On small scales, in various “alternative” settings, such an approach has worked wonders. But “the mental health system” in general, and psychiatry in particular, uses a system that disrespects and dis-empowers people. And you’re correct, – the general public shares psychiatry’s view of it’s victims. They DO NOT REALLY CARE AT ALL, despite their lame protests to the contrary….

  • Nah, I oppose the death penalty on principle…..Life in prison with forced neuroleptic injection would be JUSTICE SERVED to the worst of the psychiatrists….
    And, until & unless they are held accountable, and FINANCIALLY LIABLE, no government should “license” psychiatry….to license is to accrue culpability & liability….
    Some more good FIRST STEPS towards the absolute eradication of toxic psychiatry:
    1. The A.P.A. (“psychiatric ass’n”, NOT “psychological ass’n”….) MUST cease all NEW memberships, and allow the A.P.A. to DIE OFF by terminal attrition….
    2.Announce *NO DSM-6*….Let the DSM-5 END THE FRAUD….
    Those 2 steps alone would bring medicine forward in time a century or more….
    Yes, the state of “current” “medical science” in 2022, is in fact late 1800’s vintage….
    Much newer chemistry today, and drugs, and Electro-Cution Torture, but an 1800’s mentality…..

  • No, he meant “e-radiate”, maybe?….irradiate? Yes, “irradiate”. NUKE psychiatry! LOL!….
    The so-called “mental health system” is a BROKEN JOKE….
    Sure, yes, there ARE many good people in the system, but far too many EVIL ONES…. And, it’s a system-centered system, and a process-centered process…..
    Can we convert or adjust it to be a SERVICES-CENTERED system, and a PERSON-CENTERED process?…. That’s a start…..
    Psychiatry can’t exist without DRUGS, and the “mental health system”….
    But, some kind of “mental health system” would work just fine withOUT the pseudoscience of psychiatry….

  • Oh, Gina! Not so fast! So-called “emotion”/”emotional”,etc, and “mental”/”mental illness”, are VERY different, and alike, in the same and different ways. First, “emotion”, e-motion, E-motion, E-MOTION, Energy in Motion… energy in motion in the form of a vast networked array of neuronal firings, throughout all 4 nervous systems, in a physically perceivable way. Your perception, or feeling, or emotion, is connected to the vast, complex chemical machine your body is. “Mental”, or “mentality”, or “mental health&illness”, etc., is THOUGHT. Thoughts. Thinking thoughts…..Thinking….. In the head, more than felt in the body…. An emotionally upset person is not mental. A “mental” person could be emotionally calm. So what are we saying? What we think & feel, our emotions & mentals, should be and IS, OURS ALONE, and NOT for some quack shrink fraud psychiatrist to say. Bodily autonomy, and bodily integrity, and bodily safety, are are all part of mental & emotional, too. Emotional preservation? EMOTIONAL PRESERVATION? YES…..indeed, you’re correct….

  • Guys like Horwitz here make me sick. On the subject of pathologizing normal childhood, what does he do? The old “BLAME the PARENTS” dance. He claims that it’s parents wanting drugs/”meds” for their kids that is driving skyrocketing rates of childhood “diagnosis” & drugging. As if PhRMA has NOTHING to do with it. PhRMA is simply meeting those parents demands, right, Horwitz? I’m really not slamming Horwitz personally, he’s just the example to hand. I don’t hate the guy. But he needs to get his little white-privilege head out his backside, wake up, and smell the coffee of REALITY, Horwitz….psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control, – 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good.
    Prove me wrong, Horwitz, prove me wrong…. I don’t think you can prove me wrong….

  • The DSM is a CATALOG of BILLING CODES. That’s all it really is. Everything in it was either INVENTED, or else CREATED. Nothing in the DSM was discovered. Literally, so-called “mental illnesses” were invented or created, depending how you look at them…. They were NOT discovered…. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. The DSM is a fabricated money-maker of billing codes. Mental illnesses were invented to sell drugs. Psychiatry is a fraud, and pseudoscience…..
    Sorry, Allan Horwitz,
    ….the ongoing genocide that IS the pseudoscience drug racket known as “psychiatry”….
    May God have mercy on your soul….and your psyche….

  • REM – for “Rapid Eye Movement”, is the sleep-stage when dreaming typically occurs, and recordings of brainwave patterns during REM cycles mimic & match those of psychotic persons. We’re psycho while we dream. Every night. ALL OF US. Psychosis is a NORMAL state of mind, when we sleep. And, normal, but not so good if we’re awake! Psychosis is only fun once you master control of that mind state, and can be terrifying to the untrained….
    Psychiatry can never admit this truth, or risk losing maybe 25 – 50% or more, of their current clients-victims-guinea pigs….

  • You know that if you had continued to “treat” with those quack psychiatrists, then they would have slapped you with a BPD*(“Borderline Personality Disorder”), or “Major Depression”, or even “treatment resistant depression”, and subjected you to ECT-Electro-Cution Torture….You would be thoroughly discredited & invalidated a priori, if you had complained further about the midwife….that’s how the fraud of psychiatry rolls. They are the MUSCLE, and ENFORCERS of medicine…. “Misogynistic Medical Fascism”, – that’s psychiatry…..

  • For just over 30 years, I have been both a MediCaid, & MediCare beneficiary. State & Federal “healthcare” SCAMS, really. The local hospital, “CheshireMedicalCntr/DartmouthHitchcock-Keene, (“CMC/DHK”), who has a government-sponsored pure, protected MONOPOLY of any healthcare here in Keene, is REFUSING ME ANY MEDICAL CARE. Really. But anyway, I don’t care. I’m independently healthy. 25+years psychiatry & psych-drug FREE!…. If there were any way that I could CEASE & DESIST any $$taxpayer fund$ going to the FRAUD of psychiatry, I would. Why doesn’t Medicaid & MediCare reimburse Phrenology treatments? Or Astrologers? Or palm-readers & fortune-tellers? All the SAME as psychiatry. Subsidizing the Kissing Booth at the County Fair would be a better use of tax money spent on healthcare than psychiatry ever can be….

  • Worst case scenario for a G.P.-general practitioner/”PCP”-primary-care-physician/NP-Nurse Practitioner, is the VERY DIFFICULT PATIENT!…Nightmare! Problem! Solution? Turn them over to the psychs. Drug ’em into submission, compliance, & agree-ance, if usually morose & diffident presentation….the money is essentially the same either way, and equal paperwork administration load….The general dysfunction level of society acts as a lid beneath which live all the undesirables. The drunks, druggies, crazies, elderly, the alone, the gimps & cripples, the different & strange. The ones who give legitimacy to the pampered, sheltered lives of the well-to-do, & well off, well-heeled rich scumbags. The Elite. The 1%. That’s who psychiatry serves, and PROFITS. Genocide for profit, – that’s the pseudoscience of psychiatry. So it goes…..

  • Persons with a faster metabolism might reach the 6-month grief pathology threshold in only 4 or 5 months, probably…. I are a psych-i-atrister….I are smart. I sell pills. Business is very, very good for me!…. I help people with their mental health condition illnesses…. Obviously, if you typically get more than 7 hours per night of sleep, you can expect to reach the grief threshold in as much as 6.3 – 6.6 months, instead of the usual 6. So there’s hope, sleepyhead!

  • Thanks, Katarina! Whether a government hospital, or a private, for-profit or non-profit, is different in some ways, obviously, but also more alike in treatment of persons. A psychiatric “total institution”, or “insane asylum”, is a place where the deepest, darkest traumas are practiced, as both victim, and victimizer. The folks running such places are as sick in their own ways as the so-called “patients”, or inmates. A mausoleum museum of depravity and soul-sickness. Such is psychiatry. And, check any legal definition of “genocide”. So-called “psychiatric treatment & care” DOES MEET the definition of GENOCIDE. A psychiatric hospital can easily be seen as a center of emotional & psychological isolation from family & friends, and a torture center, where the abused and traumatized are re-abused and re-traumatized….that’s a form of genocide.
    “Bad help is WORSE than no help at all.”
    And psychiatry is bad help.
    And I’m hearing you asking how to edit your narrative, above, or else tell some NEW stories! I’m coming from an A.A., – Alcoholics Anonymous background, also. The 12 Steps are a roadmap, or framework for recovery from alcoholism. There’s no such formalized process in psychiatric “treatment”, because the shrinks want a paying pill head customer for life. Healing & curing would be a bad business model. Causing & “treating” so-called “mental illness” is where the big money is.
    And with A.A. meetings, you are often swapping stories about your experiences, which is a form of healing, group processing. As you heal & recover, & change, so will your story, and how you feel about it. You will still feel like “you”, yourself, but you will also feel a change, like you are becoming a new person. Which you are doing. The better, stronger, healthier group of people you’re around, the more you will heal from these personal interactions. This is why peer-run centers work so well. I think your writing is fine! Excellent! Let me read it again, and pretend I’m an English professor, or something! LOL! We can be whole, healthy, happy people, in spite of what we’ve gone through.

  • ….it’s almost like, oh, *YAWN*, yeah, um, ok, well, I was in a Nazi death camp, but it was no big deal, really, kinda like psychiatric treatment, really….you know what I mean?….
    I’m not making fun of pain inflicted for profit under color of supposed “medical” “treatment”….
    What it REALLY IS, is GENOCIDE….the genocide of psychiatry.
    We can never condemn them enough for the EVIL they do….

  • There’s NO medical, chemical, physical, mental, objective *TEST* of ANY kind, for ANY so-called “mental illness”. It’s all IMAGINARY, arbitrary, invented and created and curated, but NEVER cured because it is conceptualized as making a lifetime money faucet to PhRMA out of traumatized abused persons. How can anybody measure the pain and suffering psychiatry inflicts on people? What measure of psychiatry-induced pain and suffering was I forced to endure, starting as an innocent, trusting, drunken, out-of-control 15yr old? How can such medical demonism be “measured”?….Psychiatry is FRAUD. Damn them all to Hell, by God….

  • It’s been 3, maybe 4 years, since I last read up on Otsuka PhRMA’s digital “Abilify”. They use a low power, RFID-type “chip”, such as in store loyalty cards. They are very low-power , and can transmit only as far as a wearable device. But that was as of a few years ago, so….maybe they are higher powered & longer range now…. Otsuka also pays/ bribes doctors directly. They paid one local psychiatrist a total of over $10,000., in one, 2-year period, for “consultant” work….etc.,

  • Yes, true, I’m really not being fair to the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry. The goal of psychiatric genocide is not death of it’s victims, per se. Pychiatry wants chattel puppets who pay as long as possible, not corpses. That Essex saw so many deaths, is surely due to an as-yet-uninvented mental illness anomaly….. But Britains NHS IS a part of the Davos Depopulation Agenda, (DDA), which is an outgrowth of the U.N.’s Agenda 2020, & Agenda 2030. It’s simply good economic practice to turn excess breeders into profit generating centers. And best of all, it’s good, evidence-based medicine.

  • Obviously, the GREG B.’s are at play here. The Billionaire Boys Club. The Globalist Banksters. The Financiers. The 12, (or 13) ruling Royal Families of Europe. The Tongs & Triads of China. The Yakuza of Japan. The East European & Russian Mafias. The Italian, Sicilian, Greek, & Roman Vatican Mafia, including the Swiss Guards & the secret Swiss bank accounts. Off-shore tax havens. Davos, Switzerland. The Bilderbergers. PhRMA. Wall St…. City, County, State, & Federal Government Mafias. Usury & compound interest. Fractional reserve Banking. The Insurance & Re-Insurance Industries. Resource extraction, drilling, mining, etc., Manufacturing, Retail, Service, all in service to LOVE OF MONEY. GREED. …No, Gordon Gecko, greed is EVIL….and yet YOU WONDER why folks in the industrialized, English-speaking world, are so “distressed”. Oh, yeah, I forgot the Ministry of Truth, & THE MEDIA, 95% of which is owned by only 6 companies….etc.,etc.,etc.,……so it goes….
    ….fuck psychiatry & psych drugs,-NEURO-TOXINS ALL….

  • Bases loaded, down by 3, bottom of the 9th, last batter, Dr. Hickey, and the count is 3-2….
    And, as usual, Dr. Hickey hits a Grand Slam Home Run right over the far center field wall, and out of the park….
    I really hope this “Morehead” dude reads my comment, and responds. But he won’t, because he’s a coward. And over-educated idiot. Arrogant. Delusional. Greedy. Cruel. Blind to his own hubris, and deaf to all legitimate criticism. His piece is fairly cleverly written, but so is any advertising copy. This Morehead dude must be a vegetarian, – everything he says is pure WORD SALAD….. GTFO, MOFO….LOL!….

  • ….”There is always the possibility that one can reconfigure the material-discursive practice that is Abilify MyCite. Meaningful relationships, renewed self-understandings, and/or various forms of resistance could emerge through these reconfigurations.”….”…. <-from the article. That 1st sentence is PURE WORD SALAD. Psycho-babble. Gobbledy-gook…. Those people who talk that way are over-educated idiots. It is their brutality inflicted towards myself, and others of my kin, that has EARNED ME the RIGHT to express myself thus…. Psychiatry is the personification of MEDICAL FASCISM. Only Otsuka PhRMA "needs" cyborg Abilify. And, I understand that the RFID chip in each pill is only strong enough to travel a few short feet to a wearable device. So, who thinks it's a good idea to fill the bellies of so-called "mental patients" up with digital debris? Certainly not good, loving, natural persons! Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of totalitarian social control. It's 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continue to do, FAR MORE HARM than good…. So-called "schizophrenia" is just as "real" as presents from Santa Claus, but NOT more real…. The World WILL BE a better, healthier, happier place when psychiatry is finally flushed down the toilet bowl of history, along with Otsuka PhRMA, and digital medical fascism in pill form…. Go ahead, prove me wrong! I DARE YOU!….

  • First, yes, with lots of MINOR, DETAIL differences, “boans”, above, accurately describes the state of affairs as I have PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED, WITNESSED, and heard about, as to how so-called “mental patients” are treated, regardless of which specific bogus “diagnosis” a person has been labelled with. Any “psychiatric diagnosis” is BOGUS, and represents the CIVIL equivalent of a CRIMINAL SENTENCE of “life, in a socially-constructed PRISON, without possibility of parole”…. Have you EVER heard of a “CURED” “mental patient”?…. Who PROFITS MOST, when society as a whole believes that “once mentally ill, always mentally ill”?….
    As for so-called “excited delerium”, yes, SOMETIMES, “it” IS exactly that. TOXIC SITUATIONAL PTSD….any encounter with a TRAINED KILLER, i.e., ANY COP, can result in “excited delerium”…. SOME cases of it, are in fact “it”…. And, in the so-called “mentally ill”, psych drugs are almost always a factor…. “Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome”, anybody….????….
    “Physicians for Human Rights”, is basically VIRTUE SIGNALING, and “SJW-wannabes….
    How can I respect such quacks, frauds, & posers….poofters & tossers the lot of them!….
    Maybe someday the “excited delerium gene” will be discovered in Afro-American Folks of Brown & Black Color…. No doubt the Mongoloid & Caucasoid Races have it, too….or they did in the mid-1800’s, when the “3-races” theory reigned supreme in settled science circles….
    Of course we ALL KNOW, that in 2022, there are EXACTLY 5 RACES:, black, brown, yellow, red, and white….some of them are almost human…. so it goes….

  • You are CORRECT, Mr. McCrea! I see your bet, and raise you 1. The title of this article contains a glaring error. It SHOULD READ:
    “Anti-psychotics Are NEVER Prescribed With Full Informed Consent.”….
    If I knew then, what I KNOW NOW, then I would NEVER have been taken to that quack shrink in 10th grade by my parents. NEVER got the bogus, imaginary “diagnosis”. NEVER got the Rx for potent neuro-toxins. NOIT WASTED the next 20 – 25 years of my life…. Psych drugs actually CAUSED MOST of my so-called “symptoms”…. The longer I saw psychiatrists, the more psych drugs I took, – AS PRESCRIBED, – the crazier & more dysfunctional I became…. The booze I drank on my own was bad enough. The few illegal “street drugs” I experimented with were not so bad, and easy to recover from. But it was the legal, prescribed neuroleptics that damn near killed me at least 3 times, once on a toxic withdrawal, and once when I went toxic due to accumulation, because the local CMHC never checked my blood levels, as they should have done…. Psychiatry & psych drugs, have done, and continue to do, FAR MORE HARM than good….

  • Regarding your last paragraph, above, about what we will see “in the longer term”, those “therapies” that will “”defuse” or reduce or eliminate the power of earlier traumatic events” are called RECOVERY via the 12 Step method, although there are other techniques, of course…. These “therapies” are innately encoded, and available freely to all…. Ask me how I know…. We all have far more power and control over our thoughts and feelings than we have been lead to believe….

  • Is he “Insel”, or “INCEL”?…. He had to write a frickin’ BOOK to answer that question?…. More PERCEIVED, so-called “mental illness”, begets more “mental health treatment”, which begets more “mental health workers”, requiring MORE $salerie$, but also selling MORE DRUG$ for PhRMA, thus enriching Wall St., and raising taxe$ on those who can least afford it, thus begetting more stress among the already poorest, which begets more PERCEIVED, so-called “mental illness”, and thus the noose-circle is closed and tightened, and that’s how the GENOCIDAL MACHINE of the PSEUDOSCIENCE of PSYCHIATRY CHEWS UP PEOPLE Soylent Green style…. Got that? Easy. No PhD, or MD, needed….

  • Hi, Ann! My anecdote here is just that: my personal, direct experience. Simply, for well over 20 years now, I have spoken on a near-daily basis with 100’s, if not several 1,000 adult drug users in various stages of their drug usage and addiction. Virtually ALL of them tell me they were prescribed various drugs, for various “diagnoses”, during their childhood. What I’m saying is that drugging school-kids with Adderall, Ritalin, &etc., is almost guaranteed to produce an adult drug-user….
    I have literally NEVER talked to ANYBODY, who, as an adult who doesn’t use drugs, DID use them as a kid.
    See what I mean?
    And, sorry I can’t cite any details, but I clearly remember a BRIEF “blip” of news about a large-scale, comprehensive study designed to answer 1 question:
    “Does the “D.A.R.E.” program actually “work”, to reduce or eliminate adult drug use & abuse”?
    The answer is: NO.
    Any schoolkid who goes through the “D.A.R.E.” program will almost certainly use drugs as an adult….
    The article I saw years ago, confirmed what I already knew from direct personal experience, and from listening to the many, many people I talk to on a daily basis…. drug use leads to drug use. Period.

  • OK, full confession, “rebel”, I’m kinda traditional & old fashioned. My “loving brothers” comment was intended as gender-neutral. LOL! What I’ve found about reading intro-level Buddhism, like the Dalai Lama’s many books about Buddhism, is that the more I read & understand it, the more Christianity makes sense to me! I still think Zen Buddhism, with it’s Koans, is a mind-warped headgame, though! What I learned in both A.A. recovery from working the 12 Steps, and Buddhism, is to seek to understand & ACCEPT reality AS IT IS, and not as I want it to be, or how others tell me it should be. And that with “independent happiness”, I am happy simply because I CHOOSE to be happy. Psychiatry, with it’s neuro-toxins & LIES, wanted me to believe that I had a “mental illness”, a “broken brain”, and a “chemical imbalance”, and would need their drugs for “the rest of my life”. Instead, I see now that I am LIVING PROOF, – a witness, – of the lies of the pseudoscience of psychiatry. Gee, Doc, what happened to my “mental illness”?…. Today, I’m a happy man, with a good life. I am very grateful, and glad to be alive. The time I spend here with my FRIENDS on MiA is very valuable to me!
    Any human person is always healthiest in regular “communion” with healthy others others in healthy groups. That’s also the only real ideal for helping those in distress. When Western Allopathic Psychiatry divides the individual out from the group, and stigmatizes them with an individualized “mental illness” label, worse health is the inevitable outcome. The drugs only create more illness long-term, not less…. That’s why media & psychiatry both, are so addicted to using the words “suffer”, & “struggle” any time they discuss “mental illness”. Psychiatry is so PSYCHOTIC, that now they use the neo-logism “mental health condition”, to mean the same thing as “mental illness”!. When you think about it carefully, they are saying that a condition of mental health, and a mental illness are the SAME THING! Yes, I wrote this carefully, and that’s exactly what they mean! Psychiatry has lead itself by the nose so long, that they have no credibility left anymore! Psychiatry is ridiculous nonsense at best, and literal drug-slavery and death, at worst. No wonder I was such an unhappy mental patient! LOL!
    ….BTW, yes, I studied this question, to confirm something I had read: When seen clearly and logically and rationally and factually, the current practice of psychiatry DOES MEET the legal definition of GENOCIDE. Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Literally.
    Since when is genocide a branch of medicine?….
    At least since the Nazi Death Camps & Soviet Gulags.
    And I know and see many genocide-by-psychiatry victims everyday here in my small hometown. It’s a sad thing….
    I’d like to think that psychiatry stays away from these indigenous people in Nicaragua, but….
    Thank-you, “rebel-woman”! Did I get that correct this time? If you smiled I did! LOL!….

  • I’m sorry that I made you think being tied to my chair with a jump rope by a teacher was something that I found “traumatizing”, or whatever. It was a little weird, but no big deal. It’s funny, more than anything, even back then! I saw it as a sign of both stupidity & incompetence on the part of the teacher, plus her frustration. I enjoyed my little “victory” greatly! But I also lost respect for her as an adult, and an authority figure. The “trauma” began AFTER, when she took me out in the hall, and verbally “assaulted” me, telling me that I would “have no friends”, “when I grew up”. I experienced emotional & psychological trauma from the shaming of her words AFTER, more than anything from the actual tying up itself. See my point? You are exaggerating the effects of the tying up, but down-playing the effects of her words on me, afterwards….
    I’m trying to clarify, so you will see more correctly….
    I’m suggesting that any “ADHD” “diagnosis” says far more about a sick, dysfunctional social structure, than it does about a kid….

  • “rebel”:
    In my DECADES of personal lived experience in recovery in A.A.- Alcoholics Anonymous, decades of recovery from psych drugs, I have met many Christians who sharesimilar stories as yours, and who witness for Jesus Christ. I do not share your full beliefs, but I deeply respect them, and see their value. Please continue to share here at MiA. The book “Jesus and Buddha as Brothers”, by Vietnamese-French Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn, will explain my perspective as a Buddhist, and why I treasure YOUR experience of salvation by Jesus. You and I are as loving brothers, “rebel”…. Our common “enemy” is the pseudoscience of psychiatry….

  • I had read a book from “Scholastic Book Services”, about famous magician & escape artist Harry Houdini, which explained some of his simpler tricks. As the teacher was tying the jump rope, I used one of his tricks. The teacher was NOT “crazy”, Steve, and I am insulted for her AND myself, that you would use that laguage. She was “crazy” because I unintentionally drove her crazy, by my actions & intelligence. She was as much of a victim as I was then. Please use your turn signal, if you’re not going to stay in your lane, Steve.

  • Excellent comment from Joshua, above. He details some of the ways that so-called “homeless mental patients” are used as PAWNS, BARGAINING CHIPS, & CASH COWS by government, industry, finance, and those pernicious “non-profit agencies”. Too many of these manipulators a “good liberal Democrats”. The Republicans are almost as diabolocal, but at least Repubs use the rhetoric of personal rights, responsibilities, and freedoms. The MPLF, – Mental Patient Liberation Front, failed because they were too Marxist, not because they were wrong. If you disagree, then where is the MPLF in 2022? So it goes….

  • OK, I’m an older man. I hate to admit the truth. Yes, I AM old enough to be a grandfather. So yes, I’ve seen my share of parents & kids over the years. That’s to give some frame of reference to my comments here. Ann, your college education was excellent. Supposedly. Deficient in any discussion of neuropsychopharmacology, but, that’s NOT your fault….
    Your experience and success in the schools, I say, is not due to your education at all.
    You did so well, and have such keen insight, because you are a NATURALLY GOOD MOTHER. It’s just how you are as a person, and as a professional.
    I will say that so-called “ADHD” is 100% FRAUD. There’s no such thing. It’s an imaginary “disease” that was INVENTED to serve as an excuse to sell drugs to children, thus making life-long customers out of them. Hook ’em while they’re young….
    Let me repeat. So-called “ADHD” is PURE FRAUD. No such thing….
    Those descriptions of boy’s behavior, – they are all NORMAL, given their circumstances.
    The real problem is both unrealistic expectations, and exaggerated expectations on the part of teachers, school admins, & parents. Plus, PhRMA marketing convincing naive & gullible parents that their kid has some “disorder” that only drugs can fix. Schoolkids NEED times during the day to move, exercise, and run around. Expecting 8, 10, 12 year old boys to sit quietly & attend to paperwork for hours a day is stupid & unrealistic…. Look at what worked so well for you, in your direct personal experiences. I can still remember my 4th grade teacher literally tying me to my chair with a jump-rope, to prevent me getting up out of my seat, and walking around the classroom! Before she got back to the front of the classroom, I had untied her sloppy knots, and was standing next to my chair, holding the jump-rope over my head in victory! That’s when she fell off the cliff of outrage, and became psychotically angry at me! WHOA! It was all fun and games to me, until she turned bright red as steamed poured out of her ears! I made it all the way to 10th grade before I was captured by the slavers of the pseudoscience of psychiatry & psych drugs….
    As a side-benefit, drugging million$ of $choolchildren has fueled the “opioid cri$i$”, and created million$ of adult DRUG ADDICT$, all needing co$tly medical care….
    See how cleverly the whole scam is constructed?….and perpetrated?….
    We need YOU, Ann, to be Professor Emeritus of your own Teacher’s College!
    How many MORE OF YOU, can you help train, educate, and produce?….

  • Thank-you, Christine! You’ve shown us the dots, but not connected them up into a pretty picture. All those “private agencies” and “religious charities” are ALL 501(c)3, “non-profits”. They bill as high as the market allows. And, with the deep pockets of the taxpayer, those payments can be surprisingly high. 15 or 20 years ago, I read a detailed article about “mental health care”, and the whole scam of “community mental health centers”. To a CMHC, the average “out-patient”, “walk-in”, “mental patient” represents AT LEAST $100,000/year in billing for salaries ALONE. That figure didn’t include costs of “services”, “fees”, etc. Only employee salaries. And that’s what those 501(c)3 CMHC’s are TRULY intended to be: EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES. They employ usually college-educated persons who would otherwise have high-level and high-paying jobs in the industries that have been off-shored to mostly China in recent decades. It’s the Globalist Puppet Masters Show, and WE are all their puppets. That’s how they see it.
    What we HAVE now is a “system-centered-system”, and a “process-centered-process”….
    The current mental health system is failing, EXACTLY AS IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO!….
    The more mental illness we have, the more demand for services, and the more psych drugs are sold.
    Now wonder psychiatrists are drooling over this coming windfall of taxpayer$$$$$, from the leftist liberal Democrat party of Newsome & Californicate….
    Sorry, Steve, but sometimes the political IS personal….
    We need a services-centered-system, and a person-centered-process….

  • KateL, YES!
    Dr. Alan Frances was Chair of the Committee which wrote the DSM-IV, but when he saw what was going to be in the DSM-5, he objected and wrote the book “Saving Normal”. I think his objection was a case of “too little, too late”, but he showed that the so-called “mental illnesses” are ALL based on subjective opinions, and not objective scientific facts. Being so vague, and so numerous, and arbitrary, literally ANYBODY can be “diagnosed” with one of the 100’s of imaginary DSM “diagnoses”. Lucky for me, I studied high energy particle physics, and string theory, and discovered that a pi meson, a quark, and a neutrino walked into a bar, but a quasar tesseract constructoid walked out. Oh, I just love sounding all science-ish! Laboratory studies also proved recently that psychiatrists only ever reincarnate as worms, slugs, ticks, leeches, etc., thus PROVING SCIENTIFICALLY that psychiatrists are gross blood-sucking parasites….
    You gotta laugh, but akathisia & tardive dyskinesia are no laughing matter….

