Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • Sera Davidow,

    On Monday August 19th I presented SOC Summer of Learning Webinar involving peer support services and the financing of these supports. American Institutes for Research were the organizers and you can find information there. IF – IF YOU DIDN’T STEAL ALL OF MY CONTENT FOR THIS POST ALREADY, WHICH MEANS IF YOU GO AND WATCH THE PRESENTATION YOU ARE JUST RETURNING TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME.

    Kidding aside. I gave a presentation with a lot more political correctness(Respect). I hit on many of the points that you talked about. As the Executive Director of the country’s first independent Youth M.O.V.E. chapter (Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon) and as a former youth coordinator of Mind Freedom International – I have an interesting vantage point.

    I think there are two different directions the work of peers will ultimately head towards next. One is the professionalization of peers. This is a needed in my opinion adaptation of peer support.
    “I have been through this, let me connect you with the system.” Is different support than (and the second direction) “I am living my life in the situation you are in, let me come alongside you and we will figure this out together.”

    Then the studies begin. Which is more effective? I think that both will reach a different population. With the ladder meeting a more acute/long-term population.

    Forgive me for my lack of elegance. It is fairly late. However I would love to know if you plan on adapting this message to a different audience/venue. Thank you for this work. Great to find a new favorite blogger on the subject of peers!

    Martin Rafferty
    Executive Director
    [email protected]