Sunday, March 26, 2023

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  • December 14, from Baltimore, MD.

    Thank you Jane Engleman, for your wonderful writing. You are a beautiful warrior for Love, as far as I can tell. This is a hard battle, with the psychiatrists “doctors” of the “Soul”. What does that even mean? I have met with the fat German psychiatrist in Ellicott City who clearly stated: “When you die, it is ‘Lights out, game over’”. How can ANYONE call this man a doctor of “Soul”!!! Sad, sad, and I have witnessed so many of them, as it is clear you have to. Hope you can keep fighting as I’m sure you can! Peace, Ed K., obscured artist/poet/musician/photographer/outsider/survivor

  • Ugh, sorry, Jane. I just read your public post letter to the doctor, on MIA. Thank you for sharing that. I understand some of what you share. I am an artist/musician/survivor, not really fitting in anywhere well. I am working on it, but I am grateful for MIA, and the blogs, so please hang in there. Sorry for your loss!

    Ed K.