  • That “really welcome” ONLY means the psychs are seeing $DOLLAR $IGN$….
    We have the extensive problems with so-called “mental illness”, and homeless people BECAUSE OF psychiatry, not in spite of it….
    Psychiatry in general, and MOST psychiatrists, do NOT care about people at all, despite their LIES to the contrary….
    That’s the sad truth which the inherent anosognosia of the psychs prevents them from seeing….

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM, than good…. In other words, it’s on life support, and therefore, neither truly viable, nor sustainable…. Long past time to PULL THE PLUG on the quackery of psychiatry, IMHO….

  • “dogworld”, that is one of the best personal explanations I have ever read. Yes, I really mean that. You aren’t using my words, but you describe what I have seen, and what I have been through. And your words say how I see things. My only point of disagreement is that I KNOW what happened, and what worked and why. I sought understanding, and was shown it, it was shared with me, & I found it. Only understanding CAN CLEAR, and even cure confusion & dysfunction….

  • I once lived in Costa Mesa, and later, Westlake Village, out the freeway near 1,000 Oaks, in Ventura County…. I’d be glad to share any or all of my story, and answer any questions. I’m back in my small New Hampshire hometown of Keene 35 years. A local homeless camp just got cleaned out & cleared out this week. I see the drug zombies of the local CMHC every day. Literally. I don’t mince words.
    As much as I appreciate & support your efforts to build this “independent center”/”clubhouse”, anybody who goes there COULD be under some Court, or other Governmental restrictions/control…. The local “homeless shelter”/501(c)3, has for years suffered & struggled due to their embracing of pedophiles & sex offenders….
    If you are as “inclusive” as I suspect you might like to be, you’re only inviting problems & trouble down the road…. And, this I must argue most strongly. YES, you CAN “change the future”. Each of us in fact CREATES the future, one day at a time. I’m living in the future that I created for myself.
    On Social Security Disability, HUD-subsidized housing, & FoodStamps….. The local hospital monopoly refuses me any medical care, so I may as well not have the MediCaid & MediCare I supposedly have….
    So how can I help you “build” that “home for (our)yourselves”….?….

  • Historically speaking, “persons with psychosocial disabilities” DID NOT EXIST….
    “Persons with mental health challenges” defines ALL people. Except the dead and pre-born.
    Damn. That’s cool! Now, I’m a “LIVED EXPERIENCE LEADER”!….
    So, let me now LEAD the pseudoscience drug racket social control mechanism of 21st Century Phrenology with potent neurotoxins, i.e., “psychiatry”, right over here to the TRASH….
    Psychiatry is not only pseudoscience, it’s also JUNK SCIENCE, and trash….
    Just look at the homeless druggies & drunks littering even Main St., America….
    I used to be one of them….and sometimes still am, judging from how I’m often treated….
    As glad as I am to read the article above, I can’t help gently & lovingly mock and ridicule the
    “woke” SJW jargon, and the mind-control aspect of that narrative….
    Sorry, no, but the way my brain works does NOT constitute a so-called “mental illness”, and I have no need of a “psychiatric” ANYTHING….any given psycho-active drug, illicit or prescribed pharmaceutical, will have some effect on my psychology….
    Only nothing has any effect on my “psychiatry”…..and anything else has no effect on my “psychiatry”, either. But, everything else has an effect on my psychology….
    I HAVE NO PSYCHIATRY. Nobody needs psychiatry. It needs eliminating, not “reforming.”

    When you fools stop jerking around trying to “reform” the pseudoscience of psychiatry, why not follow my lead in not only eliminating the social infection of psychiatry, but creating in it’s place the just, humane, loving World you can only yet imagine? I LIVE THERE TODAY….

  • What did I just read? Overall it sounds great, & I’m 100% on board, in agreement. But, BUT, there are many verbal “landmines” here, when I stop to think deeply & reflect about what I read here. We start with a citation mention of Kennedy’s “Community Mental Health Center Act”, but then nothing more about that. Next, LOOK OUT!, here comes “the movement”! Another manifesto of impotent rage expressed as polemic. A list of demands. Conditions of “treatment” for “those people”, or “these people”, or something, or I’m confused here. Some of these bullet points seem to refer to current L.A. County practice & programs for homeless people. Screw that “persons-experiencing-homelessness” virtue signaling crap. I was a HOMELESS PERSON. I experience my entire life, – it’s only my body that is homeless. Temporarily. Eventually, in the far future after I die, I won’t care where I don’t live. Why should I care now? Nobody else does. Except a surplus of teeth-gnashing, hand-wringing “progressive” “liberals”, and Social Justice Warriors, who bemoan the fact that they can’t solve all of all of the worlds problems for every body every where all the time….too bad….

  • TLDR….not after the first few paragraphs, – I skimmed the rest.
    That is sufficient for this comment. What strikes me here, is a TOXIC society composed of TOXIC individuals, which will not look at their own TOXIC role/s in creating the very human scapegoats, – and human guinea pigs, – which that society creates….
    As long as we believe that so-called “mental illness” is a “thing” that can exist in an individual, but NOT in society as a whole, then little will change.
    So-called “mental illness” MUST BE EITHER something that ALL of us have, OR ELSE NONE of us have….
    It could be BOTH, – but it can NOT be neither! Unless like me you don’t believe so-called “mental illness” exists as anything other than an invalid political & ideological construct….
    Decades ago, locked on the psych ward looking out, I yearned to be like what I saw as the “normal people out there in society”. Little did I know that they were sicker than I was!
    We could absolutely CURE maybe 50% of so-called “mental illness” in 2 quick & easy steps:
    1.Eliminate 90% of all psych drugs….
    2.Eliminate 100% of all psychiatrists….
    Those 2 steps alone, would result very quickly in a much happier, safer, more productive society…. How many MORE human guinea pigs does pseudoscience need?….

  • Thank-you, “rebel”! Personally, I believe in God. Even though I KNOW my belief in God does NOT prove that God exists. My FAITH in God, practiced daily as a Buddhist, sustains my recovery from the near-fatal pseudoscience of psychiatry. I feel a real kinship to those indigenous women! Within their culture, their experience makes sense to me! It’s not about repressed individual
    sexuality, it’s about social power and control. I’d love to see some astrologer go to Nicarauga and explain things there in terms of astrology! LOL!

  • In the song “Get up, Stand Up”(for your rights), Bob Marley says it best, and I agree: I’M SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR ISMS-SCHISMS”. Karl Marx, and his sordid ilk, are just one more isms-schismists. Let Marx & psychiatry BOTH rot on the scrap hep of history where they belong.
    I am honored & flattered that Richard Lewis cites me in a comment above. I both enjoy and value, and respect Richard and his views. His take on Marxism is valuable as an analytical and rhetorical device. But Marx is OBSOLETE.

    And he’s unfair to Szasz, too. Look at the knowledge of the time Szasz worked. Szasz did NOT know then what we know now. “Anti-psychiatry” describes 2 distinct versions of that, and both are confused and conflated here in both the article and the comments. I personally reject the label “anti-psychiatry” because it gives psychiatry more legitimacy and validity than it deserves. Why would I claim to be “anti-astrology”, or “anti-phrenology”? Or “anti-pseudoscience””? All the same.

    Given what we ALL here know about PhRMA, and it’s LIES, why should we think Covid1984 is any different? So-called “germ theory” is on the ropes against “terrain theory”, which is a more mature and holistic understanding. Perhaps Richard really doesn’t know about VAERS, VICC, and the $100 Million/year industry Congress created in 1986, when BLANKET IMMUNITY against product liability was granted PhRMA? Or that Covid1984 vaxxes are even MORE immune to legal challenge? Richard is such a good little guinea pig! I think this is partly because he chooses the familiar prison of Marxist mindfuckery.
    So, while I might vivisect Richards words & ideas, still, I have a deep respect for Mr. Richard D. Lewis, personally. His words & ideas inspired an excellent conversation here. Now, Richard, you really need to read some basic Buddhism regarding the nature of duality, – a central feature of human REALITY. Yes, we CAN BOTH BE CORRECT. I disagree with Richard, but I’m glad he comments here! Good to see you again, Richard, and please KEEP UP the GOOD WORK!

    (BTW, no, I couldn’t write well on neuroleptics….)….

  • I share your thoughts and feelings about the California Governors anti-homeless person plan, but I doubt “Mindfreedom” has the resources to take on Ca. State Government in Court….
    And the ACLU is mostly hype and publicity stunts. ACLU is best known for all the cases & persons they COULD help, but don’t…. IMHO, ACLU does NOT deserve the reputation most lefties have of them….

  • FIRST COMMENT! Wait, this isn’t youtube… OK, I didn’t read the article carefully first, only skimmed it. His name is, was, Lee Filimonov. Descended from lower-echelon “White Russian” nobility. Non-U.S. citizen. Purple Heart-decorated Viet Nam veteran. PTSD. Alcoholism. Prolific artist. Father and husband. Victim of the pseudoscience drug racket social control mechanism of psychiatry, and the mis-named “community mental health system”, which is in fact a sort of out-patient GULAG SYSTEM. Despite the fact that Soviet Russia & Nazi Germany were bitter enemies in 2 World Wars, their use of psychiatry as a WEAPON was even more nasty than the U.S./Britain/Europe, etc….And the SAME PATTERNS of ABUSE Globally. Only less brutal here in America. Somewhat….
    Lee was what I called a “human art machine”. You poured art supplies and materials in one end of him, and a steady stream of ART flowed out the other end. And each drawing, painting, sculpture, “assemblage”, etc., was often RE-poured into the ART MACHINE to be re-born and re-created as new art. He was my Art Professor and Instructor for many years.
    He was at best neglected, and usually abused, by psychiatry & the “mental health system”. And, all the good little goody-2-shoes in town had a piece or 2 of his art that they might have given him as much as $10. or $20. for. …Sure, the sympathy-ridden coffee shop owner let him have the odd exhibition that brought in the rare commission. Given that he walked all over town every day, and how recognizable he was, he was fairly well known, and respected at a polite distance. Mostly. Had the local CMHC been at all humane, he could have easily had a successful, modest living from his art. Instead, he suffered from the FORCED psych drugging, which he eased with beer or liquor sometimes. Too bad he wouldn’t use cannabis. Even more too bad the neuroleptics the quack shrinks pumped into him….

    Seems almost like a gathering of KINDRED SPIRITS here….
    MARCH 9-11….
    March 9, 2017, my good friend Keene Police Chief Brian Costa blew his brains out with his service weapon….I consoled his Family at his funeral service….
    March 11, 2005, my Father died from cancer chemotherapy & radiation poisoning….
    March 9-11… it goes….
    May God DAMN psychiatry…. ~bill bradford, survivor of the genocide of psychiatry….

  • “Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug dealing racket, and a social control mechanism. It’s 21st century phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done,, and continues to do, far more harm than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. The DSM is actually better seen as nothing but a catalog of billing codes, which it in fact is. But, Obamacare gave U.S. medicine over 70,000 possible diagnostic billing codes, so the less than 500 “mental illnesses” in the DSM seems kinda underachieving of the shrinks. You’d think they would invent 3 or 4,000 “mental illnesses”.
    Of course, with careful editing and phrasing, the DSM could easily be re-written, and re-edited to create say, 200, or even 600 “mental illnesses”. Wouldn’t that be better?
    Bruce Levine is either not being intellectually honest here, or perhaps too glib. Psychiatry doesn’t exist as it is today because it’s boring. It exists as it does today, because it makes money selling drugs to people society finds annoying or inconvenient, thereby helping solve, or at least abate, situations and people that society would rather not have to deal with….
    The original article, on Szasz, Torrey, and Beiderman, is excellently written and presented. Psychiatry helps protect a vast, nebulous but real, crooked system of organized crime and exploitation, known as THE GOVERNMENT….And government creates space for a pure protected monopoly for the industry of psychiatry. Boring is not a factor in these equations & calculations. To suggest that boringness maintains psychiatry is bullshit, Bruce.” ~b.

  • Well, judging by the time-stamp, I’m writing within 2 hours of Dr. Levine here. I have 2 cogent responses; – an observation of denial of affirmation with caveat, and a refutation. Levine claims that “mainstream mental health professionals”, – whatever specifically exact definition of such he means, – have deliberately made psychiatry boring, thereby protecting Guild interests against predation by “freethinkers” & “critical thinkers”. Next, Dr. Levine asserts that the status quo is in fact MAINTAINED by boringness, and the repellent effects of that boringness, as protection from marauding intellectuals. So, Dr. Levine is saying that psychiatry still exists because it’s seen as boring! And therefore reformers can’t employ their CHANGE THOUGHTS. So psychiatry doesn’t change. So “society” basically ignores psychiatry because it’s boring. THAT is about what Dr. Levine is saying here. In other words, what Dr. Levine is saying here, is BULLSHIT. Hey, prove me wrong. Follow the logic rationally & linguistically…. Bruce & I emailed personally briefly years ago, so I’m pretty sure he will appreciate & respect this shot across his bow from an equally large caliber vocal cannon!
    Mine shoots blanks. His shoots paychecks. Think about it. Psychiatry is dead. I killed psychiatry. ~bradford~ ->:<-

  • “….personality is a PATTERN of behavior that a person tends to engage in,”…. In other words, you’re saying that a “personality” is a pattern? So folks have a “pattern disorder”?…. Aren’t you OBSERVING their behavior, repeatedly, and that how you know it’s a pattern? So is the personality it’s own thing, or is it YOUR OBSERVATION of it? How do psychs train to recognize patterns of behavior? What happens when those behaviors change over time? Couldn’t a person grow up out of a personality disorder? How much is “inherent”? Is it genetically inherent? Or culturally inherent? See where I’m going with this? Steve, this is a great conversation! I’m not giving you shit, but I am exploring this topic here. We need the best rhetoric, to have a chance of making psychiatry become history. The lies that most people believe about psychiatry are the results, partly, of deliberate propaganda campaigns, known as “marketing”, and “advertising”. Isn’t “direct-to-consumer” TV ads a form of propaganda? Yes, of course you can agree with that statement. What I meant as “bullshit”, above, is the WHOLE THING…. Now, when I look at the WHOLE of psychiatry and the “mental health industry”, all I see in industrialized bullshit…..get what I mean here?….I think you do….you’ll get it…. THANKS!, Steve!….

  • Steve, have you ever SERIOUSLY asked yourself, or considered the question, – WHAT EXACTLY IS, a “personality”, and where EXACTLY in the genetic code is it coded for? Must be genetic in origin, right?…. At what exact moment in the genesis & development of a personality does the “personality disorder” BEGIN? Or EMERGE? Or *WHAT* *EXACTLY*, IN SCIENTIFIC TERMS, are we talking about here? Would you agree that any “personality”, IN REALITY, only exists as a metaphor? Or CONCEPT?….Try as I might, Steve, I can only come up with bullshit here….see what I mean?….

  • The Netherlands has a very weird concept enshrined in their law. It’s known as “duty-to-die”. The basic idea, is that if your care is too expensive to the State, and you are no longer a “productive citizen”, then you have a “duty-to-die”, and save the State all the expense of caring for you. As long as several years ago now, a teenage “mental patient” was allowed State-assisted-suicide to alleviate her “treatment-resistant-depression”. God, I wish I was making this stuff up. They ALSO have Dr. Jim Van oS, (do I remember his name correctly?…), so there’s some balance, too…..
    Other than that, KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, MiA….

  • I believe, that when all available statistics are carefully, accurately, & rationally analyzed, the unavoidable conclusion is that “mental health treatment”, and especially psych drugs, actually INCREASES both attempted and completed suicides…. After all, FDA-mandated suicide warnings/”black box warnings” began appearing on so-called “anti-depressants” in the 1990’s….Numerous court cases, BOTH civil and criminal, have found various pharmaceuticals guilty & culpable in cases of violence, suicide, & murder…. The tide HAS TURNED against psychiatry & psych drugs…. Thank God!….

  • I have 3 main arguments for you, Lawrence. And I have a feeling that you will AGREE with all 3!
    1:The “chemical imbalance” theory of so-called “mental illnesses” is NOT the work of any scientist, researcher, etc. It came staight out of the MARKETING DEPARMENT of the pharmaceutical industry. *THINK*! *WHY* is there no scientist or researcher’s NAME attached to such a profound THEORY. And, a theory, I submit, HAS BEEN DISPROVEN….???…
    2.Among other such learned thinkers, the Dalai Lama of Tibet speaks of 2 kinds of happiness: “Dependent”, and “Independent”. Dependent happiness is a “conditional”, with an implied “if-then”. For example, in dependent happiness, “I will be happy, IF I win the lottery”. So in this example, the person’s happiness is DEPENDENT upon them winning the lottery. We are conditioned to believe that we will ONLY be happy IF certain conditions are met. And, therefore, that IF we meet these conditions, THEN we will be happy. But conditions always are changing, and so we are constantly made unhappy when new, unhappy conditions arise. INDEPENDENT happiness, which Buddhism teaches, means that you are happy because you are happy. You have decided that a happy state of mind is best, and so you practice daily to attain, and maintain that happy state of mind. Today, I remain a happy man. A large part of my happiness involves the fact that my experience with the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry is now far in my PAST!
    3. Acceptance of psychiatry as a legitimate medical science continues to lose ground in popular culture. Look at all the shrinks decrying those evil “anti-psychiatry” forces! Why do you NEVER hear of those “anti-oncology” people? Or those “anti-neurology” people? If psychiatry truly had the (illegitimate) legitimacy it delusionally believes, then they could safely ignore the “anti-psychiatry” people!
    4.Not enough people know about “Rockefeller medicine”. To perhaps over-simplify, Rockefeller & cronies, billionaire tycoons all, gained control of medical school curriculums in America, to instead turn out allopathic doctors loyal to the “drugs treat diseases” medical model. VERY PROFITABLE drugs made from dirt-cheap petroleum oil….*THINK* about what I’m saying here….
    There are a few historical events & patterns that are first needed to be understood, in order to understand the massive CON JOB pulled on humanity by the super-rich, and by quack psychiatrists, in particular….
    “Psychiatry is a PSEUDOSCIENCE, a DRUG RACKET, and a mechanism of SOCIAL CONTROL.”
    Psychiatry is FRAUD. Period. End of discussion. We can’t toss psychiatry on the scrap-heap of history fast enough…. Will you join me in this noble effort?….

  • THANK-YOU! KateL, I was dumping the whole load of DSM-5, psychiatry, so-called “mental illnesses”, psych drugs, etc., in the garbage. It’s all bogus. But I wasn’t thinking about it the way you explained it. I totally get what you’re saying. The article here, basically says what you’re suggesting it says. It actually AFFIRMS the existence of “borderline”! Thank-you for pointing it out.

  • My God, Steve, you don’t begin to know….I went on “psych drugs / neuroleptics / major tranquilizers / anti-psychotics” in 10th grade at age 15. So, 20 years of psych drug HELL…. By 35, 40, 40+, I learned just how horribly the drugs had deranged me. I can remember. Do I have to? Had I continued with psychiatry & psych drugs, I’d either be a drooling drug zombie like I see every day here on the streets, or else I’d be DEAD, like so many others I KNEW….
    Whether akathisia, or tardive dyskinesia, or tics, sweats, panic attacks, etc,.etc., psych drugs are their own form of Hell on Earth….giving psych drugs to already suffering folks was PhRMA’s genius money-making marketing scheme of the century….think about what I’m saying here….

  • Can’t agree. An empiricist studies the world directly. A materialist insists that the studied world is ONLY material. An empiricist can study the Supernatural World, Etheric Realms, Cosmic Consciousness, etc., on beyond the material world of the materialists. Other than this important nit-pick semantics, I agree with you, Louisa!

  • So-called “personality disorder” is more correctly seen as SOCIAL DYSFUNCTION. Our dysfunctional society literally breeds “disordered” persons, who are thus seen as having personal, individual “personality disorders”. Such is pseudoscience. Sick societies make sick people sicker. Sick people heal when they can escape the damage of other sick persons in this sick society. Psychiatry is at best a SYMPTOM ITSELF….
    & psychiatry is a MALIGNANT symptom!
    Like a social tumor! Shrinks are TUMORISTS! LOL!….

  • I’m sorry, but the ONLY 2 words I can think of, to describe the above verbiage appended to “Joe Pierre, MD”, are PSYCHOBABBLE, and GOBBLEDYGOOK….
    “Mental Health Community Care Systems”? WTF?….
    Oh, now it’s “BIObehavioral”? How about “pseudo-bio-behavioral”, as in
    PSEUDO-SCIENTIST. A priest in the new religion of Pseudo-scientism…..
    Beyond the basic respect ALL sentient beings deserve,
    psychiatry really deserves NO RESPECT AT ALL…. “Chief Psychiatrist?”….LOL!

  • Bravo, Phil, as usual…. Not to change the subject TOO much, but did you see that “Dr.” Jeffrey Lieberman, yes, THAT Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, just got CANCELED, canned, & fired, for dissing a supermodel on Twitter? He compared her rhetorically to a “freak of nature”, based on a shared tweet that itself was spreading false information. In other words, he got scammed, conned, & fooled. I think his “crime” was far more minor and excusable than the SJW’s, and hordes of “woke” activists will admit. He did NOT “call her” a “freak of nature”. There’s no arbitrary or objective way to measure “skin tone”, to determine who has the “darkest skin in the World”, but that’s what the false meme alleged. Guinness Book of World Records honestly denies any such category. But I think this ties into semantics, society, & psychiatry. Lieberman is so accustomed to spouting off whatever he thinks, and having his words treated as secular gospel. Sounds like those arrogant shrinks, doesn’t it?….
    BTW, my favorite cliche metaphor: “So-called “mental illnesses” are EXACTLY as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but are NOT more “real”, and for the same reasons.” Think about that, Phil, & see if you agree with me? Keep up the good work, Doc!

  • Correction, Steve, they APPEAR to “work” short-term….
    But then again, when I was a kid, presents from Santa Claus would ALSO APPEAR, usually on a morning in late December…. Well, SOMEbody “worked” for those presents, so I guess drugs “work”, too! Hey, works for me….NOT!….// my vote, unless they are abusive, or really bad, is let Enrico’s comments stay. He’s confused, but at least he comments.

  • Thank-you, MiA, for this. Even though it’s behind MedScapes sign-in wall, it’s a start. Psychiatry needs to be recognized as the pseudoscience that it truly is, and then ABOLISIHED. ABOLISH PSYCHIATRY. That one change right there would bring a new world order at light speed, to the DARKNESS of the current “mental health system”…. Damn psychiatry & psychiatrists, may they rot in the Hell they don’t believe in, but they sure do help create it here on Earth for people…. The crumbling edifice facade of the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry can’t be done away with fast enough, IMHO…. May God help us all if it’s not!

  • Psychiatry exists as it does today, thanks to the pharmaceutical industry. As other critics have shown, psychiatry is in fact better seen as part of the criminal justice system. Either way, it’s about the Hole Trinity of the Globalists, MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. As a kid in 10th grade, I didn’t know better, when my parents took me to a shrink, who gave me a bogus “diagnosis”, and an Rx for neuro-toxins. Only after years away from all psych drugs & psychiatry, did I fully, and deeply realize, that ALL of my so-called “symptoms” were in fact caused by the drugs. Psychiatry did me FAR MORE HARM than good. This isn’t so off=topic as it might seem. For any FRAUD, or HOAX, such as psychiatry, to continue, they MUST LIE, even to themselves. It is almost scary, the censorship being put in place, and the more that’s coming. But, I do have faith that the GREAT AWAKENING will defeat “The Great Reset”. That’s the binary, 2-sided “war” being raged for the minds of people globally….The liars will lose. So will we all…..

  • Pretty good stuff. Almost too casual, though. The pseudoscience drug racket social control grid of psychiatry is as pernicious as it gets. Evil incarnate. Yeah, I said that. I mean it, too. I’m a survivor of the LIES of pharmaceutical psychiatry. I’ve been in FakeBoof jail several times. We’ll have our civil war of words. I have TRUTH on my side….

  • The idea that an “intervention” might actually do more harm than good, is very valid….
    Once years ago, 2 employees of the local “community mental health center” called the cops, and lied, claiming I was suicidal. I wasn’t at all suicidal, but the cops used the bogus report to surround my apartment at gunpoint, drag me out 1/2 naked in handcuffs, force me to go to the ER, forced me to meet with some idiot I wanted nothing to do with. When I wouldn’t lie & say I was suicidal, the cops arrested me, and held me for $500. CASH BAIL. I could have lied, said I was suicidal, and stayed in the ER. That was just the beginning of what became a 6-month legal ordeal. Over “mental health system” LIES. So, although the numbers of calls where cops are sent out is small, yes, calling a suicide hotline CAN BE A FATAL MISTAKE. If you’re TRULY suicidal, just off yourself, & don’t call the suicide hotline.

  • So-called “HF”, or “Housing First”, SHOULD HAVE BEEN HOUSING IN THE FIRST PLACE. Here we see yet more proof that psychiatry is a pseudoscience drug racket social control mechanism. Keeping people housed was the whole point of large State mental hospitals. The “Community Mental Health Center” model has given us far more “mental illness”, drug abuse and dysfunction than we otherwise would have had. Worse outcomes. That HF even needs to be studied shows how clueless and ignorant the system is. HF is part of a services-centered system, and a person-centered process that is long overdue. The current CMHC “mental healthcare system” is system-centered, and a process-centered process. Why is it that ONLY critics of psychiatry can see these TRUTHS? Why are psychiatrists such blind idiots? 20+ years of psychiatry & psych drugs made ME an idiot. When a person is given a lifetime label of “mental illness”, Society owes them food, clothing, AND SHELTER. A HOME. Psychiatry breeds homelessness & helplessness. Psychiatry must change. Housing First is a best way forward. Get on the ball, people!

  • OMG. Just OMG. Thank-you, “RosyLeaDNVT”, for sharing your experiences, and the links. I hope we see much more of your comments here. And I especially hope you include some more facts & details that I find sorely lacking here. You state that you began “mindfullness meditation” in 2010 as an alternative to pharmaceutical anxiolytics. Yet we know nothing of the causes of that anxiety, nor which drugs you were taking. While there are some exceptions which the few existing good psychopharmacologists could assist with, most SSRI’s tend to INCREASE anxiety over time. Benzos are the premier anxiety drug, rife with unintended negative consequences, which “”, &etc., can attest to. I hope they are still around.
    Yes, I appreciate your anecdotal experiences. I’m an anecdotalist myself. But you say nothing as to the causes of your anxiety & trauma. I suspect that at least some, if not even most, or all of your anxiety came from your overall upbringing. Yes, it’s a HUGELY COMPLICATED subject, which we can’t even begin to do justice to here at MiA. Even if you were to write a long article here, we’d only know general outlines & a few pertinent facts of your story, in our attempts to understand what you’re saying here.
    Reading the “cheetahhouse” link, I find a psychiatrist and a small cadre of “true believers”.
    I snort in their direction in professional derision. Psychiatry is an ideological pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. I find MUCH of the language at “” to be jingoistic & “problematic”, as the kids today say. And VERY CONFUSED. White privilege, mostly. Brown University, thus, left-liberal gobbledygook & psychobabble. A bunch of scared, hurt, traumatized and confused victims having a rollicking pity-party. If the lot of them spent a year doing solid, A.A.-style 12-Step work, they’d all be better off. They are like the boys in “Lord of the Flies”, – lost, alone, with no competent adult supervision, much less parenting. No moral code, beyond warm fuzzy buzzwords like “equity” & “compassion”, & “inclusion”. The linguistic equivalent of vaporware. Sorry, but I’m not impressed with “cheetahhouse”, at all. I find it quite sad, really. I truly hope that I haven’t scared you away. I find the firm reality ground here at MiA to be far superior to ANYTHING psychiatry has to offer. What psychiatry knows about meditation is about what my 6yr old nephew and his extensive Hot Wheels collection knows about automotive engineering. And he has 300′ of track! LOL! There’s one STRIKING OMISSION. The word “guru” never appears, until now. A guru is not just a good idea, but an actual need, for personal self-exploration through meditation. Truly, you are all “children, playing with toys”. Now, do yourselves a favor, & go to youtube, and listen to the band Traffic doing “Low Spark of High-heeled Boys”….That might not explain everything, but you’ll hopefully feel much better about things…. Yeah, I wrote that, & I mean every word. From painful personal life experience of several decades, so far!….

