Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • Wonderful post, except for one thing.

    You write, “3. Don’t take responsibility for the label. Instead take responsibility for yourself…”

    I’d drop the first seven words, of that line, if I were you, just begin that with, “Take responsibility for yourself…”

    Consider also, how you state, “1. Forget about the label.”

    Knowing that, in fact, psychiatric labels are dreadfully stigmatizing (hence harmful), when a parent has had a child labeled via psychiatry, that is ultimately the parents responsibility. The parent should be challenged to realize it is.

    Really, I think all parents should be encouraged to find ways of avoiding having their kids labeled and, if they have had their kids labeled, they should be encouraged to find ways of effectively ‘unlabeling’ them. (Perhaps, they could seek professionals who shun psychiatric labeling.)