  • You’re far more correct than you know, “Nancy99”! There are almost NO “depression patients” who are not ALSO objectively inert in there daily lives. Yes, the “chicken-&-the egg”, & “cart-before-the-horse” metaphors DO apply here…. Depression leads to physical activity inertia. Physical activity inertia leads to depression….100% of the time…. ANYBODY who stands, moves, walks, runs, bicycles, gardens, shops, etc., DOES ANYTHING, will be healthier, happier, and less depressed. But of course the gross over-drugging of medical-model psychiatry FORCES folks to sit & stew. “Depression” & other symptoms ALWAYS emerge as sequelae to extended physical inactivity. This basic understanding should be Human Life 101. Not something idiots still “study”! I’m an idiot for having to say this.
    The basics of so-called “mindfullness meditation” existed BEFORE any religion or belief system. And are equally applicable to ALL PEOPLE. There is nothing inherently “buddhist”, or “therapeutic” about it….. Mindfullness meditation is directed, intentional physical stillness, combined with calm abiding acceptance and objective observation of time passing through reality & life. That is the REALITY of LIFE for EVERYBODY ALWAYS. Why do I have to keep explaining these simple concepts to you people? You’re too smart for our own good.

  • Of course, mindset matters when you meditate. Hunger matters when you eat. Thirst matters when you drink. Fatigue matters when you sleep. Respiration matters when you breathe. Sound matters when you hear. Light matters when you see. Odor matters when you smell. Sex matters when you procreate. SO OF COURSE YES MINDSET MATTERS WHEN YOU MEDITATE. Mindset matters when you eat. Mindset matters when you drink. Mindset matters when you sleep. Mindset matters when you breathe. Mindset matters when you hear. Mindset matters when you see. Mindset matters when you smell. Mindset matters when you fuck. So of course yes mindset matters in your life. And there is no better mindset than calm acceptance of both the doing, and the non-doing parts of your life. Even a schoolkid already knows what fraudster pseudoscientific psychiatrists still haven’t fully figured out yet!

  • Thanks, Christine. Yes, “psychological problems”, more deceptive euphemisms! they sure do love their euphemisms! And their neologisms! That, to me, is proof enough that psychiatry is a fraud. When you think about it, don’t you agree, that so-called “mental illness” is something that, EITHER, ALL of us have, or else NONE OF US HAVE.

  • True story: Years after the fact, when I finally got my medical records, I discovered that an actual Doctor had made a serious note in my medical records. He lied. He falsely claimed that I had attempted suicide. It was a fabrication on his part. It was used against me, in ways that I was unaware of. My apartment was literally surrounded at gunpoint by the police. The cops broke in, and I was dragged out almost naked, and in handcuffs, to the local ER, where I was forced to meet with some clueless idiot who worked for some “agency”. Because I refused to lie, and say I was suicidal, when I was NOT, the cops arrested me, and I was held under $500. CASH bail. Only months later were the FALSE charges dropped before trial by a hack public defender. At NO TIME was I suicidal, but this quack shrink lied & said that I was. He was believed. I was NOT believed, or even listened to. The “Doctor” was a PSYCHIATRIST for the local CMHC. He later COMMITTED SUICIDE by fatal Rx pill overdose. So, a crooked quack psychiatrist LIED about me being suicidal, then committed suicide himself. Hey, I’m Buddhist, I don’t *NEED* to be suicidal! How stupid are you people, anyway? Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, and should have no place anywhere but HISTORY….

  • Thank-you, “dogworld”. May I assume that American English is NOT your native language? Yet, you write very well, and make a very good point. One that needs repeating, and emphasizing. When a “therapist” depends on a paycheck, there can be NO PERSONAL affection or relations between those persons. There is ONLY a business relationship. But even a good business relationship COULD, and SHOULD be between 2 adult, informed, consenting persons. That is NOT the case in the current “Western Allopathic Medicalized Mental Health Industry” of the PSEUDOSCIENCE DRUG RACKET of Psychiatry, which is nothing more than 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxic snake oil pills.
    We now have a system-centered system, & a process-centered process. We CAN, and MUST CHANGE that into a person-centered process, & a services-centered system. Simple. But very difficult. But that is our work. Do you agree, “dogworld”? Thanks for writing, and please, I hope you keep sharing here! Welcome!

  • LOL! The point I was TRYING to make is the MANY times I was a teenager, in some shrinks office, with either my Mom or Dad, or both. And they were always “pointing the finger” at me, like it was “all my fault”, and they were blameless “victims” of MY “mental illness”! I didn’t know what “gaslighting” was back then, at least by that word. But I did understand that the troubles in my Family was NOT ALL ME. I was shamed & humiliated as a “mental patient”. I was actively recruited by psychiatry. As a “career mental patient”. Really. Literally. Once, when he was filling out some form, a shrink put “mental patient”, in the blank for my career. Think about that. Career mental patient. Yup, that’s what I aspire to! LOL!
    When I read your comments, filtered through DECADES of experience in the toxic swamp known as the “mental health field”, I think I understand a lot of what you’re saying. You’ve given enough details of your story in your comments, for me to have SOME understanding here. And, feel free to click on my name, and read some of the many other comments I have written here. You’ll get where I’m coming from. I know I’m doing good, because I get CENSORED sometimes. Lies are never censored. Only the truth is ever censored. There was a lot of “we don’t talk about that”, in my family growing up…. Now, I can talk about ANYTHING! But people often wish I didn’t….

  • “l_e_cox”, sorry, I couldn’t respond directly to your comment, above, – there was no “reply” button! But you called me out on my “forming a personality” comment. I don’t think you fully grasped what I was saying about how a personality is formed, and whether, or how other people are involved. Regardless of what each of us believe differently, I think we agree that “input from others” absolutely IS part of how a personality is formed. Right? So, if a person has a “personality disorder”, wouldn’t that mean that somebody else contributed to it? So a personality is not only their OWN creation, but there’s input from others. See what I mean? Re-read my comment, and I think you will get what I’m trying to say here.

  • “Psychiatry needs input from people with lived experience.” Really? No shit? I’d of thought psychiatry was complete, finished, all set. After all, they have catalogued every money-making scam they can think of in their DSM-5 catalog of billing codes. Yes, that’s all sarcasm. Think of me as “loyal opposition”. “Psychiatry needs input from people with lived experience.” OMG! THINK ABOUT what you’re really saying here. You’re saying basically that psychiatry is CLUELESS. Which is true. In my personal experience, psychiatrists are the most clueless, numb, un-thinking & uncaring people I know. Arrogant. Ignorant. Smug. Cruel. Spiteful. I hope your time here at MiA accelerates your awakening to the horrors inflicted on folks by psychiatry & psych drugs. I’m a survivor of that. My first PILL RAPE happened in 10th grade. I never had a chance. Psychiatry is the personification of human evil….prove me wrong….? I dare you! Try!…. ? // I do have compassion for you, Christine. You can handle the massive cognitive dissonance….

  • I have heard that that “Conference” you mentioned has arranged for Santa’s Elves to bake some cookies for the reception. So-called “borderline personality disorder” is exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but NOT more real…. I know you know that, “KateL”. I have to laugh, to avoid crying, thinking about ANY so-called “Doctor” who actually believes that “BPD” is protective against Electro-Cution Torture(“ECT”)….. Today, my behavior is always only ruptive, & ordered. No dis in MY life! LOL! Thank-you for writing!

  • Oh, my, how I wish we could talk in person! The one point that I most identified with was you saying how when you were in hospital with Mom, she claimed that “everything is ok” in the family, and the ER Doctor believed her. In my family, I was made into the “black sheep”, or “scapegoat”, as if *I* was the sole cause of the family’s problems. I knew better in high school, but couldn’t find a way out of it. Happy Valentines Day, LOL! I like your comments, “KateL”!

  • Sorry, Christine, but just *NO!*, the “field of psychiatry” needs to cease to exist. Period. Psychiatry is institutionalized gaslighting. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. The DSM is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. EVERYTHING in it was either invented or created, NOTHING in it was discovered. The distinction is crucial to understanding. Aside from these points, your writing above is EXCELLENT! BRAVO! You did a wonderful job putting your experiences in words people can understand.

  • Thanks, madmom. I’d go so far as to say that there is NO SUCH THING as an “emotionally intelligent psychiatrist”. Much less one who is “grounded in compassion”. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. Psychiatry is the absence of compassion. I’m not looking for a “revolution” in the so-called “mental health system”. I want to abolish it altogether. NOBODY should EVER have a loved one in a psych ward, because there shouldn’t be any psych wards. Period. We could easily do that in 5 years, not 50. Thanks for the reply. // Do I assume correctly that YOU DO have a loved one in a psych ward right now?

  • I doubt it was Markowitz’s intention, but by calling for a “back-to-basics”, emotions-involved approach to psychiatry, he is arguing that psychiatry currently lacks firm grounding in dealing in a healthy way with human emotion. It does indeed lack that foundation. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It needs to be ABOLISHED…..
    And he’s being disingenuous because MOST psychiatrists have NO regular on-going therapy relationship with their victims, er, “clients”. They are merely glorified DRUG DEALERS….
    Psychiatry belongs on the scrap-heap of history, ASAP!….

  • Francesca, I MOSTLY agree with MOST of what you say above. As an ironic & appropriate aside, the ONLY person quoted in the “Time” magazine obituary of Dr. Thomas Szasz was E. Fuller Torrey. The “E” stands for “EVIL”, doncha know!?….

    You’re spot on in your critique of Susan Inman, as far as I can see. In my experience, the “family” of a “mental patient” is often BOTH the WORST & BEST factor in that person’s life.

    So, thanks for your well-written piece. Keep up the good work!
    Well, OK, one final absolute disagreement. NOTHING is “treatment”, if it is FORCED. Anything forced is TORTURE. Like ECT – Electro-Cution Torture…..
    WE NEED TO ABOLISH ALL FORCED OR COERCED so-called “treatment”….

  • My guess is the correct answer is: “Also yours, “l_e_cox”. I think that “oldhead” is making the point that we are all talking about MODELS. The “medical model” of contemporary pseudoscience psychiatry, and whatever replacement MODEL is being proposed above. What is it, the “humane care” MODEL? Same thing. Both models. But Human Care might actually BE caring and humane. Psychiatry is NOT medicine….
    It’s a DRUG DISTRIBUTION & ADDICTION for PROFIT MODEL. Nothing “medical” in that! LOL!…. Seriously, you people are ridiculous.

  • Ironically, the Dalai Lama himself has questioned whether or not Buddhism is in fact a “religion”, or merely a “philosophy”. Buddha did not, and COULD NOT have conceived of his ideas as ever being either “treatment”, or “therapy”, because those 2 concepts had not yet been invented/created 2,500 years ago! Literally ANYTHING can be seen as treatment or therapy, even overt TORTURE. A non-fatal electrocution, or Electro-Cution Torture(“ECT”), is actually promoted as good medicine in 2022! AMAZING!
    So if a non-fatal electrocution torture session is both therapy & treatment, then of course Buddhism must also be thus! You’re proven WRONG AGAIN, McCrea!…. Checkmate, dude….

  • BOTH Nev Jones & Jenny Logan miss a key and crucial point. Not all psychotic people are are crazy, & not all crazy people are psychotic. Both psychosis & insanity are mutable mental states, which too often last too long. People are made psychotic & crazy, or else they just seem to go that way, for a variety of reasons, and under a variety of circumstances. “Psychotic” as a mental state is no more a singular, unique human phenomena that “happy”, or “sad” is. But both “happy” & “sad” are daily experiences for EVERYBODY, so we all miss the amazingness of being simply happy, or sad. Ah, but “psychosis”, & “psychotic” are rarer states that YES!, ARE FETISHIZED in the religious cult known as “psychiatry”.

    This is the kind of University-level writing that gets enshrined in the eternal internet on obscure anti-psychiatry blogs, where only the elite cognoscenti find room to speak their twisted minds. Twas brillig & the slithy toves go ask Alice, I think she’ll know! What more needs to be said. This will be the ONLY comment here. Watch & see….

  • My good friend is a daily-under-Court-orders, pill-raped drug-zombie VICTIM of the local “community mental health center”. She hates it, and her life. She has recently been going often to the local “peer support agency”, one not specifically aligned and involved with the C.M.H.C. During a group therapy session at the Peer Support Agency, another “consumer”,(…do they still call them that?…), was wondering about whether she should get Electro-Cution Torture, (ECT). My friend was given ECT, and wanted desperately to speak out to the woman, and dissuade her from the ECT. But subtle forces silenced my friend from sharing her voice, her personal experience with ECT. So it goes, Kurt, so it goes….(c)2022

  • BIAS? *BIAS*??…*B.*I.*A,*S.*???? No, that’s blatant false propaganda & LIES that the pro-Electrocution Torture(ECT) folks are spewing, thanks to the pseudoscience of psychiatry. Seems shrinks have a Dr. Frankenstein complex! Lancet Psych should be ASHAMED! But they’re shameless, aren’t they? Of course they are! They’re FRAUDS! My close friend was zapped with ECT, and the subtle damage and impairment seems permanent, especially in the face of the PILL RAPE she endures, of unwanted & un-needed psych drugs forced on her under Court order. And THIS is considered good standard of care medical treatment? My God…..

  • Well-written, Sean. I did have some trouble figuring out some of your terminology. I missed your earlier essays. Yeah, I do get what you’re saying, but I’m afraid most folks wont try so hard to understand, as I did. Can you say the same thing, but in simpler words & concepts? I only did 6 months in a State Prison Forensic unit, but I saw many of the same dynamics play out, as you have described above. I realized that “head-games” describes pretty much the W#HOLE UNIT, staff AND prisoners. I just cheerfully did things in an innocent, creative way, and caused all kinds of trouble with staff. But because I was as naive as I was, I was never seen as intentionally causing trouble. I knew when to “play dumb”, or act “innocent”, even when I was seriously fucking with their heads. Actually, the drugs they were giving me impelled me to act out!
    But I do want to take issue with your statement in your author Bio., above. The system can NEVER be truly “therapeutic”. Think about it. All so-called “mental illnesses” are in fact STD’s. They are SOCIALLY Transmitted “Diseases”. They are the product of a sick society. And so the mental health system ITSELF is mentally ill, as is the larger society which creates it! And, some very mentally healthy people are thus seen as crazy. You didn’t “get better” because you went along with the system, rather, you got better by rising above it, or stepping outside of it. Either metaphor works.
    I suggest you simplify your conceptualization. Currently, we have a system-centered system, & a process-centered process. At each step, the system FORCES people to conform to it, and the process FORCES people to obey the process. All for the profit & power & money & control OF THE SYSTEM. If, somehow, we can convert things to a SERVICES-centered system, & a PERSON-centered process, then we will be getting somewhere good. Yeah, *IF*!….
    But keep up the good work….. That poor old nurse lost her shit. You done good on the one….

  • DSM-5 TR. “Text Revision”. Official title. Only means they tweaked some text, added a few more lines from the marketing folks. Nothing much changes in the “new” DSM-5 TR…. So why bemoan that it doesn’t? Let’s remember, NOTHING in the DSM was discovered, it was ALL either invented, or created! Think about the not-so-subtle, and crucially vital difference! The Gov’t, PhRMA, the APA/DSM-5 TR, Media, all conspire to pump neuro-toxins into the mass of the American people. For profit. Their profit, not ours! Sadly, most of us, – present company perhaps excluded, – seem just fine with the situation. Sad, very sad….

  • Here we go again. More mental masturbation. Word salad. The arrogance of intellect. Academic bullshit. Piled higher and deeper. Get REAL, kids, if you can. To start, 1.: Psychiatry is a bogus pseudoscience & drug racket, which is NOT a legitimate branch of medicine, & must be seen and treated as the aberration which it truly is. Scrap the crap of psychiatry & 90% of all psych drugs. Or else nothing much changes much. Make the system SERVICE-CENTERED, and not a system-centered system as it is now. Make it a PERSON-CENTERTED process, and not a process-centered process as it is now. That in itself would solve the bulk of the problems. But over-educated idiots arguing bullshit will only keep us going round in circles. NO PROGRESS THERE!

  • No, Kate, it’s find like-minded folks, and self-recover together. You’re only as alone as you want to be. Yeah, I know, easier said than done. But please don’t be self-defeating. I believe that you CAN HEAL, CAN RECOVER, and can live a WHOLE, HEALTHY, HAPPY LIFE. It’s never too late to begin to become who you could have been, if not for the evil lies & neuro-toxins of psychiatry. I have done it. So can you. You’re in the right place, here at MiA, to start. Try Dr. Thomas Szasz’s “Myth of Mental Illness”. It’s a bit college-textbook level, but still readable & relevant. And there are MANY online healing groups & communities. is only 1 of many…. I’m glad you’re here. Keep posting & writing. Tell YOUR TRUTH.

  • Broken record music, #5,397: “Psychiatry is a PSEUDOSCIENCE, a DRUGS RACKET, and a MEANS OF SOCIAL CONTROL. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry HAS DONE, and indeed CONTINUES TO DO, FAR MORE HARM THAN GOOD! The DSM is nothing more than a bogus catalog of billing codes. Everything in it was either invented or created. NOTHING in the DSM was discovered. The difference is crucial & vital. So-called “mental illnesses”, & “chemical imbalances”, are exactly as “REAL” as presents from Santa Claus, BUT NOT MORE REAL. Psychiatry is really PHARMACEUTICAL GENOCIDE FOR PROFIT and subjugation of inconvenient or troublesome persons. Psychiatry regularly covers up CRIMES of physical & sexual abuse, up to and including kidnapping, rape & sexual assaults, & murder. Several of my friends have DIED YOUNG because of psychiatry. I would today be a shuffling, drooling DRUG ZOMBIE, had I stayed with psychiatry & the grossly mis-nomered “community mental health centers”. ……………………………………………….
    I DEFY ANYBODY to refute the TRUTHS I have stated above, from my own personal experience. So-called “Dr.’s” Aftab, Pies, & Morehead, are all GUILTY of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. I do NOT self-identify as “anti-psychiatry”, because psychiatry doesn’t deserve that much credit & recognition. May God DAMN all psychiatrists to the LIVING HELL they put so many of their VICTIMS IN!…. Can I spell out the “F” word?. F**K Psychiatry to death. LOL. But I’m serious. Remember, I speak for the dead, also…. // No psychiatrist will dare debate me here. My savior Doc Hickey already said it better above! You ROCK, Doc! LOL!….

  • And a much “grander scheme” than you know. You might not want to know the whole sad, sordid story. As much as I’ve read & studied, there are many holes in the narrative. But the outline of TRUTH, & FACTS remains. Psychiatry is an intentional fraud, and few psychs can or will endure the cognitive dissonance necessary to break through the lies. But I want to KNOW the WHOLE TRUTH, – Almost wish I didn’t….

  • To “diagnose” a teenager is to separate, label, degrade, isolate. What’s healthy about that? Nothing! a sick society produces sick children. Sick children are a symptom of our sick society. Sure, we can keep putting band-aids of psychiatry, psychology, psych drugs, & “mental health treatment” on the bleeding bullet wounds of our kids. Or we can disarm the sicko adults who keep shooting our kids. The metaphorical is far more murderous that the actual, literal firearms. WE HAVE A TOXIC SOCIETY. INTOXICATED by PhRMA’s neuro-TOXINS. Duh!…. What else do you expect, besides self-harm, drugs, alcohol, dysfunction? Sick societies make sick adults make sick parents make sick kids. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

  • KateL, that’s one of the BEST WRITTEN comments I’ve seen on here! You pulled no punches, and spoke your TRUTHS clearly. That’s why the quack shrinks ignore you when they can, and try to gaslight & silence you when they can’t ignore you! SAME THINGS happened to me, and many of my friends. But it’s the MONEY, POWER, & CONTROL that psychiatry represents, – that’s why it endures, & why it was invented in the 1st place! Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, & a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, & continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good! The DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of invented & created billing codes for insurance billing, & Medicare & Medicaid. Nothing in it was discovered. Literally, so-called “mental illnesses” did NOT exist until they were created! And they were invented to serve as excuses to $ELL DRUG$ derived from petroleum, a la “Rockefeller Medicine”…. Even Frances, who helped write the DSM-IV, admits in his book “Saving Normal”, that the bogus “chemical imbalance” nonsense comes from PhRMA Marketing hype, & nowhere else. PSYCHIATRY IS MEDICAL FRAUD, & medical fascism…..

  • Psychiatry IS A PACK OF LIES. A pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a social control mechanism. Psychitry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. Ask me how I know. I live with permanent iatrogenic neurolepsis. I even got a nurse to put that in my medical record. You need to re-read Szasz’s “Myth of Mental Illness”. And Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry”. ECT = ELECTRO-CUTION TORTURE. ECT IS TORTURE, not “treatment”….period.

  • Simple, Chuck. Currently, we have a system-centered system, and a process-centered process. At each step, the system & process reign supreme over the enslaved & force-drugged.. This profit$ the $y$tem, not the person. We CAN make the system SERVICES-CENTERED, and the process PERSON-CENTERED. That’s the only way out of the current HELL-HOLE of psychiatry, psych drugs, & bogus “community mental health centers”. “Ethical Psychiatry” is the same ridiculous unicorn as a “Peaceful Military War Machine”. But you ARE on the right path, Chuck. Please stop dragging your feet, my friend! LOL!

  • These people in the article have no idea how utterly ignorant they sound, to those of us trying to create & inhabit the post-psychiatry world. This article is yet more proof that the system has FAILED, just as it was intended. Depression is a state of dis-empowerment. Hospitialization itself is dis-empowering. Duh! My God, how stupid are you people? Will you EVER WAKE UP?….

  • Wow! That’s a bunch of semi-educated blather! Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a social control mechanism. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly, -EXACTLY, – as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. Such beliefs are modern superstitions. The DSM is in fact nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. Everything in it was either invented or created, not discovered. The difference is crucial to understand. All so-called “mental illnesses” are in fact STD’s, – Socially-Transmitted Delusions. THIS IS TRUTH & FACTS. Mental illness is something that either we ALL HAVE, or else NONE of us do. Comments?:_____?

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, & a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, & continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. The DSM is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. Everything in it was either invented or created. Nothing in it was discovered. The difference is vital to clear understanding. Psychiatry is FRAUD.

  • I’m a recovered alcoholic, and Rx drug (non-opiate) addict. In my near 30-year now RECOVERY, my thoughts and feelings have changed with both more wisdom & experience, and more education. I WISH I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW….
    And I continue to do my best to share my wisdom, hope and strength whenever and where ever I can. Doctors have played the BLAME THE VICTIMS GAME for decades now.

    (My own benzo experience supports the MiA-presented evidence 100%…..)….

  • Thank-you, Ekaterina!
    Good to see you again. As for Scientology, it grew out of the book “Dianetics”, and other writings from L. Ron Hubbard, who had his own BAD experiences with psychiatry in the U.S.Navy during WW2, or the “Great Patriotic War”, as I believe it is still known in the old USSR, now Russia. That is whyScientology, &
    The “Citizens Commission on Human Rights”, under it, are so anti-psychiatry. And also why they are targetted by the Medical Establishment. Now, my words:
    “Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neurotoxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but NOT MORE REAL! The DSM-5 is a fictional catalog of billing codes. EVERYTHING in it was either INVENTED, or CREATED, NOTHING in it was discovered. Consider the distinction in meanings here.”….
    I consider you NORMAL, and that you are a whole, healthy, happy human being, and a desperately needed GIFT TO THE WORLD. If indeed you’re “crazy”, then YES!, we need as many crazy people like you as we can get! Your son and his Father are blessed! May God Bless you & your family and friends!
    I trust that MiA will allow me to post my mailing address here:
    Bill Bradford
    P.O. Box 23
    Keene, NH, 03431

  • Miranda, that’s a well-written & comprehensive article. And I understand the unavoidable bias you write from. So it’s not your fault that you dance all around, but never right up to THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good…. If we had never invented psychiatry, we’d all be much better off….

  • It’s NOT the “integrative” part of Natalie’s story & title that is problematic. I’d go as far as to say that I do not believe that Natalie has a complete and comprehensive understanding of the past 300 – 500 years history of medicine, money, power, and control. Especially the last 100 -150 years. So I’ll repeat my mantra. “Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. The DSM is in fact nothing more than a catalog of billing coded delusions, fantasies, and victim blaming. Calling one’s self an “integrative psychiatrist” is all well and good, and a step forward for sure. But the deadweight baggage of psychiatry is an onerous burden better left behind on the scrap heap of history. The OTHER crucial, vital question Natalie seems as yet unaware of, and not asking, is more telling: “Why are so many people so sick, that they need so much “healing” in the first place!?…. Allopathic medicine in general, and psychiatry in particular, are designed to make populations sick, keep them sick, and make as much profit as possible, as long as possible, then you die. NEXT in line, please!…. All to maintain the money, power and control of the Global Ruling Elites & Global Banksters over the masses of good people on Planet Earth. I’m hoping that Natalie will be at first offended when she sees me state here that there is an absolute equivalency between “Jew-loving Nazi”, and “Integrative Psychiatrist”…. 45 years ago, now, my TORTURE with psych drugs began. I’ve been FREE from both for 25 years now. I hope Natalie learns enough of the TRUTH much faster than I did, and much less painfully. I express my sincere BEST WISHES to Natalie, in all her future endeavors…. rsvp?….

  • “Integrative psychiatrist”, huh? Well, I’m a pro-Jewish Nazi. I’m a pro-African-American KKK member…. I’m a pro-Democrat Republican, and a pro-Republican Democrat, to boot!….
    I’m a freedom loving pro-Fascist!…. I’m a Christ-worshipping Satanist, and a Satan Worshipping Christian…. I’m a master of psychobabble, gobbledygook, Critical Race Theory, and I’m woke as all hell, man!….
    Now, I’m actually going to carefully READ the article above, and when I’m done, I will return here to the comments, and see if I still agree with myself….

  • Caroline, judging only from your words here, and that 1 photo of your happy smiling face, I think you’re probably one of the LEAST “DANGEROUS” people I know!…. Your valiant and courageous effort to educate and FREE yourself is very clear, very compelling, and very much appreciated by me. I read Dr. Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry” in 1992! He literally saved my life. And I second “oldhead’s” suggestion to read what he’s said about covid the last few months.
    Hope to see more of you here….

  • In 1986, Congress granted full indemnity against any legal liability to PhRMA for vaxxxes, and set up the taxpayer-funded “Vaccine Injury Compensation Court & Program”, which has since paid out over $4Billion for vaxx injury claims including death and autism. See: Hannah Polling case. A Federal court ruled vaxxes are “unavoidably unsafe”. Vaxxes contain mercury, aluminum, and tissue from aborted fetuses. True, mercury has been removed from most vaxxes, and replaced with aluminum and other “adjuvants”.
    On numerous ocassions on video, Bill Gates has stated his desire to force vaxxx and microchip all 7+Billion of us. Many other less-famous, and less rich persons have stated their desire to force-vaxxx EVERYBODY. Thank God Trump opposes mandatory vaxxxes….

  • An “adulteress” is simply the word to CORRECTLY and ACCURATELY describe a married woman who has sex with a man who is not her husband. The male form of the word is “adulterer”. Maybe in the Bible long ago, or in Islamic countries, a woman might have been stoned to death for adultery. The book “The Scarlet Letter” deals with a much milder form of social shaming punishment for the “crime” of adultery.
    In contemporary America, there is no formal, legal sanction against adultery, except as grounds for divorce. Although, sadly, spouses are sometimes killed by their spouses for adultery. Why? Obviously, adultery must be caused by mental illness. OK, I’m kidding about that last sentence. But serious about the rest of it…. So-called “open marriage”, and polyamory, were invented to prevent adultery. And they do….

  • Consider the questions here very carefully before you even try to answer them. Then question your answers to make sure you’re correct:
    1. What IS a “personality”, exactly? How much does it weigh? What color is it?
    2. How is a “personality” created?
    3. At what age did you begin to create your “personality”?
    4. Could Santa Claus bring you a new “personality” for Christmas? Why, or why not?
    5. Can’t you just throw away an old, damaged “personality”, and get a new one? Why, or why not?
    6. In so-called “borderline personality disorder”, HOW FAR from the border of WHAT? Are there border guards? How wide and long is the borderline? Are there border crossing gates? In “BPD”, is it the borderline that’s disordered? Can you cross the borderline illegally? Legally? Can the borderline be crossed in both directions, or only in one direction? If only one direction, which one?
    It’s my hope that you’ll print out these questions, after you’ve answered them all yourself, and give them to your psychiatrist to answer. Being a highly trained and very well educated Medical Professional, your psychiatrist should have no trouble quickly and answering ALL these questions for you….
    You’re welcome….

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. “Will it ever change”, asks Susanne….
    It “changes” all the time, but that “change”
    is really only going around in circles, and becoming the newest facade of an old LIE.
    So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as unicorns, or presents from Santa Claus, but NOT MORE REAL. The DSM-5 is in fact a catalog of billing codes. Everything in the DSM was either invented or created, nothing in it was discoveted. The distinction is crucial. In light of all this, psychiatry needs to GO AWAY FOR GOOD. Psychiatrists can be easily and quickly re-trained and re-educated to become “prescribing psychopharmacologists”. Psychiatry is EVIL. The fact that there are a FEW “good” psychiatrists only PROVES that MOST are EVIL. Psychiatrists are the genocidal nazis of healthcare. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good…..

  • PLEASE stop hijacking the discussion into pseudo-intellectual semantic gobbledygook. Yes, “trauma”, and “trauma informed”, DO look and seem like buzzwords, to some people. And some people will use them that way. And the closely-related concepts of “ACEs” are likewise. But it does nobody any good to allow one’s own ignorance and lack of understanding, knowledge, and experience to roadblock the rest of us….I’m very comfortable with my own traumas and ACEs. But I wouldn’t be, if I was still attached to my own bullshit. It was the Dalai Lama’s teachings on non-attacment in Buddhism that liberated me there. And the radical acceptance that I learned in Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps. Everything I got from psychiatry was either TRAUMA, or something like ACEs….

  • Also, Pol Pot’s socialist/communist Khmer Rouge Utopia….no capitalism. No psychiatry. Tell me how much you’d love to live there, oldhead. And how sad to see it go. Somalia has also been capitalism & psychiatry-free at least for decades. And North Korea….Yes, I REALLY want a reply, oldhead.
    ….”sick and tired of your ism schisms”….
    as Bob Marley sings in Get Up, Stand Up”….

  • I want to say something about “New Age” as a formal descriptor, category, or genre. NEW AGE covers so much territory, that sometimes some of it conflicts with other parts of it. Some things seem like they’re NewAge, but they’re not. And some world views are NewAge, some are not. NewAge deals with feelings in more nuanced and healthy ways, but does have a lot of emotional freedom. New Age sadly never got more acceptance in the wider society. Who remembers the “harmonic convergence”? See what i mean?….

  • Thank-you sam plover. You DO GET IT!
    When we blame any person, place, thing, situation, etc., we aren’t taking personal responsibility for ourselves. (Yes, persons, situations, etc., can and do hurt us, and that must be acknowledged and dealt with.) While we aren’t responsible for the person who has hurt us, we ARE responsible for owning that we’ve been hurt. It’s up to us to accept our hurt, and heal it. When we accept ourselves, we cease to BLAME, we become more happy and healthy. Blaming disempowers us, and empowers our oppressors.

  • “What is a personality, and where does it come from?” That seems to be one of your questions here. Let me try to answer it. I’ve been working on this for a few years now. First, there’s some genetic basis for the brain and sensory organs, plus the social and cultural and physical milieau a person is born into. This is what the blank canvas consists of, upon which the petsonality is created.
    The personality itself is the reflection, or result, of how all the other people in our lives treat us. As we become adults, and have a fuller, more independent self-relationship, we can begin to also have some effects on our personality. But basically, a personality is created in a person BY OTHER PEOPLE. Your personality is NOT your own, it was created by other people. At least mostly so….

  • Overall, Megan, that’s excellent. But there’s 2 both very huge, and minor points that jumped right off the screen and gobsmacked me upside the head. About the pseudoscience of psychiatry I’m in substantial agreement with you, but that “blame game” is lame and ultimately counter-productive and eventually becomes outright self-destructive. It’s the blame game, not psychiatry that ends up doing harm, unless you’re a psychiatric prisoner. Some time after escaping psychiatry, one must stop playing the blame game, or else….
    But it’s your ideological distortion in blaming “capitalism” that I find to be ridiculous non-sense. Name me one other country, or economic system that’s really any better or different? Russia? China? North Korea? Europe? South America? Canada? Name me one place that’s better. See what I mean? Capitalism neither requires nor demands the excesses you ascribe to it.

    Strong healthy persons create strong healthy societies. Strong healthy societies create strong healthy persons. It’s BOTH. NOT an “either/or”, as you mis-conceptualize it…..
    Other than those 2 points, everything else you’ve written is excellent, and I hope it’s widely read….

  • Funny you should mention our “leaders” speaking out against POC’s(Persons of Chinese) being targets of bad acts from folks blaming them for the Communist Chinese Party coronavirus Covid-19. I’ve heard exactly ZERO verified news reports of that actually happening. But multiple warnings about that were issued by our erstwhile “leaders”…. Also, boans, I wrote about you in another comment on another story here at MiA, so please let me know any feedback you might have about that, ok?….
    And Paula Caplan, BLESS YOUR HEART. You use such polite and professional words to describe what I’m seeing too! TPTB, the “system”, the “government”, create a life-threatening existential crisis, exaggerate, distort, confuse, obfuscate, bloviate, and terrify “We The People”, then proclaim that they alone can deal with, cope with, “treat”, etc., the results of their creation! So-called “gain-of-function” experiments in Wuhan Biolab in collaboration with Fauci’s NIAID may or may not be responsible for the deliberate or unintentional creation and release of a “novel” (“fiction”) coronavirus. But gee, maybe it’s a naturally occurring zoonotic coronavirus virus after all! You’d think CRISPR and the manufacturing process known as “PCR” would have resulted in more actionable microbiological knowledge by now. Maybe Nobel-prize winning Dr. Kerry Mullis was wrong that his PCR invention was NOT sufficiently reliable to serve in a diagnostic role, and that they have nailed down how many dozen PCR iterations are sufficient for a plausible definitive diagnosis, positive OR negative!
    So good to hear your breath of fresh air and common sense, Paula. Yes, I really, really mean that….

  • Will. DUDE! Do what I’ve done. I am VERY WELL KNOWN to the local, County, and State police and law enforcement community. I OFTEN speak face-to-face with cops. Yes, I’ve had a few very minor “incidents” over the years with them. It’s called “pushback”, and each time STRENGTHENS ME.

    Talk is cheap. The WALK is the WORK. Talk is just high-falutin gossip….

  • They sure as heck don’t care about black mental patients…. Ask yourself why BLM will NEVER call for more black psychiatrists, and mental health workers. Mental illness is far more stigmatized in the black community than in the white. NAMI is probaly 90 -95% white. WHY?….

  • IMHO, current times are both far more perilous, and safe and hopeful, than most folks believe. We are ALL being controlled and manipulated by dark and powerful forces that only a few of us see at all clearly. The media is NOT our friend. Trump is correct, in that FAKE NEWS is far more pervasive than YOU realize. That’s the nature of our Globalist oppressors.

    Marx himself was a co-opted puppet of the Globalist Capitalists, – their very well-CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Radical freedom struggles to speak and be heard.

  • Think about exactly WHAT a “personality” actually IS…. It was created inside you, by other people, and then it becomes only what other people outside you perceive of you. In a very real sense, a “personality” is a figment of the imagination. A “personality” is at best a changeable mental construct. A set of concepts, and interpretations of perceived behavior. Me? I had my personality surgically removed decades ago, and i’m a much happier man because of that. And just exactly HOW CLOSE to WHAT BORDER is that? Are there border guards? What’s on the other side of that borderline? Seems to me, so-called “BPD” is like Santa Claus and unicorns. Only as “real” as it’s believed to be, and only in the minds of those who choose, or are forced to believe in it. I don’t believe in the superstition of BPD. Thoughts on this, Jill?….

  • I’ve seen the carnage PhRMA inflicted with opiates, on top of illegal heroin, and Chinese-supplied fentanyl, on top of the profit-driven carnage of legal, and FORCED psych drugs, right here in my nice clean, quiet, safe little New England college town. I’m glad you’re writing here, Jill. Good to see that some, at least, are saved before it’s too late
    Welcome, friend….

  • What did i just read?….funny, those ARE MY WORDS, but i don’t remember writing them…
    And i never used heroin. Why did i say i used heroin? My name is Bill, not Jill. I’m so confused! What did i just read? Those are MY WORDS! MY WORDS! And i’m so glad to see they fit you, too! They look good on you!
    Is it to soon to say, “Death to the psychiatric oppressors!”, or do we have to wait until 2021….????….

  • I get what you’re saying, Steve, and I basically agree with you here, – you KNOW that! But you are simply not seeing it from THEIR point of view. They have no interest in “saving money”, that’s ludicrous to them! They are only concerned with money, power, and control. And they will gladly spend, ( or waste, from our perspective), any amount of money needed to maintain their power and control. Doesn’t the old line about “if you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, then baffle ’em with bullshit” ring a bell? Well, they are just as happy to baffle with brilliance, as dazzle with bullshit. Read that carefully. And no, they do NOT care how much money they spend, or waste. Why should they? They are RICH, and getting RICHER! Your “poverty consciousness” does you wrong here, Steve.
    Only poor people care about “saving money”….

  • Psychiatric PSEUDOSCIENCE. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience!
    Modern astrologers actually use real digital electronic COMPUTERS to craft their astrological charts. Psychiatrists at most, use computers to write their ANECDOTAL reports! A modern astrological chart is the result of computational calculation. A psychiatric report is AT BEST educated guesswork.
    Ergo, psychiatry is LESS SCIENTIFIC than astrology…. Because, as the above article PROVES, there is NO logical or rational connection, nor can there ever be, between an fMRI scan, and ANY so-called “mental illness”, not even so-called “ADHD”….

  • Of COURSE you’re “missing something”, Sera, and you prove my point while you actually deny the reality of the point you’re proving. Another word for WHAT and WHY you’re doing is HUBRIS. My understanding of whatever “critical” theory you subscribe to is that it presupposes and posits that those with “privilege” either can not, or will not, acknowledge that privilege to any significant extent. They may be perceptive enough to “admit” their privilege exists to some degree, but they then proceed to deny or downplay their privilege, all the while truly NOT understanding the nature or extent of that privilege. In other words, Sera, you can’t acknowledge, much less see and understand your own privilege, because to do so would violate the arbitrary rules you have adopted as your own view of reality. And, if I were younger and less wise, I would probably be offended at the polite dismissal and denial you extend to me here. In plain English, Sera, you were very rude and offensive to first, Harvard guy”, and then to myself. I am an oppressed person here at MiA, Sera. But what do I know?

    I was first forced on psych drugs in the mid-1970’s. You have the privilege of calling “Harvard guy” “Harvard guy”, and the hubris to not even see the expression of contempt to which your gender and profession entitles you…. Sometimes, pots and kettles are WHITE…. (….but as a full-blooded Native American, my color is Blood red, not commie Red….)….

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neurotoxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. If the best we can do is articles like the above, we will be afflicted with psychiatry for too long into the future….may as well gather round the May pole, and chant a few rounds of “Some drugs are good meds, and more are better”….
    What a joke. The equivalent would be if was the Black Lives Don’t Really Matter movement….

  • The one time I was really ( sort of, but not really REALLY) “suicidal”, I was probably more “homicidal”. After about 3 days in the local psych ward, i decided to mess with their heads. During “morning meeting”, I said
    to the staff I was actually not “mental”, but rather I was a college student writing a research paper, and that’s why I lied my way into the place. They sent me home that day, which was stupid on their part, but lucky for me! Otherwise, I have been victimized several times by persons LYING and falsely claiming I was “suicidal”, when I was NOT. Being abused by those in power for being supposedly “suicidal” has hurt me worse than if I had just killed myself. The pain of being abused by the system is worse than any of my own personal pain.
    BTW, i find Sera’ s repeated use of the phrase “Harvard guy” to be disrespectful, demeaning, juvenile, dismissive, and inappropriate coming from Mia staff writers. She is using her OWN PRIVILEGE here, in the same exact way that “Harvard guy” uses his. No, 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but sometimes they do make it even. Which means we have gone in a complete circle, and have made NO PROGRESS.

  • 2 points jump right out for me. The “hospital” is never IDENTIFIED. (You call it a “hospital”, but it’s design and function is that of a JAIL, or PRISON.) What’s the name, location, etc? Is it public or private? For-profit or non-profit?
    These facts are vital to full understanding, and their omission is a serious flaw in an otherwise excellent narrative.
    Also, logically and rationally, your son died either because of, or else in spite of, the “treatment” he received. It’s possible that it was BOTH, but it is NOT possible that it was neither. Therefore, AT MOST, the treatment failed to help, and might have actually caused his death. So we have a prison disguised as a hospital, and healthcare which kills. That’s why the TRUTH is that
    “Psychiatry is a genocidal pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM THAN GOOD.”….and here we have more proof of that….

  • Meh.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, or unicorns, but not more real. The DSM is in fact a catalog of billing codes. Everything in it was either created or invented. NOTHING in it was DISCOVERED.
    M. REID, until and unless you realize that there is ONLY ONE HUMAN MIND, and that we ALL SHARE IT, all I can say is: Meh…..

  • ….WTF?….”precision psychiatry”? That makes as much sense as “random specificity”. In other words, it’s NONSENSE….
    Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe, all mimsy were the barrowgroves, and the momewraths outgrabe…. Let’s be honest here, ok? Psychiatry is a bullshit drug racket and means of social control. It’s a PSEUDOSCIENCE!….

  • Something among the MANY things i learned in A.A. meetings, and from working the 12 Steps:
    “We’re only as sick as the secrets we keep.” I no longer “keep secrets”. There is NOTHING that i cannot, or will not talk about. And in talking about it, i gain power over it, and freedom from it. The secrets of the Durst Family are theirs alone. But Evan CAN gain freedom and power over them. I hope Evan is given the chance to tell (some of, at least!), his own story here at MiA. Thanks, Jim, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as unicorns & presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. The DSM is in fact a catalog of billing codes. Everything in it was either invented or created, not discovered. PSYCHIATRY LIES.

  • As an older man, Erin, let me assure you that there ARE good men out there, who would gladly father a child with you. If that’s what you really want. Finding that man could be a classic case of “easier said than done”, however. But the possibility DOES EXIST. And in case you haven’t heard of it, please read “The Velveteen Rabbit”…. &you know we’re gonna want to read more of your story….

  • Thank GOD for Dr. Jim van Os. He’s the only SANE one in the bunch! And I can sum up the entire DSM-5 “working group” in 1 scholarly word. *BULLSHIT*. YES, bullshit has been studied at University level, and scholarly papers and books written on it. So as a retired past master bullshit artist, i can say with 100% certainty, that the DSM-5 “working group” is BULLSHIT. Except Dr. van Os, of course….After all, psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neurotoxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. That’s because it’s bullshit! But i repeat myself….

  • Malcolm, i read the other 2 or 3 dozen comments here so far, and i generally agree with and endorse them. I see no need to echo them. What most strikes ME, is what i do NOT read in your story of your son. I see nothing about his MOTHER, his relationship with her, or about HIS relationship with YOU. Of course, your relationship with her, and the relationship between the 3 of you, and any OTHER family is also missing. Yes, i realize you’re still fairly recent in the grief process, so there’s plenty of time too root around in the whole mess that is ALL OF OUR LIVES! Your son will live on in our hearts and minds.
    I read Dr. Breggin’s “Toxic Psychiatry” in 1992, and it quite literally opened my mind, opened my eyes, and saved my life. I’m glad you also found Moncrief. There are many of us, more each day, and we’re glad you found us, too! I’m sorry we couldn’t help your son enough soon enough. That’s how life goes sometimes. Now, i need a good bicycle ride, a bite to eat, a shower, call my friend, run that errand, etc., etc., etc.,…i can get back on the computer later!….

  • Since you asked: COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. That’s the painful “mindfeeling” you get when some other person’s perceived reality or facts conflicts with your own perception or facts. That’s just a start to understanding cognitive dissonance. In your case, the fabricated “reality” of the pseudoscience of psychiatry conflicts with your actual, lived REALITY. The answer, or “cure” if you will, is ACCEPTANCE. I don’t mean accept their reality as if it’s your reality too, but rather accept the simple fact that their “reality” is what it is, FOR THEM. You don’t have to like it, or agree with it, only accept that it is what it is. It’s stupid, it’s wrong, but it is THEIRS, not yours. It’s UNDERSTANDING you seek, even if your understanding is that you just don’t understand! There is much that i don’t understand, but i understand that i don’t understand, so i’m ok with it! I think the more you FACE, CONFRONT, PROCESS, AND ACCEPT, the more peace of mind you will experience. Remember to breathe, and some type of physical activity, such as stretching, yoga, walking, etc., will also help your process. We often forget that we are mind/mental/thought/feeling BEINGS, AND ALSO PHYSICAL…. This is SOME of what’s helped me, since i escaped the lies of the pseudoscience drug racket called “psychiatry” over 20 years ago. I really hope you find this helpful. That’s my intention here. You’re in the right place, anyway!

  • Did you just recently figure out that Congress, especially the House, is basically a well-funded PhRMA puppet? I’d like to have the time to refute the many false anti-Trump statements made here by many people, but i’m vastly outnumbered, and under-supported and under-resourced. Trump is a DISTRACTION, and a SYMPTOM. Trump is not the problem. Don’t you people get it? TRUMP IS A DISTRACTION. TRUMP IS A PUPPET. When you finally realize those TRUTHS, then you might begin to think more freely and naturally, and logically, and rationally…. Your pathological Trump-hatred warps your mind. Trump is a jerk and idiot, that’s all.

  • I wish i’d read the CV/bio of the authors BEFORE i wrote my first comment. The pseudoscience of psychiatry is the personification of MEDICAL FASCISM. To the extent that anybody supports the FRAUD and SCAM of psychiatry, they also support the ongoing CRIMES of psychiatry. There can be no compromise with human evil. And psychiatry is the personification of human evil. The banality of evil. That’s my opinion, hard-earned by being tortured by psychiatry. If it was within my power, psychiatry would cease to exist. Keep trying, kids….

  • Maybe it was just edited out here, but i’m concerned that we see nothing here about “Alma’s” feelings of guilt at not being able to save every patient. So-called ” toxic guilt” is a valid issue, and has well-developed means for addressing it. It’s too long and involved to go in to, here…. But i’m encouraged by what i read here. Problem i see, is that you folks are simply NOT “radical” and “reformist” enough!…

  • MARIA! Dr. Quarato! This is probably the *BEST* piece of “plandemic” writing i have EVER READ!, – yet!…. i’m assuming English is not your native language, and that your University/College education puts your language skills above average. But you haven’t “dumbed-down”, or simplified your thoughts and words here. That’s going to be a challenge for many readers. But the effort to read, and UNDERSTAND your words here will be richly rewarded. You, Maria, are among the people America, Austria, Italy, and the WORLD MOST NEED NOW. i mean that most sincerely. I actually cried ( a little! ), at the BEAUTY of the TRUTH of your words and thoughts here…. i think the implications of your words are more profound than you may realize….and yes, you have much to learn from us EXPERTS here at MiA, and i hope we see more of your writing here soon. The world needs you now, Maria. That’s whst i think, anyway. But what do i know? I’m an escaped psychiatric patient!…. ( my comment history contains much of my story….)….

  • Yes, in 2016, i voted Trump for exactly 3 reasons. 1. The FakeNews/MSM media was so blatatly pro-Hilary and pro-Democrat party, and anti-Trump and anti-Republican party, that i voted Trump as a way to say, “screw you!”, and even out the balance. 2.The way Hilary & the Dems treated Bernie Sanders was appalling. I think a Clinton/Sanders ticket could have, and would have won. 3. Hilary is WORSE THAN TRUMP.
    That’s what i think. And i will be disappointed, but not surprised, if i actually get kicked off MiA for expressing my personal truth here, and daring to “defend Trump”. But so what? I’m an escaped mental patient, and survivor of psychiatry, too….can YOU handle the TRUTH? I can…. (this could get interesting….

  • Very glad to hear you’re doing as well as you are, David, and keep up the good work! I’m on the MindFreedom email list, but aside from an occasional email, MF may as well not even exist for me. I have to agree with (some of) what “oldhead” says above in his comment. I reject the whole “mad pride” and “revolution” rhetoric. And i strongly support the idea that NORMAL is simply what most people are most of the time, more or less. So i am both normal, and abnormal, BOTH. Also, i strongly reject Alinsky as the un-American and anti-American “domestic enemy” which i believe him to be. Let Alinsky rot on the scrap-heap of history along with other mistakes such as the dual FRAUDS of Freud & the pseudoscience of psychiatry. I do NOT self-identify as a so-called “psychiatric survivor”, because i do not want to give any undeserved legitimacy to the lies of the pseudoscience drug racket known as psychiatry. And, unlike “oldhead”, i have no real issue with the basic ideas or existence of so-called “capitalism”, which was created by the same folks who created socialism, communism, fascism, democracy, libertarianism, and capitalism. The only “ism” i support and endorse is AMERICANISM. i was in 10th grade when my parents first took me to a psychiatrist, who gave me a bogus “diagnosis” (stigma-label), and an Rx prescription for neuro-toxic drugs. The next 20+ years of my life were WASTED by the lies of the pseudoscience drug racket and social control mechanism called “psychiatry”. I’ve been 100% psychiatry-free for well over 20 years now. Thank GOD! I’m a non-sectarian Protestant Buddhist Christian, and i’m very comfortable in that belief system. So, while i’m truly very glad to see you doing so well, and glad to see you back here at MiA, i also see NO PLACE for me in your “movement”, or whatever you call “it”. BTW, no, there are NO typos in this comment. Maybe your world of “no normal” is my “dystopian nightmare”? RSVP????….(i grant MiA permission to give you my email….)….

  • I think you need to do more research on 80yr old Fauci. He did NOT study virology in medical school because it didn’t exist yet at that time, and Fauci is an acolyte of Bill Gates demonic wetdream of forced vaccinationing everybody along with Global surveillance and tracking of people by the Gov’t….

  • Sorry, Sedarati, but i think you’re over-intellectualizing, and misunderstanding Peterson’s words and philosophical perspective. Peterson is the father of 2 adult children. You, Sederati, have NO children, correct? So you can ONLY IMAGINE the real, lived experience which forms the basis of Petersons views. Not all gestural redirection and physical correction of misbehavior is the same as “corporal punishment” .

  • Thank-you, Steve, for so generously and graciously granting me permission to disagree with you. A so-called “microaggression” exists ONLY in the mind’s eye of the beholder. If it’s concious and deliberate, it is NOT a “microaggression”, it’s ACTUAL agression. And until and unless it’s perceived as such by the victim, it’s NOT a “microaggression”, it’s simply rude and boorish behavior.

  • Personally, when I see “newspeak” linguistic fabrications such as “individuals facing mental health challenges”, i no longer barf and puke in disgust, i only roll my eyes and softly groan in dismay at the babbling sheeple. So-called “mental illness” is something that either ALL of us have, or else NONE of have. Could be both, can’t be neither. ALL “mental illnesses” are in fact STD’s. The mental health system gives them to you….

  • We ALL need new ideas and new thinking and thoughts. We can never create the changes we need without these new realities. First, each one of us has our own unique, idiosyncratic brain which was created by our unique genetic code. We DO have some abilities to affect the structure and function of our brains by our chosen behaviors, such as exercise and meditation. But our MIND is NOT ours alone. Our mind was created for us, by other people speaking to us, and interacting with us. Our “mental” is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION! So when any of us is victimized by a psychiatric label of “mental illness”, that says far more about our SICK SOCIETY AS A WHOLE, than it does about us as individuals. We’re “sick” BECAUSE of the pseudoscience of psychiatry, not in spite of it….

  • ANTHONY! WELCOME! I was going to get “first comment” honors here, but Rachel’s comment posted WHILE I WAS LOGGING IN! LOL….
    Anyway, your writing here is probably in the Top Ten for MiA….
    Rachel is correct. America is the 3rd most screwed up country in the world for so-called “mental health”, and the pseudoscience drugs racket and mechanism of social control known as “psychiatry”.
    England and Australia are fighting, and swap places regularly for 2nd & 1st….
    But that’s enough of this Buddhist bullshit….
    Scientology is the only thing worse than anti-psychiatry to the quack shrink pill-pushers!….

  • WRONG! Not only “can we judge Fry’s motives”, we MUST. Fry has put both his motives and intentions, and his entire world view and perspective both ONLINE, and OUT THERE to be judged. He’s literally delusional.
    He’s superstitious, paranoid, and dangerous. People such as Fry do far more harm than good. His entire “argument” is at best pseudoscience. And sadly, most persons in positions of power think like Fry does. They think *what* Fry does. They *believe* both what and how Fry does. THAT is THE PROBLEM. THE WHOLE THING, Fry included, is *WRONG*. Yoiu really don’t get it, I don’t think you get it, “FeelinDiscouraged”. FRY IS WRONG. TOTALLY WRONG….He’s full of very erudite bullshit…. Fry’s “intentions” are in fact an expression of EVIL. FRY IS EVIL. How much more clear can I make it?….

  • Dr. K, Dr. K., you just make TOO much sense. Nobody’s gonna believe you, except maybe here at MiA….
    As you might expect, I’ve got Whan China-originated coronavirus Covid-19 on my mind. And it seems like ALL the “authorities”, from Fauci at CDC, to the local health Dept., are simply repeating the same short, not very informative paragraph over and over and over and over…. Gee, seems I recall once reading about hypnosis and brainwashing techniques, and how BOTH these forms of social manipulation worked by repeating the same simple phrases over and over and over and over…. And the same FedGov and Global Corporate Masters that control the media also control the banks and Wall St., and pretty much all us masses of little people, too. I agree completely with what Dr. Kelmenson is saying here, and I’ve seen it proven in my own life. Psychiatry and PhRMA seek only to increase their WEALTH, POWER, and CONTROL over the masses, and do it all under the guise of benevolence and good healthcare. Whatever psychiatry is, it’s neither good, nor is it good healthcare. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. And now you don’t only have to take my word for it. Each in our own words, Dr. K. and I are basically saying the SAME THING….

  • Dr. Dhar’s review of “The Lancet” article on homeless people and so-called “COVID-19” raises the bar here at MiA. The extensive use here of embedded links back to past MiA articles on homelessness, health, mental health, drugs&pharmaceuticals, Society, etc., also raises the bar for MiA as a whole. I’m FAR MORE IMPRESSED with Dr. Dhar’s review than I am sure that I will be when I actually read the whole “The Lancet” article. I know what kind of idiot doctors write for “The Lancet”, and there’s no guarantee that “The Lancet” hasn’t used, in whole or in part, GHOST WRITERS for their article here. I meet with, work with, eat with, visit, at “home”, shelter, or community, homeless people EVERY DAY. I’ve spent years homeless myself. I’m a survivor of the pharmaceutical psychiatric genocide myself. Yeah, I know what I’m talking about here. And “person experiencing homelessness” is the MOST RIDICULOUS NONSENSE, linguistically, and conceptually, that’s going around these days. It’s almost to the same level of ridiculous nonsense as the Chinese coronavirus they named COVID-19, which as everybody knows was either released from, or escaped from, the Chinese Communist Government Army BIO-WEAPON Lab in Wuhan China. I prefer to remain an infectious carrier of hope, optimism, smiles and laughter, and spread immunity to negativity, pessimism, frowns, fear, and anger. Thank-you, Dr. Dhar, for joining me! KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!

  • OMG!, Laurie!….Your whole story above, is TL;DR for me now, but I read 1/3 way through carefully, then skimmed the rest.
    I used to describe my case as “Iatrogenic Neuroleptic Pharmaceutical Cerebral Cognitive Impairment Malfunction”, but today I simply use, “Iatrogenic Neurolepsis”…. I actually got a *NURSE* to enter my Iatrogenic Neurolepsis diagnosis into my formal medical record, because she didn’t know what “iatrogenic” meant! That list of Rx drugs is almost not credible. You need a team of good lawyers to assist you in several tort claim lawsuits. That’s the best way to overcome the blatant systemic anosognosia as regards all the Rx drugs. They are not the “fake news” euphemism “meds”, or “medications”, rather, drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs, etc., NOT MEDS!….

  • Dr. Paula Kaplan, once again! EXCELLENT! Excerpts from your review should be put on the cover of future editions, and used now by the Publisher’s marketing team!
    I think it was the 3rd Edition of “Alcoholics Anonymous”, the so-called “Big Book” of A.A., and it was on page 449.
    “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems….”…. It deals with self-acceptance of oneself as you are, and also acceptance of others, and all of life as it is…. It was a new idea at the time, and it’s validated by both your review, and more so by Sommer’s excellent book, which I can hardly wait to read. as happy as I am, I’m not perfect yet, and Sommer’s book will have much valuable wisdom for me, that I hope to continue to share…. THANK-YOU, and KEEP UP the GOOD WORK!….

  • I clicked your name above your comment, Andrei, and read ALL your other comments. You’re an amazing man, with VERY deep and ACCURATE insights. Your English is VERY GOOD. Please continue to comment here often. Even some of the regular commenters here need to hear what you have to say. You’re Romania’s gift to our efforts to create a world free of psychiatry and it’s poison pills and tortures!

  • Noel, that’s so good, I can only skim parts of it at a time. I can’t read it all at once carefully. I’m doing real well, all things considered, and I’m a happy man today. But I still have a lifetime worth of healing ahead of me!
    Thank-you for such a detailed road map! How can we get your writing in front of a much wider audience, like EVERY teacher and school administrator?….

  • We love you here at MiA. You CAN choose to be a happy person, if you so choose. You DO have that power. We ALL have that power. If you don’t think you have enough of that power on your own, – here, wait a sec, ok, THERE IT IS, – I’m sending you a whole bunch of my power through the Akashic Records….You should start receiving it in your dreams tonight, and feeling it start to work in the morning….It’s just a little seed of power, so please water it with tears, and make sure it gets plenty of Sunny smiles. It’s Spring, so it’ll grow good for you….YOU CAN HEAL, because I KNOW YOU CAN!….

  • Jo Ann, – I’m sorry I didn’t see this reply from you a year ago! There’s another aspect of this that NOBODY has mentioned here yet. I’ll try to keep it simple. The demographics of many school districts in many parts of the U.S. are such that people are having smaller families, and younger families are moving away, often because the economy is changing, and good paying jobs aren’t so easily available. The result of all that is a declining rate of enrollment, or at least a dramatic slowing of student numbers, – there’s fewer students in schools than there would otherwise be. And there’s more people looking for work, because there’s fewer good jobs. So if student numbers are dropping, you’d think the budget would be dropping, too, right? NO! that won’t work! Look at all those 6-figure administrator’s salaries! So the “answer”, or “solution” is to LABEL KIDS with various “disabilities”, and “special needs”, and “mental health disorders”, & etc.
    More labeled kids means more Federal money. More labeled kids means more DRUG$ $OLD, which means more business for the local drug store, and more demand for all those “tutors”, and “sped workers”. More diagnosed kids means more City, County and State workers, so more paychecks. For every “diagnosed” school kid, the local “community mental health center” is looking at a MINIMUM of $100,000./year in salaries for staff alone! And that doesn’t include the dollar amount the local school board is looking at!
    (Yes, those are ACTUAL DOLLAR FIGURES from local news reports! I am presenting them in a slightly different format here.)
    What you’ve described above, Jo Ann, is literally being done, in many, many cases, by many, many people
    KNOWINGLY, WILLINGLY, DELIBERATELY, and *FOR* *PROFIT*…. Disabling kids for money….literally.
    And you thought Nazis were sick bastards….????….

  • WOO-HOO! FIRST COMMENT!….which is ironic, because my comments typically take anywhere from 1 to several days to appear, because the internet is as slow as cold maple syrup running uphill in January, here in the hills of SW New Hampshire….so there’ll probably be several OTHER comments, before you, Dear Reader, see mine. I haven’t seen my old friend Eric Coates in months now, and now I see what he’s been doing, – WRITING! As usual, I’m finding Eric’s current opus “TLDR”, but that’s mostly because the public library whose computer I’m using to write this comment closes in less than an hour. Because of my Iatrogenic Disability, (caused by psychiatrists & psych drugs), I’m too poor to afford a computer and internet access of my own.
    So I’ve only read the first couple paragraphs of Eric’s latest here….and it deserves much more careful reading than that. I’m hoping Eric realizes that those “voices” he “hears” are what most of the rest of us call “thinking”. They’re NORMAL THOUGHTS. (I’m not including certain types of physical brain damage, – TBI, – or the effects of psych drugs and street drugs. But those types of “heard voices” have distinctly NON-psychiatric causes.) Normal, that is, given the circumstances of various types of trauma and abuse. “Abuse” including verbal, emotional, mental, psychological, etc.,….there’s many forms of abuse, and many, many, many abused persons. And many abused persons. But that’s all I’ve got for now. let’s see what Mr. Eric Coates, and the other “motley crue” of MiA commenters have to say, shall we….????….

  • I was 15, in High School, 10th grade, when my parents took me to a psychiatrist. I got a bogus “diagnosis”, and a prescription for PSYCH DRUGS. I was off to the races. The next 20 years of my life, which should have been the BEST 20 years of my life, were a living hell of dysfunction, psych drugs, and hospitalizations. I found Dr. Peter Breggin’s book “Toxic Psychiatry” in 1992, and read it. And READ IT.
    Dr. Peter Breggin, you literally SAVED MY LIFE. I’ve been “shrink-proof” for 25 years now. Off ALL psych drugs, and no more “community mental health center”, either! If I knew then, what I know now, I NEVER would have taken that first dose of neuro-toxin! THANK-YOU, Dr. Peter Breggin! You’re one of the few exceptions which proves the rule!….

  • WORD SALAD….that’s basically what the whole article above is, *WORD* *SALAD*….
    And does anybody else note that “RDoC” is about *RESEARCH*, and trying to legitimize the current pseudoscience lies of psychiatry, and increase funding for *RESEARCH*?…. One driver of the apparent, so-called “shortage of psychiatrists”, is the fact that psychs are increasingly moving into RESEARCH of various types, and essentially abandoning “clients”….????…. Yup, just more psychiatric WORD SALAD….gnaw, gnaw, gnaw, chew, chew, chew….yummy word salad!….
    Yeah, more bullshit. No better word describes this article, besides word salad, and BULLSHIT…..

  • We all need to be on our guard for such internalized prejudice and conditioners to manifest in depressive and destructive weights. But to seriously believe that sexism and racism can be resolved within the context of the “mental health” system ignores the social purpose and function of the “mental health” ruse, which is to reinforce socially programming and and conformity to the corrupt values and premises to which we are enslaved in a Medusa-like mortal coil of unimaginable horror. We all need to be responsible for our behavior crimes, and also to reject the concept of redemption for others where inappropriate as determined by the widest, broadest possible consensus of so-called “mental health workers employed at the behest of the dominant heirarchy, and the genocidal patriarchy which drags us down into the delusional rape of our underskins and nubbins. But to look at the “mental health” system or it’s structures for answers to our eternal existential rapists and abusers posing as our benighted therapists under a street light where you lost your keys in the bushes because the light’s better. If I could only be more profound, I would be deeper than the Marianas Trench.

  • “We have met the enemy, and they is us.” Is THAT what you’re trying to say, Steve?….
    “….psychiatry itself is not the enemy, it is only one manifestation of the enemy”? Really, McCrea?….That’s as far as you’ve gotten?….You still believe in “enemies”?…. In “”real” enemies”, and presumably “unreal enemies”?…. Sorry, Steve McCrea, but I still don’t see your own internalized AUTHORITARIANISM as the “enemy”, and I KNOW that YOU DON’T, either….
    Remember, McCrea, a far wiser soul than I once said, “With power comes responsibility.”….

  • OK, I understand Nikkel asking “”How?” are we educating psychiatrists in medical schools?”, but I think a more appropriate question is *WHY?* are we educating psychiatrists in medical schools? The answer is, “So we can maintain the delusional fiction that psychiatrists are legitimate medical doctors.”
    C’mon, Nikkel, you know it’s easier to maintain the fiction of psychiatry being a “medical specialty” if you include them in medical schools.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, – as shown here,- and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins, – as shown here. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good.

  • Then there must also be such a thing as taking other people too seriously, Frank….
    With too few exceptions, psychiatrists take themselves WAY, WAY, way too seriously….
    My gripe with the phrase/word/label of “anti-psychiatry” is that it gives psychiatry too much credibility and legitimacy….
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control….
    Are you suggesting, Frank, that I’m an as-yet un-reformed “fool”….????….

  • How do these people live with themselves? Kendler is a FAKE, a FRAUD, a CHARLATAN, a MOUNTEBANK, a HUCKSTER, etc. How much more clear can I be? Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. The DSM-5 is best seen as little more than a CATALOG of BILLING CODES. Everything in the DSM-5 was either INVENTED, or CREATED. Nothing in the DSM-5 was *discovered*. Why should the rest of us, who value concepts like truth, beauty, freedom, etc., have to put up with the Kendlers of the world? Is it in fact wrong, if I were to suggest that the Kendlers of the world should not be allowed to live? I say that psychiatry practices GENOCIDE, and that FOOLS such as Kendler, grossly over-educated, are in fact EVIL, GENOCIDAL, and should NOT be allowed to live. Yeah, I mean that. When will the rest of us, who value things like TRUTH, BEAUTY, FREEDOM, etc., wake up and see the enemy within? Kendler is the enemy. The Kendlers of the world must die. That’s my opinion, anyway. I’d love to see what Kendler has to say to me! More crap like he’s written here, no doubt….

  • I just spent an hour or 2, clicking links on the article above….I even went to the Homepage of the American Psychiatric Association. Clicked on the link to “buy” a copy of the DSM-5. And got an “error” page! So I couldn’t buy a DSM-5 from the quack shrinks, even when I tried to! LOL…..
    But seriously, folks, much of what I read on those linked pages can be easily condensed to 2 words:
    PSYCHOBABBLE, and GOBBLEDYGOOK….. What a bunch of over-educated IDIOTS!….
    But that’s not just an idle insult…. I’ve been reading their tripe for enough decades that I sometimes almost find myself seduced by the sheer intellectual masturbation of it all…. It’s so high falutin’ and edu-ma-cated sounding! Must be REAL, huh?…. Hey, they got Ph.D’s and shit!….They must know what they’re talking about! No, really, actually, most of them are grossly over-educated, and so full of their own self-referential bullshit, that they can’t even see it. They have an especially virulent form of professional anosognosia….
    They literally can’t see the beautiful forest of life, for their own bullshit DSM trees….
    Psychiatry can’t see the GENOCIDE it daily inflicts on people…. Too busy working on the DSM-6, maybe….

  • Different benzos have different effects on different persons, and that’s not even counting so-called “paradoxical” effects…. Of course, neither PhRMA, nor the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry is AT ALL interested in studying these things…. I would hope that something like “pharmaco-genetics” is part of Mr. Jordan Peterson’s treatment…. He’s a valuable voice, with a valuable point of view to counteract the media Corporate brainwashing propaganda…..

  • The DSM is best seen for what it TRULY is: A Catalog of Billing Codes. Everything in the DSM was either invented, or created. NOTHING in the DSM was discovered. Think about that a while….
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good….
    And the DSM is STILL noting more than a catalog of billing codes. Nothing in it was “discovered”, – everything in it was either invented or created. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real…. And I bet nobody will challenge my statements here….because they are TRUTH.

  • Well that was far more fair and balanced than I expected, but it was still very skewed, propagandist, and a diversion from the truth. The TRUTH is that most mass-casualty school shooters have 2 things in common, – psychiatric “treatment”, and psych drugs. Starting in the 1990’s, most so-called “anti-depressants” have carried mandatory “black box” warnings about increased risk of “suicidal and homicidal ideation and behavior”. In other words, YES!, a person, especially teenaged males, on psych drugs, is far more likely to commit violent acts, including gun crimes. This is true, even if you agree that the so-called “mentally ill” in general are less likely to commit violent crimes. And consider, the article almost actually states that committing gun crimes is “normal”! And then everybody’s favorite bogeyman, “stigma” pops up! And, since the only real source of this vague and ephemeral “stigma” is psychiatrists, psych drugs, and the DSM, well, …. My, my, my, what a FINE MESS psychiatry and psych drugs have created! Even fools such as Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar are saying there are “too few” psychiatrists, and that we need more of them!
    I’m sorry there were so few voices from the survivors of the lies of the pseudoscience drug racket known as “psychiatry”…. I was taken to a psychiatrist, and given a bogus “diagnosis” and psych drugs in high school. The psychs and psych drugs ruined the best 20 years of my life. Yes, the psych drugs made me far more dangerous than I would have been without them. Thank God the only one seriously hurt was myself…. If I knew then, what I know now, I would NEVER have gone to those quack shrinks, nor taken their poison pills. And I would be much healthier and happier than I am today. I’m doing as well as I am today IN SPITE OF psychiatry and psych drugs, and NOT BECAUSE of them…. Given the pervasiveness of psychiatry and psych drugs, I’m surprised there isn’t MORE gun crime and violence….But PhRMA and the Guild of Psychiatry won’t ever let that TRUTH be spoken aloud….

  • She’s been one of my best friends since 2005, when she & I first met. She wants to sue her shrink. She’s deeply unhappy with the abuse disguised as “treatment”. She does NOT want to take the DRUGS she is FORCED to take. She is Court-ordered. She is a victim of genocide. Her Family is BOTh the BEST, and WORST thing in her life, – both at the same time. She wants to write a book. She hates psychiatry. She’s my friend, and her story is the story of several million Americans who are the victims of genocide. genocide, because that’s exactly what it is. I’m not ever exaggerating here. She is literally a VICTIM of GENOCIDE, and the American Taxpayer subsidizes this genocide. She’s my friend, and it hurts me to see what psychiatry is doing to her, in the name of “mental health care”. The more “mental health care” she gets, the sicker she becomes. She’s barely functional now….

  • Until and UNLESS, the military as a whole, the VA, *ALL* of psychology & psychiatry, *ALL* *AGREE*, that the pill-pushing poly-pharmacy of psychiatry is the single greatest PREVENTABLE CAUSE of veteran’s suicides, little will change. In other words, “too much drugs” is the #1 cause of veterans’ suicides…. But as usual, the *TRUTH* gets ignored…. Very little will change…. Use of medical cannabis is probably the single biggest break-through in the VA “mental health” arena, but main-stream media will NOT touch that story….

  • Whenever I see “APA”, I always have to wonder whether they mean “Psycological/Psychology” or “Psychiatric/Psychiatry”….I think BOTH professional organizations revel in the confusion, because NEITHER seems at all willing to address the confusion, much less do something about it. I can see some validity in psychology, but NONE in psychiatry. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. And sadly, psychology is not far behind as a divisive and destructive force in society. The DSM is a catalog of billing codes, and sadly, the AP(psychology)A is almost as dependent on it as psychiatrists are. Therefore, although I’m sure Rosie Philips Davis considers herself a good person, who does good for society and helps people, I don’t see her that way. By blindly accepting the EVIL of psychiatry and the DSM, she perpetuates that evil. I just kinda shake my head sadly, and roll my eyes at her and her ilk. But at least she doesn’t pretend to be a person of non-color….so that’s something good, I guess….

  • How are “LGBTQ” issues different from “LGBTQ+” issues? Recently, I have seen pamphlets from Tulsi Gabbard, where the construction “LGBT+” is used. How is “LGBT+” different from “LGBTQ”, and “LGBTQ+”. I found the above review/report from Luiggi-Hernandez to be excruciatingly, and needlessly, difficult to read and understand. To my mind, such an SJW mindset merely reinforces internalized colonization and subservience, therefore it serves most the whims of the colonial masters, and reinforces the victim status of those it purports to sympathize with. Thus, it is at best counter-productive, and at worst actually plays into the hands of the oppressors. That’s how I see it, and it looks quite sad to me….

  • ERIC! That’s BEAUTIFUL! That’s the BEST explication for anti-psychiatry that I’ve ever seen!
    My only quibble here is that you seem to give short shrift to Buddhist philosophy. You must have read too much Zen. I’ve been reading the Dalai Lama’s works for years, and I have found them increasingly accessible and helpful. I especially like his descriptions of “attachments”, and breaking free of attachments, and leaning how to not make those unhealthy attachments in the first place. Also, his descriptions of the true nature of “KARMA”, that it’s basically “cause-and-effect”, and NOT personal, is also very helpful. What Mahayana Buddddhism gives me is UNDER-STANDING. When I “stand under” understanding, I feel safe, protected, and sure and certain of my life, and my place in it…. Now, can’t wait to check out your site….

  • THANK-YOU, Laura! That’s a well=written, clear, and concise story you’ve told here. But it also needs to be pointed out that the “Va Tech shooter” himself was ALSO a victim of psychiatry and psych drugs. While no, I can’t prove my claim here, nevertheless I’ll make that claim. Psych drugs pulled the trigger of the gun of the “Va Tech shooter”, and psychiatrists loaded the bullets. Read that last sentence again. In the strongest possible terms I mean that. Forced psych “treatment” is the very definition of MEDICAL FASCISM. Forced psych “treatment” is in fact a form of GENOCIDE. Yes, *GENOCIDE*! Genocide occurs on a daily basis in America 2020, and the American Taxpayer helps fund it. So YOU, Laura, are also in fact a victim of genocide. As bad as genocide is, – and it’s too often fatal, – you seem to have survived so far relatively intact. That’s something you can be proud of. Looks to me that you’re doing so well IN SPITE OF psychiatry and psych drugs, and *NOT* because of them….Please correct me if I’m wrong in my assumption here.
    Thanks again for telling your story, and WELCOME! to MiA….

  • But people who get psychiatric “help”, and who take psych drugs, are far more likely to then go get a gun and shoot and kill a bunch of people. this is PROVEN by the fact that MOST mass-casualty school shooters were on psych drugs from a psychiatrist….From Sandy Hook to Columbine, psych drugs pulled the triggers, and psychiatrists loaded the bullets….

  • I contend that so-called “mental illness” is something that either ALL of US have it, or else NONE of US have it…. It MUST BE one or the other! I suppose it could be *both*, but it can NOT be neither!….
    So either we are all crazy, or else none of us is crazy. And neither of those options says anything good, at all, about the pseudoscience known as “psychiatry”….btw, so-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real….

  • I’m sorry to hear about Bonnie Burstow’s passing. Reading about her anti-psychiatry scholarship here on MiA was very encouraging. I myself was almost killed by psychiatry & psych drugs, and I’m alive and well as I am today because I rid my life of the scourge of psychiatry and psych drugs. It’s sad when the NYT stoops to this level of smear. It’s like the Time magazine obit of Dr. Thomas Szasz, where the ONLY quote included was from E.(is for “evil”)Fuller Torrey. I’ve read Bonnie’s writing here on MiA, and we will all miss her voice and her work.
    Too bad the NYT cares more for money, and power, and less for people’s lives. That’s the message they send.
    KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, Robert. I still cite “Mad in America”, and “Anatomy of an Epidemic” as often as I can. You yourself are considered “anti-psychiatry” by many of psychiatry’s apologists. I’m wrapping up a win on “The Conversation”, under an article about the imminent demise of the term “schizophrenia”.
    Let me get back to laughing, watching Tom Perez and the DNC work so hard to RE-elect Trump…..

  • Once we realize that the DSM is in fact nothing more than a CATALOG of BILLING CODES, and everything in it was either CREATED, or INVENTED, and nothing in it was “discovered”, then we begin to WAKE UP, and drop the veils placed over our minds’ eye by the Psychiatric-Pharmaceutical-Industrial-Financial-Complex….
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good….Psychiatry is the personification of MEDICAL FASCISM…. Forgive them, they know NOT what they do….

  • She’s been one of my best friends since 2005. She’s a victim of the lies of the pseudoscience drug racket known as “psychiatry”, and the local “Community Mental Health Center”. I’ve watched her condition slowly deteriorate over the years. She is court-ordered, FORCED to take drugs, including Zyprexa. Her Family is both the best, and at the same time the worst aspect of her life. She’s the “designated patient”, the “scapegoat”, the “black sheep”. And part of why she’s where she is, is because her Father had sex with her starting when she was 8. She’s really a wonderful person, and it’s painful to see her existing in a kind of living HELL. The workers at that “CMHC” regularly lie about her, and use those lies to justify sending her to the State Mental Hospital in handcuffs and shackles every few months, regardless. And the quack shrink, Dr. Maryanne Marsh, keeps forcing her to take the Zyprexa, which she hates…. Yes, there’s a word for what’s being done to her in the name of “treatment”, and that word is GENOCIDE. Genocide for profit. And to sell more Zyprexa….

  • “Vice” is NOT known as an un-biased “news” source, and this very biased article is no exception. The whole tone is, “Oh, those poor helpless MENTAL PATIENTS being assaulted and even tasered by those evil thug cops!”….I find it mildly disgusting and demeaning to not only cops, but those “poor mental patients”. Most so-called “mental patients” are on multiple neuro-toxins, – the standard, so-called “polypharmacy” practice of the pseudoscience known as “psychiatry”. What exactly is “psychiatric care”, and how is it any different from regular medical care? Is the problem perhaps that so-called “psychiatric care” is NOT appropriate in traditional ER and hospital settings? I’m in New Hampshire, just across the river from Vermont, and things are much the same here. The so-called “mental health” system is a BROKEN JOKE. The local hospital often relies on LIES told by Staff at the local “Community Mental Health Center”, and then uses those lies to justify locking folks in isolation holding cells which the deceptively call “pods”. The Pod People, like something out of the movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. And the bodies of the so-called “mental patients” are then transported from the isolation holding cells to the State Mental Hospital, by Sheriff’s Deputies, in handcuffs and shackles. My friend has had this inflicted on her at least 15 or 20 times over the last few years. As bad as the REALITY is, the skewed, “fake news” propaganda here from “Vice” only makes things worse by biased reporting. So-called “mental patients” can be very violent, even overtly suicidal or homicidal. Who better than the cops to deal with such people? Liberal “progressive” voices such as “Vice” are babbling in circles, sowing confusion, mis-information, and dis-information. Vermont, home of Bernie Sanders, is a quasi-Socialist nightmare of homelessness, drug addiction, gross over-drugging of so-called “mental patients”, crime, and dysfunction. “Vice” proves that much here, but also seems intent on presenting only a very biased, distorted, skewed picture of reality. And lately, the “Brattleboro Retreat”, an ancient mental hospital in Brattleboro, VT., is in danger of closing from a combination of excessive union demands from employees, bad management, graft, corruption and an impoverished State Government mis-managed by liberal, progressive Democrats and Bernie Sanders Socialists. Even Democrat Presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s $1,000/month “Freedom Dividend” isn’t inducement enough to get me to move to Vermont…. There’s a word which best describes Vermont’s treatment of so-called “mental patients”, and that word is GENOCIDE.

  • ….”newly minted, fresh out of OCS/ROTC/West Point, and judged “not yet fully qualified” by older, more experienced soldiers of lower rank”….
    Yes, sorta, any Butterbar would also likely be a toadie or boot-licker….
    “Butterbar” is not just any 2ndLt., it’s one who isn’t really all that qualified(yet).
    That’s former mayor Pete. His campaign workers have literally called the cops on me twice, for nothing! A candidate sets the tone for the whole campaign heirarchy, from the top down….Bernie supporters are equally nasty, in my experience….An angry old man leading angry young men….Sad. Rachel finds archaic military slang more remarkable that an on-going genocide….

  • Although it isn’t spelled out quite so explicitly, there’s an ASSUMED idea here, that you’re either a “mad activist”, or else you’re “pro-psychiatry”…. I’m NEITHER. I think “mad activism” is a bogus and false label.
    I’m not “mad”, I’m not “mad” at all. Why should I be? And I’m not “pro-psychiatry”, either. Psychiatry is GENOCIDE. And “mad pride” is YOUR SHAME, not mine….

  • The DSM is in fact nothing more than a CATALOG of BILLING CODES. All of the bogus “diagnoses” in it were either invented, or created. Nothing in it was discovered. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real.
    And trust me, “sam plover”. I think you might be a bit naive.
    Psychiatry & psychiatrists absolutely DO NOT CARE what happens “when those millions of kids realize what happened.” If they cared at all, then they wouldn’t have done what they did in the first place. Psychiatrists are GREEDY, and IGNORANT, and POWER-HUNGRY, but they are NOT stupid….
    Look at the DSM. It’s a brilliant hoax….

  • I was 18. It was 1977. Lucky for me, the big, black Southern Deputy Sheriff who drove me to the State Mental Hospital wanted to talk with me, so he had me ride in the front seat with him, not handcuffed and shackled. (Later, in 1986, I *WAS* handcuffed, shackled, and hogtied. Literally.) He had friends who were smoking weed, and wanted him to try it. But he was worried about the “scare stories”, so he wanted to ask me about weed, thinking I could help him. It was bizarre.
    The State Mental Hospital was a true “snake pit”. Many there had it much worse than I did. The quack shrink pill-pushers and some sadists ran the place like the prison it really was.
    No, things have changed very little in 2020….
    My friend is regularly the VICTIM of LIES, told by staff of the local “Community Mental Health Center”, which are told to justify driving her to the State Mental Hospital in handcuffs and shackles. She is sometimes sent home 3 days later in a taxi cab….
    Of course, the local County Sheriff who supports this GENOCIDE is a big former-mayor Butterbar Pete Buttigieg supporter.
    The Military-Industrial-Prison-Complex has many long tentacles….
    (Author’s note: “Butterbar” is WW2-era military slang. It’s not sexual. Google it. Mayor Pete IS a butterbar.)

  • No, “Slaying….”, I’m really not disagreeing with you here, in any fundamental way. But yeah, I want to challenge the characterization in language. I’ve come to see that ALL so-called “mental illness”, including of course, “schizophrenia”, is in fact the result of trauma, and/or abuse throughout one’s life. This would include toxic chemical exposure in the womb, and Mother’s lifestyle. Many of the influences are very subtle, but theyu ALL add up, and in unique ways. But again, trauma & abuse, abuse and trauma. The sequelae of abuse and trauma is studied ever more closely. Currently, the acronym “ACE”, for “Adverse Childhood Experiences” is in fashion, and it’s big step forward. Abuse and trauma does come in something like patterns, and we can see certain patterns in persons, also. So in some persons, this all adds up to an extreme degree compared to most folks, and it’s these folks who get labeled with tags such as “schizophrenia”. So there really is a “there” there, but why call “it” “schizophrenia”? Easy answer. Money, power, and control. The original “schism”, or split from the society of other people, leads to the belief that so-called “schizophrenia” really is a real thing. And if we call an arbitrary label a “diagnosis”, then we can use that alleged diagnosis as the basis to $ELL DRUG$, and MAKE MONEY. So, MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. For the already rich, powerful, and in control. So I can’t agree that “there’s no such thing as schizophrenia”, only that “schizophrenia” is an arbitrary, wrong, and outdated concept. I say it’s just as bogus as you say, but I still say there’s a “there” there, but that “there” is NOT best described as “schizophrenia”. What do you think about what I’ve said here?….

  • ….thank GOD for Mr. Robert Whitaker! Robert, your article is “TLDR” for me, but it’s not your EXCELLENT writing and analysis. I have a very low tolerance these days, for the psychobabble and pseudo-medicalized gobbledygook of PrRMA and the slimy “Dr” LIEberman…. at least he’s aptly named….
    The salient point is the one-day rise in stock valuation of over $1Billion. It’s all about MONEY, and POWER, and CONTROL. If this drug is so good, why isn’t it only available as a non-profit public good, instead of the PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT PRODUCT which it ONLY is available as? I’d love to hear “Dr.” LIEberman’s answer to THAT question! But it would be a lie, so, who cares….????….

  • More suicides means more treatment, pills, and drugs means more suicides means more treatment pills and drugs means more suicides means more treatment, pills, and drugs means more suicides means more treatment pills and drugs means more suicides, means more treatment pills and drugs means more suicides means more treatment pills and drugs means more suicides means more treatment pills and drugs means more suicides means more treatment pills and drugs means more suicides means more treatment pills and drugs means more treatment means more….
    Psychiatrist Richard Friedman practices a distinct sub-specialty of psychiatry known as “Genocidal Fascist”.
    Psychiatrist Friedman advocates for practices designed to maximize pain, suffering, distress and suicide….
    Because more suicides means more treatment, pills, and drugs, means more suicides means more treatment, pills and drugs means more suicides means more treatment, pills and drugs means more suicides means more treatment pills and drugs means more suicides means more treatment, pills and drugs
    means more suicides means more treatment pills and drugs means more suicides means more treatment pills and drugs means more suicides means more treatment pills and drugs means MORE$$$$$$for Dr. Friedman and his ilk….

    psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, a means of social control, and a vector for the Global De-Population Agenda of the U.N. and the Globalists/Progressives/Leftists/Liberals,Capitalists/Democrats, etc.,
    ….ain’t dat true fax Jack!…. Right, “oldhead”….????….

  • My understanding, as to those who “hear voices”, is that they always sound like “inside-the-head” voices, and not like a voice heard from “outside” the head.
    Once, decades ago now, a nurse doing an “assessment” of me newly arrived for a short jail stay, asked whether I “hear voices”. I calmly looked at her, and simply replied: “No, I *SEE* voices, and I *HEAR* colors….”…. She had that “wtf?” look on her face!….
    It was a riot….
    Thanks, Sera. How did I miss this story for over a year? It saddens me, to see what the “mental illness industrial complex” has devolved down into….

  • TLDR. But I will later….
    But I really like the 6th line in the opening poem:
    “Never to have your own voice”.

    Unless he’s moved away, I am personally familiar with the “local Community Mental Health Center” that Mr. Eric Coates has to deal with…. They’re horrible. I have a close lady friend, – whom Eric knows, – and the staff at this “CMHC” rountinely LIE about my friend, use those lies to put her in the isolation holding cells, then drive her to the State Mental Hospital in handcuffs and shackles, in the back of a Sheriff’s cruiser….
    ….She often gets sent home in a Taxi Cab….

    In my opinion, and given the little I know personally of Eric’s story, – we’ve met and talked before…,-here we see the abject failure of the “mental illness system”, and their genocidal paradigm….Thanks, Eric!

  • So sad, is seeing this comment, and going to reply, and then realizing that you DIED last year Julie….
    We only connected on-line, and never got a chance to meet…. I was looking forward to meeting you and Puzzle….

    Why doesn’t some MiA wonk collect ALL the comments (with a brief “context”), and e-publish a sort of “collected works” from commenters who were survivors, and have lived experience with the GENOCIDE of PSYCHIATRY….?…. Seems a fitting LIVING MEMORIAL, for the sacrifices made by the MiA community….
    ….and the ABUSE we have endured, at the hands of those who seek to SILENCE our voices….

  • I’m so sorry to hear that, “Someone Else”! I know EXACTLY how you FEEL! You’ve been abused again, haven’t you? Some mean old guy wants to silence your voice, doesn’t he? It was a man, I assume? What, a “girly-man” you say? Yeah, typo on my part, calling “it” a “man”. No real true man stomps on another man’s voice. Not a truly caring and compassionate man, anyway. A scared little boy-man would shut you up, though.
    Maybe THIS TIME we can get Mr. Robert Whitaker to intercede personally? I like you, “Someone Else”, and your comments are valuable. I’m sorry for what happened to you here. It’s just MORE TRAUMA and ABUSE

    YANG GANG 2020 / YIN YANGS 2020
    ….hey, have a 2-fer….censor political speech, too….you’re already doing a good job re-electing Trump….

  • It’s NOT, Rosalee…. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. The DSM is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. Everything in it was invented or created, – nothing in the DSM was discovered. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real…. ALL so-called “mental illnesses” are the sequelae of trauma/and-or/abuse, as shown above….

  • As I sit here in my struggling millennial friends’ crummy one-room apartment using their computer, (I’m too poor and disabled to own my own, and the 2 public libraries are closed for the holidays….), I’m wearing a lovely handknitted scarf around my neck…. A few weeks ago, the local ladies kitting circle got together to knit hats & gloves and scarves for those “poor, poor homeless people.” OOPS!, my bad, I mean “persons EXPERIENCING homelessness”….
    They put these knitted goods out where they *THINK* homeless people will find them, use them, and feel oh, so warm and grateful…. But the shelters opened WEEKS ago, and the homeless get free warm WAL-MART-style clothes there, which the homeless actually PREFER over the “hand-knitted” stuff. So these fine hand-knitted goods sit outside all winter, covered in snow and ice, and rotting away. I got tired of watching this process, so I snagged one last week while bicycling along the local bike trail….The homeless camps are largely deserted for the winter…. But the naive, ignorant, well-meaning, good-intentioned, compassionate acts of these “do-gooders” continues to be ignored by the homeless they only *think* they’re helping. But golly gee, those silly knitters sure are COMPASSIONATE!….

  • One of my Mother’s favorite quotes, which she used often as a weapon against me, was, “The road to HELL is paved with good INTENTIONS”….(emphasis mine)….
    Despite the weaponization of it, it’s also TRUTH….
    I’m finding your replies in the comment section to be very condescending, also….
    To the extent that I understand “johnchristine”, I also agree with “them”….
    Maybe MiA should hire a clinical supervisor to oversee their contributor pool….
    Speaking only for myself, I find nothing you’ve written here to be “wrong” or “offensive”. ….”silly” and “naive” and misguided, maybe, but not wrong or offensive.
    For you to suggest that, only affirms my perspective….

  • Back in the 1930’s, AA WAS an early proponent of what was then called the “disease theory”, or “disease model” of alcoholism recovery efforts. AA did NOT say, “alcoholism is a disease”, instead they said “alcoholism is best and most easily treated when we view it like we view REAL diseases”…. The idea was that the shame, guilt, stigma, etc., were all barriers to treatment. One of AA’s founders, “Dr. Bob”, said on his deathbed, to another AA founder, “Bill W.(Wilson), “Let’s not louse this thing up”…., meaning, “AA works best as PERSONAL RECOVERY”. He didn’t want to see AA ruined by professionalism. Sadly, AA HAS been ruined by professionalism. In much the same was that psychiatry has destroyed any hope of “recovery” from so-called “mental illnesses”….
    More sick people means more drugs means more sick people means more drugs means more sick people means more drugs means more sick people means more drugs means more sick people…..etc.,……

  • Thanks, Pheobe! I was well into my 20’s, before I described my childhood as anything other than “basically normal”. It was only in my 30’s that I began to realize that the relatively minor abuse I endured as a child really WAS the root of most of my problems. Um, besides being wrongly diagnosed and grossly over-medicated by quack psychiatrists!….

  • Phil: I find it nauseating, the use of the words “meds”, and “medications” in medicine in general, and in the psychiatry/”mental health” fields in particular. I see it as a deceptive euphemism, which only furthers the drug racket fraud of psychiatry. It also serves to separate “street drugs” from “medicines”, or “meds”. But I ONLY say “drugs”, because drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs…. And so-called “meds” ARE DRUGS!….
    “So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but NOT more “real”. The DSM is in fact a catalog of billing codes. EVERYTHING in it was either invented or created. NOTHING in it was discovered. Drugs were created to sell to make money. And psychiatry was created to $ELL DRUG$…. Period. End of story.
    (Being a true pseudoscience like Phrenology, psychiatry also serves as a means of social control.) KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, Phil!
    But your work debunking the shill Dr. Pies remains crucial….

  • Over 30 years ago now, I spent Christmas in the Forensic Unit of the State Prison….
    (I was being held in the State Prison Forensic Unit “pre-trial”, and had NOT been convicted of a crime….)….
    The local Salvation Army visited us, bringing cards, snacks, and a large white Teddy Bear with a red Christmas ribbon…. Yes, having ANY visitors was better than the NO visitors which we would otherwise have had….
    But even then, and still, I found the experience insulting, demeaning, condescending, and self-serving on the part of these liberal Christian do-gooders…. They did it MORE so they could burnish their “Christian compassion” image, than out of any genuine compassion or understanding…. It was fairly nauseating, really….
    Too bad they couldn’t have gotten us a reduction in our psych meds…. That’s what we MOST needed….
    Looks to me AS IF MAYBE Melissa was raised in a Salvation Army/”Christian” home….

  • I first read Dr. Breggins’ “Toxic Psychiatry” in 1992, or 3…. He set a snowball rolling that SAVED my LIFE, and allowed me to escape from the dead-end evil hell of the pseudoscience drug racket known as psychiatry&psych DRUG$$$….Toxic guilt and toxic shame describe and explain ALMOST ALL of what Dr. Breggin describes here, and a conscious and deliberate turn towards the REALITY of the here and now, total acceptance of ourselves and reality as IT IS, can lead us to WHOLE, HEALTHY, and HAPPY LIVES, which should be our birthright….
    So-called “mental illness” is something that either we ALL have, or else NONE of us have it. It must be ONE or the OTHER…. I now see myself as ONE with ALL that IS…. Guess I’m just a chronic undifferentiated normal human dude!…. But I still can’t drive 55….

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and CONTINUES TO DO, FAR MORE HARM than good….
    Remember, 100% of the DSM was either CREATED, or else INVENTED. Literally NOTHING in the DSM was “discovered”. When something is “discovered”, it existed before it was discovered. When something is either invented or created, it did NOT exist before it was created or invented. So-called “mental illnesses” literally DID NOT EXIST, before psychiatry invented and created them. Go ahead, prove me wrong….

  • To the extent that human evil exists, I believe that E. Fuller Torrey embodies human evil. He does what he does for money, – “fundraising”, – and for the fame and glory of his mis-nomered “Treatment Advocacy Center”. In the “Time” magazine obituary of Dr. Thomas Szasz, the ONLY person quoted is E. Fuller Torrey.
    That’s like having some KKK guy quoted in an obituary for Martin Luther King, jr. Exactly. I’m glad to see MiA further de-constructing the already 100% de-constructed Torrey, even if I’m dismayed he still besmirches the air of loving, sane persons. Torrey is a hater, make no mistake. And yes, he lies about his bogus “studies”.

  • Look at the DSM, which is in fact a CATALOG of BILLING CODES. After only short “treatment” with psych drugs, every so-called “diagnosis” in it can be reduced to 2 words: “Iatrogenic neurolepsis”….
    The dramatic expansion of the DSM has ONE primary driver. More bogus “diagnoses” =equals= that many more excuses to $ELL DRUG$…. Follow the MONEY, and Power, and Control. Psychiatry is 100% FRAUD!

  • How about, “How Black People View White People’s Rights?”, or “How Palestinians View Israeli Rights?”, or “How Middle Easterners View Americans Rights?”, or “How Mental Patients View Mental Health Providers’ Rights”. My only problem here is that to say “mental health care provider” is EXACTLY the same as to say, “Unicorn Breeders” and “Unicorn Herders”, and “Unicorn Farmers”…..
    “How Unicorn Herders View Bison Herders Rights?”…. I KNOW “How Bison Herders View Unicorn Breeders’ Rights?”…. Do *you* know “exactly how”….????….

  • Honestly, I am “puzzled” as to why there’s such a lack of internalization, realization, and thus correct action on the basis of the knowledge facts that psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control; – that it’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins; – that psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good; – and therefore all so-called “diagnoses” are fraudulent, bogus and false; – which Julie Greene learned the hard way. If it hadn’t been for psychiatry and psych drugs, Julie would have lived until at least her late 80’s, or 90’s. We dishonor her memory when we fail to LIVE HER TRUTH. This is my memorial to her. What’s YOURS….????….

  • LOL.
    Both capitalism and socialism are antique, rickety wooden fences which are easy to climb over, but not see through. Anarchy is a tall, chain-link fence topped with barbed wire….
    But none of them will let you into the stadium to watch the ball game close up.
    With all of them, you’re outside the fence, but at least you can see the game with anarchy….

  • New Hampshire is a CESSPOOL. I know. I live here, and was born here. In 2016, the local hospital, Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Keene(CMC/DHK), summarily fired their Child Psychiatrist, Dr. Marcia Pabo, and closed their 6-bed adolescent psych unit. A few months later, 30 people were fired, and they closed their 12-bed adult psych unit. That’s right around when the spent $1.5Million to redo their ER, to make several sensory-deprivation, isolation holding cells. For psych patients. Since then, we have regular newspaper articles about how those poor “mental patients” languish for weeks in the ER….
    Do you get what I’m saying? This is a FABRICATED, FAKE NEWS “crisis”….
    The local “community mental health center” regularly LIES about their patients, so they can LOCK THEM UP in the local ER. But hey, even though the staff there is “too busy to make phone calls”, they DO give the victims “adult coloring books”, so they have SOMETHING to do. And the guards are NOT allowed to talk to the persons! NPR is a joke….National Propaganda Radio….
    It’s worse than you know, people!….

  • After the shooting in Florida, (which one, right?….), the FIRST thing the court-appointed lawyer did, was get a judge to SEAL the shooter’s medical records. But the TRUTH came out other ways…. The guy had been on PSYCH DRUGS…. And, BTW, I do NOT use the false and misleading euphemisms “meds” and “medications”. They are DRUGS are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs….NOT “meds”….

  • Quote:
    “The DSM is best seen as a a catalog of billing codes. All of the diagnostic allegations in it were either invented or created; none were discovered.”
    “Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control, – it’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good.”
    You may quote me. In fact, PLEASE DO!….

  • The DSM is best seen as a catalog of billing codes. EVERYTHING in it was INVENTED, and CREATED….
    NOTHING in the DSM was “discovered”….
    Think about that a while….

    Both so-called “mental health”, and so-called “mental illness”, are something(s) that either ALL of us have, or else NONE of us have…. Can’t possibly be otherwise. Your “mind”, or your “mental”, was literally created by OTHER PEOPLE talking to and interacting with you, plus environmental sensory inputs….

  • First comment! (I feel like I’m on youtube….)….
    Seriously, Bonnie, – what you’re describing here, PSYCHIATRIC EUGENICS, also neatly fits another definition.
    *GENOCIDE*. That’s what I think we ALL need to be publicizing. That psychiatry, and the “mental illness industrial complex”, represents GENOCIDE for PROFIT.
    Repeat: GENOCIDE for PROFIT….
    The general public doesn’t know what “eugenics” is, but they DO know what GENOCIDE is.
    But they have been LIED TO, and led to believe that psychiatry is “helping” people….

  • One of my best friends is a VICTIM of “AOT/IOC”, and it is heart-rending to watch. The staff at the local “community mental health center” regularly IGNORE my friend, and LIE about her. They LIE, and claim that she said things she never said. They claim she does things she’s never done. And, they FORCE DRUG her.
    The State either doesn’t care, or else doesn’t know, which is almost the same thing.
    As valuable as Robert’s work here may be, it’s also pointless. Only “oldhead”, of all the other commenters here, (and Julie & Rachel), even seem to have a clue. The MENTAL ILLNESS INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is about **ONLY** MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. Helping people is NOT part of their game plan. Job security is their only real goal. These evil, delusional people will NOT listen to reason. If they could, or would think logically and rationally, then we wouldn’t have the screwed-up system we have, in the first place!

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. The DSM is a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the bogus alleged, “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED, or created, not discovered, which would be the case if they were “real”. But so-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. Truth is TRUTH. And psychiatry LIES. What’s so “radical” about *that*….????….

  • As I write this comment, my first reaction to skimming the headline and lead-in, is that this is gonna be more “multi-cultural”, PC nonsense. I’m willing to be proven wrong, and it will be interesting to see what my comment(s) will be AFTER I read the article….
    But really, “Maori Psychiatrist” is like “Christian Medicine Woman”, or “Catholic Shamanic Healer”, or “Shinto Reiki healer”, or “Shamanic-Intuitive Psychiatrist”, or “Clairvoyant Freudian Analyst”….
    And really, the Maori are “known for poor mental health outcomes”….????….
    By *WHOSE* standards, in *WHAT* world….????….
    This should be good. I wonder what I will think *AFTER*?………………………

  • What’s the abbreviation for the word, “PROPAGANDA”?….. It’s: “Pies”….
    EVERY so-called, alleged “diagnosis” in the DSM was INVENTED, or CREATED, but NOT “discovered”….
    I’d like to see Dr. Propaganda Pies” discuss *THAT*!….
    (To be fair, the “chemical imbalance” LIE that psychiatry promotes was INVENTED by PhRMA’s marketing folks….)….

  • The CT Attorney General, in refusing to release to the public the final full report on “Sandy Hook”, stated that to do so would “cause people to stop taking their meds”…. And the alleged shooter, “Adam Lanza”, *WAS* a victim of both psychiatry, AND psych drugs. As ALL the mass-casualty school shooters were/are….
    Go ahead, I DARE you to find even one who wasn’t….
    It’s NOT the guns that kill, rather it’s psychiatry and psych drugs which pulls the triggers….

  • I think it does a grave dis-service to Szasz’s legacy, to so briefly mention his brief entanglement with Scientology, and omit all reference to “The Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights”(CCHR). And, to NOT note that Szasz soon saw both CCHR, AND Scientology correctly, and distanced himself from both, especially Scientology. He had to discard the still-clean waters of CCHR, along with the dirty bathwater of Scientology.
    And, I bet VERY FEW of you actually have more than a surface knowledge of ALL of L. Ron Hubbard’s life experience, and the whole morass of Scientology and CCHR. It’s telling that STILL, in 2019, the largest single organized anti-psychiatry group is CCHR…. Not even “MindFreedom” comes close…. THAT is what’s REALLY sad….
    BTW, in Szasz’s Time Magazine obituary, the ONLY person quoted was the neo-medical-fascist, E. Fuller Torrey…. Szasz led me to Breggin, who then led me to FREEDOM from the pseudoscience of psychiatry, so yes I’m sensitive to such snubs….

  • OMG! OMG! TODAY’S BIGGEST THREAT! Brought to you by fear-based persons, who want YOU to be as scared as they are! The POLARIZED MIND! OMG!…. Buddha spoke of this well over 2000 years ago. It’s called “duality”, and it seems to be a basic fact of human existence. Duality explains the whole “polarized” mind, and how to both avoid and escape the traps the polarized, or dualistic, mind creates. Sure, these little “liberal-conservative tea parties” are lots of fun, and do no harm, but gee, that’s a lot of energy to spend on virtue signaling. How will these little tete-a-tetes solve the larger problem of a mass-market, mass-media, the FAKE NEWS media, which wants nothing more than to feed people’s fears, for the profit of the rich? To keep people stupid, scared, emotional, anxious, upset, and NOT thinking clearly? Oh, these guys are shilling a book, too. Oh, I get it. It’s all about the Benjamins. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was…. The more things change, the more they stay the same….

  • Apparently, Lee, my comments sometimes disappear seemingly at random, so I don’t know if you’ll see this one, or not…. Here’s what I always say about psychiatry:
    “Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues the do, FAR MORE HARM, than good.
    The DSM-5 is a catalog of billing codes, nothing more. ALL of the bogus “diagnoses” in it were either INVENTED, or else CREATED. NONE of them were “discovered”. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. Psychiatry exists solely to $ELL DRUG$ for PhRMA, and act as social control against those whom Society deems “inconvenient”…..

  • Considering all the hype and publicity that >< gave to Garth Daniel's story, it's sad and puzzling that MiA hasn't done a recent update on his case. Is Garth Daniels even still alive, or did they FRY his BRAIN to DEATH, and DRUG his SOUL into DECEASE….????…. Looks like that McCrea character is snoozing on the toilet in the closet on this one….
    C'mon, Mr. Robert Whitaker, what's the latest electrode BUZZ from the Garth Daniels camp….????….

  • Rachel, look for a book called “Out of Bedlam”. It’s a good, well-researched history of “deinstitutionalization”, but the author basically ignores most of what we here at MiA know to be true, and she also ignores any serious discussion of psych drugs. But it’s still very interesting, helpful, and useful….
    Also, look for “A Few Buttons Missing”, written by a psychiatrist, and a professional co-writer. I just now easily found it on amazon…. The quack shrink is named Fisher, and it was published in 1951. When you read it, consider the author’s discussion of his childhood, through the lens of what we know NOW about trauma, parental abandonment, and “ACE’s”(adverse childhood experiences)….

  • The DSM is a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the bogus, so-called “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED, not “discovered”. If so-called “mental illnesses” were any more “real” than presents from Santa Claus, then they would have been DISCOVERED, not INVENTED!…. Think about it….

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. The DSM is in fact nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. There, now you know what MY painful experience with psychiatry and psych drugs has taught me! But, having said that, having spoken the TRUTH, we still must allow for an uncomfortable reality:
    In SOME people, SOMETIMES, SOME low dose of SOME drug MIGHT actually be helpful, in the short-term.
    To say, for example, “No drug has ever helped anybody”, which you appear to be doing, SlayingDragon, is just unscientific, and probably wrong. *SOME* people actually LIKE their psych drugs. Yeah, it’s crazy, I KNOW! But’s it’s also an inconvenient truth….
    But of course, even *IF* a drug actually helped somebody, that is still NOT even good evidence that so-called “mental illnesses” are in fact “real”, much less proof of it….

  • It’s too bad there’s been no comments in the 5 days this story has been posted here at MiA….
    Has the fact that it’s about Military Veterans scared away the usual crowd of MiA readers and commenters?
    You often hear about “22 veteran suicides per day”, or some such headline in various mass media.
    But what you will rarely if ever hear about, is the *FACT* that MOST of those suicides are in older Veterans,
    who have been seen by several psychiatrists, and given multiple psych drugs. The Docs even call them “meds’, or “medications”, which more than just a euphemism, – it’s fraudulent and deceptive LIE. Because either the Veterans suicided BECAUSE of the drugs, or else in spite of the drugs…. It MUST be one or the other. WHICH is it?…. Does psychiatry and psych drugs only FAIL to prevent Veterans suicides, or else actually CAUSE Veterans suicides? Come ON, “American Psychiatric Association”, and PhRMA, *TELL* the *TRUTH*!…. *DO* *IT* *NOW*!….

  • Melody, your website looks pretty good. But there’s a point I need to make about a drug’s “half life”. It’s true that some drugs have a shorter half-life, and some drugs have a longer half-life. But from recent advances in the very recent science of “pharmaco-genetics”, we know that many persons are either “fast metabolizers”, or “slow metabolizers”. That just makes the half-life calculations more complicated. Also, the drugs have different effects on different persons over the long term. These effects can be interlocking, and involve various bodily systems in various ways. So even for a person who is a “fast metabolizer”, and given a short half-life drug, the harmful effects can be much longer lasting than might be otherwise expected…. A persons age, weight, exercise level, overall health, other drugs used, all can affect half-life and negative effects. It can get very complicated. And the average psych worker or psychiatrist is a very poor psycho-pharmacologist…. America has a pathetically BAD health care system….

  • WELCOME to MiA, Melody! And THANK-YOU for your story! I haven’t clicked on the link for your website yet, but I’ve read ALL the comments carefully here, so I’ll probably also email you. I’m an older-than-you man, and also a recovered alcoholic thanks to A.A. & the 12 Steps, so looked at one way, our stories are very different. But our experiences whit psych drugs are VERY similar. I never had “brain zaps”, as far as I can tell, but MOST of the other negative effects of the DRUGS are the same! (Note, **NOT** “side effects of the meds”!….) I’d say that for me, the panic attcks were the worst. I think amitriptyline was one of the so-called “tricyclic antidepressants” I had shoved down my throat. I know I was on “imiprimine” for years, along with “Triavil”, which combined Trilofon and elavil.
    But there’s hope for you! I’ve been 25 years psych drug free now, and I wish I’d done it sooner. In fact, I’d be MUCH BETTER off, if I had NEVER gone to psychiatry and psych drugs in the first place! They did me FAR MORE HARM than good.
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry and psych drugs have done, and continue to do, FAR MORE HARM than good…. Let me share what’s most helped me:
    First, I had to take 100% responsibility for my own medical care. The Docs & nurses could be my “helpers”, and “assistants”, but I could no longer allow them to be my “bosses” and “masters”. Daily exercise, whether walking, running, bicycling, yoga, tai chi, etc., all were VITAL. I had to watch my diet very carefully. No caffeine, alcohol, or drugs. (Cannabis and tobacco CAN help SOME people, SOMETIMES, if used carefully, and with fully informed consent and knowledge. Heck, maybe some people can carefully use small amounts of alcohol as “medicine”, but not ME!) Some type of “SPIRITUAL” work is also key. That can be whatever Church you were raised in, – or not!, – or study of Buddhism, or even “secular” “popular spirituality”. The point is to develop a healthy relationship with *something* or *someone* outside your self. A so-called “higher power”. Sleep is key, and so is some type of meditation practice. I’ve had excellent results with vipassana, or “mindfulness” meditation. The worst thing about it, is that I don’t do it enough! Also, seek out, and you WILL FIND other people on some sort of healing path. A journey, or a burden, is lighter and easier when it’s shared. Helping others will help you, and vice-versa. I’d say you’re in the right place, Melody. Welcome to MiA!…. Now, I gotta go see if that link works to your website….

  • Ophelie, I’m sure you don’t intend to be consciously condescending to us native American YANKEES, so I won’t pretend to be offended by your talking down to us from your Euro-centric high horse. Let me tell you what *I* think, based on my LIVED EXPERIENCE. First, “Brexit” is a joke and a farce. It will make little, if any, long-term difference to either the EU, or Great Britain, or the rest of the world, whether of not Brexit happens or not. The whole thing is a FAKE NEWS scam designed to create a binary, either-or faux crisis, to fill the news, and keep people emotionally upset. This serves as a sort of smokescreen to obscure more important concerns for the *PEOPLE*. The same 1% of rich ruling elites will still be in power, regardless of whether Brexit, or Brexstay….
    “Mental Health Europe” is the same propaganda campaign as “Mental Health America”. Only some language is tweaked to account for language and national differences at the population level. It’s all so vague, wishy-washy, and touchy-feely, (“treacle-y”), that it really says NOTHING NEW, while only purporting to “move us forward”. To reduce the MHE message to it’s simplest terms: “BE SCARED OF THE MENTAL CRISIS, and GIVE US *MORE* *MONEY*!” Oh yeah, **STIGMA**!…. (Funny, I don’t recall seeing the word “psychiatry” anywhere in there….WHY is THAT?)
    You need to understand, Ophelie, that BOTH so-called “mental health”, and “mental illness/ill health”, are something that WE ALL HAVE. We ALL have both “mental health”, **AND** “mental illness”, at the same time…. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Saint Nick. Or Santa Claus, as we Yanks call the jolly old elf. And psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. The DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. All of the bogus “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED, not “discovered”. Think about the difference there. If they were really real, then they would have EXISTED BEFORE THEY WERE DISCOVERED. But that’s not the case. They didn’t exist until they were invented. Think about that some more. We do appreciate your time, Ophelie, and we like you, but don’t expect us to be at all impressed by “MHE”…. Or scared over Brexit or Brexstay. Whatever, life will go on pretty much as it always has. And I thank GOD that I’m 25+ years FREE of psychiatry and psych drugs. I’m sorry for the current crop of VICTIMS that MHE is growing….

  • OMG! Thank-you, “BSOTF”, for posting that link to “Alephcenter”. I also went to the Aleph homepage, and reviewed MOST of the website. That’s one of the most rinky-dink and amateur websites I’ve seen online in quite a while. The design is *CHEAP*, archaic, and FULL of TYPOS! I spotted literally DOZENS of typos, and serious grammatical errors! The website looks to have been designed “on the cheap”, and “in-house”, and it is pathetically bad. It’s poorly designed, unattractive, and visually unappealing. On the “ECT Info” section, they have 2 “intro to ECT” videos, one of which is OVER *30* years old! Hardly up-to-date or current information THERE! And if you read carefully the CV of the psychiatrists, well, one guy went from a B.A. in Archeology, to an M.D., in *4* years! Is that even *possible*? I suspect possible FRAUD! Seriously! Really! And they look to be targeting “geriatric” populations, with both drugs and ECT. (BTW, “ECT” = Electro-Cution Torture). I am dismayed and APPALLED by the Alephcenter, and their cheesy website. Their “blame-the-victim-patient” blurb about on-line reviews is only the TIP of the sordid iceberg of Alephcenter! It’s all about $$$$…. They seem to be doing a shockingly large business in Electro-Cution Torture!…. I can only suggest avoiding them like the plague which they seem to be…. They can’t even be bothered to answer the phone the full M-F, 9-5, when they’re open!….

  • The DSM-5 is really nothing more than a catalog of billing codes…. All of the bogus “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED, not “discovered”….
    If so-called “mental illnesses” were any more “real” than presents from Santa Claus, then they would have existed before they were discovered.
    Instead, the so-called “mental illnesses” in the DSM-5 did not exist until they were INVENTED, and PUBLISHED….
    Think about it….

  • BUT, Mr. Robert Whitaker *IS* a “menace” to persons such as Lieberman, in exactly the same way that good, honest cops are a “menace” to dangerous criminals….
    We can use all the Robert Whitakers we can get, and as few Liebermans as possible.
    The IDEAL number of Liebermans is ZERO.
    But, sadly, seen from another perspective, the “value” of Lieberman, to PhRMA, is measured in $BILLIONS$….
    ….as is the CARNAGE wrought to civil society by the Liebermans of the world….
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good…..

  • Dr. Breggin, I read “Toxic Psychiatry” in late 1991, or 1992. I was heading in that direction, anyway.
    I don’t want to sound all “hero worship” here, but YOU, Dr. Breggin, and that book, were key to literally saving my life. (Plus getting sober, off drugs, 1,000’s of A.A. meetings, the 12 Steps, Buddhism, a few excellent clinical psychologists, daily exercise, etc., etc.,…)
    I hesitate to ask this question, which I’ve pondered for years, but have NEVER seen addressed.
    Surely I’m NOT the first, or only person to wonder this! So here goes:
    “Is it possible, that some, or all, persons who *claim* to be “helped” by ECT, did NOT in fact receive it….????…. I mean, *WHAT* *IF* they were sedated for the “procedure”, the equipment was applied, but no actual current or voltage was applied? Or only the absolute minimum? In effect, they were “given” a deliberate placebo procedure, and the “benefit” was 100% placebo? Is that possible?
    One of my best friends was given ECT, under Mom’s pressure, over 15 years ago. I have always believed that there is SOME detectable damage, but she denies ANY effect. The psych drugs she’s forced to take are clearly doing more harm than good. So how could ANYBODY differentiate the ECT damage from the neuroleptic damage?
    “ECT” = Electro-Cution Torture….

  • That’s a VERY good start, Brian.
    Now, let’s get the APA to do *2* more things:
    1. Afiirm that there will be NO “DSM-6″….a “DSM-5R”, or “DSM-5TR” would be ok…..
    2. New memberships in the APA will CLOSE/END, effective immediately…..
    Those 2 simple, and easy-to-do acts would be a bigger boost and boon to public health than anything else I can think of….
    The whole “mental illness industrial complex” would be largely unchanged, but dramatically improved.
    Think about it….

  • Back in 2012, I helped a disable mother and child. Did my best, and tried to, anyway. The local “agency” was stealing from their SSI checks. Mom had a lot of trouble at her 8yr old daughters school, some of which I witnessed. Aside from some mild birth-defect type physical “disabilities”, -so-called “amniotic band syndrome”, – her daughter was bright, happy, funny, and a joy to be with. And as bratty as any child can be at times, too!
    I sat through a bogus and fraudulent “neglect hearing” in a crooked local court, where the scheme to remove the daughter from her home, was in motion BEFORE the hearing even began! Mom, with my help, had “corrected” the minor points that produced the neglect petition hearing in the first place. But that didn’t matter. A week later, Mom was evicted into homelessness, and her daughter was in “foster care”. The kid ended up in a State-run “youth facility”, then the State Mental Hospital on heavy psych drugs. It still makes me SAD, and SICK to think about it. The general public has no clue what’s REALLY going on. If anything, Jo Ann Cook here is DOWNPLAYING, and MINIMIZING just how truly awful things really are…. THINK about THAT!…. (My GOD!, what is WRONG with YOU people….????….)….

  • Rachel, I hope you’ve heard about the so-called “de-population agenda”? The “Georgia Guide Stones”? Reducing Earth’s population to a stable ~500,000,000? That’s less than 10% of current population. Yes, you can quickly and easily slip into “paranoid conspiracy theory” when researching the de-population agenda online. But that doesn’t mean it’s not real. And even IF it COULD somehow be PROVEN not real, it’s still a valid lens to look at modern, Western, industrialized society through. I’m not trying to depress you, or bum you out, tho! But now that you mention it, it’s been a couple of years since I’ve heard anything in the media about the SUPPOSED “overpopulation problem”. (No, I’m NOT saying that global population pressure is NOT a factor for concern. But negativity and pessimism are no good, either!)
    Rachel, you’re one of my favorite commenters on here. Please don’t give in to “depression” and negativity. The Dalai Lama & Buddhism can teach about “independent happiness”, as opposed to “dependent happiness”. I don’t know whether Bill Wilson and the 12 Steps of A.A. recovery, or the Dalai Lama has helped me more! But dumping psych DRUGS, and the pseudoscience of psychiatry was *KEY*, and CRUCIAL! 😉

  • Thank-you, Starr, for sharing your story. I actually enjoyed reading it! At first, it looked “TLDR”, but I persisted! And glad I did. But 2 points I need to make. You repeatedly refer to psych drugs as “meds”, and “medications”. Those false euphemisms are promoted by PhRMA to $ELL DRUG$. Me, I no longer call them “meds”. They are DRUGS. DRUGS are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs….. *NOT* *MEDS*. You probably do NOT have any legitimate “medical” condition that these DRUGS are “treating”.
    You’re incorrect about the Hippocratic oath. The phrase “first, do no harm”, does NOT appear in the Hippocratic oath. Look it up!
    What I found most telling, was how LITTLE you had to say about your parents, and your childhood. You barely mentioned them at all. Of course, it helps to have *some* *idea* about your 4 grandparents, who they were, what they were like, their lives, how they raised your parents, etc…. I think you need to look at the RELATIONSHIPS between your grandparents and parents, and between your parents and yourself. This is NOT a variation of the “blame the parents” game, however. The goal is UNDERSTANDING, which explains, clarifies, heals, and replaces the hurt feelings, fear, pain, regret, etc. Based on the little bit you said about your parents, and “their own mental health issues”, or whatever, I think there’s a vast, deep, untapped vein of knowledge and understanding there. And healing.
    To close, you need to understand that the LIE about you “needing these drugs the rest of your life” is exactly that, – a *LIE*. This lie was fabricated by the marketing folks of PhRMA, and the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry”. Psychiatry is 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good….
    But I’d say you’ve found the Yellow Brick Road, and the “good witch” sure is Dr. Kelly Brogan! She’s one of the FEW EXCEPTIONS, along with Dr. Peter Breggin, and a few others, who prove what I say here about the FRAUD of mainstream psychiatry and the mental health system….
    WELCOME to >madinamerica<, Starr!….

  • Um, Daniel, ketamine IS used by veterinarians, and I’ve known it as a “party drug” called “Special K” for at least 2 decades now. (No, I’ve never used it myself, but have friends who have. They rave about it. Pun intended.) Ketamine was used in a clinical trial in Minn., where the “subjects” were actually recruited without their knowledge or consent. The cops would instruct ambulance staff to use it on persons who got rowdy in police custody, and were taken to the ER.
    I see no mention in the article about the crucial topic of DOSAGE. There’s also the issue of the “mirror molecule” aspect. My advanced neuro-chemistry and psychopharmacology degree is from a Cracker Jack box, so I can’t say what “mirror molecule” will really mean, when millions of persons of all ages use this drug in what is actually a LARGE-SCALE, MULTIPLE UNCONTROLLED & UNCONTROLLABLE VARIABLE FIELD TRIAL. In plain English, “let’s give a new drug to millions of people, and see what happens!” Hey, what could go wrong!?…. Your bias, Daniel, seems to be of the “some drugs are good, so more drugs are better” category. I’ll put MY trust with Kim Witczak…..

  • Sorry, Laren, that I haven’t seen your reply since last Sept.! Yoga is very could, but it’s incomplete by itself. It works with Prana, and asanas, which is calmative, but it leaves something out. Tai Chi works with Chi, which is NOT exactly the same as prana. I’ve found that combining the prana work of Yoga, with the Chi work of Tai Chi, is much, *MUCH* better! And I use beaver sticks to combine the 2. (Yes, “beaver sticks”, as in sticks designed and chewed by beaver. They’re common where ever beaver live, but I don’t see anybody going out and learning to use beaver sticks on their own!… I just got lucky, I guess, in “inventing” “Tai Chi Beaver Yoga Dance Therapy”!….)….

  • Yes, I wondered *WHICH* “bible”…..????…. In addition to DIFFERENT Catholic & Protestant versions, there are also several modern translations. I should think a “red letter” version, wherein quotes from Jesus appear in red letters, – would be a good choice. And the “Big Book”, as A.A. folks call the more correctly titled “Alcoholics Anonymous”, is only 1/2 useful without a “12&12”. In Chapter 5 of the Big Book, titled, “How It Works”, is a BRIEF explanation of the 12 Steps of recovery in A.A. The “12&12”, or the “12 Steps & 12 Traditions”, goes into fuller detail on how to work the steps. If you make a phone call or 2, Chaya, I’m sure you can find an A.A. group that would LOVE to donate a “12&12″….
    “Toxic Psychiatry” by Dr. Peter Breggin would also be an excellent addition to ANY psych ward library!

  • So-called “mental illness” is either something that NONE of us have, or else it’s something that ALL of us have…. People hurt people, and people can heal people. Of course, the people doing the hurting are rarely if ever doing any of the healing. Some of the best healers are those who’ve been hurt themselves….
    And so-called “ECT”, or Electro-Cution Torture “works” exactly the same way any torture works. Look how effective torture was, when the Roman Catholic Church used torture to root out heretics during the Inquisition.
    While yes, I can appreciate Fr. John’s take on Eastern Orthodoxy, I still prefer Mahayana Buddhism. Buddhism was 1/2 a millenium old when Jesus was born! Buddhism is a non-theistic religion, so it’s not as popular in the West, because there’s no God for the King to pretend to be….
    First we had some philosophers deconstruct the pseudoscience lies of the drug racket known as “psychiatry”, and now we have an Eastern Orthodox priest! Curiouser & curiouser!….

  • Please let me clarify, Sarah! I’m stressed out, yes, because I care about my vulnerable friend. (I forgot to include that her Mom talked her into getting Electro-Cution Torture (“ECT”) years ago, and there’s a subtle but real “echo” of the neurological damage that most people miss because she’s also over-medicated on heavy neuroleptics.) The local CMHC is doing her more harm than good. She’s in rougher shape than when I met her years ago. I got free of the system over 2 decades ago, thank God! But in my present state of mind, I’m needing to walk miles a day more, for stress relief. And what you’re writing is just to confusing to me, to wrap my head around! I sense that you’re on the right track, when I read it. It’s so hard to put some of this stuff into words, I get that! It was more a report on my current, – TEMPORARY – head state! I’ve learned that all states of mind and emotion are transient, temporal, and they either get better or worse, eventually. Then you die. So why not choose to be happy, anyway!? Happiness is a choice. The more we practice to choose happiness on a daily basis, the more it becomes our default state of mind. We truly are as happy as we choose to be. The more we spread our happiness to others, freely given, without thought of return or reciprocity, the more our natural state of happiness manifests inside. Who I AM, and who I consciously CHOOSE to BE, drives my emotional state. No longer does my emotional or mental state determine who I am, and how I behave, and what I do. We all have far, far, FAR MORE power and control over our minds, thoughts, feelings, and emotions than we’ve been led to believe. It’s SO SIMPLE! (Just because I find your writing a little intellectually complicated for my Winnie the Pooh brain, is MY problem, not yours! )
    @[email protected]

  • I’ve never the acronym you used here, “ACT”, used to mean “(Acceptance and Commitment) therapy”….
    I’ve gotten used to often seeing “ACT”, and just assuming it to be “Assertive Community Treatment”…
    The “ACT” I know is a scam and a joke. It’s actually designed to employ a lot of people, at big taxpayer expense, regardless of how “helpful” it is to people, or how poor the outcome.
    We have TOO MANY acronyms, and their use usually leads to confusion and classist elitism. They too often divide people, rather than bring them together. It’s not often here on MiA, that we see a personal story which actually says good things about a rare exception in psychiatry. Psychiatry is a pseudsoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. Sometimes the rare exceptions prove the general rule. Thanks, Caleb.

  • In other words, yes, “human activity” has, and continues to, effect the Global environment, weather, climate, and biosphere. But “crisis”? That part is HOAX. Yes, there is massive global-scale pollution. We’ve turned the world’s oceans into toilet bowls. The ENVIRONMENTAL movement is decades old, and shows every sigh of only increasing. Globally, we are moving AWAY from fossil fuels, and Towards solar & renewables. We are moving in the RIGHT direction faster than we are moving in the WRONG direction. Look where the world was 100 years ago, and the HUGE technological advancement since. You think we WON’T do better the next 100 years?
    The whole “global warming”/global climate change” HOAX is media hype, and forced hysteria. For profit and social control. A scared population is easier to control and manipulate. Go ahead, everybody. Pillory me.
    I can handle it. I’m wearing my MAGA hat. TRUMP 2020! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND AGAIN!

  • Regarding the woman who was talking about “diet, exercise”, supplements, yoga, etc.”, well, those are ALL either PHYSICAL activities, or else PHYSICAL substances…
    ALL of psychiatric “treatment” for so-called “mental illness” is either some form of DRUGS, or CONVERSATION/TALK….
    But to be a healthy person means much more than sitting and talking and taking drugs!
    The “yoga/exercise” aspect of healthy living, and psychiatric “treatment”, is usually neglected….
    But yeah, NAMI sux….

  • We ALL need to be reminded of an old mnemonic for the progression of college degrees, from bachelor’s,
    then masters, then doctorate, i.e.,: B.S., M.S. Ph.D.
    In plain Modern American English:
    Bull Shit, More (of the) Same, Piled Higher & Deeper….
    It continues to amaze me how truly STOOPID people can be, who have advanced college degrees.
    A person who has ANY college degree proves they know WHAT to think, (to achieve the degree).
    But that’s NO EVIDENCE that they know HOW TO THINK.
    That’s enough creative writing for today, I’m going back to sleep.
    Alexandria Occasional-Cortex says the world will end in 12 years, and I wanna be well-rested….
    I rest me case….

  • Gee, I always assumed that cognitive deafness was a prerequisite to a person becoming a psychiatrist….
    I once had a couple of young psychiatrists whom I believe actually TRIED to listen to me, but their heads were filled with roaring cognitive dissonance and the cacophony of psychobabble….
    So, I guess, no, I’ve never had a psychiatrist who actually listened.
    Thank God I haven’t had one at all in over 25 years! Wish I’d gotten rid of them sooner!

  • You don’t get it. You’re not understanding what I’m saying. Both you, “Rachel777”, and “oldhead” have argued back against me when I said “racism is not a black & white issue”. There’s an inherent double entendre that you’re missing. In the 1800’s, “settled scientific consensus” said there were “3 races”, “Negroid”, “Caucasoid”, and “Mongoloid”. Is that “black”, “white”, and “brown”? Or “yellow”? What about the “red man”, the Native American Indians? You may have seen a “4 directions” artwork depicting the “4 races” of red, black, white and yellow. Where’s the BROWN? We use “race”, and “color” as if they are interchangeable words and concepts. It’s only by reference to context that we know whether we mean “race” or “color”. And I saw a video recently, from a black guy that argues that there’s really only ONE “race”, the “black” race, which ranges to a shade so light we’d call them “white”. He claims that what we might call “white people”, are actually NEANDERTHAL, who only fairly recently interbred with BLACK Homo Sapiens. So they are in fact 2 distinct SPECIES, who can’t possibly be the same “race”!
    ANY PERSON is capable of prejudice, discrimination, oppression, etc. The whole issue of “race” and “racism” is used a wedge, to divide-and-conquer the most of us, by the few rich, moneyed&powered elite few of us. I still say there’s only ONE “race”, the human race. If you don’t agree with me, fine, too bad, that’s your problem. Please stop trying to make your problem be my problem. Maybe it’s ME who doesn’t understand what YOU mean when you say that “racism IS a black-and-white issue”. I think it’s NOT, that’s all….

  • Almost TLDR! Don’t take this the wrong way, Sarah, but 1/2 way through, I found myself confused! I kept asking myself, “WTF? is she talking about!?”…. I’m stressed out right now, from helping my friend. She’s a trauma/abuse victim, and is being grossly over-drugged and gas-lighted by the local “community mental health center”. The psych DRUGS are doing her more harm than good, but she’s court-ordered. She lives in subsidized housing, on disability, and a homeless meth-head/addict has moved in on her, and is taking advantage of her. The police are now involved, and she should be ok soon, but…. I’m stressed out! I’ll go for a long walk, and listen to some soothing tunes….and smile, and be glad and grateful thjat I’m at least rid of the pseudo-science lies of the drug racket of psychiatry! And c’mon, you know the DSM-5 is really only a catalog of billing codes, full of invented “diseases”! I’ll read the whole thing later, it’ll make more sense then….

  • The truth must be understood correctly. The DSM-5 is in fact a catalog of billing codes, and depersonalized anecdotes. ALL of the bogus “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED, not “discovered”.
    I’d like to see MiA help us organize a formal letter of request to the American Psychiatric Association, requesting them to issue a formal public promise. That there will be NO “DSM-6″…..
    I’d also like to see a similar letter, asking the A.P.A. to simply CEASE and DESIST accepting new memberships, and allow the A.P.A. to DIE a natural DEATH.
    If corporations are persons, and persons die, shouldn’t corporations be allowed to die, also?
    The DSM-5 is a catalog of billing codes.

  • @kindredspirit: “American empire” is the creation of European Imperialism. Mostly England, but also Spain and France, colonized the “new world”, what we know today as North and South America. The European countries also had colonies literally all over the planet. Slavery was up and running globally, long before 1776. Yes, many if not most of the creators of U.S.A., inc., were “white slave owners”. That was NORMAL, given the times and state of the world they lived in. The majority of the “GREG B.’s”, – the Global Ruling Elites and Global Banksters, just so happen to be “white people”. But that’s not the result of anything intrinsic to “whiteness”. The world would be exactly the same if all “blacks” were “white”, and all “whites” were “black”. So-called “racism” is NOT a black-and-white issue. It’s about money, and power, and control. Some “blacks” oppress other “blacks”, and some “whites” oppress other “whites”, and the fact that they’re the same “color” doesn’t prevent the oppression….

  • Is there any way to convince, or induce, Dr. Cosci to respond here in the comments section?
    IMHO, the ENTIRE article from Dr. Cosci, above, consists solely of psychobabble and gobbledygook, both arising from, and supporting, the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry”. Psychiatry is 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. But that’s just my opinion.

    So this George Libman Engel invented the “biopsychosocial” model? Cool. That’s the BEST possible arrangement of deck chairs on the Titanic of psychiatry….. Sadly, millions of iatrogenically harmed persons are also going down with the sinking ship of psychiatry…. I’m sure that Dr. Cosci means well, and I intend no professional or personal disrespect to her.

    But even the “bio-psycho-social” “model” of “mental illness” is just so much psychobabble and gobbledygook….
    Real people have real problems, and sometimes some people take some drugs. Why can’t we better understand REALITY?….
    There’s plenty of money, power, and drugs for everybody, if we’d all do a better job of sharing…..
    RSVP, Dr. Cosci?________________________________?

  • Mr. McCrea: Dr. Cosci answers the question from “andy013” in the article above, in the 3 numbered paragraphs.
    1. New Withdrawal Symptoms.
    2. Rebound.
    3.Persistent Post-withdrawal disorder. (Which of course may include EITHER so-called “new”, or “rebound” “symptoms”.)

    You also didn’t answer another (implied) question from “andy013″…. **IS** he being “too much of a reductionist”….????….
    The most concise answer to the 1 explicit question which “andy013” asks is:

  • Thank-you, Rachel777, for not actually linking to that site. I just went to “”, using that phrase typed into a search engine.(google).
    The site is about as unprofessional as I’ve ever seen, for something that purports to be “real”. It appears to have been written by somebody who is NOT a native, or particularly fluent native English speaker. (It’s written in American English, not British). The “science” is highly questionable, and the site appears to exist solely to link to online drug ordering. The site appears to have photos of 3 actual doctors, but I bet they do not know their name, image and likeness is being used in this way. I’d say it’s a SCAM SITE….
    Kinda’ like psychiatry as a whole….

  • America is NOT a democracy. America is a REPUBLIC. The word “democracy”/”democrat” does NOT appear in the U.S. Constitution. The word “republic”, in reference to the U.S. Government, does appear in the Constitution….
    (BTW, the 13th Amendment, ratified in 1865, specifically allows for involuntary servitude and slavery. Most Americans have never actually **READ** the whole U.S. Constitution.)….

  • @kindredspirit: According to the “Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation” website, “as many as 4 million Americans may have Sjogren’s”…. But it looks to me that it’s a made-up, invented “diagnosis”. It’s another business, another way to make money. And there’s “no cure”. I find it funny, that this is the FIRST I’ve heard of “Sjogren’s”…. I also notice that there’s no REAL mention of what CAUSES “Sjogren’s”. To simply call it an “autoimmune disorder” doesn’t really answer the question.

  • “It is without a doubt that many people say medication made their lives better. Some welcome even their ‘diagnoses’ because it gives some explanation, it gives a reassurance.”….
    It should be noted that that “many people” is in fact a SMALL MINORITY, and those “some” who “welcome” their so-called “diagnosis”, are, again, a small minority. Why have the psychs never looked at what seems to be unique about the minority percentage of persons who actually like their diagnoses and DRUGS?….
    Hey, *some* people like heroin & opiates, so….

  • Hopefully, Roberta, you’ll take the next step in your awakening, and realize that the DSM is really nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the supposed “mental illnesses” in it are bogus, and they were ALL invented. NONE of them were discovered. The DSM is a laundry list of excuses and justifications to $ELL DRUG$. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good.
    In closing, I assume you meant to write, “And a little THC.”, and that’s not a typo for “TLC”. Yes, medical cannabis, and especially CBD oils, has a very real potential to HELP HEAL your Father, in a way that all the pHarma DRUGS cannot. Pharma sells drugs to make money, not to make sick people healthy….
    And the quack doctors are some of the sickest people in society. They either don’t know, which means they’re incompetent, or else they do know, and do it anyway, which means they’re malicious and malevolent. The allopathic medical profession is incompetent, crooked and corrupt.

  • I’m surprised that Dr. Ashfield made the tiny, but significant error, and NOBODY else noticed it! There’s no such thing as a “DSM-V”. It’s “DSM-5”. The APA dropped Roman numerals in favor of Arabic. Look at the picture above, DSM-5! And, the DSM is really a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the so-called “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED, and NONE of them were discovered. If so-called “mental illnesses” really were as “real” as the psychs want us to believe, than they would have been discovered, not invented. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. They are “STD’s”, – socially transmitted disorders. The DSM is just an excuse to $ELL DRUG$. More different diagnoses, more drugs to sell. A diagnosis and a drug for everybody! And PhRMA is laughing all the way to the bank!
    There’s another glaring perceptual and cognitive error on Dr. Ashfield’s part. Despite the plaintive cry of the politicians and the media, there is in fact NO concern on the part of “BigGOV” and industry to “cut costs”, or “save money”. Given the Central Banks that all countries have, it’s FUNNY MONEY, or fiat currency. No, they really do NOT care how much money it costs. Dr. Ashfield ignores (due to economic anosognosia, no doubt!), asking the question of WHO GETS all that tax money? Almost NONE of that money is going to the poor “mental patient” on government “benefits”, but the salaries of those employed in the system only rise, and PhRMA’s profits only ever grow. If the motive was truly to help people, wouldn’t pharmaceuticals be required to be only on a “non-profit” basis? Like ANY business in our current late-stage capitalism, it is designed to ONLY GROW. More mental patients, more drugs, more drugs, more mental patients….
    With all due respect, what I’m saying here makes Dr. Ashfield’s words here sound kinda like psychobabble and gobbledygook to me. Nothing personal intended, Dr. Ashfield, I really do think you’re at least facing in the correct direction! 😉

  • Oh, “littleturtle”! I really do think I know what you mean, when you say that you want a quick fix, but that you can’t seem to find that fix.Please let me suggest that you are NOT BROKEN. I’d say that you’re entirely normal, given everything that’s happened to you! What worked for me, was being told that within myself, there is a whole, healthy, and happy person. Then, I had to look long and hard at that, and realize the TRUTH, that I really AM a whole healthy happy person. And hey, maybe I’m wrong about this, but I really do truly believe that YOU TOO, are a whole, healthy, and happy person. And reading some simple books by the Dalai Lama helped me to understand that I could let go of my “conditional happiness”, and have UNCONDITIONAL HAPPINESS. I can decide to be happy just because, for no real reason, other than my own deciding to be happy anyway. Today, I’m a happy man. Even when I’m unhappy for a while. Because I believe in the whole, healthy, happy person inside myself. Does that make sense? I’m always happy to see your short, simple, honest comments here.

  • The mantra of the survivor community may as well be: “Recovery begins with NON-COMPLIANCE!”….
    The LIES of the pseudoscience drug racket and means of social control known as “psychiatry” destroyed what should have been the best 20+ years of my life. I will NEVER go back. The past 20+ years psych-free just keep getting better. Even though I keep getting older and grayer!
    About so-called “anti-depressants”, I was on both of the supposed “anti-depressants” Zoloft and Wellbutrin, for over a year each, while working with a licensed clinical psychologist, and a friendly General Practitioner Family doctor to write the scripts. Big waste of time and money. The ONLY real “effect”, or side-effect, that I noticed was I found myself just generally thinking about the broad topic of “suicide” more often. I was never anywhere near “suicidal”, only that I would think about it more than I did before, or have since. Working through a lot of childhood abuse issues, and my own stupid mistakes was the big key to my recovery. It’s when I learned to look at *RELATIONSHIPS*, and began to understand family dynamics, that things began to click. To the extent that I ever really was “suicidal”, the ABUSE and NEGLECT of the whole “mental illness system” is what made me despair and contemplate suicide. No “double-blind”, “placebo-controlled” “study” could ever prove that to me. But, *ALL* of the mass-casualty school shooters who then committed suicide, were on psych drugs. I dare you to find one that wasn’t, and let the exception prove the rule….

  • TO “littleturtle”: I think your experience is valid. But I also think your experience is the exception, not the rule.
    Of course I don’t REALLY know you or your situation, but I take you at your word. Your psychiatrist may be one of the exceptions to psychiatrists in general. And, maybe you have a good relationship with your psychiatrist IN SPITE OF the fact they’re a psychiatrist, and NOT BECAUSE they’re a psychiatrist. See what I mean? Just because you have a good experience with your psychiatrist, DOES NOT mean psychiatry as a whole is any good. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you keep coming back and commenting here. You always get right to the point, and say what you want to say in simple short words. With lots of us here, when WE comment, it’s like we’re writing a chapter for a book! Personally, I think so-called “mental illness” is something that we ALL have, just that *some* of us end up taking drugs from psychiatrists! We’re the UNLUCKY ones! 😉

  • This is one of the most important stories that MiA has covered. And I’m glad to see the link that “The_cat” posted above. The video “The_cat” linked to is 10 years old now! I strongly recommend watching some other videos there, too. The greed, corruption, and lies of PhRMA are nothing new to regular MiA readers. I have to wonder how much $$ went into this “study” of “Cymbalta”, and WHO funded it? And, I wonder *IF* the study will be published now, or not? And *IF* the study *IS* published, I have to wonder whether it’s only being published *because* MiA “outed” it here?

  • First, George, I’m sorry for the loss of your daughter Martha. I just now visited her webpage, and looked at the photos in the gallery. I’ll spend more time there later, reading her writings. But one thing struck me about your stories here, based on my own life experiences. I think I need to share it. When Martha told you about her “Russian lover”, maybe it wasn’t as ONLY as “precious” as you describe it being for her. It’s possible that one reason she told you, was to “test” you. I remember once when I “came out as gay” to my parents at the dinner table. I wasn’t at all gay, but I was only saying that because it was the most outrageous, and hurtful to my parents thing I could think of to say to them. I wanted to shock them, test them, and mess with their heads. It was in partial retaliation for what my parents had said and done to me.
    I’m only playing “MAYBE….”, and “WHAT IF?”, here, but I feel I need to share my idea here with you. Is it possible that it wasn’t that you didn’t take her seriously enough, but rather that you took her TOO seriously?
    I think the grief and mourning process will continue for the rest of your life, of course.
    I’m basing my comments also on my own direct experience. My parents took me to a psychiatrist in 10th grade. I got a bogus “diagnosis”, and a prescription, and the next 20+ years of my life were wasted because of it. There’s NO DOUBT in my mind, that psychiatry and psych drugs did me FAR MORE HARM than good. I’d like to think your writing here, George, is part of a healing process, and an honor to Martha’s memory. Thank you, and may God Bless you. ~Bradford

  • The DSM is a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the so-called “diagnoses” in it are bogus, and they were all INVENTED, not discovered, to serve as excuses to $ELL DRUG$…. It’s about MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good.
    Thanks, Harper, I just wanted to write this blurb before I go check out your website. I type and write slow due to Iatrogenic Neurolepsis….
    (I understand that the DSM-6 will have a special sub-category for “Neurocognitive Iatrogenic Iatrogenesis”, which of course is the specific mental illness of believing in psychiatry…. LOL….)….

  • OK, it’s not exactly a pay-wall, but the article linked to above can ONLY be read by “starting your free trial”.
    So no, I haven’t actually read the article, but I can sure begin to comment on it….
    First, the author seems to be bemoaning the huge “cost” of “mental health treatment”. But what is never asked in these types of articles is *who* *gets* those $millions$? It sure ain’t the poor “mental patient”.
    “Mental Health, Inc”, as “yeah_i_survived”, above, calls it, is largely a type of employment agency. As good jobs in industry are outsourced and offshored, "Mental Health Inc." picks up the slack by employing folks who would otherwise be working as supervisors or admins. in jobs which now no longer exist here. And, the stress creates more "mental patients", which also means more psych drug $ale$. Truly the "government" has NO incentive to reduce so-called "mental illness", or to ease human suffering. Or to reduce to HUGE sums of money spent on it. Why should they? It's all *funny*money*, anyway….
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It's 21st Century phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good….
    WAKE UP, PEOPLE! GET OFF the DRUGS! I guess yelling at the choir isn't any more efficacious than preaching to them….

  • Let’s be fair to *SOME* folks. *SOME* folks actually do claim to receive *SOME* “benefits”, *SOMETIMES*, on *SOME* psych drugs, for *SOME* (usually short) length of time.
    Really. I’m not kidding.
    In all seriousness, I think we need to respect at face value that some people report positive experiences with psych drugs.
    It makes no sense to me.
    But I can’t deny them their reality
    Can YOU?

  • LOL! Thank-you, Tim, your excellent reply exceeds my expectations. “Quadrophrenia” is the title a “The Who” album, and a very excellent movie which I strongly recommend you see ASAP. It deals, as does the album, with teen angst and family dysfunction in 1960’s London. The album is the soundtrack to the movie. I’m sure it’s on >youtube<. "Poly", meaning "many", and "omni", meaning "all encompassing", thus "polyomniphrenia", is my made-up, imaginary word which I invented as a form of self-defense against psychiatry, and it's bogus "diagnoses". It's a play off "schizophrenia", and "Quadrophrenia". "Iatrogenic" of course means "caused by doctors or medical treatment", and "neuroleptic"/"neurolepsis", is a semi-legit construction basically meaning neurological/brain injury. So "iatrogenic neurolepsis" simply means that too many quack doctors("psychiatrists") gave me too many DRUGS that I shouldn't have been given in the first place, and that hurt me." It started in 10th grade, and ruined the next 20+ years of my life.
    While of course the details differ, most of the general themes and actions of your story mirror my own. While I do NOT blame my parents/family, unhealthy & dysfunctional RELATIONSHIPS growing up, and my own later poor choices involving alcohol & drugs are at root of what the psychs misdiagnosed as "schizophrenia". Including so-called "hebephrenic" schizophrenia, which it was explained to me has NO overt symptoms. What a crock of horse feathers that was!
    One thing that saved me was a strong sense of humor! Just ask Auntie Psychiatry! Thanks so much for your story!

  • So, in *OTHER* *WORDS*:
    “We pseudo-scientific, psychiatric wanna-be researchers are so drug addled, and welded to our delusional medical model worldview, that we simply MUST continue to throw DRUGS at people, like spaghetti on a wall, in hopes that SOMETHING SOMEhow sticks, because there’s just so much money at stake…. Even statistically meaningless mad scientist-style human experiments are fine with us. After all, as psychiatrists, we’re the direct ideological descendants of Dr. Joseph Mengele….U.S. Military persons are the ideal human guinea pigs, because the U.S. Taxpayer picks up all the incidental costs…..God BLESS America!”….
    There. now THAT is how you write a press release. Gotta keep the sheeple entertained…. >ironic< 😉

  • 12/03/2018, New Hampshire State update: N.H. is in the process of drafting a “new” 10-year plan for “mental health”. It’s a joke. It’s heavily NAMI & TAC influenced. N.H,. is proposing a “hub-and-spoke” model for “treatment access”, which “might” be coordinated with the “substance abuse” issue. Basically, they’re proposing to throw $millions$ into the same failed system, and try to create in the future something that should have been up and running over 20 years ago. One of my closest friends is a VICTIM of the local “community mental health center”. The staff deliberately lie about her, just so they can ship her to the State mental hospital. Bad help is worse than no help at all, and there’s no “good” “mental help” in N.H. It’s sad….

  • BEST: 2 formal, public announcements from the American Psychiatric Ass’n:
    1. There will be NO “DSM-6”. Perhaps a DSM-5R, or DSM-5TR, as with the DSM-IVR & DSM-IVTR….
    2. New memberships in the APA will CEASE. Through natural attrition & decease, the APA will cease to exist in a few decades at most.
    VOILA! No psychiatry, no DSM!….

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. Unless you’re a rich investor with lots of PhRMA stocks. In that case, psychiatry is a literal goldmine. I’m not arguing with your statement, Dr. Lynch, that “JAMA Psychiatry” is a “medically respected medical journal”. I understand where you’re coming from in saying such nonsense. You’re basically saying that Santa Claus is a famous Arctic Explorer. And so-called “mental illnesses” ARE EXACTLY as “real” as presents from Santa Claus. The DSM-5 is best seen as a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the bogus “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED. NONE of them were discovered. The DSM-5 exists to guarantee plenty of diagnostic allegations to serve as excuses to $ELL DRUG$…. So-called “traumatic experiences” can’t NOT cause “psychotic symptoms”….
    How far into the 21st Century must the rest of us go, before psychiatry finishes dragging itself out of the 19th, and deigns to join us?….

  • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. The DSM-5 is really little more than a catalog of billing codes. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. For an otherwise competent psychologist such as Dr. Kinderman to give as much credence and respect to the pseudoscience of psychiatry as he does, only proves what I’m saying here.
    ALL so-called “mental illnesses/disorders” are in fact STD’s. They are Socially Transferred (and Transmitted)Disorders. That’s in the rare cases that they’re disorders at all. While the basic message of Dr. Kinderman here is valid, he doesn’t even begin to go as far as he should. The so-called “medical model” of psychiatry has FAILED, exactly as it was designed to do. The more psychiatry we have, the more “mental illness”.

  • Oppression, suppression, and repression are all very closely related. And they all rarely, if ever, have long-term positive outcomes. I’d say further that oppression, suppression and repression are at the root of ALL so-called “mental illness/disorder”. And even more sadly, the entire modern “mental health system” is only designed to further suppress, repress and oppress those persons whom it pretends to help. Bad help is worse than no help at all.

  • This was a really excellent comment thread, until *SOMEBODY* just had to go and ruin it by mentioning
    *T*R*U*M*P*. Maybe MiA should have a blanket “no Trump-calling” policy? Why is it, that the people most opposed to the Trumpeter, are also the ones who most frequently invoke his name for what I consider to be stupid reasons? If ever there was a de facto “off topic”, it would be our current POTUS!

  • I don’t want to take away one little bit from the excellent writing here, Monica!
    Or from all the hard work you and so many others have done.
    But I do want to add that there’s something called “walking meditation”.
    Perhaps “mindful walking meditation” describes it better.
    Especially early on, for beginners and psych trauma survivors, sometimes a sitting meditation can be too intense. The basic mental aspects of vipassana can just as easily be practiced while slowly and mindfully walking, thus allowing a better physical outlet for the nervous energy that tends to arise early in meditation.

  • As Mr. McCrea has so conclusively proven, sometimes, EVEN “when consciously deciding to work with others’ opinions to get something done”, your best efforts can prove futile when others are neither honest, nor truly self-aware.
    I hereby nominate Monica’s writing here on “mindfullness mediation” to be included in any future “best of” compilation that MiA might do.
    The power of the human brain/mind to engage in self-deception is beyond the imagination of most people. THINK about THAT…. remember, the FULL quote is:
    “IF ignorance is bliss, THEN ’tis folly to be wise”….

  • Tim, great story. I especially liked your use of the phrase “caught a schizophrenia”, in the 1st paragraph. I hope that wasn’t a typo! But I have a serious question about your comment here, above. You write that “though people change diagnoses never change”.
    Are you granting validity to such archaic concepts as so-called “schizophrenia”? And thus implying that you believe them to be “treatable but incurable brain diseases”? Or are you more speaking to the persistence of the so-called “stigma” which inevitably accompanies these bogus “diagnoses”? As for my own so-called “schizophrenia”, The Who helped me realize I could double my options by developing quadrophrenia, but I found I could most fully flower by adopting omni-polyphrenia. Today I simply live with Iatrogenic Neurolepsis. Of course I know that so-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. And that the DSM-5 is in fact little more than a catalog of billing codes.
    I apologize in advance for the inevitable delay in the appearance of my comment. I type slowly. As clear and concise as your story is, perhaps you could help explain to me what you mean about the persistence of “diagnoses”? THANKS!

  • I clearly remember my father spanking me, and then my crying. Then my father would say to me, “If you don’t stop crying, I’ll give you something to cry about.”
    Then I would think to myself, “Gee, Dad, I already DO have something to cry about!”
    I can laugh now. But no wonder I got a bogus diagnosis and a prescription for psych drugs when my parents took me to a psychiatrist in High School!
    Psychiatry and it’s poison pills have done, and continue to do, far more harm than good.
    So-called “schizophrenia” is in fact an STD. It’s really a “socially-transmitted disease”.

  • OMG, more psychobabble and gobbledygook!
    Once again proving the TRUTH Mark Twain is credited with:
    “There are 3 kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.”
    We may as well call the DSM-5 the “DLM-5”, or “Diagnostic LIES Manual”
    That would make more sense, except there are NO statistics in the DSM-5.
    Which of course makes no sense, but that psychiatry for ya’!
    “Psychiatry, the nonsense science”
    Really, I think “nonsense science” has a friendlier ring to it than “pseudoscience”…..

  • ….*sigh*…. Yet more psychobabble and gobbledygook. It’s equally valid to say that the ONLY cause of crime is the laws against crimes themselves. For example, if there were no laws against it, murder would not be a crime. Murder would simply be murder. It is only by passing criminal laws against murder, that murder becomes a crime. If we repealed all criminal laws against murder, then murder would cease to be a crime, and the crime of murder would no longer occur, or even exist.
    I’m so brilliant. Where can I get a high paying job as a “neurocriminologist”?….
    By the same logic, we could eliminate 100% of so-called “mental illness”, simply by eliminating both the DSM-5 and psychiatry. But sadly, psychiatry creates so-called “mental illness” in a way that “neurocriminologists simply do NOT create crime…. But then, unlike psychiatry, neurocriminologists do not force their victims to consume brain damaging drugs, so there’s that, too….

  • It’s worse than that, Frank. I clearly remember reading several articles about this sad incident when it happened. Both women were truly “voluntary” patients, and NOT in “crisis”, simply needing some hospital-setting “time out”. They found themselves suddenly MADE into “involuntary patients”, and just as suddenly transported. There was NO urgent need to transport them at the time. And, the *type* of secure Sheriff’s prisoner transport van used virtually guaranteed their deaths. These deaths didn’t have to happen, and shouldn’t have. At least one of the women’s deaths left 3 young children motherless…. The ONLY consolation will be a hopefully 6- or 7-figure lawsuit payout in a year or 2….

  • I’m 100% on your side, and in support of you ALL. This comment is directly to “BetterLife”, above. I know what you mean about “side effects”. But it occurred to me, that there’s NO SUCH THING as so-called “side effects”. Either the drug(s) have effects, or else they don’t. Obviously, a placebo has placebo-like effects. A nocebo has negative, or harmful effects. I suppose we can speak of “intended effects”, and “non-intended effects”. But I say “side effects” are really DIRECT effects that PhRMA and the psychs don’t want to ever mention. The doctors KNEW, or at least certainly SHOULD HAVE known what drug EFFECTS could and would do to your parents. I’m sorry about that.
    Thank-you, and I hope things go well for you and your family. And I hope I have expanded your thinking on bogus, so-called “side effects”. The psych drugs darn near killed me, too. Ugh! 😉

  • In overly simple terms, “you tell yourself that you’re thirsty”. I don’t see how some “spiritual force” is required to explain literal, physical thirst. And, considering what we’ve learned about our gut micro-biome in the last decade or 2, maybe our thirsty gut microbes tell us we’re thirsty? While I personally believe in some sort of GOD, or God, I’m curious why you write “G-d”?…. Just askin’….

  • Ekaterina, it’s difficult to put in such a few words here, but YES, Buddhism DOES teach that you “were Buddha in a previous reincarnation”. Something like that, anyway. And there is NO drug, or “medication” which can make that specific thought go away, or lessen. That’s not how either thoughts or drugs work. Buddhism, and Buddhist thought and ideas, and especially the words of the Dalai Lama, have been VERY helpful to me.
    But too many of us have learned the hard way, that we must be very careful about what we say, how we say it, and who we say it to, when we are dealing with psychiatry. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. I know you know all this.
    I’m glad to have read some of your story, and glad you wrote it. I’m sorry for what they did to you. I have seen other writings from you here on MiA, haven’t I? We ALL have what might be called “crazy ideas”, and yours don’t seem very “crazy”, to me. Me? I believe that I am 1 7/1,000,000,000th of humanity on Earth! And remember, without “ART”, “EARTH” is just “EH”! SEE!? You smiled at that! You feel better, don’t you?

  • “Empire-building” for the pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry, and “market expansion” for PhRMA.
    Yes, that’s exactly how the scam works.
    Psychiatry invents more “diagnoses”, and PhRMA $ELL$ DRUG$….
    It’s all about money, power, and control.
    Neither psychiatry nor PrRMA cares one bit about people.
    (BTW, the DSM-5 is really just a catalog of billing codes….)….

  • I ALMOST posted a nice comment about Mr. Allen Frances, after I watched the video of him speaking to Amanpour on CNN. (I’ve heard “CNN” means “Clinton News Network”, or “Communist News Network”, but I’m not sure which is more correct.) Then i read ALL the comments before I posted my own. When I got to Auntie Psychiatry’s comment, I knew Frances’s goose was cooked. Here, Auntie Psychiatry responds to Rosalee, (above), and it’s SO IMPORTANT, that I’m gonna cut-n-paste it here:
    Auntie Psychiatry wrote:
    “Rosalee, Don’t be fooled – Allen Frances is a devious wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is the public face of guild Psychiatry, and has a powerful platform in the mainstream media which he is using to save his “profession” from sinking into the mire. This interview is a classic example. He captures the public mood of outrage at being misled about “antidepressants” whilst neatly deflecting all responsibility for the current situation away from Psychiatry. His tricks are easy to spot once you know them…

    1. Allege scarcity of data: “There’s almost no research on the withdrawal syndrome.”

    2. Bring in a bigger villain: “The pharmaceutical industry is only marginally less ruthless than the drug cartels, and it’s not in their interest to advertise this, so there’s been very, very little research.”

    3. Pass the blame on: “80% of the antidepressants are prescribed by primary care doctors.”

    4. Re-assert Psychiatry’s ultimate authority in these matters: “There’s a cruel paradox that we’re over-treating the worried well and we’re terribly neglecting the really ill…”

    5. Big-up the drugs as ‘life-saving medication’: “the medications are absolutely essential for people with severe depression.”

    In the UK, our top psychiatrists are already following his lead and spinning these very same lines to the press…

    “Professor Wendy Burn, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said antidepressants are ‘a life-saver’ for many people but ‘not enough research has been done into what happens when you stop taking them’.” (Independent 2 Oct 2018)

    Journalists will buy it, and the message will filter down through blogs and social media to the public at large. Psychiatry, as always, will come up smelling of roses.”

    I myself am living proof that psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control.
    I myself can NOT identify as “anti-Auntie Psychiatry”! “Anti-psychiatry”, yes.
    But Mr. Allen Frances and his ilk damn near killed me, and stole what should have been the best 20 years of my life, and caused IATROGENIC damage to the rest of it….

    Bicycle or walk 7 days a week. Swim 3-5 times a week. No depression.
    Any person with health insurance and a “depression diagnosis” should have a bicycle paid for, and a good pair of walking (or running) shoes, also…. But that just makes WAY too much sense!….
    When I read the piece above, I can’t help see a bunch of grossly over-educated idiots, who are too enamored of the trees of their “higher education”, to EVER see the FOREST of LIFE, where healthy people exercise DAILY!
    But the native vegetable of modern America seems to be the couch potato. No wonder so-called “depression” is epidemic! The human body was genetically designed to *exercise* *daily*!

  • Sorry, “Slaying Dragon”, but I must disagree with your statement that “Autism is a myth, just like every other so-called “mental illness””. Given that I regularly describe psychiatry as the pseudoscience which it is, and that the DSM is a catalog of billing codes, I’m sure you’ll see what I am NOT disagreeing with! Much of my limited knowledge of “autism” comes from the website “Age of Autism”, which is kind of a lower-budget Mad in America”. Their content is produced mostly by parents of severely autistic children, and they include lots of links to other sources of information. There’s a “something there” as regards autism, in a way that there just isn’t with so-called “mental illness” in general. And, the numbers of parents of children with so-called “regressive autism”, who were completely “normal” until right after they got vaxxed, is much, much higher than the lame-strem mass media will ever acknowledge. It seems that in SOME vulnerable persons, vaccines trigger a type of auto-immune respons which leads to an encephalopathy which gets diagnosed as “autism”. And the degree of impairment in autistic children is extreme enough that I’d say, yes, AUTISM IS REAL.
    What I find most telling, is that the “Medical-Industrial-PhRMA-Research-Complex” is not at all interested in even discussing possible “environmental” causes of autism, or discussing possible causes at all, except a so-far fruitless search for “autism genes”.
    That so-called “Asperger’s” no longer exists, having been folded into ASD in the DSM-5, supports what I’m saying here. There *IS* a “something” in far too many children, and the label in use is “autism”.
    Personally, I think so-called “Aspergers” is bogus, but not autism. So I look forward to reading more at the link you provided. I’m sorry it’s taken so long for my comment to appear…. I think this is the first time I’ve ever disagreed with ANYTHING you usually write!
    (Dragons are powerful mythical creatures, and comparing them to quack psychiatrists is insulting to dragons, but that’s just my personal opinion. SLAY AWAY, & how can I help you do that?!…. 😉

  • @”the_cat”:
    Yes, what we have now is a process-centered process, and a system-centered system.
    What we NEED is a person-centered process, and a services-centered system.
    Only then can we ask, “What can we do for you?”….
    But I still say that the trauma-informed “What happened to you?”, is a good first step.
    Psychiatry and psych drugs can NEVER get beyond “what’s wrong with you?”, because they will NEVER ask or answer any other questions….
    And as for psychiatry’s “answer” of potent, neuro-toxic psych drugs? Well, *WE* know….

  • “the black sheep”,
    “designated patient”
    etc., etc.,
    Just 3 of the many words used to describe the family roles of almost all so-called “mental patients”.
    These are all types of so-called “stigma”. The “government” will never go away, and neither will “stigma”.
    Government and stigma are both tools used by the rich ruling elites to attain and maintain their
    MONEY, POWER and CONTROL. There is NO “mental health crisis”.
    So-called “mental patients” are more correctly seen as victims of social and governmental oppression.
    People don’t “sleep rough” because of lack of money, – they do it because of a lack of housing.
    So-called “mental illness” is not caused by “mental illnesses”, – it’s caused by a lack of knowledge, understanding, and compassion.
    The “Guardian” would rather spend the next few decades publishing stories like this, than to tell the TRUTH:
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a means of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good.
    Remember, so-called “stigma” was NOT DISCOVERED. It was *INVENTED*…..
    Think about that truth….

  • It’s too bad that “Mad in America” isn’t trauma informed. Sure, they post *British* articles like this one. But America is NOT England, nor is it the United Kingdom. NOBODY in America has EVER been “sectioned”. But “sectioning” happens every day in the British Isles. “Sectioning” is most severe in England. English “sectioning” always results in either re-traumatizing trauma victims, or initiating first trauma in the trauma naive. Here in America, where “Mad in America” sometimes traumatizes those who comment, we say “court ordered”, or “involuntary”, or “forced”, and use euphemisms such as “ACT”. “ACT” is a buzzword dog-whistle whose letters stand for “Assertive Community Treatment”….
    But the larger take-away from this article is that so-called “mental health treatment” in general, and psychiatry and psych drugs in general, too often do more harm than good to already traumatized, so-called “mental patients”
    I know that *I* sure feel re-traumatized just from reading this article.
    But that’s also partly because my incest-trauma inflicted friend has been thrown in the State loony bin again by the local “Community Mental Health Center”, and forced to take brain damaging drugs because that’s what “they” think she needs. “They” are NOT trauma-informed!
    Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good.
    The above article simply proves that point.

  • 20 years ago, 2 employees of the local “Community Mental health Center” called the local police, and lied, saying I was suicidal, when I was not. The cops broke in, dragged me to the local hospital, and forced me to meet with some quack from the agency. They tried to force me to say I was suicidal, but I wasn’t, so I didn’t.
    So they arrested me, and held me on $500. cash bail. The charge was so bogus, it was dropped, but the damage was done. So this article is nothing new. Psychiatry, psych drugs, and NAMI, the UN-holy trinity, have done, and continue to do, far more harm than good.
    Notice how you NEVER see anybody from the local “Community Mental Health Center” commenting on these cases in these types of articles…. WHY is that?….

  • It was decades ago, now, that a psychiatrist from India and myself butted heads in a State Mental Hospital. She was a very traditional Indian woman, who wore a sari everyday. That’s fine with me. Her English was pretty good, but I wouldn’t say she was as “fluent” as I’d think a psychiatrist should be in whatever Native language they’re using. It makes no sense to me, to allow a doctor to practice, who isn’t fluent in a given language. But psychiatry is a drug racket, and means of social control, so, whatever, huh?
    Anyway, this Indian psychiatrist and myself were chatting about general stuff, outside of any formal “talk therapy”. She made some comment about something, and I joked, “Oh, you’re just paranoid”. Any native English/American speaker would have understood that I was only kidding around and making a joke. But that’s not how she heard it.
    Later, I got in BIG TROUBLE for “accusing” this quack psychiatrist of being “paranoid”. She heard that word “paranoid” ONLY in it’s strict, clinical sense. She made such a huge stink over it, and it was literally nothing to me. While she tried to “get me in trouble”, she failed because the other Americans on staff realized the true nature of the problem.
    While “diversity” and “multiculturalism” are some of the key magic words for bleeding-heart liberals, they are too often used as tools of genocide. Nothing *GOOD* can come to India, for allowing the pseudoscience lies of the drug racket known as “psychiatry” to invade India, and wreak havoc on Indian society, as it has in the U.S. and Western world..

  • This appeared in 2012, long before I found MadinAmerica. Looks like “GenerationRX” is a good film, – too bad it doesn’t seem to have had as much effect as some of us wish it would. Maybe NOW even more folks will see it….

  • Frank: (and everybody else!),
    Currently, the chips Otsuka is putting in Abilify are very low power, and only have a very short range. They couldn’t possibly communicate with GPS satellites. They are designed ONLY to communicate with a wearable device which is on the victim’s body, or perhaps in a pocket. But that’s only true for current technology. Please note that I am NOT defending this Frankenstein “medicine”! But I don’t want our paranoia to exceed reality, either. Otsuka and Abilify as they ARE NOW